Warriors, The Walkthrough/FAQ

The Warriors
A Rockstar and Rockstar North game
Playstation 2
Walkthrough (c) Mageknight, 2006

=======Table of Contents=======
i) Introduction
ii) Version History
iii) Story

1) How to Play
A) Controls
B) Advanced Techniques
C) Power Ups
D) Weapon Types
E) Radar Info
F) Warchief Commands
G) Character Stats
H) The Warriors and their stats
I) The Hangout

2) Story Mode Levels
-Level 1: New Blood
-Level 2: Real Live Bunch
-Level 3: Payback
-Level 4: Blackout
-Level 5: Real Heavy Rep
-Level 6: Writer's Block
-Level 7: Adios Amigo
-Level 8: Encore
-Level 9: Payin' the Coast
-Level 10: Destroyed
-Level 11: Boys in Blue
-Level 12: Setup
-Level 13: All-City
-Level 14: Desperate Dudes
-Level 15: No Permits, No Parley
-Level 16: Home Run
-Level 17: Friendly Faces
-Level 18: Come out to Play

3) Flashback Levels
-Flashback A: Roots
-Flashback B: The Best
-Flashback C: Heavy Muscle
-Flashback D: Scout's Honor
-Flashback E: Sharp Dressed Man

4) Coney Island Bonus Missions
I) Exercise 1
II) Exercise 2
III) Turf Invasion
IV) Robin Hood
V) Turf Invasion 2
VI) Busted
VII) Turf Invasion 3
VIII) Flash Head
IX) Deal with it
X) Vigilante Justice
XI) Carny Compassion
XII) Turf Invasion 4
XIII) Turf Invasion 5
XIV) Feed the Homeless
XV) Turf Invasion 6
XVI) Freedom
XVII) Flash Point

5) Armies of the Night
6) Frequently Asked Questions
7) Contact Info and Copyright Info
8) Credits

---i) Introduction---
This is my first walkthrough ever written. The Warriors is my most
favorite game ever and I want to make a walkthrough to help out people
who are having trouble in the game. I will go into detail for every level
so you know what to expect. Feel free to print this out for your own
private use, but no selling or claming it as your own!

---ii) Version History---
Version 0.33: Started guide. Wrote How to Play section. Wrote controls,
advanced techniques, power-ups, weapon types, radar info, warchief commands,
character stats, Warrior characters, the hangout, and story mode level
section. Completed walkthroughs of New Blood, Real Live Bunch, Payback.
Partially finished with Blackout.

Version 0.66: Finished up the Blackout, Real Heavy Rep, Writer's Block, Adios
Amigo, Encore, Payin' the Coast, Destroyed, and Boys in Blue walkthroughs.
Added the Red Cross, police badge, spray, lightning bolt, and knife icons to
the radar info. Added more details to the controls.

Version 1.00: Finished up Setup, All-City, Desperate Dudes, Home Run, Friendly
Faces, and Come out to Play walkthroughs. Added and finished flashbacks
walkthroughs. Added and finished Coney Bonus Missions. Added and finished
Armies of the Night. Added and finished FAQs. Added and finished contact info.
Added and finished table of contents. Added and finished credits
and copyright info. Completed this guide.

Version 1.20: Fixed minor spelling, grammar errors, and word misplacement

Version 1.25: Fixed minor errors, added special conditions to some levels,
and added squealers.

---iii) Story---
You take control of the Warriors, a gang in Coney Island, New York. The
Warriors have to deal with loads of other gangs as they try to make their
way to the top of the respect chain. Eventually, they get the respect
they deserve and are invited to the Bronx to attending a meeting held by
Cyrus, leader of the Riffs. When Cyrus is killed and the Warriors are
framed, they must bop their way past every cop and gang that is looking
to spill Warrior blood in the streets.


=======1) How to Play=======

---A) Controls---

Left analog stick:
-Move character

Right analog stick:
-Move camera
-Select warchief commands

-Center camera

-Adjust camera distance from character

-Action (talk, push button, etc)
-Pick up or drop a weapon
-Pick up a hat
-Steal loot
-Start/stop mugging

-Light attack,
-Flying body attack (while sprinting)
-Throw projectile weapon
-Use melee weapon
-Break free of enemy grapple

-Grab enemies
-Tackle and grab enemies (while running or sprinting)
-Pick up or get on enemies (while holding enemy)
-Throw enemies (hold left analog stick in any direction to throw enemies)
-Throw enemy off you (while being grappled)

-Heavy attacks
-Tackle charge attack (while sprinting)
-Throw projectile weapon
-Use melee weapon
-Break free of enemy grapple

-Target enemies (hold)

-Aim with projectile weapons
-Block against attacks
-Turn enemy around while holding
-Reverse enemy grapple while being held

-Break lock-on
-Let go of enemy

-Display warchief commands (hold)

-Revive fallen Warrior (requires Flash)

-Use Flash

-Display bonus objectives

-Display current objectives

-Pause the game

-Display character stats


---B) Advanced Techniques---

Combo Attacks:
Press X and/or Square 2 or 3 times in succession to combo
enemies. You can also mix up the two buttons for attacks.

Attack and Grab:
Press Circle and X at the same time to damage an enemy and grab them.

Stun Attack:
Press Square+X to knock down enemies.

While blocking, if your character ducks down, press X or
Square to counterattack.

Get up and Counter:
While downed, press any button repeatedly to get up
and counterattack.

Special Attack:
While holding an enemy, press Square+X, and then X two
more times.

Wall Smash:
Grab an enemy, drag him or her next to a wall, and then throw
them into a wall.

Co-op Attack:
Hold an enemy behind you and then have a Warrior attack the
enemy. If a Warrior is holding an enemy from behind, press Square,
Circle, or X to attack the held enemy.

Rage Mode:
As you attack enemies, your Rage Meter, will fill up. When the
meter is full, press R1+L1 to enter Rage Mode. Rage mode makes you
invincible for a while and all attacks are stronger.

Rage Attack:
While in Rage Mode, hold an enemy, press Square+X, and then
press X, and X again. This will usually kill enemies instantly.

Back Attack:
While backing up into enemies behind you, press Square or X
to use a quick attack.

If you walk into a dark area, the radar will turn blue and you will
be hidden from enemies. Use hiding spots to elude cops and enemy gangs.
You cannot hide if enemies see you running to a hiding spot.

Stealth Kill:
While in a hiding spot, lock on to a target, sneak up
behind them, and press X or Square to kill the target instantly.

Arrest People:
To arrest someone, you need handcuffs. Tackle the enemy
and hold them on the ground. Press R1 to start handcuffing them  Fill up
your bar before they do by moving the left analog stick around until you
feel a vibration, then hold it in that direction. Once your bar is
filled, you will cuff your victim.

Avoid Arrest:
If a cop attacks you, he will focus on cuffing you. If he
attempts to cuff you, move the left analog stick around to avoid
vibration. If you feel vibration, hold the stick in a different
direction. If the cop fills up his bar, you get cuffed. If there are any
Warriors near you, they will free you if they can.


---C) Power-Ups---

Recovers health and revives fallen Warriors. If player has fallen,
fellow Warriors will attempt to revive the player if he has any Flash on
him. Max capacity is 3, but it can be increased to 4 later on.

Spray Paint:
Used for spraying over enemy tags. Can also be used to blind
enemies (Triangle+Circle). Max capacity is 9.

Immobilizes enemies (requires completion of a bonus
objective). Max capacity is 9. Dropped by cops.

Cuff Keys:
Instantly frees arrested Warriors. Can also be used to uncuff
yourself (requires completion of a bonus objective). Max capacity is 9.
Dropped by cops.


---D) Weapon Types---

Melee Weapons:
Weapons that are usually swung. They range from batons,
machetes, pipes, chair legs, sledgehammers, and others. Pressing Square
and X together will make the character throw the weapon.

Projectile Weapons:
Weapons that are normally tossed. They range from
bricks, bottles, pieces of meat, Molotov Cocktails, garbage cans, etc.
Some projectiles can be used to smash an enemy's face into it. To do it,
press X or Square while you are next to an enemy. Some projectiles
require two hands to hold and cannot be aimed manually. Some projectiles also
cannot used to smash into the face of an enemy.


--- E) Radar Info---

Yellow W:
Your current objective location.

Red W:
Same as the yellow W, but usually represents moving on to the next

Purple W:
Bonus objective locations.

White dots:
Location of Warriors.

Blue dots:
Location of cops.

Yellow/Purple dots:
Location of enemy scouts.

Blue !:
Citizen who is trying to call the police.

Orange !:
Enemy scout or citizen trying to contact enemy gang for back-

Blue circle:
This encircles your radar if the cops are looking for you.
Fades over time.

Orange circle:
This encircles your radar if enemy gang members are
looking for you. Fades over time.

Red Cross icon:
A Warrior is downed.

Police badge icon:
A Warrior has been arrested.

Spray icon:
Spray dealer.

Lightning bolt icon:
Flash dealer.

Knife icon:
Knife dealer.

---F) Warchief Commands---

Your fellow Warriors will do what you tell them to do. They might act on
their own, but will always execute their commands perfectly. In a 2
player game, only player 1 can issue commands. There will be times where
certain commands may not be available. If the Warriors are too far away
from the player, they will not be able to hear commands issued. There are 6
commands in all and here is what each one does.

Wreck 'em All:
Take out any nearby enemies. Also attacks people who try
to rat out the player to the cops or enemy gang.

Watch my Back:
Warriors will surround and protect the player.

Hold Up:
Warriors will stay where they are.

Warriors will split up and hide in the shadows.

Warriors will destroy all objects nearby or rob a store of its

Let's Go:
Warriors will follow the player.

---G) Character Stats---

Each Warrior is good and not so good in certain things. The following
stats below show how each Warrior is divided up. In the pause menu, click on
stats to see what your Warrior excels in.

Shows much of a beating the character can take.

Determines how long the character can hold onto enemies.

Shows how much damage the character can do.

Shows how much rage power the character can store up and expend.

Determines how quickly the character can rob people.

Determines how quickly the character can steal a car radio.

Lock picking:
Shows how well a character can break open a door without
setting off the alarm.

Resist Arrest:
Shows how quickly the character can break free of a cop
attempting to arrest him.

Determines how much control a character has while tagging.

Determines how quickly the character can free arrested

---H) The Warriors and their stats---

Cleon is the leader of the Warriors. He always keeps his cool in the heat
of things and knows when the perfect time to strike is. He formed the
Warriors after being betrayed by his former friend of the Destroyers,

Strengths: Mugging, resisting arrest
Weaknesses: Stealing, uncuffing
Health: Good
Strength: Fair
Stamina: Good
Rage: Good

Swan is the second-in-command of the Warriors. Like Cleon, Swan keeps his
cool and plans everything out before moving on. He became a Warrior by
winning the King of the Hill challenge and taking out the Destroyers in
Coney by wrecking their stores.

Strengths: Mugging, resisting arrest
Weaknesses: Tagging, uncuffing, lock picking
Health: Good
Strength: Good
Stamina: Good
Rage: Fair

A man who speaks with his fists and is also a womanizer. Ajax is the main
muscle of the group. He prefers to beat people down as a solution to the
Warrior's problems. He became a Warrior after completing Cleon's test and
then losing his vest to the Destroyers, but also getting it back.

