Skies of Arcadia Walkthrough

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Skies of Arcadia Walkthrough 0.72 © 2000 Cass Bisping [Arrawnt]
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Table of Contents

1. Updates 5. Chams 9. Side Quests 13. Ship Parts
2. Basics 6. Discoveries 10. Equipment 14. Swashbuckler
3. Ship Battles 7. Crew 11. Magic List 15. Downloads
4. Walkthrough 8. Zivilyn Bane 12. Special Moves 16. Credits

1. Updates

V.72 12/14/00 - Added the downloads section and covered some more dungeons
V.65 12/13/00 - Covered a few more dungeons, added some more items and a few side quests
V.5 12/11/00 - Minor updates, next dungeon covered, finished crew section
V.48 12/10/00 - Finished the walkthrough for disc 1 and added some disc 2 parts, added most of the crew members, a few minor additions to each section
V.4 12/09/00 - Minor improvements to the layout, walkthrough almost complete up to disc 1, additions to most sections, ascii art added
V.3 12/08/00 - Guide up to Daccat's Island
V.2 12/07/00 - Guide up to Rixis
V.1 12/06/00 - Guide up to Maramba

2. Basics

Skies of Arcadia is your typical RPG in many aspects, you fight random battles, and through these battles, gain experience points which enable your character to reach higher levels and become stronger. You also accumulate gold to purchase equipment.

Discoveries: As you travel the map you may notice the compass spin wildly, when this occurs, hit "A" to discover a location. You can sell this information to Ship Guilds throughout various towns. You can also purchase hints to other discoveries.

Magic: All magic spells consume 1 MP and a certain amount of spirit. New magic is learned when a character gains a certain amount of magic experience in that particular magic class.

S-moves: S-moves are special attacks that consume a set amount of spirit points, these are learned by using moonberries on characters.

Attributes: There are six attributes you can tune your weapons to-green, red, purple, blue, yellow, and silver. Green is used primarily for healing, red is fire, purple is ice, blue is water, yellow is lightning and silver is life and death. Certain attributes are weak against others, so using a weapon that's the opposite of an enemy's element will cause more damage, the reverse is also true. Here's a listing of what hurts what:

Red defeats Green
Red and Purple destroy each other
Blue defeats Red
Purple defeats Blue
Green defeats Purple
Yellow beats Blue
Green destroys Yellow
Silver and Yellow are equal against each other

The easiest way to determine monster attribute is to look at the background of their picture when you target them. Although it can be difficult to differentiate between blue and green.

3. Ship Battles

The ship battles in this game are remarkably easy and one general strategy will apply to every battle in the game. When your turn is green, focus or attack, when your turn is yellow, heal with repair kits or sacri magic, and when the turn is red, guard. Fire the special weapon as often as possible and the enemy ships will fall quickly. Repair kits are dirt cheap, so buy plenty, also try and time your torpedoes and sub cannons so that they fire on the same turn as the super cannons. also suggest casting Sylenis on enemy ships that rely on magic cannons. This will basically cripple them and give you a reprieve from their constant magic. In some battles you will be given the option to make a choice, this choice will determine whether you get a clear shot at the enemy or you're a sitting duck. I'll cover these choices individually in the main walkthrough. You can also check out Mpureka's Ship Battles FAQ for more detailed strategies on the individual ship battles.

4. Walkthrough


The game begins with a large ship pursuing a mysterious vessel being piloted by a young woman. Alfonso, captain of the larger ship, fires upon the woman and takes her into custody. The imperial ship is then assaulted by air pirates, and you (Vyse) board the ship and get into a fight with four soldiers. The first battle is pretty much a no-brainer, two attacks from either Vyse or Aika will down a soldier. After the battle you enter into the battleship.

Treasure: Sacri Crystal, Sacri Crystal x 2, 50 Gold, Magic Droplet x 2
From the starting point, grab the chest directly in front of you (like duh!) to obtain a sacri crystal. Take the door out of the room. Go down the next hallway and through the next door. At this point
Alfonso introduces himself to Vyse and sends four guards to attack you. They'll die in one hit each, so no problems. Go to your left to find Sacri Crystal x 2. Make your ways to the stairs at the top of the room. After crossing the first catwalk after the stairs, head right to pick up 50 Gold. Head to where Alfonso was and follow him through the door. In the next room, open the chest for Magic Droplet x 2, and save/heal at the save point. Go through the hallway located on the wall near the save point. Descend the ladder and enter the door at the bottom. After some chitchat you end up facing Antonio.

BOSS: Antonio - HP 570 / Exp. 18 / MExp 2 / Gold 165 / Moonberry
Attacks: Thunder of Fury - About 200 damage to one character.
Strategy: Switch Vyse's attribute to green. Guard/Focus until you have 7 Spirit Points then use Vyse's
Cutlass Fury S-move. Heal with the sacri crystals to conserve SP.

Vyse and Aika introduce themselves to the girl they rescued on the Valuan ship and she identifies herself as Fina. The game presents you with the first of many choices that will affect your swashbuckler

That's a great name. *Choose this, you'll hear a chime indicating you made the right decision
That's a strange name.
So where are you from, exactly?

After a brief conversation that gives you some background information on Air Pirates, Captain Dyne summons you to the bridge. There's no treasures to be found here (some pirate ship!) so just go up the ladder to the bridge. Speak with Dyne (he's dressed in black and blue). He tells you to report to Briggs the Vice Captain. He's the helmsman responsible for steering the ship. After speaking with him he gives
you control of the ship and tells you to travel Southeast to Pirate's Isle.

Head due South from where you start and hit "a" over the first small island to make your first discovery - "The Pirate's Grave". For more information on discoveries check the section devoted to
discoveries. Continue heading SE and you'll spot Pirate's Isle in no time, but before you go, I advise building your characters experience levels to 5.

Treasure: Moonberry, 150 Gold, Sacri Crystal x 3, Magic Droplet x 2, Sacres Crystal x 2
After a nifty cut scene involving docking the Albatross into its secret base, you end up at the docks of the secret underground base. Dyne orders you to his office, and as you're just a lowly pirate, obey him. As there are no enemies here, I'll just highlight the important information such as treasure, and story progression. Upgrade your equipment as best you can afford and go speak with Dyne. Dyne will speak with Fina and you have two choices:

Defend Fina
Sit quietly and listen. *Choose this one

Dyne then tells you to give Fina a tour of the upper village...but first search the right part of the bookshelf to discover a hidden passage. Descend the ladder and follow the path to 150 gold.

Find the child in green, speak with him, and tell him he can be a sailor to boost your rank. Talk with Jimmy to play Hide-n-Seek and learn a secret (it's about the bookshelf); if you decide to play look for the children as follows:

Jimmy - Behind a sheet near the old person's house, you can see his feet Alan - In a narrow spot behind Aika's house
Lindsi - Look to the right of the stone tablet
Pow - He's between the boxes near the save point

Search the aforementioned tablet to reach a passage that leads to a precious moonberry. At the top of the very tall ladder is a chest with Sacri Crystal x 3. Head to the little island at the south of town to find
Magic Droplet x 2. When you're done looking around head to Vyse's House (near the save point). Aika will show up and ask to see the sunset. During the cut scene you decide to pay a trip to shrine island.
Dyne also gives you the Purple MoonStone, which will grant your weapons ice attributes. Before heading to Shrine Island, have around 20 Sacri Crystals, I also recommend going NW of the isle to catch Sky
Sardis, a fish that will be useful later on, try and get ten of them. When you're ready for Shrine Island, go due north from Pirate's Isle.

Treasure: Sacri Crystal x 2, moonberry, Sacres Crystal x 2
From the entrance follow the path at the right to the door at the end. Once on the upper balcony go right to find Sacri Crystal x 2, then go back to the door and search the floating crystal. Return through
the door and follow the path to the next door. Once past this door, follow the passage to an area where you can see the sky. Follow the path to a door; open it to release water and then step through it. Take the left route to reach a moonberry, then return to the split and head right. After two doors, you'll come across a chest with Sacres Crystal x 2. Go through the nearby door and follow the path to a save.
Heal/save and then open the door. You'll find the Raw MoonStone and get attacked by the Sentinel.

BOSS: Sentinel - HP 1200 / Exp 117 / MExp 2 / Gold 755 / Moonberry
Attacks: Target Search (always used as a prelude to blaster), Blaster - 300 or so damage
Strategy: Vyse's element doesn't matter, so use whichever you want Magic Experience in. Guard/Focus until you have 7 Spirit Points then use Vyse's Cutlass Fury S-move. Heal with the sacri crystals to conserve SP.

After trashing the Sentinel and receiving the Raw MoonStone, the game switches to the events at Pirate's Isle. During the cut scene you're introduced to Galcian and Ramirez.

When you resume control of Vyse, you'll be outside Shrine Island, get on your boat and return to Pirate's Isle.

Head to the underground base and speak with Vyse's mother at Dyne's cabin. You'll be presented with two choices:

Try and save everyone! *Choose
There's nothing we can do.

You'll rest up for the night. Upon waking up, head to your little boat and go North to Shrine Island. Turn East from there. Here the game takes over. During the cut scene you get three more choices:

Attack it!
Retreat! * Choose
... I don't know!

It doesn't matter what you choose; the outcome will be the same.

You regain consciousness on Drachma's ship the Little Jack. The captain makes you work if you want to stay on board. Your first job is to move two boxes up to the bridge. Go down one flight of stairs,
pick up the box and let the game take over. Repeat. Drachma gives you the helm and directs you to Sailor's Island. He joins the party and allows you the use of his blue moon stone. Go Northeast under the
rock tunnel. Sailor's Island is immediately visible once passing through the tunnel.

Treasure: 200 Gold
Once you resume control, head to the ship parts shop to learn of a powerful harpoon cannon in Valua. A room on the second floor of the inn has a chest with 200 gold. Speak with Pinta in the weapon shop to
gain access to the Pinta's Quest VMU Mini-Game. Head to the lighthouse and take the ladder to the top. Search a balloon near a window to receive a letter that will come in handy later on. Return to Drachma at the tavern and speak with him:

Come right out and say it.
Beat around the bush *Choose

After some talk, the captain agrees to take you to Valua. Before you can enter Valua, you'll need to obtain a passport. Go the sailor's guild across from the tavern and speak with the guild master there. A Nasr
merchant will then offer you his passport in exchange for safe passage to Nasrad:

We accept your offer *Choose
No, we'll find something else

After you make the deal return to the Little Jack

Head east along the stone reef (that large "wall" composed of rocks) until you are attacked by a Black Pirate.

SHIP BATTLE: Black Pirate Baltor - The Blackbeard
Hp 10000 / Exp 137 / Gold 300 / Captain's Stripe, Bomb
Strategy: Use the general strategy I covered in the section entitled "Ship Battles" and you'll do fine. When presented with a decision, choose to maneuver behind him.

Head Northeast after the battle to finish the escort and receive the Valuan Passport. Now to reach Valua, head West until a Valuan Patrol Ship stops you. He'll guide you to Valua.

