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Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters Skill Point FAQ

Version 1.0 by




This is my first FAQ so I'm human and I make mistakes, they will get better

Skill points are little objectives that you can accomplish throughout the
game when performing specific tasks that vary from killing a certain amount
of enemies with a specific weapon, to getting through a Sky board race in a
given amount of time.  The only clue that you get are the names of the skill
points which can be viewed in the specials section of the pause menu.  Skill
points are used to unlock many different cheats via the cheats menu in the
special section of the pause menu.

NOTE:  Throughout the walkthrough I may refer to some weapons as their
leveled up versions.  So the Shock Rocket is also the same as the Electro
Rocket.  If you need to kill something with a certain weapon, the upgraded
weapon will also do the job.

If you are using this FAQ and already know which skill point you want to know
how to do, press CTRL+F and copy and paste the stuff in the brackets that
correspond to the name of the skill point you want to see.


  Train Faster------------------[SKIL01]
  Don't Rock the Boat-----------[SKIL02]
  Do Cows get Crabby?-----------[SKIL03]


  Bury the Pygmies--------------[SKIL04]
  Lights, Camera, Action!-------[SKIL05]
  Ship it-----------------------[SKIL06]

  Explosive Ordnance Disposal---[SKIL07]
  Super Lombax------------------[SKIL08]
  Be a Cool Skyboarder----------[SKIL09]


  Terror of the Skies-----------[SKIL11]
  Ultimate Gladiator------------[SKIL12]


  Friends Don't Hurt Friends----[SKIL13]
  Night Terrors-----------------[SKIL14]

-Medical Outpost Omega

  Be an Awesome skyboarder------[SKIL15]


  Take Them Down a Shock--------[SKIL16]
  High Tech Weapons Master------[SKIL17]
  No More Varmints!-------------[SKIL18]

-Dayni Moon

  Ultimate Gladiator------------[SKIL19]
  Wool Protest------------------[SKIL20]
  Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy--------[SKIL21]

-Inside Clank

  Not the Shock of me now-------[SKIL22]
  Ratchet... just Ratchet-------[SKIL23]


  Elite Annihilation------------[SKIL24]
  Storm the Front---------------[SKIL25]


SKILL POINT: Train Faster [SKIL01]

Complete the "training" portion of Pokitaru in less than 1:32.

STRATEGY:  What you need to do is get out a gun that can pretty much kill
everything in one shot and plow through the FIRST part of the level (Where
Luna is giving you the tutorial of how the controls work).  YOU DO NOT NEED
TO KILL EVERY ENEMY!  This portion ends when Luna gets kidnapped.  The
easiest way to do this is to eliminate all enemies on this portion.  Now
raise the bridges and unlock all the doors.  When you raise the bride at the
end of the course where the cut scene starts, just do the whole course again
without the pressure of the enemies.  This is cheep, but WORKS!

SKILL POINT: Don't Rock the Boat [SKIL02]

Complete the boat challenge on Pokitaru without taking a single hit.

STRATEGY:  Try getting out a weapon such as the Electro Rocket to kill the
robots before they can see you.  You don't have that much room to maneuver on
the boat so make sure they die before they get a chance to shoot at you. 
This portion of the level is right when you get onto the boat, until you
reach your ship.

SKILL POINT: Do Cows Get Crabby? [SKIL03]

Turn 26 crabs into cows with the Mootator/Armoogeddon

STRATEGY:  This skill point is a lot easier to get when you start a new game
or restart the game through challenge mode because there are a lot more crabs
on your first time at the planet.

SKILL POINT: Bury the Pygmies [SKIL04]

Get Bury Blossoms to eat 4 Pygmy Tribesmen

STRATEGY:  This was the hardest skill point for me.  What you need to do is
get the man-eating flower plant things to eat 4 of the little yellow guys
that run around with swords trying to attack you.  I found the second enemy
section (right after Ratchet blows up the camera) to be a good spot to get
some Pygmies.  The trick is to get the Pygmies right next the flower but
without getting the flower to kill the Pygmies.  It is pretty tricky.  If you
haven't leveled up the shield all the way so that it doesn't attack enemies,
it would help.  NOTE: You have to stay alive when getting the skill point. 
You cannot die, if you do, then you have to start back at 0.

SKILL POINT: Lights, Camera, Action! [SKIL05]

Kill 10 Floating cameras.

