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Madden NFL 2005 Cheats for the Xbox

Madden NFL 2005


Get Superstars at Bargain Prices:
During Fraanchise mode go to view rosters and choose a player you would like to acquire. Go to edit player and click on information. Change their postion to something different and their overall rating will either go up or down. This way you can make a player who is like a 99 a 48 by switching his position and then trade for him. One you aquire the player change his position back to its normal state and he should be back to his normal overall rating.

Example: Ray Lewis, 99, when changed to a half-back he becomes a 69.

Note: you can only change their position if the team has more than enough players at that position.

Boost Attendance in Franchise Mode:
Right before playing a home game, go to the Owner's menu and put you Advertising as high as possible. After the game, set Advertising to zero, and simulate the rest of the week's games. Your attendance will have a boost but you will not pay for the advertising.

Enter the following codes at the Madden Codes screen in the Madden Cards menu:

Z28X8K 3rd Down --- Opponent will only get 3 downs to get a 1st.
P66C4L 5th Down --- Get 5 downs to get a 1st.
G67F5X Aloha Stadium
J33I8F Bingo! --- Your defensive interceptions will increase by 75% for game.
B61A8M Da Bomb --- Unlimited pass range.
I76X3T Da Boot --- Unlimited field goal range.
M89S8G Extra Credit --- Awards points for interceptions and sacks.
V65J8P First and Fifteen --- Requires that your opponent get 15 yards to get a 1st down.
O72E9B First and Five --- 1st down yards to go will be set to 5.
R14B8Z Fumbilitis --- Opponents fumbles will increase by 75% for game.
L96J7P Human Plow --- Break tackle increases by 75% for game.
D57R5S Lame Duck --- Opponent will throw lob passes.
X78P9Z Mistake Free --- Can't fumble or throw interceptions.
Y59R8R Mr. Mobility --- Your QB can't get sacked.
O85P6I Super Bowl XL
P48Z4D Super Bowl XLI
T67R1O Super Bowl XLII
D58F1B Super Bowl XXXIX
D59K3Y Super Dive --- Diving distance increases by 75% for game.
V34L6D Tight Fit --- Opponents uprights will be narrow.
L48G1E Unforced Errors --- Opponent will fumble ball when he jukes.
P74X8J '58 Colts
G49P7W '66 Packers
C24W2A '68 Jets
G12N1I '70 Browns
R79W6W '72 Dolphins
R12D9B '74 Steelers
P96Q8M '76 Raiders
O18T2A '77 Broncos
G97U5X '78 Dolphins
K71K4E '80 Raiders
Y27N9A '81 Chargers
F56D6V '82 Redskins
D23T8S '83 Raiders
X23Z8H '84 Dolphins
F92M8M '85 Bears
K44F2Y '86 Giants
F77R8H '88 49ers
G95F2Q '90 Eagles
I89F4I '91 Lions
I44A1O '92 Cowboys
Y66K3O '93 Bills

Cheerleader and Pump Up the Crowd Gold Cards:
X61T6L	49ers Cheerleader 
Y22S6G Bengals Cheerleader
F26S6X Bills Cheerleader
B85U5C Broncos Cheerleader
B65Q1L Browns Pump Up the Crowd
Z55Z7S Buccaneers Cheerleader
Q91W5L Cardinals Cheerleader
Q68S3F Chargers Cheerleader
T46M6T Chiefs Cheerleader
M22Z6H Colts Cheerleader
J84E3F Cowboys Cheerleader
E88T2J Dolphins Cheerleader
Q88P3Q Eagles Cheerleader
W86F3F Falcons Cheerleader
L13Z9J Giants Pump Up the Crowd
K32C2A Jaguars Cheerleader
S45W1M Jets Pump Up the Crowd
C18F4G Lions Pump Up the Crowd
K26Y4V Packers Pump Up the Crowd
M66N4D Panthers Cheerleader
O59P9C Patriots Cheerleader
G92L2E Raiders Cheerleader
W73B8X Rams Cheerleader
P98T6C Ravens Cheerleader
N19D6Q Redskins Cheerleader
R99G2F Saints Cheerleader
A35T8R Seahawks Cheerleader
C98I2V Steelers Pump Up the Crowd
R74G3W Texans Cheerleader
Q81V4N Titians Cheerleader
E26H4L Vikings Cheerleader

Gold Madden Player Cards:

J95K1J	Aaron Brooks 
Q48E9G Aaron Glenn
C12E9E Adewale Ogunleye
T86L4C Ahman Green
G72G2R Al Wilson
U32S9C Alan Faneca
Z75G6M Amani Toomer
V76E2Q Andre Carter
E34S1M Andre Johnson
N44K1L Andy Reid
S32F7K Anquan Boldin
A12V7Z Antonio Winfield
S54T6U Bill Cowher
P44A8B Brad Hopkins
L61D7B Bret Farve
L27C4K Brian Billick
Y47B8Y Brian Dawkins
S22M6A Brian Simmons
Z34J4U Brian Urlacher
V46I2I Brian Westbrook
U77F2W Bubba Franks
G77L6F Butch Davis
C55V5C Byron Leftwich
O36V2H Carson Palmer
Z11P9T Casey Hampton
R85S2A Chad Johnson
B64L2F Chad Pennington
K89O9E Champ Bailey
F95N9J Charles Woodson
F14C6J Chris Hovan
Z28D2V Clinton Portis
R11D7K Corey Simon
R42R75 Courtney Brown
K47X3G Curtis Martin
O24U1Q Dallas Coach
E57K9Y Damien Woody
F78I1I Damien Woody
B23P8D Dante Hall
Q86I2S Dat Nguyen
O62O9K Daunte Culpepper
W73D7D Dave Wannstedt
A25I9F David Boston
C16E2Q David Carr
J83E3T Dennis Erickson
C18J7T Dennis Green
P93I9Q Derrick Brooks
S98P3T Derrick Mason
D11H4J Deuce Mcallister
L35K1A Dexter Coakley
G16B2I Dexter Jackson
F68V1W Dick Vermeil
B97I6R Dom Capers
L58S3J Domanick Davis
E18Y5Z Donie Edwards
Q11T7T Donovin Darius
T98J1I Donovon Mcnabb
R75W3M Donte Stallworth
W73M3E Drew Bledsoe
Z68W8J Dre'Bly
G76U2L Dwight Freeney
A75D7X Ed Gerrin James
G18Q2B Ed Reed
H34Z8K Eric Moulds
R54T1O Flozell Adams
I87X9Y Fred Taylor
E46M4Y Grant Wistrom
O19T2T Herman Edwards
M12B8F Hines Ward
J22P9I Jack Del Rio
M86N9F Jake Delhomme
N74P8X Jake Plummer
W27I7G Jamie Sharper
O33S6I Jason Taylor
M74B3E Jason Webster
N62B6J Jeff Fisher
H32H7B Jeff Garcia
J77Y8C Jeremy Newberry
R34X5T Jeremy Shockey
F71Q9Z Jerry Porter
K34F8S Jerry Rice
A78B1C Jevon Kearse
G78R3W Jim Haslett
N46C3M Jim Mora Jr.
I22J5W Jimmy Smith
P91A1Q Joe Horn
Q98R7Y John Fox
H61I8A Jon Gruden
O33Y4X Josh Mccown
M89J8A Julian Peterson
X54O4Z Julius Peppers
W26K6Q Junior Seau
U16I9Y Kabeer Gbaja-Biamala
E12P4S Keith Brooking
M63N6V Keith Bulluck
T96C7J Kendrell Bell
A23T5E Kevan Barlow
L76E6S Kevin Mawee
W63O3K Kris Jenkins
A72F9X Kyle Boller
Y46A8V Kyle Turley
M64D4E Ladainian Tomlinson
F19Q8W Lavar Arrington
R98I5S Laveranues Coles
M37Y5B Lawyer Milloy
K24L9K La'roi Glover
Z94X6Q Lee Suggs
H14M2V Leonard Davis
L38V3A Lovie Smith
U66B4S Marc Bulger
R42X2L Marcel Shipp
E56I5O Marcus Stroud
R46T5U Marcus Trufant
B66D9J Mark Brunell
U76G1U Marshell Faulk
P51U4B Marty Booker
H19Q2O Marty Booker
D96A7S Marty Shottenheimer
T11E8O Marvin Harrison
P24S4H Marvin Lewis
R68D5F Matt Hasselback
W81W2J Michael Bennett
O66T6K Michael Strahan
H67B1F Michael Vick
D89F6W Mike Alstott
F12J8N Mike Brown
R64A8E Mike Martz
C56D6E Mike Mularkey
K89O6S Mike Rucker
H15L5Y Mike Shanahan
F84X6K Mike Sherman
Y31T6Y Mike Tice
N24L4Z New England Coach
X95I7S Nick Bernett
F24K1M Norv Turner
R17R2O Olin Kreutz
U42U9U Orlando Pace
H58T9X Patrick Surtain
X75V6K Peerless Price
D86P8O Peter Warrick
L48H4U Peyton Manning
K18P6J Plaxico Burress
X91N1L Priest Holmes
V55S3Q Quentin Jammer
W79U7X Randy Moss
B94X6V Ray Lewis
R29S8C Reggie Wayne
C46P2A Rex Grossman
Q69I1Y Rich Gannon
L69T4T Richard Seymore
P19V1N Ricky Williams
V22C4L Rod Smith
O84I3J Rodney Harrison
J72X8W Rondel Barber
J76C6F Roy Williams
W26J6H Rudi Johnson
Z87T5C Sam Madison
C69H4Z Samari Rolle
H79E5B Santana Moss
V58U4Y Seattle Coach
C95Z4P Shaun Alexander
Z54F2B Shaun Ellis
J97X8M Shaun Rogers
J95K1J Shawn Springs
S62F9T Simeon Rice
E39X9L Stephen Davis
V74Q3N Steve Mariucci
S36T1I Steve Mcnair
W91O2O Steve Smith
P67E1I T.J. Duckett
B83A6C Takeo Spikes
K28Q3P Tedy Bruschi
W57Y5P Terence Newman
V71A9Q Terrell Suggs
T43A2V Tiki Barber
H19M1G Todd Heap
X22V7E Tom Brady
S71D6H Tom Coughlin
Y96R8V Tony Dungy
N46E9N Tony Gonzalez
W96U7E Torry Holt
F36M2Q Travis Henry
Y46M4S Trent Green
F13W1Z Ty Law
G57P1P Walter Jones
W63V9L Washington Coach
B52S8A Will Shields
U63I3H Zach Thomas

Thanks to Revolution readers Marcus Smith, WCD ZWNZ0R, Flexion, boomer, and flaco_loco!

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