Treasure: Sacres Crystal x 2, Sacri Crystal
After a brief cut scene you end up in the lower city. Go around the first building and enter the tunnel there to reach a chest with Sacres Crystal x 2. Go down a ramp where you'll be harassed by a punk kid.
After the talk, head behind where the brat is standing and take the elevator to the next section. Go to the building opposite the lift to find the inn. Stay there, make a choice:

Let's try and save everyone right now!
Let's sneak into the coliseum! *Choose
Hm... I... I don't know...

and you'll eventually end up chasing Marco through the rooftops. Depending on the path you choose and how quickly you can catch up to him you may acquire a Sacri Crystal. After catching him you devise the plan to sneak into the coliseum.

Treasure: Moonberry, Pyri Box, Curia Crystal x 3, Heavy Armor, Assassin Blade
Go up from the ladder you came down on, descend the ladder and follow the passage up a set of stairs. At the intersection turn left to a room with a Pyri Box. Return to the fork and go left. Go straight at the next intersection and grab the heavy armor and assassin blade. Go back to the intersection and turn right. You'll end up in a large room with a save point, heal/save and go up the stairs to…

BOSS: Bleigock HP 4800 / Exp 433 / Mexp 2 / Gold 953 / Vidal Seed
Attacks: Frost Breath - 200 to party / Poisonous Bile 200+ damage, adds poison
Strategy: Use red attribute with Vyse and Drachma. Have Vyse use Cutlass Fury and let Drachma attack. Focus with Aika and have her heal when necessary.

Return to the save point, heal again and go up the ladder Bleigock was guarding and you'll end up in the Coliseum.

BOSS: Executioner HP 1800 / Spellwarden x 2 HP 480 each
Exp 238 / Mexp 2 / Gold 1122 / Electri Box, Sacres Crystals
Attacks: Tackle - 1000+ damage, Sonic Wave - 400 to all
Strategy: Use green attributes. Take out the spellwardens first, use regular attacks on the first one and hope you kill him, then use a cutlass fury on the second spellwarden in round 2. After that attack the executioner as you would any other boss only make sure you keep your hp high (over 1000). Depending on the frequency of the tackle maneuver, this can be an easy or very difficult battle.

Treasure: Sacri Crystal x 4, Magic Droplet x 4
Return to the save and save/heal. Speak with Marco and then go through the new passage. You'll find Sacri Crystal x 4 and Magic Droplet x 4 in this room. Speak with Dyne:

We have to go save Fina! *Choose
Let's lay low for a little while…

Dyne gives you the yellow moonstone (lightning), and Drachma takes the pirates to the Little Jack. Go down the new path to a ladder, ascend the ladder and follow the next passage to another ladder. You're now at Upper City. Go up the stairs, the game takes over and you end up on the Rail Car.

Work your way down the train to the cabin where Fina is being held (just hold down). Kill any soldiers you fight, and do not worry about Galcian as he moves very slowly. When you reach Fina's cabin you face off with two Royal Guards.

BOSS: Royal Guards HP 620 / Exp 440/ Mexp 2 / Gold 1562 / Magic Droplet x 10
Strategy: There isn't much to this battle, just focus your attacks on one royal guard at a time and you'll be fine, however one of them can cast Sacri, which can be annoying as it prolongs the battle.

Galcian reaches you at last:

Never! *Choose
… Sounds fair…

After making your choice you'll board the Little Jack and make your escape. All that stands in your way is a Valuan Cruiser.

SHIP BATTLE: Valuan Cruiser HP N/A / Exp 231 / Gold 500 / Repair Kit
Strategy: This battle serves as little more then an introduction to the Harpoon Cannon. Just guard until you can get behind the cruiser and then fire the Harpoon Cannon, which will destroy it in one shot. Congratulations, you've escaped Valua and rescued Fina.

Fina explains her mission and then joins the party:

Leave everything to us! *Choose
I need to think about this…

You're also introduced to Fina's weapon Cupil. As you find chams, you feed them to Cupil to make him evolve. You can find chams by listening to the VMU, when it beeps you'll know one is nearby, after that, hit "a" repeatedly over the area where the beeping is most frequent. Fina also gives you the silver moonstone (Life and Death). Go to the ship at the underground port and speak with Dyne and Vyse's mother. Then board the Little Jack and head to Nasr, but first I advise heading to Shrine Island. I suggest this for two reasons:

1) You can find a cham on the third level down from the entrance.

2) Finastarts at level 1 and could use some experience.

Return to Sailor's Island, purchase several repair kits and then head to the stone reef. Go through the roof and then head East to Maramba.

Treasure: Cham, Magic Droplet x 3, Nasr Combat Mail, Slipara Box
Upon dropping you off in Maramba, Drachma leaves with the ship. Talk to the guildmaster to learn of a new dancer at the tavern. Head upstairs in the inn and get on the balcony to find a cham and Magic Droplet x 3. Head to the SE corner of the town and go up the little stand and speak with the man. You'll mount a dhabu, so go open the gate and cross to the other side of town. Get off the Dhabu at the nearby stand then go down the ladder to the well.

Treasure: Moonberry, Gem of fluidity, Excavation Arm
Go left at the first intersection and follow the path to a ladder, the ladder leads to a chest containing a moonberry. Return to the first intersection and go left. Press the barrel switch on the left wall to move the gate. Go forward and take a left at the fork to discover an excavation arm for Drachma. Return to the intersection and go straight. Make a right at the gate in front of the chest and hit the switch. Follow the path to the next switch, hit it and return to the chest that was formerly blocked off. It contains a Gem of Fluidity. Return to Maramba.

Go to the tavern and speak with Bellena the dancer:

That sounds like a great idea! *Choose
Actually, I'm a little busy right now…

You'll sit down and watch Bellena dance:

Hehe…Okay I'll stop staring *Choose
I have no idea what you're talking about…

Bellena speaks with you and offers you the use of her ship. Return to the inn and stay the night. Head to the docks in the morning and speak with Bellena:

We'll do it! *Choose
Hm… what should we do?

I recommend building your characters to level 15 before heading East to the Temple of Prynn. Watch out for Azbeth monsters as they can cast the powerful Eterni spell, which causes instant death. The temple is due East from the city of Maramba.

Treasure: Sacres Crystal x 3, Dancing Arc, 774 Gold, Sacres Crystal x 3, Moonberry, Cham, Magic Droplet x 5, Rune of Ill Omen
Go straight until you enter the temple, follow the passage to a larger room and cross to the other side by riding the barrel. Follow the path to a hall with a large boulder. As soon as you see a boulder drop, start running. At the end of the passage is a room with three barrels and three holes in the floor. Begin by moving the two side barrels to their respective holes and then take the lowermost barrel to it's hole. This opens the door. Go through the long hallway and you'll be in a room with a chest and several passages. Open the chest and you fight Magma Tiki x 3. You receive Sacres Crystal x 3 after the battle. Take the right passage to the next room, the chest here contains a similar fight, winning the battle nets you the Dancing Ark. Go up to the next room, from here go up to another room with a chest. Open the chest, win the battle and you receive 774 Gold. Return to the previous room and take the left passage. Go straight in the next room to another barrel puzzle. Move them in this order: upper red, lower red, upper blue, lower blue. Go through the new door. In the next boulder passage run to the center and go through a passage to the right to reach a moonberry. Back in the hallway, search the left wall in the center of the passage for a cham. The door at the end leads to a lava-filled area. Follow the path and open the chest on the way for Magic Droplet x 5. In the next room go right and up the room. At the end of this path is a chest containing the first of several fights with Zivilyn Bane.

MINI-BOSS: Zivilyn Bane HP 1380 HP
Strategy: His burst attack does around 800 damage so keep the HP high, otherwise just pound on him as you would any normal boss. You receive the Rune of Ill Omen after the battle.

Back track a few steps and go down the stairs to the final barrel puzzle. Move the barrels as follows: Upper right, lower right, upper left, lower left, red barrel. Completing the puzzle releases lava into the room. Return to the very entrance of this room and hit the switch to release water. Cross the newly hardened lava, save/heal and open the door.

BOSS: Rokwyrm HP 4200 / Exp 1021 / Mexp 4 / Gold 1584 / Riselem Box
Attacks: Volcanic Blast - 500 damage to all, Cinder Storm - Petrify a character
Strategy: Use Cutlass Fury with ice atrribute, or use Crystales magic. If you choose to use magic use Finas's or Aika's as they are capable of higher magic damage. Keep the characters above 500 HP, and heal petrified characters with curia crystals.

Cross over the Rokwyrm's petrified corpse (what goes around comes around) and you'll enter a room with the Red Moon Crystal. Exit the door to your left to exit the temple. Get ready for a couple of ship battles.

SHIP BATTLE: Red Gigas Recumen HP N/A no rewards given after battle
Attacks: Red Ray - Massive damage, be sure to guard
Strategy: Same ol' ship strategy, keep spirit high and use Harpoon Cannon as often as possible. There doesn't seem to be much difference between attacking the head or legs so do whatever. Eventually you're given the option to retreat and regroup, do so to end the battle. You'll be presented with some choices:

You mean, attack Belleza's ship right? *Choose
Let's ram the gigas!

SHIP BATTLE: Valuan Flagship 4th Admiral Belleza, The Lynx
HP 25,000 / Exp 881 / Gold 2400 / Captain's Stripe / Magic Cannon / 3" Blaster
Strategy: Heal the Little Jack if necesarry. Use at least one turn every round for a repair kit. Belleza can do serious damage in just one turn so keep the HP at all times! When given the chance, turn hard and try and catch her off guard. When in doubt, guard or heal, you don't have enough staying power to ignore damage.

The Magic Cannon you receive after the battle lets you use offensive spells against enemy ships. You also recover the Red Moon Crystal and take Belleza's engine. Fina directs you to your next destination- Ixa'taka.

Return to Maramba to restock supplies/rest at inn. Head South from Maramba. You'll arrive at an area filled with tornadoes. Work your way through the ocean (be patient, this takes about 20-30 minutes). Upon reaching the new land, go North to Horteka.

Treasure: Paranta Seed, Sacri Box, Moonberry, Sacri Crystal x 25, Moon Stone Fuel
The first thing to do is visit the elder so that the townfolk will accept you somewhat. Begin by going down the ramp to your right, then up the next ramp, descend the ladder. Go through a tunnel area and you should see the Elder's House, has a animal head over the door. Speak with the elder and leave his house. Climb the nearby ladder and the subsequent ladder to find a chest with a Paranta Seed. Go back through the tunnel area and get on the raft. Get on the next raft and then climb the pole. Take the slide at the top and enter the tavern. Climb to the third floor and search a back wall to reveal a hidden passage leading to a Sacri Box. Go to the third floor and exit the door near the ladder. Get on the slide and then climb the ladder to your left. Go down the ramp to your right and enter the hut to purchase equipment. Go up the next ramp and climb the ladder, which will eventually lead to a Moonberry. Return to the weapon hut, climb the ladder behind the hut and follow the path. Near the "doorway" to the next area you can search for a cham. Get on the broken airship and cross to the other side, follow the path around to get Sacri Crystal x 25. Return to the deck of the airship and speak to the young man there. You'll receive the Moon Stone Fuel. Return to the Little Jack.

Go North from Horteka until you see two large plateaus with a floating tree between them, that's where you need to go. But before you can get there you're attacked…

SHIP BATTLE: Valuan Flagship 5th Admiral De Loco, The Chameleon
HP 30,000 / Exp 726 / Gold 1900 / Captain's Stripe / B-type Cannon
Strategy: Use the same strategy used to defeat Belleza in the Lynx

After trashing the Chameleon, go into the King's Hideout:

Let's break into the Moon Stone Mines! *Choose
We'll try and find Rixis by ourselves!

