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Posted on 07/28/14
       We've all been there. Everyone remembers that mission. You and your partner are climbing up the mountains in the snow, striving to pull some slick clandestine operation about getting some intel on a bad guy, or something similar (because let's face...

World Series Baseball 2K2 Cheats

World Series Baseball 2K2


Hidden Options:
At the team selection screen, press X to display an options screen that allows you to change such things as the difficulty, weather, stadium, and time of game.

Reset the Count:
While batting with a runner on any base, have the runner attempt a steal. Either go through with the steal or send him back. Quickly press Y before the view returns to your batter to reset the count to no balls and strikes.

Harder Swing:
Before the pitcher makes his selection, press R. When the pitch is thrown, your cursor will become small. If you hit the ball it will either be a home run, or a very hard hit.

Easy Homerun:
When you are up to bat with a decent power hitter, move the top of the batting cursor to where the ball is being pitched. You will hit a homerun about 90% of the time.

Bean the Batter:
After you select your pitch, move your cursor towards the batter and press Y.

Intentional Walk:
After you select your pitch, move your cursor away from the batter and press Y.

Change Computer Pitched Shutouts:
Go to your schedule screen. Press X to get the list of games and start times. When you simulate computer played games, and one of the teams pitches a shutout, you can simulate it again, until both teams score. You can also play games over when you or your opponent are shut out.

Easy Pickings:
Tag Runners Out After a computer player reaches a base, very quickly press the A button to choose the pitch type, and then press B with the Analog-stick in the direction of the base to try a pickoff play. The pitcher will throw it to the baseman. When the throw gets to the base, run towards the base to get the runner called out. You may need to run in a circle or two, or not get it at first, but with practice you'll be able to pull it off. The glitch here is that the Dreamcast doesn't count the runner permanantly on base once he touches it. As the player begins to stand, his hands will be off the base. It's here that you want to hit him. Easy Strikeouts When facing the Computer, pitch towards the very corners of the strike zone. You have a much higher chance of jamming the batter buy sticking to the very corners of the pitching zone. Reset the Count While batting with a runner on any base, have the runner try to steal. Either go through with the steal or send him back. Quickly press Y before the view returns to your batting screen to reset the count to no balls and no strikes. Whack a Batter After you have selected your pitch, move your cursor towards the batter and press the Y button. Whack! Right in the noggin.

No Ball No Strikes No Problem:
When you are up to bat, with someone on base, steal a base. When they call him out or safe, hit X and move the analog stick Left. You will come up to bat, you will come up with no strikes and no balls!

Thanks to Revolution readers hector cruz, Ed Miles and marco bulisco!

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