Strengths: Mugging, resisting arrest
Weaknesses: Uncuffing, tagging, lock picking, stealing
Health: Good
Strength: Good
Stamina: Good
Rage: Good

The youngest and newest member of the group. He became a Warrior after
passing Cleon's test. Rembrandt is a natural with the spray can and is
always looking forward to lay down a Warrior's tag. He can be soft at
times, but is always good to go.

Strengths: Tagging, lock picking, uncuffing
Weaknesses: Resisting arrest, mugging
Health: Poor
Strength: Poor
Stamina: Fair
Rage: Fair

Snow is another muscle man like Ajax, but doesn't speak out a lot. He
joined with the Warriors with Ajax, going through the same test and
problems as Ajax did. Snow is a good soldier to have by your side.

Strengths: Mugging, resisting arrest, stealing
Weaknesses: Tagging
Health: Good
Strength: Fair
Stamina: Good
Rage: Good

Vermin became a Warrior after he and Cleon left the Destroyers. Vermin
can be a bit pessimistic at times and sometimes lets his emotions get to
him, but he is always looking forward to a brawl.

Strengths: Stealing
Weaknesses: Uncuffing, tagging, lock picking
Health: Fair
Strength: Poor
Stamina: Fair
Rage: Good

Cowboy became a Warrior with Swan after the King of the Hill contest.
Like Vermin, Cowboy can be a bit pessimistic, but is always ready for a
fight. Cowboy always wears a hat and gets annoyed if someone else wears

Strengths: Uncuffing, lock picking
Weaknesses: Resisting arrest, mugging
Health: Poor
Strength: Poor
Stamina: Good
Rage: Good

Cochise joined the Warriors after proving himself to Cleon by stealing
the hat of Big Moe, leader of the Boppers. Cochise is always looking
forward to a brawl and won't back down from anyone.

Strengths: Mugging
Weaknesses: Tagging
Health: Fair
Strength: Fair
Stamina: Good
Rage: Good

Fox proved himself to be Warrior material to Cleon by breaking up the
money operations of the Savage Huns. Fox doesn't say much like Snow does.
Fox is the gang's scout and he looks ahead to see where trouble may lie
in wait.

Strengths: Uncuffing
Weaknesses: Tagging, mugging
Health: Poor
Strength: Poor
Stamina: Good
Rage: Good


---I) The Hangout---

The hangout of the Warriors has several things you can do. You can even
talk to the other Warriors to see what the current happenings are.

The exercises (push ups, chin ups, sit ups, and punching bag)
can help boost your sprint and combat stamina when you complete enough
sets. As you complete more levels in the storyline, you can do higher
level exercises. Level 10 is the max level. If you wait and try to do all the
levels at once, your character will get tired and be unable to finish, forcing
you to wait later to finish.

Checking out the TV will display your current level completion stats,
such as high scores, number of bonuses unlocked, etc.

Subway Map:
Lets you replay any level you completed. When you choose a
level, a letter in the picture appears (A, B, C, etc). These are
checkpoints you can start off from.

Pinball Machine:
Lets you play Rumble Mode. All characters and arenas
that are unlocked go in here.

Arcade Machine:
Lets you play the Armies of the Night mini-game. You
cannot play it if you have not completed all the flashback missions.

The doors lead you to the Warrior's turf, where you can do bonus
objectives or just explore and cause mayhem.

Yellow W:
Start the next level.

Purple W:
Start a flashback level. Flashback levels show how each Warrior
joined up.


=======2) Story Mode Levels=======

Every level has unlockables you can use for Rumble Mode, but you have to
either beat the level's high score, complete bonus objectives, or both.
If you are planning to unlock something later on, you are better off
starting the level from the start so you can get everything without
missing something. Most bonus objectives require tags or other things that
needs to be done. I will show where each tag and such are as I
guide you through the levels, but some levels have them scattered and I have a
separate list for them. Note that there are some levels that subtly change
the way things work, which I will list as special conditions. Some levels have
people who will rat you out to the cops or enemy gangs, which I have listed.

---Level 1: New Blood---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:

Warriors used:
Rembrandt (Player 1), Ash (Player 2)



Special conditions:
-Player cannot die

This level and all levels afterwards take place before the events of the
movie you just saw. Cleon and Vermin go out to meet their new recruit,
Rembrandt. Cleon puts Rembrandt through a series of tests to see if he is
worthy of being a Warrior.

This level is a basic tutorial level. First, the game teaches you how to
move your character and the camera. After that, Cleon sends in a bum to
test your fighting skills. In this part, you are taught the various ways
to attack enemies. After you beat up the bum for a bit, Cleon sends in
more bums. The bums surround you and prevent you from escaping. The game
will then teach you how to use back attacks and how to throw enemies in
different directions. After you cleared some space, Cleon tests you with
weapons and tosses down some baseball bats. Grab one and beat up the bums
with it. As you do so, the game shows you your Rage meter. Once it's
full, unleash Rage Mode and the game will teach you about its effects and
how to use a Rage attack. After you are done, finish off the bums. Once
the bums are done, Cleon sends down some of his Warriors to fight you.
Defend yourself as long as you can until Cleon stops them. After the test
is over, you earned your vest. Cleon notices that Rembrandt looks a bit
beat up and orders Vermin to take him out to get some Flash.

When the level starts again, you are taught on how to break into a store
and rob it. Attack or jump into the store windows or doors to break in.
Punch out the display cases or cabinets until they break, then steal 3
pieces of items to get money and complete the objective. Next lesson is
stealing car radios. Punch out the window of the car Vermin shows you and
press Triangle to start stealing the radio. To steal a radio, rotate the
left analog stick counterclockwise until all 4 screws are removed. Once
you are done, Vermin tells you to go mug someone. To mug a person, grab
them and press Triangle. If the game does not say that mugging can be
started, then the person does not have anything to steal from. When the
mugging starts, 2 bars appear. The top bar is yours and the lower bar is
the victim's. If your bar fills up, you will mug the person. If the
person fills their bar first, they will break free. Move the left analog
stick around until you feel a vibration. When you feel it, hold the stick
in that direction. When the vibration fades, move the stick around to
find a new spot, then rinse and repeat. After you mugged someone, go back
to Vermin to start the next part of the level.

Vermin is pretty impressed with your skills and will lead you to the
flash dealer. Here, the game will teach you how to climb fences. Go next
to a fence, walk towards it and press triangle to climb it. If you run at
it and press triangle at the right time, you can hop over it quicker.
Follow Vermin to the rooftop and he'll tell you to jump through the
window. Run towards the window and press triangle to jump through. Follow
Vermin to the next rooftop, but hold L2 to sprint so your jump can go
farther. After jumping across, follow Vermin down to the alley and he
will tell you to bust down a fence. Attacking the fence takes time, but
charging at it or jumping into it can break it down quicker. After
breaking through, you will find the flash dealer. Flash dealers sell
flash for $20 a pop. Buy one and press right on the D-pad to heal
yourself. The level is now completed.


---Level 2: Real Live Bunch---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Vermin (Player 2)

Ajax, Cowboy, Snow, Fox, Cochise, Swan


Special conditions:

Rembrandt and Vermin return to the hangout. Vermin tells Cleon that he is
impressed with Rembrandt's skills and Cleon is pleased. Rembrandt is
eager to represent the Warriors, but Cleon tells him that they have to
take it slow first. Suddenly, someone throws a firebomb into the window
and the hangout is up in flames. It turns out that the Destroyers have
attacked again. Now it's time to show them who the boss is.

This level will teach you about the warchief commands. Issue the Let's Go
command to get your Warriors to follow you and start the level. Follow
the alley around until you find Ajax. Ajax is getting rough with a woman
and Cleon tells him to ditch her and they need his help. Ajax says that
Fox was around somewhere trying to get some blades. Navigate the alley
some more until you find Swan and Cowboy get arrested by cops. Now you
have to save them.

Exit the alley into the street to find Swan and Cowboy. Stand next to
them and press triangle to start uncuffing them. Tap L1 and R1 back and
forth to build up the meter. When it's full, you'll free them. Now your
next objective is to find Fox. Go through the alley across the street and
work your way around it until you find the objective marker.

The Warriors peek through a fence and spot Fox hiding from the cops
behind a dumpster. Vermin wants to get in there, but Cleon has a better
idea. When the game starts again, it will teach you about the Hold Up
command. Issue it so your Warriors will stay behind. Go up the stairs
next to you and the game will teach you about throwing bottles. Press
triangle to pick up a bottle. Next, hold R1 to aim. A gray line will
appear, showing you where the bottle will go if thrown. Aim for the
yellow marker below you until the aiming arc turns red, then throw the
bottle. The cops will get distracted, allowing Fox to escape. Fox
mentions that Swan is with Cochise.

Cleon decides to teach the cops a lesson. Issue the Mayhem command to let
the Warriors wreck the cop car and smash any other nearby objects. Break
into the store across the street. Stand in front of the door and press
triangle to start picking the lock. When the tumblers get to the red
area, press X to stop it there. If you managed to stop all 3 tumblers in
the dark red area, the alarm won't go off. If it does, cops come later
on, but for this level, there won't be. Steal everything inside and pick
the lock on the back door to move further until you find Swan and Cochise
fighting some Destroyers.

Issue the Wreck 'em All command to have your Warriors wreck the
Destroyers. Use the Watch my Back command if you are getting ganged up.
The Destroyers here aren't too tough to take out and there are some
weapons to use that can aid you.
After beating the Destroyers, the Warriors head back to their hangout.
However, they see that their Warrior burner has been sprayed over with a
Destroyer burner. Cleon wants revenge while the Destroyers celebrate.

---Level 3: Payback---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Snuff out the last tag on the street (First set of tags)
-Snuff out the remaining tags (Second set of tags)
-Snuff out the last remaining tags (Third set of tags)

Warriors used:
Rembrandt (Player 1), Vermin (Player 2)

Vermin, Ajax, Cowboy

Yes, cops

Special conditions

It's time to get revenge on the Destroyers. Ajax, Vermin, and Cowboy
accompany Rembrandt as they extract their revenge in Destroyer turf. Your
first objective is to spray over the Destroyer burner on a billboard
above you. Climb up and press triangle near the marker to start tagging.
A yellow pattern appears onscreen when you do a tag. Move the cursor with
the left analog stick and trace over the pattern. If you go off the line,
the cursor centers itself and you waste paint. If you run out of paint
somehow for this part, Rembrandt will pull out another can so you can
finish it. But he won't do it again after you are done. If you can spray
a tag without messing up, you get a 1000 point bonus.

After you are done, head over to the red marker nearby. You'll view a cut
scene of two drunken Destroyers. They are no match for you. Take them
out. After they are gone, your new objective is to spray over 2 of 3 tags
in the area. However, you don't have any paint left. Across the street is
a paint dealer who will sell you spray cans for $5 each. Since you
already have $15 in the start, spend it all on paint. Do NOT attack
dealers of any kind since they will either be scared off or fight you
with a knife, and those things seriously hurt. If you do kill them,
they'll drop one item of what they sell, plus all money you gave them.
Some dealers may rob you when you try to buy something, so keep your
guard up. Do not bother mugging them since their resistance is absurdly

Go to where the drunks were and spray the tag near there. If you need
money, there's a radio behind you. Remember that you can destroy the
trunks of cars and they sometimes contain weapons or other items like
money and flash. Always pop car trunks with weapons to open it faster. Go
down to the end of the street and you'll find another tag and a radio. To
the right of you is a drug store you can break into for some flash and
money. If you set the alarm off, a cop will come, so be careful. By this
point, you completed your objective, but now a new bonus objective
appears. To complete it, spray the last tag on the street. From the
drugstore, bear right and go around the corner of a Laundromat to find
the last tag. However, you can spray the 3 tags in any order you wish and
still have same results. When you are done, go to the red marker near the
paint dealer. Be sure to buy more paint.

