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Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies Faq / Walkthrough

Version 1.0 by


|->> Terminal booting up...
     Completed _\

|->> Generating terminal interface....
     completed  _\

|->> Terminal online. _\

        A C E  C O M B A T   4


                    *  S H A T T E R E D  S K I E S *

|GUIDE BY: Paul Michael (vhayste®)
|Type: Faq / Walkthrough
|Version: NA_



This document is copyrighted to me, Vhayste. It is intended for ~PRIVATE~
use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or electronic media
involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape,
or form. It cannot be used for profitable or promotional purposes,
regardless of the situation. Breaking any of these rules is in direct
violation of copyright law.

This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion
of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be
prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. Any characters,
names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright of their respective

| _\


0858 HR

|Connecting to Server....OK
|Opening Data Link...OK


|->>Login:    ISAF01_VHYSTE
|->>Password: ********


|Connection Status: Online
|Encrypting Signal...OK



 Welcome to my faq for the game Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies. I just got
the game so I was only able to create a faq for it just now. Im a fan of the
Ace Combat series but I was only able to get hold of AC4,5 and 0. To get to
the point, please drop me a message if you think there should be added,
missing or some corrections on any details found in this faq.

This document is comprised of mission guides, aircraft and weapon details as
well as some useful tips and miscellaneous info. Spoilers will be avoided as
much as possible. And also, Im using the same faq format for my guide for
Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War to save time and effort.

If the mission seems to hard for you, I suggest taking the tutorial or
restarting the game in easy or very easy mode. I will try to lay down the
details as much as possible but completing the game is entirely up to you.

Let's start the briefing. 

| Generating Overlay...OK
| Switching channels...OK

| _\



| Loading.... OK

| ------------- STORYLINE

      A massive asteroid, codenamed Ulysses 1994 XF-04 struck the continent
      of Usea, taking the lives of 500,000 people and leaving thousands of
      others as refugees. Erusea, used this as an oppurtunity to occupy the
      continent. Thier supremacy is achieved because of their possession of
      a superweapon named "Stonehenge", a battery of giant railguns
      originally developed to shoot down asteroids but proved to be useful
      against planes as well.

      Independent States Allied Forces (ISAF) was driven back to the eastern
      coast of Usea and has suffered major blows against its forces. They
      had many attempts to destroy the Stonehenge but the unsuccessful
      attempts forced the dwindling ISAF forces to thier vulnerable and
      relocated territory of North Point.

      You play as mobius1, a pilot working for ISAF. Your mission is to
      help turn the tide of war and bring Erusia to its knees...

| Loading.... OK

| ------------- CONTROLS (NORMAL)

     L UP   : pitch down
     L DOWN : pitch up
     L LEFT/RIGHT : roll left/right

     Circle   : fires missile or special weapon
     X        : fires machine gun
     Square   : map (pressure sensitive)
     Triangle : switch target (hold to look at the target)

     R1 :thrust / afterburners
     L1 : air brake
     L2 : yaw left
     R2 : yaw right
     R3 : look back
     R  : camera control

     Start  : pause menu
     Select : toggles between missiles or special weapons

     D-PAD DOWN  : change view
     DPAD UP:    : autopilot


| Loading.... OK


This walkthrough is completed using NORMAL mode. If you seemed to be stuck
on a mission, read the guide carefully or check out other guides as well.
Your dogfighting and bomb running skills are needed to accomplish almost all

You can also try switching to easy mode and complete the game there. Note
that when you selected SP New game after game completion, previously aquired
medals, planes and credits are carried over.

Mission objectives that are marked * is the updated mission objective.

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Umbrella
DATE:       09/19-2004
TIME:       1405

OBJECTIVES: Intercept the enemy bombers before they reach the HQ
TIME LMT:   10 mins

Because ISAF's defense force is extremely weak at this time, you're just
about the only thing between the Erusians and victory.  Your objective is to
eliminate the bombers before they can get past the island.

 This is the first mission and it will not be that hard. There are 6 TU-95's
that you need to destroy and they are slow. Minus the fighter escorts, there
should be no problem bringing them down.

Proceed on taking the bombers near you, then the fighter escorts if possible.
Just destroy all targets and mission completes. If you want to earn more
credits, leave one bomber alive then engage on the escorts. More enemies
killed means more score and credits.


| Loading.... OK


DATE:       10/05-2004
TIME:       1329

OBJECTIVES: Destroy the bombers on the airbase
TIME LMT:   15 mins

 Hit your afterburners then fly low. Take out the substation then climb up
a bit and proceed to the airport. Eliminate all the AA weapons first and also
the enemy planes that are taking off. The bombers can take a few hits before
getting destroyed so make good use of bombs here. Bomb or destroy the other
non-mission targets to gain more credits for this mission.

There could be some airborne enemies as well but they shouldnt be hard.
Destroy the targets to complete the mission.

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Whiteout
DATE:       10/10-2004
TIME:       1628

OBJECTIVES: Destroy the radars to help Allied force's escape.
TIME LMT:   15 mins each for OBJ1 and 2

 The radar bases have some AA defense systems and has two locations. From
your starting position, fly towards the initial fighters and get rid of them.
Then sweep the radar base and head to the next one. Just repeat the process
and make sure that you clear the area completely to get more points and


You just need to proceed to the return line, land on the airstrip.


| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Hunting Hawk
DATE:       11/07-2004
TIME:       1226

OBJECTIVES: Destroy the enemy cargo planes before they exit the area.
TIME LMT:   12 mins

 The main problem here would be the E-767 jammers and the fighter escorts.
To make your job easier, go after the jammer aircrafts first. They are in the
epicenter of the interference radius. There will be some fighter escorts as
well but try to engage them only after destroying the jammers.

