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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night FAQ/ Walkthrough

Version 1.0 by

|------------ Castlevania: Symphony of The Night -----------------|
|------------ Walkthrough/FAQ -----------------|
|------------ By. jestercolony -----------------|
|Sony Playstation|1997|KOnami | |

-----| Index

1. Introduction (GW-001)
2. Contact Policy (GW-002)
3. Hosted Sites (GW-003)
4. Copyright Information (GW-004)
5. Controls (GW-005)
6. Characters (GW-006)
7. Story (GW-007)
8. Walkthrough Part 1 (Castle 1) (GW-008)
A. Prologue: Final Stage - Bloodlines (DXSOTN-200)
B. Castle Entrance (DXSOTN-201)
C. Alchemy Labratory (DXSOTN-202)
D. Marble Gallery (DXSOTN-203)
E. Outer Wall (DXSOTN-204)
F. Long Library (DXSOTN-205)
G. Outer Wall (DXSOTN-206)
What Next? (DXSOTN-What0)
H. Royal Chapel (DXSOTN-207)
I. Castle Keep (DXSOTN-208)
What Next? (DXSOTN-What1)
J. Marble Gallery (DXSOTN-209)
K. Orlox's Quarters (DXSOTN-210)
L. Colosseum (DXSOTN-211)
What Next? (DXSOTN-What2)
M. Long Library (DXSOTN-212)
What Next? (DXSOTN-What3)
N. Underground Carverns. (DXSOTN-213)
O. Abandoned Mine (DXSOTN-214)
P. Catacombs (DXSoTN-215)
What Next? (DXSOTN-What4)
Q. Orlox's Quarters (DXSOTN-216)
What Next? (DXSOTN-What5)
D. Nightmare (DXSOTN-217)
E. Clock Tower (DXSOTN-218)
What Next? (DXSOTN-What6)
F. Castle Keep (DXSOTN-219)
9 . Walkthrough Part 2 (Castle 2) (GW-009)
A. Reverse Keep (DXSOTN-220)
B. Anti-Chapel (DXSOTN-221)
C. Necromancy Labratory (DXSOTN-222)
D. Reverse Entrance (DXSOTN-223)
What Next? (DXSOTN-What7)
E. Black Marble (DXSOTN-224)
F. Reverse Outer Wall (DXSOTN-225)
G. Death Wing's Lair (DXSOTN-226)
H. Black Gallery (DXSOTN-227)
J. Reverse Caverns (DXSOTN-228)
K. Dark Mine (DXSOTN-229)
L. Reverse Catacombs (DXSOTN-230)
Final Battle (SOTN-END)
(v Coming Soon v)
10. Fist
11. S. Sword
12. Sword
13. Two-hand
14. Club
15. Food
16. Throw 1
17. Throw 2
18. Medicine
19. Bomb
20. Shields
21. Head Gear
22. Armor
23. Cloaks and Capes
24. Misc Gear
25. Monster List
26. Secrets
27. FAQs
(^ Coming soon ^)

28. Outroduction (GW-012)
29. Updates (GW-013)

| |
1 80

1. Introduction (GW-001)

Many games stand the test of time. And very so often is there a ga-
me that causes its audience to applause something so spectacular.
Back during the period of the Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn and the
Sony Playstation. In this gaming era. Nintendo was pretty much the
prime alpha of the video game pack. But on the faithful fall and
winter days in 1997 two games were released that made the gaming
community stand up and raise. That was Final Fantasy VII which
was brought by Squaresoft and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
created by Konami.

At this particular age, two dimensional graphics were a thing of
the past. Every thing was now created in 3D polygons to show a
better new way of gaming. But the people over at Konami didn't
think so. Castlevania: Symphony of The Night was created to be a
strictly 2D based game. But here is the catch - The game was forged
with beautiful rendered 2D-3D backgrounds and sprites And this game
- like many others for example: Dracula X: Rondo of Blood for the
TurboGRFX and the newest installment of the series Castlevania:
Dawn of Sorrow are sought to be the holy grails amongst CV fans.

And if you are reading this guide - you have sought out the
adventure of a life time. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
combines Super Metroid (SNES; Nintendo) exploring elements and RPG
elements. But with a Castlevania twist. And futheradue I bring you
this guide.

I am Ryan "jestercolony" Nicholson - and it is my job to help you
get through this wonderful and yet amazing game.

But please note: This guide was written to take you through the
full extent of the game. This isn't a guide to beat the game in
the fasest time possible. I wrote this guide so that you (the
player) can get a full sitisfactional way of playing.

Eventully you'll have this game down as it where an art. With
so many things to do in this game it will be most likely be a
game with more replay value than what it seems.

2 .Contact Policy (GW-002)

There are many ways to get in contact with me if you are in need of
dire help. But before you do so I have a few simple rules that you
must understand. If you do not a bid by these rules I will not help
or answer you.

---| E-mail

1. No flaming/Spaming
2. Do not ask me stupid questions - everything is covered in this
3. Give me atleast 1-2 days to answer your question by e-mail. If
you are lucky I will e-mail you with an hour or so.

4. *Important* When e-mailing me please put in CVSOTN-HELP so that
I can respound.

---| Instant Messengers

1. Thou shalt not be a moron
2. Thou shalt not be rude or thou shalt get ignored.
3. Thou shalt not get prissy when I do not answer.
4. Thou shalt not pester me. If thou pester thy soul I shalt have
to remove thee!

That pretty much covers everything. So here ya go.


Instant Messengers -

AIM: PneumaMorte
Yahoo: TheShatteredSphere

3. Hosted Sites (Gw-003)
*If you wish to be here - look in the Copyright section below.*

GameFAQs -

4. Copyright Information (GW-004)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night(C) is copyrighted by Konami
1997 - 2006 all rights reserved. I am in no way affiliated with
the corperation.

This guide is (C) by me Ryan "jestercolony" Nicholson 2006 and is
disturbuted freely among the public.

Anyone cought stealing this guide for their own financial will be
delt with swiftly and legally. If this guide has been plagiarized
I will lay down the Hammer of Justice on you (the people.)

Anyone caught with this guide on a website that has been
denied the right to host will also be delt with.

If you wish to host this guide on yor site - please e-mail me first
before all else. Your site must be clean, professional and friendly
to all age groups. That is pretty much it. If you pass the my
requirements I will be more than happy to let you host!

5. Controlls (GW-005)

Directional Pad: Move left and right; down = quick and holding up
allows you to fire a sub weapon.

Triangle: Back Dash (also allows the Wolf to swim.)
Square: Attack/Shield
Circle: Attack/Shield
X - Jump

R1: Bat Form (requires Soul of Bat relic.)
R2: Wolf Form (requires Soul of Wolf relic.)
L1: Mist Form (requires Soul of Mist relic.)
L2: Nothing

6. Characters (GW-006)

Alucard - Also known as Adrian Faranheights Tepes, Alcuard is the
long lost son of Dracula. Being born from a vampire and a
human mother. Alucard shares the best of both traits.
Alas he gained his father's thirst for blood. Centuries
before Symphony of the Night, Alucard locked himself away
after helping Trevor C. Belmont and his companions to slay
his immortal father. Laying himself down in a forever
sleep. He is then reawakened from his eternal slumber to
find out which destroys his once beautiful home.

Maria Renard: Saved by and the niece of Richter Belmont. A vampire
hunter since the ripe age of 12. Maria has grown in
to be a full beautiful woman. Searching for her
brother-in-law she is taken on to Castle Dracula to
finds her way and to find and save him.

Richter Belmont: A decendent of a clan of anicent vampire hunters.
Richter makes his way through Translyvania to save
four special maidens. Two being his girlfriend
and her sister Maria. Five years later after slay-
-ing Dracula; Richter myseriously vanishes with
out a clue...

Death: The one who serves Dracula and he only. The Agenl of Death
himself waits.

Lisa: Alucard's mother who died at the cost of being trailed as a
witch who was then staked and burned. Is this the reason of
Dracula's hatered?

Count Dracula: Also known as Vlad Tepes. Dracula is Lord of Vampires
and of Chaos. He has plagued europe century after
century with darkness, hate and demonic creed.

7. Story (GW-007)

*Taken from the game's manule*

It was Richter Belmont, the laendary vampire hunter, who succeeded
in finally ending the menace of Count Dravula, Lord of the Vampires
who had been brought back from the grave by the Dark Priest Shaft.
However, one night four years later, under the glare of a full moon.
Richter myseriously vanished.

With no idea of where to begin her search. Maria Renard set out to
look for him. It was then that fate intervened. Castlevania, the
Castle of Dracula, which is rumored to appear once every century,
suddenly materialized from out of the mist as if to show her the

Meanwhile, powerful forces were struggling for the soul of a man
named Alucard. The very same Alucard who had teamed up with Trevor
Belmont to battle his immortal father, Count Vlad Tepes Dracula.

Alucard, in order to purge the world of his own cursed blood line,
had submerged his vampiric powers and entered into what was suppos-
-ed to be an eternal slumber. But now he is awake and aware of the
evil once again at work in his homeland.

The time has once again come for the forces of Good and Evil to
engage in their anciet battle.

Dracula's castle beckons you...

...And no man can say who shall emerge victorious.

| |
1 80

9. Walkthrough Part 1 (Castle 1) (GW-008)

A CGI scene will take place of a map of Tranyslvania and then a c-
-lose up of Castle Dracula will commence. After the scene the game
will begin.
1. Proulogue - Final Stage: Bloodlines | (DXSOTN-200)

In this small portion you will take control of Richter Belmont (the
hero from Dracula X: Rondo of Blood.) Dash up the stairway and hit
the candle to get the Cross sub-weapon. Now hit the top of the door
way to reveal a switch. Hit it and a stairway will come down from
the ceiling in the Castle Keep. Go up in to the room to collect so-
-me items that are just as a preview of what you can get in the

Now that we are done with this room head back down in to the bottom
room and head directly in to Dracula's throne room. Here a dialogue
scene will take place between our hero and the Prince of Darkness.

After the scene the battle will begin. This battle is very simple.
If you are a Castlevania vet you will know what to do. If you are
not - then I will show you.

We can either do this the old fashion way or the easy way. I will
tell you how to do both if you are interested.