There are two Destroyers up ahead. Take them out. Your new objective now
is to spray over 3 of 5 tags in the area. Here is where each one is:

-One tag is to the right where the Destroyers were.

-Another tag is to the left of the Destroyers next to a shack.

-From the red marker previously, go left and up the stairs. Follow the
rooftop and run off (don't jump) the edge in the gap of the wall. You
should land on an awning below. Go around the corner for another tag.

-From the previous tag, go to the roof of that tag. Jump across to a
metal walkway. Follow the walkway and jump across the gaps to find a tag
on a wall near a subway track.

-Where the Destroyers used to be near the first and second tags, head
left and look for a dumpster. Climb on it and climb up again on top of a
metal walkway. The tag is on the wall.

When you spray over three tags, a new bonus objective appears; spray over
the remaining tags. Simple enough, right? Be sure to go to the flash
dealer near the red marker if you need some flash.

When you go through the gate, you have to spray over 3 of 6 tags.
Be careful though. Destroyers are around and there will be a cop walking
around. There is a liquor store in front of you should you need more
cash. It also has Molotov Cocktails if you need a good weapon. A car
radio is also next to you when you enter this area and a spray dealer is
next to the store. Here is another list of tags you can find:

-Follow the street to the left. Climb up the shack on the left side when
you see it and take out the Destroyers above you. There is a car radio on
the street here if you need money. The tag is on the wall on the walkway
above you.

-Cross the street from the first tag and head into the alley in front of
you. Bear right to see a group of Destroyers partying. Some are passed
out drunk, but others will fight you. Take them out and spray the tag on
the house to your right.

-Go back into the alley and go up the stairs. Go into the left corner
ahead of you to find the tag.

-From this point, there is a gap in the wall on your right. Jump across
and take out the nearby Destroyers. Up ahead is another gap in the wall.
Jump off and land on the awning below to find a tag.

-From the roof you just jumped from, there is a gap to the right. Jump
across and find a tag on a structure on the roof.

-From the previous tag, jump down to find a tag on a wall near you.

After spraying over 3 tags, you get another bonus objective, which is to
finish the remaining tags. When you are done, head to the red marker.
You'll see a cut scene where Vermin wants Rembrandt to lay a burner over
the Destroyer hangout. Rembrandt is not so sure about it, which ticks off
Ajax. He takes Rembrandt's spray and walks away. Rembrandt finally gets
up the nerve to attack the hangout.

With Ajax gone, it's just you, Cowboy, and Vermin. Here, the game will
teach you about stealth and stealth kills. Go into the hiding area and
sneak up on the enemy scout, and then perform a stealth kill. If any
scout in this part spots you, they will call for back up. If they manage
to call for back up, the game ends. Once you dealt with the first scout,
head on over to the next hiding spot and take out another scout. Move on
and go into another hiding spot. The scout is in front of another hiding
area, making sneaking around not possible. Grab a bottle and toss it into
the yellow marker. When the scout is distracted, run for the hiding spot.
Once the scout returns, kill him. The last scout is also in front of a
hiding spot. Get a bottle and toss it somewhere far away. Once he moves,
go for the hiding spot and kill him when he returns.

Now that all the scouts are done, go up the stairs and start spraying
over the burner. You have to spray 3 times before the Warrior's burner is
done. If you need more paint, there's a box with an infinite supply of
them next to you. Once the burner is done, go to the red marker to end
the level. Ajax returns and the group leaves. Virgil is seen drunk. He
looks out the window and sees that his burner was bombed by the Warriors.
He's super pissed now.

At this point, you are introduced to the hangout and its features. Take
time to get used to them.

---Level 4: Blackout---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Mug 10 people
-Snuff out the 7 Moonrunner tags

Warriors used:
Vermin (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)

Ash, Snow


Special conditions:
Cops and enemy gangs spawn forever in one part of the level

Vermin and Snow decide to take Ash to the Black Cat strip club in
Manhattan to check out the girls. During their subway ride, a power
outage stops the train. The Warriors break out of the train car to escape
and see what is going on.

Follow the train track and look to your right for an opening in the wall.
Follow the stairs to the streets to see that a riot has started. Time to
join in on the action. Your main objective is to cause mayhem everywhere.
Every time you break or smash something, the destruction meter fills up.
Once it gets full, the objective is completed. When you mug someone, a
new bonus objective will pop up, which is to mug 10 people. Simple and
very fun. Climb the fence and witness a mob overturning a car. Go into
the store across the street and rob its contents. Watch out for the
civilians who will also try to steal the goods. Beat them down before
they steal the stuff, but be careful since they will fight back. By this
time, a new objective appears which is to obtain $350. There are plenty
of stores in the level and endless people to mug, so this objective won't
take long. Go down the street and clean out another store nearby. After
you are done, climb the fence nearby and go up the stairs to find a flash
dealer. There's also a Moonrunner tag to the left of the dealer. This is
the first of 7 tags to spray over for the second bonus objective, but
ignore it for now since you do not have any paint.

Hop over the fence near the stairs and follow the alley down to the end. Head
to the opening in the fence on your left to find a spray dealer. Buy some
paint and go do the tag you passed up. Return back near the dealer and spray
over another tag to your right next to a fire barrel. Head right, follow the
alley and jump over the fence. Vermin comments about stealing some car radios,
so now you have a new objective, and that is to steal 3 car radios. There is a
tag on a trailer car next to the car Vermin pointed out, so spray it. Be
careful from this point on since Moonrunners and Rouges run around and some
may fight you. Steal the car radio next to the trailer, then go behind you to
find a jewelry store. Steal the goods before someone comes in and takes them
from you. If you go across the street, you'll find a hardware store and some
Savage Huns scattering. The store only has money from the cash register, but
there are some nice weapons inside and some spray cans.

Past the hardware store, on both ends of the street, there are windows with
some loot if you need the money. Go all the way down to the end of the street
to find a drugstore to score money and flash. Be careful of the owner who will
defend the store and there will be some Panzers that will try to rob the store
too. Across the street from the store is another tag you can snuff out. After
you are done, go into the alley behind you and go right at the junction. There
is another car radio to take. Steal it, then go up the alley, but do not go
into the red marker yet. If there is no red marker by the gate, you have not
filled up the destruction meter yet. Either way, go to the right of the gate
and up the stairs to find another tag. Now go to the gate.

At this point, the police have arrived to control the riot crowds. The wanted
meter from the cops will never go away, so just focus on completing your
objectives. The game will tell you how to make your Warriors scatter, but
ignore it for now. Go up the alley and take the radio from the cop car that
you see right away. At this point, you should have taken all the radios, got
over $350. Go northwest of the police car you took the radio from to find a
store. Break into it, steal the goods, and go right to find the back door.
Break it open and follow the alley until you see a tag on your right. Snuff it
and then make your way to the yellow marker. Before you hop the fence near the
yellow marker, there is one last tag near it. Snuff it out and you should have
completed this bonus objective. After you go through the gate, head to the red
marker. The power will return by this point. The Warriors then spot another
gang, the Baseball Furies. They will chase you to the subway. Do not bother
fighting them since there are too many of them for you to handle. Sprint all
the way to the subway station where the red marker is to finish the level.

---Level 5: Real Heavy Rep---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Wreck 40 Orphans
-Snuff out the 5 Orphan tags

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Fox (Player 2)

Fox, Ash, 5 generic Warrior characters


Special conditions:
-Enemy gang spawns forever in last part of the level.

The Warriors are chilling out and listening to the radio when they hear the DJ
say that the Orphans wrecked the Warriors. Now the Warriors are pissed at the
Orphans for lying about their claim and decide to teach them a lesson on their
turf in the Bronx.

When the level starts, just walk down the stairs to the street and you will
encounter some Orphans. They will run away from you, so give chase and beat
them down. When you wreck the group, a bonus objective should appear, telling
you to wreck 40 Orphans. There are lots of them in this level, so it will be
easy to do. Go down the street and snag the two car radios. Next to the store
at the end of the street is a paint dealer. Buy some and break into the store
next to you to get some cash. There is a tag next to the yellow marker. Snuff
it and then go to the yellow marker and the bums will let you in to find more
Orphans. Go up the stairs and climb down the railing at the end.

The Warriors will ambush the Orphans below. Take them out. If your health is
low, break down the boarded up window near the stairs to find 2 hits of flash
and a machete. After you take down all the Orphans, go to the red marker.
You'll see a cut scene where Jesse, the Orphan Lt., get kicked out of the
clinic. He tries to flee when he sees the Warriors.

Chase after Jesse. If you are quick enough, you can tackle him as he tries to
climb the fence. If he gets ahead of you, he will run to some Orphans. Either
way, do NOT kill Jesse! If he dies, the game ends. Grab Jesse and interrogate
him. This process is exactly the same as mugging. Once you get Jesse's info,
move on. Before you do, there are two tags in the area you should do. First,
go to the fence where you hopped over while chasing Jesse. Look for a dumpster
nearby and climb up to the rooftop. Go left and climb up again and you should
see a tag on your right. Jump down from the roof and look left to see an
opening in a wall. There is a tag inside the area, but be wary of some Orphans
if you have not gone here yet. There is also a car radio down the street behind
you and another one up north if you need money.

Follow the street up north until you find more orphans. Wreck them and head
left to find a car radio and a flash dealer. Go into the alley behind the car,
follow it and look right until you see another tag. Snuff it and then go to
the red marker. You'll find more Orphans to wreck. Take them down, and then
follow the stairs to the Orphans' party. Take them out. Break down the wall on
your right to find a shack with paint. Break down another wall to the right of
that to find flash. After taking out all the Orphans, a woman named Mercy
appears and tells the Warriors that the Orphans leader, Sully,
is in an auto-repair shop.

After the cut scene ends, spray the tag on the wall of the house. This should
be your last one. Go up the stairs and head back to the street towards the red
marker. The Warriors go inside the car shop and see Sully and some Orphans. The
Orphans run away and hide behind a closed gate and taunt the Warriors. Cleon
decides to wreck Sully's car to teach him a lesson. Issue the Mayhem command
to have your Warriors smash up the car. Grab a weapon and join in on the fun.
Orphans will come to stop you and no matter how many you take out, more will
come. Just ignore them and smash up the car until it's no more. The level is
now over.

---Level 6: Writer's Block---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:

Warriors used:
Rembrandt, Snow (Player 1), Ajax (Player 2)

Snow, Ajax, Cowboy, Rembrandt


Special conditions:
-Enemy gangs cannot die during the contest.
-Players have unlimited sprint in the Hi-Hats rooftop chase.
-Hi-Hats inflict more damage than normal in the rooftop chase.

Before you start the level, Cleon wants Rembrandt to finish the Warriors
burner in the back of the hangout. Rembrandt starts with 2 spray cans, but the
burner needs 3 more layers for it to be finished. There is a paint dealer
behind the trailer where the burner is, but you don't have money. There are
many ways to get money in the free roam area of Coney, so take your pick. Once
you have enough paint, add three more layers to the burner to finish it. Once
you are done, a cut scene will show Rembrandt looking at a flyer for a
writer's contest in Soho and telling the Warriors about it.