If you managed to destroy the escorts, new enemy waves will appear after
destroying the C-17s' one by one. Use this to score more points. Mission
completes after all targets are eliminated

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:   Early bird
DATE:        11/19-2004
TIME:        0550

OBJECTIVES:  Score at least 2000 pts within the time limit.
TIME LMT:  10 mins OBJ1; 3:30 mins OBJ2

 During the entire mission duration, avoid enemy fighters since they do take
time to shoot down and they're only worth 60 pts. You need to concentrate on
high valued targets or bomb closed together targets. When you start, descend
a bit then destroy the tanker below. Turn to your left and approach the
oil facility. It is recommended to attack this first since the targets here
are worth more points. Bomb the oil tanks and use your missiles against the
smoketacks. You can also proceed to the west of the oil refinery and destroy
the pumping  stations. If you worked fast enough, you should have enough time
to fly to the oil rigs and score a few additional scores. You can continue
destroying targets even after you reached the quota.


The dreaded Yellow Squadron shows up. You need to hit the afterburners and
escape the area. Its too early for you to face them yet. Mission completes
after reaching return line.

         - MIR-2000

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Rough Seas
DATE:       11/23-2004
TIME:       1200

OBJECTIVES: Score at least 3000 pts within the time limit.
TIME LMT:   15 mins

 There are 4 diffrent areas where you can execute the attack and earn points.
They are the shipyard, submarine docks and the retreating fleet. From your
starting position, you should be able to see the retreating enemy fleet,
roughly consisting of an aircraft carrier, one aegis, 2 battleships and one
cruiser. Take them all out since they are worth big points.

After that, you can either take the submarine docks on the east or the
shipyard on the north. Well, the submarine docks is roughly protected by
some AA installations and a few fighters. The shipyard has fighters and
docked ships with AA installations. Whatever you choose, you need to work
quickly on eliminating any AA threat from the ground first then the targets.

When attacking the submarine docks, you need to aim for the opening of the
tunnels they are docked. Otherwise, you'll trash your shots. Bombs will not
affect them as well.

There is also a lightly defended supply facilities in the northeastern area.
These has some large, harmless supply ships worth big points and some oil
tanks that you can dispatch by bombing the center of them.

You can continue destroying targets as long as you have spare time and ammo.
MIssion completes after time expires.

         - TND-1D5
         - F/A-18C

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Blackout
DATE:       12/16-2004
TIME:       1640

OBJECTIVES: Destroy the solar panels to halt enemy productions
TIME LMT:   15 mins OBJ1; 10 mins OBJ2

 You and some allied fighters will be deployed in enemy territory to launch
an attack to a massive solar power plant. Bombs are useful in this mission
but if you're confident, you can just sweep the panel and gunning them.

Start of by clearing enemy fighters rushing in your direction. Take care of
the AA installations in the ground to make your work a little bit easier. The
only target is the radar but it would really help to destroy all 36 solar
panels to have more points. Watch out of AA guns, SAMS, and flak guns. There
are also pillboxes worth a few easy points as well.

Take out as many targets as possible before destroying the mission targets.
You can go after the enemy fighters as well.

Once the control room and solar tower is destroyed, mission completes.


Multiple Stongehenge rounds detected!! You need to fly below 2,000 feet to
avoid getting hit. You need to fly into the ravine. There are some attack
helicopters and planes dispatched in the area but they dont pose much of a
problem. Just struggle your way to the return line and mission completes.

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Countdown
DATE:       12/31-2004
TIME:       1335

OBJECTIVES: Score at least 800 points within the time limit.
TIME LMT:   7 mins OBJ1; 6 mins, OBJ 2.

 Alright, this is one of the most frustrating missions of the game. You have
a lot of planes to shoot, yes. But you have very limited time. You can't afford
to miss shots continously. Recommended SP weapons here would be QAAMs, XMAA and
XLAAs. From your starting position, arm a XMAA or XLAA then fire once you get
all the four lockons. QAAMs can be fired on the enemy's six then leave it to
pursue the target.

Yellow squadron is here too, and you need to get rid of them by tagging one of
them with a missile or machine gun shots. Take note also of an E-767 and KC-10
planes, they are worth 140 pts each and are located just above the actual
battle airspace. ALso, planes that are refueling on the KC-10 is vulnerable..
take this oppurtunity to score some easy kills.

This mission can be frustrating since although its not hard to bag down bandits
the problem is that the scores for each plane is kinda low. Unless you have
some superior or better planes, it would be challenging to get an S on your
first try.

There is a hidden plane here, the SR-71 "Blackbird"at 40,000 ft. The plane
is really fast and is worth big points BUT I dont suggest chasing this one on
your first playthrough. The best way to bag this is by using XLAA, XMAA or
QAAM. Just continue scoring until time runs out. Hopefully, you should meet
the required points. You can refuel by going to the return line in your map.


Several B-2 Stealth bombers are heading its way to the launching facility.
They cant be easily tracked through the radar but are readily traced on the
large map. You need to destroy them before they bomb the facility.

They will also come along with fighter escorts so be prepared to engage when
you have the chance. You can rush towards them, fire some XLAAs or XMAAs
forward, then slow down and turn around to finish the job. They are easy
targets for ordinary missiles and machine guns so take them out in whatever
way you please. After the last bomber is shot down and there are still time,
you can go back and bag as many remaining fighters as you can until time runs
out. Mission completes.

         - MIG-29A

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Bunker Shot
DATE:       01/24-2005
TIME:       1700

OBJECTIVES: Provide close air support to allied invasion forces. Score at
            least 2200 points during the time limit.
TIME LMT:   10 mins OBJ1; 7 mins OBJ2

 You need to clear targets out area by area to save time. This is primarily
a air-to-ground operation during the first half, then changes to AA during
the mission update. Proceed NE from your starting position to clear out the
eastern beachead.

Clear out the targets on the ground using bombs on grouped enemies, and
missiles on radars, pillboxes and the like. Avoid engaging into dogfighting
at the moment, just concentrate on clearing out ground targets. Proceed to
the other area after eliminating all or most of the targets in the initial

Keep busy clearing out the area. There is also a group of howitzers and
launchers behind the mountains in the north that are easy points.

