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                      Disgaea - Hour of Darkness
                           Walkthrough [Version 0.80]
                                  by DZY351378
[Table of Contents]
A - Author's Comments
B - Update History
C - Walkthrough
   1 - Episode 1 [Prince of the Netherworld]
   2 - Episode 2 [Enter Flonne]
   3 - Episode 3 [A Hint of Kindness]
   4 - Episode 4 [Gift from an Angel]
   5 - Episode 5 [Etna's Secret]
   6 - Episode 6 [Laharl's Challenge]
   7 - Episode 7 [Of Being An Overlord]
   8 - Episode 8 [Reincarnation]
   9 - Episode 9 [Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth]
   10 - Episode 10 [Angels, Demons and Humans]
   11 - Episode 11 [Hero's Will, Overlord's Way]
   12 - Episode 12 [War of the Netherworld, Part 1]
   13 - Episode 13 [War of the Netherworld, Part 2]
   14 - Final Episode [What Lies Beyond The Battle]
   15 - Prinny Land
   16 - Cave of Ordeals
   17 - Human World
   18 - Alternate Netherworld
D - Game Script
   1 - Episode 1 [Prince of the Netherworld]
   2 - Episode 2 [Enter Flonne]
   3 - Episode 3 [A Hint of Kindness]
   4 - Episode 4 [Gift from an Angel]
   5 - Episode 5 [Etna's Secret]
   6 - Episode 6 [Laharl's Challenge]
   7 - Episode 7 [Of Being An Overlord]
   8 - Episode 8 [Reincarnation]
   9 - Episode 9 [Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth]
   10 - Episode 10 [Angels, Demons and Humans]
   11 - Episode 11 [Hero's Will, Overlord's Way]
   12 - Episode 12 [War of the Netherworld, Part 1]
   13 - Episode 13 [War of the Netherworld, Part 2]
   14 - Final Episode [What Lies Beyond The Battle]
   15 - Prinny Land
   16 - Cave of Ordeals
   17 - Human World
   18 - Alternate Netherworld
   19 - Endings
E - Legal Mumbo Jumbo
F - Credits
G - Contact Info

Well, I don't have much to say here yet, do I? The purpose of which I make this
FAQ is mainly because I want to, and I like this game and the humor it brings.
The second, and foremost, reason, however, is that I'm bored, so yeah. :P This
is a walkthrough for the game Disgaea, since the ones Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ve seen are more FAQs
than anything Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ve seen, and Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ve had a little trouble here and there, so yeah.
 This woní¢â‚¬â„¢t be a spoiler-free walkthrough, since that would be pretty hard to
do, given the nature of this game. However, if you doní¢â‚¬â„¢t want a lot of spoilers
, it would do well for you to avoid the Game Script here.

[VERSION 0.10 - 9 / 28 / 2003]
Not much done yet. But, hey, Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ve got plenty of time. Letí¢â‚¬â„¢s see how fast I can
update this.

[VERSION 0.25 - 10 / 1 / 2003]
Got Script and Walkthrough done up to end of Episode 5, except if you don't
kill Maderas in Episode 5, because I'm cycling after killing him for the good

[VERSION 0.45 - 10 / 4 / 2003]
After losing the data from Episodes 8 and 9, I decided to just send the stuff
I had left. (Never got on, since I finished 8 - 10 soon after)

[VERSION 0.60 - 10 / 5 / 2003]
After losing data for Episodes 8, 9, 10, and 11 AGAIN (@%$# YOU WINDOWS 98), I
typed them AGAIN, losing some data which could not be retrieved.

[VERSION 0.80 - 10 / 6 / 2003]
Plot is FINISHED! Yay.


       For the first chapter, there isní¢â‚¬â„¢t much to do like many other
introductory chapters. You can go around and listen to your so-called í¢â‚¬Ëœvassalí¢â‚¬â„¢s
and their comments, but if you are a first-timer to this kind of stuff, it
would be prudent to listen to the tutorials. The Tutorial Battles doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t
really need my input, as they are ridiculously easy. However, after you get
through the tutorials, Vyers Castle will open up. I will run you through this

       Before battling, I suggest that you create, using the Dark Assembly
after the Tutorial Maps - Male and Female Brawler, Male and Female Warrior,
Cleric, and one of each Mage/Skull. Youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll want to level them for the sake of
getting better classes. Male Brawler and Warrior at Level 10 gives you the
ability to create Ninja, and Female Brawler and Warrior at Level 10 enable
the ability to create Ronin. Both Ninja and Ronin are very good classes, one
having high SPD for evasion, and another having proficiency in many jobs.
Having a Cleric is a very obvious precaution. The 3 Mage/Skulls are for going
for Star Mage/Skull. When all 3 of your Mages/Skulls are Level 5 or above, you
can create a Star Mage or a Star Skull, both of which are superior to their
predecessors. It would also be wise to have your Cleric be the mentors of
these Mages or Skulls, so said Cleric would both have a method of self-defense
and an easier way to level. Any brawler and warrior, both at Level 5 or more,
gives access to Rogue and Scout; one is good at stealing, and uses stealing
items with far more efficiency than any other class line, and another is
extremely good with guns and has unique abilities such as the ability to
change Geo Panels or Symbols at times, and the ability to summon a cannon
that fires bullets in a straight direction. One last word; Etna doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t have
a very good stat growth, so one shouldní¢â‚¬â„¢t depend on her and one does Laharl.
Also, Prinnies arení¢â‚¬â„¢t really magnificent other than the fact that you can
chuck them at anyone to do a good amount of damage. Of course, this doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t
mean that they arení¢â‚¬â„¢t cool, but they arení¢â‚¬â„¢t exactly my first choice in battle.
Finally, always remember to buy some equipment, and doní¢â‚¬â„¢t sell ANY, as
equipment is useful even if not used, whether for Item World or for bribing
the Dark Assembly, or to pass down to another character.

       While it isní¢â‚¬â„¢t necessary to get the classes right now, it would be very
helpful later on. Disgaea has a very large difficulty curve. While it may be
easy for the first few chapters, in one certain later chapter, you would be
annihilated if you rush through too quickly. Of course, you can always level
up Laharl, as he seems to be able to clear about every plot level without any
help except perhaps some items and status healing. One last tip is to ALWAYS,
ALWAYS heal at the hospital once you finish a battle.

       Finally, you may want to unlock Etnaí¢â‚¬â„¢s diary; checking it each chapter
will end you with a nice item at the end. To do so, examine the skull on the
shop counter and the spot behind the throne in the throne room with X. After
using both switches, go to the lower level of the second room, with the
Gargoyle, Ghost and Longinus. Go to the upper corner of the lower level, to
the northwest of the Gargoyle, and Etna will open a prompt, which ends up with
her going to her secret room. You may choose to read Etnaí¢â‚¬â„¢s í¢â‚¬Ëœlife storyí¢â‚¬â„¢
throughout the chapters, or not. However, you still should check each diary

       Anyway, as Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m sure that you are bored to heck now or have skipped all
the stuff before, letí¢â‚¬â„¢s begin.

[Magnificent Gate]
This isní¢â‚¬â„¢t really a hard battle, unless you are the kind that rushes in
without thinking. Thatí¢â‚¬â„¢d get you killed. The only difficulty about this map
is the Enemy Boost x 3 that covers the enemies... But guess what? The Geo
Symbol for Enemy Boost x 3 is right outside your Base Panel, and a EXP +50%
next to it! So have someone take out or throw out the Enemy Boost, and have
someone else throw in the EXP +50%, if you want to, and go to town. There
isní¢â‚¬â„¢t really anything to look out for.

[Blessed Court]
Also, this isní¢â‚¬â„¢t difficult either. However, the DEF +50% and Attacks +1
Symbols can be both a boon or a disadvantage against you; if the Level 3
Warrior and Brawler get to the yellow panels near the symbols, it woní¢â‚¬â„¢t be
good for you. So, if you are able, go for the Geo Panels, or, if you arení¢â‚¬â„¢t
able, just destroy the symbols. You should be able to kill the enemies here
with no problem, as long as you use common sense; not to have Mage/Skulls and
Clerics be the front line, for instance. :P

[Corridor of Love]
This level MAY be hard, if not only for the Recovery 40% Panels that are in
the water. Some people destroy the Symbols, but those Symbols often can save
lives. The strategy that I use was to send 2 fighters to deal with the ghosts
to the southwest and eventually the archer at the end of that path, while I
send a small squad to go down to the water, occupying it as fast as possible.
Usually the small squad contains of at most 3 people, though I usually only
used Laharl to go down there, for the sake of leveling. After getting rid of
Archer, go on slaughter fest, but remember to off that Red Mage early so she
doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t bother you later on.

[Hall of Caresses] [SAVE BEFORE]
This is a stopping point, what I call a point that some gamers may have
trouble beating, and often give up the game or get extremely frustrated from
the difficulty. The trick to this stage is to stay out of the Green Mage and
the Archerí¢â‚¬â„¢s range until you kill the Geo Symbols. It might take a few tries,
but once you get it down you woní¢â‚¬â„¢t be losing. Or, you can bum-rush the Mage
using Laharl and try to bombard the Archer with magic. Mid-Boss isní¢â‚¬â„¢t a strong
character; Laharl can beat him 1 on 1 given enough levels and some healing.



       There are thing that I suggest that one does in the beginning of every
chapter. One of them to save, another is to check out a new chapter of Etnaí¢â‚¬â„¢s
diary. There are also other optional things to do; do promotional tests and
pass bills in the Dark Assembly (however, save before doing so - dying in
promotional tests equals game over, and also never try to pass the military
funds bill.), buying new equipment, creating new characters of classes. In
this chapter, I advise that you should get Rogue, Scout, and Star Mage/Skull
if you can, get Laharl to as high as a rank he can go, pass all the inventory
bills you can, and one í¢â‚¬ËœMore Expensive Stuffí¢â‚¬â„¢ bill, and upgrade all equipment.
When you feel that you are ready, I will give you some last tips; ALWAYS save
before a battle, after you got everything else done. It is a very good
precaution, and you never know whatí¢â‚¬â„¢ll be coming at you; a lucky combo, an
unexpected rise of damage to you, etc. Also, if you cannot beat a level,
always level at levels you can beat until your party is at a respectable
power level. Now, off we go to the Frozen River!

[Forsaken Land]
This stage is potentially annoying if you doní¢â‚¬â„¢t take account of lifting and
throwing. Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll tell you now that the zombies are of no concern; the archers
and the cleric will be your annoyance this level. So, the first thing you do
is to throw 2 fighters up to where those archers are, and kill them all. Then
deal with the zombies. Alternately, you can snipe the archers and cleric with
magic or guns, if you have a Scout at this time.

[Icy Breath]
This map has no difficulty to speak of. The Zombies here are suckers for area
attacks, such as Laharlí¢â‚¬â„¢s Blazing Knuckle or Mage/Skull spells. Remember that
almost all Frozen River enemies are weak to Fire, and youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll have no problem
at all... Not that you are likely to, anyway. Blazing Knuckle is fire-type.

[Eternal Winter]
From the first point of view, it seems to be an easy level, the zombies easily
prone to Blade Rush technique. But if you look around, youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll see Imps; one of
the most annoying races to fight at your level. Imps can use Hell Pepper,
hitting the 3 square forward, forward-left, and forward-right of them, with a
chance of poison. Both the area effect and the poison are annoying, so always
have a good healer on standby while Laharl slaughters them.

[White Death]
As a boss battle, this SHOULD be hard, but it really isní¢â‚¬â„¢t. Handle the Imps
with fire spells, as they are in formations. Protect your mages from all side
if possible, or just make a warrior wall. Meanwhile, have Laharl go up and
first kill Flonne because of Power of Love, then Hurricane Slash the Dragon
until it dies. The Imps should die before they kill off too many people, and
Laharl can take on the Dragon and Flonne pretty easily.



Well, first of all, do the things that were mentioned in Episode Two.
Sooner or later you'll get it as routine. That's good, since it always helps
to keep updated on bills and ranks. Heck, the Promotion Tests may be a good
source of monsters to be recruited and EXP as well. Here, I suggest that you
have ranged attackers with armor, or plenty of melee people that can cover
said ranged attackers. Many of the enemies in Episode 3 are heavy-hitters with
high HP, but low Magic Resistance and almost no Ranged Attack (brawlers, of
course.) You can use that to your advantage.

Before we go, let's introduce ourselves to the wonderful Item World
system.... Why? Because we have to. The gate to Dinero Palace needs a Level 10
item. So, pick an item you can take on, noting in the fact that the LV+ only
applies to the enemies on the level you are on, and you can't revive dead
allies until you exit at Level 10. All that aside, buy a common weapon or armor
and go off! It isn't really that hard. And if you want to do it fast, just
bum-rush the Dimension Gates.

Done? Good. Let's get going, then. Onto Dinero Palace

[Gaudy Entrance]
This level is quite easy, like all the other beginning levels. Just slaughter
the fist-users and archers; they are all Brawlers, not much magic resistance.
Or bow proficiency. So plunk away as you like, until you encounter the
magic-using brawler and the axe-user. Kill off the magic one because she can
heal, and then surround the axe-user and whack away until he dies. Or, if you
are lucky and the healer doesn't come down, just pummel him to death.

[Golden Courtyard]
A harder level, this level begins easily with brawlers with little better
equipment, but still quite weak. Then comes your problem, the No Entry, No
Lifting panels. It isn't really hard to go past, just don't use melee fighters,
as the archers may waltz up and hit them. Use magicians or archers to take out
the No Entry panel, and then slaughter everything else, while being careful
because your ranged attackers are now vulnerable after the No Entry died.
The Priest should go first while warriors fend off the Manticore, and then
you should go for the Manticore. After killing all the other brawlers, of

[Flashy Passage]
Well, this map consists of brawlers. LOTS of brawlers. A pity that only 5 of
them are truly threatening; the spear-brawler and the 4 archers. For the first
couple of turns, just stay by your base panel and kill any of the fist brawlers
until they are all dead. Then move out with your ranged attackers or techs
(Blade Rush, Prinny Raid, Magic, Archery, etc) to kill the 4 archers from the
main hall; too much pain in the arse to move over to them. Meanwhile, your
melee attacks should be dealing with that Brawler with the spear; steal the
spear with your rogue, if you can. It makes the job MUCH easier.

[Lavish Hall]
This boss battle is actually pretty easy compared to others. First of all,
ignore the Wall of Meat (yes, that's the class name of those brawlers.) Let the
spear-users come through...then slaughter them. Kill the Wall of Meat AFTER
that, and you'll have your whole party against Hoggmeiser alone. It shouldn't
be hard, but don't surround him too much; Spinning Slash may ruin you.

       Well, this chapter isn't really special, so, aside from the usual tips
I gave you on chapters two and three, there really isn't anything else. So, uh,
let's go? Yeah. Blazing Core gogogo!

[Road of Flames]
The enemies here are a step up from the last chapters, but aren't they always?
The only thing to worry about is that Killer Armor and his Power Slice, which
can probably one-hit anything you have right now, except maybe Laharl.
Otherwise, nothing to speak of. You can use the XP+100% to your advantage,

[Parched Ground]
The enemies here are just the same as the enemies in Road of Flames. They
should be quite easy if your level and equipment are up to notch. There are
two Killer Armor here, so watch out for them.

[Blazing Field]
This level may be hard, if not only for the Enemy Boost +50%. The easiest way
to deal with it, I think, would to be deploying a Rogue right in front of the
Pumpkins, deploy Laharl on the Base Panel but do not move or attack with him,
have the Rogue throw Laharl over the Pumpkins, and then have Laharl kill the
Geo Symbol. The rest is pretty easy... 2 Killer Armors, and a Nightmare is
about the only challenge. The Nightmare can hit in a straight line for Fire
Dance up to five spaces, so be careful not to line up for his attack.
Other than that, just kill them.

[Molten Labyrinth]
This is actually a bit hard, as Adonic Blast can ruin you if you aren't
careful. But first, deal with the 4 Killer Armor and the Mandrake, watching out
for the Mandrake's 'Jack the Ripper'. It reduces DEF by 5%, and does a
reasonable amount of damage - 5 hits. Then will come the Nightmares and
Mid-Boss. If you have taken out the Armors and the Mandrake without luring the
others, you shouldn't have any problem. Otherwise, everybody is likely to die,
and Laharl'll live only with good item use. Use Laharl's Wind Cutter or Blade
Rush if he's alone to kill multiple enemies, and Hurricane Slash on Mid-Boss
if you still have plenty of people left. You may have a couple of Game Overs
before you beat this, so you should save before this stage, unless you want to
Cycle and start over at the first Episode...

       Again, not much of the interesting stuff in here... except that Episode
Five contains the first powerleveling place you will have for a while. Go
through the usual process, and off we go to Jotunheim!

[Absolute Zero]
This is actually quite difficult for those who haven't learned to totem throw.
The concept of totem throw is to have a couple of your characters be adjacent
to each other in some sort of chain ending in someone deployed in the base
panel, and have the last member of the chain be lifted by the guy next to him,
and so on, until you have a giant totem. Then throw repeatedly to get the top
guy to a certain position fast. This stage will need quick movement to the
Ally Damage 20% Geo Symbol and quick destruction of it, before the 20% damage
every turn and the Hell Pepper kills you... so have a totem throw, with Laharl
at the top (meaning he's the last on the chain, on the base panel) Have him
Wind Cutter or Overlord's Wrath (if you have it) the Geo Symbol to hell and
back, and then go kill off the other two symbols if you want. After the Ally
Damage is gone, it really isn't that hard.

[Endless White]
This stage may be bad if you depend on Laharl, as his combat stats, except HP
and SP, are cut in half for this battle. Still, if he's leveled a lot, he's
still quite formidable. Anyway, it'll still be annoying. However, the enemies
here are nothing to worry about, except the Scouts. Just toss a melee fighter
or 3 over to the Scouts and kill them before they kill you with Tri-Burst,
Rapidfire, and Proximal Shot. After that, just slaughter the Pucks and that

[Terrible Cold]
This is the uber levelling place, and there's only really one easy way to do
this. Combine all the monsters into one big leveled one, toss it on the green
Geo Panel, and trap it inside, whacking at it with Techs. If you can't do
any damage to it, you have to level. The person or people who DO get the kill,
however, gets the kill XP equivalent to killing a L~110, while taking no
damage! Don't you love abusing invincibility?

[Ice Queen]
This is one of the easiest boss battles in this game. The Empusa and Lilim
aren't really hard, though the Lilim may give trouble with Thunderbolt and
their Mega spells... just swarm them. You can split your force into 3 groups
and still slaughter them, not to mention getting Maderas in a 3-way pincer
attack. This is pretty easy, but take your time to appreciate the Tsunami Bomb
music in this stage.

..There's nothing interesting here, so do the normals and go on with it.
Hi, Blair Forest, or, as I call, Bore Forest.

[Calamity Forest]
Lots of those little buggers, eh? Well, they are all Level 12 weaklings, so
I doubt you'd have problems... just that it'll take a bit long, and the magic
gets annoying.. Unless you use area attacks, of course. But since they aren't
the strongest monsters in the fact, just slaughter them whichever way you want.

[Ritual Site]
Well, though the Knight seems to be hard, it is, after all, one person. So it
isn't really that hard. So you can just slaughter her with a +9 Combo or
something. This stage will say something - more of lesser levels is more
threatening than one of more levels. Unless the higher level has a ridiculous
area attack.

[Witches' Den]
....Ridiculous. Just kill them, like you killed in Calamity Forest. They aren't
that different. The dialogue is pretty funny though, and this is what attracted
some players to this game. :P

[Writhing Shadow]
Don't worry about beating 10 Level 75s. This is an unwinnable battle, so let
yourself get slaughtered, and let your vassals slaughter them. You can kill
them later on if you want to, but it won't get you anything.

This level is both funny and pretty easy, even with the Warp Panels, which
otherwise would have pissed me off bad. But not here, since the enemies are
pitifully weak as well. You can always Totem throw over to the panel, but I
doubt you can do that much damage to the Symbol right now, so just take your
best fighters and/or mages, and let Warp pick your targets. It shouldn't be
that hard; Red is practically the only threat, and not a very big one at that.

[Heart of Evil]
This can actually turn out easier than the other Mid-Boss battles. The Pucks
are a joke, and you can probably take them all down by turn Two. After that,
the Gargoyles and Mid-Boss isn't that hard, since Mid-Boss now has a single
target attack rather than an area-effect attack that can hit a lot of your
characters. Because of this, you can gang up on Mid-Boss without suffering
too much repercussions. So, do so, and beat his face into the ground.

Sigh, another chapter that's virtually a joke... Do the regulars again. There's
a total of one stage that's even remotely hard. Salamander's Breath, here we

[Scorching Wind]
This is a fairly decent levelling spot, with one-turn-kill Zombies and
EXP +100% Panels throughout. As I said, note that the zombies are in 3 rows
of three, susceptible to Wind Cutter/Blade Rush, and then in a + formation,
susceptible to Overlord's Wrath. Spells can also hit all of them, as well
as most other abilities. Also, zombies aren't very hardy, even at high levels,
so guess what that means? Yep, levelling. It is faster than 5-3, anyway.

[Column of Fire]
Another sucker for area attacks. But, first of all, totem throw your way over
to that Enemy Boost x3 behind the Zombies, and slaughter that FIRST. Then kill
the zombies.

[Raging Earth]
Oh, this stage is oh so much fun. Not. Have a strong fighter, like Laharl, go
through the place, taking the Damage 20% and using items occasionally. Kill the
No Entry symbol, and slaughter everything. You don't need more than Laharl,
usually. And if you do, then kill the Damage 20% before sending the rest of
your people that way.

[Crimson Plains]
Camp four people on the red tiles, and maybe a healer in and out of base panel
if needed. Pretty easy. Zombie Twister can get annoying, but not at ATK and DEF
-50%. :P

[Fields of Embers]
This level is nowhere near the hype that Laharl gave for the . Just
kill the first zombies on the DEF +100% Tiles, put your units on it, and just
about nothing can hurt you. Kill everything from those tiles; don't worry, they
will come to you.

Yet another relatively easy chapter. However, this is considerably harder
compared to the joke that was Episode 7, so do the normal things that is done
every chapter, and talk to Gargo in the 2nd room for a Staff of Sorcery. After
that, talk to the Gatekeeper, Zommie, and Gatekeeper again to open Lunar

[Theatre of Death]
Another yawn level... Totem Throw over to the Enemy Boost x3, past the Cyclops,
kill the Enemy Boost x3, then kill all the Man Eaters. You might have a little
trouble hurting the Cyclops, so utilize combos and Team Attack on them, one by
one. Since they are pretty far away from each other, it shouldn't be hard.
Axe techniques can also help you against Cyclops, because they reduce DEF every
time they hit.

[Frigid Garden]
Note the funny family-like chains here of Level 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 Man-Eater
types. Then slaughter them. They don't presend any challenge, other than the
Level 32 Man-Eaters, which isn't very strong either way.

[Freezing Souls]
You first notice the Archers and Mages with Attacks +1 and Enemy Boost x3.
You groan, then go looking for the Geo Symbols, thinking that the Archers
or Mages can hit somewhere in the Path that will screw you over.

Then you find the Geo Symbols on the other side, near your Base Panel, covered
by a couple of Battlers that AREN'T standing on Enemy Boost x3 or Attack +1.
You look first in amazement, then you go and slaughter the Battlers and the
Geo Symbols. Then you go slaughter the Archers and Mages, who did nothing but
stayed there for the duration of your slaughter, except maybe a couple of
Bravehearts and Magic Boosts that would have worn off by the time you got

Now, wasn't that fun?

[Under the Moon]
These guys are ALL casters. With area-effect spells. Therefore, big groups die
quickly. So, what I suggest is to send groups out in pairs or so to take out
separate enemies, since they do have decent HP. Don't worry, this isn't as
half as hard as it seems, as the enemies will help you out too, by sometimes
hitting their allies. If you have troubles, then level some and come back. It
isn't too hard.

This is the chapter that you should level the most in, aside from the Item
World, for now. Why? Because from Episode 10 and on, it is all uphill. A very
steep uphill, if I should say so myself. There are a few average levelling
spots here, but I also suggest that you level in 5-3 or 7-1. You'll want to
take the large difficulty change on your feet.

[Valgipus IV]
This level is really easy... The enemies are all in a 3x3 formation, so one
Winged Slayer, one 3x3 range spell, and some other various area attacks, and
you should be done with this level.

[Thurvean Sector]
This level can be very hard if you don't use your head enough. 6 Nekomata is
in a ring of green panels, but 4 Dullahans and 4 Nekomata are outside with
some ranged attacks. The first thing to do is to throw the No-Entry Symbol
onto the panels to keep yourself alive, then get rid of the Nekomata inside,
being careful to stay out of Mystic Blast and Gigantic Slash range. Afterwards,
snipe the outside units to death. Without avoiding tech range or neglecting
to use the Geo Symbol could get you killed very quickly.

[Sphere VIII]
Rush for the red geopanels. The fist-brawlers around here will be easy if you
are on them, but the Axe and the Sword Black Belts that are later in the map
will give you quite a pain if you didn't reap the benefits of the ATK+50%
DEF+50% Geo Panels. Their attack is almost double the attack of others, so
watch out.

Quite the easy map. Totem throw over to the Silence Geo Symbol. Throw on any
Green Panel (any other panel, actually). Begin killing the now magic-less
ghosts. Steal orbs if you want to, also. There could be a few rares, or even
legends, among the 3 orbs every ghost has.

[Primordial Soup]
This map is actually easier than one may think, as there are only two enemies.
Even though Thursday does considerable damage with Bazooka, as does Gordon with
Spark and Punch, you can usually gang on them and usually beat the crap out
of them without too much problem. So, gang up on them and win this fight. :P

This chapter represents the beginning of the difficulty curve. Though not that
hard yet, if you did not train enough in Episode 9, or you think you should
train more, then do so in this chapter. There are several good levelling places
here, so take advantage of them.

[Fervent Melody]
Another invincibility map, you can do basically the same thing you did in 5-3
after getting rid of that No Lifting symbol using, say, Hoggmeiser's
Earthshaker. However, because of that nature, it is often too much of a pain to
level in this map, so I suggest that you try another one. Either way, lure them
to the bridges, then trap them inside and kill them.

[Wasteland of Woe]
Good ol' slaughterfest. Be careful of Demon's Breath, though. You better have
a status healer or some Faerie Dusts on standby in case one of your important
characters falls asleep from Demon's Breath. Other than that, this is a piece
of cake - you can gang up on the Dragons fairly easily.

[River of Lava]
This stage is quite easy, as the Cyclops that is affected by all those Geo
Effects will stay in one place. So, just stay out of its attack range while
killing the fairies and the Geo Symbols, drop the DEF -50% Symbol on a Green
Panel, and hack away.

[Searing Tyranny]
This here is a nice EXP place, since the 7 Treants that you encounter near
your Base Panel are all on +100% EXP Panels, and can be hit by Area Attacks.
So, if you train here, getting strong enough to kill them in one turn, then
the other 5 later one, will really help you out.

This stage with actually pretty hard, with 8 Pucks that can use Demon's Breath
and Camaraderie and Mega Heal, 2 Fafnirs with formidable power, and Mid-Boss,
not far away from you at all. The first thing you'll want to do is to kill off
the Fafnirs, but ONLY if you can do it in one turn. Otherwise, they'll be
healed. After they are gone, hunt for the Pucks, and be sure to kill them at
the end of the turn! 8 Pucks using Mega Heal isn't pretty, and the Demon's
Breath that would follow afterwards will screw you over pretty easily. Mid-Boss
is not much of a concern here, as he doesn't have an Area Attack. Take him down
after you take down everyone else.

Here the difficulty curve picks up. You may not think that some of the levels
here are hard, but keep thinking that while rushing through the chapter, and
I garuntee that one of the levels will break you into pieces. Aside from that,
do the normal pre-chapter process and then get Vile Brilliance, a spear, from

[Ghostly Whisper]
This is one of the easy levels. The Skulls can be taken out easily; they are in
a line, and they also have low HP and DEF, and they are on EXP +100% tiles.
Because of the easiness and the formation of the rows of enemies, you can level
well here.

[Rising Fear]
The first thing you do here is to throw some fighters up onto where the Skulls
are. If you let them live, their Omega spells will kill you quickly. After
killing the Skulls, the rest is easier. The scarecrows, however, have a high
ATK and their moves can potentially be dangerous, so watch out for them, and
try to take no more than 2 of them at a time.

[Crawling Terror]
This level is a pain. All Imps, with Mega Wind, and their normal techs. They
are on Recovery 40%, DEF + 100%, and No Lifting Geo Panels. The Symbols are
way in the end. Here, I will say that you should NOT totem throw to the
Symbols, as they are in two separate groups, and probably 9 of your 10
people would get slaughtered in the process. Instead, since they rarely move,
I suggest that you take them on one at a time. It will be hard and tedious, but
it can be done, and you can always use the Panels you capture to heal yourself
as well. It takes time, but it is better than getting Game Overs.

[Hero's Tomb]
This is the map that makes you or breaks you. Okay, this Enemy Boost x 6 is
very fun. The enemies can still potentially kick your butt without the Boostx6,
much less with it. Anyway, you will probably have to do TWO 5-totem throws.
Complicated? Not really. You should have done plenty of single totem throws,
it shouldn't be that hard to get two in one go. Throw two of your strongest
characters over, and slaughter the Geo Symbols. Or, if you are confident
enough, throw one over and have him or her kill the Symbols. After that, you'll
have to deal with the Scarecrows and Alps, which are still formidable. The
Corpses are their just for HP, but you should watch out for Zombie Gatling and
Twister. And Don? ...He's extremely weak, but his attack animations will serve
to give you a few laughs. If you know how to do this, then this shouldn't be
too hard. If you don't, you'll get slaughtered.

Oh, from this Episode, the fun starts... Or, should I say, the agonizing,
agonizing pain? Oh well. You had better prepared yourself in Episodes 9 to 11,
because if you didn't... Well, you'll get killed. A lot. I'm not kidding.

First encounter of EDF Recruits, and it won't be pretty. You will NOT send
out everyone on the first turn. Doing so is suicide. Instead, have one person
out for a turn or two and lure some of them over, and dispatch them QUICKLY.
I MEAN quickly, or you will get slaughtered by their guns. Repeat until they
are all dead. Remember to avoid the green 'water', which is Ally Damage 20%.

[Core Point No. 4]
The silence here is really annoying, but you should make use of it too. Send
out a couple of people that has very high ATK and DEF, or SPD, and pack a lot
of healing items as well. With that, go on a field day with attacks until
they all die. You may need gunners to take down the gunners they have up there,
though, or you can lift them and throw them downstairs. Also beware of the
green water here. It is instant death to you, but not to them.

[Star Cluster]
This level is so fun, I want to kill myself. However, this is the last
invincible levelling map you'll get. Rush one person to the end as fast as
possible, using items to keep yourself alive. Throw the Ally Damage 20% out
and the Enemy Boost +50% in. Throw the soldiers out. Kill the soldiers. Get
EXP. Very, very, VERY tedious. But at times worth it. Rarely.

[Sidereal Rift]
Well, this is an easier level than the last one. Use the luring tactic to get
the Recruits out, and kill them; they aren't that hard to destroy. Then comes
the Officers and Kurtis. Gang up on them; Officers first, then Kurtis.
Believe it or not, the 2 Officers may present more trouble to you in the long
run than Kurtis, but also be sure to finish off Kurtis quickly. That Nuclear
Fusion will kill you quickly if you don't.

Here's where the peak of the Difficulty Curve is. Some of the levels here can
be ridiculously easy, and some of them will make you pull your hair out and
subsequently quit playing this game. But we can't have that, can we? You better
be prepared for this.

[Point Alpha-III]
This can be extremely easy or extremely hard. If you are dumb enough to go
against the Cannons without sufficient power, then you'll find that you'll get
many, many, many game overs. IF you are smart enough to see that you need to
walk on the Yellow tile to win, you can just totem throw someone over to
one space away from the yellow tile, and have that someone walk to the yellow
tile to win.

[Main Corridor 1]
Cyborgs are just improved versions of Recruits and Officers, so lure and
destroy them just as you would lure and destroy Recruits. However, beware
of the gun Cyborgs. Their guns can innately cause Sleep. That's not good for
you. Try to kill them off before they get a chance to Sleep someone that
you need to win. Or, alternatively, steal their weaponry.

[Main Corridor 2]
Here, you will see the first 'Jedi'. Him and the two gunners will soon make
you piss your pants in a later level, but right now they are fairly easy. I
suggest you steal some PS-714s and the Light Saber if you can. The former
because it causes, sleep, and the latter because it is quite powerful and it
looks cool as well. Use the same EDF tactics as you used on almost every other

[Main Corridor 3]
Okay, this is one of the hardest levels I know. The first and foremost
requirement are three characters that can Move 6, and Throw at least 3. Why?
Because at the beginning of this battle, you'll have them go up to the
Psi-Soldiers, lift them, and throw them at the Geo Symbols. After that is done,
the Enemy Boost will be gone. Then you must use force to kill the rest. One
tip for this battle is to use Thursday as your main attacker, stuffing him
with armor and Royalty Items, in which he benefits from with his high
Aptitudes. He also comes with 99% Resistance to all statuses, so it will render
him strong against the gunners' sleep attacks. After killing the cyborgs,
Kurtis isn't that much of a problem. Still, if you don't do this right, it
gets really hard after a while.

This map is RIDICULOUSLY easy compared to Main Corridor 3. You are now just
fighting what is equivalent right now to some normal humanoids. Just slaughter
them without a care. Beware of the archers, though. They MAY present some
trouble, but it is unlikely.

Woo, the final plot chapter. Well, this is basically the downcurve of the
difficulty curve. The levels here are still challenging, believe me. But, if
you survived Chapters 12 and 13, Chapter 14 shouldn't be too hard for you.
You might need some extra levelling, but that's about it. Anyone, on to
Celestia and its uber music!
[Field of Virtue]
A good levelling spot, but also quite difficult. However, there ARE only 4
enemies. So gang up on them en masse, kill them, and then have some fun with
Mid-Boss and his Adonic Buster. When you are ganging up on the Vampires, be
careful not to get too close together, or Chaos Swarm will whack you good.
Also stay out of Chaos Force Range, or put a little of both, so you'll
survive either way. Steal some stuff here if you want. It's nice, but not

Very fun place. Don't try to totem throw to the Warp Symbol, because there are
actually two of them, and you'll be Warped before you destroy both of them,
that I will garuntee you. Just pump up 2 or 3 characters with all you've got,
and send them out to kill the angels every turn. If the Angels can't do
much damage to you, and you can kill them fairly easily, then you'll have an
easy time. Take heed in this assumption, the fact that all Angels have heal
spells. However, they don't aim them very smartly.

[Angelic Choir]
Remeber the strong people you used before? Get them on the Recovery 20%
DEF +50% Tiles, fight on that tile with occasional healing, and you'll be
just peachy. Steal some Bloodlusts and Bahamut items, if you want. If you
live through the first couple of turns, you are likely to live through the
rest. If they stop coming, then go them them, since there doesn't be a lot,
and there are other Red GeoPanels to take advantage of too.

