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Heavenly Sword Boss FAQ

Version 1.0 by


:, ,+++:. :
:+:. .,
, +++, .,
, **:, ,,
,:::, , ,*#+ ,.
,::+++++++++***###**+:, .
,,..:::++++:::###***+, : ,
,,**: :++,, : ,.***+*++:.
, ##*,,*#***+,, : ,:##***####*.
, , ,*#@@##@@##*##########***######*,
, ,+++**#@###*######@@@@@#*@####+::###***+
, .*####****@@#####@@@@@@@@@@*#@#*+::+@@#..@.+:*
, .**######***@@######@@@@@@@@@@*####*+:#@#:*,..:*+,
@###@@@@####*#*:,,.#:###@@@@@@@@*#@@@####*+++:**.:#: :
, ,+*###@@##@@@@@@@@###@@@@####@*+::......**++,,
, ,*#####@@@@@@###@@@@@*##@#*+::.....::*+,
, ,*###@@@@@@@@@@##+*#@@*+++:::...+:,
,+**++:, , , ,+*###@@@@@# **#@#*++*+###+:*+.
**+***+***:, , , +*##@*. *#@@****#:*::::++.,
, ,+******++*******:,*.*##@@***@#+***.,+*:.
#*, +**********: *.##@@*::+@#@*::+***::.
###*, , ,,, ,*##@@W+:+#@@+:..,.+*+::,,
####**. , ,*@@@@*+++*@#+:..,.+@,,,,,
@@####**+++.,,, ,,*@@@@#+:+**#*+:.,,.:#....,,,
, ,:*###########@@@@@@*#+++++*#*+:.,,.+:.......,,
,,.:+#+., ,@@**++*:++**+:.,,.++...,....,,
, .:+.*@@**+*:++***+:.,.:+:....,....,
, ,*## ++#+##@#@@::.:::++#+**:::...
,:*+* ++:*##@@@*::.:::@#*+###*:..,
, :*+ : .*##@*@@#*+:...::#:*.@#*++,
.+* : .*#@@@#***+:...::+*:.+#*+.
,,++* +, +**W#**#@++....:@:**+##+
.+*+ ,+ ,::@#*@#*+++:...:++#*###.
,***: ,+ :##*@#**+++:...:+::@#*+
,,:***: + +@@#@**++++*+++:::.:#*+,
,:**++, ,,:, ,+##@#++++++#++++:::::#*
,,+++++, , : , ,####*+++++##+*++:::::*,
,:+++:, .,, ,#@#++*++*#**#+++*::.::
:*++:,, ,:, ,**@+++#@@##+*+++#*#:::
++, *+#++@@#@##*#+.:+#***,
, ,+*##@#@@#@###::++*@#+:

Heavenly Sword
Boss Walktrough
Written by: Badder Shah
AKA. Nelo_Portgas





1. HSB1. Introduction and tips

2. HSB2. General Flying Fox, First Fight

3. HSB3. Whiptail

4. HSB4. Roach

5. HSB5. General Flying Fox, Final Fight

6. HSB6. King Bohan

7. HSB7. Credits and stuff (Not something you\'d be interested in)


HSB1 - Introduction and tips

So, getting down to it, this is FAQ regarding the boss fights in
the sexy sexy game of Heavenly Sword. All these Bosses were beaten
in Hell Mode, i.e. the hard mode. If you are playing a Normal game
and still use this piece of helping hand, beware that these tactics
are for harder opponents.
You CAN use it, just lower the damage output of the bosses and
increase the damage from Nariko a bit. Then its all good.

I\'ll be expecting some of the basics from you, like dodging or
doing a power combo R1 + Square + Square + Square) and
countering.... actually, I\'ll cover everything that you SHOULD



Tips and tricks

1. ============ Dodging

First tip of the day. Dogde. Yes, dodge. Many many many of the
attacks thrown at you by the bosses (most of the attacks, actually)
can be dodged. Just a flick of the rigth analog stick and
you\'re outta the jam. Sometimes you need to dodgde consecutively,
while some attacks arevery difficult to dodge though.
That is why you must counter them.

2. ============ Countering

Countering ends up in two boxes. Countering longe range attacks,
and countering physical attacks.

