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Dynasty Warriors 8 Cheats for the Xbox360


True Warrior of the 3 Kingdoms 100
Obtained all achievements. (2)
Master of Chaos 60
Completed all of the stages on the "Chaos" difficulty level. (3)
Unwavering Ambition 60
Fought 50 straight battles in Ambition Mode.
Weapon Collector 30
Obtained all of the weapons in the game.
Heaven and Earth 30
Built a Tongquetai and welcomed the Emperor to your town.
A Shout of Triumph 30
Finished all of the stages within Story Mode and Free Mode with the exception of the tutorial.
The Land of Plenty 30
Obtained more than 1,000 materials for weapons and facilities in Ambition Mode.
The Ties that Bind Us 30
Became allies with all of the officers in Ambition Mode.
The Height of Prosperity 30
Obtained all of the facilities in Ambition Mode.
A Majestic Manner 30
Reached the maximum Fame level in Ambition Mode.
A Collector of Rarities 30
Obtained all of the Camp Symbols.
Battle-hardened Veteran 30
Won 100 battles with the same officer.
The Path of Ambition 30
Fought 20 straight battles in Ambition Mode.
An Intricate Tale 30
Completed all of the stages in Story Mode.
Revelation 30
Upgraded all skills to Level 10 or higher.
Friends to the End 30
Formed a bond at the maximum level with another officer.
The Destroyer 30
Destroyed a total of 1,000 siege weapons.
Facility Construction 10
Had a new facility built in Ambition Mode.
Facility Expansion 10
Had a facility expanded in Ambition Mode.
The Birth of a Leader 10
Fought 5 straight battles in Ambition Mode.
Death from Above 10
Defeated an enemy after juggling them in the air for at least 10 seconds.
True Rage 10
Used a True Rage Attack.
In an Instant 10
Defeated 3 enemy officers with a Storm Rush in a single battle.
Comeback Kid 10
Defeated 3 enemy officers with a Switch Counter in a single battle.
King of the Combos 10
Achieved a 1,000 hit combo. (1)
One Warrior vs. a Thousand 10
Defeated 1,000 enemies in a single battle.
Graduation Day 10
Completed the tutorials for all of the kingdoms.
Mounted Terror 10
Defeated 1,000 enemies while mounted on a riding-type animal.
The Beastmaster Awakens 10
Defeated 100 enemies with a companion-type animal.
Vocal Enthusiast 10
Listened to all of the voice lines within the Gallery.
Animal Collector 10
Obtained all of the animals within the game.
Movie Collector 10
Unlocked all of the movies within the game.
Event Collector 10
Unlocked all of the event scenes within the game.
Wallpaper Collector 10
Unlocked all of the wallpapers within the game.
Like a Shadow 10
Finished any stage of the game, except for the tutorial, without taking any damage.

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