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Welcome Home - PAX AUS 2014
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Posted on 11/18/14
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A Sort Of Liveblog: Electronic Arts At Gamescom 2012

Posted on Tuesday, August 14 @ 05:23:57 Eastern by Alex_Osborn

While Daniel has undoubtedly conked out after covering Capcom so late last night, I'll be here to fill you in on the next press conference set to take place here at gamescom.

Next up is Electronic Arts. Will they have anything new and exciting to show? We've already seen quite a bit of Dead Space 3, Crysis 3 and Medal of Honor Warfighter, so here's to hoping we get a few big reveals. Dragon Age 3 perhaps? Hey, I can dream can't I?

Let us know what you think in the comments and we'll reply as we update the post.

Don't forget to HIT THAT F5 KEY (We'll be sure to break out coverage for a lot of this stuff.)

6:55 AM PST: Alright guys, get comfortable. Five minutes 'til go time! Ah, I just love press conferences. So much excitement in the air... Please EA, don't disappoint! 

7:00 AM PST: Hmmm... Nothing yet. Must be a bit behind schedule.

7:03 AM PM: And still waiting... Honestly.

7:06 AM PST: Alright. Here we go. 

7:11 AM PST: Really?! Finding a quality feed is virutally impossible. Army of Two 3 or whatever it is called... Devil's Cartel is being played on stage. Overly dramatic music. Looks like just another co-op third-person shooter. Lots of bullets, explosions, etc. Nothing too exciting here folks. One guy is providing air support via turret on helecopter while the other guy is on foot. Haven't seen that before...

7:17 AM PST: Devil's Cartel launching March 2013. I can't get over how stupid those masks look. And now Peter Moore takes the stage along side some European dude I can barely understand.

7:19 AM PST: Dean Richards takes the stage all geared up wearing rollerblades. Seriously? NHL 13. Touting popularity of this sports franchise... blah, blah, blah. New skating engine. "True Performance Skating." Makes skating "more authentic" allegedly. Demo available next week. 

7:24 AM PST: Criterion Games logo. Lots of cars. Zoom. Zoom. Need for Speed: Most Wanted trailer. I wish I cared, but racing games just don't do it for me. Seems like the same thing year after year. Okay, so they're really pushing the open world idea. Drive any car you want right from the outset. That's cool, I guess.

7:29 AM PST: Most Wanted gameplay time. Shows vehicle swapping, competing with friends. Looks quite smooth and intuitive.

7:33 AM PST: Demo concludes with being chased by the cops. Now switching gears to Battlefield 3. Discussing similarities between BF3 and Warfighter. Greg Goodrich takes the stage to talk Warfighter. Here we go with a bunch of fluff talk. Most authentic shooter of 2012... yadda yadda yadda. Exits stage and new multiplayer trailer pops on screen. Wow this game looks brown.

7:39 AM PST: Simpsons logo on screen. Simpsons: Tapped Out free to play mobile game. Did he really just say "d'oh"? Looks like a Sims sort of city building game. 

7:41 AM PST: Oh boy, now it's time to talk Origin. If anyone can sell the service, it's Peter Moore. Origin officially coming to the Mac.

7:43 AM PST: Maxis dev takes the stage. Sim City time! Glass Box engine makes the detailed game experience possible. Cities are interconnected through "Sim City World" to provide new interactive content. And now there's a trailer. Showing how you can "be a part of a larger community". Oh how wonderful. Beta registration open on their main site. Also coming to Mac in Feb 2013.

7:48 AM PST: Ok, now some actual Battlefield 3 talk. And here we got with a long explanation on why you should subscribe to their "Premium" service. "Armored Kill" DLC coming next month to PS3 first. Bascially saying, "Please don't stop playing BF3 despite the news that BF4 is coming next year." And yet another trailer. Tank battles. Lots of explosions. DLC is highlighted. Basic message: BUY PREMIUM.

7:53 AM PST: Crysis 3 time! Teaser trailer kicks it off. Crytek talking about why Cry Engine 3 is so amazing. Yeah, we get it. New "Hunter" multiplayer mode. Asymmetric gameplay where two players equipped with bows hunt down the other players. Cool concept. I can't get over how gorgeous this game looks.

8:00 AM PST: BioWare takes the stage to discuss The Old Republic and its new free-to-play option. Adding more endgame content. Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Trailer for new "Grand Acquisition" addition. Okay and now now live action commercial. Kinda goofy, but I sorta liked it.

8:04 AM PST: Visceral takes the stage to talk Dead Space 3. New weapon crafting system detailed. New gameplay footage being demoed on stage. Isaac aboard a crashing ship. Very cinematic. Makes me think of Mass Effect 2's opening. Flying through space? EPIC! Launching in North America February 5th, Europe Feb. 8th. Cinematic trailer closes us out. Very cool.

8:12 AM PST: Alright, can I go back to bed? No? Ugh, more EA Sports. Now we've got FIFA 13. "FIFA Ultimate Team" enhances the experience in some way that I don't really care about. Sorry soccer fans. Unpreditability a major focus. Each match to be completely unique. Expanding FIFA online world. New "Match Day" will modify the experience based on real world events. Demo coming next month. New trailer. Not much to say here, just more soccer.

8:25 AM PST: And that does it folks. Peter Moore takes the stage again to close us out.

Alright guys, stay tuned to GameRevolution as we're less than two hours away from Sony's presser, which is set to kick off at 10:00 AM PST, 1:00 PM EST.

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