By now, the level will actually start. In the subway station where you start
off, mug the person near you to get money. Go up the stairs and go down the
street to the marker. Remember, if you attack the Hi-Hats or the other gangs
entering the contest at this point, the game ends. Next to the red marker,
there is another guy you can mug. However, since the amount of money you steal
from people is randomized, the money you get from this guy and the one
before him may not be enough to buy flash from the dealer at the end of
the street. Either way, go to the marker to move on to the next part.

Here, the writer's contest will start. You have to get up a 5 layer burner
before the other gangs do. If someone else wins the contest, the game ends.
You start with one spray can so go and spray right away. If you climb up to
the trailer where the Moonrunners burner is and go down to the other side, you
will find some flash. Scopes, who is holding the contest, will spawn paint in
random locations. Once paint appears, the other gangs will all go for it. Here
is where paint might wind up:

-On the metal walkway above your Warriors burner.
-On the trailer car where the Moonrunners burner is.
-On top of a van where the Electric Eliminators burner is.
-Above some dumpsters near the Moonerunners tag.
-On a wooden structure near the previous spawn spot.

There are several ways you can tackle the contest. If you're afraid that the
enemy gangs will attack you too much while you spray, issue the Watch My Back
command to get some protection. If you want to keep the enemy gangs
distracted, issue the Wreck 'em All command. If you want, you can also grab
several spray cans in a row and then do the burner all in one shot. Once you
get 5 layers up for your burner, you win.

The Warriors celebrate, but it is cut short when some Hi-Hats attack Scopes
and toss him off the balcony. Chatterbox, leader of the Hi-Hats, appears and
orders his gang to kill everyone and closes the exit. Here, you will take
control as Snow. The Hi-Hats will attack all the gangs so stay on your guard.
Your new objective is to escape. Go behind you where you started to find a red
button. Push it and wait 30 seconds before the elevator comes down. Take down
any Hi-Hat that messes with you. Do not bother killing them all since more
will keep coming. Once the elevator arrives, run for it.

Now you're on the rooftop and you have to take out Chatterbox. Chatterbox will
sometimes throw bricks and Molotov Cocktails at you, but he will mostly focus
on attacking the gangs below. Chatterbox cannot be harmed, so don't throw
bricks at him. Aim for the pulley above him. Throw the bricks at it three
times to make it crash on him. The Hi-Hats want revenge for your actions and
follow you onto the roof. Now you have to get away from the Hi-Hats.

This part is tricky. You have to jump up and over things and across gaps as
you run. If you fall off the roof, you die instantly. With 2 players, if
either player falls off, the game ends. The Hi-Hats have beefed up attack
power and they will always come no matter how many you kill, so just run like
hell. You have infinite sprint power, so always hold down L2. After you pass
the first greenhouse, climb up, and then repeat again. Run down the stairs and
up another and prepare to jump across your first gap. When you have to jump,
the game flashes the triangle button onscreen to tell you to jump. On the
other side, there are two paths you can take. The path above you is
straightforward while the path in front of you has two fences. At the end of
both, jump over the second gap. Keep running until you see a wooden fence.
Tackle charge it or jump into it to break it down, and then jump over the
third gap. A fourth gap is up next, but you can actually just run off it
and make it to the other side. Go up the stairs and jump over the final gap
to the red marker. If you have trouble with the jumps, try jumping until the
last minute or when you reach the edge. The Warriors plunge into the skylight
and elude the Hi-Hats. They see that they are in Chatterbox's gallery and
decide to wreck it as revenge for taking out Scopes. Your new objective is
to destroy the gallery. You have three minutes before the Hi-Hats arrive,
so work fast. Issue the Mayhem command to have your warriors help you.
Pick up the paint cans and throw them at paintings for damage. Since Snow
has 9 spray cans in this part, you can spray over the paintings for the
same effect. Smash up the statues and windows for more damage. Even
simply throwing paint at the walls works. Once you did enough damage,
the level ends. Chatterbox arrives injured and is angry to see what
happened to his gallery and plots revenge.

---Level 7: Adios Amigo---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Trash the Hurricanes' car
-Snuff out the 7 Hurricanes tags

Warriors used:
Ajax (Player 1), Cochise (Player 2)

Cochise, Snow, Rembrandt

Yes, enemy gang

Special conditions:
-Diego cannot be grabbed or stunned
-Vargas cannot be grabbed or stunned

Cleon announces that Sanchez just got out of jail and now it's time to collect
the money he owes them. Snow mentions that Sanchez is protected by the
Hurricanes, but Ajax insists that they should just bop their way in there and
get the money anyway.

From the starting point, your objective is to get to the Stripes and Solids
bar. It's a long way off, so go down the street for now. You'll find some
Hurricanes by a car. Take them out and steal the radio in the car. A new bonus
objective pops up, saying to destroy the car. You can have your Warriors smash
it, but there's a faster way to do it. For now, head left through the broken
fence to find a flash dealer. There's a spray can in behind a dumpster next to
the flash dealer. A smaller dumpster is next to it and above it is the first
Hurricane tag you can snuff out. The area also has two sleeping bums with
Molotov Cocktails. Kill them and steal their weapons. Use one to take out the
Hurricane car in one shot, but stay away from the blast. Go up and down the
street a few times to find people to mug. Be careful if you mug women because
there are certain men who will attack you if you attack a woman. This rule
also applies to the Coney free roam area.

Go to the alley to the right of the car, climb up the dumpster to the left,
and then climb up to the rooftop. Jump across to the roof behind you and then
jump across to the awning nearby. The second tag is on the wall. After you
snuff it out, go back to the alley and break down the wooden fence on your
left to find a spray dealer. Look around for another wooden fence nearby.
Break it and climb up the dumpster to the left to get to the third tag. Leave
for the alley behind you and head left. Follow the alley until you find
another dumpster. Climb up on it and then climb up to the metal walkway for
the fourth tag. Go the street ahead and take out the Hurricanes by the wall.
Head left and follow the street to find more Hurricanes to wreck. Go to the
alley on your left to find a flash dealer, another tag, and a spray can behind
a dumpster. Leave the alley and go to the alley across the street and go into
the red marker.

The Warriors find Sanchez in the bar, but the Hurricanes stand in his way.
Kill all the hurricanes. Once they are done, Sanchez escapes. Now it's just
you and Cochise. Follow him but don't lose him. If Sanchez gets too far away,
the game ends. He'll eventually close a gate on you and forces you to fight
some Hurricanes. Take them out and follow Sanchez again. Sanchez will have
more Hurricanes for you to fight. After they are done, climb to Sanchez. He
will run again, but don't go after him yet. Spray the sixth tag in front of
you and then follow Sanchez.

Sanchez will scream at Diego for help before running off. This is your first
boss battle. Diego wields a support beam that can knock you down. Keep your
distance and issue the Wreck 'em All command to have your Warriors throw
bricks and bottles at Diego. Do the same for yourself so you can avoid his
attacks. The final tag is on the wall where Diego is and can be tricky to
finish in a middle of a fight. If you need flash, there is one hidden under a
part of the stairs to your right. Break it to get to it. After you damage
Diego somewhat, he will kneel down. Now his brother, Vargas, appears and gives
Diego support by throwing heavy items at you. Keep throwing stuff at Diego
until he kneels again. This time, Vargas comes downstairs to help Diego and
two Hurricanes appear on the balcony and throw stuff at you. Diego should be
half dead and slow by now, so finish him off. Vargas will sometimes go to the
room he came from and throw heavy things at you. Keep throwing stuff at him
until he falls. Then watch the cut scene of Sanchez falling to his death and
ending the level.

---Level 8: Encore---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Swan (Player 2)

Ajax, Swan, Snow, *Cowboy, *Rembrandt, *Fox, *Cochise, *Vermin
*They will not accompany you for the second half of the level

Yes, enemy gang

Special conditions:
-Chatterbox cannot be stunned or grabbed

The Warriors are relaxing when someone tosses a skull through the window. It's
Chatterbox and the Hi-Hats and they are seeking revenge.

When the level starts, take out all the Hi-Hats. There are two spots where Hi-
Hats hide behind some crates. These crates can only be destroyed by jumping
into them. If you press the red button next to the Hi-Hats behind the crates
on the right, it will release smoke that will kill them.

At this point, Swan, Snow, and Ajax will accompany you to find Chatterbox.
Follow the hiding areas to sneak around and quietly kill the enemy scouts.
When all of them are gone, press the red button next to the rollercoaster
track to open the door to the next area. A rollercoaster then speeds up to
you. Mash the X button to stay ahead of it.

Now you have to fight more Hi-Hats. Avoid the green smoke since it will blind
you. Stay off the tracks since the rollercoaster rolls by. Once you kill
everyone, go to the red marker to face Chatterbox. Chatterbox will throw
skulls and Molotov Cocktails at you from a balcony. Get rid of the Hi-Hats
first and watch out for the rollercoaster on the track. Once the Hi-Hats are
done, throw bottles and skulls at Chatterbox. Just throwing them is better
than aiming manually. After taking some hits, he will come down to attack you
himself. Chatterbox loves to use a special attack to knock everyone down. Have
your Warriors attack him while you throw stuff at him from a distance. When
Chatterbox's health is low, he gets stunned for a bit, and then uses flash to
heal. He does this several times before he finally goes down, but there is a
faster way to do it. Lure Chatterbox near the track and attack him until he is
stunned. If the car comes by, he will get killed by it. If he is not stunned,
he will jump out of the way. If he gets killed by the car, you will not get
the 1000 point bonus for a boss kill, so keep that in mind. Once Chatterbox is
finally dead, the level ends.

---Level 9: Payin' the Coast---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Swan (Player 2)

Swan, Vermin, Snow


Special conditions:

Charlie's plumbing store got trashed by the Destroyers and now all the
shopkeepers are scared. Cleon decides to get ready and brace for another
Destroyer attack. He orders Ash to go on scout patrol.

Your new objective is to get the protection money from the other 3 stores.
Once you have the money, go to the far left of the plumbing store and look for
a flash dealer. Get as much flash as you can since he will not be there for
the next part of the level. Go to the red marker and you will see Destroyers
appear. Head over to Voodoo Motors and take out the Destroyers there. If a
store gets completely wrecked or the owner is killed, the game ends. Don't
smash up the stores by mistake either. From this point, you will have to also
defend the Little Buddha and the Meat Store. Sometimes you have multiple
stores attacked at the same time. Go for the store with the lowest health bar
first. Once the attacks are finally over, go back to the plumbing store.

Tony appears and says his store is under attack by the Destroyers and shows
Ash's vest. Celon takes Swan with him and orders the other to look after the
stores. They get to the store and look around. They see Ash's dead body and
realize it's a trap. Virgil and his soldiers have Cleon and Swan cornered. Now
you have to break the padlock off the fence to escape. Issue the Wreck 'em All
command to have Swan throw bottles at the Destroyers so he can delay their
attacks with Molotov Cocktails. If you need flash, there's some on the cars in
the lot. Grab a sledgehammer and start smashing the lock. Be sure to move away
from it sometimes since you will be targeted by the enemies. After getting the
lock down to half health, the camera angle will change. Keep attacking the lot
until it breaks. Cleon and Swan escape and the level will end.

