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ClockTower FAQ/Walkthrough

Version 1.0 by

//                                             \\
// Clock Tower FAQ./Walkthrough                 \\
// Company: ASCII                                \\
// Rated: M (for mature)                          \\
// My e-mail address: [email protected]      //
//                                               //
//                                              //
//                                             //
//                                            //

1. Characters
2. Arrow Cursor
3. Targets
4. Escape Mode
5. Walkthrough
6. Secrets and Endings
7. Hints
8. Other Stuff

1. Characters

Jennifer Simpson
Age: 15
Main Character

Jennifer is one of the main characters who can complete the game with. 
Scissor Man wants to kill her for some reason or another, but then again, he 
wants to kill everyone, especially people make him mad.

Helen Maxwell
Age: 30
Main Character

Helen is Jennifer's Guardian. She is trying to do a profile on Scissor Man, 
and in return, he wants her dead...

Nolan Campbell
Age: 26
Side Character (playable)

Nolan is a reporter. Very interested in the Clock Tower murder case, he got 
to interested, and Scissor Man is targeting him, and is on his death list, 
that's for sure (if he has one.)

Samuel Barton
Age: 52
Side Character (playable)

Samuel is the professor of the university. He is investigating the Clock 
Tower muders.

Harris Chapman
Age: 35
Side Character (non-playable)

Research assistnt studying criminal psychology. He doesn't play a big roll 
in this game.

Stan Gotts
Age: 42
Side Character (playable)

A pretty important character. He is an officer investigating the Clock Tower 
case. He is obsessed with tracking Scissor Man.

Age: 10
Side Character (non-playable)

Lost his memory, and another survivor of the Clock Tower murders. He was 
given the name of "Edward."

Plus more!

2. Arrow Cursor

To control your character in this game, you need to move the arrow cursor 
different directions, and click on a destination, door, or object you want 
to move to. It is a little annpoying at first, but you will get used to it, 
and you won't notice it as much.

Think of it as a computer mouse cursor, that's all there is to it.

Have any problems with it, or the game? You can e-mail me at the e-mail 
address above. I would be glad to help.

3. Targets

During the game, you will come across "Targets" where you will have to 
choose either "Yes" or "No" and depending on that decision, the game will 
lead off in different endings.

Have fun expiermenting with them, and make sure you choose the correct one, 
and know what your doing, or else you might end up with the worse ending, 
make sure you pay attention to what's going on, and what you did earlier in 
the game.

4. Escape Mode

You will need to escape from Scissor Man at times if he has you in a bind. 
Simply press the SQUARE button repeatedly. If you are under the "red" 
cursor, your character will be killed automatically. Make sure their fear 
isn't very high or else they are weakened.

WHITE - Normal
ORANGE - Warning
RED - Danger!

5. Walkthrough

Here is the actual walkthrough, starting from the beginning.

PROLOGUE - Samuel Barton

You start off in the Therapy Room, watch the conversation, and investigate 
the room. Look at the pair of scissors on the desk, and the bed that 
Jennifer was resting on. Then, leave the room.

You are now in his laboratory, talk to the two staff members, Beth and Danny 
inside here. If you want to control Jennifer next, talk to the staff members 
twice or more to control her later. If you want to control Helen, then talk 
to each of the staff once. Investigate the room, also, like the purple 
statue, some desks, and the mask. If you don't, it will say "There is 
something I need to do in here," when you attempt to open the door. 
Investigate the whole room, and then leave.

Talk to Harris, the man out in the hallway twice so you can control Jennifer 
later, if you want. You can just ignore him, and you will control Helen 
later. Continue in the elevator and go to the 1st floor.

As soon as you exit the elevator, a reporter, Nolan Simpson will interview 
you. Samuel doesn't have much to say. After the interview is over, go back 
in the elevator to floor 2.

Go back in your laboratory, and talk to Harris in here. Then, look at the 
statue again. Samuel needs to get an expert opinion on this, and you can 
have Harris take it to Rick to look at it, or take it to Mr. Sullivan at the 
library, your choice. After that, go in the therapy room to talk to one of 
the other survivors of the Clock Tower murders, a boy named Edward.

