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Fallout 3 Skill Book Guide

Version 0.80 by

==================================Fallout 3===================================

+Please Contact Me At: *Stefan *d *beck *at *yahoo *dot *com
 (without the * or spaces, and “@” and “.”)

+Ok everyone this is my first post so be nice to me! It's also very rough
so maybe later I'll make it pretty lol.

+I noticed that no one had a FAQ with the skill book locations and for those
completionists amongst us I decided to compile this guide.

+If you have found a book not on this list Please please please email me
with its location and I will add it and give you credit! That is if you are
the first person to email me the location of course. Also double check to
make sure it’s not already on the list.

+If you find that one of these locations is wrong or difficult to find with
my directions please kindly let me know.

+Do not email me about spelling errors or grammar because I will ignore you.

+If you want to use this guide, I don’t mind, just give me credit and tell me
about it and I’ll be happy as a clam!

+It’s really quite simple: “***Title of Book (Skill it Raises) - # of
locations known***”

+ShadowsDieAway pointed out in his guide in this site that:
“There are 324 total books… there are 13 different skills, with 25 books
for each skill (with the exception of Barter that has 24 books).”

+Version Update:
+V 1.0 Original Version (even though no one ever reads the version info XD)


***Big Book of Science (Science) – 21***

+In the lair of the Marigold Ant Queen.
+At Hallowed Moors Cemetery, near Germantown, in the lectern.
+One of the rewards of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest.
+In Pinkerton office, on the desk with other goodies. (Must steal it).
+Inside RobCo Facility on the Factory Floor on top of a large computer.
+In Galaxy News Radio rec room with Three Dog, on the desk with other goodies.
 (Must steal it). 
+In Warrington Tunnels on a desk opposite the door leading to the Metro Access
 & Generator. (Beneath Tenpenny Tower).
+Inside the Nuka-Cola bottling factory on the second floor in the office area.
+In Greener Pastures Disposal, in the back end of a truck in the southwest
near a dead scientist.
+In Corvega Factory - Entrance, up the stairs and to your left. Its sitting
on a desk.
+Arlington House, on the kitchen table
+In Bethesda Offices West on the maindesk on the first floor.
+In Arlington Library in the first area.
+Second floor of the Corvega Factory.
+Chryslus Building, basement, left area.
+Launch Control Bunker from the Co Quarters of Fort Constantine.
+On a desk in Drainage Chamber accessed through a manhole near where you get
the Radio Signal Oscar Tango which is close to Jury Street Metro Station.
+County Sewer Mainline which is very near the Flooded Metro SE of Wilhelm's
Wharf. In a big three-flored room next to a computer terminal , behind a
locked gate.
+In Fort Bannister , there is a building in the northwest corner of the fort.
This is NOT connected to the underground part of the fort! The book is on
the top level in a room where there is a fat man and a mini nuke as well.
+In your suite in Tenpenny Tower, once you purchase the "Scientist" room
theme. (Whether or not the book appears in the Megaton House as well when
the theme is purchased is unknown.)
+In a waste container just south of Corvega Factory, jump in from the cliff

***Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual (Sneak) – 21***

+One can be found in Springvale Elementary, at the ledge in the locked ant
tunnel, under a corpse. 
+One can be found on a shelf in a ruined house at the top of the hill between
Megaton and the Super-Duper Mart. The house is next to a big, rusty, domed
+Museum of American History, Offices. Right of Lincoln Repeater.
+Bathroom in Museum Station, near Museum of American History Entrance
+In south of Capital Wasteland, right in front of the entrance to Flooded
Metro station, inside a Pulowski Preservation Shelter.
+In Bethesda Offices East on a desk with a typewriter and 2 missiles.
+In a locked [Very Hard] footlocker on the top floor of a ruined barn east
of Reclining Groves Resort Homes.
+At Mama Dolce's on the ground next to a Chinese Remnant Soldier who is
stationed as a sniper on the upper level of the loading dock.
+At Cliffside Cavern in the Raider Outpost
+Statesman Hotel mid level, in a room right north of the Statesman Hotel
Restaurant door.
+On shelf in the Scavenger shack west from Falls Church Metro on the bridge.
It is outside of DC, so you will want to head north from the Red Racer
Factory or south from Grayditch. It is with Grognak the Barbarian and Duck
and Cover!. You must steal it.
+Fort Constantine, CO Quarters
+SatCom Array NW05-a
+Behind a Hard locked door in the Hall of Columns in the Capitol Building.
+Leaning on a cash register inside a ticket booth in the Georgetown/The Mall
+Fairfax Metro Station, bottom level, laying on a slab of concrete
+Nuka-Cola Plant, main entrance, look for a hole in the ceiling with a filing
cabinet over it; it's in there. 
+Mirelurk Nesting Hole, in a cave northwest and above the main chamber in the
+Inside the Drainage Pipe North-East of the Papa November Broadcast Tower,
beside the entrance. 
+Taft Tunnels near the overflow terminal, behind a screen.
+L.O.B. EnterprisesArchives on a desk with a computer.