Once done, step on the afterburners and proceed to the west beach. The
enemies here are very scattered for bombs to be efficient so prepare to spend
a lot of missiles here. Just destroy as many ground targets as time permits
or simply head back to base, refuel and rearm AA SP weapons for your plane.
Mission update will appear after time for first obj expires...


An A-10 attacker squadron has been dispatched by the enemy to deal with the
advancing allied forces. Shoot them down before they deal serious damage to
the invasion force.

If you managed to equip some good AA weapons here, there should be no problem
eliminating the A-10s. To make your job easier, kill all other A-10s except
for one. Then engage the escort fighters. Destroy the last A-10 to end

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Woodpecker
DATE:       02/28-2005
TIME:       1415

OBJECTIVES: Score at least 3000 pts during time limit.
TIME LMT:   20 mins

This is one long mission and there is always a potential of messing up at
any point of the operation. The targets are grouped into several areas, not
to mention that you need to contend with AA artillery, fighters and
trechearous terrains. The four areas are the Scion Air Base, VTOL base,
supply base and the submarine docks. You may need to refuel after taking
care of two areas.

Whatever are you choose to attack first, its up to you. I will divide the
strategies for each area.

SCION AIR BASE: The enemy got a great vantage point here. So, take care of
the planes that are taxing in the runway. Take care of them before they get
airborne; take out the AA installations and the small supply dock by the
river. Bomb the remaining enemy facilities then proceed to the next target

VTOL base: The VTOL base is composed of several entrenched enemy positions.
The bases are actually vertical holes carved out of the mountain. You need to
get near to the hole, fly up to 2000 fr, then brake, turn around and shoot a
bomb directly to the hole. This manuever will guarantee destrcution of all
targets inside the hole. There may be some harriers already flying to just
get behind them and bag them for additional scores.

SUPPLY BASE: This one's a little bit tricky. There are a lot of scattered
enemy AA installations and some enemy supply units. Try clearing the area of
AA positions and gunboats then just bomb the supply units.

SUBMARINE DOCKS: There are some gunboats here and a few AA installations. The
subs can only be destroyed by bombs or flying low and firing a missile to the
opening of the shelter. There is also a mobile sub that surfaces, destroy
it when you have the chance. Otherwise it will take cover in the shelter and
you need to get into proper firing position to take it down.

As long as you destroy targets effectively and fast, there should be no
problem meeting or exceeding the required points.

         - EF-2000
         - R-M01

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Noah's Ark
DATE:       03/14-2005
TIME:       1531

OBJECTIVES: Escort the two passenger planes to safety.
TIME LMT:   5 mins, 30 secs

Alright, this is one of the missions I scream "idiocrity". They are sending
you alone to escort two passenger planes under attack by enemy fighters. The
passenger planes contains the engineers that designed the Stonehenge and their
families. Apparently, they are willing to provide invaluable data to ISAF. The
bad thing is Eurasia wants them dead to keep the secret of thier superweapon
from reaching ISAF.

The target passenger planes that you need to protect are Air Ixiom Flight 701
and Flight 702. Flight 701 cannot raise to higher altitude due to cabin
pressure and can only fly in 6000 ft. Great. 702 is above, in 23000 feet. You
just need to make sure that not one of them gets shot down. Easy, right?

When you get near the pssngr planes, you will see 702 being attacked by a
F/A-18. Max thrust, then engage the enemy fighter. After that two Mig-29s will
appear and begin attacking 701 below. So, max thrust again and eliminate the
two fighters as quickly as possible. After getting rid of the two Migs, three
F-14's will pursue 702 above. So fly hard up and quickly destroy them. Lastly,
two Mig-29s and two SU-35s will try to shoot 701 down. Head down, keep them
busy and down them all. Mission completes after that.

 MISC INFO: 701's Flight attendant is named "Nagase", one of your wingmen in
ACE COMBAT 5: Unsung War. There is no details however, if they are the same

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Stone Crusher
DATE:       04/14-2005
TIME:       1531

OBJECTIVES: Destroy Stonehenge
TIME LMT:   15 mins

 Alright, its the big day. You will launch a massive airstrike to destroy
Stonehenge. The whole battery is protected by a jammer, several SAM and AA
installations, and a lot of enemy fighters that seems to immune to the
railguns' desctructive shockwave. Not to mention Stonehenge itself.

This is one of my personal favorite missions since you will be always on your
toes here. One wrong move and you will be vaporized in mid-air. And this is
undeniably, one of the hardest missions you'll encounter.

The first step is to destroy the jammer located in the center of the
superweapon. You should've noticed that your missile lockon is disabled
within the jammer's field of effect.

Approach the target(s) in high speed, low altitude. This will make it harder
for them to hit you. Upon reaching the battery itself, you can gun the jammer
or just bomb it. Upon achieving missile lockon capability back, begin taking
out the individual railgun's defenses. You may need to fly in low speeds here
so that you can make quick and accurate lockons. Each railgun requires four
missile hits to get destroyed. They have weak spots but I suggest just go for
the main shaft where the base and turret is connected. Its the easiest spot
to hit and its always exposed. I suggest leaving one railgun standing before
engaging the SAMS and enemy planes. This lessens the risk of getting hit.

Once you cleared the skies (and hopefully, you should still have enough
missiles), destroy the last remaining target and mission... updates. LOl.


Yellow Squadron has been sighted and they want you dead for destroying the
oversized toy guns. They will engage you and you will be caught in one hell of
a dogfight. Your ears may bleed with all the missile warnings on your hud so
its recommended to get away from the group so that one Yellow will be
separated. Then you can concentrate on bringing it down.

This part of the mission is the hardest part of it since I ended up using my
guns (I ran out of missiles) and luckily landing good hits that shot down a
feared Yellow fighter.

