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Release date: 08/19/14

Madden NFL 15
Release date: 08/26/14

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Call of Duty will never be the same
By oneshotstop
Posted on 07/28/14
       We've all been there. Everyone remembers that mission. You and your partner are climbing up the mountains in the snow, striving to pull some slick clandestine operation about getting some intel on a bad guy, or something similar (because let's face...

The Most Anticipated Games Of E3 2013

Posted on Friday, June 7 @ 17:00:00 Eastern by GR_Staff

Filling this feature is more difficult than it looks. Why? Because of rumors. So many that we can swim through them like Scrooge McDuck. (Except we aren't rich.) How unexpectedly would our eyes explode if we were to see Mass Effect 4, Halo 5, Killer Instinct, a new Zelda for Wii U, and the ever-fabled The Last Guardian? For sure, we anticipate them feverishly, but who knows whether we can truly expect them to be show at E3 2013. What we note below is what we're fairly to very sure will be shown... we can't wait. ~ Nick

Anthony Severino: Leave it to me to start a feature about the most anticipated games off with some hardware instead. But hey, if it weren't for the hardware, we wouldn't be playing any games, now would we? And as you might have noticed over the years, I get much more into the hardware than the games themselves. You also may have noticed that I tend to swing more toward the side of PlayStation, which is why the PS4 tops my list of E3 hype.

Sony started off extremely strong with the PlayStation 4 reveal back in February, and hasn't slowed since. They've got the support of indie devs, PC developers, and an armada of first-party studios readying new projects for the next-generation console. That said, I'm still dying to know about the rest of the console features, the services, the OS, and the look of the system. Oh! And the games, too! Sony has a lot riding on the success of the PlayStation 4 considering the rest of their business is still struggling, and the PlayStation Vita has been mostly a dud. The gaming community seems to be behind them and is willing to forgive the mistakes made early on with the PS3. It's Sony's chance to redeem itself, and it better not fuck it up.

Nick Tan: I was jealous when Daniel saw Watch Dogs earlier this year, as it represents one of the few Ubisoft titles that I know I want in my library without a shadow of a doubt. The idea of the vigilante and hopefully altruistic hacker purging the corruption of the world is a modern concept of the superhero that should be explored. With any luck, I hope there's a sequence in the game where all of the funds from crooked bank executives are drained from their greasy hands.

Of course, I can settle for Aiden Pearce's street justice too. Tapping into the knowledge he learns by passively hacking everyone he passes, he can strategically deliver righteousness (however you interpret that to mean) to criminals and otherwise sleazy people. Barring technology, he can run them down and take them out. 

​The more society relies on technology, the more power is given to those who can control it. Anonymous-ly, yes? Knowing this, our own government has convicted numerous hackers to prison, so the relevance of Watch Dogs is unquestionable. So on anticipation alone, I know I'm barking up the right tree.

Alex Osborn: Back in the day, I absolutely loved the Pokémon franchise. It was the reason I owned a GameBoy and carried it around with me wherever I went. But when the third generation of the franchise launched on GBA, I lost my passion for the portable monster-collecting series. Since then I've fallen out of love with Pokémon and portable gaming as a whole, but I'm hopeful that GameFreak's new take the super-popular (and undeniably cute) RPG ropes my back in.

Thanks to the "power" of the 3DS, a proper 3D Pokémon adventure is now possible, and that is exactly what Pokémon X/Y promises to deliver. The way the studio has managed to bring the franchise into three dimensions while retaining the same look and charm of the originals has me itching to explore the game's new towns for myself. Gamers have been asking for a fully-fledged console-esque Pokémon game, and while this isn't quite that, it certainly appears to be the next best thing.

Nick Tan: Haven't heard the controversy about Dragon's Crown? Don't worry, it's not that big of a deal. (Okay, poor choice of words.) The problem is that the Sorceress has big tits. That's about the long and short of it, to which I respond: Well, play the Elf archer then. Or just get over it. The concept of magical sorceresses having equally magical boobies is hardly a new one, and besides, we have little idea how the Sorceress will actually play in the game. Her breasts are more comically silly than seriously objectifying, anyway.

Regardless, Dragon's Crown was one of the reasons I purchased a Vita near launch, and now it's one of the reasons I still own one. Everything about it appeals to me: the classically side-scrolling beat-'em-up combat, the hand-drawn Muramasa-style art style, the four-player multiplayer support, and the data-saving between the PS3 and Vita versions. It's essentially Castle Crashers except with an exotic "East Meets West" aesthetic. What's not to like?

Anthony Severino: While I'm fairly certain the fact that Metal Gear is in the title, it speaks for itself. But truth is, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was a long time ago now. Peace Walker was stellar, but this is the first console Metal Gear since, with an all new engine, and what may be the most twisted plot yet. 

Kojima is splitting the game into two segments, Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, which is so confusing even Konami PR wasn't sure what exactly is going on with the game's release. And with so much hype and controversy surrounding what's been revealed so far, there's bound to be some shocking revelations during E3... like who will actually voice Snake.

Nick Tan: You are the leader of the Three Street Saints. You are The President of United States. You are the hero who will save the world from the alien invasion. You are totally playing this game.

There's a part of me that wanted Obama to add some street cred, some flava, to the White House. Now we can have that fantasy by living vicariously through the Saints. Is whacking people with a giant purple dildo not good enough anymore? Then how about a weapon that inflates your enemies until they pop like a balloon. Or killing people with dubstep. Or how about infusing your Saint with all the superpowers you wish you had in real life - super speed, ice beams, telekinesis, leaping, and who knows what else.

Saints Row IV is going to be so good that it's stupid.

Daniel Bischoff: Every new Super Smash Bros. game expands to include more arenas, more characters, and an even bigger feature set... so what could the Japanese publisher of gaming's most beloved franchises possibly do next? With the next SSB game coming to 3DS and Wii U, will connectivity and a dual-platform launch hurt or help the title? We know so little about the next brawler from Sakurai, Nintendo, and Namco Bandai, that it's hard not to anticipate.

Nintendo has confirmed that we'll learn more about the game during their E3 Nintendo Direct address, but will a playable build be available at the expo? How many characters will they show and are we only going to get obvious choices like Mario confirmed? How will dual-screened platforms change the way we pit Bowser and Samus against each other? Hopefully we won't have to wait for Nintendo to build our excitement to 300% before smashing us with an incredible reveal.

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