***D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine (Medicine) – 17***

+In the Abandoned Shack, Mason Dixon Salvage sitting on the floor.
+A copy can be found Big Town in Red's clinic, lying on her kitchen table.
+Another is in Germantown Police HQ, upper floor, on the conference room's
table. Note: There is a mine right beyond the door in this room. If you set
it off instead of disarming it the book can be sent flying off the table and
be difficult to find. 
+Our Lady of Hope Hospital, in a room of the first floor guarded by a Centaur.
+Greener Pastures Disposal, Silo Door to Makeshift Shack in the northwest
+One inside Robco Facility, south in the Offices and cafeteria map, on a
desk with a first aid box. 
+At Hallowed Moors Cemetery, near Germantown, on the bookshelf.
+Oasis cave. After you enter first door in the cave, it is up a path on the
left in a crate. 
+Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal in the office on the top of a bookshelf
+In the Anchorage Memorial bottom floor. 
+Nurse's Office on the first floor of Roosevelt Academy. 
+Benson House, Minefield. Can be found upstairs in the main bedroom on a desk.
+Our Lady of Hope Hospital, second floor, cantina. 
+One in Vernon Square East, in the crater with the crashed spaceship, take
the sewer entrance. Kill the super mutants inside their small hideout and
you're free to take it. Note: You'll need a large amount of RadAway and
Rad-X, as this is possibly the second highest concentration of radiation
in the game (40 rads/sec). 
+DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac in the room with Mirelurk King.
+In a drainage tunnel southeast Radio Tower KX-B8-11.
+Bomb Storage of Fort Constantine, on a table next to a Fatman where you find
the T-51b Power Armor. 

***Dean's Electronics (Repair) – 18***

+In Tepid Sewers when you first enters to subway. Deal with 3 raiders
(1 behind sandbags, other 2 in corridor), enter the corridor, turn left,
and enter the small room on your left. The book will be on the right corner
behind toolbox (near ‘generator’).
+MDPL-05 Power Station (NW corner of map, power substation in hills) leaning
against toolbox. 
+In Pinkerton office, on a shelf near the desk. (Must steal it).
+In VAPL-58 Power Station, SW of Arefu on desk next to computer.
+In Metro Central subway tunnels, behind a locked chain gate.
+In Jury Street Metro Station on the workbench. 
+Under Hubris Comics in the "utility level" on desk. It is close to an sewer
exit near Grayditch. 
+Outside of Hubris Comics in front of the Metro entrance (South side) inside
of Pulowski Preservation Shelter. 
+In Anchorage Memorial clinic on the bottom floor, in the floor safe
+In Canterbury Commons Dominic and Machete`s house on desk.
+Mama Dolce's, down left part of Mama Dolce's Processed Foods
+Nuka-Cola Plant Factory floor on the desk, take a right when you first enter
the building. 
+VAPL-66 Power Station 
+Bethesda Offices West, third floor at the bottom of a wooden crate on a desk
under some other stuff. You'll have to jump up on the desk and look down into
the crate to see it. 
+Corvega Factory On a desk on the second floor near where the Ant Queen is.
+Red Racer Factory when you enter through the front the room straight ahead
has a Giant Teddy Bear on a tricycle suspended in the air. If you jump on the
barrels to the left of a machine so you are on top there is a tool box with
the book next to it. 
+In a truck just east of Andale. 
+Warrington Station, where you meet Roy Phillips, furthest in past Betsy.

