Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol Walkthrough

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  S P E C   O P S :  S T E A L T H   P A T R O L

  Game Walkthrough by xclone@netzero.net
  rev 001  28 Aug 00

Table of Contents
[A] Game Setup - Info and Tips
[B] Strategies - Info and Tips
[C] Weapons    - Info and Tips
[D] Weapons / Rounds Comparisons Table


Forest in Siberia
[1-1] Mission 1 - Phase 1  Destroy Enemy Ops Radio  
[1-2] Mission 1 - Phase 2  Recover Aircraft Data Module

Snowy Mountains in Bosnia
[2-1] Mission 2 - Phase 1  Secure Intel Report, Raid Militia Base
[2-2] Mission 2 - Phase 2  Capture the Serbian Commander
[2-3] Mission 2 - Phase 3  Recapture UN Outpost, Destroy Bridge

Desert in Iraq
[3-1] Mission 3 - Phase 1  Stop Biological Weapons Dispersal
[3-2] Mission 3 - Phase 2  Escort Truck Transferring Captured Weapons
[3-3] Mission 3 - Phase 3  Destoy Secret Chemical Storage Bunker

Snowy Mountains in North Korea
[4-1] Mission 4 - Phase 1  Destroy the Radar Antenna, Tank and Bridge
[4-2] Mission 4 - Phase 2  Raid Airbase and Destroy MIG Aircraft
[4-3] Mission 4 - Phase 3  Destroy Scud Missle Launchers
[4-4] Mission 4 - Phase 4  Destroy Radar Antenna and Pipeline Manifolds 

Jungle in Vietnam
[5-1] Mission 5 - Phase 1  Destroy Enemy Weapons Caches
[5-2] Mission 5 - Phase 2  Destroy Mortor Launcher Emplacements
[5-3] Mission 5 - Phase 3  Locate and Rescue the Downed Pilot

Awards Ceremony (if you complete Mission 5 Phase 3)  

[ A ] - Game Setup - Information and Tips
I completed all 5 Missions without the aid of a Gameshark, and it wasn't easy.  As of this date, there are no valid 
cheat codes on the net, except for Gameshark codes.  There are usually several ways to complete each phase, so I 
tried to find the easiest path possible.  The logic I used to design the routes in this walkthrough are ranked in 
this order of importance:  (1)Ranger safety and phase completion,  (2)reduce enemy contact when possible,  (3)perform 
only the tasks or objectives absolutely required for extraction.  

Before you start, on the main menu page, go to Game Options and change the difficulty level to PRIVATE.  Default is 
CORPORAL and it is harder.  You cannot change this after you start a game and you are stuck with it forever.  I would 
also suggest you maximize the sound effects and stop or minimize the music.  If you want to double check to see what 
difficulty level you have been playing, load a saved game, then use the triangle button to go all the way back to the 
main menu page and select Game Options.  If you want to change the difficulty level, you have to select the level from 
Game Options, start over at Mission 1 - Phase 1, then complete the phase and make a save of it.  All missions played from 
this new save will be of the same level.

When the game is first powered up, it checks for a Spec Ops save on memory card 1.  If one is found, it reads the very 
first save on the card and loads the volume and other option settings from that save.  Then when you load a saved game, 
the option settings are reset to the new values, but they won't take effect until the mission starts.

When you have finished two or more missions, you can reach any completed mission or phase lower than the one just loaded 
from a save.  To change to another mission, use your triangle button to go to the SELECT MISSION page.  Then use your left 
and right controls to change missions.  You can then change phases on the next page displayed in the sequence.  When a 
phase is started from the save of a completed mission, it will be initially loaded with 5 fresh rangers. 

The game booklet that came with your game is full of good tips.  After you have played a while, reread it.  I tried not 
to repeat the basic operations from the game booklet.

[ B ] - Strategies - Information and Tips
The rangers seem to shoot all weapons equally well, regardless of their individual specialties.  Also, the type or 
quantity of explosives you choose, and the weight of the loadout, and the number of items picked up during the game, 
does not seem to effect gameplay.  In other words, there is no punishment for being greedy.  

Reducing contact with the enemy leads to a higher percentage of phase completions.  You do not have to clear the 
area of enemies even though it is listed as an objective on nearly every phase.

Only one ranger has to board the helicopter for the phase to be successful.  If one ranger boards and time expires before 
the second ranger can board, as long as he is not killed, it dosen't count against you.  Both rangers will still be 
available for future phases of the mission.

The most valuable survival tip I can give you is this: Always at the start of each phase and throughout the game, make 
sure your medkit is ready to access.  

Anytime you hear gunfire, check your radar for a red dot.  Lots of times you can kill an enemy without ever seeing him.  
Turn until the red dot is exactly at the top point of your compass and fire.  You can even do this while still running, 
as long as there are still rounds in your current clip.  You must stop running to load a new clip.

Enemies only show up on the radar if they are firing at you.  So grenadiers won't show up, and snipers using single shot 
rifles will only show up for a couple of seconds at a time.

Enemies carry different weapons too.  You can determine the weapon being fired at you by it's sound.  If you hear a loud 
single shot, that is the most dangerous weapon, the sniper rifle.  Even with full life, two hits from a sniper and you are 
dead.  If you have less than half a life, one hit can kill you.  My advice is to charge toward the sniper while strafing 
and hope you get him before he cocks his weapon again.  There are usually one or two snipers in each phase.

