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GameRevolution's Top 25 PS Vita Games - 2013 Edition

Posted on Monday, December 30 @ 12:00:00 PST by GR_Staff

10. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

TheAssassin's Creedgames have gone on to become a staple franchise in this industry, and the series finally made the jump to handhelds withLiberation. Serving up a stellar experience that made little compromises in its transition toVita, Liberationis not only a visual and gameplay achievement, but it also starsa powerful female protagonist.

9. Killzone Mercenary

The first-person shooter genre never fit particularly well on a handheld... untilKillzone Mercenarycame onto the scene. Taking full advantage of PlayStation's Vita's incredible power and dual sticks, this portable shooter succeeded where games likeResistance: Burning SkiesandCall of Duty: Black Ops Declassifiedfailed. If you're looking for a solid FPS on the go, this is undoubtedlyyour best option.

8. Tearaway

The game that perhaps makes the very best use of nearly all the bells and whistles packed into Vita has got to be Media Molecule's charming little adventure,Tearaway. Seriously, this game will have you grinning from ear to ear in childlike wonder as you tap along the device's rear touch to see your finger tear through the paper world. It's insanely creative and even more charming thanLBP, if you can believe that.

7. MuramasaRebirth

Those looking for a work of visual splendor for their Vita simply have to purchaseMuramasa Rebirth. This excellent action role-playing game re-designed to take advantage of Sony's handheld hardware is an absolute joy to look at and play. There are loads of different weapons and attacks you can acquire to take down your enemies, which are incredibly detailed and varied in their own right.

6. Soul Sacrifice

Keiji Inafune, the brilliant mind behindMega Man, decided to make a dark and grippingMonster Hunter-inspired experience for PlayStation Vita calledSoulSacrifice. The result is a twisted action game that offers one of the deepest gameplay experiences you'll find on the platform. It's got a great story, an incredible co-op component, and some of the best audio around.

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