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Call of Duty will never be the same
By oneshotstop
Posted on 07/28/14
       We've all been there. Everyone remembers that mission. You and your partner are climbing up the mountains in the snow, striving to pull some slick clandestine operation about getting some intel on a bad guy, or something similar (because let's face...

Clive Barker's Jericho Cheats for the Xbox360


Dominator Damage

Go to Bonus Codes then enter XE66LKADU148A2 for dominator damage.



How to Unlock
Agent Muriel Green Files (25) Complete The Path of Souls on Hard.
Antadurunnu Dossier (20) Complete The God Seal on Hard.
Arnold Leach Dossier (20) Finish Al Khali - Complete Al Khali on either Easy or Normal.
Bishop Maltheus Dossier (15) Finish Crusades - Complete Crusades on either Easy or Normal.
Blind Behemoth Dossier (30) Complete Morituri te salutant on Hard without being incapacitated.
Brother William of Auxerre Files (20) Complete Motley Crew on Hard.
Centurion Tertius Longinus Files (30) Complete Decadence on Hard without being incapacitated.
Child Crusader Dossier (30) Complete Imperium on Hard without being incapacitated.
Corpses Behemoth Dossier (20) Complete Rivers of Blood on Hard.
Cpl. Simone Cole Files (20) Complete The Tomb on Hard.
Cpt. Devin Ross Files (15) Grasshopper of Battery – Kill 50 enemies using Melee Attacks.
Cpt. Xavier Jones Files (20) Complete Man Down on Hard.
Crossbowman Crusader Dossier (20) Complete Tortured Souls on Hard.
Cultist Dossier (30) Master of Battery – Kill 100 enemies using Melee Attacks.
Deceased Devin Ross Files (5) Complete Still With You on Hard.
Enlil Sumerian Demon Dossier (20) Complete Spiritual Guide on Hard.
Explosive Cultist Dossier (10) Grasshopper of BOOM – Disintegrate 50 enemies!
Flamethrower Dossier (25) Master of BOOM – Disintegrate 100 enemies!
Flying Cultist Dossier (50) God of Pop – Pop 250 heads!
Fr. Paul Rawlings Files (20) Master of Pop - Pop 100 heads!
Gladiator Dossier (20) Complete Temple of Pain on Hard.
Governor Cassus Vicus Dossier (20) Finish Rome - Complete Rome on either Easy or Normal.
Grenadier Dossier (25) Master of Ghost – Kill 100 enemies using Ghost Bullet.
Inanna Sumerian Demon Dossier (20) Complete Skin on Hard.
Ki Sumerian Demon Dossier (20) Complete Flesh on Hard.
Legionary Dossier (20) Complete The Low Road on Hard.
Lt. Abigail Black Files (10) Grasshopper of Ghost – Kill 50 enemies using Ghost Bullet.
Machinegunner Dossier (50) God of Ghost – Kill 250 enemies using Ghost Bullet.
Nanna Sumerian Demon Dossier (20) Complete Blood on Hard.
Ninlil Sumerian Demon Dossier (30) Complete Skin on Hard without being incapacitated.
Operation: Godseal Files (20) Complete Exorcism on Hard.
OSS British Commandos Files (50) God of BOOM – Disintegrate 250 enemies!
Psychic Commander Dossier (10) Finish World War 2 - Complete World War 2 on either Easy or Normal.
Pyxis Prima Dossier (25) Finish Sumeria - Complete Sumeria on either Easy or Normal.
Sgt. Frank Delgado Files (10) Grasshopper of Pop – Pop 50 heads!
Sgt. Wilhelmina Church Files (20) Complete Al Khali on Hard.
Sir Richard de Grey Dossier (20) Complete Out of the Frying Pan on Hard.
Sumerian Puppet Dossier (30) Complete Flesh on Hard without being incapacitated.
The Firstborn Portfolio (55) God of Battery – Kill 250 enemies using Melee Attacks.
The Jericho Team Portfolio (30) Complete Rivers of Blood on Hard without being incapacitated.
Utu Sumerian Demon Dossier (30) Complete Blood on Hard without being incapacitated.
Warrior Crusader Dossier (20) Complete Sewers on Hard.

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