Long range attacks are easy to counter, usually just requiring you
to stand in one place and time your triangle button in time. Just
stand there if it is a blue range attack, and when you hear the a
"clink" sound, press triangle as fast as you can. If its an orange
range attack, quickly press R1 and then press triangle AFTER, you
hear the "clink" noise. The clink noise is very important since if
you dont wait for it, you\'ll get the damage.
It is the perfect moment to counter.

There is also a third variant of the range attack, and I\'ll tell
you which ones they are, when I get to the bosses.
These can be blocked by pressing L1, and pressing either Square or
Triangle, depending on the situation. Dont worry, I\'ll notify you
when to do it.

The tricky part is countering the physical attacks. Now, contrary
to popular belief, countering the physical attacks of bosses is
actually possible in this game. It is very very hard to do so, and
I\'ve only done it about seven or 8 times in all my time fighting
them, but it is quite possible. I wouldnt ask you to try though,
unless you really know how to play this game. They are very hard to
trigger and the damage output is relatively small to what you can
actually dish out yourself.

3. ============ Aerial Combos

You wouldnt think they\'d be useful in a boss battle, would you?
But they are pretty useful in one boss battle, which I\'ll come to
later. I\'m just here to tell how to actually do them.

What you do is, you press L1 and press triangle, ONCE. Only press
it once. If you see your enemy flying through the air
because of your one attack, flick the Six-Axis controller up in the
air. You will now be face to face with the enemy. Just execute any
combo you like, I prefer the Power Combo, since it does the most
amount of damage.

4. ============ Health Pots

All the boss fights, except the King Bohan, will have small health
pots littered around. I\'ll give you the exact amount for every
individual fights later. Basically, you smash these babies with the
X button or with a countered long range attack. They instantly fill
all of Narikos health. Remember the location of these pots and boss
fights just that much easier.

5. ============ Useful Combos

These combos right are very very useful. Sometimes I\'ll say "Attack
in the Speed Stance" then I wouldnt mean a specific combo. If a
specific combo is useful, I\'ll tell you about it.
Oh and do remember to unlock these combos, if neccessary.

First up is the bread and butter of the useful combos.

It is a shortened version of the "Heavenly Storm". Just press
Square, and then keep mashing Triangle. What this combo does is
that it makes Nariko invincible for a short period of time and does
massive amountsof damage.
Yes, it almost feels like cheating. Almost.

The second useful combo is "Angels Harvest".
It goes Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle.
This is another massive damage combo but its a bit more tricky to
pull off. It does more damage, but the invincibility granted is for
a much shorter time.

The Power Combos. When I say "Pull off a Power Combo", I\'m
talking about a mix of any of the 3-button variations in the Power
Stance. Be it Square, Square, Square or Square, Square, Triangle.
Its up to you what to use.

6. ============ The Auras

Each attack an enemy makes has an aura to them. Speedy attacks are
coloured blue can be blocked in the Speed Stance, i.e. your normal

Powerful attacks are coloured orange and can be blocked with the
Power Stance (R1). HOWEVER, if the Orange attack is only one
attack, and not a combo, you can actually block it in Speed Stance.
Nariko will momentarily be off balance, but it is possible.

Very very powerful attacks are coloured Red. Always, always,
always dodge the Red attacks. You cannot block them. And you cannot
counter them. If they connect, they will usually deal massive
damage. Be very careful around these.

Some special attacks though, they have no Aura to them. Attacks
such as Water waves and flying Crows, for those attacks, you gotta
go into Range Stance (L1) and then press either Square or Triangle.
They\'re nothing to worry about.


HSB2 - General Flying Fox, First Fight

First off, this fight is about your fighting skills in general. The
better you manage against the early waves of soldiers, the more
health pots for you to use against Flying Fox.

There are two Health Pots on the stage, one to the very right, one
to the very left. I\'m not gonna tell you how to beat those ordinary
thugs, just do your best. After the first two waves, if you\'ve been
playing well, use a supermove to remove about half of the soldiers.
After you\'ve fought these guys, you should at most have used one
Health Pot.
Flying Fox WILL damage you, and keeping at least one spare Health
Pot is the wise mans choice.