Ah, the legendary Maze. This'll be a little complicated. Okay, pump up your
best sword user, or another character with good ranged attacks and enough HP
and DEF/RES to withstand strong spells. Go through the maze, cautiously, never
Being next to or 2 spaces from the red walls in the NE, because that'll get
you slaughtered, and lure the swordfighters as well. Wind Cutter the Archers
as you see them in the Maze, and do the same to the Mages that you lure.
When you are past, the rest should be a cinch once you remove the Symbol.

[Divine Prison]
The enemies here aren't as nearly as strong as the story makes them. They are
just Level 75s without equipment, compared to your characters, which are
hopefully equipped. Lure and slaughter if you want to be cautious, but I don't
doubt that you can bum rush them and win anyway. Just know that they all have
4000-5000 HP, so that should be taken note of. Also, the fact that they have
no equipment should not make you completely careless. It just means that they
are a lot weaker than what they can be. Even without equipment, they can
still kill off some of your weaker characters.

[Inner Sanctum]
The easiest level of the Episode before it gets all hard, this is just 3
Level 75s. Feel feel to steal their equipment, and then slaughter them. They
aren't challenging at all; kill them one by one before they heal, and you'll
be fine.

[Hall of Justice]
This map is just as much fun as Main Corridor 3, but a bit easier because
the majority of them are melee fighters, and your guys should be more levelled
now. Anyway, my tip is to stay where you are, like against EDFs, and take on
the Angel squads one by one. Kill them until they are all dead, in which case
Vulcanus should be well in the process of coming down. Go back to your Base
Panel area to take advantage of it; you can come in, another one can come out,
or the same character can come out in a different direction. Anyway, get
your 10 and start bashing Vulcanus until he dies. But beware, his skills can
do quite some damage. Level as much as you can here and in the other levels,
since you are nearing the end of the plot...

[Sacred Altar]
This is the final battle.... not that much hard of a final battle, but still
a final battle. You should first lure out the Angels. If you fight the Angels
AND Lamington at once, you will get slaughtered mercilessly and painfully. So,
lure the angels down, and THEN kill them, stealing if you can, and if you want.
After most of the angels are gone, go for Lamington. Beware of his attacks.
Armageddon hits a wide range for a good amount of damage.. ~500-600 to a party
of L50s, and Judgment does enough to a single target to almost kill anything.
Other than that, gang up on him like you do every other boss, and go for one of
the 4 possible endings at this point.

Narrator - King Krichevskoy, the mighty ruler of the Netherworld.
Narrator - His long reign came to an abrupt end as the news of his death
spread throughout the dark land.
Narrator - Ambitious demons rose one after another to seize the opportunity,
and thus began the age of turbulence and anarchy.
Narrator - Two years later...
???? - Prince.
???? - Prince, wake up.
Etna - This brat just won't wake up!
Etna - Well, if that's the case... there's only one thing left to do.
Laharl - ...What fool dares awaken me, the great Laharl?
Etna - Prince! I'm glad you're still alive.
Laharl - Who said I was dead? I was just taking a nap.
Laharl - Anyways... Why are all those weapons behind you?
Etna - Well, I was having a hard time waking you up...
Laharl - Are you sure you weren't trying to kill me instead?
Etna - No... Ah... I mean, yes. I just wanted to wake you up.
Laharl - Hmph... Whatever. ...So, what is it?
Laharl - You better have a good reason for waking me up.
Etna - Oh, yeah.
Etna - Big news. Your father, King Krichevskoy, has died.
Laharl - He what...!? When!?
Etna - Two years ago.
Laharl - ...Wait a second.
Laharl - So... you're telling me that I've been sleeping for over 2 years?
Etna - Yup.
Laharl - "Yup"...!? Why didn't you wake me up earlier!?
Etna - Excuse me, but what do you think I've been doing all this time?
Etna - The Netherworld has gone to hell while you were sleeping.
Etna - It's not my fault if some other demon steals the title of Overlord.
Laharl - What...? Have they forgotten whose title they are trying to steal?
Laharl - Hmhmhm...
Laharl - How bold of them! I shall show no mercy... for I am Laharl, the
rightful heir to the throne!
Laharl - Haaahahahaha!!!!
Etna - Your humble vassal, Etna, Will accompany you.
<"Etna" joined your party!>
-End Introduction-

[Tutorial - Battle Basics 1]
Laharl - Now, then... Time for a little warm-up. I feel a little rusty.
Etna - Ah, Prince. We've got company... how convenient.
Laharl - Stray demons, huh...
Etna - Allow me, Prince.
Etna - You may be a little out of practice after your long slumber.
Etna - Don't worry, I came prepared!
Etna - Come on, Prinny Squad!!
-Ominous silence-
Etna - Get your butts out here, NOW!!
-Prinnies come-
Etna - So Prince, whaddya think of this Prinny Squad I hired?
Etna - They're my loyal servants; they'll do anything I say.
-Prinnies loaf around-
Laharl - Are you sure about that?
-Etna beats the crap out of Prinnies, they straighten up and salute-
Etna - See, they're loyal.
Laharl - ...Does it make sense to beat up your allies before a battle?
Laharl - Anyways, I think we've made those demons wait long enough already.
Etna - Hey, you're right. How nice of them to be so patient.
Laharl - Yeah, that's considerate of them.
Laharl - To show my appreciation, I'll only beat them half to death.
Etna - Oh, you're so kind<3 If I were you, I'd beat them all the way to death.
Laharl - K, Kind!?
Laharl - Stop that! That word gives me goose bumps!
Laharl - Dammit! I take it back! I'm gonna beat them all the way to death!
Etna (thought) - He's still a kid, so quick-tempered.
Etna (thought) - It looks like carrying out my plan will be a lot easier than
I thought<3
Laharl - Hm? You say something?
Etna - Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. So, what are your orders, Prince? ...You
do remember how to fight, right?

Etna - Just in case you forgot, let me explain the basics of battle.
Etna - Move the cursor over the "Base Panel" and press X to select the
characters you wish to dispatch.
Etna - If you want to cancel an order to dispatch a character, move the
cursor over the character and press O.
Etna - For example, if you press O here...
Etna - ...you can cancel the action.
Etna - Now, let's issue a command to a dispatched character. First, move
him/her next to an enemy...
Etna - ...and select "Attack".
Etna - You have now assigned an action. However, the character won't attack
Etna - If you want to execute the actions which you've assigned, open the
menu and select either "Execute" or "End Turn".
Etna - In this case, let's pick "Execute".
Etna - See? The character attacked.
Etna - Assign Actions->Triangle->Execute. Remember this. You'll be using it a
Etna - If you assign actions to multiple characters, they will be executed in
the order that you assign them.
Etna - Be careful; you can't cancel actions once you've chosen to execute them.
Etna - After you're done issuing commands open the menu and end your turn. It
will then be the enemy's turn.
Laharl - Owww... Why do I have to be the one to do this...? I'm the next
Overlord, for crying out loud!
Etna - ......
Etna - That was an example of something NOT to do.
Etna - Only an idiot would rush straight into the enemy alone.
Laharl - You made me do it!!
Etna - Characters killed in battle, like our Prince here, can be revived by
paying Hell (HL) to the castle's hospital.
Etna - If all your dispatched characters are defeated, the game will be over.
Laharl - So the basic idea is to gang up on one character and beat the living
daylights out of him, huh?
Etna - Exactly, Prince. Remember to use your head next time.
Laharl - You're the one who told me to do it!!
Etna - "Team Attacks" sometimes occur when allies are positioned next to
attacking characters.
Etna - If several characters attack the same enemy in a row, a "Combo" will
result, and greater damage will be dealt.
Etna - If you want to know more, press Triangle and select "Help" from the

[Tutorial - Battle Basics 2]
Laharl - More stray demons...
Laharl - How annoying. I wish I could just toss 'em.
Etna - Well, why don't you?
Laharl - You can!?

Etna - For our ignorant Prince, let me explain the commands "Lift" and "Throw".
Etna - In situations like this where you're too far for your attacks to
Etna - Pick up a character by selecting "Lift"...
Laharl - H, Hey! Stop it, Etna!!
Etna - Then select "Throw". You'll have to decide on a direction and distance,
Etna - I'll throw you next to the enemy.
Laharl - Oomph!!
Etna - See? That covered a lot of ground. Now, you're able to attack.
Etna - You can use "Lift" and "Throw" on both allies and enemies.
Etna - Keep in mind that only humanoid characters can use "Lift" and "Throw".
(Monsters can't do it.)
Etna - By making good use of these commands, you can extend your attack range.
Etna - This is very helpful in moving around on some maps, so don't forget it.
Etna - There are other uses, for the commands besides covering ground, like...
Etna - Holding an enemy so he/she can't move, saving injured allies from
danger, etc.
Etna - By the way, Prinnies will explode when they're thrown, so handle them
with care.
Prinny Squad - Dood!? You gotta be kidding!
Etna - And if you throw an enemy at an enemy...
Etna - There may be other fun uses waiting to be discovered. Try experimenting.
Laharl - That's it...! I'm gonna throw you next time...!
Etna - Oh, and one more thing. A character will take damage if the turn ends
and he/she is still holding someone.

[Tutorial - Geo Effect]
Laharl - "Geo Panels"... Interesting. These are geographical features that are
attuned to the elements of the universe.
Laharl - Crystallization of those elements results in "Geo Symbols", like the
one right there.
Etna - ...Well, that doesn't explain anything, so let me clarify a few things.

Etna - Let me explain "Geo Effects", a system which will heavily influence
Etna - Take a good look at the colored panels on the area map.
Etna - Notice that "Enemy Boost + 50%" is displayed at the top of the screen.
Etna - This means that when an enemy is on a blue panel, his/her ATK and DEF
will be powered up by 50%.
Etna - This is not good for you, so it's wise to get rid of this effect.
Etna - You might be wondering, "Where does it come from in the first place?"
Etna - Why lookie here! I just found an object labeled "Enemy Boost" on this
blue panel!
Etna - This guy's the culprit! Laharl - How obvious was that?
Etna - This object is called a "Geo Symbol" and as long as it's on a colored
panel, all panels of the same color will be affected.
Etna - Let's toss it somewhere.
Etna - The effect "Enemy Boost" is no longer on any of the blue panels. But...
Etna - Huh?
Etna - The Geo Symbol is now affecting the red panels. That doesn't change
Etna - Hmmmmm. Let's just destroy it, then.
Etna - ...Oh, before we do that. Do you see "To (blue square)" displayed in
the Geo Symbol's status window? Remember that.
Etna - Now, it's time to attack. Go ahead, Prince.
Etna - ...Huh? The red panels are now blue.
Etna - Remember the "To (blue square)" In the status window? This is what it
was referring to.
Etna - Destroying a blue Geo Symbol will turn all panels, which are the same
color as the one it was on, blue.
Etna - Damage will be dealt to anyone standing on one of those panels at the
time, so be sure to take that into consideration.
Etna - No damage will be dealt if you destroy a blue Geo Symbol on a blue panel
(No panels will change color, either.)
Etna - You can build up your Bonus Gage by changing the color of Geo Panels.
Etna - If you are able to use what you've learned to destroy all the Geo
Panels, then you will receive a Panel Termination Bonus.
Etna - All of this relates to a term I used before, "Geo Effects".
Laharl - That's pretty complicated.
Etna - You're right, it is. It might be a good idea to start off by destroying
only the harmful Geo Symbols.
Etna - Nullifying all the panels is for experts who understand the concept of
Geo Effects completely, and you're not one of them.
Laharl - What'd you say!?
Etna - Not all Geo Symbols have negative effects. When you get the chance, you
should try and take advantage of the useful ones.
Etna - Lastly, press the SELECT button to turn the Geo Panel Display ON/OFF.

[Won Tutorial - Practice Map]
Laharl (thinking) - ...Hm. I'm starting to get the hang of things again.
Etna - Okay then, are you ready to request some allies at the Dark Assembly?
Etna (smirk) - There you get to create characters who will become your loyal
Laharl - Loyal pupils...
Laharl - That doesn't sound like a bad idea. Alright, let's go!

[Vyers Castle - Magnificent Gate]


[Vyers Castle - Blessed Court]
Etna - Wow. This is a pretty nice place.
Etna (smirk) - Ah! That vase would sell for a lot.
-Enter Laharl-
Laharl (annoyed) - Fool! That makes us petty thieves.
Laharl (thinking) - I caní¢â‚¬â„¢t disgrace the name of the Overlord. I have to be
impartial and...
Etna - Impartial and... what?
Laharl - ...plunder everything!!
Etna (smirk) - Ohh! Thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s our Prince! Youí¢â‚¬â„¢re so ruthless.
-Switch Etna with Prinny-
Prinny Squad - Hey there, you atrocious fiend!
-Switch Prinny with Etna-
Etna (smirk) - You cold-blooded monster!
-Switch Etna with 2 Prinnies-
Prinny Squad - A demon among demons!
-Exit Prinny Squad-
Laharl (thinking) - Hmph... Quit complimenting me so muchí¢â‚¬Â¦ Ití¢â‚¬â„¢s embarrassing.
Laharl (ecstatic) - Now, listen up! I want you to pillage and plunder anything
and everything in this castle!!
-Enter Prinny Squad-
Prinny Squad - Aye aye, dood!
Laharl (ecstatic) - [Spiky] Haaahahahaha!!

[Vyers Castle - Corridor of Love]


[Vyers Castle - Hall of Caresses]
Laharl - Hm? Is this the last room?
-Exit Laharl-
???? - [Spiky] Haaahahahaha!!
-Enter Laharl-
Laharl - Who's there!?
-Exit Laharl-
???? - How rude, invading a man's house and asking him, "Who's there?"
???? - But, I give you credit for your bravery.
???? - [Spiky] Haaaaaaahhhh!!
-Blue fwoosh, enter Sassy Demon-
Sassy Demon - Voila!
Sassy Demon - ...Forgive moi, I must leave you in awe.
Sassy Demon (smirk) - My name is Vyers. I am the lord of this castle.
Etna - Vyers? Isn't he the demon that's been knocking off competition for the
Vyers - Oui. That is correct, mademoiselle.
Vyers - I am an aristocrat with both strength and beauty... They call moi the
"Dark Adonis".
-Switch from Etna to Laharl-
Vyers - ...Young man. I assume that you are the son of the late King
Krichevskoy, are you not?
Laharl - That's right. I'm Laharl, the heir to the throne.
Vyers (smirk) - The heir to the throne?
Vyers - Hah! That is history, dear boy. Your existance has long been
Vyers - Are you blind to the horde of demons lining up to fight for the
Laharl (smirk) - So? I'm the heir. That's all that matters.
Laharl - If they've forgotten, then I'll just have to make them remember.
Vyers (smirk) - I see. So you saw my potential and decided to strike first
against moi...
Vyers (smirk) - Such wonderful intuition... Well played, son of Krichevskoy.
Laharl - I've never even heard of you. It's only a coincidence that we're
Laharl - You're just a tiny stepping stone on my path to the throne.
Vyers (anger) - *gasp* How dare you! I'm the Dark Adonis Vy...
Laharl - Who gives a damn about you? Your new name is "Mid-Boss".
Mid-Boss (anger) - Mi, Mi, Mid-Boss!?
-Switch from Laharl to Etna-
Etna - Looks like you hurt his pride, Prince.
Mid-Boss - Unforgivable...
Mid-Boss (anger) - [Spiky] That is unforgivable!!!

[Won Vyers Castle - Hall of Caresses]
Mid-Boss (injured) - Heh... I have underestimated your skill. I took you for
but a child.
Mid-Boss (injured) - But, that was an error in judgment... I am too
Laharl - Liar. You were serious just now.
Etna (cynical) - How pathetic. Nothing's worse than a sore loser.
Mid-Boss (anger) - Ugh...! What repulsive little brats you are.
Mid-Boss (anger) - I shall come to return the favor, so do not forget moi!!
-Mid-Boss runs-
Laharl - Alright, letí¢â‚¬â„¢s collect the spoils and head home.
Etna (smirk) - Uh... Prince, I need to use the restroom.
-Etna runs, enter Prinny-
Prinny Squad - Master Etna ran away.
Prinny Squad - ...Which means... Dood, weí¢â‚¬â„¢re gonna hafta carry all this?
Prinny Squad - Weí¢â‚¬â„¢re Master Etnaí¢â‚¬â„¢s vassals, not the Princeí¢â‚¬â„¢s...
Laharl - Etnaí¢â‚¬â„¢s vassals are my vassals. And my vassals do what I say.
Laharl - Now, get to work.
Prinny Squad - Doooooood...
-Switch Laharl to Big Sis Prinny-
Big Sis Prinny - Now, now. Ití¢â‚¬â„¢s only until the next red moon, right?
Prinny Squad - ...I guess youí¢â‚¬â„¢re right, dood. Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll get to work.
[Somewhere Else]
Etna (pissed) - ...No, he doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t suspect a thing.
???? - I see... But still, how did he survive after drinking that potion...?
???? - If he fully recovers, this will become a difficult task...
Etna (smug) - Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t worry. If you leave it to me, the throne will be yours.
???? - Are you sure you can deliver on that promise?
Etna (pissed) - ...Yes. Remember, in exchange...
???? - I know. When I reign supreme as the Overlord, I shall return it to you.
Etna (sad) - ......
-Etna leaves-
???? - Hmhmhm...
???? - [Spiky] Hahahahahaha!!

[Episode Preview]
Etna - Finally, the time has come for Prince Laharl to pay for all his evil
Laharl - Hey...
Etna - Now, Etna will fulfill the late princeí¢â‚¬â„¢s wish and succeed him to the
Laharl - Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m not dead.
Etna - So long, Prince! Your humble vassal Etna will put your money and power
to good use!
Laharl - Youí¢â‚¬â„¢re one scary girl.
Etna - Next! On Hyper Dimensional Demon Gal Etna.. Episode 2 - The Birth of
Queen Etna!
Etna - A new era of the Netherworld Begins!
Laharl - Youí¢â‚¬â„¢re delusional...


Narrator - Celestia - a world where beings known as angels live...
Narrator - The Netherworld, Celestia, and the human world... Legend has it
that these worlds are connected.
Narrator - This is one of such nexuses, between the Netherworld and Celestia.
Narrator - However, it is sealed by a gate constructed by angels of ancient
Cute Angel - Did you send for me, Master Lamington?
Seraph - Yes, I did.
Seraph - Here, Flonne. Have a look. The flowers are in full bloom.
Flonne (happy) - How beautiful!
Seraph - ......
Flonne (happy) - *giggle* I love these flowers.
Flonne (happy) - They are simple, yet so bright and lively...
Flonne (happy) - I want to be like these flowers...
Seraph - ...Flonne, listen carefully to what I have to say.
Flonne - Yes?
Seraph - As Seraph, I have orders for you, Angel Trainee Flonne.
Seraph - Go to the Netherworld and assassinate the Overlord, King Krichevskoy.
Flonne (anime-worry) - Huh?
-Fade Out-
[Overlooking Overlordí¢â‚¬â„¢s Castle]
Flonne - Well, Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m hereí¢â‚¬Â¦ at the Overlordí¢â‚¬â„¢s Castle.
Flonne (sad) - ...I still wonder why the Seraph picked me, though.
Flonne (sad) - Master Vulcanus would have been a much better choice...
Flonne (upset) - Not only that, but an assassination... What is the Seraph
-Fade Out-
[Celestia Building]
Stern Angel - Master Lamington! Master Lamington, are you here!?
-Enter Seraph-
Seraph - Why all the ruckus, Vulcanus? You scared the birds away.
Vulcanus (anger) - Who cares about the birds... I have an important question!
Vulcanus (anger) - Is it true that you sent Flonne to assassinate King
Seraph - Yes, it is true.
Vulcanus (surprise) - Wha, wha, wha!? What did you do that for!?
Vulcanus (anger) - King Krichevskoy is the ruler of that abominable, dirty,
rotten Netherworld!!
Seraph - ......
Vulcanus (anger) - If you want him assassinated, it would make more sense to
send me!
Vulcanus (anger) - Instead, you pick that Angel Trainee...
Vulcanus (anger) - You think too highly of her!
Vulcanus (anger) - I am very aggravated by this!
-Exit Vulcanus-
Seraph (calm) - ...That is exactly why you are not fit for this task.
Seraph (calm) - Besides, this is something that only Flonne can accomplish...
-Fade Out-
[Overlordí¢â‚¬â„¢s Castle]
-Flonne runs by wall-
Flonne - Whoosh!
-Flonne exits, runs through Throne Room, by wall-
Flonne - Nin nin nin!
-Flonne exits, jumps up stairs-
Flonne - Wumph!!
Flonne (happy) - Phew... Looks like I made it in without being seen.
Flonne (happy) - What do they call these guys in the human world? Oh, yes...
"Ninjas"... I always wanted to be one.
Flonne (happy) - Maybe I have potential. Nin nin <3
Flonne (anime-worry) - ...But still, is it alright for me to be doing this?
Flonne (anime-worry) - The angels all say that demons are evil, but are they
Flonne (angry) - It doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t seem fair to judge somebody based on rumors alone.
Flonne (angry) - Even if ití¢â‚¬â„¢s the Seraphí¢â‚¬â„¢s orders, I doní¢â‚¬â„¢t feel right
assassinating somebody I doní¢â‚¬â„¢t know.
Flonne - ...Does that mean ití¢â‚¬â„¢s alright to assassinate somebody I DO know?
That seems wrong, too.
Flonne (anime-worry) - Caní¢â‚¬â„¢t kill strangers... Hmmmm, caní¢â‚¬â„¢t kill acquaintances
either... ...which means... ohhhh...
-Laharl walks in from shadows, Enter Laharl-
Laharl - Who are you, and why are you in my room talking to yourself?
Flonne (surprised) - [Spiky] Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!
-Flonne whacks Laharl, Laharl reels back-
Laharl - Owww...! What the heck did you do that for!?
Flonne (surprised) - Oh, Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m sorry. You scared me, so I accidentally...
Flonne (thoughts) - (...Huh? Is he a demon...?)
Flonne (thoughts) - (There are demons this young...? I didní¢â‚¬â„¢t know that.)
Laharl - Hmph... So, who are you?
Flonne - Me?
Flonne (happy) - Nice to meet you. Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m an assassin.
-Flonne turns around 180-
Flonne (anime-worry) - Whoops. I wasní¢â‚¬â„¢t supposed to say that.
-Laharl walks up a bit, drops arms in disbelief-
Laharl (annoyed) - ...Youí¢â‚¬â„¢re pretty dense, arení¢â‚¬â„¢t you?
-Flonne turns back-
Flonne (angry) - My! How rude, calling somebody you just met dense!
Laharl - I think an assassin that tries to kill someone in his sleep is a lot
Flonne - ...Youí¢â‚¬â„¢re right. I apologize.
-Laharl drops arms in disbelief again-
Laharl (annoyed, thoughts) - (...Is she really and assassin?)
Flonne - It looks like I failed this time, so I guess Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll be leaving now.
-Flonne bows-
Flonne (happy) - Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll be back again. Please take care.
-Flonne runs-
Laharl - H, Hey! Wait!
Laharl - Someone! Get in here, now!!
-Etna walks in, annoyed-
Etna (pissed) - Why are you yelling at this time of night? Ohhh, did you have
a nightmare?
-Laharl goes in anger pose-
Laharl (anger) - No, you fool! An assassin has infiltrated the castle!
Etna (pissed) - Huh?
Laharl - What happened to the Prinnies that were supposed to be on patrol!?
Etna - Theyí¢â‚¬â„¢ve partied themselves to sleep.
-Laharl goes in anger pose-
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Those idiots...!!
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m gonna smack í¢â‚¬Ëœem! Wake them up, now!!
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Weí¢â‚¬â„¢ve got an assassin to track down!!
-Fade Out, End Introduction-

[Frozen River - Forsaken Land]


[Frozen River - Icy Breath]
Flonne - ......
-Enter Laharl-
Laharl - There she is!
-Enter Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - What!? Sheí¢â‚¬â„¢s the assassin?
Etna (annoyed) - I was expecting somebody a little more... menacing. Oh, well.
Laharl - Just shut up and capture her.
-Switch Etna with Prinny Squad-
Prinny Squad - Aye aye, dood.
-Exit Prinny and Laharl-
-Yellow fwoosh-
Flonne (upset) - Prima Pretty Prippanica!
Flonne (upset) - Mighty warriors, protect me!
-Light flash, enter Zombie-
Zombie - Oooooooooooooohhhhh!!
-Enter Etna-
Etna (surprised) - Angelic language...!?
Etna (surprised) - Prince, she must be from Celestia.
-Switch Etna to Laharl-
Laharl - Makes no difference to me.
Laharl - Angel or god, anyone who opposes me will suffer a terrifying death.
Laharl (ecstatic) - Hmhmhm...! Say your prayers!
Flonne - Please doní¢â‚¬â„¢t push yourselves too hard. You guys can run if it gets
-Flonne runs-
Laharl (ecstatic) - Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t let her escape!
Laharl (ecstatic) - Weí¢â‚¬â„¢ll teach her a lesson!
-Fade Out-
Seraph - ......
???? - Hmhmhm...
Seraph - Reveal yourself!
Seraph - ...Oh, it is you. Please do not startle me like that.
Seraph - So... how are things progressing?
???? - Well, I cannot say that they have gone perfectly, but there is nothing
to be concerned about.
Seraph - I see... Forgive me for putting such a heavy burden on you.
???? - Please... It was my idea to begin with.
???? - By the way, how is the girl doing? Has she managed to meet Laharl
Seraph - I would not use the word "safely", but she is managing in her own way.
???? - You have a lot of faith in her.
Seraph - Yes... Just as you have faith in him.
-Fade Out, Battle-

[Frozen River - Eternal Winter]
-Laharl and Etna catches up to Flonne-
Flonne (anime-worry) - How persistent... Are all demons like this?
Flonne - I have no other choice. Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll have to use a sleep spell. Nighty-night!
-Etna walks up-
Etna (smug) - Oh no, you doní¢â‚¬â„¢t!
-Etna powers up in red flash, fist up-
Etna (anger) - Fryer Fire Frapparisque!
Etna (anger) - Flames, burn that girl to the ground!
-Flonne powers up in blue/green flash, fist up-
Flonne (upset) - Berry Barrier Balidaire!
Flonne (upset) - Mirror, reflect the flames!
-Etnaí¢â‚¬â„¢s fire attack reflects off of Flonneí¢â‚¬â„¢s barrier, flame jets towards
Laharl, Etna jumps back-
Etna (smirk) - Woah!
-Laharl gets burned by flames, displayed in ashes with surprised expression-
Laharl (surprise) - Ow!!
-Etna turns to Laharl-
Etna (smirk) - Uh... Sorry, Prince.
-Laharl goes back to normal expression, still in ashes-
Laharl (rage) - Ugh...! My hair...!
-Laharl walks up to Flonne-
Laharl (rage) - Now youí¢â‚¬â„¢ve done it! I had my hair just how I wanted it!
This is unforgivable!
-Laharl goes to anger expression, still in ashes-
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Feel the wrath of Laharl!!
-Flonne turns tail and runs-

[Frozen River - White Death]
-Laharl and Etna gets Flonne in a dead end-
Laharl - You caní¢â‚¬â„¢t escape!
Laharl - Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m proud to say that Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m the most persistent demon in all the
Flonne (happy) - Is that so? Wow... Thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s really something.
-Laharl walks up-
Laharl (annoyed) - ...Are you trying to make a fool of me?
-Etna walks up, turns to Laharl-
Etna (annoyed) - No, I think thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s the way she is.
Flonne (happy) - *giggle* Now, ití¢â‚¬â„¢s my turn to show off a little.
Flonne - But, Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll have to use the item the Seraph gave me, so I can only do
it once.
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne - Are you ready? Here I go!
-Laharl and Etna turn to face each other-
Etna (annoyed) - Prince... I think weí¢â‚¬â„¢re playing by her rules...
-Flonne raises fist, charges in blue-red aura-
Flonne (upset) - Durian Dragon Dranyago!
Flonne (upset) - Dragon, come forth!!
-Light flash, a dragon is summoned, opens jaws and roars-
Dragon - [Spiky] Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!
-Enter Etna-
Etna (surprised) - ...Prince, we have to fight THIS?
-Enter Laharl-
Laharl (annoyed) - We doní¢â‚¬â„¢t have much choice, do we?

[Won Frozen River - White Death]
Flonne (surprised) - Wow... You defeated my dragon.
Laharl - Hmhmhm... Youí¢â‚¬â„¢ve caused a lot of trouble for me.
Laharl (ecstatic) - I doní¢â‚¬â„¢t know who hired you, but Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll make you regret the
day you tried to assassinate the great Laharl!
Flonne (anime-worry) - Uh... Excuse me, but...
Flonne - Why would I want to assassinate you?
Laharl - Huh?
Flonne - I am Angel Trainee Flonne.
Flonne - I am here by order of the Seraph to assassinate the Overlord, King
Laharl - ...Youí¢â‚¬â„¢re here to kill my old man?
Flonne - Your old man...?
Flonne - That means... youí¢â‚¬â„¢re the Kingí¢â‚¬â„¢s son?
-Enter Etna-
Etna - Doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t anyone in Celestia read the newspaper?
Flonne - ...?
Laharl (thinking) - ...You came all the way from Celestia for nothing.
Laharl - My old man died 2 years ago.
-Music Fade-
Flonne (sad) - *sniff*
Flonne (sad) - *sniff* ...Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m sorry...
-Sad Music-
Laharl (surprised) - H, Hey! Why are you crying?
Flonne (sad) - Your father passed away, right...?
Flonne (sad) - Youí¢â‚¬â„¢ll never see him again...
Flonne (sad) - When I think about that, it makes me sad...
Laharl (annoyed) - Huh?
Laharl (annoyed) - Are you crazy!?
Laharl (annoyed) - You came here to assassinate him, right? Why should you be
Flonne (sad) - Are you not sad?
Laharl (thinking) - Me? I doní¢â‚¬â„¢t have that emotion.
Flonne (upset) - Thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s not true.
Flonne (upset) - When you lose someone or something important to you, you cry,
doní¢â‚¬â„¢t you? Your heart aches, doesní¢â‚¬â„¢t it?
Laharl (thinking) - Hmph... I doní¢â‚¬â„¢t understand a word youí¢â‚¬â„¢re saying.
Flonne (upset) - How come?
Laharl - "How come?" Because Ií¢â‚¬â„¢m a demon, of course!
Flonne (sad) - Demons doní¢â‚¬â„¢t know sadness?
Laharl (thinking) - E, Exactly! Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ve never experienced such an emotion in my
entire life!
Flonne - If thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s true, then does that mean demons doní¢â‚¬â„¢t know love, either?
Flonne - Sadness is only possible because of love.
Laharl - Youí¢â‚¬â„¢re right. Demons have no love, either!
Flonne (sad) - Thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s...
Flonne (sad) - Thatí¢â‚¬â„¢s just... too sad...
Laharl (thoughts) - (She sounds just like my mother.)
Laharl (thinking, thoughts) - (How stupid! Love...?)
Laharl (thoughts) - (What good is it? Whatí¢â‚¬â„¢s the point in having it?)
Laharl (thoughts) - (Love is the reason Mother is dead!)
Laharl (thoughts) - (I doní¢â‚¬â„¢t believe... Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll never believe in love!!)
Flonne (upset, thoughts) - (If demons really doní¢â‚¬â„¢t know love, then ití¢â‚¬â„¢s my
duty as a Celestian to explore the matter.)
Flonne (upset, thoughts) - (I was ordered to assassinate the Overlord, but
this must be a sign from the heavens.)
Flonne (upset, thoughts) - (It has to be!)
Flonne (upset, thoughts) - (Whether demons are pure evil or not... If they
really doní¢â‚¬â„¢t feel love... I will bear witness to the truth!)
Laharl - Whatí¢â‚¬â„¢s love good for!? I doní¢â‚¬â„¢t need it...
Laharl - Demons like me doní¢â‚¬â„¢t need that kind of crap!
Flonne (upset) - If that is true, then demons are a real threat to Celestia.
Flonne (upset) - Since I caní¢â‚¬â„¢t complete my mission, I have decided that my
new goal is to learn the true nature of demons.
Flonne (upset) - I must know for certain whether or not demons are capable
of love.
Flonne (upset) - And if necessary...
Flonne (upset) - I will carry out my original mission with a new target!
Laharl (thinking) - Hmhmhm...
Laharl (thinking) - Hmhmhm!!
Laharl (ecstatic) - [Spiky] Haaahahahaha!!
Laharl - Alright! Be my guest!
Laharl - I shall burn a true vision of horror into that empty head of yours!
-Exit Both-
<"Angel Trainee Flonne" joined your party!>
-Enter Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - *sigh*
Etna (annoyed) - Prince, what are you doing recruiting an assassin... and an
angel at that...?
Etna (smug, thoughts) - (...But, this might avert his attention from me.)
Etna (smug, thoughts) - (*giggle* Perfect timing <3)
-Fade Out-

[Episode Preview]

Etna - At long last, the nefarious angel Flonne seems to forsaken her evil
Flonne - N, nefarious angel!?
Etna - But, can an old dog learn new tricks?
Flonne suddenly reverts to a killing machine, slaughtering a crowd of innocent
Flonne - K, Killing machine!?
Etna - Finally, she transforms into a space monster! Could this be the end of
the Netherworld?
Flonne - S, Space monster!?
Etna - Alright, Ití¢â‚¬â„¢s for me to transform!!
Etna - Next on Space Detective Etna, Episode 3 - Etna vs Space Monster Flonne!
Etna - Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll protect the Netherworld at any cost!
Flonne - I want to be a Space Detective too!
Etna - Too bad.


Laharl - Salary?
Etna (smirk) - Yep. Todayí¢â‚¬â„¢s the Prinny Squadí¢â‚¬â„¢s payday.
Laharl (thinking) - I get that part.
Laharl - Now, explain to me why I have to pay YOUR vassalsí¢â‚¬â„¢ salary.
Etna - My vassals are your vassals, right?
Etna (smirk) - Then, ití¢â‚¬â„¢s only natural that you sign their paychecks.
Laharl (annoyed) - Ugh... I caní¢â‚¬â„¢t argue with that...
Laharl - ...Fine. But, it's not comin' outta my pocket.
Etna (surprised) - Huh? I thought you had plenty of money.
Laharl (anger) - That's my allowance! No one's touching it!
Etna (annoyed) - Stingy...
Laharl - Shut up! ...So, who's the richest guy around here?
Laharl - We'll just loot his place!!
Flonne (anime-worry) - ...Is he always like this?
Etna - Yep, always.
Flonne (anime-worry) - I've never met anybody like that in Celestia.
Etna (annoyed) - I'd be amazed if you did.
Etna - But, you won't last long in the Netherworldif something like this
surprises you.
Flonne (anime-worry) - Oooh... This is such a culture shock to me...

