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The Sims: Livin' Large FAQ

Version 1.0 by



The Sims Livin' Large FAQ!

Made by: Aaron Illingworth
Rated: Teen
Creators: Maxis\Electronic Arts
Requirements: You must have "The Sims" to play! Livin
Large is an Expansion Pack!
My e-mail address:
My sim webpage:


1. Requirements
2. NPC(Non-playable characters)
3. New objects
4. New jobs
5. Extra info
6. About my website
7. Conclusion


You need "The Sims" to play "The Sims Livin' Large" because Livin Large is 
an expansion pack! If you need any help with installing or any extra help 
with the game, you can e-mail me!~

~2. NPC(Non-playable characters)

One of the funnest parts of the game! Here are some of the main characters!

Genie: The genie lamp holds the genie inside! But to make him come out you 
have to clean the lamp. Then the genie will come out. He will have you make 
a wish.(He actually has two choices for you to make, choose love, or money, 
and etc.) The genie is fun, but he can mess up your wish and make it 
backfire! Be careful what you wish for haha!

Servo the home appliance robot:
The robot which cleans, repairs, and even talks! He has an awesome robotic 
voice! It's cool because calling the mechanic whenever the faucet or shower 
is broken is a real pain! Servo will fix it right up!

The Grim Reaper:
If one of your sims die(Drowing won't bring the Grim Reaper) he will come to 
collect the body. If you have another sim around, you can negotiate with the 
Grim Reaper, and play paper, scissors, rock. If you win, he will resurect 
the body, if you lose, he will take the body!

The Tragic Clown:
He looks so innocent, but he is so ANNOYING! If one or more of your sims 
become upset and there mood is very low, the tragic clown will pay them a 
visit! He will not leave until your sims are in a happy stage again. To make 
things worse, he isn't very good at tricks, and he cries to much! He also 
wakes your sims up when sleeping when trying to do tricks and playing 
instruments. How do you expect for your sims to get happy again when this 
clown can't do anything right? guess you will have to delete all 
the doors in the house so he can't come in and bother you!

When you buy the telescope, and gaze through it, you have a chance to get 
visited by aliens. They will abduct one or more of your sims!  They will 
eventually bring them back. But they might of done some stuff with your 
sims! Like messing with there personality traits! They could of once been a 
neat-freak, and then became a major slob!

Exploding garden knomes:
There is a carving set where you can make garden knomes! Garden knomes are 
lawn ornaments(like flamingos) Watch your neighbors kick it once in 
awhile(they might) and see what happends!

Voodoo doll:
Well, this isn't really a character or anything, it's a voodoo doll. If you 
buy one, you can peck away some fun on a family member! It's really funny 
how they go psycho on the doll! Haha!

Chemistry Set:
Also not a character, but a weird, fun object. You can make potions(Alot of 
different kinds) and get different results. Like getting really 
refreshed(moods go higher) or getting in a really bad mood, turn into a 
monster, turn into a zombie, and even turn invisible! (If you turn into a 
zombie, you cannot turn back into a sim again.)

That is pretty much some of the main characters of the game, and some of the 
main objects. There are ALOT more!~

~3. New items

There are 125 new objects! Some of the most fun objects are:

Vibrating heart bed:
Your sims can get in the nude and have a little fun in this bed!

Launch your own rockets!

In the decorative section, there are now new rugs!

Awesome statues:
There are alot of BIG statues in this game! There are alot of them for the 
castle setting!

There are alot more, but those were some of them. Remember, 125 new 

~4. New jobs

5 new careers to choose from! Here they are:

and Musician!

The slacker careers have to deal with low paying jobs in a way.(Store clerk, 

The paranormal careers have to deal with psychic abilities and other things 
related to that(fotune telling.)

The journalism careers have to deal with writing and reporting, etc.

The hacker careers have to do with computer programming, hacking, game 
designing, etc.

...and the musician careers have to do with singing, playing intruments, and 

~5. Extra info

Almost everything else in the game is the same except you get to control 5 
new neighborhoods, which lets you control up to 50 families at once! 40 more 
than the original! But sims from different neighborhoods can not visit each 
other though, just each other from the same neighborhood.~

~6. My website

My website has alot of stuff about "The Sims" "The Sims Livin' Large" and 
"Simsville" plus downloads, screenshots and alot more! If you go visit, 
please sign my guestbook before you leave! Again, my website address is:


~7. Conclusion

Well, that pretty much covers everything about this expansion pack! You can 
e-mail me with any questions you might have. Installation problems, gameplay 
problems, etc. My e-mail address is:
Thank-you everyone for reading my FAQ!

                     ~***THANKS GAME-REVOLUTION***~

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Aaron Illingworth!

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