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What's My IQ? Cheats


Guide To First 50 Levels

  1. Slide the button to the LEFT.
  2. Tap the number 36 (biggest in size).
  3. 5 = 1.
  4. Mary is your mother.
  5. Tap the word “number” (smallest in size).
  6. Type 999
  7. The torchlight is facing left (the left button).
  8. There are 7 children in the family (they all have the same brother).
  9. Use two fingers to tear the note apart.
  10. There are zero candles on the cake (there is no cake)
  11. Tilt your phone vertically so the arrows are pointing in the correct direction.
  12. None, the torchlight is not shining.
  13. Tap the words “pail” and “water” at the same time.
  14. Wipe your finger across the car until it is clean.
  15. Shake your device to create an earthquake.
  16. Rub the “s” off of arrows (there is only one arrow).
  17. Tap start, then stop when the 6th lightbulb lights up.
  18. Drag the bottle and the star into the dotted lines.  Drag the diamond on top of the star.
  19. Tap the word “even,” 22, and 14
  20. Turn your device upside down to reveal which pail has water in it. Tap the middle pail of the top row that has water in it.
  21. Tap brown (the color of the words “opposite of blue”
  22. Shake your device. There are 6 apples on the tree.
  23. The middle pail in the top row is different (still has water in it).
  24. Tap the word “Mary” in the question.  Mary herself is the 5th daughter.
  25. Use two fingers to break apart the bread. Tap the $1 and the $0.10 (half of $22.20)
  26. Tap the “x” on the triangle
  27. Drag all the stars onto the word “stars”
  28. Drag the far left line up. Tap 99.
  29. Drag the pepper shaker underneath the word “soup.” Shake the pepper onto the word “soup.”
  30. There are 8 holes in the shirt.
  31. Drag the clouds on top of each other, then drag Peter into the house.
  32. Drag the words “no smoking” into the circle.
  33. Turn your device face down, as if you were placing the hat on your head.
  34. Tap the “s” in “mistakes,” and the “s” in “likes.”
  35. Tap the roll button.  There are always 21 points on the dice.
  36. Drag the word “north” underneath the two left compasses.  Tap both of the compasses.
  37. Flip your device upside down then drag the dart through the balloons so that they pop from right to left.
  38. Drag the photo frame to the left. Tap the word photo when the star is within the frame.
  39. Drag the “cat” in “catfish” away from the word.  Tap “cat.”
  40. Drag all the fires on top of each other.  Tap the big fire that is left.
  41. Use two fingers to spread apart the cloud.
  42. Tap the 20kg weight and the 10kg weight.  Slightly tilt your phone until the scale reads 25kg (weights get lighter when you tilt them).
  43. Drag the middle top fish away.  Tap the fish that is different underneath.
  44. Tap the doorbell quickly five times.
  45. Use two fingers to drag apart the small cloud.  Tap the small left cloud.
  46. Drag the sun from left to right to make nightfall.  Tap the owl .
  47. Type “It,” then tap “done.”
  48. Hold the charge button until the batteries are charged.
  49. Tap the square under the heart, diamond, and upside down club to turn them red. Tap open.
  50. Tap the + button until 18. Tap the screen.


Guide to Level 51-101

51. Drag the tire over tire that's already there. Tricky!
52. Tap bomb 3 times after it explodes. Not hard.
53. Oh, math. If you work it out, the numbers are 4, 6, and 8, with the third number being 8.
54. Just invert your phone, lol. Make sure screen rotation is on.
55. Not hard. Just drag the cups fast for more points.
56. Drag front tire out before dragging it in.
57. Just tap balloons in ascending order.
58. Tap coffee, tap cake, tap cola x2.
59. Burst the balloons in ascending order, but you will need to invert the device to pop 6 and 9.
60. Tilt the phone so that both the blue and red buttons touch before pressing them together with a single tap.
61. Tap the word 'star'.
62. A, B, C, F.
63. Tap on the butterfly quickly.
64. Tap 'bicycles' 3 times. Sense a pattern here?
65. Just tap on the balloons. Not hard.
66. Flip phone around. Sense another pattern here?
67. Tap the third balloon.
68. Tap the white arrow.
69. Invert phone again. Tap middle face.
70. Still second place.
71. Just stay attentive here.
72. The elephant is the only animal you can ride.
73. Tilt phone 45 degrees and hit the blue square (now a diamond).
74. Drag the word 'picture' into the frame.
75. Hold CHANGE before tapping GO.
76. Tap Apple, Banana, then Carrot.
77. Just drag the car to the right lot regardless of it being crossed out.
78. Tap the area after the word 'mistake' as it's missing a period. Oh, grammar.
79. Hit left until you see the "Next Puzzle" and then hit both buttons at the same time.
80. Tap apple, then grape, then bananas.
81. 0.32. Doubles in size five times.
82. Type b, i, r, d. Not that the d and r will switch places because reasons.
83. Shake device, tap on stars.
84. You took 2 apples.
85. Turn device around.
86, 10. Did you pay attention to the previous question?
87. Drag diver to the left part of the screen.
88. Drag square so that it's partially hidden on the left which leaves behind a rectangle, yes?
89. Hold screw while turning phone.
90. Drag the word 'handicap' to the third lot. Drag car to lot.
91. Invert phone. Tap phone 9 times.
92. Tap on glass 10 times. Hit button.
93. Hit reset. Hit 1, 3, 9, 7, 5.
94. Fill the batteries. Then replace word 'old batteries' with 'new batteries' in the sentence.
95. Hold screw while turning phone. Do it again for the other screw.
96. Split bananas. Tap on one of the bananas.
97. Hit 13 times. Don't rely on the counter.
98. Hit 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9.
99. Hold screws for 3 seconds.
100. Just type it in.
111. Shake the phone. Pull the cork!

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