Another sound to listen for is the click-----click-click of a grenade pin being pulled.  Is also sounds like a pop can 
tab being pulled.  The enemy throwing the grenade is usually behind a mound, bunker, or bush and you can only see his 
head or feet.  The good news is that grenades have a very short range.  If you have a scope then snipe him.  If you don't 
have a scope, stay out of range, run to the side of the bunker and target him.  If a grenade lands near you, run away 
before it explodes.  
If he is behind a bush, shoot through the bush.  Remember grenadiers don't show up on the radar.

If you ever lose track of where you are, where you are going, or what you are supposed to be doing, there is some help.  
(1) There is a satcom radio in the equipment list accessed by the circle button.  The radio will tell you what the current 
objective is.  
(2) The select button, to the left of the start button, shows a map.  With the map showing, hit the X button and it will 
give you the list of objectives you saw before the mission started.  
(3) The white dot on the radar is the objective nearest to you, but it may or may not be the current objective. 

When your lead ranger has used his medkit and has less than full life, go ahead and let him follow.  If you find a medkit 
or flak jacket, you can reactivate him to go pick it up.  The same goes for rounds of ammo.  Swap out the lead while he 
still has a couple of clips so he can protect your flank.  Never let your life stay below 1/4 unless a medkit or flak 
jacket is in sight.  One hit at 1/8th life will almost always kill you.
Always have your medkit ready to access.  When you are getting shot at from three directions, you don't have time to fumble 
with a long inventory list.

Every time you finish a mission, (5 total), you will be given 5 fresh new rangers.  Try to limit casualties in the first 
phases of a mission so you don't get stuck having to reuse the same ones at the end.  Rangers get tired, as shown by their 
fatigue indicators when you select them in the helicopter.  After skipping a phase, they will be rested and ready to use 

[ C ] - Weapons - Information and Tips

Explosives:  The satchel charges are very powerful and relatively safe and easy to use.  Using the L2 and R2 buttons you 
can change the detonation time from 5 to 20 seconds.  The M203 grenade launcher shells are necessary in some circumstances 
and are discussed below.  

Be careful throwing grenades.  Remember the longer you hold the square button, the farther you will throw.  There is a red 
indicator bar that flashes on the screen the grows longer as you hold the square button.  If you just tap the square button,
 the grenade will fall at your feet and may kill you if you don't run.  Throwing grenades to kill enemies rarely works 
unless you are high above them.  Grenades have a very short range.

You can blow up trucks with some rifles if you expend enough rounds.  You can detonate enemy landmines with an assault 
rifle with a scope, and it is much more efficient than trying to hit one with a grenade.  Most buildings require a satchel 
charge or a M203 grenade launcher shell. The weaker the explosive, the more direct hits it requires to destroy a target.  
I usually delete all equipment and explosives, except for the satchel charges I need, because it helps to speed up the list 
search for an item or a medkit during the mission.

   Rank of Explosives' Power
   1. Satchel Charge         - Destroys anything that can be destroyed
   2. M203 Grenade Shell     - Destroys anything, takes several hits
   3. High Explosives        - Destoys most things with several hits
   4. Claymore Mine          - Destroys some things, remote activation 
   4. Phosphorus Grenade     - Destroys some things, starts fires
   5. Fragmentation Grenade  - A standard grenade, pretty weak
   6. Smoke Grenade          - To hide from the enemy

Weapons:  The number of rounds, caliber and firing range are factors to consider in weapon selection.  Sniper rifles shoot 
the farthest but take longer to site on a target.  You can easily target by strafing a general area with a machine gun, 
but it's range is usually shorter.  The exception to this is the M60.  It's large caliber makes easy kills by even shooting 
near an enemy, and it has a range equal to the assault rifles.  The two drawbacks are that there is no scope and the rounds 
are really heavy, requiring you to forfeit most of your explosives.
When selecting M60 machine gun, delete all unneeded explosives, select the number of satchel charges for the phase, then 
increase the ammo count until you reach your max weight.  For example, with 3 satchel charges, you will max out at 
6/8 clips or 7/8 clips of ammo, depending on which ranger you selected.  

The H&K G11 is one of the better assault rifles.  It has good killing power, good range, a scope and the most rounds in 
it's class.  If you want to do a little snipering or carry more weight in explosives, this is the weapon for you.

The M203 machine gun / grenade launcher is required for some phases.  The grenades for this launcher are given to you 
automatically and they are not available in the loadout.  If you select the M203 you will be given 30 'shells' at the 
start of the phase.  You must have 'shells' selected on your inventory list, then when you hit the square button, you 
will launch a grenade.  Hitting the X still activates the maching gun, giving you lots of firepower at your fingertips.  
This launcher has a very good range and is the second most powerful explosive next to a satchel charge.  Launched shells 
work well against all types of armored vehicles.

I usually try to have both rangers outfitted with the same weapon.  This gives you LOTS of rounds if your buddy buys the 
farm, and you are close enough to pick up his weapon.  Another tactic is to set one up with a M60 and the other with G11, 
then you can either strafe or snipe.  The drawback is that you have to keep switching rangers back and forth.

