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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Attachments Guide and Tips

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Attachments Guide and Tips

Attachment Description
Reflex Sight Provides a clean red-dot sight in a small frame that doesn't obscure the view. This scope does not have any zooming capability, but the red dot makes for well-placed shots.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 2, SMG - Lvl 2, LMG - Lvl 5, Shotgun - Lvl 2, Pistol - Lvl 2, Crossbow - Lvl 2
EOTech Sight Adds a holographic crosshair as well as a small increase to the zoom factor. It's a bit more obscuring than the Reflex Sight.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 11, SMG - Lvl 6
ACOG Sight Primarily designed for long-range combat with a considerable zoom factor. On sniper rifles, it actually allows you to reduce the zoom factor to allow for a shorter range. In ADS, the ACOG Sight reduces sway and it doesn't have a speed penalty.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 5, LMG - Lvl 9, Sniper Rifle - Lvl 7, Crossbow - Lvl 3
Laser Sight Reduces hipfire spread. This attachment works perfectly with SMGs at close range as well as shotguns as long as your aim is accurate. Who needs a scope anyway?
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 9, SMG - Lvl 3, LMG - Lvl 10, Shotgun - Lvl 5, Sniper Rifle - Lvl 9, Pistol - Lvl 4
Target Finder This advanced optic attachment has an extraordinary zoom and places a red diamond on all hostile targets, making it extremely easy to pinpoint where enemies are hiding, even if they're behind cover. The only trouble with it is that you won't be able to see your local surroundings while focused.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 8, SMG - Lvl 11, LMG - Lvl 7
Hybrid Optic This flexible optic allows you, while in ADS, to switch between a red dot and a zooming sight. It doesn't have the sway reduction of the ACOG Sight, but it gives you the best of both worlds
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 14, LMG - Lvl 14
Millimeter Scanner This advanced attachment sends out waves of scans that show you where hostile targets are hiding behind walls; the closer they are to you, the clearer their image. While this is great for area defense, like defending a capture point, be careful not to use this too much. The shotgun and the Adjustable Stock attachment, which allows you to move at full sprint even in ADS, are strong pairings.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 17, SMG - Lvl 16, Shotgun - Lvl 10
Fast Mag The Fast Mag generally accelerates mag exchanges and reloads for assault rifles and SMGs. Weapons that dose taped twin magazines simply has faster reload seepds. Any CQC build benefit from Fast Mag.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 4, SMG - Lvl 5, Shotgun - Lvl 4, Sniper Rifle - Lvl 5
Fore Grip It does what it says: Reduces recoil. Weapons that have large recoil, like the HAMR LMG, benefit most from this attachment.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 6, SMG - Lvl 7, LMG - Lvl 3
Suppressor A necessary attachment for any stealth build, the Suppressor eliminates the red dot that appears when you fire a weapon; sound is dampened and muzzle flash is reduced. The trade off is that damage is reduced over long distances, so most of your kills need to be more upfront and personal.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 12, SMG - Lvl 4, LMG - Lvl 11, Shotgun - Lvl 7, Sniper Rifle - Lvl 2, Pistol - Lvl 8
Adjustable Stock Entering ADS normally slow your movement, but the Adjustable Stock relieves this penalty and less you move at full speed. Of course, your aim will be affected more drastically, but being able to evade and move faster is worth the price.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 7, SMG - Lvl 12, LMG - Lvl 8, Shotgun - Lvl 6
Quickdraw Handle If you use ADS often, this is the attachment for you. It effectively halves the time it takes to get into ADS for all weapons, except for LMGs of which the time is cut by a quarter. It makes ADS more viable in close combat.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 3, SMG - Lvl 8, LMG - Lvl 6, Shotgun - Lvl 9
Grenade Launcher This adds a two-grenade launcher on the under-barrel side of your weapon. The grenades much be launched a certain distance before they'll explode. This launcher, however, doesn't reload quickly and the Fast Mag attachment does not help.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 16
Select Fire This attachment allows SMGs and ARs to switch fire modes between semi-auto, burst-fire, and fully-automatic. This doesn't change the damage dealt by the weapon but it can increase accuracy or reduce recoil depending on the weapon you choose.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 10, SMG - Lvl 14
FMJ The FMJ increases the penetration of your weapon's bullets to pierce through walls more easily as well as Scorestreaks, including UAVs, VTOL Warships, AGRs, and Guardian turrets. Consider taking the Engineer Perk to couple it.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 13, SMG - Lvl 9, LMG - Lvl 4, Sniper Rifle - Lvl 6, Pistol - Lvl 6
Extended Clip This boosts your weapon's magazine capacity by about one-third at the cost of 10% increased reload time.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Assault Rifle - Lvl 15, SMG - Lvl 13, Shotgun - Lvl 8, Sniper Rifle - Lvl 8, Pistol - Lvl 3
Long Barrel As the name implies, this attachment makes bullets reach a longer range, thereby lowering the number of bullets you need to fire to down a target. It works best with shotguns, including the Executioner pistol.
Multiplayer Unlockable: SMG - Lvl 10, Shotgun - Lvl 3, Pistol - Lvl 5
Rapid Fire This sacrifices a weapon's long-range reach for a higher firing rate. Both recoil and hipfire spread take a hit, but it's perfect for SMGs. Combine it with the Laser Sight attachment for better accuracy.
Multiplayer Unlockable: SMG - Lvl 15, LMG - Lvl 15
Dual Band This advanced optic provided moderate zoom and both thermal and night vision all in one small package. You lose situational awareness and there's a slight penalty on recoil whil in ADS, but it's well worth the penalties. It will even see through smoke, so go ahead and throw a few smoke grenades to create a one-way smokescreen.
Multiplayer Unlockable: LMG - Lvl 16, Sniper Rifle - Lvl 10, Crossbow - Lvl 4
Variable Zoom This is essentially the sniper's scope, allowing you to change the zoom factor to target enemies that are at close, medium, and high ranges. LMGs take a penalty to recoil with this attachment.
Multiplayer Unlockable: LMG - Lvl 12, Sniper Rifle - Lvl 4, Crossbow - Lvl 5
Ballistics CPU This reduces the sway of a weapon significantly, letting you focus on a target with a bit more ease.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Sniper Rifle - Lvl 3
Iron Sights This Ballista-exclusive attachment gives the weapon iron sights for faster ADS shots but at the cost of a long-range zoom.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Sniper Rifle - Lvl 11
Dual Wield Need two pistols? This has got you covered! Of course, dual wielding has its price: poor hipfire spread and no ADS. But the double damage is well worth it.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Pistol - Lvl 10
Tactical Knife The knife combines with your pistol to accelerate the melee animation and recovery time. It also increases the range of the knife strike if you're moving forward.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Pistol - Lvl 9
Tri-Bolt This attachment for the crossbow has you fire three explosive bolts simultaneously, which ransacks your ammo but inflicts a ridiculous spread of damage.
Multiplayer Unlockable: Crossbow - Lvl 6
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