Old Fashion way
1st Phase

Dracula will teleport around the room firing three fire balls a
piece. The trick is is to fire your cross subweapon at his head
2x and fire a another one at his cape to destroy the fire balls.

But - there is a slight catch. He has another attack as well. It's
called "Balls of Destruction." What he will do is fire a big fire
ball at you and another one at the bottom of you. So just duck
and jump and repeat the process.

2nd Phase

After his first life gauge is depleated he will then show you his
true from by transforming in to a huge demon. Now the tactic in
this battle is to dash under him when he jumps over you. But becar-
-eful he sometimes will drop these spikes on you as you dash under
him. When he stops he will face you and will start spitting out hu-
-ge fire balls. Just jump over them and continue with the same tac-
-tic as before.

Easy Way

So you're lazy, eh? No problem. Makesure you have atleast 50-60
hearts. When you're in Dracula's room hit the far most candle on
the left. Pick up the holy water and use the Item Crash using the
triangle button.

Richter will then scream "HYDROSTORM!" and Dracula will be purified
by the holy rain of death! When Richter jumps down and the storm is
still brewing hit Dracula in the head a few times. This will take
his first form out. When he has transformed repeat the process again
and again until he dies.

Now if you happen to run out of life you're screwed...

...Just kidding. Maria will run in and help Richter by restoring
his like and making you Godlike while rendering the Prince of Dark-
-ness powerless.

After Dracula is dead a picture will come in and burn up and the
prologue of the game will be shown. After that - the game will

Alucard will start runing through a forest and will make the jump
across the bridge. You will then be given full control of him.

Castle Entrance | (DXSOTN-201)

Now welcome to the real game. Get used to Alucard's controlling for
a bit. Now head foward and kill off the Warg. Continue in to the
dark corridor killing off the Wargs. After the second one the room
will be flooded with light and you will get your soul raped by a
hoarde of Zombies. Continue down the corridor until you come to a
new room. Kill off the Bats that are flying towards you. Now jump
across the other stairway and hit the stone wall to break it open
to obtain some Pot Roast. Move in to the stone wall to break down
the other side.

Now drop down to below. Take out the Mermen and head to the bottom
room on the other side. You will come to a passage way that is
being blocked off and a switch is on the other side. You will also
see a prism-like jar. Leave this room and head to the bottom right
doorway and enter.

Continue down this hallway killing off the Wargs. You will then
come to a small stairway. Hit the bottom of it to get some Turkey
and now head out the door.

A scene will trigger between Alucard and Death. After the scene
all of your cool weapons and armor are taken away by the dark
angel. Yeah - I bet you're pissed off now too! ^_^ Continue in to
the next room and make your way up on the platforms and exit out
on the left side. Jump over the gap and head on in. In this room
you can kill off a Skeleton with a sword. When you will do some
hand-to-hand with him and end his undead life, he will drop a short
sword. Equip it and head in to the next room.

BAH! Another room blocked off! Turn around and head up. Kill off
the rusty colored skeleton to get the Red Rust sword (which is weak
and useless, but it does introduce you to two-hand swords!) Now
head in the room on your left.

In here you will find a strange diamond like object that is
pulsing. This is a Save Room. Head to the object and press up and
save your game. Alucard will then be consumed by a large coffin.

The cool thing to this game also is that it restores your HP and

*Note - Save Rooms are marked as Red boxes on the map (by pressing

Now that we are done here head back out. Head up and head to the
right. You will find a strange glowing like object. This is a
RELIC. Relics are special items that enhance your abilities. Now
go pick up the Cube of Zoe which will allow you to collect Hearts
& Money. It also allows you to pick up special items from certain
things you destroy! You will also find another place blocked off.

Don't worry. Just head to the right. and enter the door. Pass this
room and you will enter a new area.

Alchemy Laboratory | (DXSOTN-202)

Well this is a change of scenory. Make your left and kill off the
Bone Schimiteres and the Skeleton. Ignore the Blood Skeleton for
now and stand on that switch. It will lower the spike set and you
will have access to the armor piece: Hide Cuirass. Now kill off the
Blood Skeleton and head up. In this next room you will see two Blo-
-od Skeletons.

Continue foward and kill the Bone Schimitere. Now jump on the platforms
and kill off the Blood Skeletons. The first doorway on the right is a
Save Room. When you are done with it head up. Continue going left.Kill
off the Axe Knight and the 2 skeletons. Now drop down below (ignore
the doorway on the left first.) Now hit the flame to obtain a Leather
Shield. Continue right to a switch to lower the spike set. Now head
to that room on the left.

Make your way up in this room. The first flame you see holds your
first subweapon - The Dagger! Now head up and head to the top left
room. In this next room you will be greeted by a Skeleton. Kill him
and hit the flame to obtain Thunder Resistence.

Now make your way up to the top left room. In this next room kill
off the Bone Spittle quickly. Do not let him drool on you - or he
will posion you. Continue foward and flip the switch to lower
the spikes.

Nowjump over the object in the middle and on the other side is
another switch. Stand on that to lower the other set. Now move
the box over on the right set of spikes. Raise it and you will
get a boost. Now make your way up to the top right room. Make your
way up and head in the top left room. In here break the glass globe
to obtain a Cloth Cape. Now backtrack.

Head up to where you saw the two Axe Knights - kill them off and
head into the next room. In here is another jumping room. Kill off
the two Bone Splitters and jump up the platforms on the left side.
You will find another Save Room (the first door on the left.) Now
use it and proceed to move on. Once you have reached the top of
this room hit the flame to obtain the Axe subweapon. (I highly
recomend it for what is coming up next.)

Now head in to the room on the right. As soon as you enter the door
way will close and the music will stop. Continue foward to engage
in your first Boss Fight.

Boss Fight - Slogra & Gaibond
Recomened Level: 6

This battle can be kinda tricky to new comers. So bare with me. The
trick is to hit Slogra (the huge Skeleton first) that way Gaibond
will pick him up. Now throw your axe weapon to hit them both. Be
sure to hit Gaibond (the flying creature) so that he will drop
Slogra. Continue this process until Slogra is destroyed. Now
concitrate on Gaibond. Use yur axes if you need to.

After afew hits you will piss Gaibond off and he will turn red. So
to make this battle easier use your shield to dodge his fireball
attacks. When he lands He will start to throw a crap load of flames
at you. The trick is to just duck under him (get kinda close) and
rape him with your sword.

After the battle whoever died last will drop that prism object.
Pick it up. This is an item that is called a Life-Max. It raises
your hp by 5 and refills your health. Now head out of the room on
the right. Kill off the 2 Bone Schimiteres who are in your way. Now
kill off the Blood Skeleton. Now make your way in the room on the
right. Continue down the corridor. You will then come a room with
an elevator. Press down to make it go down one level. Go in to this
room to obtain some Sun Glasses. Now use the Elevator again and
head down the last and final level. Here you will find yourself in
front of a cannon. Hit the switch to fire it to collect a Basilard.

Now head back on the elevator and head all the way to the top. Kill
the Blood Skeleton and jump up to the middle room to find a Save
Room. Next head to the top right room. Go across the corridor kill-
-ing the Bloody Zombies I also recomend picking up the Diamond sub-
-weapon. In the next room. Go around it killing off the Axe Armors
and Bone Spittles. You can also find a potion at the bottom left
(hiting the globe) Now head to the mid door you saw if you came
around the room to head in to the next area.
Marble Gallery | (DXSOTN-203)

In this next room collect the Holy Water subweapon to use against
the Axe Knights who come before. Continue heading left in to the
next room. Now drop down to the bottom portion. Now continue foward
(do not go down to the room below just yet. We will go there
later on.) Kill off the Oujia Table at the bottom platform
with the Holy Water and enter the room on the right to find a Save

After that head up until you hear ticking. Enter this cursed clock
room and engage the Fleamen. Continue down this corridor. In the
next room a dialogue scene will trigger of a scene between Alucard
and your first friendly character Maria. After the scene continue
into the next room (this is also a good room to stock up on hearts
by the way.) Continue down the next carridor killing the Fleaman.
Pass this next room. In this room make your way around killing off
the Oujia Tables and Skeletons. Head to the next room on the top

In this room kill off the Skeletons and enter the next. Go down the
stairway. Jump across to the next stairway and continue going in to
the next room. In this room you will find a *Green Colored* door.
Take note of this. As you approuch it Alucard says "Magiclly
Sealed" Now back track and head down the stairway. Kill off the
Oujia Table on the left and head right on in the next room.

Now go down this long carridor killing off the strange dragon like
creatures with the Holy water. Now you will come to these strange
like plant creatures. These are called Stone Rose. Becareful when
they spit seeds out at you or you will be turned to stone. When you
hit a certain amount of times they will open up and start spitting
out spores which will posion you. Kill them off and advance to the
next area.

Outer Wall | (DXSOTN-204)

Continue foward and jump on the platform and break the vase to
obtain a Zircon. After that proceed down. Be aware of the Medusa
heads down here. Now take out that Armor Lord by blasting him with
Holy Water! Now head in the room he was obtain some
Pot Roast. Now leave and continue downword. You will find a room
that is locked off and as you approach the strange door Alucard
says "Mist could pass" Anyways continue heading down and you will
find yourself at in a strange room hanging onto the tower. Nothing
really important here... Ahh but wait! There is a telescope! Go
up to it and press the Up key on the directional pad.

Alucard will take a glimpse in it and he will see a strange hooded
man paddling his row boat near the castle. Now backtrack to the
door you came from and head up. Head in to the room on the left.
Down this corridor are some Axe Knights (lvl 2) Just kill 'em off
with your Holy Water and proceed. In this room you will see a
skeleton of a man who apparently hung himself (or you could just
say he is hanging around!)

Head in to the room on the left for a Save Room. (Don't forget to
replenish your hearts.) Now head up in to the next room. The doors
will close off in this room. Move fowards to the center of the
room. Cool effect huh? Yeah it triggers a boss fight.

Wait a mirrior image? It must be a Dopplaganger!

Boss Fight -
Recomended Level: 10 or 12)

This boss fight is simple. Use your Short Sword and attack him with
Holy Water. Becareful - he can shoot out knives and attack you with
his sword as well.

Also I recomend you exercise extream caution. Do NOT corner him in
to walls or he will change in to a bat and Wing Smash you across
the room (which will do heavy damage!)