[ D ] - Weapons / Rounds Comparisons Table

This table compares weapons by rounds in each clip, total clips, total rounds, rounds shot on each trigger pull, and total 
number of trigger pulls for the rounds available.

     rounds x clips =  total  /  rptp  =  total tp's  
     -----    -----    -----     ----     ----------
M60    90   x   8   =   720   /   3    =   240   machine guns
M249  200   x   5   =  1000   /   5    =   200
RPK    45   x  10   =   450   /   3    =   150
MP5    30   x  12   =   360   /   3    =   120   sub-machine gun
M203   30   x   8   =   240   /   3    =    80   also grenade launcher

G11    45   x  10   =   450   /   3    =   150   assault rifles (scopes)
M16    30   x  12   =   360   /   3    =   120
M4     30   x  10   =   300   /   3    =   100
AK74   30   x  10   =   300   /   3    =   100   <- no scope available

M82    10   x   8   =    80   /   1    =    80   sniper rifles (scopes)
SSG     5   x  10   =    50   /   1    =    50

I-37    8   x  12   =    96   /   1    =    96   shotgun

Note: Both the AK47 and the AK74 were developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov.


Mission 1 - Forest in Siberia

[1 - 1]  Mission 1 - Phase 1 :   Destroy Enemy Ops Radio

Suggested Weapons:  M60 machine guns, and at least 1 sacthel charge per man.  

Go west, kill the first enemy on the road, then shoot the truck with your M60 until it blows up.  If you are too slow 
getting to the road, the truck will have already passed by.  Don't bother blowing up the generator, it doesn't add any 

The white dot (your next objective) on the radar screen will lead you north on the road.  This route can be completed, 
but it is pretty tough.  If you try it, be sure to pick up your first medkit behind the next generator.

Detour to end of the phase:

Instead of following the road north, keep going west.  You'll have to kill one man to the left and one to the right.  
Continue west until you reach the rock wall.  Run north along the rock wall (for a very long time) until you reach the 
radio under the tent.  Stay close to the rocks to avoid enemy contact, but not too close or your buddy will get stuck 
and fall behind.

When you reach the radio area, strafe (shoot in a fan pattern) with the M60 to clear out the bad guys.  Use a satchel 
charge to blow up the radio.  Run back to the trees and wait on the helicopter for extraction.  Strafe while you are 
running for the helicopter if needed.  You can only enter the helicopter from it's sides.

If you made it out with both rangers, then save your game.
Otherwise, do it again, it keeps getting easier.

[1 - 2]  Mission 1 - Phase 2 :  Recover Aircraft Data Module

Suggested Weapons:  M60 machine guns or H&K G11 assault rifles.  Each ranger should have 3 satchel charges per man.

As soon as the phase starts, switch from the MODULE KEY to the MEDKIT, because you'll need it first.

The phase starts with you facing east toward the road.  Turn the opposite direction and go west.  As you near the hill, 
you will see a grassy spot where you can run up.  Just before the top of the hill, turn east to find some supplies, then 
you will see a road.  Run east between the road and the edge of the clift.  Kill a few enemies.  When you reach a rock 
wall, run down the clift to your left, and keep going east. Your buddy likes to get stuck on the rocks, so watch him 
closely.  You will come up to a canyon on your right that goes south.  That is where the anti-aircraft guns are.  Don't 
go there yet, turn and run north.  You'll pass a generator and come up to a road and lots of enemies.  Strafe them with 
your weapon.  Check behind the generator for supplies on your way to or from the cockpit.

The crashed aircraft is lying in pieces on the road.  Run up to the cockpit and use your MODULE KEY to extract the DATA 
MODULE.  It will make a sound and pop out somewhere nearby.  It is a dark colored box, and it is very hard to see.  
Run over it to pick it up.  Then be sure to switch from your MODULE KEY back to your medkit, if you still have one.  
IMPORTANT: Use a satchel charge to blow up the cockpit.  You must do this to complete the phase.

After getting the DATA MODULE and destroying the cockpit, go due south.  After entering the canyon, strafe the next 
generator because it has an enemy lying on the ground behind it.  Wait until the fire dies down and go pick up the 
supplies behind it, if you need them.  Keep going south to the 1st anti-aircraft gun.  Use a satchel charge to destroy 
it, then turn east to find the 2nd A-A gun.  There is a medkit behind a tree behind the 2nd gun.  Destroying this gun 
should cause the extraction helicopter to appear.  Mission complete, save your game.

Mission 2 - Snowy Mountains in Bosnia

[2 - 1]  Mission 2 - Phase 1 :  Secure Intel Report, Raid Militia Base

Suggested Weapons:  H&K G11 assualt rifles with 4x scope.  No explosives are required for this phase.

The phase starts on a snowy mountain road.  Don't use the road, it just runs in a huge circle.  Head west, straight up 
the hill.  The white dot on the radar is your objective.  Kill four or five men, then you will approach some broken down 
brick walls.  Don't approach too fast or you will get killed by a grenade.  Use your scope (L1) to kill three or four men 
around the walls.  If you hear gunfire, immediately take your scope off (L1 again) and start shooting.  It is much faster 
to target without the scope.  

When the area is clear, enter the center building and get the Intel 
Report from a table in the left (SE) corner and ammo and a medkit in the right (NE) corner.  

Exit the building and keep moving west, making sure your buddy made it past the buildings.  If you see a road, don't 
take it.  Run west down the hill, past the old truck.  Continue up the next hill.  At the top is a bunker.  Use your 
scope on the man in the bunker.  Stop on the edge of the hill, just past the bunker, and clear the area of the enemies.  
Procede slowly because there are landmines between the bunker and the fence.  They look like plate-sized, off-color 
circles in the snow.  You can blow them up using your scope, but it's easier just to avoid them.  If you get within about 
3 feet (to scale) of the mine, it will detonate and kill you. 

