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FEATURED VOXPOP oblivion437 Update: I was unfortunately not aware of Shamus Young's severe criticism of Fallout 3 available here to link in the original piece and I regret that.  It dovetails rather nicely with what I've written and it's much better executed than my piece.  I strongly recommend anyone...

TGS Announcements I Wanna See

Posted on Wednesday, August 24 @ 21:20:00 Eastern by Heath_Hindman

The 2011 Tokyo Game Show is less than a month away. As Japan's E3 inches closer, there are some specific things I'd definitely love to see come out of the event, a few of them more realistic than others.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Goes Multiplatform

When Final Fantasy XIII was announced as going multiplatform, it gave us some of the most hilarious reactions in the history of reactions. I love me some lulz, and I've already given up on the game coming out before my kids are in college. So hey, I might as well get some laughs out of Versus XIII.

I also need a new barometer for measuring stupid. I used to ask, "Do you believe that an Xbox 360 port is the reason for the hardcore audience's disappointment over Final Fantasy XIII?", and if people answered "Yes", I knew I was talking to an idiot. That joke is becoming outdated, though. Help a brother out, Square Enix.

PS2 Classics for PS3 and Vita

Because holy shit how cool would that be?

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Valkyria Chronicles for PS3 redefined tactical RPGs and remains my favorite game of this generation. Valkyria Chronicles 2 was another solid title, and the third is one of the PSP's best RPGs, hands-down. This series keeps cranking out the hits. If it has to stay portable, where Sega seems to like it, I'd like to see the move to Vita, but deep inside, I'd like to see it move back to PS3. One of the best parts of the first Valkyria is the huge size of the battlefields. Those can't be replicated on the PSP, and as of right now, we can't be sure exactly how a Vita version will stack up against the PS3's take. Give me my 1080p and big screen, please.

Vita Release Dates

This might be asking a bit much in the case of getting a release date for Europe and North America, but I can dream, right? I fully expect a Japanese date to be announced, probably even before the actual show itself. It seems like Sony is waiting for a few more launch titles before unleashing this beast in other territories, which is logical, but logic has never succeeded at making me any less antsy and facts do not convince anyone of anything. Facts don't matter in real life. That's the only fact that matters. That one, and this follow-up. I seem to have created a fact paradox. "This sentence is a lie." Oh sh**...

More Level-5 Awesomeness

Last year, Tokyo Game Show was more like the "Who Wants to Touch Level-5?" Show. Homies were busting out Inazuma Eleven Strikers, both versions of Ni no Kuni, Professor Layton, and more. With Time Travelers and Fantasy Life on deck, plus a probable showing of Ni no Kuni's PS3 progress, Level-5 could easily come up all incognito and steal the show out from under everyone once again.


Guys, stop skipping the show. Come on, man.

An improved demo of Final Fantasy Type-0

The user comments for this one have been positive overall. The only two negatives have been some small gripes about the Phantoma system and, more commonly, the camera. The lack of a right stick on the PSP hurts the game's camera controls for sure, to an even greater extent than a lot of other PSP titles (well hello, Monster Hunter) due to how many things the player needs to do with the limited number of buttons. Director Hajime Tabata has come out publicly and said that due to the high number of complaints about the camera, he and his team are working on fixing it.

The game is pretty good even with its faulty camera, so I'd love to see a newer version of the demo with the updated camera in time for TGS. The show is right at about the time that development would need to finish, if review copies are to be sent out in a timely fashion and the game is to be printed and shipped in time for its October 16 street date, so there should be a modified version ready, if indeed the camera issues are being addressed.

Something -- Anything -- About Dragon Quest X

Stop messing around, Square Enix. This is the Tokyo Game Show, the biggest annual Japanese gamer news and announcement extravaganza. RPGs are the most popular titles in the country, and you own its two biggest franchises. One of them is already becoming a joke, but there's been absolutely nothing on Dragon Quest X for years. Every week In Famitsu, this game shows up on the Most Wanted list, but there's not even a picture for the magazine to post as a thumbnail. All the other games have boxes, artwork, or at least one screenshot. DQX on the other hand, has just had "Now Printing" in plain text for literally years. Seriously, Square, are you like, sick of making money? Get in there and finish the next Dragon Quest console game already.

Horribly Kept Secrets

One of the best things about any game show is when there's a leaked announcement, and everyone hears about it, and the internet goes to great lengths to prove it (or deny it) beyond any doubt, and then some poor sap has to get on a stage and act enthusiastic when he "reveals" it to the world.

Like last year, when someone changed "gif" to "JPG" on one of Sega's PR images and oh snap, it went from being vague and secretive to spilling ALL of the beans. Then they get on stage and they're like, "Guess what! We're making Valkyria Chronicles 3!" And we were all like, "Yeah we know, tell us about this fat guy, and why does the blonde girl have a whip?" Forced smiles all around. It was the third most socially awkward game reveal ever. I'm hoping for more of that action. Whose turn is it this year? We'll find out on the first day of the show, September 15th.
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