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Federation Force? More like Federation FORCED, amirite? (Also, my hands hurt.)

First the King lost the throne, and now he's bent on taking it back.
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The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Cheats for the Xbox

The Lord of the Rings:
Return of the King


During play, pause the game, hold L + R and enter the following codes:

Infinite Missile Weapons:
X, X, Down, B. Play as Faramir:
A , A, Y, Y. Aragorn 1,000 XP:
Up, X, Y, A.

Aragorn level 8 skills:
Up, X, Y, Up

Gandalf 1,000 XP:
B, Y, Up, Down. Gandalf level 8 skills:
B, X, Down, Down. Frodo 1,000 XP:
Up, Y, Up, Down. Frodo level 8 skills:
B, B, Down, Down.

Sam 1,000 XP:
Y, A, Down, A. Sam level 8 skills:
B, B, Y, Y. Legolas 1,000 XP:
A, Y, Up, A. Legolas level 8 skills:
X, Up, Up, Down. Gimli 1,000 XP:
B, B, Y, A.

Gimli level 8 skills:
A, B, Down, X. The following codes will only work after you have beaten the game once.

During play, pause the game, hold L + R and enter the following codes:

Play as Frodo:
B, X, X, A.

Play as Merry:
A, Down, Down, A.

Play as Pippin:
Y, B, X, Down.

X, B, X, Up. Full Health:
X, X, B, B. Perfect Mode:
B, Down, Y, A. All Attack Upgrades:
Up, Down, Y, X.

Always Devastating:
Y, Up, Y, Down. Target:
Down, B, Up, X. Aragorn 4-Hit Combo:
Up, X, Y, Down. Gandalf 4-Hit Combo:
Down, Y, Up, B. Legolas 4-Hit Combo:
A, B, Y, X. Gimli 4-Hit Combo:
Y, X, Up, A. Frodo 4-Hit Combo:
B, X, X, A. Merry 4-Hit Combo:
Y, A, X, X. Pippin 4-Hit Combo:
A, A, Down, B. Sam 4-Hit Combo:
Up, Down, Y, Y Developer Interviews:
Beat the game once. Thanks to Revolution readers Dylan Wiebe, Dj Ripper and James Cayzer!

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