Happy May The 4th: The Best Star Wars Games That Feature Your Favorite Characters

May has arrived, and along with it Star Wars day. Although The Last Jedi feels like it’s more than a galaxy away, there is plenty to do to fill the time instead of rewatching The Force Awakens and Rogue One over and over again.

Those movies can only hold your attention for roughly two hours, so how can you spend the other 22 hours of the day with your favorite Jedi and Sith? Two words: video games.

Below we’ve detailed the best games that feature your favorite Star Wars characters.

Darth Vader In Star Wars Battlefront

Peak Darth Vader is the best Darth Vader. Seeing Anakin, and even being Anakin, as he tears through rebel scum soldier after rebel scum soldier is a power trip that nearly every Star Wars fan has had at one time or another.

We haven’t seen a whole lot of Vader in between the edgy days of the prequels and his old remorseful presence in the original trilogy. So every time we get to witness one of the greatest force wielders in the galaxy do his evil thing is a truly special opportunity.

Han Solo In Kinect Star Wars

“I’m so happy the carbonite is gone! I’m moving on. I’m so Happy it’s over now. The pain is gone!”

I’m so happy that Han was able to let is cool guy persona go for a few hours while he destroyed the dance floor in cloud city. I think we’re seeing the real Han here busting a move, the smirking space
traveling cowboy vibe is just an act, an act he’s been trying to shed.

Dash Rendar In Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire

This cartridge spent more time in my N64 then almost any other game, outside Mario 64 of course. Even though he isn’t shown in the highest resolution, playing as the cunning gunslinger smuggler is one of the fondest memories of my childhood.

Blasting through waves of Stormtroopers to infiltrate empire bases was euphoric for me, especially after seeing big time movie stars doing it on screen as I was indoctrinated into the Star Wars fandom at an early age.

General Grievous In Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

He’s one of the best parts of the prequel movies and he’s just as cool in the different games he appears in. Now, Lego Star Wars may be an awkward choice to some people, but what’s better than playing as an sentient plastic figurine wielding four tiny lightsabers?

Not much.

Those lightsabers make him one of the best characters in the game, his blocks and attacks are better because of that weapon quantity advantage.

Luke Skywalker In Super Star Wars

Playing through Super Star Wars is like experiencing the originally trilogy all over again as a brutally tough side scroller. And it feels great to take control of everyone’s favorite Mark Hamill role.

Buyer beware, the frustration that comes along with this game will push most casual Star Wars fans away, completing Super Star Wars and taking down the empire may be the way that you prove yourself a true fan, worthy of playing as the last Jedi himself.

Ships In Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2

The Star Wars universe is known for a lot more than its characters, the different light speed-hopping space ships featured are another aspect of the franchise that’s just as recognizable. And while we can get some action behind the wheel in the new Battlefront games, it doesn’t beat the classic feeling of piloting ships like the TIE Fighter and X-wings in Rogue Squadron 2.

Gasgano In Star Wars: Episode 1: Racer

Gasgano is a simple Xexto: all he wanted to do was win a podrace, but little Anakin Skywalker would see that he did not succeed.

But in this N64 and PC classic you can give Gasgano a second chance at victory and help him vanquish scummy racers like Sebulba. Back in it’s day, Racer felt like one of the fastest games out there, while that may not be the case nowadays it’s still my favorite pod racing simulator.

You don’t need recognizable faces to feel the magic of Star Wars, if you want to experience something a little different look no further than Star Wars Dark Forces, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Knights of the Old Republic.

No matter what game, movie, or book you choose, take some time on this holy day to remember the men and women who fought to destroy the empire and are still fighting for us today!