Getting to it.

After he jumps down to your level, unleash all and every type of
Combo you know in the Speed Stance. The trick is to keep him busy

As long as he blocks, he wont be attacking. As you are attacking
him, he will sometimes either sidestep your attack or disappear in
a puff of smoke. THAT is your cue to dogde roll, post haste.
Those two things means he will unleash an attack.

He attacks in all the stances. He attacks with a Blue Aura, an
Orange Aura, and his massive Red aura attack that can take more
than half of Narikos health in one go.

Blue attacks should be dodged easily. If you like, you can actually
try to attack him while he is attacking, and get a quick hit. It is
quite risky though, so be warned.

His Orange attacks should be dogde rolled at all costs. They are
too painful to play with.

His Red attacks are pure evil. They can practically take off more
than Half of Narikos health in one attack. When you see him go Red,
dodge, dodge, dodge and then dodge some more.

So, just keep pummeling the like a maniac. ONLY, in Speed Stance
though. The Power Stance is too slow for Flying Fox and he\'ll be
dodging your attacks like nothing. Range stance can actually hurt
him, but the damage to risk ratio is unacceptable. Its simply not
enough damage.

Pull off any or all combos you know, especially the ones I
recommended earlier. If you go low on health, dont be afraid to
break one of the pots. They are there for a reason.

If you manage to knock him down, STAY AWAY FROM HIM. He will rise
in blur of attacks, it may even be a Red aura attack. Stay away for
a while, and when he stops, then resume your attacks.

Eventually after you\'ve pummeled him enough, a Circle will appear
near him. Press O, and you\'ll start on the cutscene button
mashathon. Press these buttons before time runs out, and you\'ll
have beaten him.

After pressing O, you gotta press Left. Then you gotta mash the X
button real fast. Then press Right. Square. Up. And Square.

There you, job well done. Easy peasy.


HSB3 - Whiptail

Round 1.

This fight is a medium diffculty fight. But fortunately for us, we
are given three whole Health Pots.
Plus a breather mission with Kai which results in the Health Pots
Respawning for the third part of the battle. Very good on us, eh?

Anyway, Whiptail is a nasty piece of work. Her physical attacks are
massive heavy. You need to be real good at finding openings to do
her damage.

Her range attacks on the other hand, are childs play. And this is
her major weakness. So getting to it.

She will begin the battle by throwing a major wave at you. Dont
panic. Simply press L1 + Square. That will disperse the wave. She
will send to more waves. Disperse them in the same way, while
running towards her.

After she does her Range attacks, she will momentarily be dazed.
This is your chance to do some massive damamge. Simply do a Power

She\'ll then retaliate with physical attacks.

Her attacks include Blue Aura ones and Orange Aura ones, no Red
ones. As her name IS Whiptail, she was very very long reach with
her attacks.

She will usually start off with a Blue, Orange, Blue combination.
If you want to fight her physically, which I would discourge unless
you know how to play the game, you have to use circular dodging.

That means that even though you dodge away from her attacks,
because of her long reach she would be able to reach. BUT, she can
only attack length wise, she has no circular encompassing attacks.
In other words, you have roll AROUND her, not away from her. If you
keep rolling around, she wont be able to hit you and you can
unleash your combos.

If you wanna go by the easy way, simply run away from her after
doing your first Power Combo. She will dive after you but she\'ll
eventually give up and start doing her Range Wave attacks again.

Now, every time she does a Range Wave attack, it will only be 3
Waves long. If its a huge wall of a wave, you must disperse it with
L1 + Square. If its a small, concentrated wave, you must disperse
it with L1 + Triangle. Important difference. Dont worry, she wont
be mixing up the two kinds of waves just yet.

Just keep killing her Range attacks and doing a Power Combo.
Rinse and Repeat.

When a Circle appears above her, simply press it once and its over.



Round 2.

Basically a continuation of Round 1, with added aggressiveness
from Whiptail. She will actually mix up her attacks, so stay on
your toes, you have to switch up between L1 + Square and L1 +

The waves also increase in number, up to 5 waves at a time. AND,
she wont be perceptible to a Power Combo anymore, when she\'s dazed.

