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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Easy Blue Potion:

Although the potion shop in the island with the town makes blue potions using the teardrop items from the slime monsters, it needs 15 blue teardrops to make one blue potion. Instead, use the grappling hook on the monster plants on the island with the big tree to get the venus flytrap item. This item can be traded to the little plant shaman inside the giant tree's cave for blue potions at a better exchange rate (5 flytraps for 1 potion).

Hidden Cave:

In Forest Haven go to the waterfall at the beggining of the level. Stand under the tree branch (or next to the waterfall). Use your Grappling Hook to swing from the branch and into the waterfall on the right side(closest to the wall). You will end up inside. You can see torches along the wall and a few fire flies flying around. This is not required for the game but its a good place to relax.

Translate Hylian to English:

If you complete the game the text in the Hylian language will now be displayed in English.

The Joy Pendant and Deluxe Picto Box Side Quest:

Once you found the picto box go back to the pictographer's shop and go upstairs to view his collection. After Lenzo finishes describing the photos on display leave the shop and go back to it moments later. Lenzo will then ask you to be his assistant. If you agree you'll be subjected to three tests. The pictographer wants to see your ability to properly compose a pictograph. After you take each picto, return to the shop an show it to Lenzo to see if he approves it. If he does he will give you another challenge.

(1) The first challenge is to get a picture of a man putting a letter in a mailbox. To do this run down to the docks and wait for the guy in red coveralls to approach the mailbox. Take a picture of him just as he starts to place a letter into the mailbox. On of the most important lessons in pictography is patience, so stay out of sight and wait for the right moment.

(2) The next challenge is to take a picture of a scared man. Enter the cafe upstairs from where you bought the sail. Grab a jar and throw it at he head of the man sitting at the table. Quickly grab the picto box and take a full body snapshot of the man shaking. Be sure to stand far enough away so that his face and body can be seen straight on.

(3) The third challenge is to get a picture of a man and a woman making small talk. To do this head up the hill toward the school and wait by the small arch for the red-haired man to stop and talk wih the lady in the orange dress. Watch out for the school kids, they can get in the way of a clear photo. Take a picture of them talking.

Once you've done that Lenzo will reward you with a Joy Pendant. He has one final task in store for you, however. You must return from Forest Haven with one of the mysterious glowing fireflies trapped in a bottle. Once you give Lenzo the firefly, you'll receive the Deluxe Picto Box.

Elixir Soup:

The Elixir Soup is similar to a blue potion, restoring HP and Magic, except you can use it twice and it also doubles your sword strength until you are hurt. To get it, return to Outset Island after the King of Red Lions prompts you. Your grandma will be sick, and the people will tell you to bring her a fairy from the Fountain on the island (this is easier if you still have one from one of the previous dungeons). Use the fairy when in front of your grandma and it will heal her. She gives you the soup and whenever you return, she'll give you more for free!

100 Rupies:

Go to Outset Island and go to your house. Crawl and go under the wood part nest to the ramp. Go inside the hole and there is the treasure chest with 100 Rupies!

All Bottles:

(1) At Dragon Roost Island go outside to where Meldi is and pick her up. Stand on the rock and wait till the wind is blowing to the right direction (towards the ledge). After you throw her up she'll give you a bottle.
(2) After you beat Dragon Roost Cavern , sail to sector E6 and find a submarine. Kill all the enemies inside to get an empty bottle.
(3) After you get the Beedle Lettle (the guy who has the boat shop) go the section C2 and buy a bottle for 500 Rupees.
(4) After you beat the Helmaroc King in the forsaken fortress go to Windfall Island at night. You will find the ex-rich girl dressed in rags. Talk to her and when she tells you to go away, walk towards town until she runs the other way. Follow her all the way around and talk to her when she is picking the safe. Make sure to talk to her before she turns around and sees you. Answer the top answer for all her questions and she will give you an empty bottle.

Fire and Ice Arrow Tips:

Warp via the Ballad of Gales, do not sail, to Sector B2. There the Queen Great Fairy will "Bless You" with Fire and Ice.

Cool Mask:

Give the teacher in Windfall Island 50 Joypendants. She will give you a cool mask that enables you to see how much life a monster has while you L-target him!

Beat forbidden woods boss:

When you come to the bosses lair in forbidden woods all you have to do is whack this flower in the middle that has got makali. However the boss encases itself in a giant bud. Now to get to it use your boomerang and cut the vines at the top of the boss. Then it will open and you can whack the monsters head off ! Though after a short time the bud will close so get out quick!

Beat centipede boss:

In dragon roost cavern in the bosses lair you will come across a giant centipede (like the smaller ones you see in the dungeon, but bigger) . To beat it use the grappling hook and hook to valoos tail. Swing to a ledge on the walls, if you watch a rock will fall on him gradually cracking his shell. Keep doing this till his shell shatters. When it shatters go to the ground, then whack its eye. Eventually it will die.

Beat Tower of Gods Boss:

To beat this boss shoot arrows at both of Ghodans hands, you will know when you have done this because his hands flop. Once you have done this shoot his eyes, then he will crash to the ground. Then put a bomb in his open mouth. Keep doing this until he is defeated.

Thanks to Revolution readers redsew1 and Daniel Boudreau!

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