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Posted on 11/18/14
Last night I returned home from PAX AUS 2014. Long story short, it wasn't perfect, but it was quite possibly the best weekend I've had this year. It was a lot of fun. If you'd like to continue reading, the long story is just below. Buckle up. This is gonna be...

Syberia Walkthrough

Version 1.0 by


Syberia - Walkthrough



1. Pick up the Voralberg key from the reception counter of the inn.
2. Place the key into the back of the automaton bell.
3. Press the automaton bell button.
4. Introduce Kate to the innkeeper.
5. Inspect the case to understand the Help idea.
6. Ask the innkeeper for Help.
7. Pick up Fax 1 from the bedside table.
8. Call Kate's boss using the cell phone.
9. Talk to the innkeeper about the Mission to receive Fax 2.
10. Pick up the tourist brochure.
11. Pick up the two gear wheels on the floor by Momo's table.
12. Pick up the two gear wheels from Momo's table.
13. Pick up the Valadilene Gazette from the bench in the main street.
14. Ring the notary's automaton (lever on the body).
15. Deploy Fax 2 on the notary's automaton's hand.
16. Pull the lever of the notary's automaton (automaton left arm).
17. Talk about the Mission with the notary.
18. Take the telescopic key from the umbrella stand in the notary waiting room.
19. Use the 4 gear wheels on the 4 nails in the case in the church elevator.
20. Pull the lever in the elevator.
21. Pull the cross on the wall in the sacristy.
22. Take the key from the bureau in the sacristy.
23. Use this key to open the bureau lock.
24. Open drawers 1, 2, 4, and 5 and take the punch card out of each drawer.
25. Open drawer 3.
26. Pull the lever on the side of the sacristy bureau.
27. Take the priest's confession out of drawer 3.
28. Take the Voralberg key for the tomb out of drawer 3.
29. Use the church bell elevator.
30. Use the funeral punch card in the slot in the barrel-organ automaton.
31. Use the Voralberg key in the hat on the tomb automaton.
32. Pull on the plate in Hans Voralberg' s tomb.
33. Take the Valadilene voice cylinder out of Hans' coffin.
34. Take the newspaper cutting out of Hans' coffin.
35. Use the telescopic key on the Voralberg factory gate.
36. Wind up the automaton at the bottom of the Voralberg factory gate.
37. Pull the lever on the Voralberg factory gate.
38. Pull the lever on the platform to activate the cable car.
39. Bring down Oscar who is hanging in the factory workshop.
40. Talk to Oscar about Production to receive Oscar's punch card.
41. Wind up the elevator automaton in the factory warehouse.
42. Pull the handle hanging down in the windmill room.
43. Pull the lever so that the Voralberg key attaches itself to the windmill.
44. Use Oscar's punch card on the assembly line console
45. Select the right wood using the brochure on the assembly line console.
46. Select table 3 on the assembly line.
47. Activate production with the large lever on the right of the assembly line.
48. Take the automaton legs from the table on the production line.
49. Give the automaton legs to Oscar.
50. Pull out the book from the cupboard in Anna's office.
51. Place the Valadilene voice cylinder in the Hans-Anna automaton.
52. Take the Hans-Anna automaton.
53. Take the automaton gardener key from the labyrinth fountain.
54. Use the automaton gardener key on the automaton gardener.
55. Switch on the attic light.
56. Talk to Momo to get the pencil and paper.
57. Use the pencil and paper on the mammoth picture on the beam in the attic.
58. Give the mammoth tracing to Momo.
59. Take Anna's diary out of the attic desk.
60. Take the inkwell out of the attic desk.
61. Follow Momo out into the mountains.
62. Click on the dam in the mountains.
63. Ask Momo for Help.
64. Take the broken lever near the dam.
65. Click on the small boat.
66. Use the broken lever on the boat oar.
67. Ask Momo for Help.
68. Ask Momo for Help.
69. Take the mammoth doll in the cave.
70. Ask Oscar, in the train, about the Mission.
71. Ask Oscar about the Mission at the ticket office to receive the ticket and the train release permit.
72. Click on the hat of the automaton-stamping machine at the notary's house.
73. Use the ink on the head of the automaton-stamping machine.
74. Place the train release permit on the base of the automaton-stamping machine.
75. Press the automaton stamping machine button.
76. Give the train release permit to Oscar.
77. Give the train ticket to Oscar.
78. Place the mammoth doll on the shelf in the inventory carriage.
79. Place the Hans-Anna automaton on the pedestal in the inventory carriage.
80. Place the Valadilene voice cylinder into the cupboard of the inventory carriage.
81. Give the train ticket to Oscar.
82. Turn the train winder valve.
83. Pull the train winder lever.
84. Turn the train winder valve a second time.
85. Give Oscar the train ticket.


