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1. Introduction
2. How to build an effective Wizard
-Stat distribution & Firewalker
-Attack strategy
3. Equipment/Forges and Mounts
4. What about stat-farming?
5. Legalese

1. Introduction

Puzzle quest is a PSP and DS title that is of the puzzle genre.
You must align columns or rows of three or more gems to deal damage, gain
mana, gain money or gain experience. This sounds like fun but not enough to
make a game about, however the developers added RPG elements like 4
different character classes, different equipments,a variety of opponents and
more. This is a creative title and requires alot of strategy and planning
for your character and a little bit of luck for those tough battles.

2. How to build an effective wizard

So you want to be a wizard? sweet dude. The wizard is a character that has
a diverse collection of spells and can have many different strategies. If
you want a powerful class that is not broken like the warrior but needs
strategic planning than the wizard is for you. The finesse needed to create
an effective wizard is what drew me into this class. In the beginning of the
game you may find yourself struggling against the likes of theifs and bats.
However the more your wizard develops, the stronger he will become. You
will notice this around the early-middle of the game when you start
recieving the spells that make the wizard the powerhouse that he really is.
this section is designed to pick apart the strategies you should use to
maximize your wizards effectivness, and how to distribute your stat points.

***Spell List***

The spells of the wizard vary in effectivenes, you may not use some at all
and others you may rely on for the whole game. Here is a list of the
wizard's spells and my personal analysis of them.

FIRE BOLT- level 1
Mana needed- 4 red, 4 yellow

Does 4 points of damage to energy. Plus an additional +1 for every 8 red

Mike's Opinion(my opinion)- This spell will be your friend for your first
few levels, this is what you should use your mana on. What i would do when I
was a low level wizard was work my red mana up to its max and spam it until
I ran out of yellow mana. This will be your main offense for your early
levels. Dont even think about using it in the middle of the game because it
just does not have enough power against mid-level opponents.

Mana needed- 3 green, 3 yellow, 3 blue

Adds +5 red mana. Your turn does not end.

Mike's Opinion- Ok, This spell has its times to use and times not to. Youd
think that it would be useful because your main mana is fire and this spell
adds to it. However, early in the game you rarely have time to build up your
other manas to use this spell, and youll usually find a match of reds before
you find a matches of green, yellow and blue. Just try to find matches of
red than using this spell, but if its down to the last moves of the battle,
you need fire, and you have the neccesary mana for channel fire than be my
guest cause it may very well decide the difference of battle. So unless its
absolutely neccesary I wouldnt rely on this spell much.

FIRE SHIELD- level 3
Mana needed- 5 red, 6 blue

Protects against 1 point of damage whenever you recieve 2 or more damage.
Lasts for 8 turns, plus an additional turn for every 3 of your red mana.

Mike's Opinion- Ok, this spell protects you against 1 point for damage
(whopieee!) and the mana requirments are not exactly a bargain. Use at your
own risk but I doubt youll benefit at all from it and it will ultimately
just drain your hard earned mana. The red mana you waste for negating one
point of damage would help much more in dealing 4 or more points to your
oppnent with firebolt.

HASTE- level 4
Mana needed- 6 yellow, 5 blue

Does 4 points of damage to your enemy whenever you get an extra turn. Lasts
for 10 turns, plus an additional turn for every 5 of your yellow mana.

Mike's Opinion- This is a great spell when your beginning and even through
the early-middle of the game. Cast it as early as possible then play as you
normally would and hope you recieve alot of extra turns. Recast if you would

MANA BURN- level 5
Mana needed- 3 green, 4 mana

Reduces your enemy's Mana reserves by 5. Your turn does not end if your red
mana is +8.

Mike's Opinion- Well, because of my playstyle I dont use this spell at all.
I dont really believe in reducing your opponents mana because you should
always be on the offense, not trying to stop your opponent from attacking
you. Although as you gain mana you could spam this and make you opponent's
mana reserves 0, but I dont really think it necesary, once again I would
just use you mana towards firebolt. Uses may vary depending on playstyle.

HAND OF POWER- level 6
Mana needed- 5 green, 2 red, 5 yellow

Adds +2 to damage for 10 turns. This effect may be stacked twice.

