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This strategic space fighter won’t wow you with its looks, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had. Especially if you bring friends along.

So, the question remains, is this an ultimate storm made by ninjas or a storm made of ninjas?
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FEATURED VOXPOP shandog137 Background: I own and have completed every entry in the Ninja Storm series, so there is inherent bias but luckily this isn’t a review. These are just my thoughts on a fun series I chose to pick up after my Dragon Ball Z Budokai days. I am also only about 3 episodes behind in the...

Lost Planet 2 Achievements

Version 1.00 by


Achievement Description
100-Chapter Playback (10) Play through 100 chapters
200-Chapter Playback (20) Play through 200 chapters
300-Chapter Playback (30) Play through 300 chapters
A Collector's collector (50) Unlock all items (weapons, abilities, nom de guerre)
A Thousand Unmarked Graves (15) Defeat 1000 enemy soldiers
All in a Day's Work (20) Achieve 100 different Good Job awards
Centurion (15) Win 100 online ranked matches
Committed 'til the End (100) Earn all the good job awards,items,and career levels available in the game
Complete Episode 1 (10) Complete all the chapters in episode 1
Complete Episode 2 (10) Complete all the chapters in episode 2
Complete Episode 3 (10) Complete all the chapters in episode 3
Complete Episode 4 (10) Complete all the chapters in episode 4
Complete Episode 5 (10) Complete all the chapters in episode 5
Complete Episode 6 (10) Complete all the chapters in episode 6
Complete Prologue A (10) Complete episode 1 chapter O-A
Complete Prologue B (10) Complete episode 1 chapter O-B
Death Wish (10) Die more than 444 times
Endangered species (15) Defeat 3000 S- and M- sized Akrid
Femmes Fatales Faction Leader (30) Achieve a career level of LV.99 with the femmes fatales
Fight Junkie Berserker (30) Achieve a career level of LV.99 with the fight junkies
First Among Snow Pirate Elites (30) Achieve a career level of LV.99 with the snow pirate elites
Good Job Soldier (40) Earn all the good job awards
Honeymoon Period (20) Celebrate your six-month anniversary with LOST PLANET 2
Hot Shot (15) Gain promotion to the rank of gunner
Instrument of Destruction (20) Defeat 9999 enemies (Akrid, VS, or enemy soldiers)
It's so Easy (20) Play any combination of chapters 39 times on easy
Let's Go VS Force! (10) Merge two VS units
Me Against the World (10) Complete 93 areas while online without the help of other players
Monster Hunter (20) Defeat 30 bosses
NEVEC Black Ops Commander (30) Achieve a career level of LV.99 with the NEVEC black ops
Professional Turncoat (10) Fight for a number of different factions in faction match
Prove Your Mettle (25) Unlock all the abilities
Quintuple Factionalism (50) Achieve a career level of LV.99 with all 5 factions
Rookie (10) Complete the game on easy
Rounder Chief (30) Achieve a career level of LV.99 with the rounders
Slayer of a Thousand Men (15) Achieve 1000 kills in online matches
Snow Pirate (10) Achieve a career level of LV.10
Snow Pirate Commander (25) Achieve a career level of LV.80
Snow Pirate Leader (20) Achieve a career level of LV.50
Snow Pirate Warrior (15) Achieve a career level of LV.30
Soldier (10) Complete the game on normal
Super Soldier (15) Complete the game on hard
Thermal Energy Reactor (10) Accumulate a combined total of more than 99999 units or thermal energy
Two is Better Than One (10) Complete 386 areas with one or more other players
Ultimate Warrior (20) Complete the game on extreme
VS Graveyard (15) Destroy 100 enemy VSs
War Vet (15) Play 500 online matches
Warrior of Many Names (20) Unlock 100 noms de guerre
Weapons Master (25) Unlock all regular weapons and grenades
Welcome to the Battle! (10) Play one online match


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