86. Talk to Oscar in the inventory carriage.
87. Find the train winder.
88. Meet Oscar in the inventory carriage.
89. Talk to the rectors about the Train.
90. Ask the barge people for Help.
91. Ask the rectors about Money.
92. Ask the palaeontologist about Hans.
93. Take the mammoth doll out of the train.
94. Give the mammoth doll to the palaeontologist.
95. Take the Barrockstadt voice cylinder.
96. Take the test-tube holder.
97. Take the book about the Amerzone from the library.
98. Ask the stationmaster about Sauvignon.
99. Take the hook.
100. Ask the rectors about Sauvignon.
101. Ask the stationmaster about Sauvignon again.
102. Go to the garden and meet the stationmaster.
103. Take a handful of grapes.
104. Give the grapes to the cuckoos in front of the ladder.
105. Use the test-tube holder on the cuckoo's egg.
106. Use the cuckoo's egg on the kiosk scales.
107. Pull the kiosk lever.
108. Ask the rectors about Money again.
109. Give the $100 to the barge people.
110. Use the barge people's key on the lock console.
111. Drain water out of the lock.
112. Ask the barge people about the Lock.
113. Raise the water level of the lock.
114. Meet the stationmaster on the bridge.
115. Ask the barge people for Help.
116. Use the hook on the chain.
117. Go to the palaeontology lecture.
118. Take the book about Yangala-cola.
119. Take the mammoth doll.
120. Take lecture notes about the Youkols.
121. Take the Yangala-cola powder.
122. Turn the train winder valve.
123. Pull the train winder lever.
124. Talk to Oscar at the train winder.
125. Place the Barrockstadt voice cylinder in the inventory carriage.
126. Place the mammoth doll in the inventory wagon.
127. Talk to Oscar at the train winder.
128. Talk to Oscar at customs.
129. Talk to Captain Malatesta.
130. Adjust the telescope.
131. Pour the wine into the glasses.
132. Slip the Yangala-cola powder into the glasses.
133. Have a drink with Captain Malatesta.
134. Give the Exit Visa to Oscar at the customs post.
135. Give the train ticket to Oscar.


First part
· Leave the train and head for the locomotive.
· Climb up into the automaton giant.
· Pick the voice cylinder, map and handle off the shelf.
· Install the handle in the console.
· Click twice on the handle, forwards, to move the automaton to the locomotive.
· Press the train winder button.
· Return the automaton to its starting position by clicking twice on the bottom of the handle.
· Climb down from the automaton giant.
· Return to the train and untie Oscar.
· Pick up the shears.
· Return to the automaton giant.
· Click once on the handle.
· Jump down onto the metal plates.
· Use the shears on the metal sheeting.
· Enter the room.
· Take the spark plug from the shelves on the left.
· Leave the room.
· Return the automaton giant to the starting position by clicking at the base of the handle.
· Climb down from the automaton.
· Go to the elevator and step inside.
· In the mine, install the spark plug in the dynamo.
· Activate the dynamo by clicking on the handle.
· Cross the mine.
· Enter the elevator.
· Go over to the organs.
· Climb the stairs.
· Go over to the keyboard.
· Take the screwdriver at the organ.
· Climb down from the stage.
· Head toward the other side of the factory.
· Look at the plate on the piping.
· Use the screwdriver on the screws.
· Climb onto the pipes.
· Open the door and talk to the director of the factory.
· Leave his office and climb back down the pipes.
· Go to the room devoted to Helena (her museum).
· Take the scrapbook and letters from the small table.
· Call Kate's mother.
· Return to see the director in his office and talk to him about Aralbad.
· Leave the office and head up to the monorail.
· Head toward the stairs and climb them.
· Turn right.
· Turn the handle.
· Climb up onto the platform.
· Enter the capsule (the cosmonaut's house).
· Talk to the cosmonaut.
· Pick up the vodka bottle.
· Enter the capsule and pick up the crane key and the official letter from the cupboard near the table.
· Leave the capsule and head for the crane console.
· Place the key in the ignition.
· Left-click once on the control mechanism (left-right).
· Click once on the up button of the up-down control mechanism.
· Click on the water controller.
· Leave the launch pad and ask the cosmonaut about the Airship. He will give you the key to the airship.
· Enter the space centre.
· Go over to the right and climb the tower stairs.
· Use the key and enter the airship.
· Attempt to activate the airship (unsuccessfully).
· Come down from the tower and retrace your steps.
· Head towards the left.
· Talk to the cosmonaut.
· Climb the stairs and enter the control centre.
· Take the Voralberg key from the console and wind it up.
· Remove the small metal plate and connect the two electric wires.
· Activate the I/O console.
· Press the up/down button.
· Press the syringe control mechanism.
· Take the blood testing apparatus.
· Leave the control centre making sure you have lowered the centrifuge.
· Click on the cosmonaut with the blood tester.
· Climb back up to the control centre.
· Press the syringe control mechanism.
· Click on the blood testing apparatus needle.
· Wind up the centrifuge.
· Allow the centrifuge to spin.
· Press the button marked with a triangle.
· Leave the control centre.
· Pick up the siren handle near the entry.
· Go over to the capsule and continue straight on.
· Climb the stairs to the tower.
· Fit the handle and turn it.
· Return to the airship and pull the lever.