Mike's Opinion- Yea, it adds 2 points to your damage that you deal, if you
stack it then it adds 4, still no big deal, right? Wrong, Once you recieve
the spell FIREBALL your set, why because FIREBALL does 8 damage and destroys
a 3X3 box of gems. So lets say you have 3 skulls in the area of a 3X3 box
and you stack hands of power twice and your base skull damage is 12 per
skull( a fairly low base skull damage, trust me if you follow this guide
your base skull damage will be much higher). If you cast FIREBALL on that
box then thats (3X12)+(3X4)=48 which is much higher then 36. that extra 12
damage is from the HAND OF POWER.
*NOTE* If you match 3 skulls you will only get +4 not 16.

LIGHT- level 7
Mana needed- 6 red, 10 yellow

Causes Blind on your enemy for 2 turns. Plus an additional turn for every 8
yellow mana.

Mike's Opinion- Never really used this spell, I guess its good if your the
kind of person who likes sucky spells. Seriously its a waste of mana use
your mana for something useful, maybe HAND OF POWER.

HEAT SINK- level 8
Mana needed- 3 green, 3 blue

Reduces your enemy's Red mana by 8 and gives it to you.

Mike's Opinion- Ahhhh This is the much better form of channel fire because
of two reasons. You get more red mana for less other mana AND it steals it
from your opponent. Although this could be a problem if your opponent has
less than 8 red mana however this is usually uncommon with the mana hoarding

FIREBALL- level 10
Mana needed- 9 red, 6 yellow

Destroys a selected 3X3 grid of gems gaining full effect for the gems
destroyed. Plus an additional 8 damage.

Mike's Opinion- Great spell by itself, even better if you cast HAND OF POWER
before using it. FIREBALL combined with HANDS OF POWER should become your
main attack strategy.

WALL OF FIRE- level 12
Mana needed- 9 green, 6 red

Damage is applied to red mana instead of life points. Lasts until Red mana
is zero and reduces your red mana by 2 per turn.

MIke's Opinion- This spell is OK but in most cases for a wizard you red mana
is your life blood. You could say that red mana is more important than life
points. I dont use this spell instead I keep my red mana as high as possible
so I can use more offensive spells and the more red mana I have the more
damage per skull I get(more on that in equipment section).

Mana needed- 3 green, 6 red, 3 yellow, 3 blue

Turns green gems into skulls. Turns blue gems into red gems.

Mike's Opinion- This spell is very good, it gives you your two favorite gems
, skulls and red mana. However, be warned once you use this your turn ends
and if you did not get any extra turns by casting this spell you just gave
your opponent a bunch of options to deal damage to you and get extra turns.
So use this spell only if you know you will get a 4 or 5 of-a-kind or if you
feel that you will kill your opponent before it becomes his turn by casting

CAUTERIZE- level 20
Mana needed- 6 red, 8 blue

Adds +1 to life points for everyone red gem in play Red gems are not

Mike's opinion- Well on average there are about 9 red gems in play so thats
plus 9 life points. If you wait 3 turns with an ultimate troll ring you will
have that in 3 turns without paying mana. If your on your last legs though
and you need life points then maybe this would be useful, I dunno Ive used
it a few times.

METEOR STORM- level 25
Mana needed- 10 green, 14 red, 6 yellow

Turns 8 random gems into red gems you gain full effects for all gems

Mike's Opinion- This spell is pretty dumb, your spending 30 total mana for
8 random red gems which will probably give you red mana and theres around a
20-15% chance that you will get a 4/5 of-a-kind from it. You could get more
mana from heat sink. This spell has no uses other than to waste mana.

Mana needed- 8 green, 8 red, 8 yellow, 8 blue

Turns a selected grid into a +5 skull. After gem is trnasformed, the turn

Mike's Opinion- This is a fun spell because it almost guarentees damage
because there is almost always two skulls next to eachother on the board.
Although the damage output is not nearly as high as the FIREBALL/HAND OF
POWER combo, It can end an opponent who has a fair bit of health left. This
spell is also great for creating 4/5 of-a-kinds just be sure to not set up
your opponent with a good match.

LAVA CORE- level 40
Mana needed- 12 green, 24 red

Adds +12 to maximum red mana. Your turn does not end.

Mike's Opinion- Well this spell makes sense, It will ultimately allow you to
deal out more damage because of firewalker. But honestly, it costs 36 total
mana and will make you have to regain your lost 24 mana before you can
actually start to use the +12 to your maximum red mana. This spell is not
necesary becase you'll already be doing enough damage anyways.

