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General War : Strategy MmoRpg (PC)

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:14 am    Post subject: General War : Strategy MmoRpg (PC) Reply with quote

General War

Release Date: June 18, 2013
Publisher: Gamebox
Developer: Gamebox
Genre: Strategy

General War is a new free-to-play game that brings WWII-themed tactical combat and city-building to your web browser. Every player takes control of a commander, takes charge of a city, and directs troops in combat based on historical battles.

The game is developed by Gamebox behind games like Project Tank, and Wartune.

Getting into the game is really easy. Signing up takes just a few seconds and selecting a commander and username is also quick and painless. You’ll have 11 male commanders and 9 female commanders to choose from. The males are loosely based on actual historical figures, including Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Adolf Hitler. I say ‘loosely’ because each has a short profile that is absolutely ridiculous. I’m sure it was an effort to make the game seem more exciting, but the profiles are so over-the-top that they read like childish fan fiction. The stories are written in poorly-translated English that only adds to their downright absurdity. Roosevelt is described as a man who knows astrology, has affairs, and drinks 8-10 cups of martini a day. Hitler reportedly often says, “Germany, will, cheat, lies, peace”. The female commanders are entirely fictional and, unsurprisingly, all gorgeous. Like the men, they vary in nationality and each has their own ridiculous back-story.

Ultimately, the commander you choose doesn’t matter much and their back-story has no influence on the game. The stories do set a good tone for the game though, as the bad translations are going to keep coming. Browser-based games almost always trade in graphical power for convenience and this game is no exception, it looks like it’s over 10 years old. Let me just lay this out of the way right now — this game is really cheesy. The writing, voice acting, art, and animation are all just plain bad. The gameplay has its merits though, so don’t give up on General War just yet!

When you start the game, you’ll watch a brief slideshow and then the tutorial will take over. The tutorial actually features quite a bit of voice acting, which makes the game’s value feel higher, even if it’s bad voice acting. The tutorial is long but well-structured. I really like that it teaches you the simplest basics of combat and then leaves the rest of combat up to you. Most of the tutorial’s length comes from teaching you how to manage your city, but that’s nicely broken up into pieces by the 10 or so battles you’ll complete over the course of the tutorial.

The game features two main modes of play: city building and combat. Your city consists of several buildings that will let you manage your army and collect taxes. Each of your units can be assigned a general and equipped with up to six pieces of stat-boosting equipment. Pretty much everything can be upgraded in this game, including your buildings, units, generals, and equipment. Upgrading your residential buildings and tax office will allow you to collect more taxes from your city. Managing your city and army is by far the most complex side of the game, but fortunately goals exist even after the tutorial to help you stay focused on what you should do next. Completed goals will earn you various rewards. The game’s resources include gold (a premium currency), silver (the standard currency used for almost everything), experience, and Reputation Points.

Completing battles will earn you silver, experience, and Reputation Points, with a small random chance of earning items (new troops, generals, or equipment). Battles take place on an isometric grid. The game features “2.5D” art that is essentially 3D models flattened down to 2D artwork (Donkey Kong Country for the SNES being the classic example of this). Units are divided into three classes with a rock-paper-scissors relationship: infantry excels against artillery, artillery excels against tanks, and tanks excel against infantry. Each unit has a depth of stats, including attack, defense, HP, movement range, and attack range. These are the stats that improve with upgrades, generals, and equipment. Combat is simple: you tap the unit you want to use, tap the square you want it to move to, then tap the square you want it to attack. The range of your movement and attack are shown by green and red squares, respectively. As you progress through the game, you will also earn special items and abilities, like air strikes or missiles, that can give you the edge in combat.

There is definitely some strategy in playing, but fans of tactical combat games will likely be disappointed. A lot of subtle features you find in other games simply aren’t present here. The direction your units are facing doesn’t matter, there are no environmental advantages (like extra damage with higher elevation or extra defense when in forests), and there’s no risk of hitting your own units with splash damage or if they stand in the way of fire.

General War has social features that let you work with or against other players. Most of the social features will not become available until you reach a certain level, but chat is always available. Later on, you can join a Corps with other players that will provide you with additional income and allow for ranked Corps battles. You can attack other player’s bases to steal resources and you’ll have to make sure your base has proper defenses as well. Players can also occupy each other’s bases to constantly steal a small percentage of another player’s income. Players will have to work together with their Corps to fight off any occupying armies.

Being a free-to-play game means General War has many of the monetization schemes found in similar social strategy games. Construction and upgrades take hours of real time to complete, but can be rushed with gold (the premium currency, which can only be gained by purchasing it). You are also limited to a certain number of battles a day, but you can buy more with gold. It also features three different VIP packages that grant all kinds of pay-to-win advantages like increasing the speed of upgrades or increasing the income of silver and experience. VIP packages last for a limited time (7–90 days), so must be purchased regularly to keep their advantages.

Despite being plagued by too many monetization options, outdated graphics, and terrible translations, General War brings some interesting gameplay to the table and the combat has a bit of depth. I dislike that almost all of that depth is found in the preparation of your units while in your city instead of the use of your units while in combat. It’s cool that units can be customized and upgraded in so many ways, but ultimately, the upgrades serve only to improve a unit’s stats. If unit upgrades added special abilities and if the rules of combat were a little more complex, the combat could be more strategic and a lot more fun. This is a big miss for GameBox, because the tactical turn-based combat is pretty unique in the social strategy genre but just not implemented very well here. General War ends up being so much more about city and army management even though the combat is what makes it unique. With that in mind, if city management and a complex army management system appeal to you, this may be the social strategy game for you. However, if you prefer deep strategy over complex management, you should probably look elsewhere.

An alliance war function “Land Rush” was added to the game last month. However, as the popularity of this feature is far beyond the developer’s expectation, the feature had to be closed for several days to have its system enhanced. Now, the popular alliance war – Land Rush is online again. Join an alliance, and fight for it!

Besides the exciting alliance war, a brand new consecutive check-in system has been added. Every day you after log in the game, you can check in, and each check-in will grant you some rewards. The more consecutive days you check in for, the richer and better rewards you will get. After 10 days of consecutive check-ins, for each time you check in consecutively, you will always receive the 10th rewards. You will be granted extra rewards when your consecutive check-ins reaches 2, 5, 10, 18 or 27 in an organic month (in server time).

You would get lots of fun here in General War: Memories. It is now being better and better. Join now and rewrite the history!
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Un saludo
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

More like Generic War, am I right
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Does it use DX12?!?

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I hear all the cool kids are trying out that game "Banished"

“I do like metaphorical heroin and my heroin dealer. EA”
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