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Top 10 Games EA Should Develop With Star Wars License

Posted on Tuesday, May 7 @ 14:10:00 Eastern by GR_Staff
May the Force be with us, lol.

Ever since it was announced yesterday that Electronic Arts has exclusive rights to the Star Wars license, everyone and their mom started brainstorming what the giant publisher might have in store. So here at GameRevolution, we decided to compile all of our thoughts—for good or ill, or for good old-fashioned hilarity—on our Top 10 picks for what that Star Wars game should be.

Boba's Edge

Anthony Severino: While little kids everywhere wanted to be like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, or Darth Vader, for me, I idolized the silent killer, bounty hunter Boba Fett. Imagine a gun for hire like Fett, quick and agile, leaping from AT-AT Walker to the battlefield for a well-timed assassination—all in first-person view through the trademark helmet of his. Got a long jump ahead? Well, Boba Fett has a jetpack to give him that extra boost.

Plus, Mirror's Edge wasn't exactly a financial success, hence the reason EA has been reluctant to produce a sequel. Throw an iconic, yet underused, Star Wars character on the front cover, and you've got the sales EA would want, coupled with the gameplay fans would love. And with a character that takes no allegiance with anyone, his story is left open enough that the right writer's would have a field day with it.

Star Wars vs. Mass Effect

Nick Tan: If we can't have Patton Oswalt's Star Wars Avengers X-Men movie fantasy, then for me, Star Wars vs. Mass Effect would be the next best thing. Both series already have numerous similarities, but the collision of both universes has the power to tear galactic rifts in the time-space of our puny brains. The premise for the story could be as easy as saying that the energy burst from The Citadel at the end of Mass Effect 3 has distorted the fabric of reality, allowing the Star Wars universe to tear into the Mass Effect universe.

Just imagine the pitch: "The remnants of the Galactic Empire join forces with the few surviving Reapers. Renegade biotic Asari squads battle against Jedi Knights (then make love afterwards). C-3PO interfaces with the geth, while R2-D2 hits it off with EDI. The salarians campaign to rid the world of the Gungan. Chewbacca and the Krogan roar at each other. Aria T'Loak and Boba Fett face off in a duel to the death. Princess Leia and Liara T'Soni realize their parts are underwritten. The Ewoks and the elcor have a dance party (curiously). And Garrus is still busy with calibrations."

Star Wars, You Know, Viscerally

Daniel Bischoff: When EA said Visceral Games would be working on a Star Wars title of their own, it made total sense. Space, spaceships, people in space, planets in space, planets that aren't ours, galaxies far, far away, monsters who vomit. I mean, the connections between Dead Space and Space Wa... I mean, Star Wars, are endless. Who can forget that pivotal moment in A New Hope when they go into space? I can't wait to see what Visceral does with that. If you've finished Dead Space 3, you already know that "that's no moon." Of course, if I'm being honest, I'd love to chop Jar Jar Binks into pieces with a Plasma Cutter too, but that's just me.

It's not as if limb-chopping isn't feasible in the Star Wars universe. Luke had his hand chopped off by his dad… whoops, SPOILER ALERT. We know it's not like there are a bunch of little, floating things in Star Wars that will stop people from chopping each other up on a Star Destroyer somewhere. Look, dismemberment isn't really the point; the point is space and Visceral and how they've done space before. I can't wait to see what Star Wars space looks like compared to Visceral space!

The only problem I see inhibiting the developer from making an amazing Star Wars game is that they've kind of science-d themselves into a corner. Kinesis energy? No, that's force power. Engineers who fix spaceships? There's a droid for that. Um, also Star Wars and Disney being all family-friendly, will Visceral get to make another, er, "visceral" experience?


Alex Osborn: BioWare won me over on the original Xbox when they released Knights of the Old Republic. Since then, fans have been clamoring for another BioWare-developed entry. Sadly, all we've received since then is an Obsidian-developed sequel and an overly ambitious MMO that felt more like a reskinned World of Warcraft clone than a proper entry in the Old Republic universe.

Now that EA has the exclusive rights to make Star Wars games, one can only hope that one of the several BioWare divisions (be it in Montreal, Edmonton, etc.) would take the reigns on a proper KOTOR sequel. With all of Casey Hudson's additional experience gained after having worked on the Mass Effect franchise, one could only imagine how awesome a Knights of the Old Republic 3 might be. Please, EA and BioWare, make this happen.

Uncle Owen's Family Moisture Farm

Daniel Bischoff: Perhaps no other genre will see a Star Wars-branded game sooner than the free-to-play city-builder. In fact, there's no doubt in my mind considering the success EA has seen with The Simpsons: Tapped Out and the shorter development cycle it takes to get a game like that off the ground and into player's hands. Since we can basically confirm the game coming to iOS, Android, and possibly Facebook and Origin, let's give it a title!

Free-to-play games often require players to wait for long periods of time before collecting their spoils and playing further into build trees. Sounds like a moisture farm to me! Think about watching a timer tick away the seconds until you can collect another drop of water from your very own plot of dirt on Tatooine! Leave your farm unattended long enough and Tusken raiders will steal your bottles of water crops. Buy credits from Origin so you can head into Mos Eisley and drink away the fact you're just a moisture farmer to make time pass faster. Shooting womp rats in your T-16 would be a different app. Remember you're playing Uncle Owen, so wait patiently for death your moisture to… grow.

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