Get the cham in the hideout, and then head to the Moon Stone Mountain. Fly Southwest from Horteka until you see a large cylindrical mountain, that's it.

Treasure: Cham, Cham, Curia Crystal x 4, 800 Gold, De Loco Mail, Zaal Seed, 3" Blaster, De Loco Drill, Glyph of Might x 4, Glyph of Speed x 4, Healing Salve x 2
Follow the trail up the mountain to a save point. Save your game and enter the mountain. Soon after entering you'll set off an alarm that alerts De Loco to your presence. When you resume control, go left through the open door. At the fork, go left and search for a Cham. Then go up the ramp and take the passage to the right. Speak with the worker to learn the secrets of the mine:

1. An "O" doesn't always mean the right way

2. If there's a mining cart below you, it returns you here

Return to the large hall and cross the small bridge, you will see three panels arranged as follows:


Cross over the panel with the "X" otherwise you'll be dumped to a mine cart and sent back. In the next cavern, turn left at both forks. You'll arrive at a larger set of panels arranged like so:


Again, cross on the panels marked with an "X". Be very careful not to step on the "O" panels by accident. The next room has you on a high platform with three walkways that lead to the same path, take the one on the left to cross safely, then get near the panel on the middle path and search for a cham. Go down the ramp and follow the passage. Enter each door you come across, you'll find Curia Crystal x 4 in the first room and 800 Gold in the second room. At the end of the passage is another room that you can see below. *Optional Go to the left path and fall down to receive some De Loco Mail, then fall down the next panel to return to the room with the slave, retrace your steps. Go fall down the right panel, then fall through the middle panel. Go straight until you reach a door holding Centime (the engineer from Ixa'taka). Exit the room and go in the elevator. On the next floor follow the path and enter the first door for a Zaal Seed. Go straight at the intersection and enter the next room for a 3" Blaster. Ignore the next room, as it is empty. Follow this path to a De Loco Drill. Then return to the fork and go left. In the room where you can see below you, turn left and follow the path to an elevator. Head across the bridge in the next area. Continue forward to a large room where you face four mine patrol enemies, dispose of them then enter each room. You'll find Glyph of Speed x 4, Glyph of Might x 4, Healing Salve x 2, and the priest Isapa. Leave the room when you get the chance and pass through the large door. Ride the elevator, then heal/save and get ready for…

BOSS: Antonio 2 HP 5300 / Exp 1503 / Mexp 4 / Gold 2387 / Moonberry
Attacks: Thunder of Fury - 800-900 damage
Strategy: Use the green element and Pirate's Wrath if you have it, otherwise use Cutlass Fury and regular attacks with Drachma. Heal if below 1000 HP.

After winning the battle follow the passage to Centime, go through the door to the beginning of the mines. Leave the mountain and head back to the King's Hideout.

Isapa will give you a clue to the location of Rixis:

"The great bird with its wings spread and the kneeling golden man will open the way."

Pretty obscure (and worthless) hint, but it can't be helped.

Look to the left after exiting the hideout, raise your altitude and search the top of the plateau to find the Golden Man. You'll also take the Golden Man's Eye. Go Southwest from the golden man to the next island, look for a clearing and search to discover the Great Bird. You receive the Great Bird's eye. Now face the same direction as the beak of the great bird and go Northwest to the island with several plateaus. Stay low to the ground and look for a small blue statue. That's Rixis.

Treasure: Cham
Go forward and put the Great Bird's Eye in the right statue and place the Golden Man's Eye in the left statue. Search near the left statue for a cham. Then take the elevator up to Rixis.

Treasure: Risan Crystal x 3, Stonecutter, Sacrulen Crystal x 2, Cham, Golden Mask, 1186 Gold, Moonberry, Light Coat, Icyl Seed
After some discussion, go straight and turn right when you reach a wall obstructing your path. Go up the stairs and then ascend up the set of staircases to the left. Go up and take the stairs adjacent to the wall. Ride the platform at the top of the wall across the crater. Take the stairs leading down to a chest with Risan Crystal x 3. Return back up the stairs and go up another flight of stairs. Go forward to some stairs leading down. Once down the stairs go through the archway and turn right. Go past the two staircases and through an archway to your right, you'll find the Stonecutter. Return to the two staircases and go up the one on the right. Follow the path until you come to the edge of a cliff. Go right and behind the stairs you'll find a chest with Sacrulen Crystal x 2. Now go to the silver ledge on the cliff and wait for the platform, get on it and ride it to the next ledge. After you get off, go up the stairs and search for a cham, then go to the next room and open the chest for another encounter with Zivilyn Bane.

MINI-BOSS: Zivilyn Bane (2) HP 3250
Strategy: Same as the last time only his burst does about 1100 damage, so keep the HP up. You get the Golden Mask after the battle.

Go down the stairs near the chest (tricky to see, but they're there) and then head left to the next room. Open the chest for 1186 Gold, return to the previous room. Ride the platform to the other side. Go right to the next room and open the chest for a Moonberry. Return to the previous room and ascend the stairs. Pick up the Light Coat in the next room and go up the stairs. Get on the moving platform (ignore the still platform) and ride it to a Ruin Arm. Return and then head to the next room. Ride the platform to the second stop for an Icyl Seed. Now ride the platform to the stop you passed earlier. In the next area just follow the ghost until he takes off on a platform to another screen. Take the other platform up. Heal/save and then climb all the stairs. At the top you'll be attacked by…

BOSS: Rik'talish HP 6800 / Exp 1830 / Mexp 4 / Gold 2700 / Sylph Seed
Attacks: Feather Slash- Area attack for 1000 damage, Circle of Panic- confuses one character, Ring of Sleep- puts one character to sleep
Strategy: Use Pirate's Wrath/Cutlass Fury with Vyse, and tackle with Drachma. If a character is afflicted with a status ailment, remove it immediately with a curia crystal. Heal with Sacres crystals if your HP drops below 1000.

Save your game and then prepare for two ship battles

SHIP BATTLE: The Chameleon (2) HP 30,000 / Exp 1043 / Gold 2400
Strategy: Just use the same tactics as last time and you'll be fine.

SHIP BATTLE: Green Gigas - Grendel HP N/A / Exp 1161 / G 2700 / Captain's Stripe / Grendel Wing / Complete Kit
Strategy: Attack as often as possible, but don't neglect healing. Eventually a Harpoon Cannon blast will knock Grendel into the valley and end the battle.

You receive the Green Moon Crystal at the King's Hideout after the battle. Now it's time to recover the Yellow Moon Crystal from Valua.

Head North from the hideout and look for an opening between the mountains. Go through this and keep heading North until you are attacked by Black Pirates.

BOSS: Gordo and Mad Chef x 3
Gordo HP 2000 / Exp 486 / Mexp 2 / Gold 1049 / Cham / Flying Fish x 20 / Spiked Sunfish x 10
Strategy: Begin with a Rain of Swords to defeat the Mad Chef's, then use Cutlass Fury/attacks to defeat Gordo, not very hard.

Continue Northeast after the battle until you reach Valuan Airspace, then go Northwest for a short distance and turn Northeast and go between the mountain ranges. Go East until you can see a Stonehenge-esque structure, that's the Maw of Tartas and your goal.

Treasure: Chom x 3
Search the area for three choms, but don't use them. Get onto the seal and you'll be attacked by four enforcers, just take them out one at a time you'll have few problems. Time to make a decision:

We understand, we'll go with you. *Choose
It's too dangerous…

Return to the Little Jack

Head to the deck to speak with Drachma. When you have control of the ship, head East until you encounter Rhaknam. You end up facing a Valuan Gunboat.

SHIP BATTLE: Valuan Gunboat HP Not enough to survive the Harpoon cannon / Exp 306 / Gold 600 / Deluxe Kit
Strategy: Just guard/focus until you can use the harpoon cannon.

After the battle go down to the lifeboats, down both sets of stairs and through the double doors. Watch the cut scene and you'll end up with Vyse on a…

Treasure: Moonberry, 1827 Gold
Run through the forest and head to the cave on the right. Search the skeleton in front of the cave to receive the "Gonzales' Map". Go down into the cave and take the left fork to find a moonberry. Return to the fork and go left to a room, search the chest for 1827 Gold. Now exit the cave and go to the southernmost point in the island. Now return to the cave and the scene switches to Aika and Fina.

Treasure: Clara's Purse, Abirik Cham
Clara will introduce herself, then drops you off at Nasr and gives you "Clara's Purse". Head North and enter the main city. Go to the right side of town and up some stairs, enter the weapon shop and speak with the old merchant. He gives you an Abirik Cham, which instantly evolve Cupil. Go to the inn and get a room.

Not much to do, just wander around the forest to run into battles, for every Grapor you kill, you receive one Grapor Meat. The day ends when you have fifteen Grapor Meats.

Today's task is to gather five pieces of firewood, look in these general areas:
1) Near the big gray boulder South of the left cave
2) Center of the forest
3) Southeast part of the forest
4) South Center of Forest
5) A few steps North of the save point
After collecting all five, the day will end.

Time to find moonstones, look for them with these general directions:
1) Near Gonzales' grave
2) East central of forest
3) South Central forest
4) Southwest part of forest
5) Near the fire signal.

After several cut scenes you'll end up on the Claudia.

Gilder speaks with you on the bridge:

That's a good motto.
That's a little messed up… *Choose

Gilder will join the party and give the helm to you. Sail South to Nasr. Upon approaching the city, Gilder and Vyse will go to Nasr on a smaller ship. Shop around and rest at the inn.

Treasure: Sacres Crystal x 4, Cham, Pedro's Map
Go to the tavern to receive your paycheck, Sacres Crystal x 4 and a cham. Head back to the inn, you'll aid an injured man and receive "Pedro's Map"

Go up to the palace and speak with the guards:

We have important information. *Choose
You'd better let us through or else!

Some brief talking with the idiot Nasultan and then back to Aika.

Your objective is to set sail for Daccat's Island, but as you have little supplies, I advise cautiously building up around Nasr until you have a good 20-30 Sacres Crystals. When you're ready sail Northeast to Crescent Isle, and then Northeast to Daccat's Island (it's the largest island). Once at the island, search for a cham and then step on the plate and try to open the door.

Follow the same directions as Aika and Fina to reach Daccat's Island. Step on the big plate and try to open the door.

Treasure: Skywing, Soul Crystal, Sacrulen Crystal x 2, 2001 Gold, Maiden's Armor x 2, Magic Droplets x 4, Daccat's Armor, Magic Dew, Vidal Seed, Cham, Moonberry, Risan Crystal x 2, Moonberry, Electrum Box, Daccat's Coin
*Aika: Go left at the first fork to receive a skywing, return to the fork and go left, hit the boomerang/sword symbol to switch parties.
*Vyse: Go right at the fork for another battle with Zivilyn Bane.

MINI-BOSS: Zivilyn Bane (3) HP 1900
Strategy: Use Cutlass Fury and Gunslinger until he dies, heal with Sacres Crystals.

You receive the Soul Crystal after the fight. Return to the intersection and go right, take a left at the next fork and then flip the switch. Head back to the split, go left and switch groups.