---Level 10: Destroyed---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Wreck Maurie, the pit boss

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Vermin (Player 2)

Ajax, Vermin, Snow, *Fox, *Cochise, *Swan, *Cowboy
*They will join you at the last half of the level


Special conditions:

This level starts directly after level 9, so you won't return to the hangout
afterwards. Cleon decides that the Destroyers have gone too far after they
killed Ash and now it's time to finish them for good.

This level is the same exact one from level 3, so you shouldn't be lost. You
start out in the alley behind the Laundromat. Everyone starts out with a
weapon, too. Take out the Destroyer that is spray painting on the wall. Go to
the street and take out the Destroyers next to the liquor store. Go in the
store, rob it of its contents and smash up everything. Destroyers will come
after you. After you waste them, go down the street on your left and take out
the Destroyers there. Head into the drugstore next to you and rob it. Take out
the Destroyers that come after you again. Go to the red marker down the

You now have to take out the pimp and his girls and also take out the
Destroyers in their gambling club and wreck their stolen goods. The girls and
the pimp have a ton of money on them. Once you take them out, pop the trunk of
the pimp's car to find some flash. Go north and you will find some Destroyers
with TVs and speakers. Take them out and destroy their goods. Once you are
done, to the gambling club and take out all the Destroyers. There are some
Molotov Cocktails in a box near you that you can use over and over again. Once
they are done, you have a new bonus objective; take out Maurie, the boss of
the club. He is behind a fenced off counter, but there is a small opening
where you can toss bottles into. Use Molotov Cocktails to kill him in one
shot. He constantly runs around to avoid your attacks, but he will get hit
eventually. Leave the club and go down to the red marker.

You will see a cut scene where a Destroyer tells Virgil that the Warriors are
wrecking the stores. Virgil seems to have expected it and now he waits for
Cleon's next move. After the scene ends, your next objective is to wreck the 4
Destroyer Lts. Here is where you can find them:

-One is near the pimp's car.
-Another one is near the Laundromat.
-One is on a rooftop near the drugstore.
-Another one is on a roof near the drugstore, but next to the train tracks.

All of your targets will have other Destroyers as bodyguards. In this part,
generic Warrior soldiers will run around and fight the Destroyers. Although
you cannot command them, they will help you in co-op attacks. Once all your
targets are wrecked, go to the red maker at the end of the street. You will
see a cut scene where Virgil gets desperate and sends out more soldiers while
he goes to the shack. At this point, you will have more Warriors by your side
and more generic Warrior soldiers in the mix. Go up the stairs and wreck any
Destroyer that gets in your way. There are more crates that can only be broken
by jumping into them. Take out all Destroyers near you before moving on to
another group of Destroyers. Once all the Destroyers are done, pick the lock
on the door and break down the next door. You will wind up inside the
Destroyer hangout. Wreck everyone inside.

Virgil isn't around, but Snow sees LC wandering around outside. Cleon takes
Vermin with him to follow LC. You have to follow LC so you can be led to
Virgil. If LC spots you, the game ends. Stick in hiding spots until LC moves
on, and then follow him to another hiding spot. Eventually, you will be led to
Virgil. When you get to Virgil, pick up the bottles and bricks on the floor
and throw it at him. Like with Chatterbox, you will hit Virgil with the thrown
weapons by throwing them instead of taking time to aim manually. Virgil will
throw bottles and Molotov Cocktails at you. After he takes some hits, he will
run away. In the next part, you have to lure Virgil out of hiding. Look for
him in one of the dark areas and throw a bottle at him. Virgil will be cheap
by kicking you or Vermin in the groin to stun you or him and then hide again.
Keep your distance by throwing bottles at him. Watch out for the falling
burning debris. After Virgil runs again, follow him to the last room. Now you
can seriously kick his butt. Throw bottles at him and smash them in his face.
Grabbing him will be tricky since he can break free easily. There will be
times where Virgil "rages" out and will use a special attack to knock you
down. He can't be stunned at this point either. Just block his attacks for a
bit and then go on the offensive. Virgil will eventually fall and you will see
a cut scene where Cleon finishes him off by throwing a Molotov Cocktail at
him. The Destroyers are now finished and so is this level.

---Level 11: Boys in Blue---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Snuff out 3 Turnbull AC tags

Warriors used:
Cochise (Player 1), Vermin (Player 2)

Vermin, *Cowboy, *Ajax, *4 generic Warrior soldiers
*Cowboy leaves in the middle of the level and gets replaced by Ajax and the
other soldiers.


Special conditions:
-Cops and enemy gangs spawn forever in the beginning of the level

The Warriors hear on the radio that a cop has been killed in the Bronx and now
the police force is out to bust all the gang members. Cochise mentions that
Snow and Fox are up in the Bronx to learn about what Cyrus has planned. Cleon
sends Cochise, Vermin, and Cowboy to the Bronx to make sure Snow and Fox are

When the Warriors get there, they find that the whole place is crawling with
gangs and cops. The station they are at is locked down and they can't leave.
Cochise gets an idea to get the cops to open the doors. Go up to the Turnbull
ACs and throw one into an oncoming train. When you do, the cops will come down
to investigate. Go hide and wait for them to leave. There is a Turnbull tag
where the guys were, but you have no paint, so remember this spot for later.

Once the cops leave, go up the stairs. Remember, the cops will spawn forever,
so don't kill every one of them unless they are in your way. From the top of
the stairs, steal the car radio from the cop car. Behind you, there should be
a small opening in a wall near the stairs. Rob the two people on the benches,
then go to the spray dealer near there and buy only 3 cans of spray. To your
right should be a bridge. Go there and go all the way down to the end of the
alley. Steal the car radio along the way. There's a flash dealer near the red
marker if you need flash.

When you get to the red marker, you'll hear from a Riff soldier that he knows
where your Warriors are, but it will cost you for the info. Your new objective
now is to gather up $75 for the info you need. First, be sure to spray the
Turnbull tag next to you after the conversation with the Riff. To your left,
climb the fence and steal the car radio nearby. Go down the street and look
for a store on your left. Break into it and steal all the loot. There's some
flash in the corner of the store, too. Go through the back door and go
northwest. You should find another Turnbull tag on a wall. Snuff it. By this
point, you should have the money. If not, head left, and then look to your
left for a car radio. If you go past it and over a fence, there should be
another radio to your left.

When you have the money, go back to the Riff. He will tell you that you have
to go through the sewers to get to your guys, but you need some cutters to
pick a lock. The cutters are in the back of the store. Pick one up and head
back to subway platform. Be sure to spray the tag on the wall below the
stairs. Don't forget the other tags because once you go into the sewers, you
can't return.

Once you are in the sewers, follow it to the stairs. Be sure to pick up the
flash next to the shack near the gate you entered from. Follow the alley to a
group of bums who will offer to join your crew. It will cost $1 per bum, but
they move and attack too slow to make it worthwhile, so ignore them. Go up the
ramp and climb over the shelves. Fight the Turnbull ACs below you. Break down
the door and move forward. Go down to the alley below on your left and pick up
some flash in the shack on your right when you get down. Go up the stairs at
the end of the alley and follow the path to a ramp.

You will see a cut scene showing Birdie, a crippled Turnbull Lt., bragging
about how he wasted some Warriors. That can't be good. Go into the building up
ahead and go up the stairs. Go to the opening on your right to find some
flash. Return to the previous room and jump out the window. You will view a
cut scene that shows Fox and Snow badly beaten. After being revived with
flash, Snow mentions that they were jumped by the Turnbulls and Birdie and did
not find any info on what Cyrus has planned. Cowboy takes Snow and Fox back to
Coney. After waiting a bit, Ajax and some other Warriors appear. Now it's time
to get revenge.

After going into the club, take out all the Turnbull ACs that attack you.
Watch out for the bartender who will throw bottles at you. After you kill
everyone, go
to the stage to take out the Turnbull band too. Once everyone is down, you'll
find out where Birdie is. Bust down the fence in front of you. A flash dealer
is up ahead and a car radio is next to him if you need money. Follow the path
to the red marker to encounter Birdie.

This fight works a bit strangely. First, Birdie uses a gun that holds 6
bullets. They hurt, so hide behind a fence. Since the bridge is broken, you
cannot hide with your Warriors. Throw the cans of grease that are near you at
Birdie. If you run out, get more of them and bottles downstairs. When the
fight starts, Birdie is hiding behind a structure, so your shots won't hit
him. Issue the Wreck 'em All command to have one of your Warriors throw bricks
at Birdie. When he gets hit, issue the Scatter command to have your Warriors
hide from Birdie's shots. While Birdie is trying to shoot your allies, throw
cans at him (don't aim, just throw). When he gets hit a few times, he'll move
out of your range. Use the Wreck 'em All command and rinse and repeat this
process. When Birdie is near death, he will roll near the edge. Manually aim
at him to knock him off and kill him. If you take too long, he will use flash
to heal and the fight will resume. Once Birdie dies, the level ends.

---Level 12: Setup---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Snuff out the 9 Jones Street Boys tags
-Snuff out the burner in the Jones Street Boys' hangout
-Steal the remaining car radios

Warriors used:
Cowboy (Player 1), Cochise (Player 2)


Yes, cops and enemy gang
Special conditions:

Cleon talks to Cowboy and tells him that the Saracens are having problems with
the Jones Street Boys and if they can help them out, they can get hooked up
with the Riffs. Cowboy and Cochise meet with Edge, the Saracens leader. He
says that the JSBs are working with corrupt cops to make their lives hell.
Help them out and they will put in a word with the Riffs for the Warriors.

When the level starts, you have two objectives. Steal 50 pieces of loots to
set up the JSBs and steal 5 radios to set up the cops. From the starting
point, go across the street to find a drugstore. Steal the loot and flash
before the cops arrive. Next, go to the liquor store across the street from
here and steal the loot there. Go up the street and steal the car radio at the
end. Head right and jump over a fence to get into an alley. There is a radio
nearby, but take out the JSB scout first. Once you steal the radio, the car
owner appears with a machete and will attack you. There is a tag near you, but
you have no paint, so save it for last. Go up the alley and when you reach the
fence, look left for some flash in an open garage. Follow the alley to the
end, head right, then cross the street and jump the fence ahead of you to
another alley. Go forward and steal the third car radio next to a bum. Go up
the alley and head left at the end while taking out a scout nearby.

Go down the stairs and go up the metal stairs near you. When you see some
windows, jump through them and open the door near there to find the flash
dealer. Buy some flash, then go back on the balcony. Look for a dumpster with
stairs next to it below you. Go to it, and take out the scout and the soldier
working on the car. There's a radio in the car and flash in the trunk. A paint
dealer is also nearby. Get all the paint you can. Go up the stairs near him
then down another set of stairs ahead. Head left from the alley to arrive in
the second main street.

Head left to find your fifth car radio. Steal it and go to the electronics
shop across the street. Steal everything. By this point, you should have 5
radios and a new bonus objective will show up. Steal the last 3 radios to
fulfill it, but save it for last. Head back to the street and go all the way
down to the end to find two jewelry stores on both sides of the street. Once
you clean those out, you should have the 50 loot pieces required. Head back to
the cop car and plant the loot to set up the cops.

Go to the JSBs hangout, which is near the paint dealer. When you get to the
red marker, you'll see a cut scene where some JSBs are celebrating all the
money they have, only to get distracted by bums. Once the game starts again,
jump across to the balcony to reach the JSBs hangout. There are 4 spots to
place the loot in and a yellow marker appears when you are near one. Before
you plant the loot, finish the new bonus objective, which is to snuff out the
JSB burner in their hangout. When you plant the loot, take out the JSB soldier
if he wakes up. Going to the red marker by the cop car after the loot is
planted will end the level, but before you do that, take the time to find the
following extra car radios:

-From the car radio you stole near a bum behind the liquor store, go to the
street square nearby via stairs and you should see a car up ahead with the
radio. Take out the soldier working on the car and watch out for a scout above
the stairs near you.