STRATEGY:  There really isn't much strategy here, just kill 10 cameras.  They
respawn so it shouldn't be that difficult.


Break all the crates on the level.

STRATEGY:  The Box breaker is very useful on this skill point.  Just go
around and keep using the Hyper-Strike attack so that all the boxes break
around you.  You must also do the boxes in the clank portion of this planet.

SKILL POINT: Explosive Ordnance Disposal [SKIL07]

Clear all the remote bombs in the Gravity Boot sphere.

STRATEGY:  First, get out the lacerator(s) and walk around the maze until you
get to the end.  If you haven't gotten the "Skill point" recognition message
then turn around and bring out your Sniper Mine.  Use this to kill the
remaining remote bombs still in the sphere.  Keep looking for the remote
bombs until you get the message.

SKILL POINT: Super Lombax [SKIL08]

Kill 25 enemies in a row without getting hit.

STRATEGY:  Put on the shield if you have it and try to stay away from big
fights.  Pick them off from a distance and this should be a breeze.  You must
complete this without dying.

SKILL POINT: Be A Cool Skyboarder [SKIL09]

Win a Skyboarding race without using boost.

STRATEGY:  Select the first race because it's the easiest race and will not
cause as much trouble as the others.  You are not allowed to use the boosts
that you pick up.  But you are still allowed to use the red floor boosts to
go faster.  Cut corners and keep going straight.  Picking up boosts won't do
you any good so don't go for them.


Win a Gadgebot Toss challenge without letting anyone else score.

STRATEGY:  Make things easy on yourself and pick the first Gadgebot Toss
challenge so it doesn't get too rough.  Utilize the punching option!  This is
essential to keeping anybody else from scoring.  Always keep moving and watch
the goal so that nobody will get passed you by sneaking up.

SKILL POINT: Terror of the Skies [SKIL11]

Get over 600 points in the Giant Clank challenge. (950 if on challenge mode)

STRATEGY:  Play through the level so you know where the waves of enemies
appear and know when there are breaks and such.  Use your rockets when you
can (saving them for the boss is not the smartest thing to do because he only
gives you 100 points).  When the screen is full of enemies, unleash your
rockets to gather tons of points!  If there is any debris floating around,
shooting it with your primary cannons gives you 1 point (HEY! EVERY POINT
COUNTS!)  NOTE:  You must get OVER the specified amount, so if you were on
challenge mode and had to get 950, you would need to finish the level with
951 to get the skill point.

SKILL POINT: Ultimate Gladiator [SKIL12]

Complete all Clank arena challenges.

STRATEGY:  The Clank Challenges on this planet are easy (except a few of the
Gadgebot Survival).  You will receive this skill point after you finish the
last Clank Challenge available on this planet.

SKILL POINT: Friends Don't Hurt Friends [SKIL13]

Get through the Giant Clank fight without taking a single hit.

STRATEGY:  Once the "fight" starts, put as much distance between you and
giant clank as possible.  Watch his every move so that you know when he is
about to attack.  Always keep moving and jumping to avoid his arsenal of
butterfly tactics.

SKILL POINT: Night Terrors [SKIL14]

Defeat the waves of enemies on the last island in under 45 seconds

STRATEGY:  Once you get to the end of the "chainsaw quarks" on the piece of
land with the clank heads, Swingshot across the two swingshot targets and you
will see a gadgetron vendor and a dark portal.  Stock up on ammo for your 1-
hit gun (preferably the R.Y.N.O), hop into the portal and get to the other
side of the bolt where the dark portal will spawn.  Turn around and kill
everything ASAP!  Now quickly hop into the portal and get to where it will
spawn again.  Turn around and kill everything.  Keep doing this until you get
to the Giant Clank fight arena.  You may have to try this a couple of times
so that you know where the portal will spawn next.  NOTE: Using the suck
cannon for the birds saves a lot of time and ammo!  But remember, once you
let go of the circle button, the gun switches to the firing mode, and won't
suck up any enemies.  So use it wisely.

SKILL POINT: Be An Awesome Skyboarder [SKIL15]

Beat the master challenge in under 3:25

STRATEGY:  Use boost when you can!  When you are on the red floor boosts, and
when you are boosting, you get a lot of speed!  When the track starts to wind
around (like a DNA model in science class) always stay on the top of the
track and glide around the corners.  This saves a lot of time and can make
the win!  A commonly used "glitch" in this race is right after the track
stops winding around itself and turns into a lot of asteroids, go right and
glide to the finish line.  If it helps, use the map.  You will start falling
and soon enough respawn on the track.  BUT WAIT!  YOU'RE AT THE FINISH LINE! 
This can save you at least 10-15 seconds depending on where you start gliding.

