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A Sort Of Liveblog: Capcom At Gamescom 2012

Posted on Tuesday, August 14 @ 02:02:31 Eastern by

We're not at Gamescom 2012 in Germany right now. We're on the internet. That's about as close at they'll let us, what with international law and all that. Still, we'll be doing our best to act like we're there and imagine. We're just deluded enough for it to work.

This time, we're sitting in some auditorium in Germany watching Capcom talk. Let us know what you think in the comments and we'll reply as we update the post.

Don't forget to HIT THAT F5 KEY (We'll be sure to break out coverage for a lot of this stuff.)

1:59 AM PST: Holy mother of God is it past my bed time. Are you up? Are you here? Increase your comment stats by posting worthless comments like "yeah I'm up" or "Can I has delusion too?" (PROTIP: The answer is yes.

2:05 AM PST: I just realized how terrible of an idea this was. I am so tired. Ummm, apparently a guy is on stage. VP of Marketing Michael Patterson. "Our first press conference at Gamescom...." Consequently, my first time with a five-hour energy drink.


2:08 AM PST: So DmC is up first, with the announcement that one new character will join the series in Ninja Theory's entry. Video: Dante speaks with a member of The Order, also meets Virgil. Then Dante Vs Virgil. I'm assuming there's tons of dicks every where. Just every single male is naked throughout the entire trailer.

Trailer ends with demon crushing a skyscraper.

2:11 AM PST: Maybe it was  too many penises for the entire audience and everyone just got up and left. These are the kinds of things that don't happen in liveblogs where the writer is actually there.

2:12 AM PST: Woah! Stage demo. Capcom is pulling out all the stops for Gamescom. PLAYING THE GAME ON THE FREAKING STAGE. Where exactly is the guy controlling the game looking? Is there a monitor on the ground or is he just looking at pictures of cats? You never know!

2:13 AM PST: So Dante is like... moving around... like someone is controlling him. I wish these demos looked like the game does when someone is actually playing. Jerky movements, spinning around, going down the wrong alley obssessively looking for health and coins.

Dante is running on an upside down bridge, Dante is in a cyber area created by the Raptor News Network. Thier motto is "If it's Dante's Dick, we're covering it!" I don't really get that motto but whatever, I'm not a developer. Do you people understand how tired I am?

2:17 AM PST: Capcom dates DmC for January 13th in Europe on Xbox 360 and PS3, with a PC version coming later. We'll post more later once we've confirmed the US date.

2:20 AM PST: The things I do for you guys. You realize I love you right? Half of this liveblog is just going to be me bitching about how tired I am. It's a miracle I haven't titled it that. "A Sort Of Liveblog: Sleepy At Gamescom 2012."

2:22 AM PST: What Lost Planet 3 now? OK, sheesh. Trailer, blah blah blah. Am I on the verge of outright mocking you all? This is what happens when I'm tired. I get angry and mouthy. Protagonist Jim on an icy planet, sending wages home.

Jim heading up to towers, travels through alien cave, shoot shoot shoot, explode explode explode.... Struggle mechanic (looks quick-timey) fighting off bugs. Supposedly "gritty," "horror sounding" music. Lots of action though.

It's not like Capcom could possibly make suvival horror anymore, despite being the originators of the genre.

2:30 AM PST: OK, fuck. Is the guy named Joe or Jim? Can you not discern between those two names? What a moron. JoeJim gets to a tower, but it's sabotaged by someone who jumps off a cliff (so clearly it's the Batman). I don't know! I can't see what's going on! I'm not actually there.

JoeJim makes his way through the base and activated the dish at the tower to communicate with Earth. This planet isn't quite as lost as we originally thought then. Dish up, mech called up to the mountain. Holy shit, I hate Moutain Song on Rock Band. Played that way too many times.

JoeJim gets in mech, first-person as opposed to first-, fights off huge bug in robot suit. JUST MAKE A FREAKING GUNDAM.

2:38 AM PST: Lost Planet 3 to console and PC in early 2013. That'll get delayed.

Anyway, Street Fighter X Tekken for Vita is up next. Capcom sure loves porting fighters to the handheld. Several people were quoted as "Meh." They were all me.