Once inside, talk to them, and the scene will fade. You can save your 

Depending on talking to the staff members once, or twice, or more, you will 
control either Jennifer, or Helen. Once you are in control of the map and 
where you want to go. Here are the destinations you need to go to for each 


Back to your house

Jennifer will notice someone is at her house, it's Nolan, talk to him and he 
will take you out for dinner. After that, you control.

SCENARIO 1 - Jennifer Simpson

Jennifer realizes someone is following her, she will walk and you can bang 
on the shop nearby or just let her walk to the opening way to the 
University. When you get there, a Guard will notice you, and ask what's 
wrong. You tell him someone is following you, and Scissor Man is introduced. 
He gives the Guard a stab, and Jennifer runs inside. You now control.

Scissor Man is after you! Run to the stairs or the elevator, and go to the 
second floor.

Explore all the rooms up here, but most importantly, the door on the far 
right. You will be in a small room with a sofa and a plant. Proceed into the 
next room.

The fax machine will ring and the note says "Get ready! I'm comin' to get 
ya!" No doubt it's the Scissor Man. You can attempt to call Helen on the 
phone, but she isn't home. Nothing else to do here. Leave and go to the 
elevator or stairs, and go to the first floor.

Sometimes, Scissor Man will come out of the elevator, if he does, just run 
to the stairs immidetely.

Once your on the first floor, go in the door on the right with the window 
beside it. Once your inside, you can attempt to try and talk to the guard 
sitting in the chair, and his head falls off when you shake him. Grab the 
key from the table "Ladder Key." Now, if you aren't worried about the hints, 
you can leave now. Go to the stairs and head all the way up.

Use the arrow cursor and move it all the way up to the screen to choose the 
"Ladder Key" and unlock the fire escape. Jennifer climbs down, and leaves. 
You can save your progress.

Also, the hints, they aren't that important, they just give you hints about 
the game, like what to do in a bad situation, I will explain all that here, 
so you don't need to worry about them.


Police Station
Back to the University

When Helen gets back, she decides to take a nap in the lounge. When you are 
there, you control.

SCENARIO 1 - Helen Maxwell

Once your inside the lounge, talk to Rose that is lying on the bunk bed a 
few times. Then, go take a nap on the neighboring bunk bed. Rose will ask 
you to turn off the light. The light switch is beside the door, once it is 
off, go to the bunk. Helen will climb to the top and fall asleep.

A noise at the door wakes her up, click on the door, and Helen will walk 
over and peek through the hole. A worker is standing there, she slowly opens 
the door and he limps inside and falls. Scissor Man is introduced. Helen 
will run to the back and dodge him and escape the room. Now, you need to 

You can grab the fire extinguiser close by, and use it as a weapon to drop 
Scissor Man. Don't cheer yet, he'll be back! Exit and head for the door on 
the far right in the next hallway, it has a window beside it.

Once your inside, proceed into the next room.

This room is empty, beside a key on the desk. You now have the "Storage Key" 
which is the ticket to get out of this place. All you need now is the 
"Pliers." Head to the elevator, or the stairs, and go to the third floor.

Once your there, head to the room on the far right, and enter. You are now 
in a Computer Lab.

Scissor Man might be in here, and if he is, exit the elevator, and come back 
and he will be gone. If he isn't there, go over to the computer by the 
window. There are tools on the desk, one of them are a pair of "pliers." 
Alright! Head to the first floor.

Once your there, head left, and you will see two doors right next to each 
other. Head in the one on the right.

Scissor Man could be in here, so you can use the elevator as an escape and 
come back. If he isn't, use the "Pliers" to break the wire. After that, use 
the key, and escape!

(NOTE: You can pick up the flashlight in the room with the fax machine with 
the phone where you called the police. The flashlight is in the locker in 
the far right. You can use the flashlight later in the game. It is a very 
important item!)

You can save your progress. After that, a scene comes up. Whether you are 
Jennifer or Helen, the same scene comes. But the conversation on both of 
them are a little differnet.