***Duck and Cover! (Explosives) – 20***

+A copy of Duck and Cover! can be found in Springvale Elementary on the upper
floor, next to the active computer terminal past the locked library doors.
+Hamilton's Hideaway in the raider's lair on the counter by some Cherry Bombs
and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum.
+In the Alexandria Arms (Opposite the Arlington Library)
+On a bookshelf inside of a makeshift Raider hideout just north across the
river from Wilhelm's Wharf.
+Charnel House 
+At the house ruin between Tenpenny Tower and Warrington Trainyard
+Outside of Deathclaw Sanctuary in a locked Footlocker
+In the Drainage chamber with Mini Nuke near Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop east from
antenna mast. 
+Bunker between Museum of History and Museum of Technology
+On shelf in the Scavenger shack west from Falls Church Metro on the bridge.
It is outside of DC, so you will want to head north from the Red Racer
Factory or south from Grayditch. It is with Chinese Army: Special Ops
Training Manual and Grognak the Barbarian. You must steal it.
+Abandoned Shack (one of several) roughly in a line going west of Arefu to
Rockbreaker's Last Gas. North of Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal
+Vault 92, in the overseers office on a shelf.
+At the end of a rocky tunnel next to a skeleton in the Old Olney Sewer.
+On a picnic table in the F.Scott Key Trail & Compound
+On a desk in the Launch Control Bunker of Fort Constantine.
+On a small table in a Raider "fort" on the coast South of Dukov's Place and
West of Metro NorthWest
+On a long wooden table, that looks to be a bar, in the Depot Offices of the
National Guard Depot.
+Just a bit North West of Farragut West Metro Station , under the bridge
sitting next to a bed.
+Inside a super mutant bunker in the DC Area, north of Museum of Technology.
+On a desk on behind an Average locked door on the first floor of the
Chryslus Building.

***Grognak the Barbarian (Melee Weapons) – 17***

+A copy will be given to you by Amata in Growing Up Fast during your birthday
+In Jericho's apartment in Megaton
+Statesman Hotel Restaurant, on a shelf in the middle of main room after
defeating Super Mutant Master
+Steal it from a child in Canterbury Commons
+Hubris Comics in the area where Mad John Wes is located
+In the shack at Clifftop Shacks, SE of Oasis. Beware the Super Mutant Master.
+On a desk on the top floor of the Vault-Tec office.
+On second floor of the Chaste Acres Dairy Farm lying next to a bed.
+At the Silver Lining Dine-In on a table in a nearby shack
+On the table next to the pool table just in the door in Museum Station.
+Gillian House, Minefield. Upstairs on the childs bed.
+1st floor of Fort Constantine Personnel Offices behind a Hard Locked door.
+On shelf in the Scavenger shack west from Falls Church Metro on the bridge.
It is outside of DC, so you will want to head north from the Red Racer
Factory or south from Grayditch. It is with Chinese Army: Special Ops
Training Manual and Duck and Cover!. You must steal it.
+Southeast of WKML Broadcast Station in a makeshift shelter on a top of some
books on a table
+In John's Treasure Box in the Scrapyard (NW corner, in the burned out bus
near the red railroad car). You need the key, which can be found on a body
near Relay Tower KX-B8-11
+Bethesda Underworks, after going down the stairs and into the side passage
off of the train tracks in a small room
+Georgetown, you can get here by running through Tepid Sewers, it's on the
second level of the building the super mutants are around with the ammo