Hopefully, your piloting skills are enough to help you survive the next

         - F-2A

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Blind Man's Bluff
DATE:       05/07-2005
TIME:       0105

OBJECTIVES: Score at least 1300 during time limit
TIME LMT:   7 mins OBJ1; 4 mins OBJ2

 An allied recon plane is returning from a recon mission and has some
mechanical problems. Also, the enemy deployed airship noise jammers (looks
like mini-Kirovs). Because of the that, the U2 is having a hard time
navigating the ravine, and in danger of crashing due to bad weather
conditions as well.

You can only use guns here and the airships are really small so you need to
fly slowly so dont miss a lot of them. They will appear as black dots so you
really need to rely on your eyes.

Just meet or exceed the required points and mission updates.


An enemy squadron has appeared to shoot down the U2. Intercept them at once.
There are two EF-2000's and two F-15Es that you need to shoot down. If you
manged to get this far, then these enemies shouldnt be that hard.

| Loading.... OK


DATE:       06/15-2005
TIME:       0256

OBJECTIVES: Destroy the cruise missiles (TGT)
TIME LMT:   20 mins

 Again, alone. Against several cruise missiles and oblivion. The ISAF
forces are now mobilizing because of the destruction of Stonehenge. The enemy
launched several cruise missiles to hamper their advance. (with all the
fighters of ISAF you are the only one assigned to intercept the cruise
missiles. geezz....)

Alright, you need a fast plane here with AA SP weapons. Just keep in mind
that even if these are just cruise missiles, they move and fly like planes

You may also want to keep on the afterburners to keep up with the cruise
missiles since they can get out of sight quickly if you dont keep your eyes
on them. You can ignore the XB-70 or F-22 ace for your first try since they
are really hard to take down if you dont have the proper planes.

Alright, the first set of missiles will be approaching from the north. Try to
get in level with them then just fire on sight. After destroying it, you will
have another warning that a second wave of missiles are on their way. Head
back north and intercept the missiles.

This wave has more missiles and unfortunately, they will split into two so
you need to work fast to destroy them both. There are really no special trick
on this one. Just work your way on getting a clear shot then fire. Once you
destroyed the two groups of cruise missiles, the largest one will appear
along with two F-22 escorts. Try not to engage the fighters since this last
cruise missile really evades a lot.

After making it a big firecracker, mission completes.

| Loading.... OK


DATE:       07/10-2005
TIME:       0000

OBJECTIVES: Score at least 2000 points within the time limit
TIME LMT:   10 mins each for OBJ1 and OBJ2

 The ISAF forces are now marching to liberate the town/city of San Salvacion.
This is the place where the narrator boy lives and where much of the
cutscenes takes place. And also, there are diffrent zones you need to clear.
Yellow squadron planes are also running about the area so you can shoot them
down if you want to. That will take some time and several missiles though, Im
warning you. For the first part of the mission, just use bombs as your SP

GOVERNMENT COMPLEX: This area doesnt have that many targets. Just get it
quickly. Take care of the helicopters, launchers and AA guns on the shore.
Proceed to the next area when done.

NEW CITY: There are some SAM and AA installations here on top of the buildings
and also some scattered choppers behind them. You need to also attack tanks
from above to make sure the missiles will hit them.

SAN PROFETTA AIRPORT: This area can net you a lot of points since there are
grounded planes as easy targets. If you have bombs, drop it on the center of
the packed targets to get the most out of your bombing run. You can also
engage some enemy planes if you want to; just make sure that you dont spend
too much time bagging them.

OLD TOWNE: This is the part of town where most enemy targets are
concentrating. Take care of the AA and SAMs first before engaging the other
targets. There are also a couple of Yellows and some planes to engage if you
want to.

Just make sure to go back to base and rearm with AA SP weapons for the
mission update.


The enemy knew they had lost San Salvacion to Allied forces so they deployed
a bomber squadron to level the whole place. They will approach the city from
the northwest so intercept them an prevent them from bombing the city.

If you're able to rearm AA weapons then you should'nt have not problems. If
not try sticking with the old fashioned but effective way of downing them
with missiles. Mission completes after the last bomber is shot down.


| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Sandstorm
DATE:       08/15-2005
TIME:       0145

OBJECTIVES: Score at least 3500 within the time limit.
TIME LMT:   20 mins

 The Erusians have set up a large tank force in Whiskey Corridor to defend
their capital city. Although outnumbered, the ground forces have no choice
but to attempt to break through  and capture the capital to end the war.

Alright, I dont personally like the strategy of this operation. "Miracle in
the Air?". You gotta be kidding.

Alright, you need to get a good multirole or attacker for this one. The
majority of targets are ground based but there are also a fair number of
aerial targets as well. UGBLs are the weapon of choice here so arm that one.
And since this mission is long and there are a lot of targets, you may need
to refuel, probably more than once.

You have diffrent combat areas which you can clear. The defensive lines are
separated into 3 sections, the eastern, central and western def lines. You
also have Old Anchorhead city and enemy HQ. The enemy fighters are annoying
here since they tend to stick with you a lot and attempt to shoot you down
while you're in a middle of a sweet bombing run. They deserve to be swatted
and become one with the desert sands.

DEFENSIVE LINES: The three defensive lines follow the same setup. AA
artilleries, tank formations, fighters and some defensive facilities as well.
Use your bombs on tank formations with 3+ units. As you destroy them, more
tanks will appear. Repeat the process, and just make sure that every shot
counts to save time. Just make sure that you eliminate all AA threats as much
as possible before going after other targets.

Pillboxes and tents are all good targets as well. use missiles on pboxes and
bomb the group of tents. After clearing the defensive lines, you can either
proceed to Old Anchorhead or the enemy HQ.

(enemy) HQ: This facility is the nerve center of all field operations and
capturing this is a hude advantage to the ISAF forces. Take out the flak guns,
SAMs, and AA guns  around the area.  There are also tank formations around
the HQ that you can bomb  and you can destroy the HQ building for a measly
100 pts.