First part
· Leave the airship and return to the hotel to talk to the receptionist (cut scene).
· Go over to the cupboard, open it and take out the bottle of detergent.
· Leave the hotel and use the detergent on the fountain.
· Return to the hotel and open the curtains.
· Ring for the receptionist (cut scene).
· Go behind the counter and look at the close-up.
· Note down Helena's client code, take the hotel brochure and unlock the doors leading to the baths.
· Head towards the baths.
· Turn left.
· Go through alongside the bar.
· Go to the console near the security doors.
· Enter Helena's code.
· Head to the back and take the crystal dish from the tray in the corridor.
· Retrace your steps and turn left.
· Enter the cloakroom and take the guest code from the floor.
· Return to the console and enter the guest code.
· Enter the security doors and try to get outside (cut scene).
· Take the salt protection mask and go out onto the pier.
· Go to the end of the pier and talk to Helena.
· Try to climb down from the rotunda (cut-scene).
· Take the bell.
· Return to the start of the pier, install the bell on the post and ring it.
· Return to the hotel, go to the bar and talk to James (cut scene).
· Ask Helena about Hans.
· Call the Hotel Meuritz (the telephone number is on the hotel brochure) to get the cocktail recipe.
· Open the refrigerator and take out the honey and lemon.
· Head for the cloakroom.
· Head to the hot water bath close to the cloakroom and activate it.
· Place the honey in the hot water bath.
· Return to the bar and click on the bar.
· Place the honey on the piano bar (on the right).
· Take the bottle of vodka from the inventory and place it on the piano bar (near the honey).
· Place the lemon in the lemon-squeezer on the left of the piano bar.
· Activate the piano bar by pressing the button on the far left once.
· Click once on the second note (D) while the metal handle is in the down position.
· Click on the small metal handle on the right to place it in the Up position.
· Click once on the third note (E).
· Click on the honey button.
· Click on the ice button.
· Click on the lemon button.
· Click on the button with an automaton (cut scene).
· Place the dish on the counter (cut scene).
· Return to the airship (cut scene).


Second part (after return from Aralbad)
· Head over to the stage.
· Cut the cage lock with the shears.
· Take the hands.
· Head towards the main door of the factory.
· Go down into the mine.
· Click on the ventilation duct.
· Take the dynamite from the open case near the elevator.
· Place the dynamite on the leg of the giant automaton.


Second part
· Leave the train.
· Activate the train winder (handle and lever).
· Talk to Oscar (cut scene).
· Return to the hotel and take the mammoth automaton (cut scene).
· Talk to Helena near the bar (cut scene).
· Go out onto the pier and up to the end to see the airplane.
· Return to the pier and meet Hans (cut scene and final cut scene).

Thanks to Revolution reader sAbEen!