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Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII Cheats for the Xbox360


  • 300% Accuracy (20) - Destroy 3 ground vehicles with one bomb.
  • A Confirmed Kill (30) - Shoot down an enemy fighter with a rocket.
  • A Private Party (50) - Shoot down all V-1 rockets headed for London (single player).
  • Ace of the Skies (30) - Shoot down 6 planes in under a minute.
  • Air Superiority (50) - Shoot down 300 fighters in Campaign mode.
  • All aboard... (10) - Stop the train before it reaches the railway station (single player).
  • Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat (20) - Win all duels with enemy ace (Eastern Winds).
  • Divine Thunder (50) - Defend all battleships at Iwo Jima (single player).
  • Eastern Winds (30) - Finish the Russian campaign (single player).
  • Famous Ace (40) - Earn all medals and the highest rank in all missions (Eastern Winds).
  • Flying Hunter (10) - Sink 5 ships in under a minute.
  • God Save the King (30) - Fly under every bridge in London.
  • I'm Not a Rookie (40) - Earn all medals and the highest rank in all missions (The Sands of Africa).
  • Moving Target (50) - Drop a bomb on a plane during takeoff.
  • Test Pilot (50) - Finish a single mission in Simulation mode (other than Baptism of fire).
  • The Onslaught (100) - Finish act I (single player).
  • The Road To Victory (100) - Finish act II (single player).
  • The Sands of Africa (30) - Finish the African campaign (single player).
  • Trigger Happy (30) - Launch more than 100 rockets in a single mission.
  • Two Heads are Better Than One (30) - Play a co-op mission.
  • V for Victory (50) - Finish all missions on HARD difficulty level (Act I and II).
  • War Hero (150) - Earn all medals and the highest rank in all missions (Act I and II).

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