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Last night I returned home from PAX AUS 2014. Long story short, it wasn't perfect, but it was quite possibly the best weekend I've had this year. It was a lot of fun. If you'd like to continue reading, the long story is just below. Buckle up. This is gonna be...

3D Dot Game Heroes Trophies

Version 1.00 by


Trophy Description
A Hero Is Never Defeated! (Silver) Clear the game without Dying.
Already got used to it? (Bronze) Play the game for 5 hours.
And, It’s Already Dawn… (Bronze) Stay at an Inn with the Princess.
Blew Up a Monster! (Bronze) Kill an Enemy with the Bomb.
Celebrate! Spelunker 10 Hours! (Bronze) Play Spelunkers mode for 10 hours.
Collected All Swords! (Gold) Obtain Every Sword.
Congratulations! (Platinum) Congratulations! Thanks for playing up till here.
Congratulations! Mr Spelunker (Gold) Clear the Spelunker Mode.
Defeat Priest Fuelle! (Bronze) Defeat Priest Fuelle without taking any damage.
Defeat the Dark Lord Onyx. (Bronze) Defeat the Dark Lord Onyx without taking any damage.
Defeated a Giant Enemy! (Bronze) Kill a Guardian.
Defeated a Monster! (Bronze) Kill an Enemy with the Sword.
Defeated the Dark Knight! (Bronze) Defeat the Dark Knight without taking any damage.
Defeated the Dragon! (Bronze) Defeat the Dragon without taking any damage.
Defeated the Giga Golem! (Bronze) Defeat the Giga Golem without taking any damage.
Defeated the Kraken! (Bronze) Defeat the Kraken without taking any damage.
Defeated the Queen Bee! (Bronze) Defeat the Queen Bee without taking any damage.
Defeated the Snake! (Bronze) Defeat the Snake without taking any damage.
Encyclopaedia Completed! (Gold) Complete the Encyclopaedia.
Everybody Is Happy! (Bronze) Return the princess to her normal form and clear the game.
Exorbitantly Wide and Long…! (Bronze) Upgrade the Dynamo Sword to its maximum.
Finally, The World Is Saved! (Silver) Clear the game on “From” Difficulty.
Found Ai! (Bronze) Find Ai.
Found Sue! (Bronze) Find Sue.
Interested In The Block King! (Bronze) Obtain a sword by collecting little blocks.
Look After Your Health! (Bronze) You’ve obtained the maximum amount of LIFE!
Lucky Sevens (Bronze) Hold exactly 777 Gold.
Obtained The Heroes Shield! (Bronze) Obtain the Heroes Shield.
Obtained The Heroes Sword! (Silver) Obtain the Heroes Sword.
Obtained The Sword Of The Ancients! (Bronze) Obtain the Sword of the Ancients.
Registered a Monster! (Bronze) Register an Enemy in the Encyclopaedia.
Registered Priest Fuelle! (Bronze) Register Priest Fuelle in the Encyclopaedia.
Registered the Dark Knight! (Bronze) Register the Dark Knight in the Encyclopaedia.
Registered the Dark Lord Onyx! (Silver) Register the Dark Lord Onyx in the Encyclopaedia.
Registered the Dragon! (Bronze) Register the Dragon in the Encyclopaedia.
Registered the Giga Golem! (Bronze) Register the Giga Golem in the Encyclopaedia.
Registered the Kraken! (Bronze) Register the Kraken in the Encyclopaedia.
Registered the Queen Bee! (Bronze) Register the Queen Bee in the Encyclopaedia.
Registered the Snake! (Bronze) Register the Snake in the Encyclopaedia.
Saved A Spelunker! (Bronze) Clear the Spelunker Event.
Shot a Monster! (Bronze) Kill an Enemy with the Bow and Arrow.
Someone Wants To Join In! (Bronze) Create an Edit Character.
The Adventure Still Continues! (Bronze) Clear the game without returning the Princess to her normal form.
The Princess Appears! (Bronze) Return the Princess to her normal form.
Took A Memento Photo! (Bronze) Take a Photo.
Travelled Around The World! (Silver) Go to all Maps.
Use Magic! (Bronze) You've obtained the maximum amount of MAGIC!
What’s That? You Obtained The Sacred Sword! (Bronze) Obtain the Sacred Sword.
Your Protected Yourself! (Bronze) Guard an Enemies Attack.
Your Sword Has Got Stronger! (Bronze) Improve your Sword.
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