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E3 2014: Sony Press Conference Reaction

Posted on Tuesday, June 10 @ 10:47:54 PST by KevinS

At this year's press conference,I saw the upcoming lineup of titles through Sony.I've watched them before online so I knew what to expect, but I was still more than pleased with the plethora of solidPS4exclusives, and with the overall creativity of it all; while some companies might present a more focused vision of a company's direction, Sony is going all over the map with intriguing new ideas, strong takes on old concepts, and supporting the idea that gaming can reach all people and tastes.It's nice to see a big company not come off as the ultimate enemy of the little guy,y'know?

Sony opened its conference with a one-two punch ofDestinyandThe Order: 1886, a couple AAA titles covering the past and future.With players controlling one of the few "guardians" remaining to save the human race from overwhelming odds,Destinyboasts some beautiful visuals, though a little drab on the color scheme, with a "first look" alpha coming on July17thforPS4. Meanwhile,The Order: 1886didn't display much actual information through its pre-rendered fight, but did show a lonefellasearching a building for somethingand finds what appears to be a zombie... then becomes something of a werewolf.It's like a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, only with fantasy horror monsters and fewer burritos.Meaning, I'm looking forward to it.

Following that was a short presentation forEntwined, a dual-stick-controlled journey between two pixilated creatures (at first glance looked like a blue bird and a goldfish) weaving throughout a world in reminiscent fashion toRez.As described in the keynote, they're two souls in love that, for some reason, can never be at peace together.As they journey they spread across the sky a living paint, though it's not known just what effect that may have on any possible enemies or the environment (though it does look pretty).As it's available right now, sounds like a fun distraction to keep an eye on.

After some stand-aloneDLCforInfamous, the first really big gun was whipped out:LittleBigPlanet3.And it looked... likeLittleBigPlanet2, which is still pretty on thePS4.But the big news was to add some creative flair to the puzzles via the addition of three new friends, each with a unique skill brought to the table.Oddsockis faster and can wall-jump; Toggle is both the biggestandthe smallest, and by extension the strongest; and Swoop is a bird who can fly and pick things—even members of the party—up and over tricky obstacles.Not only are they available for puzzles, but they can each be controlled by a different character, which makes for good four-player co-op solves... as well as "we all hate Kevin because he's not cooperative."Top that witheveryLBPuser-created level being available for play in this one, and that's a world of content available right from the get-go.

There wasBloodborne, formerly known as "Project Beast" fromFromSoftware, moreFar Cry 4footage, and the trailer for the newDead Island 2.(I'm sure Jessica Vazquez will besothrilled to hear about that. Good trailer, though.)BattlefieldHardlinetook some display time with touted exclusivePS4content, as well as the first beta release on the console, andDisney Infinityis getting its own exclusive bits.The crowd popped gleefully whenGrim Fandangofound the spotlight again—​for the first time in over a decade—​and a bevy of Devolver Digital titles found their way into the PSN library.

Suda51'sLet It Diewas an eye-popper, more for its possibility of actually offering eyeball-popping physics.Damn that was violent.Following the most elegant transition I've ever experienced,sarcastically stated,next shown wasAbzu, afloatytitle from the guys that createdJourney.The newly formed developer Giant Squid has decided to take on the serenity of deep diving and snorkeling, exploring underwater depths in more appreciative practice than the more educationalEndless Ocean.

An unexpected pleasure wasNo Man's Sky, a small indie team building not just a worked exploration simulator, but a universal simulator. Every player starts on their own planet somewhere in the vast eternity, and a system that can somehow create a massive number of attributes per planet, with no two being totally alike.It should keep things flowing for some time.

Add in some of the games we already know about, likeMetal Gear Solid V, a new Batman titleBatman:ArkhamKnightto continue the Bat's current streak of hits, the collective groans and giggles of "FINALLY!" when watching theGrand Theft Auto Vtrailer, and aremastered-for-PS4The Last of Usand your console should be getting the exercise it seriously needs.

The real stars of this conference were two, one we all knew was coming, and one we hadhoped was coming (with, of course, no big updates or details to give us any insight as to their playable future). The one we all knew was coming was theamazeballs-awesomethat isMortalKombatXwith gameplay footage.There was some new demonstration, like how the environment can be brought into play as both interactive and outright useful, and two new unnamed characters—​a wasp-like lady and a massive dude with a jockey—​and they did a number on one another, but until we know anything about them, that's about where that stays.

And then... then there was the big final reveal.Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.APS4exclusive.We don't know much about it except that Nathan Drake looks as amazing as ever, and that it should drop in 2015.But that's all that's really necessary, just look at the short-yet-epic trailer for it:

If you watched it, what did you like best about the conference?Anything you hear about that really strike you like a MAC truck?

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