[Dinero Palace - Gaudy Entrance]


[Dinero Palace - Golden Courtyard]
Laharl - What the...!? These are all from the castle.
Etna - It was probably taken when the King died.
Laharl (thinking) - ...So, this place belongs to an ex-vassal.
Laharl (ecstatic) - Hmhmhm... This'll be fun!!
Laharl (ecstatic) - Hey, Prinnies! This is for your paychecks! You better work
-switch Etna to Prinny Squad-
Prinny Squad - Aye aye, dood!
-clear screen-
Flonne - Hmmmmmm.
Flonne - Netherworld Prinnies are a lot different than Celestial Prinnies.
Flonne - In Celestia, Prinnies cook, clean, and do the laundry.
Etna - But they're all the same on the inside.
Flonne (anime-worry) - On the inside? What do you mean?
Etna (annoyed) - You're an angel, and you don't know these things?
Etna - Prinnies have human souls insied them.
Etna (smirk) - Most of 'em were pretty worthless in their past lives, like
murderers of thieves.
Etna (smirk) - They work as prinnies in the Netherworld and Celestia to atone
for their sins.
Etna - In Celestia, they do good deeds for free.
Etna - In the Netherworld, they do ultra-hard labor for less than minimum wage.
Etna - Once they've redeemed themselves or saved enough money, they can be
Etna - I don't know all the details, but that's the basic idea.
Flonne (happy) - I see.
Flonne - But, why do they work for money in the Netherworld?
Etna (smirk) - You've never heard of the saying, "money makes the Netherworld
go round"?
Flonne (happy) - ...? I don't get it. Is money that important?
Etna (pissed) - Of course it is! Geez, you Celestians...
Etna (pissed) - Look, there's nothin' more important than money, in this world
or any other!
Flonne - Of course there is! Love and friendship and...
Etna (annoyed) - Huh?
Etna (pissed) - What good is that stuff?
Etna (pissed) - Is your head full of flowers or something?
Flonne (happy) - Yes, I love flowers.
Etna (annoyed) - Oh, geez... Your head IS full of flowers.

[Dinero Palace - Flashy Passage]
Etna (surprised) - Ah! Prince, look!
-Shows portrait of King Krichevskoy-
Laharl - It's a portrait of my old man...
Flonne - Oh... So, this is what Mr. Krichevskoy looked like?
Etna - That's right. He was a magnificent Overlord.
Laharl - Hmph. Not even.
Laharl - I was ready to dethrone him myself, but he went and croaked on his
Etna - Hey Prince, can I have it?
Laharl - Sure, go ahead.
-Back to hall-
Flonne - ...Come to think of it, how did he pass away?
Etna - Choked on a black pretzel.
Flonne (surprised) - ...Huh?
Flonne (surprised) - The Overlord of the Netherworld died by choking on a
Etna - Well, it happened... so I guess anything's possible.
Flonne (anime-worry) - *sigh* And this was the person I was ordered to

[Dinero Palace - Lavish Hall]
Greedy Demon - One, two, three, four...
Greedy Demon - *snicker* O money, how do I love thee? $ Let me count the
ways <3 $
Greedy Demon - With you to fund my military campaign, I shall become the next
Overlord! $ *snort*
???? - Long time, no see, Hoggmeiser.
Hoggmeiser - Who's there!? $
-enter Laharl-
Laharl - Hmhmhm... Don't tell me you've forgotten me.
Hoggmeiser - ...Who are you? $
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Laharl!! The heir to the throne!! King Krichvskoy's
Hoggmeiser - ...Oh yeah $ *snort*
Hoggmeiser - Ever since the King died, I knew I was forgetting something...
Ahhhh, so it was you, Prince $
Laharl (anger) - You call yourself a vassal!?
-Enter Etna-
Etna - You know how demons are. You always say not to be so picky about the
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] I'm not a detail!
Etna (smug) - Oh, don't be so self-centered.
-Exit Etna-
Hoggmeiser - I'm glad you helped refresh my memory $ It was nagging me like a
fish bone stuck in my throat $ *snort*
Laharl (troubled) - F, Fish bone!? You...!
Hoggmeiser - ...Well, what do you want? $
Laharl - Whaddya mean, what do I want? Now that my old man's dead, I'm the
Netherworld's next Overlord!
Laharl - I'm taking back everything that's mine... And the rest of your
fortune, too!
Hoggmeiser - *snicker*
Hoggmeiser - Don't push your luck $ *snort* Just because you're the King's son,
it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want $
Hoggmeiser - It's strength that counts in the Netherworld $ If you want what
is now mine, you'll have to take it by force $
Laharl (ecstatic) - That's exactly what I had in mind!
Laharl (ecstatic) - [Spiky] Enough talk; let's go!!
-clear screen-
Flonne (sad, thoughts) - (Fighting over money and power...)
Flonne (sad, thoughts) - (Were the angels right about demons...?)
Flonne (sad, thoughts) - (If they really are evil, then...)

[Won Dinero Palace - Lavish Hall]
Laharl - Hmhmhm... You lose. I'm taking everything, as promised.
Hoggmeiser - Y, You can't! $ I won't be able to survive without my money! $
Laharl (ecstatic) - Well then, I'll just finish you off now.
-Red swoosh-
Hoggmeiser - *squeal*
-Clear screen-
Flonne (sad, thoughts) - (How cruel... Not only is he taking his money, but
his life, too...)
Flonne (upset, thoughts) - (I can't let this happen!)
Flonne (upset, thoughts) - (If worse comes to worse, I'll stop him with my
own two hands.)
[If Have 50+ Ally Murders]

[If Selected Kill]
Go To Flonne Ending.
[If Not Have 50+ Ally Murders, or If Selected Don't Kill]
-Kid Demon enters, tackles Laharl-
Kid Demon - Wait, you bully!!
Laharl - Who are you? Hoggmeiser's son?
Hoggmeiser's Son - ......
Laharl - Let go. I won't go easy on you just because you're a kid.
Hoggmeiser's Son - ......
Laharl - ...Hey, kid. Why are you risking your life for this greedy pig?
Laharl - You wanna die?
Hoggmeiser's Son - ......
-switch out Son to Flonne-
Flonne (upset) - Don't you understand, Laharl?
Flonne - This is love.
Laharl (troubled) - Here we go again...
Laharl - Love, love, love. Is that all you've got in your puny little head!?
You damn Love Freak!
Flonne (upset) - You can call me whatever you want. But, why is it that you
refuse to believe in love?
Flonne (upset) - You reject it because you're afraid of it! Isn't that right?
-White flashback-
Noble Demon - Laharl, my son.
Laharl - ...Hm?
Noble Demon - What do you think of me? Do you love me?
Laharl (thinking) - ...No, I hate you.
Laharl's Father - Hm... A typical answer for a demon.
Laharl's Father - Which is fine, for now. But, one day...
-White flash again-
Laharl (thinking, thoughts) - (Hmph... Now she's got me thinking about my old
Laharl (thinking, thoughts) - (My old man, huh...)
Laharl (thinking, thoughts) - (What was he trying to tell me that time?)
Laharl (thinking, thoughts) - (......)
Laharl (troubled, thoughts) - (...Hmph, this is stupid. Why am I even thinking
about this?)
Laharl (troubled, thoughts) - (It's all that Love Freak's fault...!)
Laharl (thinking) - ...Forget it. I've wasted enough of my time.
-switch Flonne to Etna-
Etna (surprised) - Huh? You're not going to finish him?
Laharl - It wouldn't make me any richer.
Laharl (ecstatic) - Alright, start taking the good stuff!
Laharl (thinking) - ...But, make sure you leave some behind for them.
-switch Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (happy) - Laharl...
Laharl (troubled) - Hmph...

<...and he joined your party without your consent!>

Flonne - Master Lamington, I finally understand.
Flonne - Those words you spoke to me...
-White flashback-
Flonne - Master Lamington.
-Warp in Seraph-
Seraph - What is it, Flonne?
Flonne (sad) - The angels told me that the demons are all evil. Is that true?
Seraph - What do you think?
Flonne - Hmmm... I've never met one, so I don't know.
Seraph - Haha...
Seraph - Listen carefully, Flonne. There is no such thing as absolute evil or
absolute good.
Seraph - The angels assume that they are good and the demons are evil. That
is an unfortunate misconception.
Seraph - Demons do have love. The angels... and in fact, most demons, just do
not realize it.
Seraph - If we can guide them... If we can make them see, then one day...
-White flash again-
Flonne - Master Lamington, I will accompany Laharl for a little while longer.
Flonne - He is selfish, self-centered, and stubborn... And those aren't his
only shortcomings.
Flonne (praying) - But, I have discovered a hint of kindness in his heart.
Flonne (praying) - It may be small right now...
Flonne (praying) - ...but I have great hope that he will learn to love.
Flonne (praying) - So, Master Lamington... ...please forgive my digression.
-Fade Out-

[Episode Preview]
Etna - Roaming the wild frontier, Etna is challenged by the Dark Chef Hao!
Etna - A Cooking Battle Deathmatch begins that will shake the earth's
Prinny Squad - Sounds cheesy to me, dood.
Etna - This week's dish: Cajun style gumbo! The ingredient -- the Prinny
Prinny Squad - Dood!? Us!?
Etna - Etna stuggles to resist the powers of the dark side of cooking!!
Etna - But then, Akijage, the Ninja Cook appears!
Prinny Squad - Dood, what in the world...?
Etna - Next on Fire Chef Cooking Gal Etna, Episode 4 - Etna 120%!
Etna - With a pinch of murderous intent...
Prinny Squad - You're hopeless, dood...

Vulcanus (anger) - Our little Flonne... She managed to escape the grasp of the
Vulcanus (anger) - Hmph! She probably used her feminine charm.
Vulcanus - ...So, Krichevskoy was already dead.
Vulcanus - What I don't understand is why Flonne hasn't returned to Celestia.
Vulcanus - !!! Is it possible that she's trying to use the demons to gain
control of Celestia!?
Vulcanus - That's it! That has to be it! There's no other explanation!!
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - *grunt* I won't allow it! My plan shall not be interfered
Vulcanus (anger) - ...Still, this demon den is so filthy...
Vulcanus (anger) - It reeks of evil.
Vulcanus - Hm? What's this book?
Vulcanus - Don't demons know how to put things away when they're done with
-Pink flash, then pink barrier fills screen-
Vulcanus (surprised) - ...........!!!!
Vulcanus (surprised) - What kind of book is this!? My god!!
Vulcanus (anger) - This page!
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - This page!!
Vulcanus (surprised) - All these pages...!!!
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - Hah... hah...
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - Hah... hah...!
-Pink barrier disappears-
Vulcanus (surprised) - ...Huh!?
Vulcanus (anger) - I mustn't! I mustn't fall for the demons' trap!
Vulcanus (anger) - Those cunning fiends! But I, Archangel Vulcanus, will not
fall prey to such a dirty trick.
-Vulcanus moves on-
[Overlord Castle Hall]
Vulcanus - Flonne... Where are you...?
???? - Zzzzzzz...
Vulcanus (anger) - Hm!?
???? - Zzzzzzz...
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - *grunt* I found you.
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - There is only one person who makes a noice like that when
she sleeps!
-Fwoosh sound, background goes dark-
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - *grunt*
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - Flonne... I'm taking your pendant.
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - Rot in the depths of the Netherworld. *grunt*
-Fade Out-
-Next Morning-
Laharl - A pendant?
Flonne (sad) - Yes... It was gone when I woke up this morning.
Laharl (thinking) - ...And what are you trying to say?
Laharl - That one of us stole your pendant?
Flonne - No... If it were you... ...you would steal it impartially, right?
Laharl (troubled) - Hm... S, So you do get it.
Laharl - Then, what do you want me to do?
Flonne - I want you to... ...help me find my pendant...
-screen shakes, explosion sound-
Laharl (anger) - Huh? Do I look like a servant boy to you?
Flonne (tired) - No... but...
-switch from Laharl to Etna-
Etna - What's wrong, Flonne? You like(look) tired.
Flonne (tired) - Y, Yes...
Flonne (tired) - The Seraph gave that pendant to me before I came to the
Flonne (tired) - An Angel Trainee like me cannot stay in the Netherworld very
long without that pendant...
Flonne (tired) - At this rate, I will lose all of my energy, and eventually
Etna (smirk) - Hmmmm, is that so? Well, that sucks.
Etna - Prince, whatcha gonna do?
Laharl (thinking) - Like I should care.
Laharl (thinking) - She came to assassinate my old man in the first place.
Etna (smirk) - That's our Prince. Even capable of turning his back on such a
helpless little girl.
Laharl (troubled) - Of, Of course...
-switch Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (tired) - L, Laharl...
Laharl (troubled) - W, What? It's the truth, isn't it?
Flonne (tired) - Laharl...
Flonne (tired) - If you can find my pendant, I will give you something good.
Laharl - "Something good", you say?
Laharl - Hmph. If I wanted it, I'd just steal it from you.
Flonne (sad) - You would use violence on weak little me?
Laharl (ecstatic) - [Spiky] Give it up, already! I'm a demon!
Laharl (ecstatic) - [Spiky] It doesn't matter who you are! Even if you were
old, maimed or diseased!
Flonne (sad) - ...Fine.
Flonne (sad) - Then, my gift will never be yours...
Laharl - ...What's that supposed to mean?
Flonne (tired) - ......
Laharl (ecstatic) - [Spiky] Tell me!!
Flonne (tired) - ......
Laharl - ...Are you trying to provoke me?
Laharl (thinking) - ......
Laharl - Hmph... Fine. I've got some time to kill.
Flonne (happy) - Laharl...
Laharl (troubled) - But! Let me make one thing clear. I'm not doing this for
your sake!
Laharl (troubled) - And when I find the pendant, that "something good" is mine!
Flonne (happy) - Thank you, Laharl.
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] You're an angel! You shouldn't be thanking demons.
Laharl (thinking) - I do what I want, when I want!
Laharl (troubled) - Remember that! Hmph!!
-End Introduction-

[Blazing Core - Road of Flames]
Etna (pissed) - It's so hot here!! What's with this place!?
Etna (pissed) - This is too much for me. I'm outta here.
Laharl - Wait. Look at this.
Etna - A feather...?
-switch Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (surprise) - .......!! Let me see!
-Enter Etna, on Laharl's side-
Etna - What's so special about it?
Flonne (sad) - ...This is an angel feather.
Laharl - It's not yours, is it?
Flonne (sad) - No... Its size... and the aura it radiates... They are both
superior to mine.
Flonne (sad) - This feather belongs to a high-level angel...
Laharl - Hmph, no wonder this place reeks of goodness.
Flonne (sad) - But, I came to the Netherworld under the Sraph's secret orders.
Flonne (sad) - Why would another angel be here...?
Etna - Prince, you think that angel stole Flonne's pendant?
Laharl (thinking) - Hmmm. I'm surprised that a Love Freak like you would have
Flonne (upset) - That is not possible! An angel would never steal my pendant...
-Exit Etna-
Laharl - But, only angels know about the pendant, right?
Flonne (sad) - W, Well...
Laharl - Ah... Forget it. We still have to find it, regardless.
Laharl - I don't care what kind of trouble these Celestians stir up for
Flonne (sad) - ......

[Blazing Core - Parched Ground]
-Flonne, Etna, Laharl, Prinny Squad walks through land-
Etna (pissed) - I wanna go home. Why is it so hot?
Etna (pissed) - Now, I'm all sweaty.
-Etna walks up to Laharl-
Etna (pissed) - Prince, in this heat, Flonne's gonna shrivel up before we find
the pendant.
-Flonne turns to Etna, Prinny wanders behind Flonne-
Flonne - Huh? I'm fine.
-Prinny (another one) looks shocked-
Etna (pissed) - How come?
-Laharl and previous Prinny backs away from Etna-
-Explosion found, Etna goes in anger pose-
Etna (anger) - I'm gonna kill you if you say that angels don't sweat or have to
go to the bathroom.
-Prinny goes past Etna and Laharl-
Flonne (surprised) - N, No. The medicine that a Prinny gave me seems to be
Etna (annoyed) - Huh? One of 'em gave you medicine?
Etna (annoyed) - Prinnies aren't that nice. ...You must be hallucinating.
Flonne (happy) - No, it's true! I feel much better now.
-Last prinny starts waving flippers happily-
Etna - Okay, which one of 'em was it, then?
-First prinny starts to do.. jumping jacks frantically-
Flonne - Ummmm...
-Camera goes to each Prinny. They close eyes and then go back to normal pose
when camera homes on them-
Flonne (anime-worry) - ...They all look the same.
Etna (annoyed) - ......
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne (surprised) - B, But it's true!
-First prinny starts to dance-
Etna (annoyed) - Yeah, yeah. The heat must be getting to you, after all.
-Etna turn around, looks peeved-
Flonne (sad) - I'm telling the truth...

[Blazing Core - Blazing Field]
Laharl - Hey, for future reference, what kind of guy is this Seraph?
Flonne - Future reference?
Laharl - Yeah. I may end up fighting him one day.
Laharl - I'm looking for your pendant. The least you could do is tell me.
Flonne (happy) - Well, I guess it's okay.
-Enter Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - No, it's not.
-Exit Etna-
Flonne - Well... Master Lamington, the Seraph, is a very kind person.
Flonne - He loves flowers and poems.
Laharl (annoyed) - Now, wait a second... I only wanna hear about his weak
-Switch Laharl with Etna-
Etna - Hmmmm, so you look up to the Seraph?
Flonne (happy) - Yes, of course. Is there someone that you look up to?
Etna (smirk) - Me? The late King.
-Switch Flonne with Laharl-
Laharl - What!? Then you don't look up to ME?
Etna (smirk) - Nope.
Laharl (anger) - Why you...! You call yourself a vassal!?
Etna - Yeah... Sorta.
Laharl (thinking) - ...! Someone should teach you some manners...
Laharl (anger) - Enough of this! Let's find that pendant!

[Blazing Core - Molten Labyrinth]
-Vulcanus warps in-
Vulcanus - *grunt*
Vulcanus - Flonne is probably breathing her last breath now...
Vulcanus - She could have lived a long life, had she not been so ambitious.
Vulcanus - *grunt* That fool.
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - No one can stop me now...
-Pendant glows-
Vulcanus (surprised) - W, What!? The pendant's shining...!
Vulcanus (anger) - [Spiky] Gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Hot-hot!! Too hottttttttt!!!
-White flash, everything shrouded in white-
Vulcanus (anger) - I have no use for this anymore!
-Vulcanus tosses the pendant-
-After Vulcanus throws Pendant, it hits Mid-Boss-
???? - Ow!!
-Shows pendant shining on ground and Mid-Boss-
Mid-Boss (injured) - Oooooooohhh, that hurt...
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Who threw this? That was dangerous.
Mid-Boss - Hmmm? This is a beautiful pendant.
Mid-Boss - It must be a gift from the heavens, a reward for my good behavior.
Mid-Boss - I thank you, o god...
-Mid-Boss wears pendant-
???? - Moron. What demon thanks a god?
Mid-Boss (anger) - Huh...? Who just called moi a moron!?
-shift camera to reveal Laharl, Etna, and Flonne. Enter Laharl-
Laharl - Me.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Oh, what a lucky day, indeed. To be able to confront my
rival once again!
Laharl (annoyed) - ...Wait a second. Since when did I become your rival?
-Enter Etna-
Etna - Hey, it's Mid-Boss. Why are you still pestering us? We beat you
already, remember?
Mid-Boss (anger) - You should never assume that I am dead! Besides, my name
is the Dark Adonis...
-Switch out to Flonne-
Flonne - (surprise) Ah! My pendant!
Mid-Boss - Hmmm? What a lovely mademoiselle. You recognize this pendant?
Flonne (upset) - Please, Mr. Mid-Boss! My I have the pendant? It's mine!
Mid-Boss (anger) - Ugh! With all due respect, I prefer to be called the "Dark
Flonne (upset)
 - I need it! I beg of you!
Mid-Boss - I, I cannot do that, even at the request of someone so lovely.
Mid-Boss - I found this pendant.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Therefore... It belongs to moi!
-Enter Etna-
Etna - Man... He's as low as the Prince.
-Switch Etna to Laharl, Laharl faces Etna, anger pose-
Laharl (anger) - Shut up! Don't put me on the same level as him!
-Exit Laharl-
Flonne (upset) - Oh my! The pendant will punish those with a wicked heart.
Flonne (upset) - If you don't let go soon... you'll...!
-Nothing happens-
Flonne (anime-worry) - ...Huh?
-Enter Laharl-
Laharl - What's the deal here? Isn't he supposed to be punished?
Flonne (anime-worry) - Y, Yes, he should be... That's strange. Is it broken?
-Exit Both-
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Haaahahahaha!!
Mid-Boss - Unfortunate, is it not? The heavens would never punish such a pure
heart as mine!
Mid-Boss - And to match such a beautiful heart, I was graced with the name
"Dark Adonis"!
-Enter Laharl-
Laharl - Enough. I told you, you're "Mid-Boss".
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Haaahahahaha!! Say what you wish!
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - But, do not foolishly think that I am an ordinary
-Enter Etna-
Etna - Hey! You just admitted that you're a mid-boss.
Mid-Boss (anger) - Quiet!! I shall crush you so that I never hear the name
"Mid-Boss" again!!
Mid-Boss - Since last I lost to you, I mastered an incomparable technique.
I have trained arduously for this moment!!
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - [spiky] Now, prepare for your inevitable defeat!!

[Won Blazing Core - Molten Labyrinth]
-show Mid-boss in cast, crutches, etc-
Mid-Boss (injured) - Heh... I shall show mercy on you for the sake of the
lovely mademoiselle.
Mid-Boss (injured) - But, let moi tell you this...
Mid-Boss (injured) - My name is the Dark... Adonis...
-Hobbles away, trips, pendant falls into lava river-
Flonne (surprised) - Ah! My pendant!
-Laharl jumps into lava river, fade out-
-Later on, Prinnies stretching, playing with tongue, and twitching with flipper
Flonne (sad) - ......
-Prinnies go back to normal, Etna turns around, Laharl enters-
Laharl - Don't make such a pitiful face.
Laharl - Hmph... Isn't this what you're looking for?
-Flonne and Etna walks up to Laharl-
Flonne - Laharl...!
Laharl - Hurry up and take it. My hand is burning.
Flonne (surprised) - O, Okay!
-Flonne goes up and takes it-
Laharl (thinking) - ...The pendant is telling me that my heart is wicked.
Laharl (thinking) - That's good to know.
Flonne (sad) - Why...?
Laharl - ...Why what?
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne (sad) - Why did you do all that for the pendant?
Laharl (thinking) - There's only one reason.
Flonne (sad) - Huh...?
Laharl (ecstatic) - To get that reward from you.
Flonne (happy) - *giggle*
Laharl (troubled) - W, What's so funny?
Flonne (happy) - Thank you, Laharl.
Laharl (troubled) - S, Stop it, already! I told you not to talk like that! It's
giving me the chills!
Laharl (troubled) - Just give me my reward!
Flonne - ...?
-Laharl goes up to Flonne, anger pose-
Laharl (anger) - Uh, do I have to spell it out?
Laharl (anger) - The reward! Give me the "something good" you promised me!
Flonne - Oh, that.
Flonne (happy) - I already gave it to you.
Laharl - What?
-Flonne steps back-
Flonne (praying) - Put your hand to your heart.
Flonne (praying) - Can you feel it? The warmth inside your heart...
Flonne - You faced great danger to find this pendant.
Flonne - You pretend to be only evil, but there is definitely kindness in your
Flonne - To give you the opportunity to realize that kindness...
Flonne (happy) - That is my reward for you.
-Laharl staggers back-
Laharl (troubled) - [Spiky] ...........!!
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] A, A, Are you insane!? How can you say something so
Flonne (happy) - Kindness is love. The day is near when you will awaken to
love <3 *giggle*
Laharl (anger) - Unbelievable! I've been tricked by an angel!!
Laharl (anger) - Dammit! I'll remember this!!
-Laharl jumps out of sight, Etna walks up to Flonne, one Prinny begins dancing-
Etna (smirk) - Deceiving the Prince, huh? Not bad at all.
-Flonne turns to Etna-
Flonne (happy) - Really?
Etna - You look happy.
Flonne - Yes, I am. I now know that there is love within Laharl's heart.
Flonne - And if there is love inside him, that means there is love in all
Flonne - One day, angels and demons could be friends. I couldn't be happier.
Etna (annoyed) - Boy, that theory is a bit out there. You really are a Love
Etna (smug) - But, you're bound to be disappointed if you keep expecting
things to turn out so cheery.
Etna (smug) - Most demons would choke you from behind without a second thought.
Flonne - Hmmmm. Are you like that, Etna?
Etna - Maybe.
Etna (smirk) - You'll find out soon enough. *giggle*
-Fade Out-
Vulcanus (anger) - Damn that Flonne...! She managed to survive!
Vulcanus (anger) - She may be a tougher adversary than I first thought.
Vulcanus (anger) - It seems that she IS in fact manipulating those demons to do
her bidding.
Vulcanus (anger) - I must return to Celestia and devise a new plan...
Vulcanus - Consider yourself lucky this time...
Vulcanus - But I, Vulcanus, shall emerge victorious in the end!!
-Vulcanus walks away, then turns back-
Vulcanus (anger) - Got that!? Don't forget it, even if I don't make an
appearance for a while!
-Vulcanus walks away, fades a little, and turns back again-
Vulcanus (anger) - [Spiky] Promise me!!
-Vulcanus fades away-

Episode Preview
Etna - Introducing the Netherworld Baseball League's most notorious losers,
the Rotten Peaches!!
Etna - In their first game of the season, they'll face last year's champs,
the Dark Durians!!
Mid-Boss - Their names are quite unique.
Etna - One by one, the Rotten Peaches are losing their already shaky
Etna - ..at the hands of the merciless Dark Durian Nine!!
Mid-Boss - Let us all play fair now.
Etna - Out of the shadows of the dugout, Etna, a mysterious pinch-hitter
Etna - Awakening the Rotten Peachs' true baseball spirit.
Etna - Etna's soul burns brightly!
Mid-Boss - You shouldn't play with fire.
Etna - Next on Mighty Slugger Etna... Episode 5 - The Miracle Full Base Hat
Trick !
Etna - Kick off into tomorrow!!
Mid-Boss - Huh? Is this not baseball?

Etna (pissed) - So yeah, I got pissed and kicked him right there.
Flonne (upset) - There? Where is there?
Etna (smug) - You know... *mumble* *mumble*
Flonne (surprise) - Oh, my! ...So, what happened after that?
Etna (smirk) - Well, of course...
Etna - ...Hm?
Flonne - What is that? ...A photo?
Etna - Someone must've dropped it.
Etna (surprise) - ........!!
Flonne (surprise) - .......!!
Etna (smirk) - Ahahahahaha!!
Flonne (happy) - Oh, my...! Is this Laharl...?
Flonne (happy) - *giggle* ...Hahahaha!!
Etna - Hmm? There's something written on the back.
-Clear screen, enter Laharl-
Laharl - What are you two laughing about? I can hear you from across the
-Enter Etna-
Etna - B, B, But Prince... Look at this... Ahahaha, oh my god!!
Laharl - It's just a picture. What's so...
Laharl (extreme rage/pain) - [Spiky] .................!!!!
-switch out Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (happy) - I didn't know you were into that kind of thing.
Flonne (happy) - I'm a bit shocked.
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] W-W-W-W-W-W-W-W-What is this!?
-switch out Flonne to Etna-
Etna (smirk) - It's a humiliating photo of you.
Laharl (anger) - I can see that!!
Laharl (anger) - But, who the hell took it!?
Etna - How should I know? By the way, something's written on the back.
Laharl - What...?

Dear Prince Laharl,
An embarrassing photo of you is in my possession.
I wait your arrival in Jotenheim.

If you choose to decline my challenge,
copies of the photo will be scattered throughout the Netherworld.

It is my wish to contend for overlordship in a fair, agreeable

Laharl (anger) - Dammit!! "Fair, agreeable mantter" ...!? This is playing
Etna - But, isn't that the demon way?
Laharl (annoyed) - True... But, this crosses the line!!
Etna - ...So? Are you going or not? It's definitely a trap.
Laharl - Of course I'm going!
Laharl - If this picture is spread throughout the Netherworld, I'll be ruined!
Laharl - Whoever you are, you just wait!
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] I'll char you and your paparazzi shots in the eternal
flames of hell!
-End Introduction-

[Jotunheim - Absolute Zero]


[Jotunheim - Endless White]
Imp - ......
Laharl - ...Who are these guys?
Laharl - I was looking forward to seeing what terrifying trap awaited me, but
instead I find these puny little demons.
Imp - ......
Laharl - What? You got something to say?
Imp - A wonderful life.
-Red flash, hit sound-
Laharl (surprised) - .........!!
-switch Imp to another Imp-
Imp - World peace.
-Red flash, hit sound-
Laharl (rage) - Gahh!!
-switch Imp to another Imp-
Imp - Let's all be friends.
-Red flash, hit sound-
Laharl (anger) - S, Stop that!!
-switch Imp to another Imp-
Imp - Girls take initiative.
-Red flash, hit sound-
Laharl (rage) - Gwaaaaaaahhh!!
-switch Imp to Flonne-
Flonne - Laharl? What's wrong?
-Enter Etna-
Etna - Oh, him? He hates it when people are optimistic.
Flonne - Hmmmmm, is that so? Let's see...
Flonne (happy) - Eternal love <3
-Red flash, very heavy hit sound-
Laharl (extreme rage/pain) - Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! The most dreaded word in
Laharl (extreme rage/pain) - Y, You... You trying to kill me!?
Flonne (sad) - But, that's my favorite word....
Laharl (rage) - Dammit... How did they know my weakness...?


[Won Jotunheim - Endless White]
Laharl (rage) - *huff* *huff*
Flonne (sad) - Are you alright, Laharl?
Laharl (rage) - B, Barely... You nearly finished my by saying that.
Flonne (happy) - You mean eternal lo...
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Stop!!
Laharl (annoyed) - You're doing that on purpose, aren't you?
-switch Flonne to Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - Prince, this isn't the time to be fooling around. We have to
get that photo back.
Laharl - You think I don't know that!?
Etna (sad, thoughts) - (......)
-Fade out-
Seraph - Are you sure that we can allow this to continue?
???? - If I thought something needed to be done, I would have done it long ago.
???? - ...I have faith in her.
Seraph (calm) - ......
???? - *chuckle* You worry needlessly.
???? - But, I understand. I shall take measures, just in case.

[Jotunheim - Terrible Cold]
-Laharl's party travel through cold, KitKats and Succubi appear around them-
Sexy Demon - *giggle* What a cute little boy <3
-Red flash, hit sound, Laharl is blasted back-
Laharl (rage) - Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!
Flonne - Laharl, why are you screaming?
Laharl (rage) - I, I don't know why... But for some apparent reason, I can't
stand women with sexy bodies.
Laharl (rage) - On a side note... Flat-chested girls like you have
absolutely no effect on me...
-Etna and Flonne go up to Laharl pissed-
Etna & Flonne (rage) - [Spiky] Well, excuse us for being flat!!
-Warps in ????-
???? - Hmhmhm...
???? - [Spiky] Hahahahaha!!
Laharl - Y, You're...!
Fearless Demon - It has been a while, prince. Do you still remember me?
Laharl - How could I forget you?
Laharl - You're Maderas, the vassal who was banished from the castle for
stealing my old man's favorite snack, black pretzels.
-switch Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne (anime-worry) - *sigh* Now, that's what I call "pathetic".
-switch Flonne to Laharl-
Laharl - So, black-pretzel-snatcher-slash-outcast, what is it that you want
from me now?
Maderas - I wish to become Overlord, of course.
Laharl - Hmph, what a joke. What could you, a pathetic loser banished for
stealing pretzels, possibly do to me?
Maderas - Stop talking so tough, Prince. I know all of your weaknesses.
Maderas - Isn't that right, Etna?
Laharl (rage) - .............!!?
-Laharl turns around to Etna-
Laharl (rage) - Etna... You...!?
-camera shifts, Etna turns back to Laharl, switch Maderas to Etna-
Etna (sad) - ......
-switch Etna to Maderas-
Maderas - Hahahahaha!
Maderas - You just realized it? Fool!
Maderas - Yes... Etna is my loyal dog.
Maderas - As long as I hold her memory in my hands, she'll do whatever I ask.
-switch Maderas to Etna-
Etna (sad) - ......
-switch Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne (sad) - Etna...?
-clear screen, switch camera angle-
Maderas - Now, dear Prince... This place shall become your grave.
-Laharl and Flonne turn to Maderas-
Maderas - Etna, you've served your purpose.
Maderas - I am quite pleased with the results. Now, die alongside your Prince.
-Etna turns around, walks to Maderas-
Etna (pissed) - But, we had a deal...!
Etna (pissed) - What about my memory!?
Maderas - What use are memories to you when you are about to die? Hmhmhm...!
Maderas - [Spiky] Hahahahaha!!
-Maderas warps out, Laharl and Flonne turns to Etna-
Laharl (thinking) - ...It all makes sense now. No wonder he knew my weaknesses.
Laharl - You took those photos, too, didn't you!?
-Etna turns back-
Etna (sad) - ......
-switch Etna with Flonne-
Flonne (sad) - Laharl... It was only because that demon stole her memory...
-Laharl turns to Flonne, fist-
Laharl (rage) - Silence! I accept no excuses from a traitor!
Laharl (rage) - Stop blabbering and get these sexy women outta my sight!!