Reaching the white building and clearing the area is your objective.  Continue to the west side of the building and stay
still.  The helicopter will be sent in five minutes.  If you move around, blow anything up, or try to pick up supplies, 
the enemies will just keep coming.  There is an enemy hiding behind the truck.  You can use your scope to shoot him in 
the feet.  Do not leave the fenced area or the mission will abort.  Just stay put and the helicopter will land right in 
front of you between the building and the truck.

[2 - 2]  Mission 2 - Phase 2 :  Capture the Commander

Suggested Weapons:  H&K G11 assault rifles with 4x scope or M60 machine guns. No explosives are required for this phase.

Turn around and head eastward, staying next to the rock wall.  You will pass a white building and then some brick walls.  
When the rock wall stops, you will come to a road with several enemies.  There is a flak jacket (restores life) by the 
tree beside the road.  Move south toward the bridge.  There will be a man standing on the left and a man crouched on the 
right.  Command your buddy to hold up in a safe spot somewhere off the road, (L2 X).  Stop while still on the bridge and 
take out the grenadeir to the left and the enemy lying prone on the road.  

Continue up the road until you see the truck that the commander is using to attempt escape.  Approach it and it will 
start moving.  Let it pass you, then follow it back past the bridge.  To save time, turn left (west) after the bridge 
and cut across the field.  Command your buddy to start following you again, (L2 square).  Be ready for the sniper out 
in the field. Follow the rock wall all the way around, past the corn field, to the brick walls where the commander's 
truck will stop.  Do not shoot the commander even if he points his rifle at you.  He is the one wearing the red beret.  
Approach him and he will surrender, signified by the text appearing at the top of the screen.  This should trigger the 
extraction helicopter.  

The objective of clearing the buildings for a base of operations is not required for extraction.  If you want more of a 
challenge, head west at the start, clear the buildings then follow the road to the bridge.

[2 - 3] Mission 2 - Phase 3  Recapture UN Outpost, Destroy Bridge

Suggested Weapons:  H&K G11 assault rifles with 4x scope, and at least 2 satchel charges per man.  

The white dot on the radar will lead you westward to some buildings.  Circle the buildings looking for supplies and bad 
guys.  One man hiding in a corner nook will sometimes give up a flak jacket.  Head southeast on the road.  Use your scope 
on the brick bunker on the right.

The road forks east or south. Take a left (east) and stick to the road.  When you get to the bridge, move to the left of 
the road so you can get a clear shot at the grenadier.  He is the one closest to the bridge.  Follow the road to it's end.  
Use a satchel charge to destroy the enemy supplies under the tent.  Return the way you came.  Blow up the bridge with a 
satchel charge after you cross it.  This should trigger the extraction helicopter.  Save your game.  This completes 
mission 2.  But what was at the end of the south fork of the road?  

Mission 3 - Desert in Iraq

[3 - 1] Mission 3 - Phase 1  Stop Biological Weapons Dispersal

Suggested Weapons:  H&K G11 assault rifles with 4x scope, and at least 5 satchel charges per man.  Instead of using 
satchel charges, you can loadout with 20 to 25 HE (High Explosive) grenades per man.

This is a tough phase.  There are 5 different clusters of dark green boxes containing biological weapons materials.  
Every time you destroy a cluster, it adds time to the mission clock.  It will take about 12+ minutes to complete the 
phase.  The road runs in a big oval shape.  The first cluster is in front of you, across the road and over to the right.  
The 2nd and 3rd clusters are down the road to your left and are side by side.  The 4th and 5th clusters are farther around 
the oval and are side by side.  After the 5th cluster, you will continue around the oval to the extraction site.

Proceed slowly toward the road, checking with your scope.  Kill approximately 2 due east, 2 due south, and 2 southeast.  
Once they start shooting back, take your scope off for faster targeting.  Move southeast across the road toward the big 
dark green boxes.  To the right of them, by a tree, is a flak jacket.  Destroy the boxes with a satchel charge or HE 

Do not attempt to follow the road.  There are too many mines and enemies.  Head due north across the road and straight 
up the hill to the rock wall.  Follow the wall to the east.  When you finally come to the first chimney shaped rock, 
there is a tough enemy to fight.  He is lying prone south of you on the other side of the road.  You can't snipe him, 
you'll have to charge him.  You need to turn and run due south across the road, shooting all the while.  Once you've 
got him, return to where you came from and continue eastward along the wall.  You'll pass an object that looks like a 
sandbox and them come to a second set of chimney rocks.  This the site of the 2nd and 3rd box clusters and they are 
well protected.  There are a few landmines scattered about, so watch your step.  The trickiest mine is placed exactly 
in between the two clusters of boxes.

Proceed slowly, sniping as many enemies as you can.  In between the box clusters are also some empty wooden pallets.  
Look here for a flak jacket.  There is a medkit behind a tree, about 20 feet away from the 3rd cluster, on the side that 
is away from the road.  Blow up 2nd and 3rd box clusters.

Head southwest and cross the road.  This will put you on the inside of the oval, with the road on your left.  Don't 
lose sight of the road because it is easy to get lost here.  When you pass the next set of chimney rocks, which will 
be on your right, spin around and shoot the man hiding behind them.  Continue southwest until you see a big buidling.  
Snipe the area before proceeding. The building contains the 4th cluster, and the door is on the back side, away from the 
road.  The 5th cluster is right next door, under the canopy.  Blow up 4th and 5th clusters.  Follow the rock wall heading 
west to the helicopter extraction site.  Save your game.

