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Wish List for Fallout 4
By oblivion437
Posted on 11/24/14
So I promised that list and here it is.  It's late and it's not as thorough as I'd hoped.  I also wish I had images handy to illustrate every point where helpful.  So, in no particular order - a subjective set of desired features for Fallout 4: Things to...

Star Trek: Borg STAR TREK: BORG Walkthru

Version 1.0 by


Star Trek: Borg


Warning: The following contains information that will help you solve Star Trek: Borg. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. If you do, a terrible fate may befall you. Like maybe your cat will turn into a Klingon...hey wait, that'd be kinda cool. Readers beware.

by Richard Lawson

This walkthru will get you to the ending of Star Trek: Borg in the most 
efficient way possible. However, part of the fun of this game is to try 
the alternate paths. Despite the fact that they end badly for you, it's 
still fun, especially hearing John De Lancie taunt you along the way. A 
lot of the solutions to the puzzles are obtained by going down a path 
that fails - such as the Borg command console code and the hypo spray 
sequence. Q, however, always gives you another chance, and snaps you 
back to a place where you can try again. I encourage you to try 
different things and see where they lead you.

Okay, long intro, Q appears, and offers you a choice. Grab the phaser. 
Now to the Righteous, where you take over the body of Sprint. Click on 
the phaser; you'll shoot the Borg. More stuff happens, and Ensign 
Targus tries to drag the Borg off the bridge. The Borg revives and 
grabs Targus in one hand and accesses a panel with the other. Fire the 
phaser at the panel the Borg is accessing. This time it's dead.

Now to isolate the security console. You see four squares in front of 
you. Click on the fourth square (the one on the far right), then the 
third square (this procedure is outlined in the tricorder Q gave you).

Now to the elevator. This is tricky. The code to computer core control 
is 150619. Click on the "1" and wait for the screen to freeze. Then 
*quickly* click on 5, 0, 6, 1, 9. You only have a short time to do this 
before the puzzle times out and you go to the wrong branch. Oh, and 
going to the wrong branch leads to a fairly humorous encounter with Q.

After getting to computer core control, you're confronted with an 
unknown Borg device. There are lots of things you can do, but the right 
answer is to do nothing... don't click anywhere, just wait for the scene 
to continue on its own. Now, time to go Borg hunting.

Your father offers you a choice of hands. Go ahead and choose one - 
you'll always lose, but it leads to some nice scenes where you get 
Borgified while Q stands over you, taunting you. There are a few ways 
to go down this path, all leading to the destruction of the Righteous. 
Eventually Q will put you back where you have to choose one of your 
father's hands. 

The correct answer is to click on your father's chin. You'll knock him 
out. While he's laying on the floor, click on his phaser. Then wait 
until you turn the phaser over and a round button is revealed on the 
bottom of the handle. Click on it. More scenes where your father kills 
the Borg and you acquire its implant. 

You have a few ways to try and access the implant. The correct answer 
is to click on Ensign Targus's neural interface - the round thing on her 
forehead. After putting it on her, you're confronted with a choice of 
what to do once it starts taking over her mind. Simply click on the 
implant. Q will grab your hand and ask you if you're sure. He's just 
trying to throw you off. When you replay the scene, click on the 
implant again. You've just saved Ensign Targus.

Now, to the Borg ship. There are many, many different paths you can 
take here. They're fun to try. Again, what follows is the quickest way 
to the end - although you miss some fun scenes along the way.

Okay, here come some Borg - do nothing, just let them pass. Next you 
come to a Borg command console, where you have four large circles along 
the top of the console. Click on the first circle, then the third 
circle twice, then the fourth circle, then the second circle twice. 
(Repeating) The correct sequence is: 1 3 3 4 2 2.

You've accessed the override code (remember it: 61330). Now you need 
another implant. Here comes a Borg. Wait for Targus to step in front 
of you, then click on her arm. That's right, you need a living Borg. 
Your father hands you a hypo. You'll see three tiny circles along the 
top of the hypo. Click on the first circle, then the third circle 
twice, then the first circle again. (Repeating) The correct sequence is 
1 3 3 1.

Now, to find a Borg. The first one to come along isn't quite a Borg. 
Do nothing to the Q-Borg (unless you want to scan it with your 
tricorder). Wait for the next Borg to come along. Click on your own 
hand - the one not holding the hypo. You get Borgified.

Incidentally, my favorite "failed" scene happens when you enter the 
wrong sequence into the hypo spray and then inject yourself.

Okay, to the end. First, a bit of fun. You get into a conversation 
with your father and Q. A targeting circle appears over Q. Wait for it 
to move below his belt, then click on it. I didn't know a Q had, er, 
that kind of an anatomy.

Now, for the final puzzle, and this one had me tearing my hair out for 
two days figuring it out. A Borg has accessed Ops, and you have to try 
and stop it. Notice the thick lines along the bottom of the screen. A 
lighted circle will appear and stop at the center of one of those 
lines. Click on it.

A collection of circular symbols will appear on the screen. Does the 
layout look familiar? Kinda looks like a telephone keypad, eh? In 
fact, it's the Borg equivalent. It's numbered like this:

1 2 3 
4 5 6 
7 8 9 

Remember the override code? Click on the circles in this sequence: 6 1 
3 3 0. On to the happy ending.

Again, though, lots of the fun of this games is in trying different 
things. You can get Borgified a dozen different ways, and the ship can 
get blown up lots of different times - it's actually a pretty cool 
sequence. Also, the tricorder Q gave you has lots of information, as 
told by Q. He interjects some dry witticisms. My favorite one is what 
he has to say about Vulcans.

Hope you enjoyed the game!

Thanks to Revolution reader Richard Lawson!

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