[Jotunheim - Ice Queen]
Maderas - Hmhmhm... You don't know when to give up, do you, Prince?
Maderas - But, your luck ends here.
-Green fwoosh, switch Maderas to Sexy Demon-
Sexy Demon - Hi there, little boy <3
-Red flash, hit noise-
Laharl (surprise) - Ugahhhh!!
-switch Sexy Demon to Maderas-
Maderas - That's not all... Take this!
-switch Maderas to Sexy Demon-
Sexy Demon - A ray of hope <3
-red flash, hit noise-
Laharl (rage) - Ugh!!
-enter second Sexy Demon-
Sexy Demon - A pure heart <3
-red flash, hit noise-
Laharl (extreme rage/pain) - Stop it...!!
-switch Sexy Demons to Maderas-
Maderas - Hahahahahaha!
Maderas - Can you withstand an attack against both of your vulnerabilities?
Laharl (rage) - Ugh...!!
-switch Maderas to Flonne-
Flonne (upset) - Laharl, hang in there!
???? - Whoa, hold it right there!
-Red whoosh-
Mid-Boss - When a lovely flower sheds a tear, I am there to wipe its sadness
away. My flower shall bloom, bearing love...
Mid-Boss - They call me the Dark Adonis...
Maderas - Who are you!? What is your name!?
Mid-Boss (smirk) - As I said, I am the Dark Adonis...
Maderas - I don't care who you are! Interfere, and you shall regret it!
Mid-Boss - My! You are the one who asked moi for my name!
Mid-Boss - ...In any case, I am not here to see you.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Now then, how is everyone doing? You seem to be having
some difficulty...
Laharl (rage) - ...What are you here for?
Mid-Boss - Oh, how can you be so discourteous to moi?
Mid-Boss - You seem to be working your way into quite a predicament. As your
rival, I felt it was my obligation to warn you.
Laharl (rage) - Warn me...!?
-Music Change-
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Laharl!! Do not be fooled by appearances!
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Relying on sight and sound will only lead to delusion!!
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Open your mind's eye! Once you do, you will no longer be
deceived by mere facades!!
Laharl (rage) - My mind's... eye...?
-Blue whoosh-
Mid-Boss - Now is the time to set your mind free!! Awaken to your power!!
-Music Stop, Switch to Flonne-
Flonne (anime-worry) - ...Umm, Mr. Mid-Boss.
Flonne (anime-worry) - That was a wonderful speech and all, but I think you
may have set the bar a bit too high for Laharl...
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Oh... In that case, just close your eyes and plug your
-Time Later, plug sound-
-Music Change-
Laharl (close-eye) - Hmhmhm... Now, I have no weaknesses!
Laharl (close-eye) - The tides have turned, Maderas!
Maderas - Hmmmmmmmmmm...!!
Maderas - E, Etna! What are you waiting for!? Kill Laharl!
Maderas - If you refuse, I'll erase your memory for good!
Etna (pissed) - Go ahead, why don't ya?
Maderas - What!?
Etna (pissed) - Two years ago... when the King died, I followed your orders
and poisoned the Prince...
Etna (pissed) - ...so that you would give me back my memories.
Laharl (close-eye) - What!? You tried to poison me!? Then, that long nap was
all because of...
-Switch Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (anime-worry) - Your ears are plugged, yet you still manage to hear
that one line?
-Switch out to Etna-
Etna (pissed) - That's right... It was because of the poison...
Etna (pissed) - But, I hated myself for working under Maderas.
Etna (pissed) - I didn't wanna go on living like that.
Etna (pissed) - So, I devised a plan to escape from under his thumb.
Maderas - Th, Then, why have you been following my orders until now...?
Etna (smug) - *giggle* You mean it's not clear to you? Let me explain it,
Etna (pissed) - I was waiting for just the right moment to get my revenge on
the bastard who ruined my life!
Etna (pissed) - From now on, I'll lead my life any way I choose. And no one's
gonna stop me!
Maderas - How dare you turn against me! You double-crossing back-stabber!
Etna (smug) - Ahhh... The whining of a sore loser. It's music to my ears
Maderas - Dammit! Prinnies, make mincemeat out of her!!
Prinny Squad - ......
Maderas - P, Prinnies?
-Music Change to Tsunami Bomb - The Invasion from Within-
Etna (annoyed) - You don't get it, do you? I just told you that I've been
waiting for this moment.
Etna (smirk) - I bought out the Prinnies you hired to watch over me a loooong
time ago. Comprende?
Etna (smug) - You're just a stupid fool who fell for my trap, and the Prince
was my bait.
-Switch Maderas to Laharl-
Laharl (close-eye) - Hmph... Using me as bait... You're one ruthless girl.
Etna (smirk) - Oh Prince, don't flatter me so much. It's not like Flonne or
Mid-Boss were part of the plan.
-Switch Laharl to Mid-Boss-
Mid-Boss - Hmmmm... Women are scary.
-Switch Mid-Boss to Maderas-
Maderas - Ugh...!!
Etna (smug) - From this day on, you're gonna pee in your pants every time you
hear my name. You ready? (heart)

[Won Jotunheim - Ice Queen]
Maderas - [Spiky] Eeeeeep!! F-Forgive me!!
Maderas - [Spiky] Please, spare my life! I beg you!!
[If Have 100+ Ally Murders]

[If Selected Kill]
Go To Etna Ending.
[If Not Have 100+ Ally Murders, or If Selected Don't Kill]
Etna (smug) - Hmmm... What should I do?
Madera - Please forgive me, Master Etna! Your beauty and intelligence is
unsurpassed in all of Netherworld! (?)
Etna (smirk) - Well, killing a loser like you would only dirty my hands, so
I'll forgive you.
Etna (pissed) - ...You know what I want, right?
Maderas - Y-Yes!
Maderas - I will return Master Laharl's candid photos immediately, as well
as your memory! I'll return everything!
-Fade Out-

-Later On-
Etna (smirk) - Phew... That settles that. Doesn't it, Prince?
Laharl (anger) - No, it doesn't!!
Laharl (thinking) - You tried to poison me in my sleep... You used me as bait
for your revenge... What kind of vassal are you!?
-switch Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (surprise) - B, B, But Laharl!
Laharl - ...But!
-switch Flonne to Etna-
Laharl (thinking) - But, I don't mind that side of you.
Laharl - A true demon is always full of ambition, and aims for the top.
Laharl (thinking) - As King, I'll need a right-hand demon like you under my
Etna - Prince...
Laharl - Listen up! I'm going to work you into the ground! You better be
prepared for it!
Etna (smirk) - Uh-uh. YOU better be prepared.
Etna (smug) - I'll be watching your every move. If you don't prove yourself
worthy of the throne...
Etna (smirk) - An accident may happen <3
Laharl (happy) - Hmph... You can take my place if that happens.
Etna (smirk) - *giggle* Don't worry, I will.
-clear screen, enter Flonne-
Flonne - ...That's strange.
Flonne - ...Laharl and Etna reconciled, despite all that's happened.
Flonne - I don't understand it, but I guess demons have their own way of
expressing love.
Flonne (happy) - *giggle* I'm really surprised.
Flonne (praying) - I have never experienced anything like this before in
-Fade Out-
Mid-Boss (anger) - Hey, wait! Everyone! Are you not forgetting someone?
-Really Fade Out-

Episode Preview
Etna - Hi everybody, I'm Etna! I'm a 1st-grader at Netherworld Elementary!
Laharl - You look and act like a 1st-grader, that's for sure.
Etna - My dream is to become a witch, so I can get a cute boyfriend!
Laharl - Boyfriend!? That's dumb.
Etna - Lovely, sexy... Hey! No touching!
Etna - Boys of the world, be my loyal slaves!
Laharl - Who'd want to touch you?
Etna - Next on Evolutionary Magical Girl Etna... Episode 6 - Curse you,
Etna - Get ready to be spellbound <3
Laharl - Aren't you embarassed to say something like that?
Etna - Not at all.

Dear Sirs and Madames,

I hope these dark days find you well.

However, I, Laharl, am deeply concerned with the state of the Netherworld.

I am well aware that unnecessary bloodshed is not your desire.

Therefore, I am writing to propose a formal challenge, an event with my
father's title at stake - the title of Overlord.

The rules are simple.

On Curseday, in the Month of the Adder, I shall journey to the Heart of Evil,
carrying with me the official deed.

The one who wrests the Deed from my hand shall be recognized as the new

In the event that I reach my destination still in possession of the Deed,
I shall assume the position myself.

To those with great ambition, I encourage you to participate.

Sincerely, Prince Laharl.

Laharl - Whaddya think? Excellent penmanship, huh?
Flonne - Y, Yes. But, according to the Netherworld calendar, isn't today the
designated day?
Laharl (thinking) - That's right. I've ordered the Prinnies to spread copies
of this letter all over the Netherworld.
Laharl (thinking) - The demons aiming to become Overlord are probably lying in
ambush right now.
-Switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna (smirk) - Ummmm, Prince? Is this offer open to anyone?
Laharl (annoyed) - Are you an idiot?
Laharl - Don't you get it? There's no Deed for the position of Overlord.
Etna (surprise) - Huh?
Laharl - This is a trap.
Laharl - Look at what's happened recently. I thought that I might as well get
rid of anyone still planning to claim the throne.
Etna (smirk) - Oh, I see.
Laharl (ecstatic) - And when I've defeated them all, I will be the unquestioned
Laharl (ecstatic) - Hmhmhm...
Laharl (ecstatic) - [Spiky] Haaahahahaha!!
-Fade Out-

[Blair Forest - Calamity Woods]
Laharl (thinking) - Hey.
Flonne - Yes?
Laharl (thinking) - I encouraged everyone to participate, but...
-Fade in map, show whole map filled with monsters-
Laharl - ...isn't this a bit much?
-Flonne walks up, turn to Laharl-
Flonne - "The more, the merrier," They say.
-Etna walks up, faces Flonne-
Etna - Flonne, when it comes to sayings, you're all thumbs.
-Laharl turns to Etna-
Laharl - ...You're not much better.
-Laharl turns back to swarm-
Laharl - Anyways, what are you going to do about these guys?
Laharl - There's not even room to walk.
-Etna goes up-
Etna - It looks like we'll have to take them on one by one.
-Laharl annoyed pose-
Laharl - Oh, great... I can't wait to see what's after this.

[Blair Forest - Ritual Site]
-Laharl's party approaches single Knight-
Knight - I hath been waiting for thee. Thou art Lord Laharl, art not thou?
-Etna walks up-
Etna - Oooh. She seems a lot more serious than that last bunch.
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne - She does not appear to be an ordinary swordswoman. How exciting!
-Knight walks up, draws sword-
Knight - My name is Sardia the Demonslayer. My sword hath slayeth over 2000
-Etna walks up-
Etna - Incredible!
Sardia - ...Or, was it under 2000?
-Laharl walks up-
Laharl - [Spiky] Which is it!?
-Sardia swings sword at air-
Sardia - When I swingeth my sword, the earth shall be torn asunder...
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne - Amazing! The earth splits open!?
Sardia - ...Perhaps.
-Laharl walks up-
Laharl - [Spiky] Make up your mind, dammit!
-Sardia sheathes sword-
Sardia - What dost thou thinketh?
-Shockwave, Laharl goes in anger pose-
Laharl - [Spiky] How should I know!?
Laharl - [Spiky] Trying to make a fool out of me? I'll make you moan in pain!!
-Etna walks up-
Etna - Prince, did you mean to say, "scream in pain"?

[Blair Forest - Witches' Den]
Flonne (surprise) - Huh? Prinnies?
-switch Flonne to Laharl-
Laharl - What are you doing here?
Prinny Squad - We thought we might as well give it a shot, dood.
-switch Laharl to Etna, shockwave-
Etna (pissed) - What!? You're not allowed to pull off a coup d'etat without me!
Etna (anger) - I'm the one who's supposed to kill the Prince!
-switch Prinny Squad to Flonne-
Flonne (anime-worry) - Etna, it might not be such a good idea to announce that
in front of the person in question.
-Switch Etna and Flonne to Laharl and Prinny Squad-
Prinny Squad - We know a head-on attack is suicide, dood.
Laharl - Hm? You have a plan, then?
Prinny Squad - That's right, dood!!
Prinny Squad - Alright! Let's go, doods!!
-White flash to map, Prinnies go in baseball positions-
Prinnies - [Spiky] We challenge you to a game of baseball, dood!!
-Random referee 'Play ball!', people cheering start'
Laharl - Etna.
Etna - Yes?
Laharl - Kill 'em.
Etna - Certainly.

[Blair Forest - Writhing Shadow]
-Laharl's party walk on path, giant foot lands in front of them-
Alternate Overlord - Mwahahahahaha!!
Alternate Overlord - Kid! Are you Krichevskoy's son!?
Laharl - Who are you?
Alternate Overlord - Me!? I am the Overlord of an alternate Netherworld!
Laharl - An alternate Netherworld?
Alternate Overlord - That's right! I tried taking over this world before,
but Krichevskoy got in the way!
Alternate Overlord - Now that he's dead, I'll claim it for my own!
Alternate Overlord - You are just one of the Overlords that I will crush on
my way to becoming the "Supreme Overlord"!
Alternate Overlord - Puny boy! What you see before you represents only a
fraction of my power!
Laharl - Well, that's really hard to tell, since I can only see part of you.
-Etna walks up-
Etna - Yep. You're just too big.
Alternate Overlord - ...Fine! If it's size you are concerned about, I can make
Alternate Overlord - But, even so, a horrible death still awaits you!
Alternate Overlord - Feel my wrath!
Alternate Overlord - [Spiky] Here I go! Doppelgangerrrrrrrr!
-White flash, 10 small copies of the Alternate Overlord appears-
Overlords - You see this? This is the famous Doppelganger spell!
Overlords - How do you like it? There are 10 Overlords now. You're speechless,
aren't you!?
-Laharl steps back-
Laharl - Tch...!
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne - Don't worry! Splitting into 10 means that his love is divided 10 ways!
Flonne - We cannot possibly lose to someone like that!
-Etna and Laharl turns to Flonne-
Etna - Ohhh, Flonne's burning with determination! You like this stuff, don't
-Flonne turns to others-
Flonne - Yes. I love this stuff!
-Flonne's eyes flare, then fist up as she turns to Overlords-
Flonne - [Spiky] Now, let's go, everybody!!
[Got Killed]
-Laharl in pain pose-
Laharl - Ugh...! "His love is divided 10 ways!" Yeah, sure... That was a BIG
help, you loony angel!!
-Flonne goes in anime-worry pose-
Flonne - Hmmm, that's odd. Isn't the hero supposed to win?
-Etna turns to Flonne-
Etna - Ummm... We're demons, not heroes.
-One of the Overlords step up-
Overlord - Mwahahahahaha!! Even if my power is divided, an Overlord is still
an Overlord.
Overlord - It wouldn't matter how many puny boys like you there were, I'd crush
them all!
Overlord - I thought the son of Krichevskoy would be a lot tougher, but I guess
I was wrong!!
-Laharl steps back-
Laharl - Dammit...!
-Overlord flares up-
Overlord - [Spiky] Die, punk! Say hello to Krichevskoy in hell!
???? - [Spiky] Wait just a minute!
-Enter Overlord's castle vassals-
Laharl - Y, You guys... !?
-Overlord steps forward again-
Overlord - [Spiky] W, Who are you!?
-Zommie jumps up-
Zommie - We are the loyal vassals of King Krichevskoy...
-Ghoss jumps up-
Ghoss - [Spiky] You dare set foot in our world? We will defeat you in the name
of the late King!!
-Gargo, Manty, Goleck, Dratti jumps up, Overlord steps back-
Overlord - Hmmm...!!
-Manty steps up-
Manty - Prince! Let us handle this!
-Gargo walks to Prince-
Gargo - We've been waiting here in case our help was needed.
Etna - Liars.
Etna - You were here to ambush the Prince just like the others, isn't that
-Goleck steps back a bit-
Goleck - Ah, ah, ahahahahaha! O-Of course not! Oh, come now.
Flonne - ...Looks like you hit the nail on the head.
-Laharl turns around, annoyed pose-
Laharl - Why is it that I don't have any luck with vassals...?
-Dratti steps up-
Dratti - Come, now. We were here to help you in your time of need, right?
-Laharl goes in anger pose-
Laharl - Only because you were waiting to ambush me!
-Creatures go back to their positions, Overlord steps up-
Overlord - [Spiky] Hey! Quit ignoring me!!
Overlord - [Spiky] I'll send you all to join Krichevskoy!
Overlord - [Spiky] Prepare yourselves!!
-Overlord flares up-
Zommie - Hmph...! Don't underestimate us!
Zommie - [Spiky] We will defeat you in the name of Overlord Krichevskoy!
-Vassals flare, roar, etc-

[Won Blair Forest - Writhing Shadow]
Zommie - We'll be returning to the castle now. Take care, Prince.
-Vassals fade out-
-Etna turns to others-
Etna - They're actually pretty strong...
-Flonne turns to Etna-
Flonne - "A wise falcon hides its talons". That saying fits perfectly.
-Laharl turns to others, annoyed pose-
Laharl - I wish they would stop hiding their talons when it comes to working
for me...
-Fade Out-

[Blair Forest - Nightdwellers]
-Flashy teleport thing, enters Prism Red-
Red - We've been waiting for you, demons!!
-Flashy teleport thing, enters Prism Blue-
Blue - When the darkness of evil draws near, we appear out of nowhere!!
-Flashy teleport thing, enters Prism Yellow-
Yellow - The-3-lights-of-justice-save-the-world-with-courage-and-hope!!
-Red jumps down to Laharl's party-
Red - Together...!!
-Blue jumps down to Laharl's party-
Blue - ...we are...!!
-Yellow jumps down to Laharl's party-
Yellow - ...the Prism Rangers!!
-Rangers flash, pose, rays of red come out in pose-
-Laharl gets in annoyed pose-
Laharl - ...Please, someone normal come out.
-Flonne walks up, eyes flare up-
Flonne - Cool!
-Flonne turns around-
Flonne - Hey, Etna! How about we do our own poses!?
-Etna walks to Flonne, Laharl turns to Flonne-
Etna - You serious?
Flonne - You better believe it!
-Flonne turns to Rangers-
Flonne - Um... But, I have a question for you guys.
Red - A question? Go ahead, shoot!
Flonne - You call yourselves "Prism Rangers", but you only have 3 colors.
That's not even enough for a rainbow.
-Red walks up-
Red - Isn't it obvious? We don't have any friends!
Red - Being a hero is a lonely existence! You got it!?
Etna - Are you sure there's not another reason why you don't have any friends?
-Laharl walks up-
Laharl - ...You guys are heroes, aren't you? Why would you want to be
Red - We want friends, of course! If we become the Overlords, then we'll have
tons of friends!!
Red - And the Prism Rangers will have all the colors of the rainbow!!
-Flashes come down bodies, Rangers pose-
Red - Okay! Blue! Yellow! Transfor-
-Etna strafes-
Etna - Bang.
-Blue and Yellow are shot, falls over-
Red - Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeee!!!! Yellowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
Red - This can't be happening! Blue and Yellow have been shot...! I can't
transform on my own...!
-Red turns back to others-
Red - Curse you! Shooting before we even have a chance to transform... How
Red - [Spiky] Are you demons!?
Etna - Uh huh.
-Ominous silence, piano bash-
Red - Oh my gosh! I completely forgot about that!
Laharl - ...Is your helmet on too tight?
Laharl - You should have transformed first, then come out.
-Flonne walks up, faces Laharl-
Flonne - That's not how it's supposed to be! A true defender of justice
transforms in front of the enemy!
-Etna walks to Laharl-
Etna - ...Flonne, which side are you on?
-Camera goes to Red-
Red - Then, I'll just have to play my ace card! The demons I hired will help
-All turn to Red-
Laharl - Is it okay for a hero to be using demons?
Red - Of course! Justice must never lose, no matter what the means!
-Red jumps up onto cliff-
Red - Blue! Yellow! Your deaths have awakened a burning passion in my heart!
Etna - Uh, I avoided hitting any vital spots, so they should still be alive...
Red - Evil fiends! Are you ready!?
Red - Face the power of justice!!
-Red flashes, battle-

[Blair Forest - Heart of Evil]
Etna - Prince, is this the Heart of Evil?
Laharl - That's right.
Flonne - No one's here.
Etna - Which means...
-Clear screen-
???? - [Spiky] Now, hold it right there!!
-Enter Mid-Boss and Etna-
Etna - Hey, it's Mid-Boss again.
Laharl - What do you want? I'm busy right now.
Mid-Boss - Tsk tsk tsk.
Mid-Boss - You weren't thinking of calling yourself the Overlord without
first settling things with moi, were you?
Laharl (annoyed) - I already settled things with you. Twice, as a matter of
Mid-Boss - Silly you. Did you think that I was serious?
Laharl - Weren't you?
Mid-Boss - Not at all! That was merely camouflage... so that you would let
your guard down.
Mid-Boss - Now, you shall witness my true power!
Mid-Boss (anger) - I have attained ultra speed by training, and training,
and training, all while wearing 100-ton boxers!!
Mid-Boss (anger) - Can your eyes keep up with moi!?
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Here I come! The throne is mine!!

[Won Blair Forest - Heart of Evil]
Mid-Boss (anger) - Ugh...!
Mid-Boss (anger) - Oooh...!!
Laharl - ......?
Mid-Boss (anger) - Sudden stomach cramps...!!
Mid-Boss - Just when I was getting started... I, I beg your pardon, but I need
to use the restroom.
Mid-Boss - Consider yourselves lucky. You've been spared.
Mid-Boss - Au revoir!!
Laharl (annoyed) - He ran away...
Etna (annoyed) - His excuses are getting more and more pathetic.
Flonne - Huh? So... is that it?
Laharl - That means...
Laharl (happy) - I'm the Overlord!!
Laharl (happy) - Overlord! Overlord!! Overlord!!!
Etna (annoyed) - Hmmm... The Prince is now the Overlord...
Etna (pissed) - It's sooooo hard to believe.
Flonne (happy) - *giggle* Now, now.
Flonne - Look at him. He is so happy...
Flonne (happy) - He pretends to be evil, but he can be cure sometimes.
Etna (annoyed) - You think? He's just a kid, that's all.
Etna - Anyway, shouldn't you be worried?
Flonne (happy) - Huh? What do you mean?
Etna - You helped the Prince become the Overlord.
Flonne (anime-worry) - Uh...
-Fade Out-
Vulcanus - Master Lamington! Master Lamington, are you here!?
Seraph - You make a ruckus every time you are here to see me, Vulcanus. What is
it this time?
Vulcanus (anger) - How can I not make a commotion!?
Vulcanus (anger) - Laharl, the son of King Krichevskoy, has been crowned the
new Overlord!
Seraph - Hmmm...
Vulcanus (anger) - That's not all! That trainee Flonne helped him win the
Seraph - ...Is that so?
Vulcanus (anger) - This is no longer a case of disobeying orders. This is
Seraph - You are correct.
Vulcanus - ...So, what are you planning to do!?
Seraph - Hmmm... I will need to think about it.
Vulcanus (anger) - Think about it? Think about it, you say!? This is a grave
Vulcanus (anger) - We can't just ignore it! I will handle this problem! You
have no objections, do you!?
-Vulcanus warps-
Seraph (calm) - *sigh* ...Oh, dear...
-Seraph warps, Fade Out-
[Heart of Evil]
Flonne (surprised) - W-W-W-W-W-What should I do!?
Flonne (surprised) - If the Seraph hears of this, there is no telling what
punishment awaits me!
Flonne (surprised) - I might be dismissed from my Angel Trainee position!
Etna (smirk) - Who cares? Why don't you change jobs now and become a demon?
Flonne (surprised) - Nooooooo!
Flonne (praying) - Oh, Master Lamington! Please guide me!
-Fade Out, with Laharl (happy) - Overlord! Overlord!! Overlord!!!-

Episode Preview
Flonne - The Evil Empress Etna has sent monsters to take over the world!!
Flonne - But when evil creeps up on people, Flonne, the messenger of love,
comes to the rescue!
Flonne - As long as evil exists, Flonne's battle will never end!!
Flonne - Run, Flonne! Don't lose heart, Flonne! Let the people's cheers bring
your courage!
Flonne - Trannnnsformmmmmm! Guardian Flonne!
Flonne - Next on Guardian Flonne: Warrior of Love... Episode 7: Drop Dead, Etna
Flonne - Always keep love in your heart.
Flonne - *giggle* I always wanted to try this <3
Etna - Flonne, whatcha doing?
Flonne - Oh, hi Et- *BANG BANG THUD*

Laharl - Hmhmhm...
Laharl - Hmhmhm...!
Laharl (ecstatic) - [Spiky] Haaahahahaha!!!!
Flonne (anime-worry) - Geez... You just keep laughing and laughing.
Laharl - How can I not?
Laharl - I'm now the Overlord. That means that I'm the more eminent demon in
all of the Netherworld.
Flonne - I am aware of that.
Flonne - But, ever since you have become the Overlord, you have done nothing
but laugh.
Laharl (thinking) - You don't understand a thing. Laughing is a very important
aspect of being the Overlord.
Laharl - Besides, there isn't any urgent matter that's suitable for my first
act as King Laharl the Terrible.
-switch Flonne to Etna-
Etna - Oh Prince <3 I got a job for ya.
Laharl - Call me "Your Highness". I'm the Overlord now.
Etna (smirk) - Aww, come on... That's a minor detail.
Laharl (thinking) - MINOR detail...?
Laharl - ...So, what kind of job is it?
Laharl (ecstatic) - You want me to make it rain pepper on Earth so they can't
stop sneezing?
Laharl (ecstatic) - Or, do you want me to give human kids an addictive video
game that will deprive them of their sleep?
Etna (annoyed) - Uhh... No.
Etna - Come in, Aramis.
-Switch Etna to Aramis-
Aramis - ......
Laharl - Who's this kid?
Aramis - Don't call me a kid. You're more of a kid yourself.
Laharl - What!? Who the hell do you think I am!?
-switch Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne - Now, now. He is just a child.
Aramis - Shut up, flat-chest.
Flonne (anger) - [Spiky] WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOU...!?
Flonne (surprise) - *gasp* I mustn't!
Flonne (happy) - At times like this, love is the answer! With love, there is
Aramis - Hey, does she have a few screws loose or somethin'?
-Switch Flonne to Laharl-
Laharl - Hmph...! You've got some attitude, kid.
-Switch Aramis to Etna-
Etna (smirk) - Just like you, Prince.
Laharl - Yeah, right. So, what's he got to do with the job?
Etna - Oh, yeah. His pets are missing.
Laharl (thinking) - Hm?
Laharl - ...And?
Etna (smirk) - And your job's to look for them.
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Why would I, the Overlord, look for some stupid little
brat's pets!?
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous!!
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Bring me something more fitting for my first task as
Etna (pissed) - I refuse!!
Laharl - .......!?
Flonne (surprise) - .......!!?
-clear Laharl and Flonne-
Etna (pissed) - It may seem ridiculous to you, but it's important to him!!
Etna (pissed) - This is a perfect way to begin your rule as Overlord!
Etna (pissed) - And if you don't do it, I'm never gonna accept you as the
Laharl (thinking) - W, What are you getting so mad for? It's not like you.
Etna (pissed) - Answer me! Will you do it or not!
Laharl (troubled) - Ugh... F, Fine! I'll do it, I'll do it.
-switch Etna to Aramis-
Aramis - Good! ...And you better not slack off!
Laharl (thinking) - Ugh...! Why am I, the Overlord of the Netherworld, taking
orders from this annoying brat...?
-End Introduction-

[Salamander's Breath - Scorching Wind]
Aramis - Ah! Miss Etna!
Aramis - That's one of my pets over there!
Flonne - Why is he only polite to you?
-Switch Aramis to Etna-
Etna (smirk) - It's all about the special training I gave him (note)
Flonne (happy) - Oh, I get it! It's the power of love!
Etna (smirk) - ...Sure, whatever you say.
-Fade out-
Zombie - OooooOooooooooOOhhh...
Laharl - A zombie.
Flonne - A zombie it is.
Laharl - Hey, brat. Don't tell me this is one of your pets.
-switch Zombie to Aramis-
Aramis - Yeah. You got a problem with that?
Laharl - No. Actually, I like it. You've got good taste, kid.
-switch Aramis to Flonne-
Flonne - A zombie for a pet, huh...
Flonne - So... how do we catch it?
Laharl - Why not do the same thing we always do?
Etna (smirk) - I guess that would work. I mean, zombies are already dead
anyway. Then, let the massacre begin!
Laharl (ecstatic) - Agreed!
-Exit Etna and Laharl-
Flonne (anime-worry) - Um, are you sure that's okay...?

[Salamander's Breath - Column of Fire]
Laharl - *sigh* Boring.
Etna (pissed) - Quit complaining. You wanna be a great Overlord or not?
-switch Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne - You sure are serious today, Etna.
Etna - I'm always serious.
Etna - Besides, the Prince needs to start acting more like his father.
Flonne - You mean, King Krichevskoy?
Etna - Uh huh.
Etna (sad) - Back when I just started working in the castle...
Etna (sad) - I was teased and picked on everyday for being a commoner.
Flonne (surprise) - YOU were? That's hard to believe.
Etna (smirk) - At that time, I was still very naive. I was a scared little
Etna (smirk) - The only thing that helped me get through those days was my
faithful pet.
Etna (sad) - But one day, I found him dead...
Etna (sad) - Those damn demons killed him.
Flonne (sad) - How cruel...
Etna (sad) - With no way to get back at them, I just cried...
Etna (smirk) - That was when the King reached out his hand to me...
Etna (smirk) - When I told him what happened, he helped me bury my pet.
Flonne (happy) - He must have been a kind man.
Etna - Kind...?
Etna - I don't know what kindness feels like, but he was a great man, and one
that I respected.
Etna - That's why I pledged to him my deepest loyalty.
Etna (pissed) - But, the Prince... He's still not fit to succeed King
Krichevskoy as the Overlord.
Flonne - So, that's why you want Laharl to become just like his father...?
Flonne (happy) - *giggle* I see. You worry about Laharl after all.
Flonne (happy) - That's love.
Etna (smug) - I doubt it. If he fails, I'll just kill him.
Flonne (anime-worry) - WHAT!?
Etna (smirk) - Ahaha... Just kidding.
-Exit Etna-
Flonne (anime-worry) - Etna... You're starting to scare me...

[Salamander's Breath - Raging Earth]


[Salamander's Breath - Crimson Plains]
Zombie - GwoooooooOooOoooohhhhh...
Laharl - Geez...
Laharl - These zombies aren't challenging at all, they're just plain
-switch Zombie to Etna-
Etna - Well, they DO come back to life after you kill them.
-exit Etna-
Laharl (thinking) - Hey, brat.
Laharl (thinking) - Is it okay with you if we tear your pets to shreds so they
won't bother us for a while?
Aramis - Go ahead. I take them apart and put them back together again all the
-switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna (smirk) - I used to do that too, when I was a kid!
Etna (smirk) - Ahh, those were the days.
-switch Etna to Laharl-
Laharl (thinking) - Stop reminiscing about your childhood.
-switch Aramis to Flonne-
Flonne (anime-worry) - ...Do all demon children play that way?
Laharl (annoyed) - Don't worry. Just those two.

[Salamander's Breath - Field of Embers]
Zombie - GwoooooooooooOoooooOoohhhhh...!!
Laharl (anger) - Kill one, and another appears... Zombies, zombies,
Laharl (annoyed) - I'm getting sick and tired of this...
-switch Laharl to Aramis-
Aramis - You better stay alert. Or else, you'll be sorry.
Aramis - Check out that zombie.
-Clear field, enter Laharl and Purple Zombie-
Laharl - What about it?
-switch Laharl to Aramis-
Aramis - *sigh* Amateur. THAT is my masterpiece.
Aramis - The fists of a Dark Karate master... The legs of the fastest demon in
the Netherworld...
Aramis - The brain of Mahogany, a famous sorcerer... The iron body of
Aramis - And a horse wiener, all combined into one: the Netherworld's ultimate
-switch Aramis to Laharl-
Laharl (extreme rage/pain) - [Spiky] What'd you say!?
Laharl (extreme rage/pain) - [Spiky] A horse wiener!? Now, THAT's dangerous!
Guys, don't let your guard down!!

[Won Salamander's Breath - Field of Embers]
Laharl - Here. I caught 'em all.
Laharl - So, quit your complaining.
Aramis - ......
Laharl (anger) - ...What? What's the problem now?
Aramis - ...Thank you, Your Highness.
Laharl (troubled) - H, Hmph...! Well, it IS part of my job as the Overlord...
Laharl (thinking) - And don't bother to thank me. If you want to show your
gratitude, you can repay me with your body.
-switch Aramis with Etna-
Etna (smirk) - Hmmm... I never knew you were like that...
-exit Etna-
Laharl (anger) - Idiot!
Laharl (thinking) - I meant, become my vassal and serve me when you're old
Aramis - ...Yes, Your Highness.
Laharl - Speak to me with respect from now on, got it?
Aramis - Yes, Your Highness!
-Exit Aramis-
Laharl (thinking) - Hmhmhm...
Laharl (ecstatic) - [Spiky] Haaahahahaha!!!!
Laharl (ecstatic) - Did you hear that, Etna?
Laharl (ecstatic) - That kid me "Your Highness".
Laharl (ecstatic) - So? Do you accept me as Overlord now?
Etna - Well... you passed for the time being.
Etna (smirk) - But, be careful not to flunk out.
Laharl (troubled) - Ugh...! Why you...!
-Switch Etna with Flonne-
Flonne (happy) - *giggle* Talk about strict.
-Laharl fades)
Flonne (thoughts) - (Still, Laharl has changed quite a bit since the first time
I met him.)
Flonne (thoughts) - (He is maturing little by little as he meets new people.)
Flonne (thoughts) - (And it feels like I have changed, too... since meeting him
and his companions.)
Flonne (happy, thoughts) - (If you open your heart, you will surely grow and
learn many new things...)
Flonne (happy, thoughts) - (...whether you're an angel... ...or a demon...)
Flonne (thoughts) - (If I can explain this to other angels, maybe they'll see
that not all demons are evil...)
Flonne (praying, thoughts) - (And someday...)
-Fade Out-

Episode Preview
Etna - Those seemingly innocent Prinnies.. It turns out they were hiding a big
Prinny - It wouldn't be a secret if it wasn't hidden, dood.
Etna - When the Prinnies' evil spirits join as one,
Etna - they form Pringer X, the mighty super robot!!
Prinny  - Dood, we can't do that.
Etna - Here goes! Pringer Spiral Plasma Chop!
Etna - Gotcha! Pringer Aurora Triangle Kick!!
Etna - This is it! Pringer Spinning Drill Attack!!!
Prinny - Uh, dood, hello...
Etna - Next on Lovely Mad Scientist Etna... Episode 8: Farewell, Pringer X!
Prinny - Dood, you're killing us off?!
Etna - No worries! Pringer X will be reborn as the more Powerful Pringer Z!
Prinny - Dood, I'm telling ya, it ain't gonna happen, dood!

Red moon, red moon...
Cleanses the sinful and makes them anew...
Shining brightly in the night sky,
waiting for the souls...
Who will be born again tonight?
Who will be born again tonight?
Be born again tonight?

[Lunar Snowfield - Theatre of Death]


[Lunar Snowfield - Frigid Garden]
Laharl - Hey!
Laharl - Hey, you!
Flonne - Uhhh... Me?
Laharl - Yeah, you.
Laharl - You really don't know anything about the Prinnies?
Laharl - You've been acting weird ever since this morning...
Flonne (upset) - ...I don't know anything. And even if I did, I wouldn't tell
Laharl (surprise) - Wh, What!?
Flonne (upset) - Prince Laharl, I have a name, and it's Flonne.
Flonne (upset) - It's not "Hey!" or "You!".
Flonne (upset) - You have never called me by my name, not even once, since the
first time we met!
Laharl (troubled) - S, So? What's it to you?
Flonne (upset) - People's feeling are delicate. They can be hurt by just the
slightest insult.
Flonne (upset) - Laharl, you are too inconsiderate. You should approach people
with more love.
Flonne (upset) - The Prinnies ran away because you have no love!
Laharl (anger) - What!? You stupid Love Freak!! Who do you think I-
Flonne (upset) - There! That's the attitude I'm talking about!
Flonne (upset) - You'll never become a respected Overlord with an attitude like
Etna (annoyed) - ...Flonne, that doesn't seem like the kind of adviec an angel
should be giving.
Laharl - Ugh...! What do you know about being an Overlord!?
Laharl - Forget it! I'm not talking to you anymore!!