[3 - 2] Mission 3 - Phase 2  Escort Truck Transferring Captured Weapons

Suggested Weapons:  H&K G11 assault rifles with 4x scope. No explosives are required for this phase.

If you thought the last phase was too easy, you'll love this one.  This phase will test everything you have learned about 
the ranger buddy system.  The rangers have to escort a transport truck carrying captured biological weapons to an extraction 
site.  There are lots of mines, enemies and a couple of snipers.

The truck moves slowly and will run by itself.  It does not respond to commands, but only to your physical location.  
If the person closest to it gets too much of a lead, it will stop.  If it gets ahead of you or your buddy, it will continue 
to run as long as one of you stays close to it.  It will not run over you, in fact, you have to stand in front of it to 
stop it.  If it runs over two mines, it will abort the mission.  The best way to move quickly is to put your buddy in 
front of the truck bumper.  Get in front of him and position yourself  directly between the tire tracks, then command 
him to follow.  Run 5 steps then stop, run 5 steps then stop. This cadence will keep the entire caravan moving.  Before 
you try this, you should take a solo run down the road just to familiarize yourself with the terrain and the enemy 

Shooting the green barrels will cause a nice explosion, kill some enemies and also detonate nearby landmines.  Don't run 
through the toxic fire or let it touch you.  Note:  The green boxes in this phase can't be destroyed.

Start the phase and immediately run in front of the truck to stop it.  Look southeast, and you'll see several barrels 
with an enemy standing to the left.  Shoot the barrel next to him and he, the barrels, and the mines will all blow up.  
Use this trick everytime you see barrels through your scope.

Set up your caravan and start rolling.  You can tell if the truck is moving by the engine sound.  Turn the corner and 
pass by the burned up barrels.  Turn south, then east again.  Right after the curve is your first mine.  Use your scope 
to blow it up.  The optimal distance is about 20 feet.  Farther to the east on the slope, is a man standing behind some 
green boxes.  This is a good place to take him out.  Restart the caravan and make the next turn.  There will be 2 men 
behind the tower on the right.  Pick up the flak jacket behind the boxes on the left.  Shoot the mine on the next curve.  
Make the S-curve and you will come to a mine that will not detonate.  Make sure your buddy's positioned in front of the 
truck, and command him to hold up.  Run off the road to the south (right).  Shoot the mine from in between the trees.  
Go back to the road and restart the caravan.  The next mine is just after the next S-curve, and it is very hard to see.  
On the following curve, there is another mine.  Stop on the road, just past where you blew it up.  Looking down the road 
southeast, there is a medkit beside the road, and a man on the right side of the chimney rock, above the little tree.  
The next mine is near the medkit.  Dont' leave the road to get the medkit and allow the truck to run over the mine.

The medkit is the halfway point of the phase.  Heading south after taking out the next mine on the next curve, face 
southwest.  Use your scope to explode the barrels on the right.  When you get to the 2 barrels on the left, there will 
be 2 mines on the S-curve.  Near the end of the next S-curve, there is a very deadly, hard-to-see mine.  Stop by the 
green boxes, and snipe the barrels on the right.  Move up until you can see the barrels on the left, and shoot them.  
Approach the intersection slowly.  There will be a man due southwest and one farther to the left.  

When you reach the intersection, the phase is the about 3/4ths complete.  The truck will not take the northwest road, 
so go south (left).  About 30 feet past the intersection, on the right tire track, is a very hard-to-see mine.  
Continue for 2 curves.  Stop the caravan when you get to the mine off the left side of the road.  Detonate the mine.  
Straight up the hill, due east, is an enemy.  Take him out and run up the hill.  Follow the wall east to the line of 3 
chimney rocks.  Use your map if you need to see the layout.  In the gap between the 2nd and 3rd rocks will be an enemy.  
He is easy to kill when you are behind him.  From this position, shoot all the green barrels you can see.  Walk a few 
steps toward the road, turn a little left, and shoot the grenadier behind the little tree by the road.  Back toward the 
truck, near the barrels on the east side of the road is a flak jacket.  Go back and restart the caravan.

When you pass the burned barrels with the caravan, stop the caravan again.  Work your way to the west and start shooting 

barrels.  At any time, if you hear a loud, single-shot sniper rifle, run west.  The sniper will be by a building, near 
the corner closest to the road.  Once you get him, go shoot the last mine on the road by the tower, in front of the 
building.  If you didn't shoot all the barrels, check the road for mines as you return to the truck.  Restart the caravan.  
When the truck passes the building, it triggers the extraction helicopter.

[3 - 3] Mission 3 - Phase 3  Destoy Secret Chemical Storage Bunker

Suggested Weapons:  H&K G11 assault rifles with 4x scope, and at least 1 satchel charge per man.

Leave the road and turn southwest.  Run up the hill to the 5 chimney rocks.  Command your buddy to hold up, and leave 
him here at the rocks.  Continue around the southern side of the rock wall.  Stick to it like glue.  The hill is very 
steep, but it is easy to climb at an angle.  If you get stuck and can't go up, try going down, then angle up.  You will 
hear gun shots, but don't bother returning fire unless you are hit.  Follow the ledge to the southwest.  You will come 
upon 4 tall chimney rocks.  Stay next to the rock wall and pass the rocks.  Run due southwest, down the hill, and you 
will start to see the top of the wooden tower.  Run west, past the tower, watching for landmines.  Look north and you 
will see the secret bunker, which is in a tunnel that runs all the way through the mountain.  Destroy the chemicals with 
a satchel charge, and exit the way you came in.  Watch out for the landmine between the 2 tall trees.  Head southeast to 
the helicopter.  Take ranger #2 the same route, except at the 4 tall chimney rocks, head straight south.  End of mission.  
Save your game.