OLD ANCHORHEAD CITY: This is an abandoned city that is used for operations by
the Erusians. Take care of the AA artilleries and choppers. Then go after the
tanks and the artillery formation just north of the old city. A few bombs
should be enough to get rid of them.

Just clear as many enemies as you can within the time limit and Im sure
you'll exceed the required points.

         - SU-37
         - F-15 ACTIVE

| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Autumn Thunder
DATE:       09/19-2005
TIME:       1820

OBJECTIVES: Score at least 2100 pts within the time limit.
TIME LMT:   12 mins OBJ1; 18 mins OBJ2

 The Allied forces have penetrated the capital and will move in to occupy it
completely. You need to destroy all enemy resistance and end the war once and
for all! (what a tearjerker, LOL.)

To start off the mission,  I strongly suggest to get the SU-37 "TERMINATOR".
Its the cheapest, has QAAMs and has good stats. You will definitely need
something good to keep up with the best. Buy the bomb for the SU-37 for this
mission. I personally selected the F-15 ACTIVE on my first playthrough and
ended up having a tough time for these last two missions.

 MISC INFO: The Yellow Squadron are comprised of yellow SU-37s.

Start the mission by proceeding north, destroy the intercepting fighters or
not; just proceed to the bridge and clear it out of enemies. After that, turn
west towards Johnson Memorial Bridge. Destroy the ship then target the bridge
itself to make it collapse along with enemy tanks crossing it. Destroying the
bridge is needed to cutoff reinforcements from joining the main force.

Now go to the sunken part of the city. There are a few AA installations on
top of the buildings and a couple of subs hiding behind them. Its recommended
to fly over the buildings to get a clear shot of the subs and destroy them.
Continue destroying ground targets. (They respawn as you destroy them). After
clearing all of them or before the time runs out, head back to base and rearm
yourself with QAAMs then head out.

Mission updates after time expires.... Its the time of reckoning...


The Yellow squadron will appear to make a one last stand for Erusea. As long
as you have the SU-37 and QAAMs, this part of the mission is not that hard.
Just lockon and fire. It it doesnt hit it, its a good way to distract them
and prevent your hands from getting full or  while you are struggling to get
into perfect firing position.

If not, then prepare for the most tight and challenging dogfights you'll ever
encounter throughout the game. The Yellows fight with teamwork. If you get a
lock with one of them, expect the others are tracking you in your six. You
need to make sharp turns and crazy loops to evade them. It will frustrate you.

Mission completes once the last Yellow is shot down.


| Loading.... OK


OPERATION:  Judgment Day
DATE:       09/26-2005
TIME:       0800

OBJECTIVES: Destroy the 3 central generators to open the vent
            Destroy the missile in the main silo
TIME LMT:   20 mins OBJ1; 30 mins OBJ2

 The cinematics and the music is perfect for this last mission. You need to
get all the inspiration you need to complete the tasks ahead. The remaining
Erusean forces have taken control of Megalith, a massive fortress-like
facility capable of launching ballistic missiles in very long ranges.
Originally designed to intercept asteroids in mid orbit or free fall, the
Megalith is capable of targetting any territory within the continent.

The S-37A will be available now. This is the second best plane in the game.
But you wont definitely have the budget to purchase this for the meantime so
just let it aside. This plane is also necessary to obtain S ranks on missions

 MISC INFO: The S-37A will be later known as SU-47 "Berkut" in the later
Ace Combat titles.

ISAF is generous enough to provide you with your own Mobius Squadron. You
will need them since you will be facing the last 15 aircrafts of Erusea. And
all of them are Yellows. If you have the QAAMs, destroying them will be a
breeze. Just fire all of your QAAMs to individual targets, confirm the kill
then go back and reload. I was able to maintain all my squadron members alive
using that strategy.

If you have a diffrent plane and/or doesnt have QAAM's then you'll need more
luck and piloting skills to engage them. Equip your XLAAs and XMAAs. Fly
toward them and make sure that you are the SAME level/ altitude. Get a full
four lock on with the XL/XMAAs and fire it away! If timed correctly, four
yellows will be destroyed at once. Just fight your way until all of them are

Now the Hard part. Sorry, dude. You really need to do this. You need to fly
through the two tunnels to destroy the generators. The last generator is
located on the tight passage that runs east-west. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE N
ORMAL MISSILES SELECTED and not the SP weapons. Don't nag if you approach the
target with no lock-on and has an X on it.

Alright, general pointers. When you fly inside the tunnel, delicate flying is
all that matters. One thing to take note is the speed. Try flying between
200- 300 mph, and try not to go slower than that or the plane will stall.
Another thing is that you need to be between 40-100 feet. Anything lower or
higher will restrict your movement and you will definitely kiss the wall.
I've been flying inside diffrent similar tunnels already (in other AC games)
and those tips are the most effective.

Alright, approach the tunnel slowly. Try to fly straight. Once you get a
lockon, wait for a clear shot before firing the missile. Head out, turn back
and enter the other tunnel. Do the same thing the exit out. This time, go to
either side of the main silo and approach the trench there very slowly. The
last generator is on the center. Destroy it and you will be notified that
the central vent is now open. Four silos with cruise missiles will open up.
Destroy them as fast as you can (they're 300 pts each) then prepare to enter
the central vent. Relax, you're only a few seconds away from victory.

Enter the central vent slowly. Once you get the clear lockon, hit the brakes
then fire the missile. Release the brakes after confirming the destruction of
the target. Then you need to control the plane very slowly then fly up to
the opening. This part of the mission is where there is the highest risk of
messing things up. Hold your breath and....

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Watch the ending and the credits.

 SIDENOTE: Not that hard, eh? XD

| Channel transmission complete.

| Generating Overlay...OK
| Switching channels...OK

|                      _\




    SP NEW GAME      ------------ This allows your previously acquired
                                  credits, aircraft, gametime etc when you
                                  start your new game.