Return to the intersection and go right, take a left at the next fork and then flip the switch. Head back to the split, go left and switch groups.
*Aika: Go left at the intersection and flip the switch, back at the fork go straight to Sacrulen Crystal x 2. Return to the fork and turn right, get on the plate and switch to Vyse.
*Vyse: Go right at intersection to 2001 Gold. Then go back and get on the nearby plate and change to Aika.
*Aika: Go all the way down the stairs to receive Maiden's Armor x 2, then go back up the stairs and take control of Vyse.
*Vyse: Turn the switch once, go up the stairs and get Magic Droplet x 4. Go back down and hit the switch two more times. Go down the stairs, grab Daccat's Armor and then change parties.
*Aika: Go forward, grab the Magic Dew and then step on the plate, switch to

*Vyse: Turn the switch two more times and go down and step on the metal plate.
*Aika: Cross the platforms and grab the Vidal Seed, then cross the two bridges directly in front of the chest and search for a cham. Take the lower path to find a Moonberry, then return to the upper path and get on the plate.
*Vyse: Go up to the tunnels, head left and grab Risan Crystal x 2. Then go down to find a Moonberry. Return to the split and head left. Go right and then go right again to find an Electrum Box. Then go up and step on the plate.
*Aika: Go down the right staircase and turn the switch twice. Go down the stairs, up the next and switch to Vyse.
*Vyse: Go down and across the walkway, up the stairs and then change to Aika.
*Aika: Return to the switch and turn it three times. Cross the stairs, stand on the plate and switch to Vyse.
*Vyse: Cross the stairs, step on the plate and switch to Aika.
*Aika: Go through the new passage, save/heal, go down to the final plate and switch parties for the last time.
*Vyse: Go through the new passage, save/heal, go down to the final plate. Get ready for a moderately difficult boss.

BOSS: Sinistra (Fire) and Destra (Ice) HP 4500 each / Exp 2373 / Mexp 4 / Gold 3180 / Icyl Seed / Magus Seed
Attacks: Death Waltz - 1200 to all, Tundra Blast/Explosion- 600 to all
Strategy: I hope you have Pirate's Wrath by now, otherwise it will be a long battle. To begin with, make sure you use the proper element, red against Destra and purple against Sinistra. Use Increm on Vyse and Guilder to boost their damage and then use Pirate's Wrath/Cutlass Fury/Gunslinger against one of the heads. Have Aika and Fina constantly use Sacrum Crystals. Once one head goes down, it becomes substantially easier as one head cannot perform Death Waltz on its own.

After the battle, go grab Daccat's Treasure. It ends up being Daccat's Coin which can be sold for 20,000 Gold to ship guilds. Exit the island via the newly opened passage and head back to Nasr…

Once you dock at Nasr, head to the main city, the Armada will attack and you run to the docks where you encounter Ramirez. You'll be presented with two choices:

Surrender. *Choose
Fight… even though you know it is futile.

You'll be taken prisoner.

Treasure: Cannon Room Key, Harbor Key, Moonberry, Unholy Dagger
After Gilder opens the lock, exit the cell and follow the path until you face off with two officers. Defeat them, save/heal, and go select "Prisoner Block 200 2nd Floor" on the elevator call switch. Exit the elevator and follow the path to Aika's Cell. You'll meet Vigoro.

BOSS: Vigoro HP 5500 / Exp 2101 / Mexp 4 / Gold 4087 / Cannon Room Key
Attacks: Vigoro's Charm- Confuses Aika
This is a remarkably easy battle. Vigoro's lone special does nothing but confuse the weak Aika. This is easily countered with curia crystals. When he's not using his charms, he's using normal attacks that hit one character for a meager 500. Just use your strongest S-Moves and the battle will be over in no time. Victory nets you the Cannon Room Key. Now that Aika is back in the party, make sure you equip some armor on her.

Head back to the elevator and select "Fortress Cannon Room Battery 28." At the top go through the now unlockable door. In the next room go up and take the stairs. Run to the front of the cannon. Now head into the barrel and follow it to the end. Head right and go up the stairs, continue in this direction until you reach a lift, take the lift up. At the top go towards the save point, heal/save and enter the door. Open the door at the end of the hallway, then run to the two officers at the opposite end of the hall and kill them, open the door they were guarding to rescue Fina. Equip her with some armor, and then head back to the lift and take it back down. At the bottom, go right and enter the harbor. In these areas you need to avoid the spotlights, being spotted results in a random battle with Destroyer Robots. Incidentally, if you weaken a destroyer and let it use its Emergency maneuver it forces you to fight Kantor, an enemy similar to Antonio that does around 1200 with Thunder of Fury. On the second level of this area you can find a chest with a moonberry. Then take the staircases all the way up to another chest. This is another Zivilyn Bane fight.

MINI-BOSS: Zivilyn Bane (4) HP 4000
Strategy: His burst only does around 900 so it's a pretty easy fight, just hit him with your best S-moves.

Victory earns you the Unholy Dagger. Go through the door at the end of the third level. Heal/save in the next room and open the door for another boss.

BOSS: Drakor Tank HP 8000 / Exp 2014 / Mexp 4 / Gold 4678 Riselem Crystal x 5
Attacks: Wheel Blast-1500 damage to an area
This is a fairly tough battle as the wheel blast can potentially knock out one or two characters within the first two rounds. Your best bet is to only use S-Moves to attack, and guard at all other times, only take a break from guarding to heal or use S-Moves, and even then only let Vyse or Gilder do it as they have more HP. Aika and Fina's primary purpose in this battle is to stay alive and generate Spirit Points.

After the fight the alarm goes off and you're told to get on a lift:

Let's take our chances and hop on. *Choose
This could be a trap.

You'll meet Enrique and he asks you to follow him. He takes you to the bridge of a Valuan Battleship and asks to go with you:

Of course you can come with us. *Choose
Sorry, but you can't expect us to trust you.

You'll also regain possession of the Green Moon Crystal and the Red Moon Crystal. Time to make the escape on board your new Delphinus Battleship.

SHIP BATTLE: Fortress Gate HP N/A / 1408 Exp / Gold 3000 / Gear Grease
This battle serves as little more then showing off the sheer awesomeness of the Delphinus. With 36000 HP you won't need to bother with healing, so just guard or something on the first round, and fire the Moonstone Cannon when you get the chance, the moonstone cannon is the only weapon that will defeat the fortress so don't waste time with other weapons.

Treasure: Cham, Moonberry
Enrique suggest a captain should be named, it's unanimous that Vyse should lead:

I'll do it! *Choose
I don't know if I'm up to it…

Speak with Gilder on the bridge and then look for a moving panel on the left side of the bridge. You'll find a moonberry in the opposite compartment. Open it to discover the stowaway Marco. He joins your crew as a Sailor. For more crew members check the crew section of this guide. Search the deck for another cham. Look around the ship some more if you like and speak with Gilder when you finish. He leaves the party and Enrique joins.

Go to Sailor's Island to recruit Polly, Lawrence, and Pinta. You can also pick up a cham at the top of the lighthouse Then head to Nasrad to the Northwest through the South Dannel Strait.

You can recruit Khazin and Osman here, also look for a cham near the fountain in the center of town. Sell Daccat's Coin to the guildmaster for 20000 Gold. Upgrade your ships weapons and then head Northeast to Crescent Isle.

You meet Brabham and Ismael upon docking at the island. You'll have to pay them what they want in order to advance the story. Brabham only requires 25000 Gold, but Ismael wants 75000 Gold. Get the money through Discoveries and enemy battles, also sell all unnecesarry equipment, you should already have most of the money. After paying them you'll have the opportunity to choose a flag for your ship. It doesn't matter which you choose and you can switch later. You'll learn a bit more about Ramirez from Fina:

Instill her with confidence.
Try and cheer her up! *Choose

You'll also learn of your next destination, Yafutoma. The Delphinus has also been upgraded to traverse through sky rifts (those vertical "walls" of clouds). Head South to Maramba, and from there go South until you reach South Ocean. When you arrive at the South Ocean go East through the sky rift and follow the mountain range to the left until you reach Esperanza.

Treasure: Cham, 2248 Gold, Valuan Uniform x 3,
Exit the docks and go up to the city. Climb down the ladder and then search for a cham. Go through the doorway and follow the path to 2248 Gold. Go back up the ladder and enter the building near the inn. Flip the yellow switch to bring down a ladder, go up the ladder and grab the chest for Valuan Uniform x 3. Exit the building and go up the ramp. At the back of town is a merchant with superior equipment. Upgrade as best you can afford. Then head to the tavern (it's the largest building on the map). Talk to the sailor in the back with his foot on the table to advance the story. Fina will come in and tell you to go to the port. Go there and speak with Enrique. You'll spend the night in the inn. Head back to the docks and board the Delphinus (make sure you buy plenty of deluxe kits) and get ready to face the Armada.

SHIP BATTLE: Gregorio Cruiser HP 25000 / Exp 848 / Gold 1700 / Speed Wax
Strategy: Just focus on the first round and fire the MoonStone Cannon on the next round.

SHIP BATTLE: Gregorio Gunboat HP 30000 / Exp 848 / Gold 1700 / Shredder Bomb / Crystal Ball
Strategy: Follow the general ship strategy. Close in and look for an opening when presented with the choice.

SHIP BATTLE: Valuan Flagship 2nd Admiral Gregorio, the Auriga HP 50000 /
Exp 2573 / Gold 5200 / Captain's Stripe / Heavy Armor Deck / 12" Cannon
Strategy: This battle will last longer then most ship battles because of Gregorios high defense and frequent guarding. Use increm often to lessen the damage suffered from his numerous attacks and to offset his superior defense. The round after he does the Hull Ram is particulary damaging as he will usually fire every cannon he has.

Heal up in Esperanza (the inn is free) and buy more supplies for the trip through the Dark Rift. When you're ready go Southeast alongside the dark sky rift until you see a vortex, enter the vortex to travel inside the Dark Rift.

Treasure: Moss Armor, Magus Seed, Dream Cutlass, Sacrum Crystal x 3, Moonberry, 2731 Gold, Moonberry, Aura of Valor, Chalice of Blood
This is the first ship dungeon in the game, so I'll go over the differences. The controls are the same as they would be on the world map, you can raise and lower altitudes, and the d-pad adjusts camera angles. You do not however get a compass or a map, making directions a bit harder to give accurately. Hopefully the following directions will get you through the dungeon with minimal confusion. Begin by going straight into the vortex, follow the tunnel to a room filled with plant life. Raise the altitude to its maximum and look to the right for an island. On this island a ship. The ships in this dungeon are basically treasure chests. Search this ship to receive Moss Armor. Now lower the altitude to its minimum and search the ship at the bottom to receive a Magus Seed. Now get at medium altitude and look for a hole in the plant wall to your left, pass through it. Once past the hole, raise your altitude and search the ship for a Dream Cutlass. Lower your altitude and enter the vortex to your right. This tunnel leads to a large room filled with moon stones. Go to the center of the room and search to discover the Black MoonStone. Now turn 180 degrees and enter the vortex at the far right. You'll arrive in another room filled with plants. Drop altitude and look to the left of the land mass for a ship, this ship has Sacrum Crystal x 3. Turn right and raise your altitude until you see a ship in front of you. Searching this ship takes you inside. Open the chest there for a moonberry and talk to the old man. If Polly is in your crew, then he (Robinson) joins your crew as a sailor. Return to the Delphinus and raise your altitude to its maximum, look around for a ship towards the top and search it for 2731 Gold. Return to the room with all the moonstones. Go right and enter the vortex that is below and to the right of a vortex that is flashing red. This passage leads to another room with plants. Raise altitude and head right, on the underside of the land mass is a ship containing a moonberry. Now go the opposite direction and lower altitude a bit and inspect the ship for an Aura of Valor. Now go to where you can see a vertical column of rocks and raise your altitude. Search the ship to the left for another encounter with that rogue, Zivilyn Bane (how the hell did he get here?)