***Guns and Bullets (Small Guns) – 21***

+Abandoned Shack with Keller Family Transcript 4 of 5 in it. (West of
Rockbreaker's Last Gas)
+In the Alexandria Arms (Opposite the Arlington Library)
+In the Polowski Preservation Shelter immediately outside Arlington Library
(to the north of the building)
+In The Citadel, A Ring, The Den (under one of the beds)
+Capital Wasteland, near the US 30 recipe book, on a side by the fridges.
On the world map, it is 12 squares to the right and one up from the
bottom-left corner
+In Everglow National Campground (NE of Little Lamplight), in the silver
trailer that serves as the main raider lair.
+Second story of the building north of Mason District South. The building
overlooks a park with a bunch of mutants roaming around.
+Flooded Metro west of Arlington Library. First big open room behind some
pipes with a skeleton.
+There are two in Mama Dolce's -- one, next to a sniper who is stationed
above the loading dock, and the second in a bathroom stall on the ground
floor underneath a pile of burned books.
+Arlington Library, top floor of the Children's Wing. To get there, you have
to go through the Media Wing.
+An abandoned home in eastern Grayditch
+CO Quarters of Fort Constantine.
+Regulators' headquarters, under bed next to Sonora Cruz
+Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel among the ammo boxes
+In John's Treasure Box in the Scrapyard (NW corner, in the burned out bus
near the red railroad car). You need the key, which can be found on a body
near Relay Tower KX-B8-11
+Chryslus Building, Reception Area, northern room
+Behind a Very Hard locked door in the Bomb Storage of Fort Constantine
accessed through the Launch Control Bunker.
+In an outhouse located on a farm east of Temple of the Union.
+On a desk in a hidden room in Museum of Technology West Wing, near the
rocket display. Jump down from above to reach.
+In raider camp just east of Red Rocket Factory.
+Go to Falls Church Metro. Go into Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro, past the
raiders and glowing ghouls into Franklin Metro Utility. The book is in the
rightmost room along with a combat shotgun and some missiles.

***Lying, Congressional Style (Speech) – 19***

+In the national archives, secure wing east. In a room with a safe, just
lying on the side by the safe
+It can be found in Tenpenny Tower on the desk of the owner.
+Also can be found in your Megaton house, upstairs, on your office, after
purchasing the Love Machine Theme from Moira.
+Another can be found in the Germantown Police HQ, on the ground floor, in
the classroom on the child-sized rusty desk.
+A copy can be found in the Capitol Wasteland, Mutant Camp, Northwest of
Rivet City (where there is a captive to rescue)
+Arlington Library, Children's Wing, it's on a shelf in a break room.
+Nuka-Cola bottling factory, offices on the second level.
+After completing the Arlington Library part of The Wasteland Survival Guide
quest and answering the Library is still there like it was, Moira will give
you one.
+In the Corvega Factory there is one directly ahead of the entrance on a
+In the old robot factory during the Superhuman Gambit quest, there is a
copy lying on a desk in the Mechanist's Forge.
+On the way to Galaxy News Radio in Tenleytown/Friendship tunnels, in one of
the several metal shelves where two Feral ghoul have killed a female
+Vault 108 Cloning Lab, on a table in the same room as the Charisma Bobblehead
+RobCo Factory Floor on a desk in the room with robots on display.
+There is one on a podium in the Conference Hall of the Capitol Building.
+Coming into the Vernon East/Takoma Park metro from Vernon Square East,
you'll find one just a few feet away in a ticket booth.
+Georgetown, Townhome.
+In an abandoned church east of Evergreen Mills.
+On a safe where you kill Ryan Brigg in the Jury St. Tunnels.
+Inside the church southwest of Jury Street Station, east of Evergreen Mills,
north of VAPL-84 Power Station. 

***Nikola Tesla and You (Energy Weapons) – 22***

+In the Abandoned Shack, Mason Dixon Salvage sitting on the table.
+Inside the Abandoned Tent northeast of Mason Dixon Salvage. (dupe of above?)
+A copy can be found in your Megaton Shack if you buy the Science theme from
Moira Brown. It is in the bookcase next to the stairs.
+Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop NW of Tenpenny Tower.
+Bathroom near the entrance of Museum of American History.
+Inside Robco Facility, north west in offices and cafeteria, on a desk in a
room with a Mark I turret on the ceiling.
+In the Museum of Technology Atrium, in control room overlooking the entrance
next to the maintenance terminal.
+In a box near a stone statue in the Reaction Chamber of Vault 87
(southwestern most dead end tunnel).
+Farragut West Metro Station, in a room with terminal to unlock the safe.
It's in the safe
+Evergreen Mills, Bazaar, in the cell
+Deathclaw Sanctuary in the first area on a table next to the endurance
+MDPL-21 Power Station on a workbench.
+On a shelf behind an Average locked door in the CEO Offices of Red Racer
+Raider Camp southeast of Arlington Library
+On a table behind a Hard locked door in the Capitol Building West Entrance.
+Next to a broken Protectron on the first floor in the Robot Repair Center.
+Set off 'reaction' in Gold Ribbon Grocers near Jury Street Metro Station.
+In a destroyed house on a bookshelf in the destroyed village east of Vault
112 and Evergreen Mills, southwest of Jury Street Metro Station, north-north
east of VAPL-84 Power Station, and close to a church.
+In Vault 92 near the studio computer
+National Guard Depot in a single room with a door labeled "Authorized
Personnel Only" on the lowest floor.
+Vault 106, Living Quarters, Upper catwalk room with school desks and a
switched off projector. Inside the bottom wooden box in a stack on the large
+Mechanist's Lair in Sector A on a workbench with two Protectrons