[Lunar Snowfield - Freezing Souls]
Flonne - Etna.
Etna - Hm?
Flonne (sad) - Why is Laharl so stubborn?
Etna (annoyed) - Huh!? You kiddin'?
Etna (annoyed) - He's always been like that.
Flonne - I don't think that's entirely true.
Flonne - Haven't you noticed? His emotions are slowly changing.
Flonne - I thought that he'd finally awoken to the power of love...
Etna (smirk) - Oh, hohoho... So, that's why you were so angry.
Flonne (sad) - Y, Yes...
Etna - That's a demon for ya.
Etna - You seem to have your hopes pretty high, but don't you think that asking
for love from a demon is a bit ridiculous?
Flonne (sad) - ...You think so?
Etna (sad) - ......
Etna (sad) - Well, the Prince's case is a bit unique...
Flonne - Unique?
Etna - Yep... You see, his mother...
Etna - ...the Queen, was an eccentric person.
Etna - She was always talking about love and kindness.
Flonne (anime-worry) - ...That's not weird at all.
Etna - Well, I didn't hate her, but I guess she couldn't help it, being a
human and all.
Flonne - A human?
Etna - Yep. She was a witch who came here to study.
Etna - The King fell in love with her at first sight. And eventually, the
Prince was born.
Flonne - Hmmmm. Is that so?
Etna - She was always saying things like, "Demons can love, too".
Etna - Whenever the Prince did something bad, she would scold him, because she
wanted to raise him to be a kind boy.
Etna (smirk) - Maybe you remind him of his mother, Flonne.
Flonne - If he was raised that way, why is he like this now...?
Etna (sad) - ...The Queen died.
Flonne (upset) - Huh...?
Etna (sad) - A long time ago, the Prince was infected with a rare disease that
even the King couldn't cure...
Etna (sad) - There was only one way to save him...
Flonne (sad) - Which was...?
Etna (sad) - The life of one who loved him...
Flonne (sad) - Then...
Etna (sad) - That's right... The Queen took her own life, despite the King's
efforts to stop her...
Etna (sad) - ...It was at that point that the Prince started to hate love and
Flonne (sad) - How sad...
Flonne (sad) - So unless his hatred fades, Laharl will have to live the rest
of his life without love?
Flonne (sad) - ...That's just not fair!
Etna (sad) - ...Maybe so.
Etna - But, I don't think that he's intentionally trying to hate love.
Etna - Hatred isn't something that just disappears that easily, is it?
Etna - Maybe you were a bit rough on him today.
Flonne (surprise) - Ah...!
Etna (smirk) - Well, don't try to get me involved.
-exit Etna-
Flonne (sad) - ......

[Lunar Snowfield - Under the Moon]
-Show Red Moon, with white balls floating up-
Flonne - What are... those...?
Big Sis Prinny - Those are the souls of the Prinnies who've atoned for their
Big Sis Prinny - You know the legend, don't you? That inside the Prinnies are
the souls of sinful humans...
Flonne (sad) - Yes... And that they work in Celestia and the Netherworld to
atone for those sins.
Big Sis Prinny - That's right...
Big Sis Prinny - The red moon purifies their sins so they can be reborn...
Flonne (sad) - What a heartwrenching sight...
-switch Flonne to Laharl-
Laharl - Etna! Stop them!
-switch Big Sis Prinny to Etna-
Etna - Prince, didn't you hear them? The Prinnies are being reborn!
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Shut up! I never gave them permission for that!
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] We'll drag 'em back here if we have to!
-Fade to black-
???? - Wait...
-Fade back, in altar-
Chernobog - ......
-Laharl walks up-
Laharl - Who are you!?
Chernobog - Take... Prinnies'... souls... to... red... moon...
Chernobog - No... one... interfere...
-Laharl turns head right, goes in determined pose-
Laharl - We'll see about that! Those Prinnies are mine!
Laharl - [Spiky] They're my vassals... for all eternity!!
-Fade out-
???? - ......
Seraph - Are you worried?
???? - ...Yes. It would be a lie to say I was not.
???? - But, I shall leave it to the one who loves him most...

[Won Lunar Snowfield - Under the Moon]
Chernobog - Ohhhhh... Why... are... you... interfering... with... work...?
Laharl - Work?
-Big Sis Prinny walks up and turns to Laharl-
Big Sis Prinny - That's right, dood. You shouldn't interfere with Death's
work, dood.
Big Sis Prinny - It's here to guide the souls of the Prinnies to the red moon,
Big Sis Prinny - If you truly value your vassals...
Big Sis Prinny - ...If you have any love for them, then you should wish them
good luck, dood.
-Chernobog goes back to position-
Laharl - Hmph... You sound just like that Love Freak...
Laharl - ......
Laharl - ...It's what's best for their sake?
Big Sis Prinny - That's right, dood.
Laharl - ...I see. Then, I'll let them go.
Big Sis Prinny - You understand, dood.
Laharl - ...Well, yeah.
Big Sis Prinny - Thank goodness.
Big Sis Prinny - Then, I can leave without worry.
-Big Sis Prinny goes toward Chernobog and others, Etna and Flonne steps up-
Flonne - Wait!
Flonne - What sin... What sin did you commit?
Big Sis Prinny - ......
Big Sis Prinny - I took my own life.
Big Sis Prinny - Taking your own life is a grave sin...
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne - Why would you...?
Big Sis Prinny - ...To save my son's life.
-! bubbles appear above Laharl, Flonne, Etna-
Laharl - .........!!
Big Sis Prinny - Because of my death, my son shut away his feelings...
Big Sis Prinny - But, he's changing ever so slowly.
-Big Sis Prinny turns around-
Big Sis Prinny - It's all thanks to the wonderful people around him...
Big Sis Prinny - My work here is done... The rest is up to my son.
-Big Sis Prinny and others turn around, start to move, Laharl goes forward-
Laharl - ......!
-Big Sis Prinny and others go nearer to entrance-
Flonne - You're just going to leave!?
Flonne - Not even a goodbye!? ...Despite how much you love him!?
Big Sis Prinny - ...What cruel words you speak.
Flonne - Eh...?
Big Sis Prinny - Of course I would like to reveal myself. Of course I would
like to hug my son with my own hands.
Big Sis Prinny - But, if we are destined to part again, then wouldn't it be
better to watch from afar and leave without a single word?
Big Sis Prinny - He has suffered enough already... My silence is how I show my
Flonne - ......
Flonne - ...I'm sorry.
Flonne - I tried to push my idea of love onto you without considering your
Flonne - Without considering your feelings... I'm sorry...
-Big Sis Prinny turns around-
Big Sis Prinny - Haha... Prince, you've met a wonderful person, dood.
Big Sis Prinny - Prince... Take care.
Big Sis Prinny - Flonne, Etna... Take care of him for me.
-Etna walks up to where Flonne and Laharl are-
Big Sis Prinny - ...Good bye.
-All other Prinnies turn around. Big Sis Prinny turns into shape of Laharl's
mother, as Etna and Laharl has ! bubbles, then Laharl's Mother's shape vanishes
as a ball of light floats up and Big Sis Prinny deflates-
Laharl - Ah...!
-Laharl rushes to Big Sis Prinny's shape while all the other Prinnies deflate,
three more balls of light floats up, and the Chernobog rises and fades out-

The red moon reflected in Laharl's eyes, swaying sadly...
A gentle, loving mother who gave up her life to save her son...
A son who could only push on by shunning love and kindness.
I can't imagine how painful, how difficult it was for him...
But, I'm sure the red moon will wash away his sorrow.

Laharl - Love... huh...
Flonne - Huh...?
Laharl (thinking) - ...Nothing.
Laharl - Let's return to the castle... Flonne.
Flonne (happy) - Laharl...

When Laharled call me by my name for the first time, I noticed... that the red
moon no longer shone in his eyes...
I'll always remember this sad tale of a mother and her son...

Red moon, red moon...
Cleanses the sinful and makes them anew...
Shining brightly in the night sky,
waiting for the souls...
Who will be born again tonight?
Who will be born again tonight?
Be born again tonight?

Episode Preview
Etna - Warning, warning!
Etna - A hero emerges to save the Earth from the vile clutches of King Laharl!
Etna - His name is Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!
Mid-Boss - Bonjour, I am your own personal Dark Adonis...
Etna - With his beautiful sidekick Jennifer and multi-purpose super robot
Etna - Captain Gordon takes the Netherworld by storm!!
Mid-Boss - Another fantasy of yours, Mademoiselle?
Etna - Who will win this cataclysmic battle, the evil king or the Defender of
Mid-Boss - Pardon moi, but no one is listening.
Etna - Next on Mobile Girl Etna: Stardust Memoir... Episode 9: Invincible
Captain Gordon
Etna - Soldiers' tears illuminate the starry sky...
Mid-Boss - Everybody, just ignore her!

-Shows spaceship lifting off from Earth-
-Fades into cockpit-
Handsome Man (smirk) - Mm-mm. Nothing beats having tea in outer space.
Handsome Man (smirk) - How beautiful the earth is... It reflects the nobility
of my mission.
Handsome Man - Jennifer, how much longer before we go into hyperdrive?
Jennifer - Let me see, Gordon. ...About 5 minutes.
Gordon - I see. Only 5 minutes until we say goodbye to the earth...
Jennifer - Are you scared, Gordon?
Gordon (smirk) - Hey, hey. You're joking, right?
Gordon (smirk) - Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, is afraid of nothing.
Gordon (smirk) - You of all people should know that. You've been along on all
my adventures.
Jennifer (amused) - *chuckle* Right.
-switch Jennifer to Robot-
Gordon - Oh, sorry 'bout that. Of course I didn't forget you, Thursday.
Gordon (serious) - Hey! Why you!
-exit Thursday, beeping-
Jennifer - Tea time's over, Gordon.
Jennifer - We have an incoming transmission. ...Looks like it's from the Earth
Defense Force headquarters.
Jennifer - I'm turning on the holographic projector.
-switch Jennifer to holograph-
???? - ......Fffff......fffffff............
Gordon - Hi! You look good, General Carter!
Gordon - So, what can I do for you, Commander-in-Chief?
General Carter - You are moments away from entering hyperdrive. This will be
your last contact with Earth.
General Carter - Do you have any messages, Gordon?
Gordon - Let me think... tell everyone on Earth to have a grand parade ready
formy return.
Gordon (smirk) - Oh, yeah! Don't forget the hot babes and Pizza Shack's
Teriyaki Pizza.
General Carter - ...We'll see what we can do.
General Carter - I'm sure you don't need me to repeat this, but the earth's
fate is in your hands. We're counting on you.
Gordon (serious) - It's nothing I can't handle.
General Cater - How true. I pray for your success, Gordon.
-Carter disappears-
Jennifer - Gordon, we're about to go into hyperdrive.
Gordon (smirk) - Okay, Jennifer.
-switch Jennifer to Thursday-
-Fade out back to spaceship picture, purple swooshes-
Gordon (serious) - Engage!
Jennifer - Engage!
Gordon (smirk) - [Spiky] Hahahahaha!!
-Special effects, white flash-
[Overlord's Castle Hall
Prinny Squad - Dood... Prince, there's some kind of anomaly in the Stellar
Laharl - Invaders from another world?
Prinny Squad - I have no idea, dood.
-switch Prinny Squad to Flonne-
Flonne (sad) - Invaders...?
Flonne (sad) - Are they angels who are here to take me back?

-switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna - I doubt it. That place attracts a lot of weird things besides stars.
Etna - Flying saucers, probes, brain suckers, midgets with glowing
Flonne (surprise) - Oh, my... That means there may be people who are hurt.
Flonne (upset) - Let's go, Laharl.
-switch Etna to Laharl-
Laharl (thinking) - Forget it. It's probably just a piece of trash.
Flonne (upset) - Laharl!
Laharl (annoyed) - Geez... Shouldn't an Overlord be doing something more
important than this?
-End Introduction-

[Stellar Graveyard - Valgipus IV]
Jennifer (serious) - Gordon!
Jennifer (serious) - Gordon! Where are you!?
-Fade in to Stellar Graveyard-
Jennifer - This isn't good. Where could he be?
Jennifer (smirk) - Don't worry, Thursday. He is Captain Gordon, Defender of
Jennifer (flirt) - Thank you, Thursday.
-Fade Out-
Flonne - So this is the Stellar Graveyard...
Flonne - How beautiful... But, it looks like the stars are crying...
Etna (smug) - Flonne, you're so romantic. I just wanna choke you to death!
Flonne (tired) - E, Etna...! You ARE choking me...! I, I, I can't breathe...
Laharl - Hey. Enough of that.
-exit Laharl-
Etna - Yeah, yeah. ...Saved by the bell, Flonne <3
-exit Etna-
Flonne (anime-worry) - *gasp* I hope she was just joking...
Flonne (anime-worry) - I almost became one with the stars.

[Stellar Graveyard - Thurvean Sector]
Jennifer - Sense any signs of life, Thursday?
Jennifer (sad) - I see... We have to find him.
Jennifer (sad) - I heard at headquarters that the Netherworld is full of
nasty, vicious creatures.
Jennifer (sad) - If we're discovered...
Jennifer (surprise) - [Spiky] Ahh! I'll be molested by countless slimy
tentacles and my bodily fluids will be sucked dry!!
Jennifer (surprise) - [Spiky] Or, we could be swallowed whole and suffer a slow
and painful death as we're digested alive!!
Jennifer (surprise) - [Spiky] Or, even worse...
Jennifer (serious) - Shh! Thursday, be quiet.
-Fade out to Laharl's location-
Laharl - That's odd... I thought I heard a voice of a woman...
Jennifer (surprise) - What? Human children in the Netherworld!?
Laharl (surprise) - A human!? And on top of that, she's...!!
Jennifer (serious) - I got it! You were kidnapped by the Overlord, weren't
Jennifer (surprise) - Oh, the humanity! I heard that demons are merciless, even
towards children!
Jennifer (sad) - Aww, you poor things...!
Jennifer (serious) - [Spiky] They didn't bite your arms off, did they!? They
didn't suck your brains out, did they!? They didn't anal probe you, did they!?
-switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - What the hell does she think demons are!?
-exit Etna-
Jennifer (amused) - But, don't you worry, big sis will make it all better.
Laharl (in pain) - N, No! Get away from me!
Jennifer - What?
Laharl (in pain) - Keep your sexy body away from me!
Jennifer (amused) - Oh, I understand! You're going through puberty, aren't you?
Jennifer (amused) - Don't be embarrassed, cute little boy. Everyone goes
through that period.
Jennifer (flirt) - Okay, I'll teach you everything there is to know <3
Jennifer (flirt) - You see, as young girls amture, their breasts grow bigger,
and boys...
Etna (annoyed) - ...Great, now she's teaching sex ed. Who the hell is this
-Switch Etna and Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne - Ummm... I'm sorry to interrupt you, but we're not human children.
Jennifer - Huh? ...What do you mean?
Flonne - I am Flonne, an angel in training...
-enter Etna-
Flonne - ...This is Etna, a demon.
-switch Etna to Laharl-
Flonne - And the one you called "cute little boy" is the Overlord, Laharl.
-exit Laharl and Flonne-
Jennifer - ......
-enter Laharl-
Jennifer (surprise) - [Spiky] This is outrageous!! I can't believe such a cute
little boy could be the Overlord!
Jennifer (surprise to serious) - [Spiky] This is completely different from the
information provided by headquarters! What's going on, Thursday!?
Jennifer (serious) - What's the answer?
Jennifer (surprise) - [Spiky] Oh, no! Does that mean that the Overlord
planning to invade Earth is a lie, too!?
Jennifer (surprise) - [Spiky] We came here to slay the Overlord, for the
heaven's sake! There must be some misunderstanding!
Laharl - Wait. Did I hear you say... You came here to slay the Overlord?
Jennifer - N, No no... Not me.
Jennifer - That's the responsibility of our hero, Captain Gordon, the Defender
of Earth.
Jennifer - I'm his assistant, Jennifer. And this is Thursday, the multi-purpose
super robot.
-Exit Thursday-
Laharl - Hero, you say?
Jennifer - Yes, Captain Gordon is the earth's hero. His noble mission is to
vanquish any evil that threatens the earth.
Jennifer - But, we were separated from him when our spaceship crashed.
Laharl (thinking) - Hmhmhm...
Laharl (thinking) - Very interesting! I must definitely meet this Captain
-switch Jennifer to Flonne-
Flonne - Why is that?
Laharl (ecstatic) - [Spiky] It is an Overlord's duty to challenge heroes!
-Laharl shines with yellow rays-
Flonne (anger) - Wow... Cool!
-Rays dissipate, exit Flonne-
Laharl (ecstatic) - Woman, follow me! I shall find your hero!!
Jennifer - Really!?
Laharl (troubled) - But, I don't want that sexy body of yours within a 3-foot
radius of me!
Jennifer (flirt) - *chuckle* As you wish <3
Jennifer (amused) - Okay. Let's go look for Gordon!

[Stellar Graveyard - Sphere VIII]
???? - Ow ow ow ow ouch!
-Fade in to terrain, Gordon stands up-
Gordon - What a landing! I guess Lady Luck is taking a vacation.
-Gordon gets ! bubble-
Gordon (serious) - ...That's right! Jennifer! Thursday!
-Gordon turns full circle-
Gordon - ......
Gordon (serious) - Hmmm... It appears that we've been separated.
-Gordon gets 'excited' yellow wave thing-
Gordon (surprise) - They haven't been captured by the Overlord, have they?
Gordon (serious) - Even with Thursday's 200,000 horsepower engine, he can't
take on the Overlord alone!!
Gordon (serious) - I can't just sit here! I've got to save them!
Gordon (serious) - Jennifer, hang in there!
-Gordon runs off when Laharl's party enters-

[Stellar Graveyard - Cross-Point]
Jennifer - ...Hey, Harlie.
Laharl - I am Laharl, not Harlie.
Jennifer - You really don't have plans to invade the earth?
Laharl - Earth is that rotten planet where humans foolishly pollute their
own environment, correct?
Laharl (thinking) - Why would I be interested in that?
Jennifer (sad) - ...You may be right, but the earth is still our home.
Jennifer (sad) - That's why Gordon and I risk our lives to protect it.
Jennifer (sad) - I always believed that was the right thing to do...
Jennifer (sad) - I don't know what to believe in now.
Jennifer (sad) - It doesn't seem like you're lying, Harlie. But, I don't want
to think that my fellow earthlings are lying to me, either.
Laharl - What makes you think I'm not lying? I AM a demon.
Jennifer (amused) - I can tell by looking into your eyes. I believe you
because your eyes are pure.
Jennifer (flirt) - I don't know if it's pure good or pure evil, though
Laharl (trouble) - Hmph! Nonsense.
Jennifer (sad, thoughts) - (That man's eyes... Are they pure right now...?)
Jennifer (serious) - Well, either way, we have to find Gordon and uncover the
truth, or else... Something terrible might happen.
-switch Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne (upset) - I agree. At this rate, a war might erupt between the
Netherworld and the human world.
Flonne (upset) - We must prevent that.
Etna (smirk) - Huhhhhh? Why? It'd be fun!
Flonne (upset) - [Spiky] Etna!
Etna (annoyed) - Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry. *sigh* What's with you serious types...

[Stellar Graveyard - Primordial Soup]
Jennifer (amused) - Gordon's nearby!?
Jennifer (serious) - Gordon! Gordon! Where are you!?
???? - [Spiky] Hahahahaha!! A familiar voice! Is that you, Jennifer!?
???? - [Spiky] You must have been through hell. But, have no fear! Captain
Gordon is here!
-Gordon jumps out from behind the top of a hill, flashes with white rays-
-Laharl goes into annoyed pose-
Laharl (annoyed) - ...THAT's the hero?
-Flonne walks to left of Laharl, eyes flare up-
Flonne (anger) - He's so cool!
-Etna turns to Flonne-
Etna (annoyed) - ...Flonne, you got a wide strike zone.
-Gordon jumps from top of hill to Laharl's group-
Jennifer - Gordon!
Gordon (serious) - Are you alright, Jennifer?
Gordon (serious) - Hm!? Who are these children!?
-Laharl walks up-
Laharl - How dare you call me a child! I am the Overlord!
-Gordon goes into amused pose-
Gordon - You? The Overlord!?
Gordon - Hahahahaha!! Quit joking around.
Gordon - You haven't even gone through puberty..
-Laharl sends purple lightning bolt at Gordon, Gordon dodges-
Gordon (surprise) - Hey! No fair! A cowardly trick, Overlord!!
Laharl - It's about time you came to your senses.
Gordon (serious) - I, Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, shall put an end to
your evil ambition of invading Earth!!
-switch Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne (upset) - P, Please wait.
Gordon (serious) - Shut up, villainess!!
Flonne (surprise) - Villainess!?
-Flonne turns to Laharl-
Flonne (upset) - Laharl! This rude stranger isn't a hero, nor is he a defender
of anything!
-Flonne turns to Gordon-
Flonne (upset) - Let's kick his sorry butt!
-Etna turns to Flonne-
Etna (annoyed) - ...That didn't take long.
-Laharl turns to Gordon-
Laharl (thinking) - We're in agreement this time, Flonne.
Laharl - Listen, Defender of Earth! If you can defeat me, I promise not to
invade your planet.
Laharl - But if I win, then you agree to stay here in the Netherworld and
become my vassal. How about it?
Gordon (anger) - Tch! Fine! A hero never backs down from a fight!
Jennifer - Gordon, listen...
Gordon (smirk) - No need to worry, Jennifer.
Gordon (smirk) - I eat guys like him for breakfast! Thursday and I can handle
this by ourselves!
Gordon (smirk) - All you have to do is believe in Captain Gordon, Defender of
Earth, like always!!
-switch Jennifer to Laharl-
Laharl (ecstatic) - Haaahahahaha!! It's a deal, then!! Here I come, Defender
of Earth!!
-Gordon shines-
Gordon (serious) - Come on, Overlord! I'll protect the earth at any price!!
Gordon (serious) - Thursday!! Back me up!
-switch Gordon to Thursday-
-Thursday jets over to Gordon's side, Battle-

[Won Stellar Graveyard - Primordial Soup]
Laharl (ecstatic) - Haaahahahaha!! How do you like that, hero!? Taste the power
of the Overlord!!
Laharl (ecstatic) - You've learned an important lesson today... Heroes don't
always win!! Haaahahahaha!!
Flonne (surprise) - Oh no... What have I done? I have injured a human...
Flonne (surprise) - I... inadvertently...
-switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - Inadventently my butt...
Etna (smug) - Flonne, lately you've been acting more and more like us demons,
Flonne (surprise) - N, No, I haven't...
Flonne (sad) - But, if the Seraph finds out...
-Fade out-
Vulcanus (anger) - Seraph! Seraph Lamington, are you here!? This is a serious
Seraph - It is always a serious matter when you come here. What is it this
Vulcanus (anger) - Flonne has killed a human in the Netherworld!!
Seraph - What? Flonne killed a human?
Vulcanus (anger) - That's right! Even if she is a trainee, an angel harming a
human is a grave sin!!
Vulcanus (anger) - Is this forgivable!? No, such a sin cannot be forgiven!!
Seraph - ...But still, that is odd. Why would a human be in the Netherworld?
Vulcanus (surprise) - W, Well...
Vulcanus (anger) - At any rate, I will make sure that Flonne is captured!!
Vulcanus (anger) - I'll be using some of the troops. I have your permission,
Seraph - ...Very well. I shall leave it to you, Vulcanus.
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - Yes, sir!
-Vulcanus fades out-
Seraph (calm) - ...Hmmm, I never expeted humans to interfere.
Seraph - Now then... How will he respond to this...?
-Fade out-
[Primordial Sou]
Flonne (upset) - Everything will be fine! The Seraph will understand that it
was just a mistake!
Flonne (upset) - ...He surely will!
Etna (annoyed) - You better hope so...
-Fade Out-

Episode Preview
Etna - Now that we have the Defender of Earth on our side, our space adven...
Gordon - Hi, everyone! This is your hero, Captain Gordon!
Etna - It won't be easy for Gord..
Gordon - As you all know, I am the 37th Defender of Earth!
Gordon - As the name suggests, it is my duty to defend the Earth!
Etna - What lies ahead of..
Gordon - No matter what lies ahead, I swear on my honor...
Gordon - ...and the name "Defender of Earth", that evil-doers shall not escape!
Gordon - That is my mission!
Etna - Next....
Gordon - Next on Captain Gordon: Defender of Earth... Episode 10: Angels,
Demons, and Humans!
Gordon - Look forward to my adventures! Hahahahahaha!!

Laharl - Gordon! Wash my shorts!
Laharl - Gordon! After that, clean my room!
Laharl - Gordon! After that, make dinner!
-Fade into Overlord's Castle Hall-
Gordon (anger) - *huff* *huff* ...!
Gordon (anger, thoughts) - (What humiliation! The Defender of Earth working for
the Overlord! I can't apologize enough to my predecessors!)
Laharl (happy) - Hmmmmm? You look unhappy.
Laharl (happy) - Don't tell me that a hero would break his promise, now.
Gordon (anger) - *groan*
Gordon (anger, thoughts) - (A hero never breaks a promise!)
Gordon (anger, thoughts) - (All I can do right now is endure this!)
Gordon (anger, thoughts) - (As long as my faith does not falter, hope
Gordon (smirk, thoughts) - (I've got it! I'll just pretend to obey him!)
Gordon (smirk, thoughts) - (And when he lets his guard down, I'll escape back
to Earth!)
Gordon (smirk, thoughts) - (Alright! I just need to have patience! Good
thinking, Gordon!)
Laharl (happy) - Your eyes are full of hope... You're planning something,
aren't you?
Gordon (surprise) - N, No I'm not! I was just...
-switch Gordon to Jennifer-
Jennifer - Morning, Harlie <3
Laharl - I told you not to call me that!
Jennifer (flirt) - Why not? It's cuter that way.
Jennifer - Etna and Flonne are going to show me around the Netherworld, and
we're gonna have a picnic.
Jennifer (amused) - Why don't you come along, Harlie? We made a great lunch!
-switch Laharl to Gordon-
Gordon (surprise) - Picnic?
Gordon (surprise) - You must be joking, Jennifer! I, the Defender of Earth, am
working, and you, my assistant, are picnicking?
Jennifer - But Gordon, today's Sunday. It's a day off for everybody.
Gordon (anger) - Well, that's true, but...
Gordon (smirk) - Thursday, you'll stay here and work with me, right?
LALALA (note)
Gordon (surprise) - Hey! You traitor!
-switch Thursday to Jennifer-
Jennifer (amused) - There you have it, Gordon. We'll leave the chores to you.
-Clear, enter Etna-
Etna - ...So, where should we go?
Flonne - It's her first time in the Netherworld, so how about the Sea of
Etna (peeved) - Why!? It's so hot over there.
Jennifer - What kind of place is it?
Flopnne - It's a big tourist spot. Since you're new to the Netherworld, you
have to go check it out!
Jennifer - Is there a souvenir shop around?
Flonne - Uhm, it's not exactly the kind of place that sells souvenirs...
Etna (smirk) - If it's souvenirs you're looking for, try Sphinx's on Sacrifice
Street. They've got nice mummy heads, see?
Jennifer (surprise) - Oh! How adorable!
Flonne (surprise) - Hey! That's the Nether Year 666 Limited Edition model!
I want one!
Etna (smirk) - Heheh, too bad.
Jennifer - Okay, today it's a picnic at the Sea of Gehenna, and tomorrow it's
shopping on Sacrifice Street.
Etna (smirk) - Sounds like a plan!
Flonne (happy) - I'm in!
-Clear, enter Laharl and Gordon-
Laharl (annoyed) - ...Now I just plain pity you, Gordon.
Laharl - Alright, we're going to the Sea of Gehenna!
Laharl (anger) - I will never, ever allow those women to go picnicking on their
Gordon (smirk) - That's a great idea! We should do it!
Gordon (serious) - It's not like we'd be going on a picnic, going lalala (note)
Someone has to protect them!
Laharl - Right, let's go!
Gordon (smirk, thoughts) - (*snicker* Here's my chance!)
Gordon (smirk, thoughts) - (I'll sneak off and escape during the picnic!)
-End Introduction-

[Sea of Gehenna - Fervent Melody]
[EDF Headquarters]
General Carter - ...It's past the scheduled time, and still no word from
General Carter - Apparently, even the Defender of Earth was no match for
the Overlord...
Sharp-Eyed Man - He's not the real Defender of Earth.
Sharp-Eyed Man - If you had just left it to me, I would've been done ages ago.
General Carter - Are you still carrying on about that? You need to be more
insightful, Kurtis.
General Carter - It doesn't really matter to me whether he wins or loses.
General Carter - His mission ended as soon as he opened a route to the
Netherworld. Slaying the Overlord was just a pretext.
Kurtis - Hmph. They're nothing but pawns to you, huh...
General Carter - What an ugly way of saying it, Kurtis. I prefer to call them
as the "heroes who sacrificed their lives for the earth".
General Carter - Muhahahaha!!
Kurtis (smirk, thoughts) - (Hmph... Gordon wouldn't die so easily.)
Kurtis (anger, thoughts) - (Only I, Kurtis, can defeat him!)
Kurtis (anger, thoughts) - (I bet he beat the Overlord already and is enjoying
a picnic right now, going lalala (note))
-Fade out-
[Sea of Gehenna]
Gordon (smirk) - Lalala (note)
Gordon (smirk) - Hahahahaha!! I never thought that picnicking in the
Netherworld would be so delightful.
Laharl (annoyed) - ...Is this guy really a hero?
Laharl (annoyed) - I'm not really one to say, but... I always thought a hero
was a big more dignified.
Laharl (annoyed) - This guy's just a fool.
-switch Gordon to Flonne-
Flonne (happy) - No, a true hero hides his real identity from the world,
pretending to be quiet or weak.
Flonne (happy) - Then, when someone needs to be saved, he appears admirably
to uphold justice.
-exit Laharl-
Flonne (happy) - That's right, isn't it?
Jennifer (surprise) - Well, I guess...
-exit both, enter Gordon-
Gordon (smirk) - Lalala (note)
Etna (annoyed) - You sure? He looks like he doesn't have a care in the world...
Gordon (smirk) - Lalala (note)
Gordon (serious, thoughts) - (Alright, they're falling for my plan.)
Gordon (serious, thoughts) - (Now, all I have to do is just play along until
I can make a run for it!)
-Fade Out-
Seraph - Your continued existance hinges on an incredibly unstable balance. Do
you understand?
???? - I am aware of that.
Seraph - Then, please take better care of yourself.
???? - I would like to, but I cannot leave them on their own.
Seraph - ...My power is not limitless. Please do not forget that.
???? - ......
-Fade Out, Battle-

[Sea of Gehenna - Wasteland of Woe]
Gordon (smirk) - Hey! What's wrong, Master?
Gordon (smirk) - You're not having fun? I thought kids loved picnics. The sky
is blue, the weather is perfect!
Gordon (smirk) - Come on! Let's sing!
Laharl - I'm not a kid! I'm 1313 years old. And mentally, I'm much more mature
than you, too.
Etna - Mature? I think you two are above the same. ...For your information, I'm
-switch Etna and Gordon to Flonne-
Flonne (anime-worry) - I'm, ummm... fairly young.
Laharl (annoyed) - Young? How old is young?
Flonne - Young is... young.
Laharl (annoyed) - You're an angel, aren't you? Tell the truth.
Flonne (upset) - ......
Flonne (upset) - One thousand... five hundred nine.
Etna (surprise) - [Spiky] What!? You're older than me!?
Laharl (ecstatic) - Haaahahahaha!! You old hag!
Flonne (anger) - I'm not old!!
-switch out to Jennifer-
Jennifer (surprise) - ...That's amazing. No one would think you're that old.
Laharl (thinking) - Hmph. That's why humans act so foolishly. They judge solely
on looks.
Jennifer (flirt) - Ooh, you talk big. Then you shouldn't mind my body, right?
Laharl (troubled) - Uh... W, Well...
Laharl (troubled) - I'm getting hungry. Let's eat.
-exit Laharl-
Jennifer (amused) - *chuckle* Changing the subject, huh? I'll let it slide
this time.
-exit Jennifer-
Flonne (happy) - Here's the picnic basket...
-Purple swoosh, Mid-Boss takes Picnic Basket-
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - En garde!!
Flonne (surprised) - Ah, the picnic basket!!
Mid-Boss - It has been a while, mademoiselle. The sweet smell of these entrees
has led moi all the way here.
Etna (rage) - Hey, Mid-Boss! Give us back our food!!
Mid-Boss - Non non non non non... I cannot oblige.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - For moi, a widower, this handmade lunch is like an oasis in
a desert...
Mid-Boss (smirk) - I cannot give it back.
Laharl (annoyed) - You return after all this time, and for a stupid reason
like this?
Flonne (sad) - Mr. Mid-Boss, you don't have anyone to make lunch for you? Poor
Mid-Boss (anger) - Stop pitying moi! That sends a sharp pain to my heart!
Gordon (serious) - Hold it right there!
Gordon (serious) - Mid-Boss, was it? That picnic basket is mine! Give it back,
Mid-Boss - Hmmm... You are a human, are you not?
Gordon (smirk) - That's right! They call me Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!!
Mid-Boss (smirk) - And why is the Defender of Earth picnicking with demons?
Gordon (serious) - Sh, Shut up! I'm not here because I want to be!
Mid-Boss - Very well. I shall test your resolve, o Defender of Earth...
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Now! Can you retrieve this basket from moi!?
-Mid-Boss runs-
Gordon (surprise) - Hey, you! Wait!!
-Gordon pursues-
Laharl (annoyed) - It's so pathetic that we put up with that idiot...

[Sea of Gehenna - River of Lava]


[Sea of Gehenna - Searing Tyranny]
Gordon - Hmmm... Where did our lunch go?
Etna (annoyed) - Let's go home. This is pointless.
-switch Etna to Laharl-
Laharl (annoyed) - I agree.
-switch Gordon to Flonne-
Flonne - We can't leave now! We woke up early just to make it.
-switch Flonne to Gordon-
Gordon (smirk) - That's right! As Defender of Earth, I cannot let our food
fall into the hands of evil!
Laharl (annoyed) - You're just hunrgy.
Gordon (surprise) - What are you talking about!? This is a challenge by evil!
I cannot turn my back on this ordeal!
Gordon (serious) - Justice must prevail!!
-switch Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne (anger) - How wonderful! You really are a hero!
-switch Flonne to Jennifer-
Jennifer - Gordon, let's have Thursday search for the baskey using his
olfactory tracking device.
Gordon (smirk) - Oh yeah! I forgot about that!
Jennifer - Thursday, can you pinpoint the location where the picnic lunch's
smell originates?
-switch Gordon to Thursday-
Jennifer (amused) - Thanks's Thursday. Hey guys, the culprit is up ahead.
-switch Jennifer to Etna-
Etna (surprise) - That robot can do stuff like that, too? Pretty useful.
-switch Thursday to Gordon-
Gordon (smirk) - Of course! Thursday is a multi-purpose super robot!
Gordon - And the creator of Thursday is none other than Jennifer!
Gordon - She was a child prodigy who invented Thursday at the age of 5 and
earned a Ph.D. in every subject by the age of 10!
Gordon (smirk) - Without her help, we would never have understood the secrets
of the pyramids, or solved the case of Jack the Tripper!
Etna (annoyed) - ...So, why are YOU bragging?
-switch out to Flonne-
Flonne (happy) - That's incredible, Miss Jennifer.
Jennifer (amused) - It's nothing, really.
Laharl (thinking) - I thought you were just a dumb blonde, but I guess I was
Jennifer (flirt) - Hmmmm? Who was the one saying not to judge people by their
looks, Harlie?
Laharl (troubled) - Uh... Did I say that?
Laharl - Anyways, we have to get the baskey back before Mid-Boss eats it alL!
Jennifer (amused) - *chuckle* You're right. Let's go.