MINI-BOSS: Zivilyn Bane (5) HP 4800
Strategy: His burst does about 1500 damage now, and he has more HP, but otherwise it's the same old fight.

You receive the Chalice of Blood for defeating him. Exit the room via the vortex near the ship. This passage leads to the last room. Save your game and head forward to battle the boss of the dungeon.

SHIP BATTLE: Anguila HP 55000 / Exp 2500 / Gold 5400 / Concussion Bomb / Heavy Torpedo / Timing Valve
Strategy: Just stay put and keep shooting. You shouldn't even need to heal during the course of the battle. Its attacks are really weak.

Exit the Dark Rift via the passage Anguila was guarding. Head Northeast until you pass through a sky rift. Press "A" repeatedly after passing through to discover the Guardian Walls. Head North until you are attacked.

SHIP BATTLE: Tenkou Ship HP 25000 / Exp 478 / Gold 900 / Pyro Bomb / Crystal Bomb
Strategy: This is a tough battle as the enemies high altitude makes your cannons virtually worthless. You'll need to use increm followed by repeated torpedo attacks to any real damage. You may also rarely be given an opportunity to fire the Moon Stone Cannon.

After the battle your ship will be boarded by the enemy. Head to the deck (exit bridge, down the stairs and through the steel door) to face the Tenkou leaders. They tell you to throw down your weapons:

Fight *Choose

After making your choice, you fight the twins.

BOSS: Jao and Mao HP 2700 each / Exp 2470 / Mexp 4 / Gold 2554 / Moonberry
Attacks: Irnagun- 1200 damage, Tatatimorutto- 1200 damage
Strategy: Just concentrate all your strongest attacks on one twin. Once of them goes down the second is easy.

Go North until you discover Yafutoma, then go Northeast to reach the city.

Treasure: Cham, 3000 Gold, Moonberry
Upon entering, you'll be taken to meet Lord Mikado. You'll learn the Blue Moon Crystal is at Mount Kazai. After the talk you can save/heal at the house North of the palace. Take the lift south of the palace to reach the main city. You'll find another cham on the right side of the city near the ferry dock. Search for a hidden drawbridge in the item shop to discover 3000 Gold. Now ride the ferry from the West side of town to the East side and return to the West side on foot. Turn the red switch near the flat bridge to raise it. Now return to the ferry and pass through the now raised bridge to find a Moonberry. Get back on the ferry and go over the waterfall in the Southeast section of the town. Speak with the girl building a house, answer the first response, and she joins your crew. Head up the stairs and take the lift. Get on the ferry and go down this waterfall. Make your way to the Northwest section of town and enter the restaurant to recruit Urala. Now go to the Southwest part of town and take the stairs to the docks. Speak with the ship merchant and choose the option to go to Mount Kazai. You'll also receive the Underwater Suit which is necesarry to progress through the mountain.

Treasure: Windsong Orb, Cham, Moonberry
Head into the mountain, slide down the rope and follow the path until you reach a large room with a passage in each direction. This room will be referred to as the main room. Press the switch at the North end of the room and then go left and around the walkway to the Southern passage. Continue on this route until you reach a fork, go right and stay with this path until you can go underwater. Go left a few steps and then up to reach a small passage that takes you back to land. Go left at the fork and this path will lead you to a switch. Activate it and return to the underwater area. Go forward until you reach a wall, then go left alongside the wall until you find a passage. Follow this passage to a larger area with a ramp leading up. Go up this ramp to a chest with another Zivilyn Bane fight.

MINI-BOSS: Zivilyn Bane HP 5200
Strategy: He hasn't improved much since your last fight, his burst still only does around 1500. My strategy was to just guard with everyone except Vyse and let Vyse use Cutlass Fury/Pirate's Wrath until the battle was over.

You'll receive the Windsong Orb. Return to the main room and take the East passage. As soon as you enter the next room turn right and go down the ramp. Go up the ramp in the center of the room and activate the switch. Return to the start of this room and cross the newly risen bridge to another switch. Press it and return to the main room. Take the West passage to a room filled with several pools of water. Go forward past two intersections and take a left at the third, immediately after going left you can go down a ramp into the water. Follow the walkway you land on to a switch, press it and return to where you dropped down. Drop down the nearby ramp and make your way to an opening on the West wall. Follow this back to the room with pools and then return to the main room. Go down the ramp at the South Side of the room.

When you land go through the doorway in front of you. Go down the caverns until you reach a split, go straight to find a Moonberry. Return to the fork and immediately after turning South, press "A" until you discover a cham. Continue on the Southern path until you reach a room with two robots in the walls. You'll have to fight these Alusphere robots to proceed. These robots can petrify characters with normal attacks, luckily they don't have high HP so just use Cutlass Fury. Once past the room you'll enter into a wide hallway with a switch in the middle and have to make a decision:

1. (Not recommended) Ignore the switch and go through the door at the end, this path will lead you to a room where you must face four sets of those Alusphere robots. Or you can...

2. (Recommended) Hit the switch, then
go right, hit the next switch and you'll be above the original hall. Ignore the next switch and go through the doorway. Activate the switch in the next room and cross the bridge. Enter the door and take the platform down. Go through the doorway, save/heal at the bottom of the tunnel and get on the lift. As you cross the rocky bridge you'll be attacked.

BOSS: Tortigar HP 10000 / Exp 3875 / Mexp 6 / Gold 4350 / Moonlight Robe
Attacks: Steelskin- all attacks do 0 damage, Ice Storm- 900 damage to party
Strategy: This is a pretty cheap battle, the boss can petrify you with normal attacks and guard your most powerful attacks with Steelskin. Your best chance is to max out the spirit meter, and provided everyone is alive, use the Crew-Special Prophecy. This move is the only thing that will happen on that turn so it cannot be defended against. Use it three times and Tortigar will fall. Be warned though, I've seen this boss use Sacrulen magic, so this battle could potentially go on for a long time.

After the fight, go through the doors to snag the Blue Moon Crystal. The game returns you to the entrance. Save your game and speak with the ship parts seller to return to Yafutoma.

Treasure: Sacrulen Crystal x 4
Go speak with Lord Mikado. After the nights events you'll learn the Valuan Armada has reached the city. Head to the port where you'll speak with Belleza:

Stop them by force
Wait and see what happens *Choose

Back in your room, Princess Moegi will inform you of the events that took place with Valua:

Save Lord Mikado now!
Run and Hide *Choose

Moegi reveals a secret passageway behind your room. Go right at the fork to reach a chest with Sacrulen Crystal x 4. Then take the other path to reach a "ship" and escape Yafutoma. You'll arrive at Exile Island.

Treasure: Cham
There isn't much to explain here, just follow the path to the end. Adding to your convenience is the map in the lower right corner. Once you get past the first area that has a "roof" go to the next circular area and search for a cham. For the random battles, just use Vyse's Skull Shield and you won't take any damage. You'll meet Daigo in the next area and he asks you to help attack the armada:

Of course! *Choose
I don't know about helping the Tenkou

Head back to your ship at the little dock. After a nice scene you'll board the Delphinus.

As soon as you board you'll be attacked by four soldiers. Take them out one at a time and enter the ship. Go up the stairs and defeat the four Red Guards. Enter the bridge for the boss.

BOSS: Muraji HP 3300 and Soldier x 3 HP 900 each / Exp 1377 / Mexp 6 /
Gold 2646 / Magic Dew x 4
Strategy: Ignore Muraji until you've defeated the three soldiers. Muraji does little more then aid his companions with spells. Once the soldiers are down you can finish Muraji with ease.

After the battle, Vigoro moves in to attack.

SHIP BATTLE: Valuan Flagship 3rd Admiral Vigoro, the Draco
HP 45000 / Exp 3246 / Gold 6100 / Captain's Stripe
Strategy: Vigoro can fire his Draco Cannon on the same rounds as you fire the Moon Stone Cannon, so if you aren't using the Moon Stone Cannon on its designated turn, guard. Keep your HP as his Draco Cannon can do over 10000 damage and his piercing torpedoes do around 9000.

Bluheim joins the battle after Vigoro goes down and begins decimating the armada. Naturally you move in to fight it.

SHIP BATTLE: Blue Gigas - Bluheim HP 100000 / Exp 4286 / Gold 8100 / Captain's Stripe
Strategy: Despite the Blue Winds removing most of the armada, this move is really only for intimidation purposes as it causes minimal damage. This battle is surprisingly tame for a Gigas battle and you shouldn't need to heal too often.

Upon Bluheim's defeat you'll receive the Blue Moon Crystal. Daigo also hands over the Book of Polarity which will eventually allow you to reach new altitudes. Moegi joins the crew as a delegate. Return to the Delphinus and you'll decide to return to Crescent Isle:

Let's go back through the Dark Rift
Let's try heading East *Choose

Disc 1 draws to a close and you're prompted to save, save the game and then insert disc 2.


Head Southeast from Yafutoma until you see an opening in the large stone reef. Go through that to reach Ixa'taka. From here, make your way to Crecent Isle.

Treasure: Cham
You'll discover the world is round and given a choice, neither choice will affect your ranking so choose whichever. Brabham and Ismael will join the crew. Speak with the girl in pink near the save point and she joins the crew as well. Search behind the building with the large cannon to discover another cham. Then go up the ramp and through one of the caves to reach the city. Go up the lift on the North side of town to reach the meeting room. Your next destination will be the Land of Ice far to the South.

Go West from the Dark Rift until you pass through a sky rift. Continue heading West until you discover the Lands of Ice, once you do, head Southwest until you reach an area covered in ice. You'll also see a large monster flying around. This is Alania, for more information see the side quests section. Look for a light blue spot in the ice and go there to reach the Ruins of Ice.

Treasure: Cham
Search for a cham at the entrance and then go to the next room. Speak with the guardian crystal and answer:

The power of fire
The power of ice *Choose
The power of lightning

Slide down to the next room and make your way to the next crystal room. Talk to the guardian crystal:

Maybe two *Choose
Maybe four
Maybe six

Slide down and head to the next crystal room. Converse with the crystal:

Power and Courage
Will and spirit *Choose
Life and Healing

After sliding down, go through the subsequent doors to reach the next area.

Treasure: Ice Splitter, Winter Orb, Frost Blade, Cham, Moonberry
Get on the platform and ride it. Follow the path until it splits, go West to another fork, South at the next fork, and then North to find an Ice Splitter. Return to the first split and head East. At the next intersection go West for another Zivilyn Bane battle (he never quits).

MINI-BOSS: Zivilyn Bane (7) HP 5600
Strategy: His burst does around 1800 so you may need to heal more often then in earlier battles, but other than that, use strong s-moves with ice attribute until he goes down.