-Behind the electronics store is a group of people partying near a car. Steal
the radio there, but watch out for a man who will call the cops.

-From the second bonus radio, go up the alley until you see a wooden fence. Go
on the left side of it and climb up. Bust down the fence ahead and take out
the JSB solider and 2 cops. There are a few cars in this lot, but only one has
the last radio. There's also $50 in its trunk.

Now to find the 9 tags:

-In the alley where the machete guy is, go up the stairs near you and jump
across the gap to find a tag on the wall.

-Go down the alley. Jump the fence, climb up the dumpster, and then climb up
the walkway to find the tag and some paint.

-In the alley where the bum was next to a car radio, go up the alley and look
right for a tag on the wall.

-On the balcony where the flash dealer is, there is a tag on the wall outside.

-From the previous tag, jump across the gap behind you and jump down to the
alley below you. A tag is on the wall in this area.

-From the previous tag, head left until you reach a dead end. Look right for a
dumpster. Climb it and climb up the wall. Then jump across the roof. Look left
to see a tag on the wall.

-From the paint dealer, go up the stairs then down another. Head right to a
dead end and you will find flash and the tag.

-In the alley where people were dancing by the car radio, there is a tag on
the wall behind it.

-From the previous tag, go up the alley and look right to see a gap in the
balcony above you that you can climb on. There is a tag on the wall, along
with flash and some paint.

After finishing this long level, you'll see a cut scene where Cowboy tells the
cops that the JSBs ripped them off with stolen goods. Then the Warriors watch
the cops arrest the JSB leader, only to get arrested by Harrison and Garrison
after they find stolen goods in the trunk of their car. The Saracens are
impressed with the Warriors' work and decide to hook them up with the Riffs.

---Level 13: All-City---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Snuff out the 3 Moonrunners tags

Warriors used:
Rembrandt (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)

Snow, Fox

Yes, enemy gang

Special conditions:
-Cops and enemy gang spawn forever.

Cyrus' big meeting is almost here. Cleon wants the whole city know who the
Warriors are. He brings Rembrandt, Snow, and Fox to a train yard in the Bronx
and meets with Scopes, who mentions that there are new trains in the yard that
can be bombed. Cleon wants Warrior burners on all the new trains.

From the start, pick up the paint in the boxes and bust down the old fence. Go
to the red marker and Rembrandt sees a fresh train. Fox goes on to scout the
area, so it's just you and Snow now. Spray over the Moonrunners tag next you.
Go to the train and start spraying it. You have to spray 3 different sections
of the train to fully complete it. When you are done, go behind the train and
to the fence ahead. Some Moonrunners will appear and they will fight you. Take
them out and keep moving to the yellow marker. Go through the train to the red
marker to see a cut scene where some guards will see the train you bombed. Go
to the building ahead of you and pick the lock to go inside. Grab the set of
cuff keys to your right once inside. Go into the next room and take out the
guard. There's also 3 spray cans in the room. Smash the radio. You'll see a
cut scene where Fox tells you about 4 more trains you can bomb.

Go through the door near the radio and up the stairs. Watch out for the
Moonrunners. Climb up the crates and onto the roof. You'll find 2 hits of
flash. Go to your left and look for stairs below you. Climb down to them, and
then climb down to the dark area below that. There is a second tag behind you
on a wall. Look ahead and you should see a train inside a huge shack. Go
inside and bomb the train in there. Take the bundle of spray cans inside, too.
From the train you just bombed, go to your left and you should see another
train ahead. Bomb it, and then go left and all the way down until you see a
shack. Go to the gap in between the trains on your right, and then make a left
from there to find another train you can bomb. From there, go up the stairs
nearby. Jump on top of the train you just bombed and run across the line of
trains all the way down to the end. On the other side, there will be a tag on
a wall.

From the tag, go back on the train, and then jump off to the ground on your
far right. Follow the alley all the way up until you see a small alley on your
right near a large building. Follow it to find the final tag on the wall of
the building, but watch out for the group of Moonrunners. From the tag, go
down to the trains and head right to find and bomb the last train. Go to the
red marker nearby to see a cut scene. Fox says there are two new trains to
bomb. Scopes arrives and says the radio you busted was linked to the police
and now they are coming.

Fox will be with you at this point. Aside from the guards, now cops will also
patrol the level. Walk off the roof on either end and find a door in the
building that leads to the train. Bomb it and then go through the back door.
Go to the open gate, and then follow the alley on your left all the way down
until you find the last train. Bomb it and then go all the way back to the
level's start to end the level.

---Level 14: Desperate Dudes---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Snuff out the 10 Turnbull ACs tags
-Wreck the Turnbull ACs' hideout

Warriors used:
Swan (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)

Snow, *Ajax, *Vermin, *Fox, *Cochise, *Cowboy, *Rembrandt
*They will join you as you find them


Special conditions:
-Players have unlimited sprint in the Turnbull AC bus chase in the alley

The big meeting has arrived. Cyrus has a great plan to bring all the gangs
together as one, but Luther of the Rouges shoots him and frames the Warriors,
causing the Riffs to go and kill Cleon. The Warriors escape the mayhem, but
are split up by the cops. Now it's just Swan and Snow. They spot a Turnbull AC
tag and realize they are on enemy turf. Remember that from this level all the
way to level 18, you will not be able to return to the hangout, but the game
saves after every level, so keep that in mind.

Start the level off by snuffing out the tag you just saw. You have 1 spray can
at the start along with 1 hit of flash. Go down the alley and in the corner of
boxes to the northeast, there should be a spray can hidden behind the boxes.
There are no spray dealers in this level, so take all the spray cans you find
and use them wisely. Next, follow the path on the radar until you see a path
branching to the left. Go there and there should be a spray can in the area.
Return to the forked road and nearby should be a shack with another spray can.
Follow the path to some stairs and go up them. Follow the metal walkway and
look for a tag on the wall to your left. Keep going until you see the red

Up ahead, you will see Ajax being ambushed by the Turnbull ACs. Help out Ajax
kill the enemies but watch out for the one with the machete. Go to the next
marker and you'll see a cut scene of the Turnbulls planning revenge on the
Warriors for shooting Cyrus. Kill the scout in front of you and look for a tag
on the wall near the gate you entered from earlier. There should be another
spray can nearby as well. Turn around and then head left towards a fence. Jump
the fence and then go up the wood stairs to your left to find a spray can. Go
to the opening ahead of you on your left and find another spray can. Work your
way to the yellow marker without alerting the scouts by using stealth and
distraction techniques. Watch out for the soldier by gate since he has a
machete. Spray the tag on the wall near the gate and pick the lock.

In the next area, there is a flash dealer on the very end of the tracks on
your left. Rob the workers here to get money and wait for more to spawn if you
need more. Go into the warehouse nearby and kill the enemy soldiers inside.
Push the red button to open the gate, and then go to the red marker. There is
a flash dealer to your left below, along with a tag on the wall and a spray
can behind some boxes. Go ahead through the open fence and jump over the other
fence ahead. Take out all the scouts in the area in the hiding spots so you
can move around more easily. After jumping the fence, jump over the metal
container to your right and go to the dark area ahead of it. Lure and kill the
scout here. Climb up the container in front of you and go to the dark area
around the corner to kill another scout. Move to the next hiding spot and kill
the last scout.

Go up the stairs near you and you will be next to the Turnbull ACs' hideout.
Smash the windows and wreck everyone inside. Issue the Mayhem command to have
everyone smash up the place until you complete the bonus objective. Go to room
near by and smash the boxes to find flash and spray. There is a tag on the
wall. Go back out to the walkway and continue on. Open the door and move the
camera around to see another tag on the wall next to the door. Up ahead,
you'll see Vermin being attacked. Save him.

In the next part, you'll have to be more careful than ever. The Turnbulls will
patrol the outside streets on a bus and if they see you, they will call for
backup. Tell your Warriors to stay behind so they won't be spotted. Follow the
path until you see a broken wall next to a building and a fence. Behind the
wall is a hiding spot with spray paint. Move on and jump over the nearby fence
to find another hiding spot with flash. Take out the nearby scout and move on.
There is a tag on a wall on a structure up ahead. To see it, move the camera
so it faces the front of your character as you move down. At this point, go
back for your Warriors and have them follow you. Follow the path and climb up
the structures at the end to kill the last scout. There is a flash dealer near
the gate if you need it. Pick the lock and move up the street to find the rest
of the Warriors fighting the ACs. Kill the enemies and now you have your gang
back together. Look for a spray can behind some junk on the street, then go
back to the overpass and spray the tag on the wall. Go through the open gate
and follow the path. Look up and you should see some stairs nearby. Go up them
and go inside the structure to find the final tag and a spray can hidden
behind some boxes. Go to the red marker to start the next part of the level.

In this part, you are being chased by the Turnbull ACs' bus. Hold down L2 to
keep sprinting. Press X to charge through the boxes and press triangle to
quickly jump over the fences. If you screw up either part, you will most
likely get run over by the bus. In a 2 player game, the game ends if either
play is killed by the bus. The game will flash the buttons onscreen to give
you a heads up of the obstacles ahead. In the final part of the level, you are
chased by the bus one more time. Just keep mashing the X button until you
reach the end. The Warriors make it to the train and celebrate.

---Level 15: No Permits, No Parley---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Snuff out the 6 Orphans tags

Warriors used:
Swan (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)

Snow, Rembrandt, Ajax, Cowboy, Fox, Vermin, Cochise


Special conditions:
-Cops and enemy gang spawn forever after the fight with Sully.

The Warriors get stranded in Tremont and wind up in the Orphans' turf. Sully
wants the Warriors to take off their vests if they want to pass through, but
Swan curses him out. Now the Warriors have to get to the next station.

Don't stay in the street too long or the Orphans will throw things at you from
the rooftops. Go to the stairs down the street. There is a spray can next to a
bum on your left and flash on the right. There will be a tag to do on the wall
in front of the stairs. Go to the marker and you will confront Sully and his
gang. Wreck every single Orphan to move on. Grab the spray can in the area and
use it on the tag next to the fence. When you get to the next part of the
level, the cops show up and you'll see Vermin and Cochise get busted. Your new
objective is to find and save all 6 of your Warriors by leading them to the
park. The Warriors appear as yellow Ws on your radar and the park is the red
W. Be careful since cops will spawn forever and the Satan's Mothers and
Electric Eliminators are running around as well. You can either take all the
Warriors with you at one time, and then go to the park, or you can drop off
one Warrior at a time. I will write out the first method.

From the start, head left and grab the flash by the stairs. Go up the stairs
and jump across the gaps. There will be a paint dealer to your left. Below you
from here will be some Molotov Cocktails. Jump across to the next roof and
climb up the structure to spray the second tag behind a billboard. Look behind
you and you will see that Fox is downed. If you revive him, the Satan's
Mothers that are hiding nearby will attack you. Use the Molotov you found to
get rid of them, then go and revive Fox. Go back to the street and free
Cochise. Go back to where Fox was and jump over the fence. Go straight and
look for a dumpster to climb on. There is a platform above it that has another
tag. Go through the alley behind you, then head northwest from there to find
Rembrandt hiding. Get him, and then climb up the structure next to the
building in front of you. Climb up to the roof to get some spray paint, and
then jump across to get flash. Drop down to the hiding spot below you for more
spray paint. Go up the stairs near you and you will find Ajax fighting off
some Electric Eliminators. Wreck them and grab the flash in the hiding spot
near you. Go down the stairs that leads to the street.