Mana needed- 8 green, 25 red, 8 yellow, 10 blue

Adds points eqaul to your red mana to a random skill. Reduces your red mana
to zero.

Mike's Opinion- This skill is just something to mess around with, Just to
see how high you can raise a stat. There are 7 stats so its a slim chance
your red mana will be added to the stat you want which is why this spell has
such low combat effectiveness.

***Stat Distribution***

2 Words, FIRE MASTERY, it is all you really need to survive as a wizard.
It only costs one point to raise so pile on all of your points then buy stat
ipoints at the temple to raise your other stats as you see fit. The more
Fire mastery you have, the more damage you will deal because of FireWalkers
staff which is a staff that "Adds +1 damage for every 4 of your red mana
whenever you do 3 or more damage". So the more red mana you can aqquire the
more damage youll do when you match skulls of fireball them. This is a
necesity for the perfect wizard, just keep looking for it in the shop, it
will usually appeare around midgame. Fire mastery also increases the amount
of mana you get for matching reds, the likeliness of an extra turn from
matching red and your max red mana cap. Good stuff.

*Note*- for how to max out stats go to "What about stat farming?"

***Attack Strategy***

OK, as I mentioned before your going to want to use HAND OF POWER stacked
twice(or once, but it will be weaker) then use FIREBALL and box in as many
skulls as possible into a 3X3 grid. This will maximize your damage giving
you the most bang for your buck. With Firewalker your damage will skyrocket
to 33 damage PER SKULL which is 99 damage more 3 skulls caught in the
FIREBALL. This combo is what makes the Wizard. And if you run out of mana
use HEAT SINK to get 8 red mana for a bargain. channel most of your
resources for the FIREBALL/HAND OF POWER combo and build up your red to its
max to get the strongest attack and unleash it on your opponent.

3. Equipment And Mounts

In Puzzle quest equipment is a major aspect of combat, just by subtly
tweaking your equipment you could change the outcome of a battle. But
theres so many different types which should I choose? Mounts are also an
option in this game although they do not play as big of a part as equipment
in combat they can boost your stats and give you spells.


First I will discuss the Ideal equipment setup for the Wizard. But for a
generic setup you should basically have equipment that does 1 or more of
these things.

1. Boosts your fire mastery
2. Gives you more fire mana at start of combat
3. Regenerates a fair amount of life(troll ring)
4. Firewalker
5. Increases your damage

If each piece of your equipment will statisfy at least one of these terms
then your good,although some satisfy these terms MUCH better than others.
I'll show you my equipment and why I use it.

~Helms and Crowns~

HELM OF RAM- Adds +2 damage to when ever you do 3 or more damage

I chose this helm because it simply gives me more damage its like adding
an extra HAND OF POWER spell in the FIREBALL/HAND OF POWER combo.

~Clothing and Armor~

GRASP OF FIRE(Rune item)- Adds +2 to your fire mastery. Gives +24 to Red
Mana at the beginning of each combat.

This Rune can be formed by using: Rune of Lava, Rune of Chaos, Rune of

I use this rune becuase of it's high starting mana bonus, the +2 is not
really of any significance but you should consider forging this.


FIREWALKER'S STAFF- Adds +5% to Fire Resistance, and adds +1 to damage for
every 4 of your red Mana whenever. Nuff said.


DRAGONHORN OF FIRE(Rune item)- Adds +6 to all of your mana reserves whenever
you match 4 or 5 gems. Gives +8 to red mana at the beginning of each

This rune can be formed by using: Rune of Music, Rune of Dragons, Rune of

This rune is good becuase the increase of red mana you start of with in the
beginning of the match is not to shabby. The real beauty lies in the adds
+6 to all of your mana reserves whenever you match 4 or 5 gems. This will
make 4/5 of a kinds much more fruitful.


I added in this section when Soulgenesis posted a very nice wizard setup
that utilizes Rune weapons, If you manage to create these forges your
equipment set will be far superior to what I posted above. If you want a
super wizard then these are the forges you NEED to make.

Soulgenesis's forges:

Relic of Fire [Rune of Jewels + Rune of Gods + Rune of Fire ]
Adds +6 to damage for each full Mana Reserve when doing 3 or more damage.
Gives +16 to Red Mana at the beginning of each combat.