[Sea of Gehenna - Inferno]
Mid-Boss - My, my... What a gluttonous bunch you are, following moi all this
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Look who's talking!
Gordon (serious) - Give it up! I swear by the name "Defender of Earth", that
I'll get that basket back!!
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Haaahahahaha!! You are going to get hurt if you think
that I am your average picnic basket thief!
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Very well! I shall demonstrate for you humans the
elegant techniques of the Dark Adonis!
-Light flash, Mid-Boss shimmers with rays-
Gordon (surprise) - [Spiky] Whoa!? So bright!!
Gordon (anger) - [Spiky] Shoot, at this rate, we'll lose!!
-Jennifer hops up-
Jennifer (serious) - Gordon!!
-Gordon hops up-
Gordon (serious) - Jennifer! Thursday! Let's give it a go!
-Thursday hops up, Jennifer glows with fist raised-
Jennifer (serious) - [Spiky] To protect the earth from evil!!
-Jennifer shimmers-
-Thursday shimmer, Gordon glows with fist raised-
Gordon (serious) - [Spiky] Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! Here to save the
-Gordon shimmers, large white flash with rays-
Flonne (surprise) - This isn't good! Laharl! Etna! They're stealing the show!
-Laharl turns to Flonne, gets in annoyed pose-
Laharl (annoyed) - Well... I don't really care...
Flonne (upset) - You should! We're joining in!!
Etna (annoyed) - What!? You serious, Flonne?
Flonne (anger) - I'm no longer ordinary Flonne! I'm Guardian Flonne!
-Flonne hops up-
Flonne (anger) - Alright, here we go!
-Laharl/Etna walk up, Flonne turns to Laharl, Laharl fist up, Flonne turns
Flonne (anger) - [Spiky] As long as evil exists in the world, this elegant
angel will soar the skies!
-Flonne turns to Etna, Etna fist up, Flonne turns back-
Flonne (rage) - [Spiky] The people's cheers bring me courage!
-Flonne fist up-
Flonne (rage) - [Spiky] The Warrior of Love, Guardian Flonne!!
-Yellow flash, 'failed'-
Laharl (annoyed) - Why do I have to be a part of this...?
Etna (annoyed) - I've never been so embarrassed in all my life...
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Haaahahahaha!! Your teamwork is terrible compared to
the Defender of Earth!
-Flonne turns to others-
Flonne (upset) - Sheesh! We're being laughed at because of you two!
-Etna turns to Laharl-
Etna (annoyed) - S, She's pissed, Prince...
-Laharl turns to Etna-
Laharl (annoyed) - I give up! Do what you want...

[Won Sea of Gehenna - Inferno]
Laharl - You lose again. Now, give back the picnic basket.
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Haaahahahaha!! Unfortunately for you, I have already
consumed the contents!
Gordon (serious) - You fiend! How dare you!
Mid-Boss - That means this duel is a draw!
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - We shall meet again! My compliments to the chef!
-Mid-Boss Runs-

(Rest of end is lost because of computer crash)

Episode Preview
Etna - With the EDF Armada steadily advancing, it's up to me to protect the
Carter - Muahahaha! What can a little girl do!?
Etna - Mega Curse Cannon! Anything in the air is toast!!
Carter - Hmmm... not bad!
Etna - Plasma Magic Circle! Nothing can get past this baby!
Carter - Ugh... Impossible!
Etna - And the ultimate weapon, Love Freak Flonne!
Etna - With her idealistic notion of peace and love, she'll annoy you into
Carter - Gaahhhh... how dreadful!
Etna - Next on Legend of the Netherworld Heroine... Episode 11: Etna vs EDF
Etna - Another page in the Netherworld's history..
Carter - We can't just sit here! All forces, move out!

[EDF Headquarters]
General Carter - Finally, the time has come...
General Carter - If we don't secure the Netherworld in this battle, the earth
won't last another 100 years.
General Carter - Capturing the Netherworld... That's our only means of
-Warp in Vulcanus-
Vulcanus - *grunt* That is correct.
General Carter (surprise) - You're...! Is there something you want?
Vulcanus - No, I just came to make sure that you weren't backing out of this.
General Carter - We are preparing to launch the attack. Our fleet of space
carriers was constructed using the
most advanced technology.
General Carter - If your information is correct, then there is no way we can
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - *grunt* That's good to know. I'm counting on you.
General Carter - That angel... What does he hope to gain, giving us information
about the Netherworld...?
General Carter - No, now is not the time for second guessing! The earth is
breathing its last breath.
General Carter (anger) - [Spiky] All ships prepare for takeoff! Earth Defense
Force, move out!!
-Ships lift off-
-Fade out-
Gordon - Not good!
[Salamander's Breath]
Gordon - Not good!
Gordon - Not good!
[Overlord's Castle]
Gordon - [Spiky] This is not good at all!!
[Overlord's Castle Hall]
Gordon (serious) - I must find a way to return to Earth! At this rate, I'll
have no choice but to accept a job as Slayer of the Netherworld.
Gordon (serious) - Hmmmmm. Is there any way...
Gordon (smirk) - Oh, yeah! The EDF!! When I don't return according to schedule,
they'll surely come to rescue me!!
Gordon (smirk) - Alright! A ray of hope!!
Laharl - Hey, was that supposed to be you talking to yourself? I could hear
every word you said.
-switch Laharl to Jennifer-
Jennifer - Gordon, do you really think the EDF will come to rescue us?
Gordon (serious) - Of course I do! I have faith in them!
Jennifer (sad) - ......
-switch out to Etna-
Etna - Prince, Prince.
Laharl - What? Something wrong?
Etna (smirk) - You've received a challenge.
Laharl - What!? From who!?
-switch Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (happy) - Get ready for this: it's from the Defender of Earth!
-switch Flonne to Gordon-
Gordon (surprise) - What'd you say!?
Gordon - That's strange... I don't remember writing a challenge...
Laharl (thinking) - What's it say?

I am the Defender of Earth.
I finally found you, evil Overlord.
The time has come to settle the score.
Come to the Forest of the Dead.
There, you shall meet your doom.

Laharl - ...Okay! Let's go!
Etna - It's your duty as an Overlord, again?
Laharl (ecstatic) - That's right. I'll pound him into submission and make him
my vassal!
Laharl (ecstatic) - Rejoice, Gordon! It looks like you'll be meeting a new
friend! Haaahahahaha!!
-End Introduction-

[Forest of the Dead - Ghostly Whisper]
Jennifer (sad) - Hey, Gordon. Could that challenge have been written by
Gordon (serious) - Kurtis! Now that you mention it, you might be right!
-switch Gordon to Laharl-
Laharl - Who's this Kurtis?
Jennifer - Kurtis is the other Defender of Earth.
Etna - The OTHER Defender of Earth? There's more than one of 'em?
Jennifer - No, the true Defender of Earth is Gordon.
Jennifer - Kurtis calls himself the Defender of Earth and tries to steal work
from under us.
Jennifer - But, as much as I hate to admit it, he has managed to save the earth
on a few occasions.
Jennifer - That's why you could say that there are 2 Defenders of Earth right
Flonne - Hmmmm. Sounds complicated.
Laharl (happy) - It worked out fine in the end, sinec one has become the
Slayer of the Netherworld.
-switch Jennifer to Gordon-
Gordon (surprise) - "Worked out fine"!? This is NOT fine!!
Gordon (serious) - I work for the earth, not the Netherworld!!
-Fade out-
???? (thoughts) - (The Overlord! I've finally found you!)
???? (thoughts) - (Today, I'll fulfill my sworn duty!)
???? (thoughts) - (But first, I'll test your strength! I'm counting on you, my
-Fade in-
Laharl - Hm? I sense something nearby.

[Forest of the Dead - Rising Fear]
-Laharl's group walk on, green flash, ???? warps in, raises saber-
???? - [Spiky] Overlord! Prepare yourself!!
Gordon - Kurtis!?
-???? gets denser in form-
???? - [Spiky] Take thissssssssss!!
-???? crouches, flashes yellow-
-???? lunges for Gordon, Thursday pushes Gordon out of way, but gets bashed
and short-circuits, getting pushed back. Gordon rushes to Thursday-
Gordon - [Spiky] Thursday!
-Thursday stands again, Gordon turns back-
Gordon - You're not Kurtis!! Who are you!?
Gordon - Are you aware of who you're dealing with!? I am Captain Gordon,
Defender of Earth!
-Jennifer steps up, turns to Gordon-
Jennifer - Wait, Gordon!
-Gordon turns to Jennifer-
???? - What? The Defender of Earth?
-Both turns to ????-
???? - What would the Defender of Earth be doing here in the company of the
-Gordon steps back-
Gordon - Uh, well... It's a complex situation...
-Laharl steps forward-
Laharl - He's my vassal. He lost to me in battle, so I made him my slave.
Laharl - His new name is Slayer of the Netherworld.
???? - [Spiky] What was that!? The Defender of Earth is now the Overlord's
-Gordon steps up-
Gordon - S, Sir!?
-???? turns around-
???? - How shameful... How disgraceful... The Defender of Earth has sunk so
Gordon - Hey! You haven't heard the whole story!
Gordon - Besides, you haven't even introduced yourself yet!
???? - ...Me?
-???? turns around-
???? - I'm Don Joaquin, the original Defender of Earth...
-Don Joaquin turns around and disappears in green circles-
Gordon - The original... Defender of Earth...?
-Etna walks to Gordon-
Etna - That ol' man? Sounds fishy to me.
Jennifer - No, it may be true. My father used to tell me about him.
Jennifer - Hundreds of years ago, the first Defender of Earth left for the
Netherworld to vanquish the Overlord, and never returned...
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne - But, how is he still alive? Compared to the typical human life span,
he should have passed away a long time ago.
Laharl - That's probably his soul.
Laharl - He probably couldn't rest in peace until he defeated the Overlord, so
his soul remained behind.
Flonne - Why...?
-Gordon turns to others-
Gordon - There's only one thing!!
-Gordon flashes in stars and orange rays-
Gordon - [Spiky] It's his duty as a hero!
-Etna turns around-
Etna - He's starting to sound like you, Prince...
-Gordon goes back to normal-
Gordon - I'm so touched!
Gordon - The idea of him still struggling to fulfill his duty, transcending
time! A true Defender of Earth!!
Gordon - I'm proud to follow in his footsteps!!
-Etna walks forward-
Etna - But, I don't think an old man like that could defeat the Prince even in
a thousand years.
Gordon - Yeah... I see your point.
Flonne - But, we have to help him! We can't just leave him like this!
Laharl - ...Hey, Love Freak. You're not trying to force your beliefs on me
again, are you?
Flonne - Bingo <3
Flonne - Next time we run into him, let's lose on purpose.
Flonne - That way, he'll finally be satisfied, and his spirit will ascend to
-Etna turns to Flonne and Laharl-
Laharl - Don't be ridiculous! I have a duty to fulfill, too! I can't lose on
Flonne - Why? Is it that big a deal?
Flonne - Are you that selfish that you can't even save a poor hero's soul?
-Laharl goes into anger pose-
Laharl - Shut up! This is between me and him! So, stay out of it!!
Flonne - ......
-Laharl turns around-
Laharl - ...We're going in after him!

[Forest of the Dead - Crawling Terror]
Thursday (malfunctioning) - BEEP... BLIP BEEP...
-Thursday sparks-
Gordon - Huh!? Wh, What's wrong, Thursday!?
Jennifer (surprise) - Oh no!
Jennifer (surprise) - The shock from that old man's attack has short-circuited
Gordon (surprise) - Can you repair him, Jennifer!?
Jennifer (sad) - Even though I built Thursday when I was 5, I can't fix him
without the proper equipment.
-Thursday sparks-
Thursday (malfunctioning) - BEEP... BEEP BLIP...
Jennifer (sad) - Ahhh... The damage to the Memory Circuit is extensive.
Jennifer (sad) - If Thursday overheats, then his entire memory will be lost.
Gordon (anger) - Hmmmm... That leaves me no choice. Thursday, you're going to
have to sit on the sidelines for now.
-Thursday sparks-
Thursday (malfunctioning) - BEEP...BLIP BEEP... W, WAIT. THURSDAY CAN FIGHT.
Gordon (serious) - I won't allow it. We can't afford to lose you.
Jennifer (sad) - Gordon's right. You heard what I said, didn't you? Your
memory could be lost.
Jennifer (sad) - If that happens, you'll forget about Gordon and I, and all
the wonderful memories that we've shared together.
-Thursday sparks-
Thursday (malfunctioning) - BE...EP... THURSDAY FIGHT ANYWAY.
Gordon (serious) - Thursday...!
Gordon (anger) - Thursday...! Ughhhh... *sob*...!
-switch out Jennifer and Thursday to Laharl-
Laharl - What's wrong, you gotta go?
Flonne (upset) - No he doesn't! He's been touched by Mr. Thursday's heart!
-switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - Heart? Robots have hearts?
Gordon (serious) - What are you saying! Thursday's words are the very heart
of a Defender of Earth!!
Gordon (serious) - It doesn't matter if he's human or robot; he has the same
spirit burning deep inside of him!
Gordon (serious) - Thursday!
-switch Etna to Thursday-
Gordon (serious) - Your noble spirit has touched my heart! No matter what the
outcome, I will be proud to fight beside you!
Gordon (serious) - Now, join us, Thursday!
Thursday - BEEP BEEP...
Thursday - THANK YOU, CAPTAIN...
Thursday (sad voice) - THURSDAY SO GLAD TO HAVE MET YOU...

[Forest of the Dead - Hero's Tomb]
-Laharl's party go on, Don appears again in a green flash-
Don - I've been waiting for you, Overlord!!
Don - Countless years have passed since I left my home, Earth, so far away!!
How I've dreamt of this day!!
Don - Now, we shall settle this at last!
-Laharl steps up-
Laharl - That we will! King Laharl runs from no one! Come on!!
-Flonne steps up, turns to Laharl-
Flonne - W, Wait, Laharl! You're not going to actually fight him, are you?
-Laharl turns to Flonne-
Laharl - Why not? He challenged me, didn't he?
Flonne - Laharl...! You're-
-Laharl turns back, Etna turns to Flonne-
Etna - Flonne, just let him do things his way.
Flonne - B, But...!
-Don plants his sword in the ground-
Don - [Spiky] My friends!! Aid me in battle!!
-Laharl steps back-
Laharl - Hm!? He's not alone?
-Flonne steps back, zombies appear-
Zombie - Ffffrrriiiieeeennndddsssss...
Laharl - ...More zombies, huh.
Don - Whaddya think of this!? I've made a few friends over the years!
-Don raises sword-
Don - [Spiky] Here I come, Overlord!! Now is the moment that I fulfill my
Laharl - Very well! En garde, old hero!!

[Won Forest of the Dead - Hero's Tomb]
Flonne - Laharl! Why!? Why didn't you lose!?
Flonne - I know that you have a kind heart inside!
Flonne - Why...?
Laharl - ...You're starting to get annoying. I'm a demon. There was never any
kindness in my heart.
Laharl - You were wrong about me. Sorry to disappoint you.
Flonne - ........!!
Flonne - You've let me down, Laharl! You're the worst...
Don - It's okay, little girl...
-Everyone turns to Don-
Flonne - Huh...?
Don - It's all okay. I'm satisfied now...
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne - ...What do you mean?
Don - It may be hard for you to understand, but we heroes live a certain way,
and we die a certain way, too.
Don - I was once known as the Defend of Earth, but I grow old, died, and have
since existed as a mere soul...
Don - I could no longer live as a hero, nor could I die as one; I just wandered
the Netherworld...
Don - How pathetic I felt...
Don - But, at long last, I was able to fight again as Defender of Earth.
Don - I wasn't able to win, but I have no regrets. In fact, I feel as if a
great weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
Don - It's all thanks to this kid Overlord, because he fought me with all his
Don - Now, I can finally rest in peace.
Don - ...Thank you.
Laharl - Hmph. What kind of hero thanks an Overlord?
Laharl - ...I was ujst fulfilling my own duty.
-Thursday sparks-
Thursday (malfunctioning) - BEEP... BLIP BEEP...
-Jennifer goes to Thursday-
Jennifer - Gordon! Thursday's...!!
Gordon - Hey, hang in there, Thursday!!
-Thursday sparks-
Thursday (malfunctioning) - GORDON... JENNI...FER...
-Jennifer walks up to Thursday-
Jennifer - Don't speak, Thursday! You'll waste your energy!
-Thursday turns to Jennifer-
Thursday (malfunctioning) - IT IS... OKAY, JENNIFER...
Thursday (malfunctioning) - DID... THURSDAY... SERVE... HIS... PURPOSE?
-Gordon walks to Thursday-
Gordon - Thursday...!
Gordon - Yes! Of course! Of course you did, Thursday!!
Gordon - We were only abled to overcome the many obstacles we have faced in our
adventures because of your support!!
Gordon - We three together are the Defenders of Earth!!
Gordon - So, don't give up! Thursday!!
-Thursday sparks-
Thursday - THANK GOODNESS...
Thursday (powering down) - THANK YOU... FOR... ALL... THE... MEM...OR...IES...
-Thursday sparks, then shuts down, Jennifer steps back-
Jennifer - *sniff* Thursday...
Gordon - [Spiky] Thursday...! Thursdaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
-Camera goes to Don, Laharl's trio turns to Don-
Don - Young Defender of Earth, you have wonderful friends.
-Gordon steps back from Thursday, Gordon and Jennifer turns to Don-
Don - If I had friends like that, maybe things would have been different.
Don - ...This shall be my final act as Defender of Earth.
-Don raises sword, glows-
Don - [Spiky] Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...!!
-Energy gathers in sword, large light flash, silence, Thursday powers back up-
Thursday (powering up) - BEEP... BEEP BLIP BEEP...
-Everyone turns to Thursday-
Jennifer - Thursday!! How can this be!? His circuit is fixed!!
Gordon - ...Which means!!
-Gordon walks up to Thursday-
Gordon - Ohh, Thursday!!
-Jennifer walks up to Thursday-
Jennifer - Ahh, thank goodness!
-Gordon and Jennifer walks to and turns to Don-
Jennifer - Thank you so much! How can we repay you...?
-Everyone else turns to Don, Don turns back-
Don - No, it was my fault that this happened in the first place... I don't need
to be thanked...
-Don turns left again, plants sword in ground-
Don - Farewell, young Defenders of Earth. Remember that spirit inside you...
-Don glows, soul ball floats up, white flash-
Gordon - I salute you, Don Joaquin, the original Defender of Earth!!
-Fade in-
Laharl - ...Maybe there are some decent humans out there, after all.
-All except Flonne and Thursday turns to Laharl-
Etna - It looks like you're getting the hang of being Overlord, aren't ya,
-Thursday turns also and Laharl turns to Etna-
Laharl - Of course. Who do you think I am? I'm the great King Laharl.
-Flonne turns to Laharl, Thursday turns back-
Flonne - Umm, Laharl... I'm sorry that I jumped to conclusions and said such
horrible things...
-Laharl turns to Flonne-
Laharl - That's right! You said I'm "the worst...", didn't you?
Laharl - What were you gonna say next? "The worst..." what?
-Flonne steps back-
Flonne - Uh... W, Well...
Gordon - I'd like to hear the answer to that, too.
-Flonne turns to Gordon's group-
Jennifer - Me, too.
-Flonne turns back to Etna and Laharl-
Etna - What kind of filthy language was about to escape those love-preaching
-Thursday goes up-
Flonne - [Spiky] Nooooooo!!
-Flonne bashes into Thursday, Thursday is stunned-
Etna - Ah, she destroyed the evidence.
-Jennifer goes to Thursday-
Jennifer - Ahh! Thursday!!
-Thursday blackens a little, Flonne turns to Gordon's group-
Gordon - Oh my god! Are you okay, Thursday!!
-Laharl turns to Flonne, Flonne turns around-
Laharl - ...Wicked little angel.
Etna - Yep. Worse than a demon.
-Flonne goes in exasperated pose-
Flonne - N, No, I'm not...!
-Fade Out-
Thursday - THE END
-TV-like fzzt-

Episode Preview
Etna - Etna and..!
Jennifer - Jennifer's...!
Etna & Jennifer - Netherworld Telephone Shopping!!
Etna - Today's item: The multi-purpose super robot, Thursday!
Etna - Tired of after-thankstaking sales hassles? Leave it all to Thursday!
Etna - He'll bring the entire mall right to your doorstep!
Jennifer - Thursday's super computer makes preparing your taxes a cinch!
Jennifer - No more buying tax software every year!
Jennifer - What a great way to save! <3
Etna - Now, you can get your very own Thursday!
Jennifer - With a free branch lopper and knife set!
Etna & Jennifer - All for just 29990 HL! That's right, just 29990 HL!!
Etna & Jennifer - Call right now!

[Stellar Graveyard]
-Energy gathers, then explodes as a rift in the Graveyard appears-
[Overlord's Castle Hall]
Flonne (surprise) - What was that?
Etna - Felt like an earthquake, but they barely ever happen around here.
Laharl (thinking) - But whenever there's one, something big always happens.
Laharl (ecstatic) - Hmhmhm... I wonder what catastrophe will happen this time.
-switch Etna to Prinny Squad-
Prinny Squad - P, Prince! Several giant objects have appeared at the Stellar
Graveyard, dood!
Laharl - That was quick. ...How many?
Prinny Squad - Dood, there're billions of 'em!
-switch out to Gordon-
Gordon - You hear that, Jennifer? The EDF is here to save us!
Gordon (smirk) - We can go home!
Jennifer - Wait, Gordon. We can't be so sure.
Jennifer - Even if it was the EDF, why would they send so many ships?
Gordon - Oh, come on. Why are you being so pessimistic? It's not like you.
-switch out to Etna-
Etna - Well, why don't we go check it out?
Flonne (happy) - I agree. Sitting here won't do any good.
-switch Etna to Laharl-
Laharl - Alright then! To the Stellar Graveyard!
-End Introduction-

[Stellar Graveyard II - Embryon]
Astronaut - *muffled breathing*
Gordon (smirk) - Soldiers of the EDF!Gordon (smirk) - I told you, Jennifer!
Just like I said!
Jennifer (serious) - ......
-switch out Gordon and Jennifer to Laharl-
Laharl - Hmmm. I've never seen so many humans all at once.
Etna - So, what'd they come all the way here for?
-switch Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne - Aren't they here to rescue Mr. Gordon?
Etna - Don't you think they're acting kinad strange, though?
EDF Soldier - *muffled breathing*
-switch Flonne and Etna to Gordon-
Gordon - What's wrong? Your beloved hero is right here!
EDF Soldier - *muffled breathing*
Gordon (surprise) - H, Hey! Guys!Gordon (surprise) - It's me! Captain Gordon,
Defender of Earth!!
Laharl (annoyed) - Not very popular, are you?
-switch Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne (sad) - Poor Mr. Gordon...
Gordon (surprise) - D, Don't be silly! I'm the Defender of Earth! All the kids
love me!
Gordon (serious) - I had my own comic series and Saturday morning cartoon!
Etna (annoyed) - But, they don't seem all that impressed.
-switch out Etna and EDF Soldier to Jennifer-
Jennifer (sad) - Gotdon, we've been used...
Gordon - Used? What do you mean, Jennifer?
Jennifer (serious) - They asked us to defeat the Overlord, but their true
purpose was to secure a route to the Netherworld...
Gordon (surprise) - What are you saying, Jennifer!?Gordon (serious) - They're
risking their lives to save us! How can you accuse
them of...!
Jennifer (sad) - But, Gordon... Can't you see...?
Gordon (serious) - Enough of this! I don't want to hear it!
Gordon (serious) - I'm shocked and disappointed in you! I hereby dismiss you
from your duties as my assistant!Jennifer (surprise) - .........!!
Jennifer (sad) - ...I see.
-exit Jennifer-
Gordon (serious) - I must have faith in the people of Earth! Unfaltering,
unwavering faith!
Gordon (serious) - It's my duty as Defender of Earth! Right, guys!?EDF Soldier
- Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth... You are to be terminated...
Gordon (surprised) - What!?
-switch EDF Soldier to Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - ...Sucks to be you.
Laharl (annoyed) - "All the kids love me," huh. Right...
-switch Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (sad) - Poor Mr. Gordon...
-switch Laharl and Flonne to EDF Soldier-
EDF Soldier - ...Die...
Gordon (surprise) - Hey, wait! What are you doing!?

[Won Stellar Graveyard II - Embryon]
Gordon (serious) - Hmmmmm...
Gordon (serious) - Why would the EDF attack me?Etna (annoyed) - Duh, they
stabbed you in the back. You're slow!
-Switch Thursday to hologram-
Hologram - ...Fffff...fffffff...
General Carter - Ahhh, Gordon. I see that you're still alive.
Gordon (surprise) - What!?
General Carter - Muhahahaha!! With your help securing a route, we were able to
make it here unchallenged.
General Carter - Now, the Netherworld will be ours!
General Carter - I thank you, Defenders of Earth! Muhahahaha!!
Gordon (serious) - Oh my god! We were being used!?
Flonne (anime-worry) - Ummm... Are yo just realizing that, now?
-switch Gordon to Laharl-
Laharl (annoyed) - Aren't you happy, Flonne? There's someone even dumber than
-switch out to Gordon-
Gordon (anger) - Ugh...!
Gordon (smirk) - Ha, hahahahaha!! I knew of their plan all along!
Etna (anger) - [Spiky] Liar!
-switch Etna to General Carter-
General Carter - Gordon, you were a splendid pawn.
General Carter - I will tell the people of Earth that Captain Gordon died
valiantly while fighting the Overlord.
General Carter - That is the least I can do for you.
General Carter - Well then, Gordon, so long. Muhahahaha!!
-Hologram ends-
Laharl - Hmmm... There are some promising humans out there.
Etna (smirk) - I was thinking the same thing. Should we try to recruit him?
-switch out to Flonne-
Flonne (upset) - Will you stop joking around!? This is a serious matter!
-switch out to Jennifer-
Jennifer (sad) - ......
Gordon (serious) - J, Jennifer...?
-switch Jennifer to Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - She's probably hurt because you trusted them instead of her.
Oh well, it's none of my business.
Laharl (happy) - Didn't you dismiss her just a minute ago, Gordon?
-switch Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (praying) - Awww... Poor Miss Jennifer...!
-exit Laharl and Flonne-
Gordon (anger) - Ugh...!
Gordon (serious) - J, Jennifer... About that dismissal...
Jennifer (sad) - ...It's okay, Gordon.
Jennifer (sad) - I deserved to be dismissed...
-exit Jennifer-
Gordon (serious) - Jennifer...
Gordon (surprise) - Ohhhhhhhhhh...! I'm so sorry, Jennifer...!
-Fade Out-

[Stellar Graveyard II - Core Point No. 4]
???? - Long time, no see, Gordon!
Gordon (serious) - Who's there!?
-white beam hits in front of Gordon, Gordon hops back-
Gordon (anger) - Ugh...!
-Kurtis descends on precipice by jet boots-
Gordon (surprise) - K, Kurtis!?
Kurtis (smirk) - That's right. Kurtis, Defender of Earth.
-Kurtis flashes with white rays-
-Flonne turns to others, eyes flare-
Flonne (anger) - How cool! A rival has made his appearance! Look, look!
Etna (annoyed) - Yeah, yeah. Calm down.
-People turn back-
Kurtis - My goal was to defeat you, Gordon, but it seems I've overestimated
Gordon (serious) - Huh!? What do you mean!?
Kurtis - I assumed that you had completed your mission and defeated the
Kurtis - I came here to settle things with you.
-Kurtis jumps to another square-
Kurtis (anger) - But, look at the facts. You've failed your mission, and even
worse, you've become the Overlord's slave.
Kurtis (anger) - I'm embarrassed to call you my rival!-Laharl walks up-
Laharl - He's right. That IS embarrassing.
Gordon (anger) - Ugh...!
Kurtis - You don't have the right to call yourself "Defender of Earth", nor
the right to fight me!
Kurtis - ...So long.
-Kurtis turns around, hops back-
Gordon (serious) - Kurtis, wait!
-Gordon steps up-
Gordon (serious) - You're right. I didn't complete my mission.
Gordon (serious) - And in your eyes, it may seem that my current predicament is
rather... pathetic.
-switch Kurtis to Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - ...What's he talking about? It IS pathetic.
-switch Gordon to Flonne-
Flonne (upset) - Shh! It's getting good!
-switch out to Gordon and Kurtis-
Gordon (serious) - [Spiky] But! But, I say!!
Gordon (serious) - [Spiky] I have not lost my passion... I still have a hero's
Gordon (serious) - [Spiky] Words cannot describe this sensation! My soul burns
brighter than ever before!!
Gordon (serious) - [Spiky] And do you know why!?
Gordon (serious) - [Spiky] Because the true enemy has appeared before my very
-Kurtis turns around-
Kurtis (anger) - ...Fine, then. If you insist, prove me wrong.
-Soldiers are summoned-
EDF Soldier - *muffled breathing*
Kurtis - I'll be waiting for you, Captain Gordon
Kurtis - Don't lose to these bunch of soldiers...
-Kurtis jets off, Battle-

[Stellar Graveyard II - Star Cluster]
Vulcanus - *grunt* Dance for me, you foolish humans.
Vulcanus - You'll save me the trouble of dealing with both Flonne and the
Vulcanus - *grunt* Ingenious, if I do say so myself.
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - All that remains is that spineless Seraph. Once I get
rid of him, I will be the one and only!!
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - [Spiky] Humans! Demons! Angels! I will be the god of
-Vulcanus fades out-
Flonne (surprise) - ......!!Etna (annoyed) - What's wrong? You're acting weird.
Flonne (upset) - ...I felt an evil presence.
-switch Etna to Gordon-
Gordon (serious) - Was it General Carter? Or maybe Kurtis?
Flonne (sad) - No... It wasn't human. Something more terrifying...
-switch Gordon to Laharl-
Laharl (thinking) - It's hard to believe that there's something more evil than
Laharl - You sure you're not imagining things?
Flonne (sad) - ...Maybe it's just me.

[Stellar Graveyard II - Sidereal Rift]
Jennifer (sad) - ......
Flonne (sad) - Miss Jennifer has been really depressed lately...
-switch Jennifer to Etna-
Etna (smug) - I wonder who's falt that is.
-Flonne goes to right, enter Gordon-Gordon (surprise) - Don't look at me like
that!Flonne - You should apologize.
Gordon (serious) - Y, Yeah.
-switch Flonne and Etna to Jennifer-
Jennifer (sad) - ......
Gordon - Ummmmm, Jennifer... Well, you see...
Jennifer (sad) - ...It's all my fault.
Gordon (surprise) - What?
Jennifer (sad) - I could have stopped them, but I didn't...
Jennifer (sad) - I knew what was happening, but I kept denying it...
Jennifer (sad) - If only... If only I was stronger...
Gordon - W, What do you mean, Jennifer? What are you talking about?
Jennifer (sad) - ......
-switch out to Laharl-
Laharl - [Spiky] Who's there!?
-Fade, enter Kurtis-
Kurtis (smirk) - Well done, Overlord. I thought I had completely masked my
Laharl (thinking) - You, too. Getting this close without me noticing.
Kurtis - It's an honor to hear such praise from you. My purpose was to settle
things with Gordon, but now you've caught my attention.
Laharl (happy) - Heheh... And what have you got in mind?
Kurtis (smirk) - Hmph... You ask the obvious.
Kurtis (smirk) - Mano-a-mano! We shall speak with our fists!