I.e. after you start your combo, she\'ll dodge the rest and then
beat you up. What you CAN do is, you can perform an Aerial Combo on
her. Remember, press L1 + Triangle, ONCE. After she\'s flying in the
air, flick your controller up.

Once you\'re up there with her, I\'d recommend using a Power Aerial
Combo. What you do, once in air, you press R1 + Square, Square,

That\'d show her.

If you\'re beating her up physically, her tactics havent changed
much. She will now try to grab you, once in a while. Counter this
by quickly pressing Circle. Just use the circular dodging method
and you\'ll be fine.

This time when you\'ll see a Circle, press it, but be prepared. You
have to press it one more time. After that, the end.



Round 3.

Since you\'ve had a break with Kai, all the health pots are now
restored. So you get 3 health pots for one round. Pretty neat.

Again, a repeat of round 2. Not much more to add here.

After you\'ve beaten her up a while, she\'ll have a Circle near her.
Press it once. Then you will be prompted to press Square.

And so comes the end of sweet fishface, Whiptail.


HSB4 - Roach

Round 1.

Big ol fatass here. He\'s actually a lot tougher than he looks. Be
mindful of that.

This fight contains three Health Pots in total. A new one will be
thrown, after you use the previous one. You can use all of them in
one Round 1, or you can save one Pot for each stage. Depends on
your skills and you choice.

The battle starts off with you with your back to Roach. When he
starts spinning, run to the right black pillar. Stand on its left
side. As soon as Roach gets near you, dodge roll to the left.

Roach will run into the pillar and recieve massive damage. He\'ll
even be dazed for a few seconds but unfortunately, he\'ll be a wee
bit invincible.

When he finally stands up, unleash a Power Combo on him. Speed
Stance is too weak for him to actually notice, and Range Stance is
completly out of the question.

If you can, keep pulling Power Combos on him. He is much faster
than he looks, so always keep an eye out for his Red/Orange colour
attacks. He can start them very very quickly so it\'s wise to keep
an eye on the dodge rolling stick.

Roach has no Blue colour attacks and no Range attacks.

After a few skirmishes, he\'ll throw his swords around and start
spinning on the ground. If the camera angle doesnt change, just
keep dodge rolling. He will soon descend from the heavens like a
ton of fat cherubs.

After he lands, he will be stuck in the ground for a while. Quickly
go to his back and do a Power Combo. If you attack him from the
front, he may actually block your attack.
Be careful, he has a tendency to retaliate with a Red attack, just
as your last strike hits. Dodge roll to avoid.

If you stand still, he will grab you and do masive damage. Counter
this by quickly pressing Circle when prompted.

He will usually do a Red, Orange, Orange combo. Just keep dodge
rolling once he start on his attack. Keep up your Power Combos.

Whenever he starts rolling towards you, simply run near a pillar
and dodge just as he\'s about to hit you. He\'ll again run into a

After his Green health runs out, lure him to the center of the
stage. He will start on a massive Red attack and he\'ll end up
jamming his swords in the bedrock.

Quickly go to his back and press Circle. You must then press
Square. End of Round 1.



Round 2.

This time he gets massive aggressive. Roach will start to use many
many more physical attacks. The best time to attack is right after
he attacks you.

He will usually do a Red, Orange attack. His other attacks include
an Orange, Orange, Red, Red.
Thats some heavy damage if you get caught in that.

Just after he attacks, , whatever attack it may be, he will let his
guard down for a second. Thats when you pull out a Power Combo and
beat up his ass. Dont be greedy, only perform one combo. Otherwise
he may instant counter with a Red Aura and beat the crap out of

He will still, periodically, do his spinning move and his drop from
above move.

It might be possible that you\'ve used up all of the Black Pillars
to stop his spinning move. Now, to avoid this, just keep dodge
rolling from the very moment he starts spinning. When he stops, he
will be dizzy for a while. Thats another good opportunity to pull a
Power Combo.

After you wittle down his health, he will again do his supermove in
the center of the stage. Simply go to his back and press circle.
Then press Triangle when prompted.



Round 3.