If you want more of a challenge, follow the northern side of the rock wall, and try to find the rear entrance to the 
bunker or you can always try to follow one of the roads.

Mission 4 - Snowy Mountains in North Korea

[4 - 1] Mission 4 - Phase 1  Destroy the Radar Antenna, Tank and Bridge

Suggested Weapons:  M203 grenade launchers.  No other explosives are required for this phase.

Run northward, following the road.  When it turns west, leave the road and continue north, along the rock wall.  Stop 
on top of the hill when you see the bridge and use the M203 shells to blow it up.  Run 5 steps to the southwest and take 
out the tank.  Pick up the flak jacket by the tank and continue down the road.  Go inside the fenced area and stop a 
little past the road.  This should put you in range to take out the radar antenna on the two-wheeled trailer that is 
parked in the center of the camp.  The extraction helicopter will land right beside you.  Disabling the alarm on the 
other side of the camp is not required for extraction.

If you want more of a challenge, take a H&K G11 and 4 satchel charges and take this route.  Run northward, and follow 
the road around to the fenced area.  Blow up the concrete structure to the east, which houses the alarm generator.  
Command your buddy to hold up somewhere safe inside the fence.  Use a satchel charge to destroy the satcom antenna on 
a 2-wheeled trailer positioned in the center of the fenced area.  Run northwest and get the guy hiding behind the truck 
parked just outside the fence.  Run in a zigzag pattern up to the tank.  Plant a satchel charge on the back side, grab 
the flak jacket, and run north toward the bridge.  Use a satchel charge on the bridge and follow the road back the way 
you came.  The helicopter will pick you up inside the fenced area.

[4 - 2] Mission 4 - Phase 2  Raid Airbase and Destroy MIG Aircraft

Suggested Weapons:  H&K G11 assault rifles with 4x scope, and at least 4 satchel charges per man.  The M203 grenade 
launcher also kills aircraft.

Warning: While this phase is still loading, press both the X button to fire and the forward button to run.  You buddy 
is under sniper attack immediatley upon the start of the phase and if you don't respond instantly, he will get killed.

There are two enemies directly in front of you.  The sniper is the one  on the left tire track, shoot him first.  The 
other enemy is a little to the right by a small tree.  Stop running forward after you pass your buddy.  Advancing down 
the road will trigger a bunch of enemies, which will pop out on the left side.

When things calm down, make sure you have your medkit ready and if you are using a M203, select your grenade shells.  
Leave the road and head south, then southeast.  Follow the rock wall eastward.  When the rock wall starts to end, turn 
a little northeast.  You can run along the mound, which curves right, or run along the legde just to the right of the 
mound.  Running on the ledge greatly reduces enemy contact.  Either way, when the curve ends or the ledge dead ends, 
you will be at the end of the runway.  You will see an enemy standing on the far side of the runway.  Take him out 
quickly, he is a sniper.  After that, pick up the flak jacket between the end of the runway and the cliff edge.

Run east past the runway, then run northward along the wall.  You will pass a couple of satchel charges about 20 feet 
apart.  Turn west and you'll find a medkit by the tree closest to the MIG aircraft.

Head back south to the runway.  There are 4 MIG aircraft.  Use either satchel charges or grenade launcher shells.  
There are usually snipers behind the 3 brown rectangle structures.  Using the grenade launcher shells on the green 
barrels and wooden towers will save save you ammo rounds and kill enemies at the same time.

There is another satchel charge at the opposite end of the runway behind the control tower, if you need it.  When all 
4 MIGs are blown up, the helicopter lands at about the center point of the runway.

[4 - 3] Mission 4 - Phase 3  Destroy Scud Missle Launchers


Suggested Weapons:  M203 grenade launchers.  No other explosives are required for this phase.

You will need to destroy 4 scud missle launchers and 2 tanks.  I could not get through this phase using an assault 
rifle and satchel charges.  The great advantage with using the M203 grenade launcher is that you can kill the scuds 
from outside the fenced area, greatly reducing enemy contact.  Be warned that if you launch a grenade over a landmine 
hidden just inside the fence, it may detonate and blow you up.

Head northwest.  As you approach the fence, slow down.  There is a tent to your left and a wooden tower to your right.  
Destroy the tower along with the sniper and other enemies hiding under it with a grenade launcher shell.  

Head back southwest, the way you came.  When you reach the cliff, turn west (right) and run on the ledge.  Watching for 
landmines, turn north around the corner of the fence.  Take out the green scud launcher #1.  Any armored vehicles will 
turn black when they are destroyed.  It will require several direct hits.  Run up to the next fence corner, face east 
and target scud launcher #2 in the distance.  Run east until you see tank #1 sitting at the gate.  Take it out, then 
turn north and destroy the 2nd tank on the road.

Run northeast between the tanks and across the road.  Cross a second road, then turn west and run along the rock wall.  
The rock wall will lead you to the 2nd fenced area and the 3rd scud launcher.  Take out #3, then follow the fence line 
to the west, but hide behind the trees.  You are approaching another sniper hiding under a wooden tower.  When you get 
close enough to see the wooden tower, grenade shell it along with the sniper hiding under it.  The last scud launcher is 
beside this tower.  Return the way you came.  The helicopter extraction site is back on the road between the two tanks 
you destroyed.

