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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cheats for the Xbox360


A Futile Conclusion - Clear the Frieza Saga: Z Fighters route - 15
A Winner Is Me (secret) - Clear all missions in Special Age - 30
Appear, Shenron! - Collect 7 Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Grab - 30
Bardock - The Father Of Goku - Clear a difficulty level 5 mission without equipping cards or items - 30
Battle Elite (secret) - Clear a difficulty level 5 mission without retrying - 15
Card Complete - Collect all cards - 30
Character Master (secret) - Use all playable characters - 30
Determined To Be Stronger (secret) - Clear 10 or more missions with a Z rank - 30
Die! - Successfully use an Ultimate Move - 10
Farewell, Fighters - Clear the Cell Saga: Z Fighters route - 15
Found A Treasure! - Obtain a rarity level 7 card - 15
Frieza, Defeated! (secret) - Clear all missions in Another Age - 15
Gathering Of Frieza's Army! (secret) - Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 from Frieza's army and win in Battle Mode - 15
Gathering Of The Saiyans! (secret) - Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 Saiyans and win in Battle Mode - 15
Gathering Of The Super Fighters - Unlock all characters (excluding downloadable characters) - 30
Gathering Of The Z Fighters! - Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 Z Fighters and win in Battle Mode - 15
Hello, Dragon World! - Enter a Room in Co-op Mode - 10
Hey There! It's Me, Goku! (secret) - Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 from the various Gokus and win in Battle Mode - 15
I Am Number One In The Universe! (secret) - Clear the Frieza Saga: Frieza Soldier route - 15
I Don't Want To See You Any More (secret) - Defeat Full Power Frieza using an Ultimate Move - 15
I Win, You Earth Scum! (secret) - Clear the Saiyan Saga: Saiyan route - 15
I'm At Full Power Now... (secret) - Clear the Cell Saga: Androids route - 15
I'm Counting On You! - Successfully use Energy Share - 10
Item Complete - Collect all items - 30
Just Disappear, Cell! (secret) - Defeat Perfect Cell using an Ultimate Move - 15
Let's Fight Together As One - Fight as part of a team in Co-op Mode - 10
Let's Finish This! - Max out a Meteor Chain - 10
Mission Complete - Clear all missions - 30
Most Impressive - Max out a character's partner rank - 15
Now It's Real - Attain player rank 99 - 30
Now No One Can Stop Me! (secret) - Clear the Majin Buu Saga: Majin Buu route - 15
Over 9000 - Unlock all achievements - 0
Premium Collector (secret) - Spend over 100,000 PP - 15
Real Warriors Don't Sleep - Attain 50 hours of mission play time - 30
Return As A Good Guy Next Time (secret) - Defeat Kid Buu using an Ultimate Move - 15
Rich Collector (secret) - Spend over 1,000,000 DP - 15
Super-powered Warriors (secret) - Max out partner ranks on all characters - 90
Sync With Me! - Successfully use a Synchronized Rush - 10
Take This! - Successfully Chase an enemy - 10
The Android Party (secret) - Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 Androids and win in Battle Mode - 15
The Grand Finale... - Clear the Majin Buu Saga: Z Fighters route - 15
The Heat Of Battle (secret) - Win 100 times in Battle Mode - 30
The Legendary Super Saiyan (secret) - Attain 150,000,000 EXP - 90
The Tattered Fighters - Clear the Saiyan Saga: Z Fighters route - 10
Time To Start Getting Serious (secret) - Clear missions 100 times - 15
Use My Energy! - Send ENERGY through an ENGERY Request - 10
Wrath Of The Dragon! (secret) - Clear all missions in Extra Age - 15
You OK?! Get A Hold Of Yourself! - Successfully use Revive Soul - 10
You're Number One! (secret) - Acquire 10 gold medals in Battle Royale - 15

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