    SCENE VIEWER     ------------ This feature allows you to watch all the
                                  scenes during the campaign.

    FREE MISSION     ------------ This feature gives you the chance to play
                                  previous campaign missions. You can also
                                  attempt to obtain a rank S on this mode as
                                  well. No credits will be obtained, however.

    TRIAL MISSION    ------------ This mode is will allow to undertake
                                  trial missions with diffrent requirements.
                                  A good thing to test your skills.

    EXTRA DIFFICULTIES ---------- Hard, Expert and Ace modes now available.
                                  (Note: You need to finish game in one
                                  difficulty to unlock its higher diff)

    SECRET PLANE (X-02) --------- If you completed the game in normal mode
                                  with all S ranks, the X-02 will be available
                                  for purchase. This is the best plane in the


    These are unlocked by shooting down the Ace using the plane. There are
    some exceptions specially with the F-4E. SU-37 and the X-02 . These aces
    don't appear originally on the map, you need to get near thier estimated
    location. They will appear as red arrows in your map.

    1.  F-5    -- North of the Allenfort Air Base
    2.  A-10   -- North of the enemy airbase
    3.  F-16   -- South of the second radar station (the westernmost one)
    4.  Mir2K  -- Northwest of the westernmost E-767 jammer plane
    5.  MIG-29 -- South of the far western pumping station on the map
    6   F-14   -- North of the northernmost wave of enemies on the map
    7.  TND-IDS-- North of the solar tower
    8.  F-18   -- after refueling during the mission, the ace will appear to
                  the east of the main combat area
    9.  F-15C  -- North of the central beachead combat area
    10. RF-01  -- northwest of the sub base, near the corner of the map
    11. SU-35  -- The ace will appear with about 90 secs left in the mission
                  time limit.
    12. F-2    -- North of the Stonehenge
    13. F-15E  -- After mission update where the enemy fighters appears, the
                  ace will be located in the north east
    14. F-22   -- North east of the map
    15. EF-2K  -- Center of the map, from your starting point
                  (between the two southern combat zones)
    16. F-117  -- Northwest of the westernmost combat zone (It has stealth so
                  try moving 2 grids north then 1 to the west)
    17. F-15A  -- Far northwestern corner of the map, past the city
    18. S-37A  -- North of megalith.

    F-4E  --- Beat the game once
    SU-37 --- Shoot down the other aces in the game. (This is Yellow 13's
              legendary paint scheme)
    X-02  --- Get rank S on all missions in expert mode.

    The planes' second paint schemes for each plane requires you to have a
    rank A or S for that mission.

    MISSION 1 --- F-5E
    MISSION 2 --- F-16C
    MISSION 3 --- A-10A
    MISSION 4 --- MIR-2000
    MISSION 5 --- F-14A
    MISSION 6 --- TND-ID5
    MISSION 7 --- F/A-18C
    MISSION 8 --- F-15C
    MISSION 9 --- MIG-29A
    MISSION 10 -- F-117A
    MISSION 11 -- EF-2000
    MISSION 12 -- R-M01
    MISSION 13 -- F-15E
    MISSION 14 -- F-2A
    MISSION 15 -- SU-35
    MISSION 16 -- F-22A
    MISSION 17 -- F-15 ACTIVE
    MISSION 18 -- S-37A

| Channel transmission complete.

| Generating Overlay...OK
| Switching channels...OK

|                      _\



    ||>>SAAM (Semi-active Air-to-Air Missile)

        The target must remain on the targetting circle as the missile
        tracks its target. It has long range and its a good way to snipe a
        target on its 5-7 oclock angles. Has firepower equivalent to 2-3

    ||>>QAAM (Quick-manuever Air-to-Air Missile)

        If you played AC4, you'll know how ungodly these SP weapons are. They
        will keep on tracking a target and will only give up when it runs out
        of fuel. Its also a good way to distract a target while taking your
        oppurtunity to take him down. Firepower equivalent to 2 missiles.

    ||>>XLAA (Advanced Long Range Air-to-Air Missile)

        This has a multilock function that can lock in 4 targets and best
        used when rushing the enemies in thier 12 or 6. Firepower equivalent
        to 2 missiles. It has exceptional range that can be used to bring
        down multiple targets adistance.

    ||>>XMAA (Advanced Medium-range Air-to-Air Missile)

        This has a multilock function that can lock in 4 targets and best
        used when rushing the enemies in thier 12 or 6. Firepower equivalent
        to 2 missiles. It has medium range but is longer than the conventional

    ||>>NPB (Napalm Bomb)

        This comes with a fair amount of ammo but that doesnt make up this
        Sp weapon's lack of decent damage and blast radius. One of the most
        useless SP weapons in the game.

    ||>>RCL (Rocket Launcher)

        Generally weak, this SP wpn can justify its existence when targeting
        stationary targets. When activated, it launches multiple volleys of
        small rockets. Effective when attacking grouped enemies.

    ||>>UGB (Unguided Bomb, Small)

        This is a free fall bomb that has a larger blast radius and damage
        than the NPB but still a bit miss when engaging a group of enemies.
        You can deploy two of these bombs at the same time, so it is more
        effective when engaging larger, tougher, stationary targets.

    ||>>UGBL (Unguided Bomb, Large)

        One of the most effective bombs in the game, the UGBL has great
        blast radius and damage. It can eliminate grouped targets in one
        drop. Because of this destructive potential, this SP wpn's ammo is
        limited so use with discretion.

    ||>>FAEB (Fuel Air Explosive Bomb)

        Unfortunately, the effectiveness and power of this sp weapon is
        drastically  reduced after its AC4 days. The area of damage is wide
        but the damage will depend on the dropping and area of the blast
        radius. This makes the bomb unpredictable. Just use a UGBL instead.

    ||>>XAGM: (Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile)

        This SP wpn has good trajectory, locks on to multiple targets but has
        very limited ammo. You may want to save this for the main targets.
        Targets are destroyed with missile like prejectiles so there are no
        blast radius with each impact.