SKILL POINT: Take Them Down A Shock [SKIL16]

Kill 23 Shock Troopers without dying.

STRATEGY:  Put on your shield and bring out your favorite gun, because it's
battle time!  Doing this skill point when you first come to this planet
(whether it be a new game or a return on challenge mode) is a lot easier
because there are more enemies.  Just get through the level and you should
get it.  The Shock Troopers are the annoying troopers that attack you with
the electronic beams.  They also are able to engulf their little midget
buddies in electricity making them deadly to the touch!  So watch out!

SKILL POINT: High Tech Weapons Master [SKIL17]

Beat the enemy segment without using the Lacerator, Acid Bomb Glove,
Concussion Gun, Shock Rocket, Laser Tracer, Sniper Mine or the RYNO

STRATEGY:  The best weapon to use here is the Mootator because it is ammo-
less, kicks butt, and isn't mentioned above so it will work.  Just get
through the level without using any of the guns listed above and you will get
the skill point at the zip-line.

SKILL POINT: No More Varmints! [SKIL18]

Get over 1535 points in the Giant Clank Challenge (2000 for challenge mode)

STRATEGY:  For this skill point you need to use all of your weapons wisely. 
When you get rockets make sure that you use them to their full potential. 
Kill everything you can.  And make sure that you go into the boss battle with
100 points away from your goal.  Remember the boss only gives 100 points. 
And on this skill point, I got it once my counter had reached 2000.  So you
don't need to even complete the level, just get the points!

SKILL POINT: Ultimate Gladiator [SKIL19]

Complete all Clank arena challenges.

STRATEGY:  These are the hard challenges so start practicing!  You will
receive this skill point once you complete the last available challenge.

SKILL POINT: Wool Protest [SKIL20]

Complete level 8 without killing any Angry Rams.

STRATEGY:  Just don't kill any of the Angry Rams and you will get this skill
point after you finish walking through the death-trap filled barn.

SKILL POINT: Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy [SKIL21]

High-jump on a bouncy plant 10 times in a row.

STRATEGY:  This can be done after you plant one of the flowers after the
first barn.  Just press X when you are starting to jump after you have landed
on the flower.  Keep doing this and you will receive the message.

SKILL POINT: Not the Shock of Me Now [SKIL22]

Don't get hit at all while inside Clanks head.

STRATEGY:  Right after the cutscene with Clank's security bot turning clank
back on, this portion starts.  A good thing to do is put on the shield if you
have it so it is easier to get through this level.  Go to the end of the
level without getting hit.  This doesn't include killing enemies so if you
want to skip them, go for it.

SKILL POINT: Ratchet... Just Ratchet [SKIL23]

Beat the enemy segment using only the wrench

STRATEGY:  This skill point is easily done with a combination armor such as
the Stalker armor (Wildfire helmet, Chameleon torso, Sludge MK. 9 gloves,
Chameleon boots).  The only problem is this armor is only accessible on your
second time through the game.  If you are not able to use the Stalker armor
than put on an armor set that would help you do melee damage.  This "enemy
segment" is from the starting point at your ship to clank's heart.

SKILL POINT: Elite Annihilation [SKIL24]

Defeat over 70 Elite clones during the Elite clone fight.

STRATEGY:  This is when you fight the clones before Otto.  You are timed so
you need to do this quickly!  Just completely eliminate everything in sight. 
Both types of enemies count.  The big brutes with the concussion guns and the
quick ratchets with the lacerators and scorchers.  Just keep moving and don't
stop killing!

SKILL POINT: Storm the Front [SKIL25]

Complete the enemy portion of level 10 in less than 1:45

STRATEGY:  Just like "Train Faster" you can go through the level up to the
end and kill everything so that you can just breeze through it alone.  The
only thing to look out for is the wall jumping on the moving pillars. 
Practice and you will get it!


Copyright 2007 Christopher Cadwallader.  All rights reserved

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This FAQ is written for use strictly on,, and

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.
Thanks for reading my FAQ!  I hope you got the skill points you were looking
for.  If you do find anything wrong with it please contact me at:


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