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James Bond 007: Blood Stone Trophies

Version 1.00 by


Trophy Description
00 Status (Bronze) Complete last tutorial section
1984 (Bronze) Disable 3 security cameras using Bond's Smartphone
A Bridge Too Far (Silver) Finish the game on Recruit to Agent difficulty
Air Defense (Bronze) Shoot down all the missiles fired by the S.A.V.
Best Served Cold (Silver) Complete Siberia chapter on 007 Difficulty
Blind Fury (Bronze) Eliminate 100 enemies using blind fire from cover
Blood from a Stone (Gold) Finish game on 007 Difficulty
Blood Stone Elite (Silver) Obtain the '00 Agent Mission' medal in online ranked multiplayer
Case Officer (Bronze) Obtain a level 8 Game Medal in online ranked multiplayer
Dam Fine Shot (Bronze) Complete the Burma chapter on Recruit to Agent difficulty
Down But Not Out (Bronze) Complete the Bangkok chapter on Recruit to Agent difficulty
Drag Off (Bronze) Perform 20 reach over cover takedowns
Field Operative (Bronze) Obtain a level 1 Game Medal in online ranked multiplayer
Fireworks at the Party (Bronze) Complete the Athens chapter on Recruit to Agent difficulty
Focused Killer (Bronze) Perform 80 Focus Aim kills
Free Fall (Bronze) Throw 5 people off balconies
Full Debrief (Silver) Collect all the intelligence items using Bond's Smartphone
Full Recon (Bronze) Collect all the intelligence items in a level using Bond's Smartphone
Going Down! (Bronze) Destroy the elevator bringing reinforcements in the Istanbul tunnels
Grand Bizarre (Silver) Complete Istanbul chapter on 007 Difficulty
I Broke the Bank (Silver) Complete Monaco chapter on 007 Difficulty
Ice Cold (Bronze) Complete the Siberia chapter on Recruit to Agent difficulty
Law of the Jungle (Silver) Complete Burma chapter on 007 Difficulty
Mai Thai (Silver) Complete Bangkok chapter on 007 Difficulty
Master at Arms (Bronze) Kill with all the available weapons
Melee Master (Silver) Perform 3 takedowns in 10 seconds
No Claims Bonus (Bronze) Drive to the bridge in the epilogue level without hitting any other vehicles
No Valet Required (Bronze) Destroy all the cars in the Yacht Club car park in Athens
Nobody Does It Better (Bronze) Win an online ranked match without being killed
Olympic Gold (Silver) Complete Athens chapter on 007 Difficulty
Pay Out (Bronze) Complete the Monaco chapter on Recruit to Agent difficulty
Pedal to the Metal (Bronze) Finish Refinery driving escape with full throttle and no brakes
Platinum Bond (Platinum) Obtain all bronze, silver, and gold trophies
Professional Killer (Bronze) Finish a level using the pistol as the only gun
Queensbury Rules (Bronze) Perform 150 takedowns
Sharp Instrument (Bronze) Perform a Focus Aim kill shortly after a takedown
Shocking (Bronze) In Bangkok use the stun gun on 5 enemies
Shooting Range (Bronze) Eliminate all enemies during the funicular lift sequence
Silent Running (Bronze) Perform 40 stealth takedowns
Sneaky Gardener (Bronze) Get through the Monaco casino gardens without being spotted
Special Commendation (Bronze) Achieve an End Game Award in an online ranked match
Speed Run (Bronze) Finish the Istanbul driving chase in under 2 min and 59.4 secs
Three Birds, One Blood Stone (Bronze) Perform a chain of 3 Focus Aim kills
Turkish Delight (Bronze) Complete the Istanbul chapter on Recruit to Agent difficulty
Victor (Bronze) Be on the winning team in an online ranked match
Virtuoso (Bronze) Obtain all Game Medals in online ranked multiplayer
Weapon Initiate (Bronze) Obtain a level 1 Weapon Medal in online ranked multiplayer
Weapon Master (Bronze) Obtain all Weapon Medals in online ranked multiplayer
Weapon Specialist (Bronze) Obtain a level 8 Weapon Medal in online ranked multiplayer
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