***Pugilism Illustrated (Unarmed) – 25***

+Laying near a toilet in the church east of Vault 112. 
+Faded Pomp Estates- in one ruined house, by bed, at the foot of fireplace.
+Roosevelt Academy- Academy ground floor, in men's restroom.
+Roosevelt Academy- Maintenance and evacuation, third generator room, on
shelves in NW corner.
+SatCom Array NN-03d- Tower C, in restroom with rude greeting.
+Clifftop Shacks- Inside the larger of two shacks, on a bookcase.
+Chaste Acres Dairy Farms- Inside grain silo.
+Minefield- Zane house, upstairs in the kid's room, next to teddy.
+Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema- On one of the picnic tables.
+In the ruins of Springvale - in a locked safe or a mailbox near the Red
Rocket station (but not both).
+The internment truck on the elevated highway near SatCom Array NW-07c
(radar dishes near the NW corner of map).
+A copy can be found on the makeshift kitchen table of the Raider camp west
of Arlington Library and south of the entrance to the Flooded Metro.
+In a lone Super Mutant Master's camp near the Anchorage Memorial.
+Inside Tenpenny Tower.
+In the locked area upstairs of Vault 87 - Living Quarters.
+After completing the Blood Ties quest, Alan takes over the house at the
bottom of Arefu. Inside the house, a copy is laying on a table to the left
of the entrance.
+On a shelf in a locked supply closet in the Metro Central tunnels.
+One can be found in the sewer entrance (hidden bunker) nearby the Papa
November radio tower.
+Vault 108 Living Quarters, on the counter in the cafeteria
+In Lucky's, south of Warrington Station
+Inside the church southwest of Jury Street Station, east of Evergreen Mills,
north of VAPL-84 Power Station.
+Warrington Station, where you meet Roy Phillips, furthest in past Betsy.
+Dukov's Place, upstairs
+Chryslus Building Lower Offices, upstairs, in one of the buckets next to a
vending machine
+In a room full of shelves on the first floor of L.O.B. Enterprises.

***Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor (Barter) – 21***

+Abandoned Shack (one of several) roughly in a line going west of Arefu to
Rockbreaker's Last Gas. North of Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal
+In the National Archive strongroom, on the side by a safe
+Super Duper Mart on the counter back by the robot room.
+Arlington Library Media Archive, on a table with a cofee machine, in a room
with a pool table and a nuka cola vending machine. North-west part of the map.
+Bethesda Underworks on a bucket sitting on a bench found right after coming
from the tunnel at the entrance.
+Tenpenny Tower, next to the Love Letter on a desk in Susan Lancaster's room.
+Hubris Comics Once you go in the door, there is a computer terminal directly
ahead which will explode. It is on a shelf to the left of the terminal.
+Statesman Hotel, up the stairs to the left, follow hallway left then right.
+Murder Pass, on a toilet in the southeast corner of the room north of the
Little Lamplight entrance.
+Grisly Diner
+Easternmost destroyed home in Reclining Groves Resort Homes. On a dresser.
+The Raid Shack, directly east of Bethesda Ruins.
+On a desk in an office area of Capitol Building East Entrance.
+Willy's Grocery, east of Tenpenny Tower.
+Vault 92, in the supply room, on the shelf just behind Supply Room Terminal.
+Abandoned Car Fort on road.
+Near the entrance to Mama Dolce's Food Distribution.
+Inside Lady Frumperton's Fashions near Dupont East.
+On the a desk in an office area located on the second floor of the Depot
Training Wing of the National Guard Depot.
+Carried by a named ghoul 'Gallo' , found inside the County Sewer Mainline
which is accesed either through a manhole in the Sewer Waystation or SE of
Wilhelm's Wharf
+In a shack made out of part of an old plane. The shack is located
south-southeast of Fairfax Ruins at 20:34.