When you are back in control as either character, here are the locations of 
where to go as each one:


Newspaper Office (Nolan is not there, his camera man is.)
Police Station
Back to the Newspaper Office

When you are back at the Newspaper Office, Nolan is back and talk to him. 
You will be deciding another decision. Nolan asks if he should go to Rick's 
and see if he has the statue. When you were Samuel, you chose whether or not 
to show it to Mr. Sullivan at the library, or Rick, the old butler of the 
Barrow's Family. If you did tell Harris to give it to Rick, I would have 
Nolan go to Rick's to obtain it. Once you do, you will now be controlling 
Nolan next.

SCENARIO 2 - Nolan Simpson

You are interviewing Rick and after the long conversation, you both walk 
over to the chandelier. It falls and kills Rick. Scissor Man is now after 
Nolan. Escape to the upper door on the right and you will be inside the 

Hide in the pantry (on the ground) and Scissor Man will be confused, and 
will leave. Nolan will exit the pantry, and this will give you time to look 
around. Look at the mask on the wall, and the chair, mask, and other objects 
start to fly around. Quickly grab the vase on the table and choose to throw 
it at the mask. It will fall, and then, leave the room. Go in the room on 
the very left and go inside.

This room leads to two other doorways. Go inside the one on the right. Turn 
on the light inside, and look at the cabinet to your right (Nolan's left.) 
Grab the "Powder Soap" and leave the room. Now, go to the room where Rick 
was killed.

Go in the room on the far right, and enter. Scissor Man might jump down from 
the ledge, if he does, Nolan will run upstairs. If Scissor Man doesn't come 
after you, continue upstairs anyway.

Go in the room right next door. If Scissor Man is after you, use the blanket 
on the bed to throw it at him, you can also hide in the cabinet. Leave the 
room now.

Head into the room at the end of the hallway.

Once inside, invesigate the room. To see something cool, go outside in 
porch, and come back inside. You will see a scene where Scissor Man is 
rocking in the rocking chair watching cartoons, laughing. Who do you think 
this Scissor Man is? Nolan shrieks and exits the room. Scissor Man is after 

You can escape in the bedroom and hide in the cabinet, when its safe, go 
downstairs where Rick was killed.

Open the screen door by the furniture, and go outside. Use the "Powder Soap" 
on the dog to escape, and your done!


Library (Mr. Sullivan is not there, he will return later.)
Police Station
Your House (Jennifer is not there.)
Back to the Library

When you are back at the Library, go to Mr. Sullivan's office. (If you chose 
to show the statue to Mr. Sullivan as Samuel, then you will obtain the 
statue as Helen in this building. If you chose to give it to Rick, then you 
will obtain the statue as Gotts later.) Mr. Sullivan's office is through the 
glass door, and the next following door, and next to the stairs. But before 
you do that, you will see Edward in the Main Library, talk to him, then go 
to Mr. Sullivan.

SCENARIO 2 - Edward

Once you are inside Mr. Sullivan's office, talk to him, and he will give you 
the "Reading Room Key" which is right next door. After you talk to him, 
exit, and go next door. Climb the stairs to the top books and Helen will 
find the book she is looking for, she want some information about Scissor 
Man. You need to invesigate the room first before Helen climbs the stairs.

After reading for a little bit, the librarian comes in and tells you that 
the library is locking up soon. Exit the room, and the clocks starts to 
chime. Mr. Sullivan comes out of his office, and you go with him to fix the 
clock upstairs. Once you in there, Mr. Sullivan's head gets stuck in the 
hole of the clock, and the hand of the clock tears his head off, and Scissor 
Man returns. Exit the room, and proceed down the stairs. Head back to the 
front of the library (near the entrance) and hide behind the desk. Scissor 
Man can't find Helen, and you are now safe from him...For now...

Now, go into the door behind the reception desk. The chair will move once 
your inside. Go check it out, and you find it's Edward, hiding. Helen takes 
Edward up to the Reading Room so he can hide.

The police are here, and the sirens are going off, but they can't get in. 
Head in the back room behind the reception desk to get the "Screwdriver" 
from the table and now, go back to Edward.

