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Welcome Back to the West
By oneshotstop
Posted on 08/01/16
The only thing that stops the dust is the rain. It’s a sweet reprieve, but there is no middle ground. The land is either as dry as the Betty Ford clinic, or as wet as the ocean floor. Everything can be seen from the ridge overlooking Armadillo as John Marston gently bounces along atop...

Twisted Metal: Black Cheats

Twisted Metal: Black

Playstation 2

While playing the game hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Right, Left, Down, Up.

Infinite Turbo:
While playing the game press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up (same as above).

Infinite Machine Gun Upgrade:
Hold R1, R2, L1, L2 and press Triangle, Triangle, and Square. And it will say something at the top of your screen.

Tracking Machine Gun:
Hold all shoulder buttons, and press X, X, Triangle.

God Mode:
All Weapons No Damage! While playing hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Up, X , Left, Circle.

Killer Mode:
One hit kills! While playing hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press X, X, Up.

Exchange Weapons for Health:
While playing a game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and quickly press Triangle, X, Square, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, the words "Weapons For Health" will appear on the screen.

Alternate Weapon View:
While playing a game, press Select + Right.

Unlock Black Mode:
Finish Co-op with Spectre and Yellow Jacket.


To Get Yellow Jacket:
He is found in the Junkyard Level. You will see a plane flying in the background, you need to shoot this down with a missile. The easiest way to do this is get onto the roof of the Incinerator (the round building with ricochets on top and flames on the sides). As the plane flies by to the left (the left if you are facing the elevator/crushing thing) shoot homing missiles a little in front of the plane to knock it down. Once the plane falls go down into the pit near the environment trigger (the gun on the wreckage) the plane will have crashed into the side of a building down there and a hole will open up. Drive down it and collect the weapons. At the bottom there is a control panel, shoot it and it will lower Yellow Jacket.

To Get Warthog:
In the Suburbs head up to the Ferris wheel. Say you are facing the Ferris wheel head on from the front drive off to the left, you'll run over trailers and see a hill in front of you and a gas can on the hill. Aim for this and launch off of that hill. Try to land on the first building in front of you. If you land just right you could break open the roof and fall in but if not you should be able to use the gas can to blow open the top right hand corner (that direction is based on you looking at the building while on route to it off the hill). It should blow a hole through the roof....drop down in there and shoot the panel to lower Warthog (formerly called White Knight).

To Get Axel:
In the Freeway level (not the Highway loop) grab a few fire missiles and head off to the construction yard you should see two cranes. One to the left and one to the right your target is the one to the left. You will see a Control cage hanging in the middle of the crane all you need to do is hit this once with a missile. The best way to do this is angle yourself driving at the hill with a straight line between you and the Control Cage. Hit a turbo and launch off the hill. While in the air launch a missile. If done correctly the missile will hit the cage and cause the crane to lower a box. Drive over to the box and shoot it until it opens and gives you Axel. This one may take a few tries to get it is the most difficult character to unlock.

To Get Manslaughter:
In the Prison Boat stage once the boat docks and you can go onto dry land, Drive down to the front of the boat on the dock. If you are facing the front of the boat (the prison entrance should be behind you) drive to the left of the boat, you will see some blue crates and a health pack on top of the crates. Fire a missile at the crate on the left and it will break in half forming a ramp. Drive up the ramp and shot at the hull of the boat in front of you. After a moment of fire it will open and you can drive inside the boat. You will see a control panel, blast it to unlock Manslaughter.

To Get Warhawk:
In the first level theres a crusher/elavator. If you jump on top of it there should be a black cube. Get it to unlock Warhawk.

He's On Fire:
When you are on fire just hit the turbo button and the fire goes out!

To Get Minion:
Minion To unlock Minion beat the game with everyone.

Kill Minion:
To kill minion all you have to do is keep shooting the shield until you disable it then kill him like you would a regular car.

Open Bridge on Prison Boat Map:
When you get to the point you can get off the boat left or right get of on the leaf drvia up to the bridge entrance and blow up the brdge control tower thing then the barracks will leave and you can cross the bridge.

Minion Special Shot:
Hold down all shoulder buttons, press Right, Left, Down, Up. Fires a combination freeze/napalm attack, with partial homing. Highly damaging, and uses up nearly full bar of energy.

Shadow's 2nd Special Attack:
To perform Shadow's second special, have the special weapon selected and press Up, Up, Up, L2 and Shadow will rise through the roof and shoot a turret gun at you. Does almost as much damage as Mr. Grimm.

Axel's 2nd Special Attack:
To perform Axel's special attack, highlight the special move icon and press Up, Up, Up and Axel will shut himself up in his tires. You must control Axel to run over other opponents do a decent amount of damage.