After the battle pick up the Life Max and advance. In the next
room pick up the Gladius sword and equip it. Now head up and ignore
the Elevator which you see. Now enter the first Door you see. and
you will be in the next area.

Long Library| (DXSOTN-205)

In this section take out the Dhurons and proceed. Continue going
straight (avoid the stairway you see first.) In this next room
kill off the Dhurons and the Fleamen. Continue, pass this room. In
the next room kill off the 4 Fleamen. Keep going until you pick up
the Bronze Cuirass. Now backtrack to that first stairway.

Head up the Stairway and take out the Ectoplasm's. And do not let
them touch you or you will be cursed! While cursed you cannot
attack or use subweapons! Continue up and kill off the Magic Books
and that annoying Thorn Weed. Now jump up to the next stairway.
Kill off the other Magic Books and continue in to another room.
Now take out the Magic Tomes and collect the Fairie Scroll to see
the names of your enemy.

Now head back down and keep going left. Kill off the Dhurons and
Thorn Weed and continue to the left room. You will now trigger a
dialogue scene between the Master Librarian and Alucard.

Congratulations - You now have a shop! Now there are two items I
will tell you to buy. After that - buy whatever you want.

1. Jewel of Open (RELIC)
2. Castle Map
3. Magic Scroll 1

Now leave this forsaken place and head back to the Outer Wall.

Outer Wall | (DXSOTN-206)

From the Library head up and kill off the Bone Ape, Spear Guard,
AXe Knight, Bone Archer and Bone Muskets. You will then come to the
top of the elevator and you will see another relic! But first jump
up and head in the door on the left.

This is your first Warp Room. Memorize the Animal figure at the top
so that you will know which area you are in. To use it simple go up
to it and tap the up key on your directional pad. You will now be
transfered to another part of the castle.

Go out the door. You are now behind the 2nd blocked off part in
Castle Entrance! Collect your first Heart Max Up here which adds +5
more hearts to the amount you can carry! Flip the switch so that
you can use this Warp Room in the near future. Now we shall head
back to The Outer Wall.

From here jump up and kill off the huge armor clading dude with
a huge sword. He is called a Sword Lord. Continue heading up until
you find a stairway on the left. Head up the stairs and keep
fliping the switch until the screen says "Elevator activated." Now
head back down and claim the RELIC: Soul of Wolf. This relic will
allow you to polymorph in to a wolf!

Cool stuff... But we are not done yet. Head back to where you
activated the Elevator and you will see a vase. Use the Wolf form
to get to it (you will have to double tap the directional button
to dash and then jump) upon doing that you will have another Heart
Max Up! Now head back to the warp room.

What next? (DXSOTN-What0) |
Now that we are back in the Castle Entrance head back to the Alche-
-my Lab and backtrack to the top of the room before the boss
chamber. Now jump down to the bottom ledge and enter the next
room. Here we find another myserious green door.

You are probably curious and scratching your head. "Didn't we try
to open a green door earlier?" Why infact, yes we did! But we don't
have to worry about it anymore because of the RELIC "Jewel of Open"

So proceed on! Continue in to the next room to trigger another
dialogue scene between Alucard and Maria. Alucard then mentions
that Dracula's Castle is infact a creature of Chaos and that it
can take many reincarnations. But what is this "Chaos" Alucard
speaks of?

Anyways head in to the door.

Royal Chapel| (DXSOTN-207)

In this new area proceed to the left room to find a Save Room.
Advance up and head to the right and hit the vase to find an Aquama-
-rine. Now we can go left. Go up the long stairway killing off the
Bone Pillars and Corner Guards that inhabitate it. When you come
up to a Bone Pillar with a large spiked ball on it - stop.

Caution - This part can resault in instant death! You must carefull-
-y jump over the spiked ball in order to proceed. Now continue to
the next room. Pass this room and enter the next. Now jump on the
platforms and head into the previous room. Jump across and jump up
to obtain some Goggles which raise your Luck +4,

Now head back in to the previous room with the platforms. You will
then find a formitable foe. The Spectral Sword (LVL 1) As you appro-
-ach it take *CAUTION* of the circular sword formations around him.
And make sure you get back quite some ways from it so that you can
evade it's thrust attack. Just take out the swords and try to hit
the center sword. Now head in to the door you see on the right.

You will now be in a strange room that is blocked off. Collect the
Knight Shield and return to the Chaple. Now head up the platforms
on the right side and continue in to the room. Continue heading ri-
-ght until you come to a confessional room. Sit in the left chair
and allow the Priest to speak. If you are lucky the priest will
drop some Green Tea.

Now head out of the room and head up killingoff the Skelerangs and
head to the first doorway on the right. In this room you will find
another blocked off passage and a corpse of a man or woman who
desperetly tried to escape. What was the horror that consumed
him/her in this room? Leave this room and proceed up. AVoid the
Wing Guards and kill off the Black Crows. You will then come to a
platform with a green ghost on top of it. Kill off the HUnting
Girl and proceed to the room on the left. You will then come to
a room with spikes on the ceiling and the floor.

*TAKE NOTE OF THIS SPIKED ROOM* You will discover it's importance
later. Now continue to head up and killing off the Hunting Girl
and the Blue Ravens. Continue all the way up above the bell to find
a Life Max Up and a STR Potion. Don't forget about the Iron Cuirass
at the top. Now continue to the room on the right. Down this corri-
-dor, kill off the Bats and the Bone Helberds. Now in the next room
proceed up (you can find a Zircon at the very top of this tower)
and head in to the next right carridor.

Head in to the Boss Chamber.

Boss Fight - Hippogryph
Recomended Level: 14/15

This battle can be very simple. The creature flys around the room
multiapul times and then lands to either shoot fire from it's beak
or to lay some eggs. When it lays eggs besure to destroy them or
they will hatch and infant Hippogryphs will fly at you. Just contin-
-ue smashing this bastard with your sword and Holywater when it

After the boss fight a scene will trigger between Alucard and Maria
she will then speak of the man Richter Belmont Alucard then remember-
-s the time when he fought with Trevor C. Belmont. She then question-
-s Alucard on where he could be. He then knows to search for the lo-
-st Hero. Go out the way Maria did and head down the carridor and
take out the Bats and Bone Helberds. In the next room head to the
room on the right for a Save Room. Use it and proceed up. You can
find a Potion in a vase and a Cutlass at the top of this tower.
Head to the toop door on the right to enter your next desination.

Castle Keep | (DXSOTN-208)

We wont be here for that long. So bare with me. We are simply here
to get something. Head down the Carridor taking out the Axe Knights
(LVL 2) and the Flea Rider. Head all in to the next room. Use the
moving platforms to proceed up. Head to the right room to obtain
the Tyrfing sword.

Now leave and head outside by using the door way on the top right.
Out here jump across going left killing off the Flea Riders. At
the end you will find the RELIC Leap Stone which allows you to
double jump if you press the jump button in mid-air. Jump up on
the platform to collect a Turquoise and break the fake wall to
obtain some Turkey. Now head back to the room with the moving
platforms and use the bottom left door to find a Warp Room

Now head to the Outer Wall.

What Next (DX-What1)
We are going to take a very long detour so that we can pick up a
Relic and a few other items before we proceed. Ride the elevator
back down and don't head back into the Boss Chamber. Instead you s
see that little gap? Double jump over that and hit the vase to gain
a Life Max Up. Head to the Marble Gallery and backtrack all the
way to the save room before the Clock Room where you first met

Also ditch the Holy Water subweapon and get the Axe (which can be
found in that looooooooooong corridor.) Once you are there we will
Marble Gallery| (DXSOTN-209)

How down the stairway in to the room below. And kill off the
Slingers and Marionette's. Make your way around the room until you
come to a doorway. Ignore it and head to the left. Kill off the
3 Marionette's and collect the RELIC Spirit Orb which allows you to
see how much Damage you do to an enemy. Head to that doorway and
enter it. Drop down below and enter the right doorway. In this
"red" room continue foward and kill off the Platlord - watch out
for his spining ball though.

Continue foward avoiding the Skelerangs. Head to the right room
and kill off the Ghost that come before you. Drop down again and
keep going foward. Kill off the enemy Ctulu before you know what
hits him (trust me you dont want him to do his ultimate ice attack
on you!) head out into the door to find yourself in the Castle
Entrance. Flip the switch and collect the Shield Potion.

Now drop down to the ledge below and double jump over it to get in
the next room. Here you will find a Life Max Up. But that is not
all! Drop down the ground below and head in to the room. Jump over
the gap and jump downwards to land on a ledge. And then double
jump to get to the next room. Here you will find a Heart Max Up!

Anyways backtrack to that Clock Room. (Either take the Marble
Gallery way or the Alchemy Lab.) Once you are in the room with the
big clock you may or may not have to wait for the right chamber to
open. It will only take a minute or so. Once it opens head up and
collect the Life Max Up. Now enter the door to get to the next

Orlox's Quarters| (DXSOTN-210)

This is my favorite area in the entire game. The music is lovely
and the dark gloomy atmosphere is just gorgious. Head up killing
the Skelerangs and head in to the left room. Proceed up. Now in
here is Spectral Sword (LVL 2) Simply use the spell Summon Spirit
a few times to kill it. Now head up words to the top right. In
this room take out Hammer and Blade with your Holy Water. Now head
in the next room. Pass this one and you will come to a room with
a opening in the ceiling which you can't reach yet and a door.

This door leads to a Warp Room so use it if you need to. Now back
track to the room with the Spectural Sword (LVL 2) Avoid him and
head to the left mid part of the room and head straight to the
door to get to your next area.

Colosseum| (DXSOTN-211)

Finally a place with some lively music. Make your way down at the
first pit you see. The first doorway on the right is a Save Room so
use it! We got some exploring and challanges to do! Drop all the d-
-own to the bottom and go in to the room on the right - Kill off
the Blade Masters (besure you keep your Holy Water on you!) At the
end of this room is a Heart Max Up. Now head all the way to the
left killing off the Bone Schimitars and the huge Paranthropus.
Next kill off the Hunting Girl and follow it all the way to the
next room. Inside you will find the Blood Cloak.

Now head back to the Save Room and use it. Now head through the
mid portion of the room killing off the Hunting Girls. Jump across
the elevator. In This room kill off the Valalla Knights and Axe
Knights (LVL 2). Continue across this portion until you come up
to a Armor Lord kill 'em with Holy Water. Now continue to the 2nd
Save Room. Now drop down.