[4 - 4] Mission 4 - Phase 4  Destroy Radar Unit and Pipeline Manifolds 

Suggested Weapons:  M203 grenade launchers or H&K G11 assault rifles with 4x scope, and 4 satchel charges per man.

You are required to destroy 2 pipeline manifolds, a radar antenna, then a 3rd pipeline manifold.

Head southeast.  The pipeline manifold is the tall brown structure. Destroy manifold #1, then turn northeast and follow 
the pipeline.  The pipeline is the upside down U shaped objects.  The pipeline shows up as a dashed line on the map.  
Run between the big grey storage tanks to find a medkit.  On the other side to the south is the 2nd manifold.

Head north and you should see a flak jacket about 15 feet off the side of the zig-zag road.  Follow this road to the 
next cluster of buildings and strorage tanks.  Take out the radar antenna on the two-wheeled trailer, which is parked 
behind the buildings to the north.

Keep circling around the back side until you are heading south.  You should see a short straight road.  Check your map 
if you get disoriented.  Follow the road south until it dead-ends at a building.  Turn a little southeast (left) and the 
3rd manifold is all the way in the back by the wall.  If you are using the M203, you must climb all the way up the hill 
to get a level shot at it.

Head due northwest to the extraction site, or follow the white dot.  The helicopter lands near the big round building, 
back by the radar antenna you destroyed.

Mission 5 - Jungle in Vietnam

Notes for all phases of Mission 5:

During each phase when the new objectives are being typed on the screen, pay particular attention to the map that 
flashes briefly in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  All three phases use different maps.  The shapes of the 
maps are exact, although the target and drop sites positions shown seem a little off sometimes.  The things to pay the 
most attention to are the yellow-green areas.  These represent the grassy patches where most of the phase objectives are 

Up until now, I recommended the 4x scope.  Because the terrain is so flat in this mission, the 6x scope seems to work 
better.  You can't see farther with it, but what you can see is noticeably larger.

[5 - 1] Mission 5 - Phase 1  Destroy Enemy Weapons Caches

Suggested Weapons:  H&K G11 assault rifles with 6x scope, and at least 3 satchel charges per man.  Also load 5 
fragmentation grenades per man.

You are required to find and destroy 3 weapons caches.  A cache consists of a stack of small grey boxes.  The jungle 
trails lead to open areas containing square shaped grassy patches, that may have several bamboo huts.  The caches are 
usually placed between the huts and are always protected by landmines and snipers.

There are landmines placed on trails, at intersections, in open areas, and near supplies or caches.  Always run between 
the tree line and the jungle wall to avoid mines, and be cautious at trail intersections.  The mines in the open grassy 
areas are almost impossible to see.

Head northeast and at the intersection, turn east and slow down.  Moving east, use your scope and take out a couple of 
enemies.  Stop when you can see the hut built on stilts over toward the east.  Behind the hut, in between the wall and 
the tree, is a sniper.  Take him out as soon a possible.  As you continue around the wall, there is a man behind the 
first bush.  Turn north and the 1st cache is between the huts.

Destroy the cache and run due west, jog south, then due west again.  There is a landmine near the very center of the 
intersection.  When you finally reach the big grassy area, slow down and try to keep moving due west while scoping the 
horizon for enemies that will pop up.  If you repeat the same path, they will pop up in the same spot.  When you reach 
the ditch, turn and head north beside the top of the ditch to the bridge.  Get the flak jacket in the ditch on the north 
side of the bridge and cross the ditch going west.  

Turn northwest to the rice patties, which appear as a cluster of rectangles on the map.  Towards the northwest corner 
of the patties is a medkit, protected by a landmine.  Stop in a nearby rectangle and throw grenades at the medkit.  
When you see 2 explosions at the same time, the mine has been detonated.  Pick up the medkit an head northwest to the 
flak jacket.  Past the flak jacket is the 2nd cache.  As you approach, there is a landmine near a tree, about 20 feet 
from the cache.  Use your scope to detonate the mine.  After destroying cache #2, head due south to cache #3.  There 
is a landmine directly in your path, about 10 feet away from cache #3.

Destroying the 3rd cache should deploy the helicopter, which will land in the rice pattie.


[5 - 2] Mission 5 - Phase 2  Destroy Mortor Launcher Emplacements

Suggested Weapons:  H&K G11 assault rifles with 6x scope.  Loadout with at least 20 HE (High Explosive) grenades per man.

You are required to destroy 3 mortor launcher emplacements.  An emplacement shows up on the map as a circular barricade.  
The 3rd emplacement is in a large open area, and actually has two circular barricades apart from each other, that count 
as one emplacement.  The emplacements can be destroyed with satchel charges, M203 grenade shells, or high explosive 
(HE) grenades.  There is a sniper inside each emplacement.

There are an unlimited number of routes to the targets using the jungle paths.  The route in this walkthrough is not 
the most direct, but it makes the best use of the flak jackets available.

Head northeast straight to the bush and stop.  Face north and snipe the man behind the barricade.  Run to the tree 
beside the barricade and stop.  Walk very slowly due north, stopping with the palm tree on the left and the black 
tree on your right.  Turn facing northwest and you should see a corridor leading you downhill with trees on the right 
and bushes on the left.  You can't see it yet but the first emplacement is straight in your path.