Clasp of Fire [Rune of Lava + Rune of Gods + Rune of Fire]
Adds +7 to your Fire Mastery.
Gives +16 to Red Mana at the beginning of each combat.

Obviously, Firewalker's Staff

Harp of Fire [Rune of Music + Rune of Gods + Rune of Fire ]
Adds +5 to all of your Mana Reserves whenever you match 4 or 5 gems.
Gives +16 to Red Mana at the beginning of each combat.

there we go. :) with this setup you should get:
+7 to fire mastery
+6 to all mana reserves when you match 4/5
+6 to damage for EACH reserve that is full
+48 to red mana at the start of battle

so, for a match of 3 skulls, you get an immediate +12. and if your red mana
is full at the beggining, you get a +6 boost. now combine this setup with

You can do the math ;)

Keep in mind that I recommend the rune of gods over the rune of dragons is
that, an extra +1 to the base rune, is nothing compared to 100% extra to the
power rune. i'd much rather have +16 red mana than +8. ;)

besides the only thing the rune of dragons does better than the gods, other
than the fact that it's +5 instead of +4, is that it makes the forging
puzzle easier.

BUT your creating a super wizard. No one ever said creating anything super
would be easy. but when you finish, it just better BE SUPER. Not mediocre.

-Courtesy of Soulgenesis


For the wizard you should use either the Giant Rat which grants you +1
cunning for every 4 levels or the Fire Spider which gives you +1 on your
fire mastery for every 2 levels and the BREATHE FIRE spell which does damage
based on your current red mana and depletes it to zero which is great if
youve been following the guide and have a high red mana capacity.

What About Stat-Farming?

Ok this is a fairly controversial issue on the message boards.
Stat-farming is when the player gets alot of gold and spends it on stat
points in the temple so he/she can max his/her stats. This method usually
relies on using seiged towns to produce money and the player may spend hours
going from town to town getting money to spend on stats. Stat-farming also
requires the player to not spend any stat points before he/she does it, why?
Because the more points you have in the skill, the more it costs to add
points to it. So what YOU should do is save all your level up points until
your done stat-farming then spend them on on what you would like to upgrade
once you finish your stat-farming session. Heres what I think,I stat farm
for about 1 and a half hours on a playthrough, I get as much money as I can
in that amount of time using a specific money route and spend 50 points
worth on fire and the rest on the other masteries just to balance things
alot a little better. Why 50 points on fire? Because the max limit for stat
points is 255 points and you recieve 196 from just level-up points.50+196
(because you should spend every level-up point on fire) is 246 giving you
about 10 points of room away from the point cap of 255. I have this
"giveway" room because if you exceed 255 points than your mastery goes back
down to zero. The extra room is for quests that give fire points
automatically that weay you dont screw yourself over :).

***How and When to Stat Farm***

So you want to stat farm, huh? I'm warning you that after you do it the
game becomes a real pushover in terms of difficulty. If you are still
willing to I will tell you how to stat farm effectively.

When to Stat Farm: Personally I do it beofre Dugog because I believe he is
the hardest boss to fight in the game. I stat farm before him so that I can
beat him easily as opposed to trying 20 times to kill him while i'm weak.

How to Stat Farm: OK, some people use the "Stolen Catapult" quest which
gives myou a fair amount of gold for completeing it by I seige cities and
accept tribute. The cities I seige are Enmouth, Galia and Drakenburg. After
these cities are seiged I use a route that goes like this:

1. Start at Skellheim(between Drakenburg and Galia) on the 1st or 4th.
2. Go to Galia.
3. Go to Bartonia.
4. Then Enmouth.
5. Then Elenia(between Enmouth and Bartonia).
6. Go back to Enmouth
7. All the way back down to Drakenburg
8. Go to Skellheim.
9. Then back to Drakenburg.
10 Then to Skellheim and your back where you started except 2700(something
like that) gold richer.
11. Spend it at the temple on Fire and other masteries.

6. Legalese

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords and pretty much all that I've
written about in this FAQ is probably a copyright or trademark of D3 and
Ifinite Interactive.

This FAQ cannot be modified without the consent of the author. If you take
any information from this FAQ for use in any other form, please give me

Feel free to post this FAQ anywhere you please, just give me proper credit
and email me to let me know where you are putting it.

Copyright 2007 Mikedn8c