Before you enter this next room exercise *EXTREAM CAUTION* before
entering. This room is hell and the Bone Muskets hit HARD! So keep
your Shield up and Holy Water the bastards back to Hell! At the end
of this mess you will obtain the awesome Shield Rod! Can you disco-
-ver its use?

Now that we are done with this room you are probably low on HP so
use the Save Room if you need to. Now from the Shieldrod Room head
down the left portion taking down the Owl Knights and the Platelord
continue until you come to a Fountain room. Kill off the ever so
easy Grave Keeper and take the Green Tea! Now backtrack to this
areas entrance.

From here take the Top Portion. Continue down this portion killing
off the Blade Soldiers. You will then come to barred off section
Alucard will then say "Mist could pass." Now make your way up.

*Take Note of this room - there is a hidden chamber at the top
of the ceiling somewhere (I reall don't remember but I forgot)
You will be able to retrieve this item soon! (So we shall be back.)
Take out the Blade Masters and Soldiers and proceed in to the next
room. Drop down and continue proceeding to the left. You will find
a switch. Activate it so that you can connect the Royal Chapel and
the Colosseum together. Now drop down to the Save Room and use it.

Head back up and proceed to the dark hall way and enter it. You
will also pick up a Library Card. Now enter the next room. You
are then ambushed by Richter Belmont. But for some strange reason
he is acting strange. He then summons a Werewolf and a Minotaur on
our Hero - double teaming him and traping him off. Now the fight
will begin.

Boss Fight - Werewolf & Minotaur
Recomend Level: 19/20

This boss battle can either make you or break you. The Werewolf
comes at you with hand-to-hand attacks while the Minotaur comes
charging at you full speed with a huge axe!

Werewolf's attacks: Punches, kick dashes, flip attack and laser
disc attack.

Minotaur: Stone Breathe, Charging.

Double Team attack: the Werewolf and Minotaur will come at you in
full force. Minotaur will throw his Axe at you
and the Wolf will charge at you. The Minotaur
will then do an Upper-Cut while the Werewolf
will slam his fist into the ground causing
a fire shockwave.

To avoid their double team attack - stricly take out the Werewolf
first with Holy Water and your sword. After he is done concitrate
on the Minotaur with the same tactic. To dodge the Minotaur's upper
cut attack simply double jump over him.

At the end of the battle Alucard will talk to himself. After the
battle, collect the Life Max Up (last time I am telling you
this.) and head to the room on the right. Press the switch to open
the gate for the Elevator drop down and let drive it back up. Now
get the new RELIC: Form of Mist. With this ability you can go
through the barred off wall.

What Next? (DXSOTN-What2)

Hmmm... Let us see: We obtained a Library Card before the boss
fight... So... (Boy, oh boy!. I am going to regret saying this
but...) Lets head to the Library! Equip and use it! You'll be in
for a little surprise.

Long Library | (DX-212)

Now that we are back here. Proceed left in to the next two rooms.
In the second room head up the stairway a little bit and you will
see a ledge that we did not have access to earlier. Double Jump to
it and kill off the Coprseweed. Enter the next room on the right.
Pass this room to enter a Save Room. I strongly recomend you use

Now exit and proceed.

AHHH! Fleamen claded in Armor with cleving Axes! (*Runs like hell*)
Anyways kill them off and the Dhurons. Proceed up in the room until
you come to a doorway on the top right. Break the fire for a Stone
Mask which will raise your INT + 4. Now take a close look at the
bookshelf in front of you.

You will notice it is a fake. So push it open and head on in to
collect a Topaz Circlet and the Holy Rod. Now proceed downward to
the bottom section of the map. Continue killing off the Flea Armors
go down the stairway until you see one of them efers infront of you
Kill him off and move foward into a Boss Chamber.

Boss Fight - Lesser Demon
Recomend Level: 20

This Boss Battle is patheticly easy that it's funny! He will swoop
down and land. When he does this he will fire a laser blast at you.
When he flys around again he will then start to summon back up.

He can summon the three types of monsters.

1. Skeleton
2. Ectoplasm
3. Mudman.

But note when he summons a monster you cannot touch him.

I would honestly wait for him to summon a Mudman so you can kill
it before you take this demon down. To make this battle alot easier
equip the Holy Rod and smite him with the holiness.


After the battle proceed right and drop down to the rooms below.
Continue going right until you come to some statues of heads and
a vase. Break them open to obtain the sword Takemitsu, an Onyx and
a Frankfurter (whatever that is...?)

Now here comes the most puzzeling element of what alot of people
ask in this game. How in the hell do you obtain the bat Relic?
Well people, I will reward you with an answer to this godforsaken
mystery. You see that barred doorway infront of you? Use the Mist
form to get into it and inside you will find the most important
RELIC of all - Soul of Bat.

Good now that we have all three polymorph forms we can now proceed
with the game. Everything is now offically almost opened to us now.
Now head back to the same room. Now head out. Now head back to the
other side of the Library. Explore the top portion once you come
out of the Save Room. In this top room you will find an Antivenom,
a Potion and the Faerie Card RELIC. Now what is this you say? Why
my friend its your first Familiar.

How can you use it? Just go into the Relic menu and switch it on.

*Note - The Familiar menu is now accessible.

Now if you have the money I recomend going to the shop and buying
Magic Scroll 3. But you don't have to.

What Next (DXSOTN-What3)

At this point in time we have many opitions open to us now. But for
now we are going to go on an Item hunt. Use the Warp point in the
Outer Wall to head back to the Castle Entrance. Once we are here
head all the way to the start of the game. Out here kill off the
Owl Knight and morph in to the bat. Fly all the way up to the top
to obtain a Life Max Up and Power of Wolf RELIC.

The Power of Wolf relic allows you to charge at enemies in wolf
form and give damage! The cool thing about this relic is that if
you are in a long corridor and want to get buy quickly just use
this! Now head to the Merman chamber and fly up to the now acessibl-
-e room. Up here kill off Gurkha and Blade. Now head in the next r-
-oom. You will find a Save Point at the lower left and in top part
you will find some Holy Mail.

Now head back to the Mereman Chamber. You remember that wall we
broke in on both sides? Head to the right part of it and fly
through it as a Bat. At the bottom left you now have opened up
a secret room to obtain a Life Apple and a Jewel Sword. Now
head to the Alchemy Lab.

*Alchemy Lab*

You remember that one high room in the ceiling that we couldn't
access? Now we can so go on up there and snag yourself another
RELIC Skill of Wolf. Can you discover it's secret?

Now head into the room on the right. Now equip your Faerie Familiar.
and drop down to that small opening. She will then tell you that
there is something about this floor. It's a fake! HAH I bet you
didn't see that coming, eh? Destroy it and drop down to snag up a
Life Max Up. Now head back up and goto the wall on the Left. She
will then say it again. Break it open to get a Heart Max Up.

Now head to the Boss Chamber and explore the top right region. In
this next room you will get your 2nd Familiar - The Bat. Now leave
and head directly to the Save Room and head to the Marble Gallery.

*Marble Gallery*

You remember that green door we could get into earlier? Go to that!
In this room you will find a switch. Step on it and you will open
the doorway to get into the lower portion of Castle Dracula. Use
the map to figure out how to get there. Once there go into the
doorway to get into your next area.

Underground Caverns| (DXSOTN-213)

Turn your bat Familiar on. And drop down. You will find a Save
Room on the right. Drop down until there are no more ledges. Ignore
the doorway on the right. Drop all the way down to the bottom. Go
left and then proceed up. Continue up until you see the first door
way on the left. Proceed up and you will find a Life Max Up. Equip
the Faerie Familiar and leave this room. Continue to proceed up the
shaft until you are the very top. Now head right and you will come
to a room with a Heart Max Up. Your Faeirie Fimiliar will also go
crazy about a fake wall. Break it down to obtain a lousy Bandanna.

Leave this room and head right back into the previous Save Room.
Now drop all the way down again and head to the doorway on the
right to find a Save Room.

Now this area can be dangerous because Alucard's half-vampyric body
cannot handle water. Continue left killing the frogs. You will then
come to a passage that is heavily protected by up-thrusting Spear
Guards. You also see a small stream of water coming from a crack
and a box...

Hmmm....clog the hole up... You then can proceed to that top part
and laugh at the poor defensely spear guards as the take their
final resting place - via DROWNING! Can we say PWNED?! Continue
heading right until you come to a great water fall. Drop all the
way down (make sure you jump across the water) and into the bottom
left room. Kill off the Frozen Shades in this room and jump up in
the first above opening you see. Enter in this room and head out
the door to find another access to the Castle Entrance. Jump on
the switch and grab the Life Max Up.

Now head back into the Underground Carvens and drop down from this
room. Now head to the right to meet the strange man we saw in the
Outer Wall. The Ferry Man will then take you somewhere "interestin-
-g" Head into the doorway to obtain the RELIC: Merman Statue. NOw
let this bastard take you back to where you started.

Now backtrack all the way to that Save Room. Now drop down here
but DO NOT go in the room on the right. You see that small ice
floor in the corner on the left? Break it open and drop down.
Kill the Frozen Shades and continue to drop down. Now head into
the room on the lower right. You will again meet up with the Ferry
Man and he will glide you across the vast waters and take you
directly to your next RELIC: the Holy Seal. This relic allows
you to breath under water and you wont get hurt either!

Explore the bottom depts below for a Potion on the right and the
far most lap of the map a Life Max Up and a fist weapon called
Knuckle Duster. Now backtrack to the right room I told you not
to go into.

Boss Fight - Scylla Wyrm
Recomended Level: 13
This is pretty much a Mini-Boss. And is patheticly easy. Just
attack him with you sword and he'll be wasted in seconds.

After that fight head back to the Save Room and back track to where
you fought the Wyrm. As soon as you enter back in this room the
music stops. Continue to the right room.

In this room the door locks off and floods with water. This is why
I told you to wait. You if wouldn't of waited you'd probably be
dead before you even got to the boss or EXTREAMLY low on HP.
Anyways pick up the Ice Resistence potion on the lower left and
a Scimitar on the top right. Proceed up. In this room you will
find some Pot Roast on the right. Now advance left in to the
Boss Chamber.