Everything from Round 2 counts here. This is just a matter of
patience and not getting cocky. I\'ve been cocky many times and I\'ve
bitten the dust because of it.

Only attack when you know he will get hurt, i.e. right after he
attacks. Dont mess about with trying to do an extra combo or two.
You will get burned.

Just keep doing what I told, only use the Health Pots when
absolutely neccessary.

When he does his final superattack, go around his back again and
press Circle.

Then, when you are prompted to, press Right, Square, Right, Square.

If you fail to press the buttons correctly, you will either die or
you will be thrown back in the arena with Roach having some of his
life back. So dont mess up the button presses. They are vital.


HSB5 - General Flying Fox, Final Fight

Round 1.

This fight is actually quite easy once you know how to do it. BUT,
if you get cheeky or lose attention for a moment, Flying Fox WILL
kill you.

There are three Health Pots on the stage, two are on the bars of
the "cage". You cant physically collect them so you\'ll have to use
Flying Fox\' range attack to break them apart.
The last Pot is in the North-East side of the stage.

I\'d recommend, in the first two rounds at least, to use the two
Health Pots on the sidelines. I\'ll do that because in the last
Round, you wont have access to them anymore, so it should be
considered that you will only have access to the last Health Pot,
the one on the ground, for the last part.

So, Flying Fox starts the fight by floating around. He has two
attacks in this mode. A Blue aura flying knife, and a Orange aura
flying knife. You can counter both attacks.

What you should do is, run as far away from him as you can. Then
turn around to face him. Stand still. If you see a Blue aura, press
Triangle AFTER you hear the clink noise. If its a Orange aura, keep
R1 pressed and then press Triangle AFTER you hear the clink noise.

If you successfully countered one of the attacks, you go in the
slow-mo cam, where you can control where the knife goes. You can
either hit the two Health Pots (only do it when you need them) or
you can hit Flying Fox with them.

You dont have to hit him dead center, your projected knife may only
graze one of his legs and he\'ll recieve full damage.

He will either do 2 or 3 of these Range attacks, depending on how
well you countered them.

After a while, he will drop down. Just go gung-ho on his ass.
Unleash Speed Combos, especially the ones I recommended earlier.

The Range stance is effective against him, use it if you will.
Though personally I dislike the low damage output.

Power Stance is out of the question. He will either block you 90%
of the time or dodge you. You may get in one hit but the effort is
too much for so little damage.

If you manage to knock him down or if he vanished in smoke, dodge
away from him as fast as you can. He will unleash one of three
combos, an all Orange combo, an all Blue combo or an Orange attacks
followed by a Red attack. If you see him go Red, dodge like theres
no tomorrow. If he catches you, you\'re in for some pain.

If you\'re feeling a bit cocky, you can actually counter one of his
Blue aura attacks. It does little damage to him but still a nice

He will repeat this pattern, he will fly up, throw knives, drop
down, fly backup, etc. etc.

If you keep cool, you\'ll not even need one Health Pot. But if you
do need one, wait for him to fly up, let him throw a knife, counter
it, and lead it to a Pot so it breaks.

After a while, he\'ll have depleted his green health.



Round 2.

He will start off this fight on the the ground. He will keep his
attacks from Round 1 but he will be slightly more aggressive with
his attacks, i.e. therewill be more of them. He also adds one more
attack: an all Red Aura attacks. This attack takes massive life
away so be very very careful when he goes Red.

Just keep attacking him like in Round 1 and he will eventually fly
up. He will throw one knife at you, counter as neccessary.

THEN, he\'ll pull out a new card. After his first knife, he will
spawn two copies on the ground. They fight exactly like the
original Flying Fox so beware their attacks. If you can, try to
keep the copies from ganging up on you. Then they can really hurt

Kill them one by one. They\'d wont have many hit points though, so
they\'re easy pickings in a certain sense. They\'ll vanish once they

After they die, Flying Fox will drop down. Just kick his ass like

Then he will fly up. He will throw knives at you. Depending on how
you counter, he may or may not spawn new copies. If he doesnt spawn
new copies, counter his kives and kick his ass when he drops down.
Or Smash one of the outlying Health Pots if you find the need for

If he DOES spawn copies, there will be three of them now. Remember,
they all have his attacks, even the all Red Aura attack. Be careful
when killing them.

