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Top 10 Games EA Should Develop With Star Wars License

Posted on Tuesday, May 7 @ 14:10:00 Eastern by GR_Staff

Rogue Squadron IV

Alex Osborn: Early adopters of the GameCube will undoubtedly remember just how incredible Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II was thanks to its gorgeous visuals that put Star Fox and his anthropomorphic pals to shame. Those who wished to live out the epic space battles seen in the Star Wars films were given the opportunity to do just that in a way that had never been done before. Rogue Squadron II was easily one of the best launch titles for Nintendo's miniature gaming box, and it will go down in history as one of the best uses of the Star Wars license.

That is why I would love to see a fourth proper entry in this star-bound series. The follow-up to Rogue Leader wasn't as amazing as everyone had hoped, but just imagine what one of EA's studios could pull off with the technology available today. With Frostbite's unparalleled capabilities and realistic destructibility, there's so much that the publisher's stable of studios has to offer. Heck, put Criterion in the driver seat on this one and see what they come up with.

The Sims Star Wars

Nick Tan: This has guilty pleasure written all over it. Most gamers will likely scoff at the idea of playing a "dollhouse simulator" featuring Star Wars and some might claim that it's offensive. I mean, who wants to play as a padawan who must attend the Jedi Academy, learn new techniques from Yoda, become a Jedi Knight, and... yeah, who doesn't? Sure, it might be weird to introduce elements of hunger and bladder to the high-action fantasy of Star Wars, but if anyone should laugh at a Sim who pisses their pants and wets the floor, it should be at a Jedi Semi (who then goes to the dark side and destroys everyone).

As a standalone title, The Sims Star Wars can feature ship-building instead of home-building and focus on adventures on distant planets. Sims can learn various skills for piloting, engineering, charisma, martial arts, and bartering, while players experience the daily routine of a citizen living in the Ossus Academy, Tatooine, Naboo, or Alderaan (before it... you know). The amount of planetary and cultural information Maxis could draw from to craft cities and objects authentic to the Star Wars universe would be incredible. And who doesn't want to befriend Jedis and beings of every alien species and make "woohoo" with (nearly) all of them?

Republic Commando II

Star Wars: Republic Commando is a tactical squad-based first-person shooter that launched several years ago back on the original Xbox and PC. The game has this unique visual blend between Halo and Metroid Prime (two of my favorite franchises, mind you) and features some really interesting tactical mechanics akin to what Ubisoft was doing at the time with Rainbow Six. It was a blend of so many different awesome things all encapsulated within the shell of the Star Wars universe. Seriously, what's not there to love?

So why hasn't there been a sequel?! Hopefully now that EA owns the rights to the license, we'll see a proper follow-up. And honestly, I think either DICE or Visceral would be excellent choices for Republic Commando II. The team behind Battlefield has proven that they can make compelling first-person shooters, and Visceral has the development chops to make an incredible sci-fi universe full of tension and intrigue (see Dead Space). Oh man, the more I think about the incredible potential, the more I can't wait to see where EA takes Lucas's incredible sci-fi world.

Star Wars UFC

Nick Tan: Hey, I'm entitled to a ridiculous idea too. (My other ideas weren't ridiculous, shut up.)

Now that Electronic Arts has the exclusive rights to both Star Wars and UFC, why not have underground hand-to-hand fights between the scariest mercenaries in the Star Wars universe and the toughest brawlers in the UFC. In hand-to-hand combat, who would win? Georges St. Pierre vs. Han Solo? Chewbecca vs. Cain Velasquez? Boba Fett  vs. Anderson Silva? Darca Nyl vs. Matt Hughes? Obi-Wan vs. Ken Shamrock? C-3PO vs... okay, he would just be the training dummy...

If that doesn't cut it, how about a bonus mode where everyone gets a lightsaber. What's meaner than Chuck Liddell with two red lightsabers? Sure, there may be a lot of blood when someone gets their arm cut off, but UFC is a bloody sport, and I don't have to worry about the ESRB when I'm caught up in my own thoughts.

Star Wars Sports Sim ABY (After the Battle of Yavin) 25

Daniel Bischoff: First, did you know that Star Wars years use the Battle of Yavin as a starting point? Second, think of all of the Star Wars sports EA could create a simulation franchise from. EA Tiburon can't possibly hope to feign improvements in next year's Madden forever, right? At some point they're going to have to sit down and decide between Nuna-ball, Limmie, Otoh Gunga Challenge, and Phrenbi.

Phrenbi is the sport popular among Whiphids on the planet Neftali, if that means anything to you. The following year, ABY 26, EA could release "Phrenbi 26" and include an option for playing it like polo... but with banthas. If that doesn't float your boat, maybe you should check out "Limmie 26" where you can create your own player on Team Fondor and take him all the way to the Galactic Cup of Limmie. There, you can read HoloNet News reports generated by "Limmie 26" about your player from real Limmie commentators in the league.

Star Wars 1313

Anthony Severino: (Extra Pick) All of the games above sound amazing in one way or another, but they're either a stretch of the imagination or just layering Star Wars over an existing idea. Star Wars games have always stuck to flying and/or Force powers that never felt all that powerful. That's why when I saw that Star Wars 1313 featured a previously untouched locale and an unnamed bounty hunter, I fell in love. This was the Star Wars game that I truly wanted.

I first layed eyes on it just under a year ago at E3, long before there was ever talk of a Next Xbox or a PS4, yet I knew then it was only possible on next-gen consoles or one hell of a powerful PC. Particle effects, smoke, and fire were unlike anything I've seen yet. It was clear that LucasArts was tapping into every resource made available in the films to create a game that truly felt and looked "Star Wars."

The news that it may have been cancelled was almost as depressing as the studio closure itself; especially because around the same time, I had heard that the main character shown before was just a placeholder to hide the fact that the game would actually star Boba Fett.

Sure, it borrowed some of Uncharted's gameplay style and cinematic presentation, but what game hasn't these days? Also, why shouldn't they? And although with EA inking a deal with Disney for the Star Wars license means that Star Wars 1313 may live on, not having the original minds behind the idea very well may hurt the initial vision. It won't be the same game, and I'll always be left wondering what might have been.

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