Boss Fight - Scylla
Recomended Level: 15

Now here is the real deal! A naked chick fused with the head of
three wolves and some Wyrms! How trippy! Anyways - The Wyrms will
attack you and try to keep you away from her body while she raises
some water and turns them into skulls which will fly at you. She
will also throw a laser discus' at you.

Equip Resistence of Ice so that the skulls do 1 Damage to you. If
you can destroy the water bubbles in time before she does this it
will be much easier. Now take out the Wyrms with simple attacks.
Now its just the Wolves and her body left.

The Wolves themselves will fire spheres of water at you. They will
also howl to make rocks fall from the ceiling to hurt our hero. To
end this problem allow yourself to get hurt and be pushed behind her
and Holy Water her and Sword her to death!

Congratulations you have beat the area's Boss. Now head in to the
next room to get the Crystal Cloak. Now head down to the room below
With Scylla's death the room below no longer floods. Now back track
to that Save Room. Now head back to the great water fall while
shooting past the foul creations and head to the top left room. In
this room flip the switch and a Skeleton Ape will appear and
destroy the bridge you where just on.

A messenge then appears "Something has appeared the wooden bridge."
Grab the Herald Shield down below. I would also recomend exploring
the water areas of the area before you go to that bridge. Now that
we are at this bridge. Lure the Skeleton Ape towards the bridge
that let him throw the barrel at you. This will cause the bridge to
break. Snag up the Heart & Life Max Up and head down to the pits

Abandoned Mine| (DXSOTN-214)

Now this is what I call spooky music if you ask me. Drop all the
way down to the bottom of this shaft and you will come to a door
way on the right. It is a save Room so use it! Now head into the
huge Dog Statues mouth. Pass this room and you are now up for
another crazy boss fight.

Boss - Cerberos
Recomended level: 20

Welp. Now I officaly know I am in Hell. How about you? This boss
has three elemental attacks which come in fire balls. Which are
Fire, Ice and Lightning. But do not worry he is as easy as your
girlfriend's pie (just kidding.) Just duck below him and attack
using your weapon of choice. Also it's a good idea to use the plat
forms above and just Holy Water bomb him fro below. But - there is
one catch. He will point his head upwords and unleash hell on you.

He will fire all 3 of his element attacks from all 3 heads at once
and he does it REALLY fast. Anyways continue in to the next room
and drop down. Kill off the Salem Witches - if by chance they drop
a circlet I recomend you get it! Or just go back in the room and
repeat killing them until you get it. If not do not worry we
can get it later on.

Anyways - continue down fowrds and you will be on a crossed path.
Head left to get the Demon Card relic (familiar) make sure you
kill off all the Gremlins and their flames. On the left are more
Gremlins and a Warp Room. Drop all way down. The room on the
left holds a Karma Coin and a Combat Knife. The room on the
right takes you to he next area

Catacombs| (DXSOTN-215)

Equip your Demon Familiar and proceed into the room. For right now
we are going to take the left portion of this area. Which automati-
-cly takes you to a Save Room (aww how thoughtful!) Now head to the
other side to collect some goodies. After that head to the right
portion of the room. Take out the Wereskeltons and the godforsaken
Bone Ark before it attacks you. Now continue to the bottom left
and head to left room (remember we taking the left portion just for

Go across this room destroying the Coffins to get some Monster Vial-
-s (LVL 1) In the next room is a Heart & Life Max Up. In the next
room is two Grave Keepers and a Hellfire Beast. Take 'em out and
advance. In the next room you'll deal with some Lossoths. Continue
to proceed. In this next room you will meet the Discus Lord - take
him out and head up. Up here you will find a Ballroom Mask and a
Heart Max Up. To the top right you will find a breakable wall
inside you will find the Icebrand (works good against the Lossoths!
) Proceed left killing off the Lossoths in this next room kill the
Gremlin, enter the next room to find a dead end. Now return to the
previous room.

Kill off the Gremlin(s) and the Thorn weed and enter the Save Room
on the top right. In the room after that you will find the Walk Ar-
-mor. Now proceed to the top left room. Pass this room to be taken
to the Boss Chamber.

Boos Fight - Granfaloon
Recomend Level: 25

This boss can be a real pain. Why? Look at the size of that...large
flying Corpse-Ball! I was joking about the kidding part. Don't let
his size fool you. Infact it is really easy. His only attacks are
is droping corpses of human flesh to come at you and I mean
thousands. Just destroy his outer shell.

When you destroy his out most shell his true self will be shown. He
will then start to fire laser beams at you with his tenicles. So
keep destroying his outer layers to reveal his core.

Now I highly recomend NOT to destroy all of his shell. If you do
it will be an instant death warrent. He will start shooting lasers
like mad and you will die in a matter of mere seconds (at this part
he really IS no push over.) Just concitrate on exposing his core
and killing him.

After he dies he a big explosion will happen. Anyways head to the
bottom left room and proceed up to find the Mormegil sword. After
that it is now time to explore the right portion - So go back the
room with all the Gremlins! Now in this huge vast room there is
one Bone Ark. One Giant Slime and afew small ones. Head to the room
on the top right. BAH A DARK ROOM! Now we are stuck... Hmm maybe
our Faerie friend can help us?

She says to us "Don't forget that some animals can live in
compelete Darkness." So what do we do? Head back to the Abandoned

What Next? (DXSOTN-What4)
Once are back here make your way all the up to the shaft. (Equip
your Demon Familiar before you do so.) and head to the dead end
at the top right. The Demon will press the switch and open a new
passage way before us. Now head into this room. Kill all the Thorn
Weeds and Corpseweeds in this room. You will then come a lone Thor-
-n Weed. Aww how cute...

Lets go kill it! As you approach the little thing it emerges and
turns into a huge Venus Weed! KILL IT by blasting Holy Water make
sure that damn thing does down! Enter the next room. Drop all the
down to the ring of 24. Now break theleft wall two times to get some
Turkey and in the next room is afew peanutes (wtf?) and Power of Si
-re. Now we can head back to that warp room and head to Orlox's Qua-

Now before we continue had back to the COlloseum and return to
the room with the Blade Soldiers and Masters. Now equip your
Faerie and let her try and dect a false ceiling near the first
pillar. In this room will be the Holy Sword. Now return to the

Orlox's Quarters| (DXSOTN-216)

From here head to the bottom right area. (Near the stair that is
close to the entrance to this vast place.) Break down the fake wall
inside here will be: Cheese, Onyy and a Boardsword. Now return
to the door with the warp room and head up the ceiling that we
could not access before. Don't forget the snag up the goodies on
your way.

Now in this portion head left killing off the Bloody Zombies Do not
forget the Estoc on ledge on left wall. Drop down in room below.
Now isn't this area beatiful? Morph into a bat and fly just below
the doorway you came in to find a Save Room. Drop down to the lege
again to another corridor - continue to obtain a Garnet ring. Now
drop down all the below. You will find yourself within a town in
Dracula's castle. Continue right taking out the Valhalla Knights.

Continue right in to the next Carridor. Kill off the Bloody Zombies
advance on to gain a Heart Max on. Continue until the room changes.
At the end of this room (before the next door way) Hit the ceilings
to find the fake on. Break it down and head up in here you will find
you the Sword Card Relic: Your last but most powerful familiar.

Now head in the door way. You will find yourself in the same room
as that lost soul. But who or what killed him/her? Anyways destroy
the coprse so that the statue will fall down - now you can access
the Quarters from the Royal Chapel. While you are here I recomend
exploring the long stairway region to gain some goodies. Once
done head back to Orlox's Quarters.

Now explore that vast town area and then go save. Do not head into
the next top left room until you do so. Now head to the top left
room. Collect the Iron Ball in the whole and proceed. This next
room is a Boss Chamber. In this huge room sit down in the chair
for abit. And equip your Sword Familiar. Now destroy the table
and walk towards the end. You will then meet an even foe. The
Vampire - Count Orlox.

Boss Fight - Orlox
Recomended Level: 25

This boss fight can be a pain in the ass if you do not know what to
do. He has some tricks up his sleeve.

He can summon a crap load of Bat and Skull Familiars. To top it off
he can also shoot projectiles out from you. He also can teleport.
To top things off one off his ultimate attack is shooting huge souls
up from the ground. To by pass this watch the floor when fire comes
out get in between them.

After you take him down - the boss battle is not over yet. He cans
with a cherry topping. He can take a final form like Dracula can.
Quickly use fire resistence. He can breathe fire on you and then
shoot fire balls at you. When he gets really low on health is time
to pull out your trusty shield. He will start spitting out fire balls
like a efin' minigun! Useyour axe sub weapon combined with your
sword familiar and holy sword - he should go down with ease.

After the battle get into bat form and fly to the top left doorway.
In this room you will recieve the RELIC: Echo of Bat. Now we can
head back to that darken room! Head back to the Abandoned Mine and
then the Catacombs and backtrack to that dark room.

What next? (DXSOTN-What5)

Now that we are in here go into bat mode and press triangle to
use the sonar echo. This will bounce back on you allowing you to
see. Make your way around the maze of spikes as a bat. You will
then see a floor with a light on it. Morph out of the bat and
step on it. This will light this place. Now continue to the next
room. Make your way around the room killing off the Wereskeletons.
Don't forget to grab the goodies.

Now drop down into the next room. Kill off the Bone Ark and the
hoardes of Wereskeletons on the right. Continue to the next room.
Here you will find the SpikeBreaker Armor. Now hit the wall to find
a Library Card. Use it. Now that we are here head directly to the
Royal Chapel and head into that Spiked Room we saw earlier.

Once in that spiked room equip the armor and proceed to break the
spikes. Mist morph over the bar and keep going 'til you come to
a green door (make sure you have Jewel of Open on) now enter and
a dialogue scene will take place between Alucard and Maria. Alucard
will then mention to Maria how this "Belmont" has turned to evil.
Maria then gets ticked off and runs away. (Oh well) now head to the
right side of the room to get a silver ring.

So now what do we do? Head to the Underground Caverns of course.
But first let us head to the Marble Gallery - head back to that
clock room. We got a few more things to pick up.