Use the "Screwdriver" and un-screw the bolts, and Edward will escape. Head 
to Mr. Sullivan's office.

Once your inside, search the desk to find the key that goes to his display 
room. Unlock the door in his office, and proceed inside.

It's dark, so light the room up with the aquarium light. The statue! It's 
sitting on the table, grab it, and investigate. If you explore the big 
figure on the desk in the back of the room, you realize your aren't alone... 
Go to the Main Library, and Gotts will break in, and rescue Helen...

If you got the statue, you have more of the game left. If you didn't 
retrieve the statue, your game is over, and you will receive a "E" ending. 
If you picked the statue up, you will be heading to the mansion later in 
Barrow's Castle.

Also, if you need to retrieve the statue from Rick, and you are playing as 
Helen, you are going to play as Gotts pretty quick to get it from him. Here 
is your walkthrough for Gotts part at Rick's House:

SCENARIO 2 - Gotts (Game for when you need to retrieve the statue as Gotts 
when you are Helen.)

You are talking to Rick and after the long conversation, and his dog starts 
barking. Rick checks what is happening, and his dog attacks him and kills 
him. Scissor Man is now in the room, after Gotts. Head into the kitchen in 
the upper right wall.

Hide in the pantry (on the ground) and Scissor Man will be confused, and 
will leave. Gotts will exit the pantry, and this will give you time to look 
around. Look at the mask on the wall, and the chair, mask, and other objects 
start to fly around. Quickly grab the vase on the table and choose to throw 
it at the mask. It will fall, and then, leave the room. Go in the room on 
the very left and go inside.

This room leads to two other doorways. Go inside the one on the right. Turn 
on the light inside, and look at the cabinet to your right (Gotts's left.) 
Grab the "Powder Soap" and leave the room. Now, go to the room where Rick 
was killed.

Go in the room on the far right, and enter. Scissor Man might jump down from 
the ledge, if he does, Gotts will run upstairs. If Scissor Man doesn't come 
after you, continue upstairs anyway.

Go in the room right next door. If Scissor Man is after you, use the blanket 
on the bed to throw it at him, you can also hide in the cabinet. Leave the 
room now.

Head into the room at the end of the hallway.

Once inside, invesigate the room. Check out the painting on the wall at the 
end of the room (beside the t.v.) and look at it. Something is behind the 
painting! Gotts takes it, and it has imformation on how to get to Barrow's 
Mansion in England, you can now go back to the room where you first saw 
Scissor Man, and escape outside.

Open the screen door by the furniture, and go outside. Use the "Powder Soap" 
on the dog to escape, and your done!

You are about to go to England! Whether you are Helen or Jennifer next, the 
same thing happends, and the same walkthrough for the mansion, except, just 
a little different.

Explore around the town and you will end up going to the Airport after 
visiting every place except Rick's house at least twice. Get ready to go to 
Barrow's Mansion.

SCENARIO 3 - Scissor Man

You start out falling from a cracked floor. Head into the door in front of 

When you walk out, you are in the main hallway of the mansion. Head upstairs 
and go to the door on the left or right, your choice.

Once inside any of them, explore them both, check desks, because some of 
them have keys like the "Mansion Key" which unlocks a gate later on in the 
game. Scissor Man might come out of the fireplace in one of the rooms, if he 
does, you know what to do, run!

Run into the bedroom with the double beds and use the blanket to distract 
him and he is off your tail for awhile. Now time to explore the bottom part 
of the mansion.

Head into the door on the left.

You are in a dark hallway (if you picked up the flashlight as Helen, you 
should be able to see through this area, if not....Well, then you will have 
a hard time seeing!) Head into the first door.

You will see Beth hiding. Talk to her, and she said she isn't going to stay 
here to hide. Talk to her again to convice her to stay put, then leave the 
room. Head into the third room (skip the middle door.)

You will be in some kind of bedroom. Search the bed and you will find a 
"Copper Book." Hold on to it. Exit.

No need to stay in this hallway. Exit, and go back in the main hallway.