[Won Stellar Graveyard II - Sidereal Rift]
Kurtis (smirk) - Hmph... Not bad.
-Laharl walks up-
Laharl - What's wrong? Why are you holding back?
Kurtis - I'm ready to get serious, but I don't want to injure the VIP.
-Gordon walks up-
Gordon (serious) - What? Who's he talking about?
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne (surprise) - H, Has he fallen in love with me? How sweet <3
-Etna walks up, turns to Flonne-
Etna (annoyed) - Where'd you get that idea?
-both turn back as earthquake starts-
Gordon (serious) - What the!? Why is the ground shaking!?
Gordon (surprise) - Ahhhh! That's...!!
Gordon & Jennifer (surprise) - The Space Battleship Gargantua!!
-Show picture of Gargantua-
Kurtis - We will now begin a full-scale attack with over 2 million battleships.
Kurtis (anger) - But, before that...!
-Kurtis teleports, grabs Jennifer, teleports back-
Jennifer (surprise) - Ah!!
Kurtis - Your father awaits you, Jennifer. Come with me.
-Jennifer backs off, Gordon steps up-
Gordon - Father...? I thought her parents passed away when she was a child...
-Jennifer turns away-
Jennifer (sad) - ......
-Kurtis turns to Gordon and others-
Kurtis - What, you didn't know?
Kurtis - She is General Carter's foster child.
-Gordon steps back-
Gordon (surprise) - What!?
-switch Kurtis with Jennifer-
Jennifer (sad) - ......
Jennifer (sad) - ...I'm sorry, Gordon.
-Jennifer turns back-
Jennifer (sad) - What Kurtis said is true. I was adopted by General Carter and
raised as his child.
Jennifer (sad) - He was a kind man. I always believed that he loved me...
Jennifer (sad) - But, that couldn't have been further from the truth...
Jennifer (sad) - He raised me only so he could use me...
-switch out to Kurtis-
Kurtis - If you're going to complain about your father, tell him youself...
Kurtis - My orders are simply to bring you back alive.
-Jennifer turns to Kurtis, walks up to Kurtis-
Jennifer (sad) - He wants to use me again...?
Jennifer (sad) - ......
Jennifer (sad) - ...Hahah... It doesn't matter anymore...
-Jennifer and Kurtis turns around-
Gordon (serious) - Wait! Jennifer, don't go!
Gordon (serious) - You're the assistant of Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth,
Gordon (serious) - Have you forgotten our sworn duty!?
-Jennifer and Kurtis turns around-
Jennifer (sad) - ......
-switch Jennifer for Etna-
Etna (annoyed) - Um, didn't you dismiss her?
-Gordon turns around-
Gordon (surprise) - [Spiky] Shut up! Don't dig up the past! I retracted that!!
-Gordon turns around-
Gordon (serious) - Jennifer! It doesn't matter if you're Carter's daughter or
Gordon (serious) - As the assistant to the Defender of Earth, listen to your
Gordon (serious) - What is right!? What do you believe in!? And what will you
do right now!?
Jennifer (sad) - Gordon...
-switch Jennifer to Kurtis-
Kurtis - Enough talk.
Kurtis - Gordon, Overlord...
Kurtis (anger) - I'd like to settle this once and for all. If you want Jennifer
back, then find a way aboard the Gargantua.
-Kurtis turns around-
Kurtis (smirk) - Until then... See ya.
-Kurtis lifts off with Jennifer-
Gordon (surprise) - Jennifer!!Gordon (anger) - [Spiky]
-Fade Out-

Episode Preview


Seraph - This is a bit worrisome. I never thought human intervention could
cause such disorder...
???? - Nor did I...
Seraph - This may hinder, our plans.
???? - Yes, indeed...
Seraph - What is troubling you? Is there something else?
???? - ...I cannot believe that this is the work of humans alone.
???? - Someone must be pulling the strings.
Seraph (calm) - ......
???? - ...Do you have an idea who it might be?
Seraph (calm) - I think so... But, I cannot be certain...
???? - I see. ...I will investigate the matter.
Seraph (calm) - But, if you strain yourself much more, you will...
???? - *chuckle* That is of little concern.
-Fade to black-
???? - Compared to the ordeal they are enduring...
-Fade out-
[Overlord's Castle Hall]
-occasional shockwaves-
Laharl (anger) - Dammit! Pesky humans!
Flonne (sad) - What do they want with the Netherworld, I wonder?
Etna - Beats me. I don't understand how humans think.
-exit both-
???? - I'm back!
Laharl - How'd it go, Gordon?
Gordon (smirk) - Easy, as expected.
Gordon (smirk) - Using Thursday's navigation system, I was able to lock on to
the Gargantua's coordinates.
Laharl - Good work. Now, we can board the ship directly.
-switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna - But still, I'm surprised you were able to find the coordinates. You look
about as smart as a rock.
Gordon (serious) - Well... It seems that Jennifer had already programmed them
-switch Etna to Flonne-Flonne (surprise) - Miss Jennifer did?
Flonne (sad) - Then, did she expect this to happen?
Gordon - ...I guess so.
Gordon (serious) - But, she must've wanted to give her father the benefit of
the doubt.
Gordon (serious) - That's probably why she never told me about it.
Flonne (sad) - ......
-switch Flonne to Laharl-
Laharl (thinking) - ...Hey, how long are you planning on sitting around?
Laharl - We can't just let the humans have their way!
Laharl (happy) - Let's go! I shall show those fools what happens when you pick
a fight with an Overlord!
-Switch Gordon to Flonne-
Flonne (upset) - Yeah!! We'll show them!
-switch Laharl to Gordon-
Gordon (serious) - That's right! I'm overwhelmed with hero's spirit! I'll save
Jennifer, no matter what!!
-switch out to Etna-
Etna (smug) - *giggle* This is getting interesting <3
-End Introduction-

[Gargantua Deck - Point Alpha-III]
Laharl (ecstatic) - Hmhmhm...! Foolish, weak humans!
Laharl (ecstatic) - Feel the wrath of the Overlord!!-Purple swoosh-
Laharl (extreme rage/pain) - [Spiky] Haaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
-Alarms go off-
EDF Soldier - [Spiky] General Carter! Demons have commenced an attack!!
General Carter - Don't fret for even a moment. Our armada is 2 million ships
EDF Soldier - B, But, our defensive fleet is being obliterated!
General Carter (surprise) - [Spiky] What!? What are the enemy's numbers!?
EDF Soldier - J, Just one, sir!!
-clear screen, explosion-
EDF Soldier (radio) - [Spiky] The 126th Brigade has been annihilated! All
soldiers have retreated!!
EDF Soldier (radio) - [Spiky] The S. S. Olympus is taking ground! Admiral
Jackson and his crew have abandoned ship!
EDF Soldier (radio) - [Spiky] The 782nd Brigade is out of commission! The 15th
and 981st Brigades have requested emergency assistance!
-switch out to General Carter-
General Carter (anger) - Ugh...!! This is a nightmare!!
General Carter (anger) - Our armada is being wiped out by a single demon!?
General Carter (anger) - I heard nothing of this kind of strength!!
-Fade Out-
[Gargantua Deck]
Laharl - Looks like I took care of most of them.
Laharl (thinking) - Hmph... What a weak bunch.
Etna (smirk) - You really pay attention to the details, giving them time to
escape before destroying their ships.
Flonne (happy) - *giggle* See? He's not devoid of love.
Laharl (troubled) - S, Shut up! I just don't want to stink up the Netherworld
with human corpses!
Laharl - I'm not...
-switch Flonne and Etna to Thursday-
-switch Laharl to Gordon-
Gordon (surprise) - [Spiky] Everybody, look out!
-clear screen-
-Gargantua cannon fires-
Etna (surprise) - What was that?
-Flonne walks up, eyes flare-
Flonne (anger) - Is that their secret weapon!?
-Gordon walks up, turns to Laharl-
Gordon (serious) - You imbecile! Now's not the time to be impressed!
-Gordon turns head to cannon-
Gordon (serious) - That's the Astro Cannon, the EDF's ultimate weapon.
Gordon (serious) - Demon or angel, you won't escape a shot unscathed!
Laharl - Hmph. Interesting.
-switch Gordon to Flonne-
Flonne (upset) - Didn't you hear what Mr. Gordon said? Let's just avoid the
cannon for now.
-Laharl and Etna turns to Flonne-
Etna (peeved) - Whaaat!? That's no fun!-clear screen, Gordon turns and raises
Gordon (serious) - Listen up, everyone! We have to find the entrance so we can
sneak aboard!!-All turns to Gordon-
Gordon (serious) - Hang in there, Jennifer! I'll save you!!Gordon (serious) -
No matter lies ahead, Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth,
will fight to the end!-Battle-

[Gargantua Interior - Main Corridor 1]
???? - Papa...
???? - You're wrong, Papa...
???? - You must stop...! Please, Papa... Listen to me...!
Jennifer (sad) - ...Where am I...?
Kurtis - Are you awake?Jennifer (serious) - Kurtis...
Kurtis - Were you having a nightmare? You were tossing and turning.
Jennifer (sad) - ......
Kurtis (smirk) - ...It doesn't matter. You won't have to worry about having
those dreams anymore.
Jennifer (surprise) - K, Kurtis! That thing in your hand...!
Kurtis (anger) - You guessed it. Very good, Professor.
Kurtis (anger) - You must know what it does, then.
Jennifer (serious) - Stop it, Kurtis! You call yourself human!?Kurtis (smirk)
- Do I? I lost 70% of my body, and something even more dear to
me in an incident...
Kurtis (smirk) - Maybe I lost my sense of humanity at that time, too...
Kurtis (anger) - It's time to sleep. Sweet dreams...
Jennifer (surprise) - [Spiky] Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
-Thud, fade out-
[Main Corridor 1]
Gordon (serious) - Hm!? That scream!!
Flonne (upset) - It's Miss Jennifer!
-switch Gordon to Etna-
Etna - It's coming from that way.
-switch Flonne to Laharl-
Laharl - Let's go!-switch Etna to EDF Soldier-
EDF Soldier - *muffled breathing*
Laharl - More humans... *sigh* They just don't learn, do they?
-switch Laharl to Thursday-
-switch Thursday to Gordon-
Gordon (serious) - Everyone, be careful!
Gordon (serious) - These are super-human androids constructed by Kurtis!
-switch out to Laharl-
Laharl (annoyed) - Super...
Etna (annoyed) - Human...
Flonne (anime-worry) - Androids...?-switch out to Gordon and EDF Android-
Gordon (serious) - That's right! Kurtis is a brilliant scientist, rivalling
even Jennifer!!
Gordon (serious) - But, he's been conducting fearful research, all in the name
of humanity!
Gordon (surprise) - !!! Could that scream be...!?
Gordon (serious) - No! He's attempting to modify Jennifer!
-switch out to Laharl-
Laharl (annoyed) - He's attempting...
Etna (annoyed) - To modify...
Flonne (anime-worry) - Jennifer...?
-Show giant picture of giant Jennifer-mecha-
Gordon (surprise) - [Spiky] Hey! Stop imagining weird things!
Gordon (surprise) - [Spiky] We have to save Jennifer!!-Battle-

[Gargantua Interior - Main Corridor 2]
Gordon (surprise) - From Carter!?Gordon (serious) - Okay, Thursday. Open a
communication channel.
-Open hologram-
Hologram - ...Fffff...fffffff...
Gordon (serious) - Carter!!General Carter - Muhahahaha!! You're being a sore
loser, Gordon.
Gordon - [Spiky] Of course! I can't let a villain like you win, for the sake
of Earth!Gordon - [Spiky] I swear by the name "Defender of Earth", Carter! I
defeat you!!General Carter - ...You just don't get it, do you? This invasion
IS for the
sake of Earth.
Gordon (surprise) - What!?General Carter - As you know, the earth is
confronting a serious crisis.
General Carter - The boom in population, the rise in crime, the shortage of
natural resources... The human race can't survive much longer.
General Carter - It would require an astronomical budget merely to find a
new home for the people of Earth.
General Carter - That's why taking over the Netherworld is such a simple and
economical solution!
-switch Gordon to Laharl-
Laharl - Hmmm... Your efforts are admirable. You'd make a great demon.
Laharl - But, there wouldn't be a crisis in the first place if you humans
weren't so stupid.
Laharl (thinking) - As the Overlord of the Netherworld, let me say just one
Laharl (anger) - [Spiky] Clean up your own damn mess!!General Carter - Ugh...!
You foul-mouthed little runt...!
-switch Laharl to Gordon-
Gordon - I have something to add to that! General Carter, I am beyond angry!
Gordon (serious) - [Spiky] Give back my Jennifer, Chrome-dome!!
General Carter - Why you...! If you can't play nice...
General Carter - ...then neither will I! I'll crush you for the sake of the
earth's future! Prepare yourselves!-End Hologram, battle-

[Gargantua Interior - Main Corridor 3]
Gordon - Kurtis!!
Kurtis - Glad you could make it, Gordon.
Kurtis - I knew the hordes of security guards wouldn't be enough to stop you.
Kurtis (anger) - I thought you might like to know... It's been 5 years since
I lost my wife and daughter... And with them, my soul...
-switch out to Laharl-
Laharl (annoyed) - Hey, he's giving us his life story.
Etna (smug) - Should we... attack now?
Flonne (upset) - No, we have to listen! The rival always has a tragic past.
-switch Etna and Laharl to Kurtis-
Kurtis - ...May I continue?
Flonne (happy) - Oh, please, by all means.
-exit Flonne-
Kurtis - As I was saying... It's been 5 years since I lost my wife and
daughter... And with them, my soul...
Kurtis - Back then, I was a top scientist, burning with a passion to save the
Kurtis (anger) - If it wasn't for that fateful incident...
Gordon - Five years ago...?
Kurtis - As a result of the explosion in the lab, I lost my family and 70% of
my body.
Kurtis - A group of anti-space development terrorists were to blame...
Gordon (serious) - You mean your wife and daughter were victims of that
Kurtis - That's right... You caught the culprits, but what comfort would that
be to me?Kurtis (anger) - I swore to my wife and child! Since the Defender of
couldn't do his job, I would take his place!
Kurtis (anger) - And I became a cyborg to do just that!
Kurtis (anger) - What good is the Defender of Earth if he can't save innocent
Kurtis (anger) - A true defender would do anything in his power to save as many
people as possible!Kurtis (anger) - I can't accept anything less!
Kurtis (anger) - I will defeat you, Gordon! And claim the title of true
Defender of Earth!
Kurtis (anger) - That is the only path left to me!
Gordon - So that's it... I didn't know you had such a past, Kurtis.
Gordon - It was all due to my failings. ...Forgive me.
-Music change-
Gordon (serious) - But, what you're doing now, Kurtis, is not the right way!
Kurtis (anger) - What!? I'm fighting for the sake of humanity!!
Gordon - Invading the Netherworld might save the earth...
Gordon (serious) - ...but it would require many sacrifices! Is that what you
want!? Is that really for the sake of Earth!?
Gordon (serious) - You should know best that it feels like to be a victim,
Gordon (serious) - What will your wife and daughter think, up in heaven!?
Kurtis (anger) - .........!!
Gordon (serious) - I am the Defender of Earth!Gordon (serious) - My duty is to
right what is wrong! Even if it means that
I must face a comrade-in-arms!
Gordon (serious) - I don't want to fight you, but this is for your own
good!Gordon (serious) - [Spiky] Here I come, comrade!! Behold the true spirit
of a

[Won Gargantua Interior - Main Corridor 3]
Kurtis (anger) - W, Well done...
Kurtis (anger) - You've... proven me wrong...
Kurtis (anger) - I felt the true defender's spirit... the strength of your
determination... even in this mechanical body.
Kurtis (anger) - I lost... Now, finish me...
-switch Gordon to Laharl-
Laharl - Okay.
Etna (smug) - We'll kill you in one painless blow <3
-switch Kurtis to Flonne-
Flonne (upset) - You can't!-switch out to Gordon and Kurtis-
Gordon - Kurtis, our battle has already ended.
Gordon - You tried to do what you thought was right. It's just that your
sorrow drove you to do it in the wrong way...
Gordon (smirk) - That's why I want you to fight by my side, as a comrade...
How about it?
Kurtis - Gordon...
-switch Gordon to Laharl-
Laharl - I could use a skilled person like you as one of my vassals.
Kurtis (smirk) - Heh... The Overlord's vassal... That doesn't sound too bad.
Kurtis - But... it seems that my body needs to recharge... I must sleep for
a while...
Kurtis (anger) - Gordon... Be careful of... Jennifer...
-Kurtis thud-
Gordon (serious) - Kurtis!
Gordon - Be careful of Jennifer...? What does he mean by that?
-switch Gordon to Laharl-
Laharl (thinking) - Be careful...
Etna (pissed) - Of...
Flonne (anime-worry) - Jennifer...?
-Giant mecha-Jennifer is shown again-
Laharl - ...Are you thinking what I'm thinking?Etna - ...Modification?
Flonne - *nod* ...Modification.
Gordon - ...Will you three grow up already?
-Fade out-

[Gargantua Interior - Bridge]
Gordon - We've finally got you cornered, Carter! Release Jennifer, now!
Carter - ...As you wish.
-Jennifer appears with a different coloration-
-Gordon approaches Jennifer-
Gordon - Jennifer!!-Shows picture of giant mecha-Jennifer-
Laharl - ...Hey.
Etna - ...Uh-huh?Laharl - ...That's not what I expected.
Etna - ...Me neither.
-fades back to battlefield-
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne - Hey! You call THIS a modification!?
Carter - Muhahahaha!! So, you found out about it, eh?
Carter - That's right! I have installed a neural override device!
-Flonne gets ? bubble-
Flonne - Neural... override?
Carter - Exactly! Jennifer is now my puppet!
Carter - Jennifer! Go defeat Gordon!-Jennifer walks up-
Jennifer - ......
-Gordon walks up-
Gordon - Hahahahaha!! This must be a joke!
Gordon - I, the Defender of Earth, could never lose to such a delicate
-Gordon walks up to meet Jennifer, Jennifer responds with a Triple Strike,
leaping back, and then an improved Tiger Strike.-
Gordon - Owwwwwwwwwwwww...
-Jennifer walks back, Etna turns to Gordon-
Etna - Geez, you're weak...
-Laharl turns to Gordon-
Laharl - Gordon... Maybe you're not cut out to be a hero.
Carter - Muhahahaha!! What do you think of that!?
Carter - Jennifer is a master of the ancient martial art, Kung Fu!
Gordon - What!? I never knew that!!Carter - You never asked.
Gordon - That explains it. So, what am I supposed to do?Gordon - No way can I
use my full fighting potential against Jennifer!
-Etna turns to Gordon-
Etna - You'd lose anyways, man.
-Laharl turns to Gordon-
Laharl - How about we just blow up the entire ship?
-Flonne turns to other-
Flonne - Oh no you don't! I already claimed this ship!
-Laharl turns to Flonne-
Laharl - I, I see... Well, so much for that idea...
-All turn back to Carter-
Gordon - Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, facing his greatest challenge
ever...!!???? - [Spiky] How pathetic, Gordon!! What happened to that spirit
you were
bragging about!?
-Enters Kurtis, Kurtis jets to Jennifer-
Gordon - Kurtis!! You're better already!?Kurtis - Hmph... Your voice woke my
heart up to the ideals I forgot long ago.
-Kurtis walks up-
Kurtis - Stand aside...! Let me show you MY defender spirit!
Carter - Jennifer! Kill that traitor first!
-Jennifer walks up, powers up in yellow flash-
Jennifer - [Spiky] Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!
-Jennifer powers up in red, performs first phase of Star Buster-
Kurtis - [Spiky] Uoohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
-Jennifer performs second phase of Star Buster, Kurtis withstands it, both
hop back-
Kurtis - Gordon...! You called me a comrade...!
Kurtis - I... I looked up to you...
Kurtis - That's why I became a scientist in the first place... Funny, isn't it?
Kurtis - How did things end up like this? If only I had realized sooner...
Kurtis - No... It's enough that I realized it in the end. I bet they're smiling
down on me from heaven...
Carter - Jennifer! Stop wasting your time with that miserable traitor!
-Carter walks up-
Carter - Curse you all!! I'll just blow you all up and Jennifer, too!Carter -
In case of event like this, I planted a bomb inside the neural
override device!Carter - Muhahahaha!! Now, die!
-Kurtis walks up-
Kurtis - I made that device! And I know its weakness!
-Jennifer steps up, gathers yellow energy-
Jennifer - [Spiky] Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!
Kurtis - Jennifer! I can't let you die here!-Kurtis gathers green energy-
Kurtis - [Spiky] Uoohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
-Kurtis gathers blue energy, explodes in yellow rays, white flash-
Gordon - [Spiky] Kurtiiiiiiisssssssssss!!
Kurtis - Hey Gordon... Do you think I could ever be a true Defender of
Gordon - Yeah...! Yeah! Of course you could be!!
Gordon - What am I saying... You ARE a true Defender of Earth!!
Kurtis - Heh... Thanks, Gordon...
Kurtis - I won't forget the defender spirit... you showed... me...
-Flash envelops screen and fades. Kurtis lies on ground, Jennifer crouching,
Gordon crouching by Kurtis-
Gordon - I should be the one thanking you...
Gordon - ...Kurtis. You will be known as the 38th Defender of Earth.
Laharl - ...Heed my words, Death. I command you in the name of King Laharl.
Laharl - Lead the soul of Kurtis, Defender of Earth, to his family's side...
-Kurtis's soul energy rises, Kurtis disappears, Etna turns to Laharl-
Etna - Prince...
-Flonne turns to Laharl-
Flonne - Laharl...
-Laharl turns to Flonne-
Laharl - ...Don't say a word. As the Overlord of the Netherworld, I was just
paying homage to a true hero.
Laharl - That's all...
Flonne - Yes... I understand.
-All turn back to Jennifer, Gordon steps up-
Gordon - [Spiky] Carter! I'll never forgive you!!
-Carter steps back-
Carter - *gasp*
-Jennifer stands up-
Jennifer - Wait, Gordon!Gordon - Jennifer! You're back to normal!?
Jennifer - Yes... I was conscious the entire time I was being controlled...
Jennifer - Because of me, Kurtis...
Gordon - He did what he thought was right. I'm sure he has no regrets...
Gordon - And now, his spirit will burn brightly in your heart.
Jennifer - Yeah... You're right.
Gordon - Jennifer, you are no longer my assistant.
Gordon - Fight alongside me as an equal... ...as a Defender of
Earth!!-Jennifer walks to Gordon, turns to Gordon-
Jennifer - ...Thank you, Gordon.
Jennifer - I understand. Let's forget about the part, and concentrate on the
-Both turns to Carter-
Carter - W, Wait, Jennifer! I'm your father! Have you forgotten everything that
I've done for you!?Jennifer - No, I haven't... If you hadn't taken me in back
then, I might not be
here today...
Jennifer - I loved you, and believed in you...
-Jennifer walks up-
Jennifer - But, we were never a true family to begin with...
Jennifer - You raised me only so you could manipulate me!
Jennifer - I'll never call you "Father" again! Prepare yourself, Carter!
Carter - Tch...! You ungrateful little...!
Carter - That's it! Die!!
-Angels appear in orange flashes-
Angel - ......
Flonne - A Celestial Host!? Why...!? Why are angels helping HIM...!?Laharl -
Apparantly, someone's been pulling strings from behind the scenes.
-Etna turns to Laharl-
Etna - Celestia's involved, huh? It just keeps getting better, Prince.
Flonne - It can't be... Is this the will of the Seraph...?

[Won Gargantua Interior - Bridge]
-Carter steps back from group-
General Carter - Muhahahaha!! You may have foiled my plans this time, but
I'm not through yet!-Gordon steps up-
Gordon (serious) - Wait, Carter!!
-Carter takes more steps back, turns around-
General Carter - [Spiky] Muhahahaha!! Farewell!!-Carter teleports out into
escape pod-
[Carter's Escape Pod]
General Carter (anger) - I can't believe it...! Demons are that powerful...!?
General Carter (anger) - His information was completely wrong!
General Carter (anger) - Damn him...! Was he trying to drive humanity into
extinction from the beginning...?
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Who is "he"?
General Carter (surprised) - W, Who are you!?
Mid-Boss - No matter how advanced your technology is, it is impossible to
infiltrate the Netherworld without help.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Now, answer. Who is behind this?
General Carter (anger) - I, I can't...
Mid-Boss (smirk) - ...If you do not say, I will kill you.
General Carter (surprised) - *gulp* It, It's a man with white wings!
General Carter (surprised) - I'm innocent! I, I just wanted to save the earth!
Mid-Boss (smirk) - ...I see.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Foolish human. You cannot save the earth.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - How do you intend to save all of mankind when you cannot
even save your daughter?
Mid-Boss (smirk) - You have sacrificed the lives of others to satisfy your
own ego.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Until you realize that... you will be plagued by nightmares.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - We will be watching you.
Mid-Boss (thought) - (Oh... Why am I so awesome?)
-Mid-Boss disappears-
[Gargantua Bridge]
Gordon - Thank you, Kurtis... I will never forget you.
Gordon - I swear to you that I will fight with both our strength for the sake
of humanity!
Gordon (serious) - No, not just for humanity! For every living creature!!
Jennifer (sad) - I will, to, Kurtis... You saved my life. I shall repay you
by dedicating it to world peace...
Jennifer (serious) - ...and to preventing others from becoming victims like you
and your family.
Flonne (sad) - ......
-Laharl turns to Flonne-
Laharl - Flonne...?
Flonne (sad) - ...I'm going back to Celestia.
Laharl - What...!?Flonne (upset) - I must return to find out the Seraph's true
intentions!-Fade out-

Episode Preview
Etna - Seems like one problem leads to another!
Etna - We found out that the humans were being manipulated by the angels!
Etna - Now, flonne wants to return to Celestia to go face to face with the
Seraph himself!
Etna - What awaits her there?
Etna - Will the Archangel's true intent finally be revealed!?
Etna - Next on Disgaea: Hour of Darkness... Final Episode - What Lies Beyond
the Battle
Etna - The fate of the Netherworld is in your hands...
Laharl - Th, This must be a dream...
Flonne -  Etna's acting all serious...
Gordon - Could this be a sign of terrible things to come?
Jennifer - It's the end of the world!
Prinny Squad - Dooood! Everybody, run!!
*assorted screaming noises*
Etna - ... They're gonna get it.


After learning that Celestia was behind the incident with the Earth Defense
Force, I made up my mind to go back to Celestia to ask the Seraph about it
The Netherworld. Celestia. The Human World.

I never imagined that this war, which involved the entire universe, would come
to such an unexpected end.

Laharl (thinking) - ...Your mind's made up?
Flonne (upset) - Yes.
Flonne (upset) - I must speak with the Seraph and find out what has been
happening in Celestia...
Laharl - Do you realize that you may have to face him as an enemy?
Flonne (sad) - Face Master Lamington as my enemy...?
-switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna - He's the head of Celestia, right?
Etna - We know that someone in Celestia has been helping the EDF. He must have
known about it.
Jennifer (serious) - I agree. I think it's very possible that he's even the
-Switch Etna and Jennifer to Laharl-
Laharl - Wasn't he the one who ordered you to go to the Netherworld in the
first place? ...To assassinate my old man?
Gordon (serious) - What!? An angel ordering an assassination? That's just
wrong! He's guilty, without a doubt!!
Flonne (upset) - No, he's not!
Laharl - Can you say that for sure?
Flonne (upset) - ...I believe in Master Lamington.
Laharl (thinking) - ......
Laharl (thinking) - ...I see.
Laharl - Alright, then. Let's get going.
Flonne - ...?
Laharl (thinking) - It's a good oppurtunity for me to check out this so-called
Seraph; I'm going with ya.
Flonne (happy) - Laharl...
Etna - Geez Prince, why don't you just admit it?
Etna (smirk) - "I'm worried about Flonne, so I'm gonna go with her!"
Etna - What's so hard about that, huh?
Laharl (troubled) - F, Fool! That's far from the truth...!
-switch Etna and Flonne to Jennifer-
Jennifer (amused) - Now, now. We all feel the same way, Harlie.
-switch Laharl to Gordon-
Gordon (smirk) - Jennifer's right. As the Defender of Earth, I cannot let my
comrade go alone.
-switch Jennifer to Thursday-
-switch Gordon to Laharl-
Laharl (thinking) - ...Hmph. Bunch of fools.
-switch out to Flonne-
Flonne - Everybody...
Flonne (happy) - ...Thank you.
-End Introduction-

[Celestia - Field of Virtue]
Laharl - So, this is the entrance to Celestia...
Flonne - It is said that one of the former Seraphs had this gate constructed
to cut off the Netherworld from Celestia.
Flonne - That's why it can only be opened by the residents of Celestia.
-switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna (peeved) - Hmph! That's not fair.
Flonne (upset) - Okay, I'm going to open the gate. Is everybody ready?
-clear screen, white flash into Celestia-
Mid-Boss (smirk) - ...Bonjour, everyone. It is a pleasure to see you here.
Flonne - Oh, it's you, Mr. Mid-Boss.
Laharl (annoyed) - Weren't you saying earlier that only Celestians can open
this gate?
Flonne (anime-worry) - Oh... Um... That's strange.
Mid-Boss - *chuckle* It has been thousands of years since a demon other than
moi passed through this gate.
Gordon (serious) - Aha! It's all clear to me now! You're an evil henchman who's
been hired by the Seraph!
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Bzzzt! Wrong.
Jennifer (serious) - I know! You're an angel in disguise!
Mid-Boss - Bzzzt! Another wrong answer.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - You all have very active imaginations. But I, the Dark
Adonis, just happened to be passing by... Nothing more.
Laharl (thinking) - Hmph... So, Dark Adonis, why is it that you're in
Mid-Boss - I am here to test your resolve.
Laharl - What...?
Mid-Boss (smirk) - From this point on, you will face challenges unlike
anything you have experienced before.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Whether or not you can emerge victorious... I would like
to see with my own eyes.
Laharl - But, what does that have to do with you? Why do you care!? Answer me!
Mid-Boss - Hmhmhm... We have talked long enough.
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Show me what you are capable of!

[Won Celestia - Field of Virtue]
Mid-Boss - *chuckle* Your teamwork is impressive. I commend you for having
come so far.
Laharl - Huh? Where's the usual pathetic excuse of yours?
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Demons, angels, humans... Rather than learn about each
other, they use words such as "good" and "evil" to differentiate themselves.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - ...That is the sad truth.
Flonne (thought) - (Wait... That reminds me of something Master Lamington once
said to me...)
Mid-Boss (smirk) - However, through our battle, you have proved to me...
Mid-Boss (smirk) - ...that regardless of our differences, all creatures can
become one in spirit.
Mid-Boss (smirk) - As long as you bear that in mind, I am sure you can
overcome any ordeal.
Etna (surprised) - Uh, Prince... Something's definitely wrong. Mid-Boss is
acting all serious!
Laharl - Y, Yeah! This must be a trap of some sort!
Laharl - Who are you, really!?
Mid-Boss - Hmhmhm... As I said, I am the Dark Adonis.
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Farewell! Haaahahahaha!!
-Mid-Boss Runs-
Laharl (annoyed) - So... What was that all about?
Etna (annoyed) - Beats me...
Flonne (happy) - I think Mr. Mid-Boss was trying to encourage us in his own
-switch Laharl to Gordon-
Gordon (smirk) - He is a true rival, indeed.
-switch Etna and Flonne to Jennifer-
Jennifer (amused) - Oh, the beauty of friendship between rivals!-switch out to
Laharl (annoyed) - ...Were we all listening to the same conversation?
-Fade Out-
[Seraphic Sanctuary]
Vulcanus (surprise) - Master Lamington! Master Lamington, we have an emergency!
Seraph - What is the matter?
Vulcanus (anger) - That traitor Flonne has begun her invasion of Celestia,
leading a battalion of demons!!
Seraph (calm) - ...The day has finally come.
Vulcanus (anger) - We are prepared to intercept the demons! I will lead the
troops myself. With your permission, of course...
Seraph - ...Very well. I shall leave the matter to you.
Seraph - But, I want them captured unharmed. Do you understand?
Vulcanus (anger) - Yes, sir!
-Seraph fades out-
Vulcanus (anger, thoughts) - (...Captured?)
Vulcanus (ecstatic, thoughts) - (Nonsense! I will kill them amidst the
Vulcanus (anger, thoughts) - (It is only a matter of time before I become a
god!)Vulcanus (anger, thoughts) - (And that is when I, Vulcanus, shall
absolute peace in the universe!)
-Fade Out-

[Celestia - Paradise]
-Angels appear before group-
Flonne - The Celestial Host...!
-Angel walks up-
Angel - Target confirmed. Proceeding as ordered.
Laharl - Hmph... Are those your fellow Celestians?
-Flonne turns to Laharl-
Flonne - Yes, but they are full-fledged angels.
-Etna walks up-
Etna - I don't think they're here to give you a warm welcome back, though.
-Angel walks up again-
Angel - Angel Trainee Flonne. By order of Archangel Vulcanus, you are to be
executed for treason.
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne - Wait, please! I haven't committed treason! It's all a
misunderstanding! Master Vulcanus is mistaken!
Angel - Your objections are meaningless. You are a traitor and must be
-Flonne walks up again-
Flonne - Please let me see the Seraph! I know he will straighten everything
Angel - Request denied. We were given no such orders.
Angel - Our orders are to execute Angel Trainee Flonne and all that assist
-Flonne steps back-
Flonne - I beg you! Listen to me...!
-Laharl steps forward, turns to Flonne-
Laharl - Flonne, don't waste your breath.
-all turns to Flonne-
Etna - Yeah. These morons haven't listened to a word you've said.
-Flonne turns to Laharl-
Flonne - But, I... I can't fight...
Laharl - What happened to all that determination of yours
Laharl - If you're just gonna give up, then why did you bother to
come?-Jennifer walks and turns to Flonne-
Jennifer - Harlie... You're being too harsh on her...
-Gordon walks up-
Gordon - Jennifer's right! As a defender, I cannot tolerate such treatment of
a lady...
-Laharl turns back to angels, Flonne turns to others-
Flonne - ...It's okay. Laharl is right.
Flonne - I thought I had made up my mind...
Flonne - But, once I faced the reality of the situation, I...
Flonne - ...No, I can't be like this!
Flonne - I'm sorry. I'm alright now!
-Flonne turns to Laharl-
Flonne - Thank you, Laharl.
-Laharl turns to Flonne-
Laharl - Just don't waste my time with any more talk of giving up, or else I'm
outta here.
Flonne - I understand.
-Laharl turns back-
Laharl - Hmph... Then, let's hurry up and kick some angel butt!Flonne - Okay!
-All turn to angels, angels step up-
Angel - You have demonstrated resistance. The use of deadly force is authorized
against all opposition.
-Laharl walks up-
Laharl - Be my guest. Show me what you've got!-Fades out-
[Seraphic Sanctuary]
???? - The battle has begun...
Seraph - Our task is nearly complete.
???? - Yes... We have made them come all this way, without the slightest
Seraph - We will surely be punished for our actions.
???? - *chuckle* I have already received my punishment.
???? - But, it is for that reason that the future is now in their hands.
I should be thankful.
Seraph (calm) - ...Will they prevail?
???? - I don't know... It is all up to them.