***Tumblers Today (Lockpick) – 22***

+A copy can be found in the Germantown Police HQ basement, in the locked
weapons closet.
+South in Capital Wasteland, close to Flooded Metro entrance, there is a
Raider camp with a small turret on a bridge. A copy is located on a raised
platform, where the Raider that carries Missile Launcher usually is. There
are two Flooded Metros, the camp is loacted near the one furthest South.
+Meresti Service Tunnels, on the table near Robert's bed (the guy who guards
the entrance to Family gang encampment.)
+Freedom Street Station, on a table where the scavenger trader resides
+Inside the Nuka-Cola Plant in the factory floor area in the closet with the
safe in the room with the computer that has the shipping manifest.
+South-southeast of the Meresti Train Yard, sitting in a bathtub in one of
the demolished houses.
+A copy is laying next to a skeleton in the dug-out basement of Mama Dolce's,
next to two locked safes (one average, one hard) and three upturned desks.
+At Drowned Devil's Crossing in a truck near the bridge
+Arlington Library in the Media Wing. It's on desk between the two sets of
monitors in the room with the safe (it's the southern-most room)that is very
close to the Children's Wing door.
+On a desk near a locked safe of the third floor of Roosevelt Arts and
Athletics Hall.
+Gibson House, Minefield. Sitting in the main room.
+In the science area in Vault 106 after going downstairs there is a room to
your right with two visible lockers. In the back of this room on the left.
+Smith Casey's Garage
+L.O.B. Enterprises East Wing on CEO's Desk.
+On a desk in a room inside an Office Building in Falls Church. Watch out for
+Inside Talon Company Camp west of Grayditch
+Outside of an Abandoned Shack (one of several) roughly in a line going west
of Arefu to Rockbreaker's Last Gas. On the bottom of a turned over
refrigerator. It is outside the middle Shack, on the left.
+Set off 'reaction' in Gold Ribbon Grocers near Jury Street Metro Station.
+Southeast of Tenpenny Tower on the second floor of a wrecked building
+Downed Devil's Crossing, east of WKML Broadcast Station, in the red bus.
+Mason Dixon Salvage, abandoned shack.
+Broadcast Tower KB5 in the drainage chamber on the floor in front of a
locked door.

***U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes (Big Guns) – 20***

+Five Axles Rest Stop in the truck that serves as the main raider lair.
+On the roof of VAPL-58 Power Station, SW of Arefu
+Found from the body of a Flamer Raider from Bethesda Offices East
+In a room full of weapons on the bottom floor of the Wheaton Armory.
+In the Utility Room of the Anchorage Memorial.
+Capital wasteland, starting from the bottom left of the map, 12 squares to
the right, and then one up. on a table at the foot of the bed in the street.
+In Farragot West station, in the locked room below the frenzied ghouls
(along with some missiles, rifle and pistols).
+North of the Nuka-Cola Plant in the shell of a diner.
+Evergreen Mills, Southern Shack
+In Ferragut West Metro Station right after you encounter the ghouls you gas
and ignite, under the staircase through an Average locked door
+In the southwestern most tunnel of Murder Pass
+In John's Treasure Box in the Scrapyard (NW corner, in the burned out bus
near the red railroad car). You need the key, which can be found on a body
near Relay Tower KX-B8-11
+On a table in the Capitol Building West Entrance where you fight the Super
Mutant Behemoth.
+On the floor beside a desk with a cash register on your left when you enter
La Maison Beauregard Lobby.
+One in the auto shop by Tacoma Industrial, just watch out for the Behemoth
right outside.
+In the Arlington Utility tunnels, in the upper part of the first room when
entering from Arlington Cemetery North.
+In a truck located at the mid-point between Jury Street Metro Station and
VAPL-84 Power Station.
+National Guard Depot in the armory, next to Experimental M.I.R.V.
+In raider camp just east of Red Rocket Factory.
+In a truck southeast of Corvega Factory

I hope it helped! And God Bless!
~Stefan Beck

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ShadowsDieAway (For total # of books and categories) (Awesome Site where I found many additional book 
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