Head into the room on the left of the stairs (far wall.) Once inside, you 
will be in another hallway.

Explore all the rooms (except for the middle door, it's just a shortcut to 
the other hallway) and you will also see a caged off area. Use the "Mansion 
Key" to open it. Explore that area later. Explore the other rooms first, 
then head into the door past the stairs.

Once inside, open the green chest, and you will find "Lead Balls." Then, 
open up the white coffin, and Nolan will be inside. Talk to him. He will say 
he was knocked out from behind, he asks you if you have seen Jennifer, Helen 
replies, "No." He says he will come with you (But he actually doesn't!) 
Leave the room and exit. Scissor Man might be after you at this time, if he 
is, find a safe place to hide so he loses you.

(NOTE: The cabinet in that one small bedroom where you got the "Copper Book" 
is not always a safe place to hide. The first time I hid in there, Scissor 
Man left and thought I was hiding somewhere else. The second time, he shoved 
his scissors into the cabinet, and stabbed me. So use that area just once, 
and who knows, maybe he will stab you the first time....?)

When Scissor Man is off your tail (or if he wasn't) head up the newly 
explored stairs and go in the door once you get up them. You will be in a 
hallway. Go in the door closet to you.

Explore these room for important items. Here are the items in the mansion if 
it helps any:

"Copper Book" (Used to complete the mission collection of books in the 
"Cosmetic Key" (Not required to obtain, from wooden box.)
"Fireplace Key" (Not required to obtain, given to you by Harris.)
"Wooden Box" (Used to burn open to see what is inside, find a fireplace that 
is lit.)
"Lead Balls" (Used to find out which ladder is safe to go down.)
"Mansion Key" (Used to open the caged, blocked off area.)
"Handgun" (Given to you by Gotts, used to get a A or B ending.)

I hope I didn't miss any. I didn't complete the whole walkthrough for this 
mansion because it is so long and it takes forever. Look at the secrets 
section to find out who the Scissor Man really is. Remember, depending on 
triggers you chose and characters you played, there are 3 different people 
who can be Scissor Man!

6. Endings

A - Best Ending
B - Good Ending
C - Ok Ending
D - Bad Ending
E - Worst Ending

A is the hardest to get. You need to complete everything that you are 
supposed to do.

B is a good ending to be proud of. You could of done everything but got a 
bad time.

C is an OK ending. You could of missed one measily little thing and got a 
bad time.

D is really not a good ending. You could of done a few things, but definetly 
wasted time on something.

E is a terrible ending. You didn't do what you were supposed to do. Better 
luck next time!

Jennifer and Helen are the two main characters you can be. To fulfill most 
of the game and have more of the storyline, playing as Helen will get you 
more of a story. Then again, I haven't beaten every ending, so, I will have 
to see.

(NOTE:Some of this information on the walkthroughs for Jennifer could be 
wrong. I haven't beaten everything on hers. Please forgive me if I did make 
a mistake.)


Sameul Barton - If you got the handgun from Gotts or didn't as Helen, you 
will come across Scissor Man in the mansion and Jennifer will be tied up. He 
will try to kill her, but as you shoot him, in a few minutes, you will find 
out Samuel, was the murderer.

His motive for doing it: He was so rapped up in this mystery "evil took over 
him" and seemed to make him do this. What a creep.

Nolan Simpson - If you mainly played the game as Jennifer, you will indeed 
have Nolan as the killer.

His motive for doing it: He wanted to kill her so she could "always be with 

Edward - If you played as Jennifer, and controled Nolan at Rick's House, 
Edward will be the killer.

His motive for doing it: I have no clue! He is a 10 year old!!!!


There you have it, there is my walkthrough. Send comments to:

[email protected]

Any comments about this walkthrough to improve it or if you like it or not, 
please let me know.

Thanks for reading my walkthrough! I would be happy to answer any questions 
you have. Here are some other FAQ./Walkthroughs I have written on 

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I hope I named all of them, and including this one:

Clock Tower (PSX)

Please read my other ones if you play those games, or if you just want to!


Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Aaron "The Man" Illingworth!
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