55 fighter right out the gate, casual mode with tapping and swiping, back touch to tag in and out. DLC shared across Vita and PS3, cross-platform multiplayer, adhoc fighting, AR features, October 26th Europe release date.

Yoshinori Ono on stage dressed as Blanka. Is he pulling a Miyamoto? Can people pull Miyamotoes? 25th Street Fighter anniversary cake. I better get a fucking piece.

2:45 AM PST: Ono asks everyone to shoryuken so he can take a picture to post on Twitter. This is an abuse of power. We have a man gone mad with control.

Now he says he's about show Street Fighter V. The crowd gasps but Ono is joking. Now everyone is booing. People are throwing chairs and screaming. Wow, people are rushing the stage. They're grabbing Ono and beating him for his joke. I can't watch anymore.

2:50 AM PST: Now Capcom is talking ResidentEvil.Net, a website that puports to compare you against your friends in Resident Evil 6. Smart phone apps are mentioned. Global community events like "kill 100,000 zombies" mentioned, points earned can be spent on in-game goods like Mercernaries costumes.

I proceed to shoot myself repeatedly in the face.

2:52 AM PST: Championship Belts for winners. OK, whatever-- Oh, something actually useful: read all the shit you collect in game. I'll do that on my iPhone.

New RE6 gameplay now: Jake and Sherry stuck in a Blizzard... and they are about to get busy! Wow, really go for that M rating huh Capcom? No, not really. Again, delusional.

2:56 AM PST: Sherry can heal, she was apparently from Resident Evil 2, and Chris and Claire are her "best friends." That made absolutely no sense to me. I hope you got something for it. Again, I'm fucking tired.

Jake and Sherry attacked by armed forces, escape blizzard in snow mobiles and just miss an avalanche. An undead avalanche? No, just a regular avalanche.

3:00 AM PST: New IP time. Developed by French studio Dontnod: Remember Me. Made by Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Heavy Rain devs (all of which were made in France so... duh). Futuristic Paris, female lead with erased memory.

I have NEVER played a game where the lead had amnesia. Erased memory is so overplayed. Why don't they just give her amnesia. Two completely different things. Art style, action, hovering cars... "I'm the hunter, so why am I being hunted?" Probably because you forgot something important, dummy!

3:05 AM PST: A whole bunch of bull shit happened. I can't be bothered to explain it because it sounds dumb. Now a dev is on stage, talking about memories, value, favorite memory "first date with gf in Paris."

Audience can now relive memories with our own visions, imagine a world where memories can be shared with anyone in the world. Blah blah blah. Remember Me set in Neo-Paris, 2084, memories and senses recorded and traded on network. Memoreyes company, company can acccess memories. "Who watches the watchman?"

Group trying to infiltrate company, player character called Nilin. "Elite memory hunter" with no identity, trying to find it.

3:13 AM PST: Hey let's play the game on stage. Again, this absolutely blows my mind.

Panning over Neo-Paris (or Keanu-Paris), Nilin is trying to break into a building, talking to Edge, friend. Helicopter shows up and fires. Nilin escapes, third-person, Uncharted-esque, HUD pretty empty, more chase, techno music, now Nilim is fighting people, hand-to-hand. Move called "Memory Overload" kill enem by spraying memories everywhere.

More combat, command wheel, tools, slow time during fight.

3:22 AM PST: Shit, I'm about to fall asleep.

Nilim is back on the rooftop with the helicopter in pursuit. Nilim evades, jumps on the chopper (gets to the...) and steals the pilot's memories. Demo DONE.

Nilim has different vision abilities, climbs up buildings, hangs on windows, spying on Frank Forlan, enemy. Nilim is hunting him. Memory Remix ability makes people insane and makes them kill themselves. I am having my memory remixed right now.

3:25 AM PST: Nilim must manipulate Forlan into shooting his girlfriend. Nilim edits his memory by interacting with certain objects in Forlan's environment. GF is actually still alive, she walks in just as Forlan is about to shoot himself. Objective complete.

Remember Me is slated for May 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3, PC. It will be delayed for sure.

COOL. That's the end of Capcom's Gamescom Press Conference! Thanks for joining me. Next up is Electronic Arts at 7:00 AM PST. So I'll see you then. Stick with GameRevolution as we turn all of these words into some sort of visual thing today. ALSO TONS AND TONS OF GAMESCOM COVERAGE.
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