Crazy8's Advanced Special Attack:
This is a little tricky to master but is well worth it. As you know Crazy8's special attack is an electrical ring that zaps any nearby opponents. By tapping the weapon fire button (default:L2) additional surges and explosions are given off. Now if you tap the direction of an opponent 3 times (ex. if the opponent is in front of you hit Up Up, Up, and so on for the 3 other directions) Crazy8 will deliver an even more powerful shock. You can also tap the weapon fire button to deliver a more powerful attack.

Manslaughters 2nd Special:
Highlight the special and press Lleft, Right, Down and L2 and he will send rocks flying backwards but it stays on the ground until someone hits it.

Outlaw's Special Attack:
When an opposing car is in front of outlaw and a red line appears push the fire button as much as possible. This will fire blue missles at the opposing car for some good damage.

Electrocute Men in Prison Passage Level:
On the Prison Passage level, you can run over a box marked "Danger High Voltage" and watch the three men who are sitting in chairs get electrocuted. They are near the front of the ship on a platform. The box is right in front of them.

No Mercy:
After you destroy an enemy car, run over the flaming driver for a little (but well needed) boost of health.

Hidden Goodies:
On the downtown level you can blow up two buildings. There's sphererical tanks over the wall will the power plant that has a green neon sign. Shoot a gas can at them and two of them will roll over the wall and hit the buildings and bring them down. Great pick-ups are waiting.

Translated Minion codes:
At the load screen for each level while playing as Minion, there are a bunch of numbers instead of words like with the other characters. These numbers can be translated into words. The formula used is 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc. Here are is what you get when you translate the numbers:
1. I do not think this is real. 
2. I must speak in code or he will discover me. 
3. We are trapped in his head. 
4. This is how he sees the world, how Sweet Tooth sees his life, it is not real. 
5. All of us are trapped in his head. 
6. I miss the old colorful world. 
7. We will return to old world one day. 
8. In the real world my name is Marcus Kane. 

Special Freeze Attack:
The controls must be set to the "Classic" option for this code to work. While playing a game, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 and quickly press Right, Left, Up.

Semi-Automatic Freeze Blasts:
While using the 'God Mode' cheat (hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press Up, X , Left, Circle) press Up, Down, Up, Down (continuously) to shoot MANY ice freezes (rapid fire ice freeze). But, if you actually hit an enemy every time, "Cheap Shot" will appear at the top of the screen, and the opponent will be temporarily shielded and it will be reflected back to you. Very interesting, ehh?

Hidden Stuff:
In the "downtown" level, there are several large gray spherical objects similar to the yellow ones in the "highway loop" level (see previouse hint). These are also just on the other side of the guard rail. Shoot them with the gas can. Two of these will come over the guard rail and run into seperate buildings. Both buildings will be leveled, and will leave behind a lot of nice pick-ups.

More Hidden Goodies:
In the Downtown level, somewhere behind the walls outside of the city, there's a small Chemical plant sign and some round, white sphere things just like in the Highway Loop level to the left of that sign. Shoot two of the ones without a glowing light above them with a gas can and they'll come rolling out into the street and destroy a building nearby. One ball will destroy the front section of the building and another will destroy the back section. Doing so will reveal some very useful pickups!

Unlock the Arena:
In the downtown level go to the skyway tower or Joes Diner "they are both connected", break through the glass doors, go up the elevator to the top of Joes Diner, fall off one of the edges " go slow or you will fall into the street. You will land outside on the top of the first roof. Slowly drive around the building break through or shoot out the rotating tea-cups. One of the cups will have a rotating cube in it, jump up and get it.

A Day at The Amusement Park:
In the level suburbs, find the ferris wheel.(I think it is up a hill) Blow off the hinges to the ferris wheel and it will roll down the hill plowing over everything in its path. Leaving a trail of destruction behind it. Follow behind it to get the best view. It eventualy falls into the water.

Unlock the Sewers:
Go to the skyscrapers level in story mode. There is a billboard you can knock down that can be used as a bridge in between two buildings. Get onto the knocked down billboard and use your high up camera to help you see down below in between the buildings (hold select and press down). You'll see the black box required to unlock the level. Unfortunately, you'll have to leap off and loose a life to get it, but it doesn't matter too much. You now have the sewers!

Special Moves:
Enter the following during play:

Ice Freeze     - Up, Down, Up 
Land Mine      - Right, Left, Down 
Charge Up Mine - Right, Left, Down (hold for one second)
Jumping        - L1 + R1
Invisiblity    - Left, Left, Down, Down
shield         - Right, Right, Down, Down
Reverse Fire   - Left, Right, Down + Fire weapon (enegry not required to execute).

More Hints

Black Box Locations:

Snow Level- It unlocks a level don't remeber which one. It is near the gas sation.Go toward the edge with the baracade and go through it. You will see a med and rico in front of you.Turn to the right and theres near the hill on the edge is the black box hiding.