Rob the store across the street and take the flash. Free Vermin near the store
and go and jump the fence near him on your left. There is flash behind a
dumpster in front of you. Go to your right to find Cowboy who is downed.
Revive him and have all of your Warriors follow you. Go up the stairs where
you got the flash from before and jump across to another roof nearby. There is
another tag and a spray can. Go down to the street and instead of going into
the park, go to the left of it to find the final tag. Go into the park and
drop of all your Warriors. Enter the gate yourself to end the level. Watch the
cut scene of the Warriors kidnapping Mercy and distracting the Orphans as they
escape to the next train.

---Level 16: Home Run---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:

Warriors used:
Swan, Ajax (Player 1), Snow, Cowboy (Player 2)

Ajax, Snow, Cowboy


Special conditions:
-Players have unlimited sprint during the Baseball Furies chase
-Baseball Furies inflict more damage than normal during the chase
-Cobb cannot be stunned or grabbed

The Warriors are in the subway, which has come to a stop. A cop sees them and
the group splits up. Fox gets grabbed by the cop and yells at Mercy to escape.
He then gets tossed onto the tracks and gets killed by the oncoming train.
Cochise, Rembrandt, and Snow escape to the train going to Union Square while
Ajax, Swan, and Cowboy escape into the streets, only to run into the
Baseball Furies!

When the level starts, simply hold L2 to sprint and keep moving to the left
while avoiding the Furies. In the next part, sprint and jump over the fences.
Up ahead, you will run across a metal walkway. Jump over the gaps. If you
fall, keep going and go up the stairs if you can. You will get some flash if
you managed to jump across all gaps without falling.

Up ahead, you will fall through a bridge and into the Furies' pen. Go to the
door and pick the lock. Then sprint ahead and jump over the fences. In the
next part, you have to sprint some more by going down the street. After that,
you'll see a cut scene where the group splits up. Ajax stops running and beats
down one of the soldiers while Cowboy gets knocked out. As Ajax now, kill the
three Furies that attack you. You will be alone since Cowboy is downed. If you
can get flash from the furies, you can revive him, but it should not be hard
to take on 3 guys, so save your flash.

Once Ajax is done, he will be encountered by more Furies. As Swan again, go
and save Ajax. Mug the Fury ahead of you to steal his flash and take his bat.
Go to the park and kill all the Furies there. If you go up the stairs, you
will find flash next to a bench. More Furies will come over time and most of
them will drop flash. The Furies have a lot of health, so it will take some
time. Once all the Furies are done, go to the red marker. Your health will be
refilled at this point and you will have a bat.

In the final part of this level, you will fight Cobb, leader of the Baseball
Furies. He uses a dual bat that can cause a ton of damage on you and he never
drops it until he dies. There will be soldiers above you throwing baseballs,
too. There is a small area nearby that has 2 hits of flash if you need it.
Focus on killing Cobb's allies, then go after Cobb himself. Once Cobb is dead,
the level ends. You'll see the guys walking through the park and past a woman.
Ajax decides to stay with her and gets aggressive with her. Turns out that she
is an undercover cop and she cuffs him to the bench. Ajax is no more now.

---Level 17: Friendly Faces---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:

Warriors used:
Rembrandt, Swan (Player 1), Vermin, Snow (Player 2)

Rembrandt, Snow, Vermin, Cowboy, Cochise


Special conditions:
-Starr cannot be killed
-Mercy cannot fight

Rembrandt, Vermin, and Cochise arrive at Union Square. While waiting for the
others, they see a group of women who are in a gang called the Lizzies. They
invite the Warriors to their apparent to chill out. Rembrandt wants to wait
for the others, but the other guys don't listen.

This is a nice break from all the running and fighting. There are two Lizzies
you should talk to. One will offer you to dance. Dance with her to open the
door near her to get the flash inside. Another Lizzie will want you to kiss
her. Do so to get more flash in the room near her. Smash something or attack
the Lizzies to advance the plot. Starr, leader of the Lizzies, accuses the
Warriors of killing Cyrus and pulls out a gun. "The chicks are packed! The
chicks are packed!"

Now you have to bust down the door to escape. Issue the Wreck 'em All command
to have your Warriors attack the Lizzies while you attack the door. Starr will
be aiming for you with her gun. When the icon above your head flashes red,
hide behind an object. You can even hold a Lizzie in front of you so Starr
will be reluctant to shoot you. You can also have your Warriors throw things
at Starr to delay her shots. Jump into the door or throw a Lizzie into it to
cause more damage quickly. Once the door breaks, you'll escape.

Eventually, the Warriors will reunite in Union Square, but they are followed
by the Punks. They go into the bathroom and hide behind the toilet stalls.
When prompted, press triangle to get a jump on the Punks. The bathroom is very
tiny, so brawls will get heated. After some of the Punks go down, you'll see
one of them groping Mercy. At this point, Mercy's health appears. If she dies,
the game ends. Keep the Punks away from her until they are all dead. Once the
Punks are done, leave the bathroom to the next level.

---Level 18: Come out to Play---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:

Warriors used:
Swan (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)



Special conditions:

The grand finale has arrived. The Warriors are finally back at Coney Island.
They start walking through their turf when Luther and the Rouges follow them
in their car, and then starts to chase them.

Outrun the car! Mash whatever buttons that appear onscreen to keep running.
You'll be pressing X, circle, triangle, and square. Once you get to the end,
you'll hear Luther taunt the Warriors with his famous line, "Warriors! Come
out to plaaaay!!" Swan and others head to the beach to lure Luther out. He
then challenges Luther to a one on one fight.

This battle will be real simple. Just beat down Luther as hard as you can. If
you're playing with a friend, Luther will have a Rouge with him to make the
fight 2 on 2. Once you beat him, Luther will stumble behind a fence on a sand
dune and pull out a gun.

Only Snow will help you here while the other Warriors get distracted. Luther
uses a gun that holds 6 shots. Wait behind the debris you are next to get
protection from the gunfire. When Luther shoots all his bullets, a small cut
scene will show him reloading. Wait for Luther to shoot his rounds again and
after he is done, grab a bottle and throw it at him, and then go back to your
hiding spot. Tell Snow to stay behind so he doesn't get shot. Repeat this
process until Luther tells his lackeys to go after you. Kill them and focus on
Luther again. After a while, Swan will pull out a knife while Luther uses
flash. Be careful at this part since the gunshots will do more damage than
before. When Luther is about to come back out to shoot at you, throw the knife
at him by pressing square and X together. The game will be slowed down greatly
when you throw the knife, so time it carefully. If you miss, go back to the
hiding spot and wait for some Rouges to come at you with knives. Once Luther
is hit, the final level ends! You'll see the Riffs come and deal with Cyrus'
real killers as the Warriors walk away. During the credits, you can play as
the Riffs to beat up the Rouges, which does nothing except add the fun factor.

=======3) Flashback Levels=======

Flashback levels show how each Warrior joined the gang. It is not required to
finish the story, but it will give you an understanding of the members better.
Not to mention it will help you get to 100% completion. As you progress in the
story, more flashbacks will show up in the hangout.

---Flashback A: Roots---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Vermin (Player 2)


Yes, cops and enemy gang

Special conditions:
-Tiny cannot be grabbed or stunned

This level shows how Cleon formed the Warriors. He and Vermin used to be
Destroyers. Virgil calls Cleon and Vermin over to do him a favor. The Satan's
Mothers are coming at midnight to make a deal with the Destroyers. He wants
Cleon to get the stuff from LC and meet him at Tack's Warehouse at midnight.
Cleon is pissed that Virgil has been treating him lousy. He goes to LC's place
to get the stuff, but LC refuses to hand it over since cops are watching him.

Your current objective is to cause chaos to get the cops to break up the
surveillance. There are several areas you can go to and cause mayhem at any
order you want. From the start, climb the fence near LC's place to find a
bundle of firebombs. Grab one climb up to the top on your right and toss it at
the cop car below. Go back over the fence you went over, and go forward to
find a group of bums. Beat some up until it gets the cops' attention. Go back
to get another firebomb, then go past the bum riot and head left to a
warehouse. Go down to the pier and near the doughnut shop is another cop car
you can blow up with the fire bomb. Go back and look right for some truck
trailers. Go there and get some flash from the dealer there if you need it.

Go through the trailers and head left. Jump over the fence and keep moving
forward until you see a group of factory workers. Beat them down. From there
head right and when you see a fire barrel, look for some firebombs. Grab one
and look for some stairs in front of you, go up and throw the firebomb at the
cop car below. Once the meter for chaos is full, return to LC's place. He'll
give you the stuff. In the next cut scene, Virgil isn't around when the
Satan's Mothers show up. Cleon does the deal himself, but Spider sees that the
drugs he was given were fake. Cleon and Vermin run into the warehouse to hide
from the Satan's Mothers and realized that Virgil set them up.

Navigate the warehouse while avoiding the scouts. Near the first scout is an
office with some flash inside. Keep going until you find a door. Pick the lock
and go into the next warehouse. From the start of the second warehouse, there
is another office with flash up ahead. There are two doors that lead to the
exit here, so choose whichever one you want. Pick the lock of the door and
cross the bridge back into the first warehouse. Pick up the flash by the
crates before going to the door. Cleon and Vermin run into Spider and Tiny,
leaders of the Satan's Mothers.

Now you have to fight two bosses. Tiny uses a barbed wire two-by-four while
Spider uses a knife. Spider has less health than Tiny, so take him out first.
Don't let Tiny grab you or he will set you up for a co-op attack from Spider.
Once Spider is down, the camera angle will change to an overhead view. Finish
off Tiny to finish the level. A cut scene is shown where Cleon confronts
Virgil. Virgil assumes Cleon is trying to outmuscle him and that is why he was
set up. Cleon storms out and leaves the Destroyers.

---Flashback B: The Best---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Snuff out the 5 Destroyer tags

Warriors used:
Swan (Player 1), Cowboy (Player 2)

Cowboy, *Cleon, *Vermin
*They join you in the last part of the level


Special conditions:
-Enemies in the King of the Hill contest cannot lose health

This level shows how Swan and Cowboy joined the Warriors. Swan and Cowboy
enter a King of the Hill contest and they spot their old friends, Vermin and
Cleon. Turns out that they are here for the money prize too.

In this contest, you have to hold your own on the top of the junk pile. You'll
go against the Warriors, Panzers, Moonrunners, and Electric Eliminators. Don't
attack the enemies. Just grab and throw them. Go into Rage Mode when you can
so you can't be hurt or grabbed. As long as you and Cowboy hold the top, you
get 1 point per second. If the opposing gangs get 100 points first, the game

Cleon is impressed with Swan and Cowboy's skills and offers them to join the
Warriors. Later that night, Swan and Cowboy get their vests, but have to earn
it by shaking down the shopkeepers in Coney on Destroyer turf. There are 4
stores you have to wreck. You can do them in any order you want. There is a
flash dealer to your left should you need flash later. For now, go after
Charlie's Plumbing store beyond the fence in front of you since it's the
closest. There is a tag on the wall by there, but wait till the end once you
have paint.