After they\'re dealth with Flying Fox will drop down. Do the same
deal over again, until he flies up again.
Again, depending of your countering, he will either spawn four
copies or just throw knives.

I know that by now, you probably have lost some health, so now
would be a good time to smash those Health Pots on the railings.
Thats from personal experience, when I felt the need to smash one

After a while, he will finally lose his health and he will start on
Round 3.



Round 3.

This round can be a bit tricky. There will be no one-on-one against
Flying Fox. Instead, you will be facing 8 copies, at the same time.
That can be pretty daunting in itself.

So, no countering knives in this round. All the copies have exactly
the same attack + attack patterns of the Round 2 Flying Fox.

To kill them all, stay at the edge of the arena. Dont let the
copies circle you out. Once you\'re on the edge, use your Range
Stance attacks. They will usually hit about 3 or 4 them and you
keep yourself on the edges, you will eventually kill most of them.

Remember, dont get surrounded by them or they will Fight Club your
ass. When about 2 or 3 are left, you can switch back to Speed
Stance and pick them off, one by one.

If you listening to my advice earlier, you will still have one
Health Pot left to use (North Eastern corner of stage). You will
get damaged here, so I\'d say use it.

Afer that you will have defeated him... but wait a minute ! He\'s
not dead yet !!



Round... Kai?

All you have to do is shoot Flying Fox before Kais health runs out.
Pretty damn simple. Aim around until you find him and nail the


HSB6 - King Bohan

Round 1.

In this fight, there are no Health Pots. None whatsoever. But
luckily, your health will be filled between each round. In a way,
its easier and also harder, to have no Health Pots.

You\'ll start with Bohan flying above and swooping down. As soon as
the battle begins, start dodge rolling. Dodge until he has swooped
down and lands.

The start of this fight can be a bit tricky because of all the
soldiers running around but they\'ll eventually stop. If you are too
bothered by them, just keep dodging Bohan until they stop running.

This entire round will be fought on ground. Bohan switches between
Physical attacks, which include the Combos listed here:

Red, Orange, Orange.
Blue, Orange, Orange.
Orange, Red, Orange, Orange.

You gotta use either the Power Stance or the Speed stance. The
Range Stance is completely useless since Bohan can dodge pretty
fast and you\'ll be left spinning with nothing to hit.

I myself prefer Speed because of all the differen Combos, but Power
can work just as well.

Be wise in this, dont spam attacks when you know you should be
dodge rolling. Its a simple matter. If you stand still, he will
grab you and hit for a lot of damage. Counter this by pressing
Circle when prompted to.

He will also have two Range attacks. A blue lightning, and an
orange lightning. You can counter them both. Actually, on Hell Mode
you will NEED to counter them both because otherwise, you\'re dead.

He will do his range attack after he slides away from you. Stop
moving, wait for him to throw the lightning and the counter when
you hear the clink noise.

This fight is pretty easy, I actually beat him on my first time
playing the game. Eventually, he\'ll lose his life and you will get
a Circle propmt near him. Press Circle when you can and you will
then have to press Square. Do so.



Round 2.

This round is actually pretty hard, compared to the last fight. It
will again begin Bohan floating up high, laughing madly. Just dodge
him like last time.

The entire fight will be fought with Bohan floating on his wings,
so it\'ll be hard to get decent view if your attacks are connecting
or not. Just trust your gut on when to dodge. His physical attacks
include all the Aura and are listed below.

Orange, Orange, Red (Orange).
Blue, Red
Orange, Orange
Blue, Blue

For this fight, I\'d recommend the Power Stance. First because the
Speed Stance is combo based and because of his view-blocking wings,
you wont be able to see when to roll from a combo.
Second because his most used physical attack is actually Orange, so
you\'ll automatically block him if you\'re in the Power Stance.

Just pummel him with a single Power Combo at a time. Remember, he
is most weak after having done a Combo of his own.

His other attacks include floating up high, and laughing like a
madman, then Swooping real fast, down on you. So whenever you hear
him laugh, dodge like crazy.