Once back here head up to the room above via Bat. To the left pick
up some basic goodies. To the right is the Gravity Boost which
allows you to do a super jump up doing: Down, Up, X. Now head to
the head out the left of the room. Now hit all the candles in the
next couple of rooms until you find the Stop Watch. Backtrack to
the Clock Room. Now use the stop watch - that triggers the right
statue to move in word. Inside here is the Alucar"t" shield, mail
and sword. Also a Heart Max Up. We are done here - now head to the
Underground Caverns.

Now head down the long shaft. You remember that one room on the
bottom right of it I told you to ignore? Go into it. Make your
way around the room. Collect the Claymore here. In the next room
collect the Meal Tickets. Now drop in this room. On the left is a
Save Room. Now head left. In this room you will find a fake Save
Room. Use it to take you to the Nightmare Area

Nightmare| (DXSOTN-217)

This area is just a huge scene of Alucard's past between he and his
Mother Lisa. Lisa then gives false words to Alucard. One last trick
to make Alucard go back to the dark side and join his father's dark

Lisa will then transform into a Succubus.

Boss Fight - Succubus
Recomended Level: 25

This battle is another patheticly easy battle. All she does is fly
around and will shoot these tenticles out of her wings. She will
also duplicate herself by creating false mirrior images. If you do
not find the right one in time she will swoop down and grab you and
suck your blood.

Just constantly attack her. She will die eventully.

After the battle another scene will take place followed by a annoy-
-ing and yet preverted scream... (I recomend turning down your TV
because it sounds that horrible.) After the battle Alucard will
wake up and next to him is the gold ring.

So what is up with these rings? Check their interuptation.

Gold Ring: Wear...Clock...

Silver Ring: In...Tower...

Put the two together and you get "Wear In Clock Tower." So I guess
that is where we must go. To the tower! Head to the nearest warp
room and head directly to the Outer Wall.

Now that we are here; do you remember that door we couldn't pass
earlier? Because you needed the Mist form - blasted! But now we
can! Go to it (ts at the way bottom of the Outer wall) Go there
to get Jewel Knuckle and Mirrior Cuirass. Now head all the way up
the Outer Wall. Ignore the door you see and goto the room above it
to find a save room. Now head into that door.

Clock Tower| (DXSOTN-218)

Head down the stairway and drop to the bottom portion. Kill off the
Skull lords and retrieve the Axe subweapon. (You'll need it.) Now
head on in. When you come out here use the Gravity Boost to hit the
WAY top room. In here you will find the RELIC: Fire of Bat which
allows you to spit out fireballs as a bat. Now drop down and go on

Make your way towards the tower. But take caution the bridge does
crumble. Take out the Phatom Skulls Flail Guards and Skull Lords.
Now head directly in to the tower. Equip the Mirror Cuirass because
it is going to get a little bit annoying from turning into stone
all the time from the level 2 Medusa Heads. Now head up and into
the next chamber. Kill off the Harpies. You will also notice some
gears that can be hit. Hit these switches until they click then
stop hitting them. There are a total of four. 2 in this chamber and
2 in the next. I will show you real soon what they are for.

Now drop to the bottom in to the next chamber. Remove the Harpies
in the upper portion of this chamber. Now hit the upper most gear
(the one not near the water) once that clicks go after the bottom
one. After that one clicks a door under it will open. Inside is
Steel Helm, Gold Plate, and the Star Flail. Now return to the
previous room and head up. When you get the very top hit the right
wall to reveal a door way. Go inside and make you 'round killing
off Flea Armors and Medus Heads. Make your way to the top and head
in the top passage way. You are now inside the clock tower. Kill
the Cloaked Knight. On the left of this room you will find a
Life Max Up. On the left you will find a Heart Max Up.

Now equip the Gold and Silver ring...

Erm...Wait... Nothing happened?! We've been had!? >_< Dang it!!!!
@$(&*@$@& YOU KONAMI! Anyways... Don't worry about it. I wrote
this guide to be this way. Back track to the other room with the
Harpies and Medusa Heads. Head in the other door. In this room
kill off the Sword Lords. But by doing so they will turn into
Vandal Swords. Kill 'em off. There is a Turkey around here somewhe-
-re. I just forgot where it was (Sorry...heh...) On the furthest
bottom left portion is a breakable wall. Inside you will find some
Healing Mail. Now use the swings to get across the room (Ahhh old
school CV memories...)

Now in this next room all the walls are breakable so snag yourself
so goodies. Now enter the room on the left. You will then be in the
Boss Chamber.

Boss Fight - Karasuman
Recomended Level: 15

This boss battle is easy. All he will do is fly around the room.
When he stops he will gather some Ravens and then shoot them at
you in a corner. He will also shoot his feathers at you which turn
into sharp black crystals. Anyways just pound him he'll be dead in
a few seconds.

Once he is dead collect the item he drops and head into the next

What Next? (DXSOTN-What6)
You will now be in the top portition of the Castle Keep. Use the
Elevator to start his dramatic 'fire' deal. (Ahhh reminds of the
good old days.) But do not head into the throne room just yet. We
are simply here to grab afew things.

Now head to the top right room to get some item I forgot which name
was. There is a save point in the top right room. Now go outside.
Gravity Boost to the top right. In this room you will find 2 of
each Heart & Life Max Up. You will also find the Relic: Ghost Card
which is your final Familiar.

Now fly under the Throne room to find the RELIC: Power of Mist. Wh-
-ich allows you to stay in your Mist form. Now hit the wall to get
some Fire Mail. Now head into the Warp Room and head to Orlox's
Quarters. The real Clock Tower is infact that Clock Room! (remember
the actual Clock Tower is broken.) Equip the rings and the clock
will act funny and will ring 13 times. After that the bottom foor
will open up. Drop down to the new room. The right room holds a
Heart & Life Max up.

The left room is a Save Room - but we do not need to use it yet.
Use the Elevator to drop in the room below. Head around and an
Elevator will push you above and you will start another dialouge
scene. She will give you Holy Glasses and tells you that Richter
must not be harmed. These Glasses also see beyond evil illiousions.

Now head back up and use the Save Room. Now go back in to Orlox's
Quarters and head back to the Castle Keep.

Castle Keep| (DXSOTN-219)

Use the save room before you head into the throne room. Once inside
collect all the goodies. Now before you head into the Throne Room.
You can either choose to be the Martyr or the Savior. I recomend
seeing all the endings atleast once.

Once in the Throne Room a dialogue scene will take place bewteen
Alucard and Richter.

Boss Fight - Richter Belmont
Recomended Level: 30

As soon as the battle starts equip the icebrand and holy mail. Ric-
-hter will do his item crash with the Holy Cross. Quickly get into
Mist mode. He will use his regular whip attacks and fire afew sub
weapons such as the Holy Water and the Axe.

After a period of attackhing him he will back off. This time you
really pissed him off. And he will not hold back. He will start
flame whiping your arse so equip the Fire Mail. He will also
do the Hydrostorm item crash so use Mistform on that. A few
other attacks such as the Cross. Now - at this point you can either
make him or break him.

To Kill him - just use the sword - Mormegil (Strong vs. Holy)

To Save him - Equip the Holy Glasses and an orb will appear above
his head. Destroy it.

After the battle a man Shaft will appear and tell you how he was
defeated. But the resurrection of Count Dracula is at hand. Now a
movie CGI will be shown of a second castle forming. An Inverted
Castle infact...

After that a scene will take place between Alucard, Maria and
Richter. Alucard will then tell Maria to take Richter and leave.
Alucard will then finish the hunt. He will run into the other side
of the Throne Room and will warp to the next castle. Upon your
arrival warp back to the Castle 1 and save. Now we can continue...

Walkthrough Part 2 (Castle 2) (GW-009)

10. Walkthrough Part 2 (Castle 2)
*Note - By now you should have atleast a feel for the main
castle. Castle 2 is infact Castle 1 but it is Inverted.
It may be confusing at first but you should have no
difficulty nevigating its halls.

Reverse Keep| (DXSOTN-220)

From the Warp Point head out past the the throne room. Continue
going left and drop down (under the secret stairway) to collect a
few Heart/Life max ups, the Royal Cloak and the Bastard Sword. Now
leave the top portion and drop all the way down. Kill off the Yori-
-ck (who seems to lose his head.) and then continue in the left
room. Now collect the Ice, Fire, Stone, Thunder, Holy, and Dark
resistence. Now jump on top of the throne room and kill the Skull

Continue to where we found the Power of Mist relic. Break the wall
there to get an Iron Ball. Now head to where the Leap Stone was and
collect the Garnet. Now break the wall under the ledage of where
that ring was. You will find the Sword of Dawn. Now head to where
the orginal Save room is (like in Castle 1) and save. Once done
drop down in the room below to get a Libray Card. After that go
into the Warp Room to activate it. (We can't use it just yet.)

Now goto the room below to find some Lightning Mail. Anways now th-
-at we have pretty much all the relics from Castle 1 we have a lot
more opitions on where we can go. But for now we will had to the
Chapel. If you don't remember how to get there - you should remember
the room where the LvL 2 Axe Knights where orginally. Go down that
hallway - but becareful of the Tomb Stones: If they touch you, you
will be Cursed Instantly. So just use the Wolf form and run through
there if you have the Power of Wolf relic.

Anti-Chapel| (DXSOTN-221)

Once here drop down below to collect a Magic Missel and Bwaka knif-
-e. Now proceed up killing off the Balloon Pods. Becareful of their
spores they release upon death. If they touch you, you will be pos-
-ioned. Use the Save Room on the top left. Now head to the top rig-
-ht room. In this room watch out for the Black Panther and Balloon
Pods. Take 'em out and continue heading right until you hit the Bo-
-ss Chamber.

Boss Fight - Medusa
Recomended Level: 30

For this battle I recomend equiping the Mirror Cuirass so that she
wont turn you to stone. Her attacks consist of shooting a gazing
laser at you that will turn you to stone and will attack you with
her shield.

Just bomb her with Holy Water and a decent sword and she will come
down with pure ease.

After the battle Medusa will have dropped the Heart of Vlad which
allows you to avoid curse! Good job. Now return to the save room
and we shall continue. Head back to the boss chamber and head out
the doorway. Down this chamber take out the Black Panthers using
the Wolf form. Also remove the Balloon Pods.