Downtown Level- You find the building with the elevator and go up a floor. On one of the buildings theres a ledge. Get down on it and there's a coffee cup sign (i think) blow it up and behind it is the box.

Freeway Level- If you go near the little bridge that's partly open you can see some more of the white gas ball things over the wall. Blow them up and one of them will role over the wall and start down the streetb.It will go over the bridge and eventually hit the wall and blow up. In the hole you will find a black box that says elavators unlocked/operational. I had know idea what this does.

Snowy Roads Level- Go towards the gas station. On the left of the gas station there is a kind of path leading over the mountain follow that path and grab the black box, but try not to fall of the mountain.

Skyscrapers Level- Go to Warhawks rooftop in story mode and find the building that the tankers drop from if you get to the edge facing that building you should be able to see the cube back up and take a running start off the building... unforunately you'll have to die to grab it.

Junkyard Level- To get the Warhawk level go to the first level in story mode shoot down the pizza boy statue and use his hat as a ramp to get on the big crusher once on let it take you up to the top once up there if you look around you will some wierd floating thing if you drive into it you will get the warhawk level.

Highway Loop- To get the Elevators level go to the Highway Loop. In the spot where the bridge is at there is a little opening. There are some spear things on the other side of the guard rail. Use a gas can to blow them up. One of them will roll into the tunnel and make a hole go through and find the black box thing and you got the elevators.

(note: if anything touches the sphere it will blow up and you will have to try again.

Suburbs- Get on top of the roof where you get Warthog(to the left of the ferris wheel, just over the ledge with a gas can) when on this turbo to the building to your left. Then over once more, turn right and turbo and jump to the next building, one more 90 degree turn to the right, blow up a little something on the other building and jump/turbo to obtain the box.

GameShark Codes

(M) Must Be On
Infinite Ammo
Extra Health (Most levels)
This code doesn't work on EVERY level, but it DOES work when fighting WarHawk and Minion!!
Mega Machineguns
This code allows the machineguns on EVERY vheicle to be fired at an extreme rate!
Rapid Fire Missiles
This code will allow you to launch the Fire Missiles as fast as you can press the fire button.
Rapid Homing Missiles
This code will allow you to launch the Homing Missiles as fast as you can press the fire button.
Rapid Pow Missiles
This code will allow you to launch the Pow Missiles as fast as you can press the fire button.
Rapid Gas Cans
This code will allow you to launch the Gas Cans at a much faster rate.
Rapid Rico
This code will allow you to launch the Rico as fast as you can press the fire button.
Yellow Jacket Playable
Axel Playable
WartHog Playable
Man Slaughter Playable
Minion Playable
Freeway-Massive Level Unlocked
Prison Pass-Massive Level Unlocked
Skyscrapers-Large Level Unlocked
Minion Stadium-Small Level Unlocked
Billy Ray Middle Movie Unlocked
Billy Ray Epilogue Movie Unlocked
Preacher Middle Movie Unlocked
Preacher Epilogue Movie Unlocked
Agent Stone Middle Movie Unlocked
Agent Stone Epilogue Movie Unlocked
Mr. Grim Middle Movie Unlocked
Mr. Grim Epilogue Movie Unlocked
John Doe Middle Movie Unlocked
John Doe Epilogue Movie Unlocked
No Face Middle Movie Unlocked
No Face Epilogue Movie Unlocked
Bloody Mary Middle Movie Unlocked
Bloody Mary Epilogue Movie Unlocked
Dollface Middle Movie Unlocked
Dollface Epilogue Movie Unlocked
Raven Middle Movie Unlocked
Raven Epilogue Movie Unlocked

Mr. Kane & Son Prologue Movie Unlocked
Mr. Kane & Son Epilogue Movie Unlocked
Axel Epilogue Movie Unlocked
Cage Epilogue Movie Unlocked
Black Epilogue Movie Unlocked
SweetTooth Middle Movie Unlocked
SweetTooth Epilogue Movie Unlocked
Enemies Are Sitting Ducks
This code will stop almost every enemy on a level and they will not fire at you.

If this code is used on level 8, the WarHawk battle, the fuel tankers will not enter the level and you will be unable to defeat WarHawk.
Idiot AI
This code will stop the enemy from firing at you; sometimes they won't even see you.
This code even works against Minion and the Tankers on WarHawks level. It does NOT, however, effect WarHawk.

Thanks to Revolution readers PDJ3, [FFM] Fry, Jake, Corey "Super Saiyan", mike santorelli, Zic, Spike, Sour, Devil_Dawg, DJ VOGT, Nick Beal, Triston, Timothy "KingPlaya" Berry, Death's Scythe, Greg, RoCkO, Cal1077, Jared, Chuck, steve sweat {smd}, Matthew Dillenburg, Gavin Alford, Sean "Small Boy", Boo, dragoon2, THE CHARACTER, Kevin Auger, Gavin Alford and Darkside666!

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