He also has two types of Range attacks. Orange and Blue. You can
counter them, and again, if you\'re in Hell Mode, you MUST block, or
you\'ll get massive damage. Actually, his most devasting attack is
not his Red attack, but his Range attacks.

If you get hit 3 or 4 times by his Range attacks, you will die.

If you cannot beat him physically, you can actually beat him by
countering his Range attacks. If he throws Blue lightning, it will
be in waves of three lightnings at a time. Remember the clink
sound, and you\'ll counter correctly.

If he throws Orange lightning, he will throw them two at a time.
BUT, he\'ll send 3 waves. In other words, he\'ll send 6 Orange
lightnings in one go, but they\'ll come out in pairs.

If you successfully counter all of his Range attacks, he will drop
down. Thats your cue execute a single Power Slash on him. Only a
single, dont be greedy, because as soon you hit him one, he will be
invunerable to harm for a short period of time.

After you\'ve beaten him enough, there will a Circle prompt. Press
it. Then you\'ll need to press Circle once more to end the Round.



Round 3.

The final fight. This is gonna be massive hard. This time around,
Bohan will fight both on the ground, like in Round 1 but also in
the air like Round 2. Double the trouble.

His aggressiveness with his physical atttacks has erupted
massively. When he is on the ground, I\'d recommend the Speed
Stance. Clear view, no wings to interrupt and the Combos can open
up through his blocking. When on the ground, he will also use more
Blue Aura attacks, compared to when he\'s floating.

When he is in the air, he will keep his attacks from round 2. Below
is a list of his combos.

Blue, Red
Blue, Red, Orange Orange
Blue, Orange, Red
Blue, Orange, Orange
Orange, Orange
Orange, Orange, Red, Orange

While on the ground, as I said earlier, use Speed Stance, when he
starts to float, then start to use Power Stance. You can of course
not do what I say and go your own way, but I have tried and tested
and these Stances work the best for the given situations.

While floating, he loves Orange attacks so being in Power Stance
would be natural, no?

He also retains his Range attacks from Rounds 1 and 2. But he has
modified them a bit. When he is on wings, all of lightning attacks
will come in rounds of 6 at a time. BUT, he mixes up between Blue
and Orange so you\'ll have to keep a sharp eye on when he does what.

Plus this mix-up, he\'ll also start sending 3 or 4 waves of crows at
a time. You can block them by going into Range stance and pressing
Square. You cannot counter these, only block them.

He also does his madman swoop but sometimes, if you dodge the
first, he will swoop a second time. Be careful of that and remember
to look for his laugh.

If you manage to counter all of lightnings when he is floating, he
will drop down, dazed. Now, you SHOULDNT slash him once with a
Power hit, because he\'s learnt from before and he will block it.
Once he\'s dazed, you gotta hit him with a Speed slash. That\'d teach

Oh, and he\'ll still be able to grab you. Counter by pressing

After a while, when his health is about a third way down, he will
Look unconcious, go up to him and press Circle. Then press Square
when prompted.

After seen that very very cool move, repeat what I listed earlier.
Attack, when he\'s vulnerable, i.e. right after a combo, and when
his health is Aabout 2/3 down, he will again be looking dazed. Run
up to him and press Circle.

Press Triangle when prompted. Now on to the final part of the final

Again, repeat the tactics I\'ve listed earlier. Dont be cocky, you
probably wont have much life left. Just keep attacking and making
clever choices.

This time when his life is nearing end, he wont be dazed. But you
gotta press Circle, so get close to him and be fast enough to press

Then press these button when they appear on screen.

Square, Circle, Triangle.

BAM. Congratulations. You\'ve just beaten this masterpiece of a
game. Watch the very very very moving ending scene.


HSB7 - Credits

A thanks to all who could make this game possible.
I\'d like to give a shout out to Ninja Theory for making this game.
A shout to Nitin Sawnhey and his crew at the Prague Philharmonic.
A definite pump up to Sony for investing in Ninja Theory and giving
them time to make this game.

Also a thanks to GameFAQS for posting this up (yeah, you reviewer,
I\'m talking about you)
And finally, a thank to myself. Yes, I\'m the man, I know it.
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