You'll take the Winter Orb after the battle. Head back to the fork and go North. Get on the lift and go straight to reach a Frostblade. Back at the split go South and search for another cham. Finally, go North and save/heal. Then continue on the path until you are attacked.

BOSS: Veltann HP 12000 / Exp 3357 / Mexp 6 / Gold 6491 / Crystalen Box
Attacks: Avalauncher- 1800 damage to an area, Death Laser- minor damage, may cause instant death
Strategy: Use increm to boost Vyse and Enrique, then let the boss have it with repeated Cutlass Fury/ Pirate's Wrath/ Royal Blade s-moves. Always have Aika and Fina use a Sacrum Crystal each round to heal the Avalauncher damage. If a character falls, use a riselem crystal or Riselem magic to revive them right away.

Get on the platform and then go right to reach a moonberry. Retrace your steps a bit and enter the door to receive the Purple Moon Crystal. Once outside you'll need to make a choice:

Yeah. We should just let him go. *Choose
We should stop him!

Head back to Crescent Isle. You'll decide to return to the Maw of Tartas for the Yellow Moon Crystal. Your ship is also upgraded to fly above and below the clouds. Go the the Eastern edge of the Valuan continent and go below the clouds. Head West until you see the Dancing Lights discovery. The Maw of Tartas is Northwest from there.

Treasure: Dexus Seed
Save your game and go through the tunnel. In the large room go right to reach a dead end, search the tall yellow crystal to find a Dexus Seed (I'd skip this if I were you) then return to the first room. Go straight until you reach the opposite wall, turn right and go down the passage. In the next room go straight and through the tunnel to another large room. Go right to reach a save point. After saving the game head to the next room via the yellow area near the save point. In this final room, ascend your ship until you encounter Yeligar.

SHIP BATTLE: Yeligar HP 150000 / Exp 4763 / 8700 Captain's Stripe / Thunder Cutlass
Strategy: There isn't much to this fight, his attacks only do around 4000 damage, so just keep attacking. The MoonStone Cannon in particular really tears apart Yeligar. Increm will speed the fight up, and be sure to choose to attack from above. After hitting him a few times with the MoonStone Cannon, pursue and attack him until he goes down.

You receive the Yellow Crystal after the battle, head back to Crescent Isle. After the meeting, go down to your ship. You'll be told about Dangral Island and that the empire is working on a new project. Head North from Pirate's Isle and below the clouds to find it.

Treasure: Imperial Blade, Moonberry, Sacrum Crystal x 2, 4000 Gold
Save your game and go down the ladder, go through the opening to the next area. Descend the ladder and follow the passage past a fan to a fork. Go North and then North again at the next split to reach a room. Flip the switch in this room and return to where the fan was. Pass through the now still fan to the next area. Go down the ladder at the end and then follow the passage to a bronze door. Once in the next room, enter the door on the East wall to reach a room with several intersections. Go South at the first split to find an Imperial Blade. Back at the split go East and then South to receive a Moonberry. Return to the intersection and go North to get Sacrum Crystal x 2. Go back to the split, head East and then go North to find 4000 Gold. Ignore the remaining rooms as they contain battles with four Elite Guards. Go back to the previous room and enter the door opposite you. Follow the passage to another room. Go through the door directly in front of you and follow that passage until you receive the Ship Schematics. Make your way out of the island until you encounter Galcian. After the short cut scene, exit the island.

Return to Crescent Isle and speak with Brabham. After the modifications are complete, speak with him again and you'll be ready for the Vortex, it's North of Pirate's Isle.

The Vortex
Treasure: Velorium x 2
The easiest way for me to present this dungeon is with a map:
Pressing the "B" button will send out a search panel in the 8 panels around your ship.
The "A" button lowers the crane to retrieve items

__ __ __
| | | |
__ __|__|__|__|__ __
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | |||| | |
| | | | | | | |V | V = Velorium
|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__| F = Fina's Ship
| |V | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | |
|__|__| |__|__|__|__|
| | | |F | | | |
|__|__| |__|__|__|__|
| | | | |

Lower the crane on the squares marked with "V" or "F". All other squares result in a battle with Raja.

SHIP BATTLE: Raja HP 15000 / Exp 658 / Gold 1100
Strategy: Accuracy is bad down in the Vortex, but luckily this creature has both low HP and weak attacks. Just use magic and torpedoes until they die.

After retrieving Fina's Ship De Loco will attack.

SHIP BATTLE: Valuan Flagship 5th Admiral De Loco, the Chameleon
HP <30000 / Exp 0 / Gold 0
Strategy: You can't see what your degree of danger is, but fortunately, De Loco hasn't improved much since Ixa'taka. A few strong hits will end the battle.

After the battle De Loco fires a harpoon cannon and you go at it again.

SHIP BATTLE: Valuan Flagship 5th Admiral De Loco, the Chameleon (Again)
HP 30000 / Exp / 3988 / Gold 7000 / Captain's Stripe / Twin Turbo / Magic Shell
Strategy: Again, you can't see your level of danger, nor can you fire the MoonStone Cannon. However his defense is rather low and a few strong hits from a good cannon boosted with Increm will take him out for good.

After the battle, return to Sailor's Island where you'll be attacked.

SHIP BATTLE: Black Pirate Baltor, the Blackbeard II
HP 16000 / Exp 1381 / Gold 2400 / Timing Valve / Spherical Figure / Hybrid Wax
Strategy: This battle is little more then comic relief. Two to three shots from your cannons will end the battle. Unless you took a pounding from De Loco and neglected to heal, you shouldn't need to heal during the battle.

At Sailor's Island, Enrique will leave the party:

Be Careful! *Choose
Can't you think this over?
Don't get airsick, okay?

Upgrade your ship equipment, board the Delphinus and you'll return to Crescent Isle.

After the party the Armada will attack your base and you'll engage three Assassins in battle. Take them out and Ramirez will show himself:

You'll have to kill us! *Choose
I will trade them for the lives of my crew

Choosing the suggested option leads you into battle.

BOSS: Ramirez HP Infinite and Assassin x 2 1200 HP each / No reward
Attacks: Silver Eclipse- 2000 damage to party
Strategy: Don't try, give up. Seriously, his Silver Eclipse will cripple your party, and then the Assassins will take care of the rest. You aren't really meant to win.

Ramirez takes the crystals from you and keeps talking:

You're a fool to underestimate us! *Choose either one
What power are you talking about ?!

Ramirez explains his purpose and departs.

In the morning you'll speak with Aika:

I will not give up! *Choose
We'll steal the crystals back

Go to the meeting room to speak with Fina:

I understand... *Choose
Everyone's worried about you...

After the building, Fina will ask you to accompany her:

Of course we well *Choose
We'll go anywhere with you, Fina

Gilder will rejoin the party. Board Fina's ship (near the flagpole) and you'll be taken to the Great Silver Shrine.

Treasure: Silver Armor, Moonberry, Moonberry, Silver Armor
Go forward and down the pillar of light to the next area. Go forward to an intersection and straight at the next to find some Silver Armor. Go back to the split and turn to your right. Follow the passage and turn right at the first opportunity. Grab the Moonberry on the way and you'll arrive at another fork. Go right and then go straight until you go up a lift. Follow the path to an intersection and go straight for another Moonberry. Back at the fork take the side path to a four-way intersection. Go left to find another suit of Silver armor, then return to the fork and turn left again to reach the Elders. The elders will speak of the times before the Rains of Destruction:

Who do you think you are?! *Choose
Let me think about it...

After the ensuing scene, ask Elder Prime to return you to the entrance. Get on the ship and you'll go back to Crescent Isle. From there you'll decide to return to Dangral Island.

Go down the ladder and into the next area. Descend the ladder and go down the passage with the fan. Go down the ladder and through the passage to reach the next area. Take the door on the West wall and proceed through the hall to the following room. Go South and get on the elevator. Vigoro will attack.

BOSS: Vigoro HP 14000 / Exp 4658 / Mexp 8 / Gold 6812 / Paranta Seed
Attacks: Cannon Fire- 2800-3500 damage to one character, Shoot All- hits all party members for 1500 damage
Strategy: Use purple attributes and pound away with your strongest attacks. Heal with Sacrulen or possible Riselem crystals if he uses Cannon Fire, and Sacrum Crystals if he hits the whole party.

After the battle enter the door. Make your way to the opposite end of the room and climb the ladder. Go down the elevator in the center of the room. Follow the path until you reach Galcian, Ramirez will call down a robot to battle you.

BOSS: Eliminator HP 20500 / Exp 4658 / Mexp 8 / Gold 6812 / Moonberry
Attacks: Target Search, Blaster- 1500 to all
Strategy: Use a yellow attribute and hit with your best S-Moves. He always uses Target Search in the round before Blaster, so guard the next round and then heal.

Head back to Dangral Island, when the rail begins falling apart, keep running. Back on the Delphinus try and enter Soltis. After the cut scene, return to Crescent Isle.

More to Come next update!

5. Cupil/Chams

Cupil is Fina's unique weapon. You can't purchase new weapons for Fina, instead you must search for chams, after feeding a certain amount to Cupil, he will evolve into his next form. You can locate chams by listening to the VMU, when it stars beeping you know its close, the more frequent the beeps the closer you are to it. When you're near an area that has one hit "A" repeatedly until you find it.


1. Pirate's Isle: Go to the underground area, it's near the crane at the topmost area.

2. Shrine Island: It's on the third level down from the entrance.

3. Maramba: It's on the balcony of the inn.

4. Temple of Prynn: In the second hall with a falling boulder, it's in the center of the hall against the left wall.

5. Horteka: Right before the entrance to the airship area.

6. King's Hideout: Near the open silver pot.

7. Moon Stone Mtn: At the very first fork, turn left and search.

8. Moon Stone Mtn: In the first room that you can see below, cross to the other side via the left path, then get on the middle path and search near the trap panel.

9. Rixis Entrance: It's to the left of the statue where you placed the Golden Man's Eye (the left statue).

10. Rixis: In the area with several floating platforms, after crossing on the first, go up the broken stairs and search, it's at the top.

11. Defeat Gordo in the North Ocean

12. Nasr: Automatic when you receive the paycheck at the tavern.

13. Daccat's Island: It's near the entrance when you go there with Aika and Fina.

14. Daccat's Island: In the room with several bridges on Aika's side, go to the treasure chest and cross the two bridges straight in front of you, then search.

15. Search at the top of the Sailor's Island lighthouse

16. Nasrad in Ruins: Search below the fountain in the center of town.

17. Search the deck of the Delphinus

18. Esperanza: Go down the ladder near the entrance of the main town area and search.

19. Yafutoma: You'll find this cham on the right side of the city near the ferry dock.

20. Mt. Kazai: After the drop from the room with 4 passages, go down the passage until you reach a fork, go South and search immediately for the cham.

21. Exile Island: Follow the path until you pass under a "roof". Then go to the next circular area and search for a cham.

22. Crescent Isle: Search behind the building with the large cannon in it.

23. Crescent Isle: Look near the flagpole in the upper part of the village.

24. Gordo's Bistro: Search near the barrels, Gordo's Bistro can be found in North Ocean near the top of the sky.

25. At the entrance of the Ruins of Ice.

26. Glacia: From the final save point in the dungeon, go South past an intersection and search at the end of the path.

27. Ilchymis' Island: Look down the stairs near one of the machines

28. Hamachou Island: Download the second file from the Skies of Arcadia homepage. This island is located high in the sky above Dark Rift, search around near the partying Chou to find the Cham.