    ||>>LASM (Long range Air-to-Surface Missile)

        The main use of this Sp weapon is to take out enemy naval ships from
        great distances. Although it doesnt have any one shot kill potential
        on ships, its enough to soften them up for a single missile shot or
        a few machine gun rounds.

    ||>>LAGM (Long range Air-to-Ground Missile)

        Similar to LASM in a way, but has some small blast radius that can
        take out nearby enemy installments around the locked on target.

    ||>>BDSP  (Bomblet Dispenser)

        Very effective in targets lined up or just grouped enemies, this
        dispenser launches small bombletts to the targetted area. The bomblets
        are not that strong but with thier number, its sure to hit the target.

| Channel transmission complete.

| Generating Overlay...OK
| Switching channels...OK

|                      _\




     <AICRAFT ROLE; the type of combat role the plane is designed for>

    COST:   <Amount of credits to purchase for first (1P), second (2P) and
              third (3P) paint schemes>
     SPD:    <speed of the plane; includes acceleration and top speed>
     MOB:    <mobility; the faster the plane turns and moves>
     DEF:    <defense; higher defense, less missile and bullet damage>
     AIR:    <effectiveness against air targets>
     GND:    <effectiveness against ground targets>
     STB:    <stability; the minimum speed the plane can fly before stalling>

              [<range  0 - 20|MAX>

     GUN:    <machine gun ammo>
     MSL:    <missile capacity>
     SPL:    <special weapon type, (capacity) --- price>

     NOTES:  <author's note>

| Loading.... OK

     F-4E "PHANTOM II" (default aircraft)

           1P: 52,000
           2P: 52,000
           3P: 41,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [            
     STB:  [          

     GUN:  650
     MSL:  48
     SPL:  UGB  (12) --- default
           RCL  (64) --- 41,000

     NOTES: This is your default aircraft. Good for earlier missions

     F-5E "TIGER II" (Complete Mission 1)

           1P: 76,000
           2P: 76,000
           3P: 99,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [          
     AIR:  [           
     GND:  [            
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  650
     MSL:  52
     SPL:  UGBM (8) --- default
           NPB  (6) --- 32,000

     NOTES: Nothing special but this plane is pretty balanced out. This plane
            can handle light dogfights and ground engagements.

     F-16C "FIGHTING FALCON" (Complete Mission 3)

           1P: 97,000
           2P: 97,000
           3P: 126,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [            
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  700
     MSL:  52
     SPL:  UGB  (14) --- default
           XAGM (12) --- 52,000

     NOTES: A fairly good plane for earlier missions. Its primarily designed
            to engage ground targets, this will be your first fighter/
            attacker. Although, its low stability means you can't really
            brake hard or you'll stall.

     A-10A "THUNDERBOLT II" (Complete Mission 5)

           1P: 123,000
           2P: 123,000
           3P: 160,000
     SPD:  [            
     MOB:  [            
     DEF:  [|MAX             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [|MAX           
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  850
     MSL:  56
     SPL:  UGBL (12) --- default
           XAGM (16) --- 58,000
           CLB  (12) --- 55,000

     NOTES: As an attacker, the superb defense and anti-ground rating of this
            plane is needed to do some clean, low-altitude bombing runs. It
            has good stability so that you can fly slow without stalling.
            The only thing to look out for are enemy planes. Avoid them as
            much as possible when using the A-10.

     MIRAGE 2000 (Complete Mission 5)

           1P: 110,000
           2P: 110,000
           3P: 143,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [            
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  700
     MSL:  52
     SPL:  UGB  (16) --- default
           LASM (10) --- 56,000

     NOTES: Well, this is a better armed than the F-16. The only fault is,
            by the time you get this plane, it will be overshadowed by better
            planes like the F-14 and F/A-18C.

     F-14A "TOMCAT" (Complete Mission 6)

           1P: 188,000
           2P: 188,000
           3P: 244,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [            
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  750
     MSL:  64
     SPL:  XLAA (16) --- default
           UGBM (10) --- 52,000

     NOTES: The plane is rather large and bulky, but the XLAA provides much
            needed anti-air potential. It also has UGBMs but due to limited
            payload, you wont be able to use this plane against heavy ground

     F/A-18C "HORNET"  (Complete Mission 6)

           1P: 170,000
           2P: 170,000
           3P: 221,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [            
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  700
     MSL:  60
     SPL:  UGBM (10) --- default
           LASM (14) --- 72,000
           XMAA (14) --- 71,000

     NOTES: The Hornet's stats are pretty much all above average and the
            really good weapon loadout makes it up as a multirole fighter.
            Can engage in both medium-heavy air and ground engagements.

     TND-1D5  (Complete Mission 6)

           1P: 172,000
           2P: 172,000
           3P: 224,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [            
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  750
     MSL:  58
     SPL:  BDSP (12) --- default
           GPB  (8) --- 76,000
           LASM (12) --- 70,000

     NOTES: Another great plane for engaging heavy surface targets. Great
            speed, defense and anti-ground rating. Perfect for those heavily
            fortified and clumped together targets. Can also engage on light
            air combat ro defend itself.

     F-15C "EAGLE" (Complete Mission 8)

           1P: 272,000
           2P: 272,000
           3P: 354,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [            
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  800
     MSL:  68
     SPL:  UGBM (12) --- default
           XMAA (16) --- 95,000

     NOTES: Another great all around fighter. Pretty balanced stats and has
            XMAAs to further increase its anti-air potential.

     MiG-29A "FULCRUM" (Complete Mission 8)

           1P: 259,000
           2P: 259,000
           3P: 337,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [            
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  750
     MSL:  64
     SPL:  UGBS (18) --- default
           RCL  (72) --- 81,000

     NOTES: Although this plane has really bad SP weapons, its great speed
            and mobility makes it a great for air combat missions and
            dogfighting. It can also engage ground targets when needed.