Do not leave this corridor and do not run.  Taking 2 or three steps at a time, stop and run your scope along the grey 
horizon, killing all enemies before they see you.  When you make it halfway to the grass, you should be see the sniper's 
head in the emplacement.  Take him out as soon as possible.  Don't get in a hurry, you'll snipe 7 or 8 men before you get 
to the grass.

Walk a couple of steps onto the grass and re-scope the horizon.  From this position, you should be in range to grenade the 
emplacement.  Be sure to select your HE grenades, and press and hold the square button for maximum distance.  If you have 
destroyed the emplacement it will burst into flames and you will see yellow text at the top of the screen.

Snipe the man at the small barricade slightly to the right of the emplacement.  Run halfway to the emplacement and clear 
the horizon again.  Run northwest and stop just past the emplacement, turn right and snipe another man at the small 

Run northwest all the way to the wall, then continue northwest with the wall on your left side.  Stay between the wall 
and the tree/bush line.
At the next intersection is a flak jacket and an enemy standing to the northeast.  Zig-zag northeast and stop at the 
barricade to snipe the man on the horizon.  Stay close to the wall on your right side.  Head north, stopping every 5 
steps to scope.  When the wall suddenly ends, there will be enemies due north and due east, then a flak jacket due east 
by the barricade.  Command your buddy to hold up and head due northwest to the 2nd emplacement.  Take out the sniper, 
then grenade the emplacement from the maximum possible distance.  Go in a straight southeast line back to your buddy.  
Repeating the same path will lessen your chances of stepping on a mine.  Since you will be returning to this area later, 
detonate any landmines you see. 

Rejoin your buddy and follow the wall north, then turn east to find another flak jacket.  Follow the light brown colored 
trail east until it dead ends.  Turn east and follow the wall eastward until you pass a bamboo hut.  It shows up as a 
small square on the map.  As you continue east, you will quickly come into a very large open area with 3 grassy patches.  
Two of the patches have emplacements.  Do not enter the open area yet or you will be killed.  Face north to orient 
yourself, then look at the map.  The bamboo hut should be on your left, and a grassy patch on the right.  Exit the map, 
turn around and go south along the wall until you are a little south of the grassy patch.  

This position is the best possible angle for attack.  Looking northeast is a man by a little barricade and behind them 
is the next emplacement.  Scope the sniper inside the emplacement as soon as possible.  You can hit the emplacement 
with a grenade when you get just past the small barricade.  There is a landmine halfway between the barricade and the 
emplacement.  Use your scope on the mine.  Moving forward, pick up the flak jacket and continue northeast past the 
emplacement.  From here you can scope the sniper in the last emplacement.  Grenade the last emplacement from the trees.  
This should deploy the evacuation helicopter.

The extraction site is back on the grassy patch where you took out emplacement #2.  Turn to the west and the white dot 
on the radar will lead you back the way you came, past the bamboo hut.  Stay close to the wall on your return trip.

After you complete this phase, be sure to save your game.  Even though there is one more phase to complete, there are 
no more save points.  >From this save you will be able to replay any phase of any mission.

[5 - 3] Mission 5 - Phase 3  Locate and Rescue the Downed Pilot

Suggested Weapons:  M60 machine guns.  No explosives are required for this phase.

When doing the loadout this time, be sure to delete your explosives and maximize your ammo clips to 8/8.  Then you 
can restock explosives until you reach max weight.

Let's go find the pilot.  Turn and run south.  You will be forced to curve to the east.  Follow the wall on your right 
side and turn back to the south as soon a possible.  If you swing too wide around the corner you may hit the landmine.  
When you are heading south again, put the wall on your left side.  Follow the long curve southward then southwest the 
finally west.  Always run between the wall and the tree line to avoid mines.

Behind the very first tree on the grass is a flak jacket.  Very slowly, about 5 steps at a time, approach the bushes to 
the west while shooting at bushes in a fan pattern.  You have lots of rounds so light up those bushes.  As you appraoch 
the bushes a sniper will appear running at you on top of the ridge.  As you pass the bushes, several enemies will pop in 
all directions.  Since you don't have a scope, just keep strafing with your M60.  Continue moving west along the top of 
the ridge.  If you have stayed on the ridge, you will come to a flak jacket.  Continue west a little farther and a stone 
tower will come into view on your right.  On the north side of the tower is a flak jacket.  

Now face north and check your map.  When you get past the blue patch you are standing on, the next building to the north 
is a pyramid with a ramp on the southeast conner.  Wind your way to the very top of the pyramid to find the pilot.  As 
you approach him, he will run in front of you all the way back down to the ground.  Once the helicopter is deployed you 
don't really need him.  You can even exit straight down the side of the pyramid to save time.  You are only allowed 
3 minutes to make it to the extraction site.

Southwest back towards the ridge is another flak jacket near the jungle wall.  Follow the white dot radar northwest to 
the extraction site.  When you turn the last corner and see the helicopter, there will be 5 or more enemies to your right.  
Light them up with your M60 as you run up the hill, then board the helicopter.

The objective of finding the UH helicopter crash site is not required for extraction, but it gives you a good reason 
to replay the mission.

If your mission was successful, after the statistics page is displayed, you will see a 15 second video clip of still 
photos of an awards ceremony hosted by President Bill Clinton. ---  The End.

end rev 001

Extra special thanks to Revolution reader xclone!