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Posted on 01/12/15
I've had a long-standing rule to avoid getting involved in any sort of crowdfunded activities.  I didn't donate to Shadowrun or Wasteland, but I did buy and enjoy both of them (I'm plugging both of those games right now, just so you know they're good).  I haven't...

Hunted: The Demon's Forge Achievments

Version 1.00 by


Achievement Description
Above the Influence (100) Adventure Mode - Finished a game where neither player drank Sleg
All That and a Bag of Chips (15) Obtain an Epic quality weapon
Arachnophobe (10) As Caddoc, conquer your fear as well as the spider god in Chapter 2
Banished (10) As E'lara, send the demon in the library back to hell at the end of Chapter 4
Basic Instinct (10) Kill the assassin at the docks in Chapter 3 as Caddoc
Boots and a Handbag (10) As E'lara, kill the Blind Dragon at the conclusion of Chapter 5
Bull in a China Shop (15) Trick the Minotaur into destroying all the pillars in the Arches of Fire section in Llyr
Business of Makin' Sausage (15) Complete Chapter 6
Cashews on The Counter (15) Complete the Tutorial
Cat Fight (10) Kill the assassin at the docks in Chapter 3 as E'lara
Catch! (15) Escape the Collapsing Aqueduct without taking any damage
Crystal Clear (15) Adventure Mode - Collect all possible crystals throughout the game
Don't Cry, Little Dragon (50) Adventure Mode - Find all Dragon Tears in the game
Dungeon Makeover (15) Unlock 50% of Crucible content
Dungeon Master (50) Unlock all Crucible content
Exorcist (10) As Caddoc, send the demon in the library back to hell at the end of Chapter 4
Exterminatrix (10) As E'lara, squash the spider god while holding Caddoc’s hand in Chapter 2
Eye for an Eye (15) Kill an Eye of Annuvin before it can summon reinforcements on the Road to Kala Moor
Femme Fatale (10) Defeat Annuvin as E'lara
God Complex (15) Create your own Crucible level
Gold Finger (50) Amass 100,000 gold
Grounded (10) As Caddoc, Put down the Blind Dragon at the conclusion of Chapter 5
Hello Nurse! (10) As E'lara, defeat the Infected at the end of Chapter 1
I'll Huff and I'll Puff... (15) Trick a blind dragon into shooting down the weak tower in the depths of Kala Moor
Ice Queen (15) Adventure Mode - Cooperatively kill 50 frozen enemies
Is Something Burning? (15) Kill 20 enemies using explosive barrels
It's All a Top Priority (15) Adventure Mode - Use the Deathstone to communicate with every spirit in the game
Joined at the Hip (15) Adventure Mode - Perform a Spell Link with your companion 20 times during the game
Kaboom (15) Kill at least 3 enemies with one explosion
Kung Fu Graphics (15) Complete Chapter 3
Late to the Party (50) Adventure Mode - Free all bound prisoners throughout the game
LF1M Dungeon Crawl (50) Complete a 25 room map in Crucible
Life Support (15) Adventure Mode - Revive your fallen companion 20 times during the game
Like Butter (15) Equip a Rare, or better, quality weapon in both inventory slots
Man Slaughter (10) Defeat Annuvin as Caddoc
Mr. Furious (15) Complete Chapter 4
Not on My Watch (15) Kill a fleeing Wargar in the town of Dyfed
One Man Wolf Pack (15) Unlock 1st piece of Crucible content
Piddlin' in the Porridge (25) Adventure Mode - Finished a game where one player drank the Sleg
Pump YOU Up (15) Adventure Mode - Battle Charge your companion 50 times during the game
Raise the Not Quite Dead (15) Adventure Mode - Cooperatively kill 50 levitating enemies
Rampage (15) Kill 20 Wargar before the crane platform gets to the bottom in the Dungeons of Dyfed
Razor Sharp (15) Kill 15 enemies with the Forest flechette gun on the Road to Kala Moor
Rockstar (15) Complete Chapter 2
Sandy V. (30) Adventure Mode - Defeat all bosses as E'lara
Situation (30) Adventure Mode - Defeat all bosses as Caddoc
The Dr. Is In (10) As Caddoc, defeat the Infected at the end of Chapter 1
The Iron Triangle (15) Complete Chapter 1
Whatever It Takes (15) Complete Chapter 5
You Broke It, They Bought It (15) Shatter the shields of 50 enemies
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