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Tekken 6

Version 1.00 by


Unlockable How to Unlock
A Friend in Need (Bronze) Rescue your downed partner 3 times in Scenario Campaign Mode (single player).
Alien Hunter (Bronze) Defeat 10 aliens in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Arcade Addict (Bronze) Clear the Arcade Battle in Offline Mode.
Brute Force (Bronze) Defeat 100 enemies with the Lead Pipe in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Combo Amateur (Bronze) Perform a 10 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Combo Enthusiast (Bronze) Perform a 30 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Combo Master (Silver) Perform a 50 chain combo in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Crate Breaker (Bronze) Destroy 100 wooden crates in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Eastern Explorer (Silver) Clear Kigan Island in Scenario Campaign Mode
Enemy Hunting Amateur (Bronze) Defeat 300 enemies in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Enemy Hunting Enthusiast (Bronze) Defeat 1000 enemies in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Enemy Hunting Master (Silver) Defeat 2000 enemies in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Fighting Amateur (Bronze) Play 3 matches in Online Mode.
Fighting Enthusiast (Bronze) Play 10 matches in Online Mode.
Fighting Master (Silver) Play 30 matches in Online Mode.
Friend or Foe? (Bronze) Clear Cotainer Terminal 7 in Scenario Campaign Mode
Gallery Completionist (Gold) Complete the Gallery.
Ghost Vanquisher (Bronze) Defeat 30 Ghosts.
Give Your Fists a Rest (Bronze) Defeat an enemy using a weapon in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Heavy Artillery (Bronze) Defeat 100 enemies with the Gatling Gun in Scenario Campaign Mode.
It's All Coming Back to Me (Bronze) Clear Mshima Estate in Scenario Campaign Mode
Item Connoisseur (Silver) Obtain a Rank S Item in Scenario Campaign Mode.
King of the Hill (Bronze) Knock 10 enemies in the water in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Learning is Fun (Bronze) Clear the tutorial stage in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Locate the Target (Bronze) Clear Industrial Highway 357 in Scenario Campaign Mode
Love That Money (Bronze) Collect more than 5,000,000 G.
Machine Crusher (Silver) Defeat NANCY-MI847J.
Moving On Up (Bronze) Win a Ranked Match in Online Mode.
Night at the Movies (Bronze) Unlock a movie in Scenario Campaign Mode.
No Key For Me (Gold) Clear the Millennium Tower stage without the boot-up key in Scenario Campaign Mode.
No Pressure (Bronze) Win a Player Match in Online Mode.
Playing With Fire (Bronze) Defeat 100 enemies with the Flamethrower in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze) Inflict a total of 1000 damage in Practice in Offline Mode.
Ready for Action (Bronze) Pick up 300 health recovery items in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Scenario Expert (Silver) Clear all of the stages in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Showdown (Silver) Clear Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor in Scenario Campaign Mode
Survival of the Fittest (Bronze) Earn 10 consecutive wins in Survival in Offline Mode.
Team Toppler (Bronze) Defeat 3 teams in Team Battle in Offline Mode.
Tekken Fanatic (Platinum) Complete all other objectives
That's No Hero (Bronze) Clear G Corporation, Millennium Tower Heliport in Scenario Campaign Mode
The Destroyer has Fallen (Bronze) Clear Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Tower in Scenario Campaign Mode
The Key to Victory (Bronze) Clear Tekken Force 4th Special Forces Operation Group Compound in Scenario Campaign Mode
Thirsty Fighter (Bronze) Pick up 50 drink items in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Treasure Amateur (Bronze) Collect 50 treasures in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Treasure Enthusiast (Bronze) Collect 100 treasures in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Treasure Master (Silver) Collect 200 treasures in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Upgraded Assistant (Bronze) Upgrade Alisa to the highest possible level.
What a Nightmare (Silver) Clear Nightmare Train in Scenario Campaign Mode
What’s So Special About It? (Bronze) Obtain the Special Flag in Scenario Campaign Mode.
Wooden Warrior (Silver) Clear Subterranean Pavillion in Scenario Campaign Mode
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