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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Achievements

Version 1.00 by


Achievement Description
A Reliable Friend (15) Raise your boost level to 10.
A Warm Welcome (15) Finish Chapter 07.
Adept (30) Earn a G rank in every chapter at the EASY difficulty level.
An Unfriendly Greeting (15) Finish Chapter 03.
Angels (15) Finish all chapters at the EASY difficulty level.
Arch Master (15) Defeat 300 enemies with Arch.
Aren't You Happy, Too? (15) Finish Chapter 08.
Battle for Honor (15) Register for the Score Leaderboard.
Benevolent Missionary (15) Defeat more than 500 enemies.
Benevolent Savior (30) Defeat more than 1000 enemies.
Conqueror (90) Earn a G rank in every chapter at the HARD difficulty level.
Counterstrike Artist (30) Execute 100 Perfect Guards.
Dominions (30) Finish all chapters at the HARD difficulty level.
Escape From The Darkness (15) Finish the Darkness stage.
Finish Chapter 02. (15) Welcome to the Tower
Gale Master (15) Defeat 300 enemies with Gale.
Good Listener (15) Obtain all of the Freemen's Notes.
Hunter-Gatherer (15) Take 100 weapons from enemies.
I Will Mourn You (30) Obtain all entries in the Prophecies of Ishtar.
I'll take the best you have. (15) Take every weapons from all of the enemies and finish Chapter 10.
I'm Not Afraid of Watcher 1 (15) Defeat Nether Sariel without executing a recover.
I'm Not Afraid of Watcher 2 (15) Defeat Nether Ezekiel without executing a recover.
I'm Not Afraid of Watcher 3 (15) Defeat Nether Azazel without executing a recover.
I'm Not Afraid of Watcher 4 (15) Defeat Dark Armaros without executing a recover.
Indomitable Soul (15) Execute 50 recovers.
Journey's End (15) Finish Chapter 01.
Living Miracle (30) Finish all chapters without a single Game Over.
Lord of the Metatron (0) Earn all of the Achievements.
Martial Arts Master (15) Defeat 100 enemies with bare hands
My Acrobatic Friend (30) Finish Chapter 08 without dying.
My Beautiful Children... (15) Finish Chapter 10.
Nephilim Party (15) Finish Chapter 04.
No Problem (30) Finish any chapter without collecting any armor-recovery items.
Out of Control (15) Break 500 destroyable objects.
Principalities (15) Finish all chapters at the NORMAL difficulty level.
Pushing the Limit (15) Launch an Overboost.
Quite a Find (10) Collect the Eyes of Truth.
Rest in Peace (15) Defeat 50 of Souls of the Beloved
Seraphim (90) Finish all chapters at the EXTRA difficulty level.
Show No Mercy (15) Execute 100 Guard Breaks.
The armor okay? If not, I could... (15) Finish Chapter 10 without taking any weapons from enemies.
The Journey Begins (15) Finish Chapter 00.
The Last Job (15) Finish Chapter 11.
The name is too long (15) Have your weapon destroyed.
Time In The Spotlight (15) Defeat 50 enemies during Armaros show.
Unnatural Evolution (15) Finish Chapter 06.
Veil Master (15) Defeat 300 enemies with Veil.
Visitor from Beyond Time (15) Finish Chapter 05.
Welcome Back, Enoch (15) Finish Chapter 09.
What's Yours Is Mine (15) Acquire all the Pearls from the servant beasts.
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