Now that we are back in one of the towers drop down to get the Tal-
-war Sword. Now proceed to the top right doorway and go on in. Kill
off the Black Panthers and Balloon Pods in this room and continue.
Drop down to the room below to get a Smart Potion a Life Max Up and
a Mana Prism. Now make your way up the room killing off the Sniper
of Goths. Then head to the first right doorway you see. In this
Spiked Room use the Spiker Breaker Armor. Make your way down this
infernal hallway to collect one of Alucard's Armor pieces - the
Twilight Cloak.

Now return to the previous room and make your way up the tower.
Killing off the Sniper of Goths that make way. Continue all the
way to the top. Head in the left doorway for the Confessional room
(which leads to a dead end.) Now head towards the top right room.

Now we are in the Chapel. Take down Spectral Sword (LVL 3) with sh-
-eer ease. Now head out either on the top or bottom right doorway.
Now we are in the long stairway room. Cover the map of this area
while taking out the Sniper of Goths, Imps and Archers. Don't forg-
-et to pick up the goodies long the way (there is also a Heart Max
Up.) Once at the top jump up to the room above, collect the 2nd
Heart Max Up and use the Save room before going out the door.

Necromancy Labratory| (DXSOTN-222)
From the door head right and then go out the Green door. Now drop
down and collect the Axe sub weapon. Now proceed up and use the
2nd right room to Save. Now drop back down and head left into the
Boss Chamber.

Boss Fight - Beezelbub
Recomended Level: 35

Beezelbub is a huge maggot infested coprse surrounded by demonic
flies. He will drop maggots on the floor which will posion you. To
top it off his Flies will circle around him to guard him. They will
then chase after you. Also if you touch his coprse he can posion

Use the Axe subweapon combined with the Holy Sword and the Bat's
Wing Smash ability he should come down with ease. '

After the battle head to the lower left room to get a special item
called the Ring of Arcana which increases rare item appearances.
Now head back to the Save Room and use it.

Now that we are down here its time to go exploring. From the Save
Room head up and then drop the left ledge. Head out that door. In
this room watch out for the traps on the floor and the Imps, Salem
Witches, Gremlins and the Biterrflies. Work your way around the ro-
-om and head in the top left doorway. In this room make your way up
and straight into the left doorway.

In this room make your way up - kill off all the Salem Witches and
Gremlins. Destroy the top ceiling and the top right wall to find a
Heart Max Up and a Katana. Now head into the top left room. In
this room drop down to the room below. Kill the Fire Demon and head
on in the next room. Break the shining sphere to get a High Potion.
Now leave and kill him. Return to the previous room above. Kill off
the Fire Demon and then take out all the Lesser Demons (you can ac-
-tually attack them now when they summon reinforcements.) But this
time they can summon Lesser Demons. Also take out Ctulu on the top.

On the top right of the map is a flame - destroy it to get a Mana
Prism. You can also find a Save room on the left portion of this
section. Now from the save room jump to the room above you. From
here go left to leave the lab.
Reverse Entrance| (DXSOTN-223)

Welp we are now in the Inverted Castle Entrance. Take out the Jack
'o Bones. You can also find a save room in the same spot as Castle
1. Now head directly to the Warp Room. Now the Warp points are ac-
-tivated. We can travel from here to the Reverse Keep. Now from the
Save Room you can find a Tailsman in the room where we found the l-
-ife max in Castle 1. From that room head to the top left doorway.

Now we are in the room where we first encountered Death. You can
explore this portion. There is a Life Max in the room below where
the impaled corpses lay. Now head to the top right room. Make your
way down this hallway and into the next. Now we are in the Merman
chamber. Break the walls and on coming in from the right side poly-
-morph in to a wolf and run on through. This will open the secret
passage. Inside you will find a Zircon, an Opal and the Berly Circl-

*The Berly Circlet is vitally important. I will show you what it is
for later on. Now that we have this item return to the previous ro-
-om and drop down to the room below. Nevigate the room below taking
out the Jack O' Bones, Blue Venus Weeds and Nova Skeletons. You sh-
-all find a Save Room in here. In the room below that is a useless
goodie for all that hard work. Now return to the Merman Chamber.

From here go into the bottom right doorway. In this whole you will
be greated by Jack O' Bones, Orbuuros Riders, Nova Skeletons, Warg
Riders and Fire Wargs. At the end of this hallway will be the the
outside gate. Now return to the warp room. We are done here. Once
you are back here - use the Save Room. Now we will go back to the
Necromancy Lab.

What Next? (DXSOTN-What7)

From the entrance head direclty to the room where we fought Beezel-
-bub. From this room head back to the save room and return. From
here take the top left room and advance. Explore the other portions
for a Save Room and the Goddess Shield. After that advacne to the
inverted Marble Gallery.

Black Marble| (DXSOTN-224)

From here head directly to the Save Room. Do not bother going into
the clock room unless you want to get your raped by Final Guards.
From the save room proceed up. Work your way around the rooms and
go out by the top left room. Continue down the red hallway taking
out the Nova Skeletons while dodging the Skulls. After that fly up
in the next room. In this room are more spiked traps and Jack O'
Bones. Continue until you hit the door.

Now that we are back at the Reverse Entrance use the Warp Room to
goto the Reverse Keep. Now that we are in the Keep head straight to
the Clock Tower via the door before the save room.

Boss Fight - Darkwing.
Recomended Level: 30

This boss fight is cheese. He will fly around the room. He has two
attacks that can easily be dodged. The first one is he will try to
slame you across the wall with his wings (blowing air at you) Just
get behind him. A second one is when he barrel rolls at you. Just
kill 'em off with a regular weapon and any offensive familiar.

After the battle is over collect the Ring of Vlad RELIC and head on
into the Clock Tower.

Reverse Outer Wall| (DXSOTN-225)

Nevigate this room (remember all the walls are breakable in this
room.) Now in the next room will be falling spike traps and Bomb
Knights. To kill a Bomb night quickly just attack the bomb he throws
back at you and it will hit him and make him die in one hit. The
furtherest top right wall is fake. Break it open. Inside will be
the Moon Rod.

Anyways continue around this room until you get to the clock gear
shafts. In the shafts there will be some Cloaked Knights. Kill them
and then break the left wall. Go inside and nevigate the room and
you will be in the clock. On the left and right sides are Life and
Heart Max ups. Also take out the Cloaked Knight. Now return to the
shaft. In this room proceed up killing off the Cloaked Knights (I
also recomend equiping the Mirror Cuirass armor.) Watch out for the
Medusa Heads (LVL 2)

Don't forget about the gears in this room and the next. Hit them
until you hear them click so that you can open up that door. In the
next room proceed down. In the next room you can either go up or
down. I just recomend exploring this shaft first. Anyways use the
bottom doorway and continue heading left taking out the Valhalla
Knights. Continue into the next doorway - inside will be Alucard's
2nd armor piece: the Dragon Helm. Now explore the rest of this vast
area. Once you are done here head directly to the door to get to t-
-he Outer Wall. Once there use the Save Room below you.

From the save room head directly to the Warp Room to activate it.
Once you are done here make your way up up past the Jack O' Bones
and Stone Skulls. Now when you get to the door where the Long Libr-
-ary is stop.

Now from here you have a choice. You can explore all the depts of
the Library if you want to. It's not very important unless you are
going for map presentage, items and to add more monsters to the en-
-emy list.

But from this door continue upwords until you get to the very top.
Ignore the left the doorway and jump to the room above via the gap.
Now head into the doorway on the left - continue down this room and
head directly to the Save Room.

Now head to the Boss Chamber

Boss Fight - The Creature
Recomened Level: 35

Another lame fight. The Creature will try to bash you with its ham-
-mer. He will also roll around the floor to try and attack you. Ju-
-st use regular weapons combined with an offensive familiar and
Holy Water...

After the battle he will leave behind the Tooth of Vlad. Now explor-
-e the other portions of this area and then head directly back to
the Warp Point to the Castle Keep, from there head to the Chapel
from there we are going to the Quarters. (You should remember how
to get there via the Chapel. If not its the left room in the 3rd
tower after the Chapel.

Death Wing's Lair| (DXSOTN-226)

From here continue left killing off the Ctulu and Flying Zombies.
Head to the next room. In the vast area drop all the way down. Take
out the baddie and head for the lower right room. Equip your Holy
Sword and head straight in to the Boss Room.

Boss Fight - Akmondan II
Recomeneded Level: 40

This boss is pretty much a breeze. When you hit him he will shoot
out acid sand which will posion you. He will then try to grab ahold
of you and spin you around. He will also punch you with his bandages.
Just kill him off with Holy Water and your sword.

After he dies he will leave the Rib of Vlad. Go into the next room
for a Heart Max Up. Now explore the vast area. The middle left
room (furthest) holds Alucad's 3rd armor piece: Alucard Mail. Don't
forget about the Save room on the mid left as well (below the room
where the Alucard mail is.) Now drop down to the room below the
Save Room. In here equip the Spike Breaker Armor and kill off the
Ghost Dancers. At the end of this room head to the room above you.

Nevigate this long hole while snaging the goodies. When you reach
the top there will be a Warp Room - go ahead and activate it but
don't use it just yet. After the Warp Room head to the right room.
Pass this room and on to the next. Take out the Ghost Dancers and
Malachis. Now leave the room via right. In this next room ther wil-
-l be a big red spirit which wields a sword. He is called Azaghal.

Just take him out. After he is done jump up to the left platform
and break the wall in front of you. Kill off the Malachi and Ghost
Dancers. Destroy the vases and such to get a special use potion and
the Sword of Hador and an Opal. Return to the Previous room and ta-
-ke out Azaghal and head for the right platform and enter the door
to get to the next area.


Take out the Werewolves infront of you and proceed when you see
the first shaft above you. Now take out the White Dragon and use
the Save Room on the right. From here proceed to the ledge above
you. In here dodge the Stone Skulls and take out the White Dragon
to get an Aquamarine. Now return to the previous room. From here
we are going to explore the top portion of this area. Continue hea-
-ding right, dodge the Stone Skull and kill the White Dragon. Enter
this top room. In here you will find the Gram sword. Now drop down
all the way. You will now be in front of the Spike wall where the
orginal Mist relic was. Don't head in that right room just yet.

Gravity Boost all the way up to the mid portion. Here you will find
a Life Max up and two Heart Max ups. Now drop all the way back down
and enter that room.

Boss Fight - Trevor, Grant Sypha

Ahh the three other heros from CV3. Anyways, this battle is very
simple. Just holy bomb them all to death with regular attacks.