More to come, please don't send information on cham locations as I've already found them all and am only listing the ones that correspond to the walkthrough.

Abirik Chams

1. Nasr: Speak with the old merchant at the weapon shop.

2. Ixa'taka: Look for a small ship around Horteka, trade him ten Sky Sardis fishes. These fish can be found near Pirate's Isle.


Feeding these to Cupil will cause him to spit out all chams.

There are three to be found at the upper part of the Maw of Tartas.

They can also be bought at Nasr in the Bazaar for 3000 Gold.

6. Discoveries

Coming Soon!

7. Crew

Once you get your own pirate ship, you'll be able to recruit a crew. Having crew members increases the efficiency of your ship, so don't overlook crew members.

Helmsman: Lawrence
Pay him 10,000 Gold at Sailor's Island, he's outside the guild
Improves the ship's quick by 30

Helmsman: Don
Speak to him at the Esperanza bar after returning from Yafutoma
He increases the ships dodge by 15

Sailor: Marco
He joins automatically when you first get the Delphinus
Using the crew command he doubles spirit points for one round

Sailor: Robinson
Go the room with all the moonstones in the Dark Rift and take the rightmost vortex. Enter the ship in the next area to find him. Polly must be in your crew for him to join
He reduces the Spirit Point cost for actions for one turn

Delegate: Pinta
Speak to him at the Sailor's Island weapon shop
Using the crew command he protects the ship from enemy cannon fire for one turn

Delegate: Moegi
She joins automatically after you defeat Bluheim
She protects the ship from enemy magic for a full turn

Gunner: Khazim
He's at the upper left section of the Nasrad Docks
He increases the damage caused by your main cannons

Gunner: Belle
Speak to her at the Crescent Isle base
She increases the damage done by secondary cannons

Merchant: Osman
Talk to Osman at the Northwest corner of the Nasrad Ruins
Having Osman increases your chance of finding expensive items

Merchant: Kalifa
Talk to her in Maramba, you must have a Suiran Blade purchased in Yafutoma
She increases your chances of finding special items

Cook: Polly
Talk to her at the tavern in Sailor's Island
She restores one character's MP with the crew command
Give her 10 Grule fish and she makes the Polly Special, which restores all HP and MP outside of battle

Cook: Urala
Talk to her at the restaurant in Yafutoma, you must have Kirala
She maxes out your spirit bar using the crew command
This is probably the best crew member in the game, having her max out spirit points will shorten the ship battles
Giver her 10 Romuhai fish and she makes Urala's Lunch, which restores all HP and MP outside of battle

Builder: Kirala
Get on the ferry and go over the waterfall in the Southeast section of the town. Speak with the girl building a house, answer the first response, and she joins your crew
Using the crew command she restores your ship HP to maximum

Builder: Izmael
He joins automatically when you return to Crescent Isle from Yafutoma
He increases the power of the Moon Stone Cannon

Engineer: Brabham
He joins automatically when you return to Crescent Isle from Yafutoma
He increases the ship's defense by 30

Engineer: Hans
Speak with him at Horteka, tell him he can be a member of the crew. He'll join when you speak to him after returning from Yafutoma
He increases the ship's magic defense by 20

Jester: Pow
Talk to the kids at Pirate's Isle and he joins
Raises your chance of attacking first for a full turn

Jester: Merida
Talk to her at the tavern in Horteka, you must have the letter from the top of the lighthouse in Sailor's Island

Lookout: Tikatika
Talk to him above the ladders behind the elder's house, you must have discovered the Ixa'ness village before he will join

Lookout: Domingo
Talk to him at Gordo's Bistro in North Ocean, you must have found 30 discoveries on your own
He increases your chance of delivering critical hits

Artisan: Ilchymis
Speak with him at Ilchymis' island, then leave and return to speak with him again. You must have the silver spell Riselem
He raises your ship's attributes for a short period of time

Artisan: Ryu-Kan
Head North from Yafutoma until you pass through a sky rift, look for his island on the other side. You must have a swashbuckler rank of Vyse the Daring or greater for him to join.
Using the crew command he will raise your ship's attack and defense for a short time.

8. Zivilyn Bane

Throughout your quest, you'll no doubt encounter the treasure hunter Zivilyn Bane, defeating him rewards you with valuable treasures.

Location 1: Temple of Prynn
Treasure: Room of Ill Omen

In the room where you filled the room with lava, go right and up the room. At the end of this path is a chest containing the first of several fights with Zivilyn Bane.

Zivilyn Bane HP 1380 HP
Strategy: His burst attack does around 800 damage so keep the HP high, otherwise just pound on him as you would any normal boss. You receive the Rune of Ill Omen after the battle.

Location 2: Rixis
Treasure: Golden Mask

In the area with several floating platforms, ride the first one to its destination, then go to the next "room", open the chest there for another fight.

Zivilyn Bane (2) HP 3250
Strategy: Same as the last time only his burst does about 1100 damage, so keep the HP up.

Location 3: Daccat's Island (Vyse Side)
Treasure: Soul Crystal

Go right at the very first fork and open the chest.

Zivilyn Bane (3) HP 1900
Strategy: Use Cutlass Fury and Gunslinger until he dies, heal with Sacres Crystals.

Location 4: Grand Fortress
Treasure: Unholy Dagger

In the area with spotlights, he's on the uppermost level the stairs lead to.
Zivilyn Bane (4) HP 4000
Strategy: His burst only does around 900 so it's a pretty easy fight, just hit him with your best S-moves.

Location 5: Dark Rift
Treasure: Chalice of Blood

From the room with several moonstones, enter the vortex in the upper left that's beside a flashing red one. In this room go straight, and you'll see a ship near the vortex leading to the next area. Inspect the ship to fight him.
Zivilyn Bane (5) HP 4800
Strategy: His burst does about 1500 damage now, and he has more HP, but otherwise it's the same old fight.

Location 6: Mt. Kazai
Treasure: Windsong Orb

Take the southern passage in the room with four routes. Follow this until you are underwater. Follow along the wall until you come to a passage. Take this passage to a large area. Go up the ramp there to find the chest.

Zivilyn Bane (6) HP 5200
Strategy: He hasn't improved much since your last fight, his burst still only does around 1500. My strategy was to just guard with everyone except Vyse and let Vyse use Cutlass Fury/Pirate's Wrath until the battle was over.

Location 7: Glacia
Treasure: Winter Orb

Zivilyn Bane (7) HP 5600
Strategy: His burst does around 1800 so you may need to heal more often then in earlier battles, but other than that, use strong s-moves with ice attribute until he goes down.

9. Side Quests

Search at coordinates (11,12), you can reach this by going North from Crescent Isle along the Dark Rift. It'll be a giant squid floating around.

SHIP BATTLE: Giant Squid HP 55000 / Exp 2871 / Gold 5600 / Alloy Deck
Strategy: This is pretty much a freebie battle, his one attack does minimal damage. When given the option, maintain present course to maximize damage.

Look in the lands of ice near the frozen city for a flying insect creature, run into it for a battle.

SHIP BATTLE: Alania HP 52000 / Exp 3573 / Gold 6500 / Goddess Figure / Air Purifier
Strategy: There isn't much to this fight, just use your best cannons until its dead, you shouldn't need to bother with healing at all. It's pretty much free exp and gold.

10. Equipment

Vyse's Weapons

Weapon At Hit
Cutlass 20 90
Pirate Cutlass 33 90
Sky Cutlass 45 90
Assassin Blade 58 90
Nasr Cutlass 70 90
Hunter's Sword 87 90
Stonecutter 99 90
Iron-cutter 112 90
Admiral Cutlass 128 90
Dream Cutlass 137 90
Suiran Blade 141 90
Tuna Cutlass 150 0
Windslicer 153 90
Thunder Cutlass 160 90
Soul Sword 174 90

Aika's Weapons

Weapon At Hit
Boomerang 19 110
Leather Crescent 30 110
Valaurang 46 110 Thanks to Bahamut Zero for this one!
Dancing Arc 65 110
Hunting Arc 80 110
Grendel Wing 96 150
Skywing 107 110
Wing of Hope 119 110
Yin Wing 130 110
Ice Splitter 142 110
Moon Wing 161 110
Swirlmerang 100 200

Drachma's Weapons

Weapon At Hit
Artificial Arm 43 80
Hook Hand 51 80
Excavation Arm 73 80
De Loco Drill 95 80
Dragon Arm 181 80

Fina's Weapons

Weapon At Hit
Cupil 58 120
Cupil Blade 67 115
Cupicone 73 120
Cupil Sword 90 115
Cupil Star 103 120

Gilder's Weapons

Weapon At Hit
Gilder's Own 104 100
Nasr Pistol 112 100
Daccat's ? ?? ?? I found this weapon my first time through, but I lost the stats, any help on the stats and name would be appreciated.
Gilder Special 168 100

Enrique's Weapons

Weapon At Hit
Rapier 122 95
Blade of Slumber 138 95
Frost Blade 150 95
Imperial Blade 163 95
Stoneblade 171 95
Serpent Strike* 179 95
*Thanks to Rune Lai for this one, he won it off of an enemy in Soltis


Armor At Hi De Do Wi Qu Ma Who can Equip
Vyse's Uniform 20 20 V,A,G
Aika's Shorts 19 21 A,F
Light Robe 29 34 A,F,E
Valuan Uniform 32 32 V,A,D,G
Drachma's Shirt 45 42 D
Sailor Uniform 44 44 V,A,D,G
Mystic Dress 42 46 A,F
Heavy Armor 58 53 V,D,E,G
Fina's Robe 55 64 A,F,E
Nasrean Mail 66 66 All
Ceramic Armor 73 62 V,D,G
Agile Robe 10 65 5 65 F,E
Nasr Combat Mail 5 66 66 All
Flame Mantle 74 69 V,D,E,G
Miner's Overalls 87 80 V,D,E,G
De Loco Mail 99 84 V,D,G
Fiber Robe 77 90 A,F,E
Golden Armor 90 77 V,D,G
Nasr Uniform 104 96 V,D,E,G
Gilder's Mail 116 99 V,D,G
Caravan Armor 100 100 V,A,D,G
Daccat's Armor 108 108 V,A,D,G
Holy Robe 92 108 A,F,E
Maiden's Armor 103 112 A,F
Light Coat 10 103 5 103 F,E
Enrique's Coat 10 119 5 119 E
Battleworn Armor 133 114 V,D,G
Daccat's Tunic 121 121 All
Miracle Robe 114 133 A,F,E
Moss Armor 20 126 10 126 F,E
Scale Mail 141 130 V,D,E,G
Soranchu Robe 136 136 V,A,D,G
Long Robe 20 130 10 130 F,E
Moonlight Robe 134 20 145 A,F
Captain's Cloak 148 148 V,A,D,G
Blessed Robe 30 142 15 142 F,E
Insulated Mail 145 145 All
Plated Armor 181 154 V,D,G
Robe of Truth 154 181 A,F,E
Robe of Faith 30 161 15 161 F,E
Gaia Cape 168 168 V,A,D,G