[Celestia - Angelic Choir]
Vulcanus - *grunt* It's been a while, Flonne.
-Flonne steps up-
Flonne (upset) - Master Vulcanus...!
-Etna turns to Flonne-
Etna (annoyed) - WHAT!? Don't tell me HE'S an angel!
Jennifer (surprise) - You've got to be kidding! No matter how you look at it,
that's a face of a villain!
Laharl - True. You look so evil, it's a pity that you're an angel.
Vulcanus (anger) - Silence! How dare you look at my glorious face and call
me a villain!
-Vulcanus walks up-
Vulcanus (anger) - Angel Trainee Flonne! To conspire with demons to wage war
on Celestia is an unspeakable sin!
Vulcanus (anger) - Not only that, but you've harmed innocent angels! You
deserve nothing short of death!
Vulcanus (anger) - I, the Archangel Vulcanus, shall carry out your
sentence!-Flonne walks up-
Flonne (upset) - Please, Master Vulcanus! I'm only here with a question for
the Seraph!
Vulcanus (anger) - Quiet, traitor! It disgusts me to even speak to you!!
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne (upset) - Master Vulcanus! Why? Why am I a traitor!?
Vulcanus (anger) - Stop pretending to be innocent! We all know that you are
conspiring with demons so that you can take over Celestia!
Vulcanus (anger) - And on top of that, you tricked that stupid Defender of
Earth into fighting for your cause! How despicable!
Vulcanus (anger) - It is our responsibility as angels to destroy demons, the
root of all evil, and watch over the helpless human race!
Vulcanus (anger) - To renounce your sublime duty and join force with these
foul demons is simply unforgivable!-Laharl walks up-
Laharl - Hey! Who the hell do you think you are!?
-Flonne turns to Etna and Laharl, they turn back, switch Laharl to Flonne-
Flonne - Wait... Please, let me handle this.
-All turn back-
Flonne (sad) - Master Vulcanus, I pity you.
-Vulcanus walks back-
Vulcanus - W, What?
Flonne (upset) - You believe that demons are evil, that humans are helpless...
and that you alone are right.
Flonne (upset) - But, I know that demons can show kindness... and humans can
be brave...!
Flonne (upset) - Without seeking proof, you have allowed your judgment to be
colored by prejudice.
Flonne (upset) - Isn't the evil which you speak of in your own heart, Master
-Vulcanus steps back some more-
Vulcanus (surprise) - W, W, W, WHAT!?
-switch Vulcanus to Laharl-
Laharl (happy) - Well said, Flonne.
-switch Laharl to Jennifer-
Jennifer (amused) - Yeah! You hit it right on the nose!
-switch Jennifer to Etna-
Etna (smirk) - Right on!
-switch Etna to Thursday-
-switch Thursday to Gordon-
Gordon (smirk) - I see that the defender spirit has awakened within you, too!
From this day forward, you shall be known as a Defender of Earth!
-switch Gordon to Vulcanus-
Vulcanus (anger) - Y, You...! Evil in my heart...?Vulcanus (anger) - Never! I
am only doing what is right!
Vulcanus (anger) - And I will prove that to you, here and now! With your
-Angels are summoned-
Vulcanus (anger) - [Spiky] Go, soldiers! Kill them all!!
-Vulcanus disappears, Battle-

[Celestia - Coliseum]
Laharl (thinking) - Something's not right...
Flonne - Huh? What do you mean?
Laharl - We've made it this far, but still haven't seen any sign of the
Gordon - That's true.
-switch Flonne to Etna-
Etna - If the Seraph is not involved in any of this, then why hasn't he come
out and saved Flonne?
-switch Laharl to Jennifer-
Jennifer (sad) - So, you're saying the fact that he heasn't shown up can only
-switch out to Flonne-
Flonne (sad) - ......
Flonne (sad) - ...I understand your point.
Flonne (upset) - But, I'll believe in Master Lamington until the very end...!
Laharl (thinking) - ...Geez, you're stubborn.
Laharl - Don't tell me it's because of love again...
Flonne (upset) - Yes it is, absolutely! To have faith in someone you respect...
That's love!
Laharl (thinking) - *sigh* What a Love Freak.
-switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna (smirk) - Well, I don't trust the Seraph myself, but I guess I can tag
Flonne - Etna...
Jennifer (flirt) - I'll help you, Flonne. I believe in you.
-switch Etna to Gordon-
Gordon (serious) - Me too! I trust in your love.
-switch Jennifer to Thursday-
-Exit both-
Flonne (happy) - Miss Jennifer... Mr. Gordon... Mr. Thursday...
Laharl (thinking) - This is ridiculous. You guys are so naive.
Etna - Hm? Does that mean you're leaving, Prince?
Laharl (troubled) - F, Fool! How can I turn back now, when I haven't seen
the Seraph!?
Laharl (troubled) - I'll go on, even if it's by myself!
Flonne (happy) - Laharl...
Flonne (happy, thoughts) - (Everybody, thank you so much...)
Flonne (happy, thoughts) - (I'm glad that I met all of you.)Flonne (sad,
thoughts) - (I have harmed my own kind...)
Flonne (sad, thoughts) - (No matter how this journey ends, I will receive
severe punishment...)
Flonne (happy, thoughts) - (But, I have no regrets... I was able to meet such
wonderful companions.)

[Celestia - Divine Prison]
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - *grunt* I'm surprised that you made it this far.
Not bad... Not bad at all.
Gordon (serious) - Everybody, be careful! Whenever a villain appears and talks
like this, there's always a trap!Vulcanus (anger) - Who are you calling a
villain!? Hmph, this will keep your
filthy mouth shut!-Vulcanus goes in summoning pose, with summoning circle-
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - Evil born from the darkness of chaos! Abide by the pact
and annihilate my foes!Laharl - Demon summoning...!?Flonne (upset) - How can
this be? Make a pact with demons is strictly forbidden
by our law!
-Alternate Netherworld music plays, dark energy explodes, Ahzi Dahaka,
Sea Dragon, Myrmecoleo, Balrog, and Neuntoter appears-
Demons - [Spiky] Guooooaaaaah!!
Gordon (serious) - Watch out! These aren't ordinary demons!-Jennifer turns to
Jennifer (serious) - Scan them, Thursday!
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - Hmhmhm...!!
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - I have enlisted these greater demons for an occasion such
as this!
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - They were eager to sign the contract when I told them
that they could have the Netherworld in exchange for your deaths.
-Etna turns to Laharl, peeved pose-
Etna (peeved) - See, Prince? How many times have I told you to be a better role
model for your subjects?-Laharl turns to Etna, anger pose-
Laharl (anger) - Shut up! Now's not the time!!Vulcanus (ecstatic) - *grunt*
Enjoy fighting your own kind! Muhahahaha!
-Vulcanus disappears-
Laharl (rage) - Dammit! Even I can't take care of this many greater
demons...!Gordon (serious) - What's the plan? Should we retreat?
Etna (annoyed) - You think they'll let us retreat?
-switch Gordon to Jennifer-
Jennifer (serious) - But, what else can we do!?-clear screen-
???? - Come on!???? - I don't recall having friends that lose their cool in
front of their
adversaries!Laharl (rage) - Who is this!?
-Everybody looks around-
Flonne (surprise) - Look! Over there!
-Camera go to back, show green Prinny-
Prinny? - Hmph...
Laharl (surprise) - You're...!!Laharl (annoyed) - ...Hey. Who the heck is
that?-Etna turns to Laharl-
Etna (annoyed) - I dunno.
-Flonne turns to Laharl-
Flonne (anime-worry) - I don't think I've seen that Prinny before.
-Exit both, Prinny walks forward-
Prinny? - [Spiky] Hey! Don't you recognize me!?-Team attack line appears-
Prinny? - [Spiky] These eyes full of hope and resolution!!-Close-up-
Prinny? - [Spiky] The spirit that burns within me!!-Explosion-
Prinny? - [Spiky] And this bold and valiant stature!!-Prinny lifts skull,
yellow rays-
Prinny? - [Spiky] Who else could it be? It is I, Kurtis!Gordon (surprise) - K,
Gordon (surprise) - ...You mean, THAT Kurtis?
Kurtis - That's right! Kurtis, Defender of Earth!
-switch Gordon to Jennifer-
Jennifer (surprise) - But, I thought you were with your family in heaven!
-Kurtis walks down-
Kurtis - Heh... That's what I had hoped for, but I committed too many sins
in my lifetime.
Kurtis - I was given a different form to make up for what I did...
Kurtis - I have returned to atone for my sins! And to help my precious friends!
-Kurtis leaps to front of everyone, turns around-
Gordon (serious) - Kurtis...
Jennifer (amused) - *chuckle*
-switch Gordon to Etna-
Etna (smirk) - Hmhmhm...!
-switch both to Laharl-
Laharl (ecstatic) - Haaahahahaha!!
Kurtis - [Spiky] Don't laugh!! It's not like I had a choice!!-switch Laharl to
Gordon (smirk) - I, I'm sorry. It, It's just that you're so darn cute...
Kurtis - I rushed here, thinking you guys needed me, and this is what I get?
...Maybe I shouldn't have bothered to come.
Gordon (serious) - No, Kurtis. I am grateful that you're here. Your words have
rekindled the flame in each of our hearts!
Gordon (serious) - Right, everyone?
-switch Gordon to Etna-
Etna - Well, he went through all of that just for us. We can't give up now,
can we?
-switch Etna to Laharl-
Laharl (thinking) - Of course not. As King of the Netherworld, I will show
these demons who's in charge!
<"Kurtis" joined your party!>Flonne (anger) - The power of our friendship is
increasing! I think we can do
-Laharl turns to Flonne, annoyed pose-
Laharl (annoyed) - Uh... Am I supposed to find that reassuring?
-Flonne's eyes flare-
Flonne (anger) - There is nothing to worry about! Friendship power beats
Laharl (thinking) - Geez...
Laharl - Anyways, let's do it!-Everyone go into 'level-up'/'clear battle' pose-
All - [Spiky] Alright!!-Battle-

[Won Celestia - Divine Prison]
Gordon (smirk) - Hahahahaha! That wasn't so bad, was it?
Kurtis - Yeah, sure. You were about to run away when I got here.
Gordon (surprise) - I, I only suggested a temporary, strategic retreat! That's
totally different from running away!
Flonne (happy) - Now, now. Let's just say that the power of our friendship
brought us victory.
-switch all but Flonne to Laharl-
Laharl - This conversation's going nowhere. Let's move on.
-switch Flonne to Jennifer-
Jennifer (serious) - Right. We still have that villain to defeat!
-switch Laharl to Etna-
Etna - What's up ahead, Flonne?-switch Jennifer to Flonne-
Flonne - Let's see... We are about to enter the Seraphic Sanctuary.
Flonne - Besides Master Lamington, only sentries and high-ranking angels
are allowed inside.
-switch Etna to Laharl-
Laharl (happy) - Hm... Sounds interesting.
Flonne (upset) - Please, stay alert. There's no telling what Master Vulcanus
might do at this point.
Laharl (happy) - There's no need to be concerned. Who do you think I am?
Laharl (happy) - I am Laharl, the Overlord!
[Seraphic Sanctuary - Inner Sanctum]
Etna - Hmph. So, this is where the Seraph lives. I don't see much of value...
Too bad.
Laharl (annoyed) - What was your reason for coming...?
-switch Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (upset) - Shhh! Quiet!
-Angels are summoned-
Angel - This is the Seraphic Sanctuary... Those without permission to be here
must leave the premises immediately...
-Kurtis comes into view-
Kurtis - Who are they!?-Flonne turns to Etna and Laharl, they turn back-
Flonne - These are the angelic sentries... They will guard the Seraph at
any cost.
Flonne - They are protected by a special force field, which is impervious to
all forms of attack.
-Jennifer walks up-
Jennifer - That can't be...! It must have a weakness!
-Jennifer turns to Thursday-
Thursday - Analyze the force field, Thursday!-Thursday goes up-
Thursday - BEEP BEEP BLIP BEEP... ANALYZING FORCE FIELD... 20%... 55%... 90%...
-Gordon walks up-
Gordon - [Spiky] What!? That's not fair!!Laharl - Hmph... It doesn't matter if
there's a weakness or not. All we gotta
do is blast them away with our power.
-Laharl turns to Etna-
Laharl - Etna! We'll show these angels what we think of their force
fields!!-Etna walks up, turns to Laharl-
Etna - Okay, Prince!
-Etna and Laharl's team attack pics show, they glow, gather blue energy.
Giga Fire and Giga Ice bombard Angels, Magic Wall repels them-
Laharl - That had no effect!? Impossible!
-All turns back to Gordon-
Gordon - Hahahahaha! Seems like it's a little too much for you two! Now, it's
our turn!!
-All back off, Gordon walks up-
Gordon - Jennifer! Thursday! Let's show them how it's done!
-Jennifer walks to Gordon, turns to Gordon-
Jennifer - Okay, Gordon!-Thursday walks up, turns to Gordon-
Defender Trio - [Spiky] Ultimate defender formation: Space Triangle!!-Gordon,
Jennifer, and Thursday's Team Attack pics show up, they gather blue
energy, a Triangle forms around Angels, then Giga Star. Magic Wall repels it-
Gordon - [Spiky] Our formation attack isn't powerful enough,
either...!?Jennifer - Are they truly invincible!?
-Kurtis walks up-
Kurtis - It's not time to give up yet! Don't forget that you have ME on your
-Defender Trio turns to Kurtis-
Kurtis - Let's combine our defender spirits together!All - [Spiky] True
ultimate defender formation: Plasma Quartet!!
-All 4 Defenders' Team Attack pics show up, they gather power. Rays of plasma
circle around angels, then giant ball of plasma. Magic Wall repels it-
Kurtis - You've gotta be kidding me...! It didn't even make a scratch!
-Flonne walks up-
Flonne - No! Attacking separately won't do any good!
Flonne - We must ALL unite our hearts!!-Laharl turns to Flonne-
Laharl - Unite our hearts...?-Flonne and Etna walks up-
Flonne - That's right! Whether we're angels, demons, or humans, we all share
the safe feelings!!Flonne - And if we focus those feelings together, we can
accomplish anything!!
Laharl - ...How can you say something like that with a straight face?
Flonne - Laharl!Laharl - Alright, alright. So the point is, we all attack at
the same time,
right?-All get in formation-
Laharl - Then, let's do it. On the count of three...
Laharl - One, two, three!
-Laharl glows-
Laharl - [Spiky] Haaaaaaaaahhhh!!
-Etna glows-
Etna - [Spiky] Yaaaaaaaaahhhh!!
-Gordon glows-
Gordon - [Spiky] Nuoooooaaahhhh!!
-Jennifer glows-
Jennifer - [Spiky] Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!
-Thursday glows-
-Kurtis glows-
Kurtis - [Spiky] Woaaaaaaaahhhh!!
-Flonne glows-
Flonne - [Spiky] Now! Let our love and friendship unite!!
All - [Spiky] Galaxy Omega Star!!!!!
-Everyone's Team Attack pictures appear, giant yellow energy gathers, Angels
are attacked by improved, longer-animation Omega Star, Magic Walls shatter-
Gordon - Yes! We've destroyed the force field!
Jennifer - We did it!Laharl - ...Hey, Flonne. Did I hear something about love
and friendship just
-Flonne turns to Laharl-
Flonne - Yes, you did. So, what about it?
Laharl - Whaddya mean, "what about it"? I keep telling you that I don't feel
stuff like that!
Flonne - *giggle* Think whatever you want, Laharl.
Laharl - What did you say!?
-Etna turns to others-
Etna - Uh, Prince... Now that their force fields are down, isn't this our
Laharl - Yeah... but...
Laharl - ...We'll continue this discussion later! Don't forget!Flonne - Okay,
-All turn back to angels-
Flonne (thoughts) - (*sigh* He hasn't gotten any less stubborn, that's for
sure... Oh well...)

[Seraphic Sanctuary - Hall of Justice]
Flonne (sad) - Master Vulcanus...
Vulcanus - Because you were just a trainee, I underestimated you.
Vulcanus - But now that you've defeated greater demons, as well as angelic
sentries... I must recognize your strength.
-switch Flonne to Laharl-
Laharl - What's going on? He got so serious all of a sudden. Did he hit his
head or something?-switch Vulcanus to Etna-
Etna - Beats me. These angels... You never know what they're thinkin'.
Flonne (anime-worry) - Um... Were you referring to me, too?
Etna (smirk) - Of course I was <3
-switch Etna to Vulcanus-
Vulcanus (anger) - [Spiky] SILENCE! Where are your manners!?
Vulcanus (anger) - [Spiky] Don't you wish to know my true purpose!?
Kurtis - Your purpose...? Hmph! I bet it's just some selfish fantasy!-switch
Flonne to Gordon-
Gordon - No, if he thought it was necessary to involve the earth and
humankind, then it must be something really important!
Vulcanus - You are correct. My goal is noble, indeed!
Vulcanus - To become the absolute ruler of the entire universe!
-switch both out to Laharl-
Laharl - Absolute ruler?Etna - Gee, I'm disappointed. Like Kurtis said, you're
just fulfilling a
selfish fantasy.
Vulcanus (anger) - No! It is not for my own benefit!Vulcanus (anger) - Peace
can only be established in the universe under the
watchful eye of an omnipotent ruler!!
-switch Laharl and Etna to Flonne-
Flonne (sad) - Master Vulcanus... That is your goal...?
Flonne (upset) - But, peace is not something that can be achieved by the will
of one individual...
Flonne (upset) - It is only possible when everybody joins hands and works
Vulcanus (anger) - You are too naive, Flonne! Such a pacifistic approach is
doomed to fail because of these deceitful demons and foolish humans!
Flonne (upset) - That's not true! Demons and humans are capable of...
Vulcanus (anger) - Silence! What do you know about them!?
Vulcanus (anger) - ...I am all too aware! Their cruelty... Their vileness in
their hearts...!!
Flonne (sad) - Master Vulcanus...
-switch Vulcanus to Etna-
Etna (pissed) - He's not gonna listen to you, Flonne.
-switch Flonne to Laharl-
Laharl - Well, maybe he'll be more submissive with a little physical
Etna (annoyed) - Uh... Prince, I hope you didn't mean it THAT way...
-switch out to Vulcanus-
Vulcanus (anger) - The time has come! I will eliminate you, and deal with the
Seraph next! And then, I will be a god!
Vulcanus (anger) - [Spiky] From this day forth, I shall be known as Vulcanus,
the Peacebringer!!

[Won Seraphic Sanctuary - Hall of Justice]
Vulcanus (anger) - H, How can this be...!?
Vulcanus (anger) - My goal! My duty! My dream! They've all been shattered by
these heathens!!Flonne (sad) - Have you still not realized it, Master Vulcanus?
Flonne (sad) - You wanted to bring peace to the universe, regardless of the
Flonne (sad) - Even if you had succeeded, could we call it true peace?Flonne
(upset) - Please consider us as an example, Master Vulcanus.
Flonne (upset) - We have worked together to come this far, with our hearts
united as one.
Flonne (upset) - Can this not be considered the first step towards peace?
Vulcanus (anger) - ...Ha! Enough of your idealistic rambling!Vulcanus (anger)
- You thought your misguided words would convince me to
Vulcanus (anger) - My beliefs cannot be shaken so easily!Vulcanus (anger) -
The game's not over yet! I'll just convince the Seraph to
finish the job for me! You and he can kill each other!!
Vulcanus (ecstatic) - Muhahahaha!!
-Vulcanus warps out-
Gordon - Drat, we let him escape! Any normal villain would have been moved to
tears by those words and begged for forgiveness.
-switch Flonne to Laharl-
Laharl - His conviction is strong. He won't change his mind so easily.
-switch Gordon to Kurtis-
Kurtis - He intends to start a fight between us and the Seraph.
-switch Laharl to Jennifer-
Jennifer (serious) - He'll probably make us look like the bad guys and tell
the Seraph some horrible lie.
Etna (annoyed) - How does he come up with all these dirty tricks? It's really
too bad that he's an angel.
-switch out to Laharl-
Laharl (thinking) - Well, it looks like a battle with the Seraph is inevitable.
Laharl - Are you ready for it, Flonne?
Flonne (sad) - ......
Flonne (upset) - Yes!
Flonne (upset) - I don't know exactly what will happen, but I must tell
Master Lamington everything that's on my mind.
Flonne (upset) - I know he'll understand!
Laharl (thinking) - ...I see.
Laharl (happy) - Then, tell him straight to his face!
Flonne (happy) - I will!
-Fade out-

[Seraphic Sanctuary - Sacred Altar]
Flonne (upset) - This is the Seraph's personal champber. We call it the Sacred
Flonne (upset) - Is everybody ready?
Laharl - Ready.
Etna (smirk) - Anytime.
-Switch both out to Gordon-
Gordon (smirk) - I'm all set.
Jennifer (flirt) - I can feel my heart pounding.
-switch Gordon to Thursday-
-switch Jennifer to Kurtis-
Kurtis - Come on, let's do it.
Flonne (upset) - Okay. Here we go...!
-Door is pushed open, white flash-
[Sacred Altar]
-Flonne steps up-
Flonne - Master Lamington!
Seraph - Flonne...
-Vulcanus turns to Seraph-
Vulcanus - M, Master Lamington!Vulcanus - She is a traitor who has come to
take over Celestia with her
abominable troops of demons!-Laharl steps up-
Laharl - Stop lying. You're the one who's planning to take over the entire
-Vulcanus turns back-
Vulcanus - S, Silence, demon!!
Seraph - Hmm... So, you are a demon?
Laharl - Not just an ordinary demon. I am Laharl, King of the Netherworld!
Seraph - You are the son of Krichevskoy... I see.
Seraph - Flonne.
-Flonne steps up-
Flonne - Yes, Master Lamington.
Seraph - Is it true that you are here with these demons to take over Celestia?
Flonne - No, I have come to ask you a question.
Seraph - A question, you say?
Flonne - Yes. A few days ago, the Earth Defense Force led an invasion on the
Flonne - It was fortunate that it failed, but I discovered that angels were
involved in the invasion.
Seraph - ......
-Flonne steps to front and center-
Flonne - Please answer me! Were you behind this, Master Lamington!?-Vulcanus
turns around-
Vulcanus - M, Master Lamington! Do not be fooled by her words!
Vulcanus - All that she has said is a lie!Vulcanus - Angels using humans to
invade the Netherworld!? That is simply
Flonne - It's not a lie! I saw it with my own eyes! Without a doubt, they were
-Vulcanus turns around-
Vulcanus - You are mistaken! The demons must have tricked you!!
Flonne - While it is true that demons are aggressive by nature, they do not
hurt others without reason!
Flonne - My friends, here, have convinced me of that!Seraph - *chuckle* This
is quite unusual, Flonne.
Seraph - You, a Celestian, refer to demons as friends, and defend their
Flonne - Master Lamington. At your request, I went to the Netherworld, and
there I met Laharl and my other friends.
Flonne - Demons may not be perceived as good.
Flonne - As a matter of fact, they are rather selfish, rude, and cynical.
Laharl - Hey!
Flonne - But...!
Flonne - But, I have also discovered that they have love and kindness in their
Flonne - Master Lamington, I remember you telling me...
Flonne - ...that there is no such thing as absolute evil, that even demons have
Flonne - As I spent time in the Netherworld, I came to realize that you were
Flonne - It also occurred to me that perhaps we Celestians have judged demons
too harshly.
Etna - Yep. Especially this Vulcanus guy.
Vulcanus - H, How dare you!
Seraph - ...Flonne, I see that you have learned many things in the Netherworld.
Flonne - Master Lamington...
Seraph - You are not mistaken.
-Vulcanus turns around-
Vulcanus - Wh, What!?Seraph - It is true that Celestians have been blinded by
Seraph - Refusing to try and understand our cultural differences, they instead
chose to label demons as "evil"...
Seraph - They convinced themselves that they were the avatars of absolute good,
and branded demons as absolute evil.
Seraph - Vulcanus' choices have been the result of such misconceptions, and
his concern for the future. I should have been more mindful of such things.
-Vulcanus steps towards Seraph-
Vulcanus - Master Lamington...!
Seraph - Did you think that I was oblivious to your actions, Vulcanus?Seraph -
I am well informed of all that has transpired.
-Vulcanus backs to left, retreats some more. Seraph raises arms, white flash,
Vulcanus is made into a flower. All turns to flower, has ! bubbles.-
Seraph - Angel Trainee Flonne.
-Flonne turns to Seraph, then all others.-
Flonne - Yes.
Seraph - You have helped save the Netherworld from the invasion of the
EarthDefense Force, and thwarted the plans of Archangel Vulcanus.
Seraph - However, the fact remains that you have harmed other angels. You
are to be punished for your sin.
Flonne - ...I understand. I am prepared to accept any punishment.
-Laharl goes up-
Laharl - Wait a minute!Laharl - Why does Flonne have to be punished!?
-Gordon goes up-
Gordon - It makes no sense whatsoever! She only did what was right!-Etna goes
Etna - Don't you dare lay a finger on her! You'll be sorry if you do!!-Flonne
turns around-
Flonne - It's alright... I knew there would be consequences for my actions.
Laharl - Flonne...!
-Flonne turns around-
Flonne - Master Lamington, I have one final request.
Flonne - I beg of you to forgive my companions. It is I who drew them into
all of this.
-Laharl goes up-
Laharl - This is crazy, Flonne! Why should you be punished!? You've done
nothing wrong!!
Seraph - ...Very well. I shall pardon their sins.
Flonne - I am grateful for your kindness.
Laharl - Flonne...
-Flonne turns around-
Flonne - Thank you, Laharl.
Flonne - I knew I could trust in you.
Flonne - You've taught me that demons do have love in their hearts.
Laharl - This doesn't make any sense to me!
Laharl - We're done here, aren't we!? Let's go back to the Netherworld.
-Flonne's pendant glows-
Flonne - Laharl... I want you to have this pendant.
-Laharl steps back-
Laharl - S, Stop! That's...!!
-White flashback-
[Blazing Core]
Flonne - Laharl...!
Laharl - Hurry up and take it. My hand is burning.
Flonne (surprise) - O, Okay!
Laharl (thinking) - ...The pendant is telling me that my heart is wicked.
Laharl (thinking) - That's good to know.
-White flash-
Laharl - That's the pendant we had to look for! You want it to burn me again!?
-Flonne gives Laharl pendant-
Laharl - [Spiky] Aaaaaaaagh!!
Laharl - ...Huh?
Laharl - ...Hey, something's wrong. It's not doing anything...
Flonne - *giggle* Just as I thought.
Laharl - ...Whaddya mean?
Flonne - The wickedness has faded from your heart, Laharl. That's why the
pendant isn't punishing you anymore.
Laharl - What!? That can't possibly be right!! I'm a demon! The Overlord!!
-Flonne backs off-Flonne - I'm so glad... I can say good-bye without any
worries now.
-Flonne turns around, walks up to Seraph platform-
-Etna walks up-
Etna - Good-bye...? Flonne...!
-Jennifer and Laharl walks up-
Laharl - Hey... Where do you think you're going?
-Flonne turns around-
Flonne - Good-bye, Laharl. I hope you become a magnificent Overlord.
Flonne - Good-bye, everyone. Thank you so much for everything.
-Flonne turns around, goes up to Seraph, Laharl rushes up-
Laharl - Wait! Flonne!!
-Seraph raises arms, begins to flicker-
Flonne - Good-bye...
-White flash, Flonne is made into a flower-
-Etna walks up-
Etna - Flonne... Why...!?
Laharl - ......
Seraph - The existance of Angel Trainee Flonne has been erased, along with her
-Laharl walks up-
Laharl - Flonne...
Laharl - Hey, Flonne... What are you doing...? I didn't say you could do
Laharl - You're going to abandon me? Like my mother did?Laharl - I didn't give
you permission!Laharl - Is this what you call love!? If it is, then I'll never
believe in
love! Ever!!
-Etna walks up-
Etna - Prince...
Seraph - King Laharl, do you despise me?
Laharl - Despise you...!? Of course I do, you bastard!!
Laharl - ...kill...you...
Laharl - [Spiky] I'll kill you!!
Laharl (extreme rage/pain) - [Spiky] AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
-Laharl explodes with red energy-
Seraph (thoughts) - (This is my punishment... I willingly accept it.)

[Prinny Land - Prinny Land 1]
Laharl (annoyed) - W, What is this place...?
Etna (pissed) - Prince, be careful. This is "Prinny Land".
Laharl - Prinny Land...?
Etna (pissed) - This is where Prinnies who escape from the Netherworld or
Celestia come.
Laharl (happy) - I see... In other words, it's a hangout for losers.
Etna (peeved) - I wouldn't write them off so quickly...
Etna (peeved) - I've heard there are Prinny rebels here who were exiled from
the Netherworld and Celestia.
Etna (peeved) - Rumor has it that some of them can give even an Overlord a run
for his money.
Laharl (happy) - Hmph... Then, I won't be bored.
Laharl (happy) - Let's go!

[Prinny Land - Prinny Land 2]


[Prinny Land - Prinny Land 3]



[Human World - EDF Headquarters]
Carter (surprise) - I caní¢â‚¬â„¢t believe you came all the way here! Your wrath
knows no limits!
Laharl (happy) - Enough of your compliments. Ití¢â‚¬â„¢s too late to try and sweet
talk your way outta this.
Carter (anger) - Dammit... There is only one thing for me to do! Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll kill you
-Light Flash-


Don't say I didn't warn you.






-----------Good Ending
-Laharl with sword out, Seraph lying on ground-
Laharl - ......
-Etna talks to center-
Etna - ...What's the matter, Prince?
-Laharl sheathes sword-
Laharl - ...I've had enough of this.
-Laharl turns to side-
Etna - ...?
Laharl - It's not like this will bring her back...
Laharl - ...Besides, if that Love Freak was here, she would've stopped me
Etna - Prince...
-Laharl walks to Flonne flower, sheds a shining tear-
Laharl - What is this...? A tear...?
Laharl - ...Hmph.
Laharl - I knew I could shed tears...
Laharl - ......
-Laharl turns back-
Laharl - Etna.
-Etna faces Laharl-
Etna - Yes?Laharl - ...I leave the rest to you.
-All others go up-
Etna - P, Prince...?
-Gordon walks up-
Gordon - What are you planning on doing!?
-Etna steps back-
Etna - You're not planning on...!?Laharl - I think I finally understand why my
mother sacrificed herself to save
-Kurtis rushes up-
Kurtis - You want to exchange your life for hers!? Is that even
possible...?Laharl - ...Who knows. But, this is the least I can do for her
-Jennifer walks up-
Jennifer - Harlie...!
Laharl - ...Farewell.
-Laharl turns to flower, walks up, Etna rushes up-
Etna - Prince!!Laharl - [Spiky] Haaaaaaaaahhhh!!
-Laharl flashes with energy, gathers energy-
???? - Wait!!
-Mid-Boss appears, others turn to him-
Laharl - What do you want now? As you can see, I'm busy.
Laharl - We'll call this your victory, so don't bother me.
-Mid-Boss goes up to Laharl-
Mid-Boss - I am glad that you have come to terms with your mother's decision.
Mid-Boss - You should thank your companions for teaching you the importance
of love and friendship.
-Laharl turns around, energy stops-
Laharl - ...What?-Mid-Boss goes up to Laharl-
Mid-Boss - Do not throw away the life that your mother gave you.
Mid-Boss - Here... Look.
-Laharl turns back to flower, red energy rains, then purple as Giga Star
animation appears, and Flonne is reborn, in red color scheme, with devil wings
and a tail.-
Laharl - Flonne...!!
Flonne - ...Huh? Where am I...?
Flonne - I was supposed to be punished, and...
-Flonne turns to Mid-Boss-
Mid-Boss - Indeed you were. You are no longer an Angel Trainee. Now, you are
a Fallen Angel.
-Flonne gets ? bubble, everyone else except Mid-Boss and Seraph gets ! bubble-
Laharl - What the...!?-Etna walks up to Flonne-
Etna - Flonne, your wings...!
-Flonne turns about, gets ? bubble-
Flonne - I'm, I'm...!?
Mid-Boss - Hmhmhm... That is the punishment she received from Seraph Lamington.
Laharl - What!? Then, he wasn't going to kill her in the first place?Mid-Boss
- Of course not. She is a very important person... not only to
Celestia, but to the Netherworld as well.
Laharl - What is that supposed to mean?
Mid-Boss - Celestia and the Netherworld were not always in opposition. Seraph
Lamington and another person of influence dreamed of reuniting them.
Mid-Boss - He sent Angel Trainee Flonne to the Netherworld, to begin bridging
the gap between the two worlds.
Mid-Boss - Laharl, Flonne... You are the knot that binds the two worlds
Laharl - We're the knot...?
-Mid-Boss turns to back-
Mid-Boss - Hmhmhm... I am sure that one day you will understand.
Laharl - ......
Laharl - Tell me... Who are you, really? Why do you know so much?
Mid-Boss - Hmhmhm... Have I not told you before?
-Mid-Boss walks back, then turns around-
Mid-Boss - I am the Dark Adonis. My presence here is merely coincidence...
-Soul energy comes down, forms into Laharl's mother, ! bubbles appear-
Mid-Boss - Become a magnificent Overlord, Laharl...
Laharl - ...Hmph. You don't have to tell me.
Laharl - I'll build a legacy even greater than my old man's!Mid-Boss -
*chuckle* Farewell...
-Mid-Boss and Laharl's mother turn into soul energy and disappear-
-Endings scroll, with pictures-
1 - Netherworld
2 - Overlord's Castle
3 - Laharl on the Overlord's Throne, with a crown, in the darkness with a
small red light
4 - Flonne, as fallen angel, teaching 'Love' to various types of demons,
with Longinus in the background.
5 - Etna leading Aramis and other female warriors (angels?)
6 - Human Metropolis
7 - Gordon, Thursday, and Jennifer on a movie poster, 'War of the Netherworld
2', with bastardizations of Carter and others
8 - Prinny Kurtis rising in the red moon to meet his family
9 - Laharl and Seraph Lamington shaking hands
10 - Flonne's pendant

Normal Ending
-Laharl with sword out, Seraph lying on ground in blood pool-
Etna Ending
-Switch Maderas with Flonne-
Flonne - W, Wait!
Etna (smirk) - What?
Flonne (sad) - I understand how you're feeling... But, you don't have to kill
Etna (smug) - If you don't kill guys like this when you get the chance...
Etna (smug) - ...then they always come back with a vengeance. Understand?
Flonne (upset) - No, that's not true! Can't you see that he wants to repent
for his sins?
Etna (pissed) - Yeah, right. Just stay outta my way.
Flonne (upset) - If you plan on killing him, then you'll have to go through me
Etna (pissed) - ...You serious?
Flonne (upset) - I'm serious!
Etna - ...Hey, what's that over there?
Flonne (surprise) - Huh?
Etna (pissed) - Gotcha!
-Red whoosh-
-Fighting voices, ending with explosion-
Etna (pissed) - ...This is what happens when you try messing with me.
Etna (smug) - I might as well kill the Prince, too...
Etna (smug) - The world is mine!!
Etna (smirk) - Ahahahahaha!! I'm the heroine now!!
-Picture of Etna on red background-

Flonne Ending
Flonne (upset) - Hold it!
Flonne (upset) - ...So, demons ARE evil.
Laharl - Fool... Of course they are.
Flonne - Then, you leave me no choice...
Flonne - I shall defeat you!
Laharl (ecstatic) - Hmhmhm...!
Laharl (ecstatic) - Good! Give it your best shot!
-White whooshes, screen fades-
-Fighting noises along with white flashes-
-Fade Out, Flonne supposedly dies-
???? - ......
Seraph (calm) - It is a pity that it has come to this.
???? - Yes... The gate between the Netherworld and Celestia may remain forever
-Picture with feathers over a black background-

Mid-Boss Ending
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Huh? I have won!
Mid-Boss (smirk) - Haha... This is not as I expected, but...
Mid-Boss - I am simply too strong! I am simply too beautiful! Ahh, how sinful
it is...
Mid-Boss - They will eventually rise again to face the challenge, but in the
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - O flowers! O trees! O grass! Come, celebrate my strength!
Mid-Boss (ecstatic) - Let the music begin (note)
-Picture with Mid-Boss sitting in a rose room-

Human Conqueror
[After beating Astro Carter in Human World - EDF Headquarters]
Jennifer (troubled) - Papa...
Gordon (anger) - Doní¢â‚¬â„¢t cry, Jennifer. This was all for the sake of earth.
Laharl (happy) - Yeah, doní¢â‚¬â„¢t worry. Ií¢â‚¬â„¢ll take over from here.
Gordon (surprise) - What!?
Gordon (surprise) - Hey, wait! You caní¢â‚¬â„¢t...!!
Laharl - Why not? I won the battle. To the victor go the spoils.
Etna (smirk) - Ití¢â‚¬â„¢s only common sense.
Laharl (laugh) - Hmhmhmhm...
Laharl (laugh) - [Spiky] Haaahahahahaha!!
Flonne (anime-worry) - Ummm, what happened to our plans to visit the Seraph...?
-Picture with Laharl standing on a tall place, ruler of Earth-

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