Once they are dead they will leave a Life Max Up behind. We are now
done with the Mid Portion of the Castle. Now explore the rest of th-
=is area. Also you can find the Fury Plate in the same secret room
where we found the Holy Sword. Now head directly back to the Warp
Point and goto the Outer Wall. Once here head all the way back up
to the Black Gallery (Marble Gallery) via the other entrance.

Black Gallery| (DXSOTN-227)

Head down this carridor via right while taking out the Thorn/Coprse
weeds, Jack o' Bones and Stone Skulls. In the next room watch out
for the spike trap below. Head up in to the top room to find an Ir-
-on Ball. Now drop down to the previous room (again beware of the
spike trap on the ground.) Now head to the bottom right door. In
this next room head to the center and jump up to the top room. In
here head directly to the left doorway, make your way up and you
will be in the Reverse Caverns
Reverse Caverns| (DXSOTN-228)

In this area head to the vase to collect a Zircon. Now make your
way up. The first door on the left is a save room. Now head to the
left door way. In here take out the Jack o' Bones, next head to the
right room to collect a Life Max Up. Break the right wall to find a
Diamond inside. Now return to the room before the last and make yo-
-ur way up. Now make your way up the shaft and head in the first
doorway you see on the right.

In this room drop down while killing off the Imp. In the room below
you will find an Opal. After that return to the shaft and continue
to make your way up. In the very top room take out the Jack O' Bone
and grab the Shiitake. Now head right and take out the Rock Knights
and Venus Weeds. Explore the top water portions to find a Heart &
Life Max Up and a Potion. Now head to the next room on the right.

In this room ignore the room above and continue heading right. Take
out the Rock Knights and Venus' weeds. In the next room you will f-
-ind a Bat Pentagram. To obtain this (USE) item use the Wolf's abl-
-ity (using the Triangle button.) In the next room is the Great Wa-
-ter Fall.

In this room head to the right room to obtain an Opal. Now return
and make your way up the fall. The room at the top behind the fall
you will find the Osafune Katana. Now head to the top right room
of the fall. Go down this icey passage while taking out the Jack O'
Bones. In the next room you can find the branch which leads back to
the Entrance of the castle. So go to it if you want map coverage.

But in this room take out the Cave Trolls and the Dark Octopus.
Head all the way to the right room to obtain Alucard's 4th armor
peice: Alucard's Shield. After this explore the upper water areas
of the map. Now backtrack to the shaft we dont on. But do go to it.

From where the Jack O' bones are make your way right. In this next
room you will find a Save Room and the other shaft we didn't use to
get here. Feel free to explore the shaft that we didn't cover. Now
use the Save Room and make your way up while ignoring the left door
way. Break the ice ceiling and continue to make your way up. In th-
-is next room - take out the Cave Trolls and Venus Weed. Now explo-
-re the water portions of the Map (via wolf swim) Now head to the
left doorway - Inside you will find a new RELIC: Force of Echo.

This allows Alucard (in Bat form) to use the Echo rays he shoots
out as a weapon. Now back track to the Save Room, use it and equip
the Icebrand. Now head to the top left room we ignored earlier.

Boss Fight - Doppleganger 40
Recomended Level: 40

He's back! This time he can posion you. I also wouldn't bother to
use the Cross subweapon on him. Why? Because he can avoid it by
turning into Mist. Now - you're also wondering why I told you to
equip the Icebrand. Yes - I know the weapon is weak. Alas to poor
Doppleganger he will freeze to death.

Just dodge his attacks and continue to Holy Bomb him and freeze
him with your sword. Also remember don't let me get back towards
a wall or he will Wing Smash you.

Also instead of firing small daggers at you as he did last time. He
now uses Diamonds... His sword can also Posion you or Stone you. So
just do the attacks I mentioned and he will die.


After the battle he will drop a Life Max Up. Now go explore the fi-
-nal portion of this map to get the Dark Blade and some Pot Roast.
Now head back to the Save Room. Now from the save room head into
the right room. Take out the Jack O' Bones, Rock Knights and venus
weeds until you get to the next room. In here fly to the ceiling
passage above you. In this room head into the door.

Dark Mine| (DXSOTN-29)

Upon our entrance to this place make your way up while slaying the
Gaibon's that come before you. At the very top and on the left of
this room is a Save Room - USE it. Now head inside the huge wolf
statue. In this room take out Slogras infront of you and into the

A dialogue scene will take place between Alucard and Death a boss
fight then makes way.

Boss Fight - Death
Recomended Level: 45

Equip the Holy Sword for this battle.

* PHASE 1 *

"And for the master - I'll feast on your soul this night"

Death will fly around while making sickles appear in all directions
to attack you with. He will then summon these huge blue spheres of
power which will move around and attack you. They will after a
period of time turn into huge skulls and will come at you in all

His last attack is making two sythes appear. They will spin around
the room coming at you.

* PHASE 2*
"You are strong enough indeed! Now you will die!"

Death will then turn into a flying monster wielding two giant
sickles. He will throw one at you and it will come back around so
jump up and away from it. He will then come down on you and attack
you with the two.

To simply win both battles destroy with the Holy Sword... *yawns*

After the battle he will drop the final body part of Dracula: The
Eye of Vlad. Anyways lets continue. Head directly to the left room.
In this room head to the right wall. You will see a switch that has
not been pressed. Switch to your demon familiar to gain entrance.

Now head into the room taking out the Slogra's and in to the next
room. Here move up while taking out the Gaibons. When at the very
top break open the right wall to find some Green Tea. Break it
again and head inside to get a Power of Sire and a Life Apple.

And as you probabbly guessed - we only have ONE more relic to go.
Return to the other room and make your way up the passage and avoi-
-ding the colony of bats. When you come to a top four way section
head right to gain Alucard's last weapon piece: Alucard's Sword.

Head left to find a Warp Room. And now head all the way to the top
of the area. On the right you'll find a Power of Sire. After that
head into the left passage. Make your way up and head in the door.

Reverse Catacombs | (DXSOTN-230)

Welcome to Hell... No, seriously. Make your way up and on the first
door on the right is a Save Room - in the next room after that you
will find a Magic Missel and by breaking the wall next to it you
will find a Buffalo Star. Now return to the Save Room, use it or
leave it. Head to the top left room. In here take out the Salomes
and head in to the next room. In this chamber take the top right
room. In this next room take out ALL the Blood Skeletons or avoid
them and into the next. In here you will find a Life & Heart Max
Up. Now in the next room take out the Froze Half and advance. In
this carridor take out the Halfs and skeletons. In the next room
drop down below to obtain a Shield & Attack Potion. Now break the
bottom right wall. Inside here will be the Necklace of J.

Now return to the previous room and make your way up. Once out of
that section head right. Continue heading right while taking out
the Blood Skeletons and Frozen Halfs. In the next room head to
the first room on the right ...damn a dead end. Leave this room and
make your way down to the bottom. The left doorway is a Save Room,
the room after that holds a Diamond.

Now I strongly suggest you use this Save Room and level to atleast
50. You are going to need it.

After a bit of leveling (if you decided to do it) Head directly
into the right room which will lead you to a Boss Chamber.

Boss Fight - Galamoth
Recomended Level: 50

Do you remember that Baryl Circlet we picked up earlier? Equp it.
If you don't have it - then you're screwed. This guy takes up
atleast two screens.

His first attack his holding out his rod to conduct lightning. To
avoid this and get healed used the Beryl Circlet. His second attack
is when he will raise his rod to the sky to summon dark spheres
(Dodges these as much as possible they = OUCHIES!) He will then
try to kick you and bash you with his rod and other weapon.

Just use a good level'd out attack familiar combinded with the
Holy Water and a good weapon (like Alucard's sword.) and he should
go down.

If you don't have either just use Shield Rod + Alucard's Shield or
use the Medusa or Skull Shield. To use the Shield Rod simply tap
the shield and attack button. This will trigger their powers.

After the battle he will leave a Life Max Up. Now head to the top
right room. Inside will be a Heart & Life Max up. Enter the next
room and make your way down and in the doorway on the left. Here
will be the Ruby Circlet and our last and FINAL RELIC: Gas Cloud
which turns the Mist form into a weapon. Now head to the Save room.

Final Battle (END-SOTN1)

With all bosses destroyed and all relics collected there really
isn't else to do besides collecting rare drops from monsters. At
this point in the game you can now freely go anywhere and explore
portions of the castle you missed.

You can now head directly back to the Black Gallery and go to its
Clock room. But since you are now in the Catacombs that would take
a pretty long trip. So fear not. Head to the Warp Room in the Dark
Mine and head to Batwing's Lair (aka Orlox's Quarters) from here
head directly to the entrance of this level and out the door and
you will now be in the clock room. Drop down and a passage way
will open to our final destination.

Jump up to the passage way. Use the Save room and in the next room
will be afew last goodies before the show. Now make your way up in
the next room. Here travel around until you come to the top. Drop
down into this room and you will have a dialogue with Shaft.

Boss Fight - Shaft
Recomended Level: 55

This boss battle is pathicly easy. He will move around in a orb
like object while firing elemental type magic at you. Simply keep
the Alucard Mail equip and take him out with your offense familiar
and regular weapons.

After the battle Shaft will die and Dracula will be released. You
are now at the final battle. A dialogue will take place and the
fight will begin

FINAL BOSS - Dracula
Recomended Level: 60

Dracula sits at a huge demonic throne in this game. His attacks
are varried. He will hit you with his two hands and the heads that
pop will as well. During the battle all three heads will pop out
at a time and he then fire a laser blast. Mist form this to avoid.

He will then fly back to hit you with an even bigger power sphere.
Just super jump over this. And continue to attack him. Eventully
he will die.

Congratulations - You have beat Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
Enjoy the ending - you deserve it!

28. Outroduction (GW-012)

I would like to thank you for taking your time and using my guide
on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I also hope you have enjo-
-yed playing this game as much as I have. Now that I have written
a walkthrough for this guide it is now time I allow this game to

I've enjoyed this game for over 10/11 years. And I hope you enjoy
it as well.

- jestercolony

29. Updates (GW-013)

11/04/06 - Version 1.00 vinished with full walkthrough of the
entire game. From start to finish!

(C) jestercolony 2006
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