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Living Room PC Build Help

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Joined: 17 Jun 2010
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:18 pm    Post subject: Living Room PC Build Help Reply with quote

I have a million questions (more like 4) relating to having a powerful computer with a comfortable setup in my living room. Any advice on any or all topics will be greatly appreciated.

Some background: I promised myself that last generation of console would be the last I'd buy. Now, I'm going to try to stick to that plan. Instead of buying a new console, I want to improve my PC.

I recently purchased a 65" Samsung TV. The thing is gorgeous. I brought my PC into my living room, hooked it up, and now I don't want to go back to my old 20-something inch monitor. I got a couple gamepads and now my wife and I are enjoying our console-free lifestyle.

What I want to do:

1. Figure out a setup that actually works for mouse/keyboard.

Some people said to just buy a shelf from a store like IKEA and use it. Does that actually work? I'd rather not get carpal tunnel in the next few months. Gamepad gaming is great - sometimes. For some games, though... it just doesn't cut it (I'm looking at you, Counter-Strike).

2. Upgrade my PC. Probably need to keep it under $1000. Under $800 is even better.

I'm in the market to upgrade my PC a bit. I want my games to look pretty on that nice 65" screen.

Current Specs:

AMD quad-core something. I got it off the shelf at Best Buy back when people used to buy things at Best Buy. Nothing special here. Needs improvement, probably.

Motherboard - no idea. I don't know a thing about what I should look for here..

6GB RAM. I got lost somewhere along the way too which DDR# I should be on. Needs a boost, with the new motherboard.

256 GB SSD.- I'm fine with this.
500 GB HDD.7200rpm - I'm fine with this.

Nvidia GTX 660 video card - Worth upgrading? It is obviously the best place to improve gaming performance... Can the 660 work in SLI? Better to buy another 660 or just upgrade to something else entirely? I may simply do this part separately after the initial budget is spent...I'm just not keen on making a small increase for a lot of money on this one. The budget might be better spent elsewhere?

650w Power Supply - I think this is adequate.

Case - SMALLEST CASE KNOWN TO MAN - or at least it feels that way. I need something sleek and not "bachelor-looking" according to my wife. I suppose it will be located in the living room, so I concede to this request. Can any case house any motherboard? I have no clue.

3. Is assembling a PC difficult? The most I've done is assemble a PC starting with a barebones kit. Is starting from scratch much harder? Anything I should look out for? How do I make sure all my parts will work together okay?

Bonus Questions - not as important.
I need a new mouse/keyboard My current ones SUCK and become unresponsive all too often. In fact, my mouse has this quirk that it simply won't read on black surfaces. Sorry 99% of mousepads in the world.

I need a blu ray drive, since I've got no Xbox or PS3 or anything any longer. Are they all pretty much the same? Anything I should look for?

Surround sound speakers for gaming/tv setup? Anything really stand out lately? I don't want to break the bank, but stock TV speakers always leave something to be desired.

If you made it this far, thanks again for reading and advising. I truly appreciate it.
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Joined: 06 Nov 2008
Posts: 5911

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sounds easy enough. If I were you, I'd just upgrade the CPU, mobo, and GPU and you should be set for a while. 6GB of RAM is sufficient so you shouldn't need to upgrade that unless it isn't DDR3.

I'd look at something like this 4670K/MSI Z87 combo for $360.

And then something along the lines of the GTX770 for $350

For around $700

You should be set after that with the rest of the specs you have (unless you don't have DDR3 of course)

Blu Ray drives, just find the cheapest you can IMO. My favorite mouse is easily the Logitech G700.

No, assembling a PC is not difficult at all.
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Joined: 17 Jun 2010
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the advice!

I checked, the RAM is DDR3. So, I'm set there.

Also, the current processor is an AMD Phenom II X4 840T 2.90GHz. I'm still assuming it is worthy of an upgrade?

I was looking on the Nvidia site, and it does look like the 770 is a big leap over the 660. I'll keep that card in mind when budgeting it all out.

Thanks again.
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Joined: 26 Oct 2006
Posts: 596

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Make sure keyboard and mouse are wireless first of all. For convenience I myself use a standard tv tray or simply put the keyboard on my lap and put the mouse pad beside my right thigh. It actually works wonders and feels almost as casual as a controller, if not just as good. Now for controllers you'd be best of with a wired or wireless XBOX360 controller for WINDOWS as it is the most supported controller for newer PC games. Also Logitech makes a great controller for a great price.

Also you will find a new found appreciation for the magnifying glass application because when you are sitting on the couch a little further from your screen or even just viewing web and text on such a bigger monitor than what the PC is used to, it can be a bit hard on the eyes without a quick 200 percent zoom in. I usually just drag the magnifying glass app into my app bar on the bottom (beside start menu) for quick zoom access whenever I need it without having to adjust my resolution. Trust me on that one. Hope this helps you out a bit.
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Joined: 17 Jun 2010
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'll have to do some research on a good wireless mouse/keyboard. The ones I have now are terrible.

Unfortunately for me, my couch has a lot of give in the cushions. Putting the mouse next to me doesn't work so well because of the incline. I need a board or tray or something.

And thanks for the tip on the magnifying glass. Not all webpages will let me increase the font size, and I had totally forgotten that the magnifier even existed.

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