     F-117A "NIGHTHAWK"  (Complete Mission 10)

           1P: 386,000
           2P: 386,000
           3P: 502,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [           
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [           
     GND:  [            
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  650
     MSL:  54
     SPL:  UGBL (14) --- default
           GPB  (14) --- 126,000
           CLB  (14) --- 106,000

     NOTES: Consider this as the stealth version of A-10, with added speed
            and mobility. Well, stat wise this attacker may fare well but you
            really need to decide wether you'll keep this or the A-10.

     EF-2000 "TYPHOON"  (Complete Mission 10)

           1P: 351,000
           2P: 351,000
           3P: 456,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  800
     MSL:  64
     SPL:  XLAA (16) --- default
           UGBM (14) --- 104,000

     NOTES: This is one great plane to use until later of the game. It has
            XLAA by default and if you check out, it's pretty much fast and
            agile and great for tight / heavy dogfights. It can engage
            ground targets as well since it has a good number of UGBMs.

     R-MO1  (Complete Mission 10)

           1P: 370,000
           2P: 370,000
           3P: 481,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  800
     MSL:  64
     SPL:  SOD  (14) --- default
           XMAA (18) --- 108,000
           LASM (16) --- 111,000

     NOTES: A modified version of the TYPHOON, with improved air to ground
            capabilities and a diffrent SP weapon loadout. The XMAAs are good
            but for practical reasons, I suggest saving your money and just
            get the TYPHOON since has XLAAs by default.

     F-15E "STRIKE EAGLE"  (Complete Mission 12)

           1P: 505,000
           2P: 505,000
           3P: 657,000
     SPD:  [                 
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  850
     MSL:  72
     SPL:  UGBL (14) --- default
           XMAA (10) --- 117,000
           CLB  (14) --- 119,000

     NOTES: Pretty good stats and good weapon loadout. Probably the best
            multirole fighter in the game. Its great on engaging both
            land and air targets. Has good weapon load capacity also.

     F-2A   (Complete Mission 12)

           1P: 505,000
           2P: 505,000
           3P: 657,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  800
     MSL:  68
     SPL:  UGBM (16) --- default
           LASM (18) --- 121,000
           RCL  (80) --- 99,000

     NOTES: The stats of the F-2A resembles a multirole fighter but it is
            entirely an attacker, just like the A-10, F-117 and TND. Its
            SP weapon loadout speaks for itself. Just get the F-15E because
            it is more adaptable to almost any combat scenarios.

     SU-35 "SUPER FLANKER"   (Complete Mission 15)

           1P: 589,000
           2P: 589,000
           3P: 766,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  850
     MSL:  72
     SPL:  XLAA (18) --- default
           UGBM (16) --- 133,000

     NOTES: I would rather forget this one. Although it has XLAAs and great
            stats, I suggest saving your credits since you are only one
            mission away to unlock the last few and best planes in the game.

     F-22A "RAPTOR"   (Complete Mission 16)

           1P: 643,000
           2P: 643,000
           3P: 836,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [            

     GUN:  850
     MSL:  74
     SPL:  XMAA (22) --- default
           GPB (16)  --- 163,000

     NOTES: This is one of the best planes in real life. It has stealth
            capabilities, excellent weapon loadout, not to mention
            excellent rating on all categories. But I rather choose the SU-37
            as I mentioned in the walkthrough.

     SU-37 "TERMINATOR"   (Complete Mission 16)

           1P: 618,000
           2P: 618,000
           3P: 803,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [           

     GUN:  850
     MSL:  74
     SPL:  QAAM (08)  --- default
           UGBL (16)  --- 139,000
           LASM (20)  --- 146,000

     NOTES: This is one great fighter until you get the S-37 or the X-02. The
            QAAMs own any plane. The UGBLs and LASMS are great ground weapons
            which balances it for ground attacks as well. The TERMINATOR is
            what the Yellow Squadron is using. (and appeared in the movie

     F-15S/MTD    "ACTIVE"   (Complete Mission 16)

           1P: 620,000
           2P: 620,000
           3P: 806,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [           

     GUN:  900
     MSL:  78
     SPL:  XMAA (22)  --- default
           FAEB (08)  --- 286,000

     NOTES: It has the most powerful bomb in the game, the Fuel-Air Explosive
            Bomb. Also, the XMAAs are good addition to its already large
            payload. It has superb mobility which makes this perfect to
            air combats as well. Unfortunately, the RAPTOR and the TERMINATOR
            overshadows this one in terms of overall stats and usability.

     S-37A   (Complete Mission 17)

           1P: 889,000
           2P: 889,000
           3P: 1,560,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [             
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [           

     GUN:  900
     MSL:  78
     SPL:  QAAM (10)  --- default
           UGBL (18)  --- 286,000

     NOTES: This is the best plane to use until you get the X-02. It has
            great weapon payload, not to mention good QAAM and UGBL
            capacity. It the perfect plane for every mission.

     X-02 "WYVERN"   (Obtain Rank S in all missions in Normal Mode)

           1P: 1,414,000
           2P: 1,414,000
           3P: 1,838,000
     SPD:  [             
     MOB:  [             
     DEF:  [            
     AIR:  [             
     GND:  [           
     STB:  [           

     GUN:  950
     MSL:  82
     SPL:  XLAA (26)
           BDSP (24)
           QAAM (16)

     NOTES: This the best plane you'll get. It has superb weapon payload and
            capacity. But the plane is somewhat overpriced. Although it
            has lowered defense compared to the other planes beforehand,
            it excels on almost anywhere.

            It looks futuristically cool, too.




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| Channel transmission complete.

| Generating Overlay...OK
| Switching channels...OK

|                      _\

|->> Disconnecting Comlink... OK|

|->> Securing Passthrough connection...OK_

|->> Unregistering active ports...DONE_

|->> Logging off...DONE_

|->> Shutting off...

|->> Termina offline. _\




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