Accessory At Hi De Do Wi Qu Ma Who can Equip
Skyseer Goggles 5 V,A
Flash Ribbon 2 A
Meditation Ring 8 V,A,F,E
Marocca's Shell 6 V,A,D,G
Black Eyepatch 7 V,D,G
Throkyn's Scale 10 V,A,D,G
Gemstone Ring 2 V,A,F,E
Revered Voice 5 5 All
Silver Veil 16 16 A,F
Nomadic Veil 9 9 All
Black Map Prevents the enemy from running away V
Thermo Ring Resistance to Red and Purple attacks All
Slayer Ring 10 8 8 8 All
Everlasting Gem 10 10 All
Silvite Ring 5 5 All
Quetya Feather 4 20 V,A,F,D,G
Imperial Crest 20 20 Enrique
Gem of Fluidity 10 10 All
Assassin Ring 40 All
Burocca's Shell 36 V,A,D,G
Stealth Ring 10 10 All
Vigoro's Charm 20 30 V,D,G
Nocturnal Sight 6 60 V,A
Sailor's Buckler 20 15 V,A,D,G,E
Skull Cap 24 24 All
Ivy Band 5 5 All
Radiant Fur 24 24 All
Constitution Ring* Grants immunity to all status ailments
Critical vision 19 50 19 A,V
Crescent Amulet 28 19 28 A,F,D,G
Shard of Purity 38 D,G
* brought this nifty little item to my attention


Item Effect
Sacri Crystal Restores 500 HP to one ally
Moonberry Helps with learning S-moves
Magic Droplet Restores 1 MP to one ally
Curia Crystal Cures one ally of all adverse effects (not death)
Sacres Crystal Restores 1000 HP to one ally
Glyph of Might Increases power for one ally
Glyph of Speed Increase quick for one ally
Healing Salve Allows one ally to regenerate health
Sacrum Crystal Heal all allies for 1000 HP
Risan Crystal Has a 50% chance of reviving a character with 50%HP
Sacrulen Crystal Restores one ally to full HP
Riselem Crystal Revive one ally with full HP
Magic Dew Restore 10 MP to one ally
Aura of Valor Raise Spirit during battle
Urala's Lunch Restores all HP and MP outside of battle
Polly's Special Restores all HP and MP outside of battle

More to Come!

11. Magic List

Green Magic SP Effect
Sacri 2 Restores 500 HP to one ally
Sacres 4 Restores 1000 HP to one ally
Sacrum 8 Restores 1000 to all allies
Sacrulen 6 Restores all HP to one ally
Noxi 3 Damages and poisons one enemy
Noxus 6 Damages and poisons all enemies

Red Magic SP Effect
Pyri 2 Damages all enemies with flame
Pyres 4 Damages all enemies with a great explosion
Pyrum 6 Damages all enemies with fireballs
Pyrulen 10 Damages all enemies with a firestorm
Increm 4 Increases Attack and Defense by 25% for one ally
Incremes 16 Increases Attack and Defense by 25% for all allies

Purple Magic SP Effect
Crystali 1 Encases one enemy in ice
Crystales 2 Impales one enemy with an icicle
Crystalum 3 Traps one enemy in a column of ice
Crystalen 4 Huge Pillars of ice impale one enemy
Sylenis 2 Silences one enemy
Panika 3 Confuses one enemy

Blue Magic SP Effect
Wevli 2 Damages an area with a whirlwind of air
Wevles 4 Damages an area with a tornado
Wevlum 6 Damages an area with fierce winds and rains
Wevlen 8 Damages an area with a cluster of tornadoes
Quika 6 Doubles the speed of all allies
Slipara 6 Puts all enemies to sleep

Yellow Magic SP Effect
Electri 2 Damages a straight line with a bolt of electricity
Electres 4 Damages a straight line with a lightning bolt
Electrum 6 Damages a straight line with a massive electricity bolt
Electulen 8 Damages a straight line, the ultimate attack spell
Driln 3 Lowers one enemy's attributes by 25%
Drilnos 6 Lowers all enemy's attributes by 25%

Silver Magic SP Effect
Curia 2 Cures one ally of all adverse effects(except unconscious)
Risan 4 Has a 50% chance of reviving one ally with 50% HP
Riselen 8 Revives one ally with full HP
Eterni 5 Can instantly kill any one enemy
Eternes 10 Can cause instant death to all enemies
Eternum 15 Causes instant death to one enemy, damages immune enemies

12. Special Moves List

Character S-Move Moonberries needed SP
Vyse Cutlass Fury - 7
Vyse Counterstrike 1 1
Vyse Rain of Swords 2 14
Vyse Skull Shield 2 5
Vyse Pirate's Wrath 4 21
Aika Alpha Storm 1 4
Aika Delta Shield 1 2
Aika Lambda Burst 2 8
Aika Epsilon Mirror 2 10
Aika Omega Cyclone 4 12
Fina Lunar Blessing 1 10
Fina Lunar Glyph 1* 3
Fina Lunar Cleansing 2* 6
Fina Lunar Winds 2 6
Fina Lunar Light** 4 18
Drachma Tackle 1 10
Drachma Spirit Charge 2 0
Drachma Hand of Fate 4 25
Gilder Gunslinger 1 9
Gilder Aura of Denial 2** 3
Gilder The Claudia 4** 18
Enrique Royal Blade*** ? 8
Enrique Justice Shield*** ? ?
Enrique The Judgment*** ? 16
*Thanks again to Bahamut Zero
**MPureka gets credits for these, thanks
*** gets the credit for these

If some kind soul would submit the missing information to me I'd be much obliged.

S-Move Effect

Cutlass Fury Major damage to one enemy
Counterstrike Defend and counter all physical attacks for one round
Rain of Swords Damage to all enemies
Skull Shield Defends and counters all physical attacks for the party
Pirate's Wrath Devastating damage to one enemy
Alpha Storm Fire damage to a row of enemies
Delta Shield Blocks all magic cast upon the party
Lambda Burst Damages all enemies
Epsilon Mirror Restores 10 MP to Aika
Omega Cyclone Damages all enemies with fire
Tackle Damages one enemy
Spirit Charge Raises spirit and guards against attacks*
Hand of Fate Instantly kills an enemy
Lunar Blessing Gives each ally regeneration
Lunar Glyph May stone a single enemy
Lunar Cleansing Cures an ally of any adverse effects except unconscious
Lunar Winds Removes any beneficial attacks from enemies
Lunar Light Restores all HP to the party
Gunslinger Damages all enemies in a straight line
Aura of Denial Blocks all adverse effects to the party
The Claudia Damages all enemies
Royal Blade Major damage to one enemy
Justice Shield Halves all physical damage to party members for one round
The Judgment Massive damage to one enemy
*Thanks to MPureka for the guarding feature of Spirit Charge

13. Ship Parts List


Cannon At Hi SP
Main Cannon 35 80 4
Standard Cannon 40 83 4
Heavy Cannon 45 85 5
G-Type Cannon* 50 85 5
B-Type Cannon 75 90 6
Prototype Cannon 100 85 6
Advanced Cannon 150 90 7
Yamato Spirit 250 90 8
Ancient Cannon 300 95 9
X Cannon 400 97 10
Pyril Cannon 200 120 6

*Thanks to Bahamut Zero

Sub Cannons

Sub Cannon At Hi SP
3" Cannon 70 80 2
3" Blaster 80 83 2
10" Cannon Coil 220 89 4
12" Cannon 170 77 4
3' Cannon 280 87 6
5' Cannon 330 90 6
Wevl Cannon 180 120 4


Torpedo At Hi SP
Light Torpedo 120 60 3
Shock Torpedo 160 55 3
Valuan Torpedo 220 60 3
Heavy Torpedo 250 50 4
Serpent Torpedo 300 65 4
Arcwhale Torpedo 400 70 6

Super Cannons

Cannon At Hi SP
Harpoon Cannon 350 999 15
MoonStone Cannon 800 999 20


Deck De Ma Do Qu
Armored Deck 10
Engine Cover 3 10
Steel Deck 20
Rogue Figure 20
Turbo Kit 5 20
Compound Deck 40
Pyrynn Figure 45
Heavy Armor Deck 55
Timing Valve 17 100
Bluheim Figure 130
Yafutoman Alcove 2
Goddess Figure 160
Air Intake 12 80
Chandelier 1
Air Purifer 2
Alloy Deck 70
Spherical Figure 300
Twin Turbo 15 90

Ship Items

Item Effect
Captain's Stripe Increase ship max HP
Speed Wax Increase quick for one turn
Bomb Damage enemy ship
Repair Kit Restore 4000 HP
Magic Cannon Allows you to use offensive magic
Deluxe Kit Restore 8000 HP
Complete Kit Restore All HP
Gear Grease Restore Spirit
Shredder Bomb Massive damage to enemy ship
Crystal Ball Sell for 1000 Gold
Concussion Bombs Damage enemy ship
Machine Oil Doubles spirit restoration
Rudder Grease Slows spirit consumption
Pyro Bomb Damages enemy ship with fire
Apa Wax Improves attack and defense for two turns


To receive downloads, log onto the Skies of Arcadia Homepage from the option

on disc 1. Download one of the files to your VMU and then load the data. It will update your save and then delete the downloaded file. Repeat for all three downloads.

This download adds a ship battle with a Giant Looper in the North Ocean. Look for it at coordinates (3,3), North of the discover "Looper's Nest". At present I don't have the stats, but I'll have them available next update. You'll receive a Captain's Stripe for winning the battle.

This download adds an island high in the sky above the Dark Rift called Hamachou Island. You'll find another Cham here as well as an old man who will rate your playing ability in terms of battles fought, enemies killed, running away rate, amount of treasure found, and amount of fish caught.

This download will add two new weapons to the Mystery Merchant's Inventory in Maramba, they are:

Weapon At Hi Who
Tuna Cutlass 150 0 Vyse
Swirlmerang 100 200 Aika Always confuse enemy

Note that even though the Tuna Cutlass has 0 hit, it can still be an effective weapon if you buy it early enough and use it in tandem with powerful S-moves.

15. Swashbuckler Rating

As you progress through the game, you'll occasionally be given a choice, making the right choice results in a chime, and your swashbuckler rating improving, here are the different ranks. Also note that running away causes your rating to drop.

Vyse the Unimpressive | Vyse the Valiant
Vyse the Blue Rogue | Vyse the Daring
Vyse the Competent | Vyse the Dashing
Vyse the Determined | Vyse the Fearless
Vyse the Respected | Vyse the Hero
Vyse the Admirable | Vyse, King of Rogues
Vyse the Bold | Vyse the Legend

16. Credits

- Sega and the Overworks team for making this fantastic game

- Nash for helping me with the format and layout

- Everyone who encouraged me to write this [Nate, orqinal lazy, Queso, Secef, Dalieu and Nash]

- All hosting sites, the most recent version will always be found at

- Bahamut Zero for several pieces of information

- Ascii art generated from

- Kilgamesh for being well, Kilgamesh

- for his numerous submissions

- MPureka for various submissions

- Rune Lai for maintaining his most excellent web site, and for informing me on Enrique's weapon, the Serpent Strike

- Green Day, Rage Against the Machine, and Tool for providing music for me to listen to as I typed this up

The End



Extra special thanks to Revolution reader Arrawnt!