Smash the window of the store and order Cowboy to smash up the place.
Destroyers will come to defend the store, but help wreck the store more by
throwing them into the objects. Once the store is done, go down the street to
Voodoo Motors and have Cowboy help you smash up the cars. Destroyers will come
after you, so fight them off.

Once the car lot is done go through the small alley near the car lot, and then
head left to the Little Buddha. Twiggy's customers will attack you when you
wreck the store, so take them out. The final store is the meat market. Crash
into the store and wreck the two Destroyers inside. After they are done,
Stefano and his workers appear and will attack you with meat cleavers. Take
them out to show them who runs Coney. Now you have to head back to the
plumbing store. Before you do, go buy some paint from the dealer near the meat
store and spray the following tags:

-A tag is on the wall of the plumbing store near the start.

-From the start of the level there is a tag on the wall in the alley on your

-From the last tag, follow the alley and jump over a fence until you see a tag
on the wall.

-There is a small alley in front of the meat market. A tag is on the wall

-A tag is on the wall next to the paint dealer.

When you get to the plumbing store, Cleon and Vermin have arrived and Cleon
makes sure that the store owner knows that a new crew is in town and they are
his new protection. After that, the Warriors need a place to hang out and
relax. Cowboy mentions that there's an old warehouse that LC and his friend
use to do drugs. They decide bust in there and take over. LC flees and has his
soldiers fight the Warriors. Take out all the Destroyers, and then follow LC
to the roof. LC jumps off and hurts himself. The Warriors are now in town and
they have their new hangout.

---Flashback C: Heavy Muscle---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Waste 10 Destroyers before going back to Coney
-Waste 15 more Destroyers before going back to Coney

Warriors used:
Ajax (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)


Yes, cops and enemy gang

Special conditions:
-Player cannot use warchief commands in the test by Cleon

This level shows how Snow and Ajax become Warriors. They have to survive an
onslaught of Warrior attacks to pass the test. Since you cannot give Snow
orders at this point, just focus on staying alive. Cleon will eventually stop
the attacks and give you your vest. He offers Ajax and Snow to come to a
party, but Ajax says he'll go later. He turns to Snow and tells about this
girl in Destroyer turf they can get some action from. They go there and Ajax
flirts with the girl, but he and Snow get ambushed by Destroyers and are
knocked out cold. They wake up and find that their vests are stolen. Time to
get them back.

From the start, simply follow the alley and go left. You'll run into some
Destroyers, so take them out. Jump the fence and you'll see Beansie, one of
the Destroyers that took your colors. Don't go to him for now. Instead, rob
some people on the street here, then go to the diner up the street. There is a
flash dealer here, so buy some flash. Go back to where Beansie is and wreck
the joint. Your objective here is to interrogate him, so if you kill him, the
game ends. Take out the Destroyers first before going for Beansie. Once you
know where your vests are, go for the red marker behind the diner.

Now it's time to get your vest from Lemmy. Take out the Destroyers you
immediately see and the ones around the corner. Follow the alley and look for
a flash dealer in a corner on your left. Then go right and take out the
Destroyers there. Go left, and jump the fence. Climb up to the shack like
structures ahead of you and head left. You can throw stuff at the Destroyers
below, but they will throw stuff back and try to get to you. Follow the path
all the way down and look for a wooden fence on your right that you can break

When you break down the fence, you'll find Lemmy, who is wearing one of the
vests. You have to interrogate him to find out where the other vest is, so
killing him beforehand ends the game. Take out the other Destroyers first, and
then go after Lemmy. Once you find out where the other vest is, waste Lemmy.
Snow will have his vest back and you'll have to get Ajax's vest from LC.

Follow the alleys ahead of you until you get to the street. Go into the pawn
shop on your right. The owner won't let you go into the apartment behind him,
though. To lure him out of his cage, smash up his store. He will come at you
with a bat. Take him down and take his keys to get to LC. You will see LC
hitting on a woman who is wearing Ajax's vest. Ajax and Snow bust in to deal
with LC. LC has a lot of health, so it will take a while to beat him. There
are 2 hits of flash behind the bookshelf in the kitchen if you need it. Once
LC is done, Ajax goes into the bathroom with the woman to "do his thing."

You'll see a cut scene where Ajax and Snow walk out with their vests. They see
a huge gang of Destroyers nearby and go the other way when the woman from
before calls out Ajax's name, alerting the Destroyers. Ajax flips them off
before running away. Now you have run to the red marker before you get
wrecked. When you hit the boardwalk, a bonus objective will appear, saying to
wreck 10 Destroyers. This will be hard since they will overwhelm you. Try
throwing one person into a big crowd to build up more rage and use rage when
you have the chance. Don't forget your flash either. When you wreck 10 guys,
you get a new bonus objective, where you have to wreck 15 more Destroyers. Do
so, and then run for the red marker to finish the level. Ajax and Snow run
into Cleon and the others. The Destroyers sees this and decide not to attack.
Cleon scolds Ajax for starting stuff on his first night with the Warriors.

---Flashback D: Scout's Honor---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Snuff out the 7 Savage Huns tags

Warriors used:
Fox (Player 1), Vermin (Player 2)


Yes, enemy gang

Special conditions:

This flashback shows how Fox became a Warrior. He wants to join, but Vermin
doesn't think Fox is Warrior material. Cleon tells Fox that if he can wreck
the Savage Huns' illegal operations, he can be a Warrior. He makes Fox wear a
shirt that disses the Savage Huns and has Vermin accompany Fox while wearing
the same shirt.

You have to destroy three stalls and spray over a tag as your main objectives.
When the level starts, go up the stairs and trash the stall near you by
jumping into it. There's also a flash dealer here. Down the road, some Savage
Huns will appear and attack you. Take them down, and then go to the alley on
your left. Follow it and buy some paint from the spray dealer. Climb up to the
ground above you and look for an open back door and a guy sweeping. Kill all
the employees inside and grab the flash on the counter in the front. Spray
over the tag inside the restaurant. Go back out to the street and take out the
remaining two stalls further down. Go to the gate by the red marker when you
are done.

You'll see a huge gang of Savage Huns chasing after you. You have to hide,
quickly! Have Vermin go hide and run for the alley ahead of you on your left.
Go into one of the hiding spots in the alley and wait for the Huns to leave.
Once the Huns are gone, Spray the tag near the dumpster in the alley corner.
Climb up the dumpster and follow the short path, drop down below to find a tag
and a flash dealer. On the red wall you passed by from the Huns chase, there
is another tag there near you. In the alley where you were hiding, there is a
paint dealer further down. Follow the alley into the street.

In front of you, there is a ramp. Go up it and next to the gate is a tag on
the wall. Climb up the wall and drop down to find another tag behind you. Go
up the street and you should see some Huns loading up a van. Waste them and
spray the tag behind the counter in the store. Go further down the street and
in the area beyond the red marker is the last tag and a flash dealer. Head to
the red maker when you are finished. You can't return here once you go on.

In the next part of the level, Fox points out to a man in white that has a
book, which contains all the Savage Huns' transactions and if they get it,
they can screw around with the operations. Your objective now is to observe
the man making transactions 6 times. If he spots you, the game ends. Follow
him slowly and use hiding spots to watch him make transactions. The final
transaction he makes has no hiding spots, so just hang back. Once the man does
all 6 transactions, waste him and his Huns bodyguards and take his book.

In the next cut scene, you'll see Fox and Vermin watch the Savage Huns' errand
boy talking to a man. Fox points to the boy's bag that contains everything the
Huns run on. Fox and Vermin approach the errand boy, but he runs off. Don't
worry about losing him. Follow the alleys to his location. When you get to
him, the boy runs to Ghost, leader of the Huns, for help. Take them all out
and grab some flash hidden near the barrels below you. Ghost will then come
and deal with you himself. He's not too hard, but he does use some powerful
moves. Use weapons on him to kill him quickly. Once Ghost is done, go after
the errand boy and mug him to get his bag. You can kill him to make him drop
his bag, too.

Vermin is impressed with Fox's skills and tells him he has a place with the
Warriors. However, some Huns are approaching from behind. Quickly lock pick
the gate and run for the subway station to end the level. Fox meets with Cleon
and earns his vest for his efforts.

---Flashback E: Sharp Dressed Man---
High score required:

Bonus objectives:
-Snuff out the 10 Bopper tags

Warriors used:
Cochise (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)


Yes, cops

Special conditions:
-Big Moe cannot be grabbed
-Big Moe's girls cannot physically fight

This level shows how Cochise joined the Warriors. In the opening cut scene,
Cochise wants to join the Warriors, but Vermin won't let him and tells him to
join the Boppers. Cochise insists that he wants to be a Warrior. Cleon tells
Cochise to grab a size 9 hat from a Bopper if he wants to join. He sends Snow
with him for backup.

From the start, follow the alley up north. Your objective is to try on 5
different hats from the Boppers. You'll see a cut scene of some Boppers
harassing a couple. Take them out and try on their hats. Go back to where you
came from and look for an opening to your right. There is an alley that has a
tag and a paint dealer. Buy some spray from the money you got from the
Boppers. From where the Boppers were, go left, and then climb up to your
right. There should be two worn down walls that you can smash down. They have
spray paint and flash. Take them and then jump across the gap and spray the
tag to your right on the wall.

Go down the alley behind you until you come across a basketball court. Get the
tag on the wall on the far right and take out the Boppers nearby. Try on their
hats. Go to the street to the north of you to find the club. Instead of going
to the club, jump the fence next to it near the flash dealer and go up the
stairs at the end. Take out the Boppers there and snuff out the tag. Return to
the street and go to the club.

There are Boppers in the club. Get their attention by causing chaos. Before
you take out the Boppers, grab all the chairs and bottles next to the counter
and kill the bartender with them since he will be throwing bottles at you.
Once the Boppers are done, the Bopper in yellow and his allies will come down
to attack. You have to interrogate the yellow Bopper to find out who is the
Bopper leader. The game ends if he dies. Take out the other Boppers first,
then interrogate them marked Bopper. You find out that Big Moe is the leader
of the boppers. Before leaving, rob every single person in the room to get a
lot of cash.

Once you are back in the street, hop the fence near you and follow the alley
until you see an opening on your left. Go through it and follow the alley to
find a paint dealer. Buy some paint, then go back and head right. Climb on the
structure to reach the tag on the wall here. Go to the street and head right
to rob a drugstore. Next, head into the alley across the street to find some
Boppers. Kill them and wear one of their hats. Go to the pool club by the
yellow marker. If you are wearing a Boppers' hat, the bouncer will let you in.
If not, you have to fork over $100 to get in.

Once inside, you have to interrogate another Bopper. Take out the other
Boppers and the bouncers that will attack you. Take out the bartender, too,
since he will throw stuff at you. Again, the game ends if the Bopper you're
interrogating dies. Once you interrogated him, he says that Big Moe is in some
club and his girl, Debbie, has a thing for him and she is at the Black Cat.
Rob the people in here if you want, and then leave. Once outside, follow the
alley, waste the Boppers along the way, and then spray the tag to the right
where the boppers were. Go left to head for the streets. On the left end of
the street is a flash dealer. To the right is another tag on the wall near a

Go up the stairs by the streets and either fight or avoid the Boppers up
ahead. There is a spray dealer to the right of them if you need more paint. Go
to the stairs ahead and follow it to the sewers. Take out the Boppers up ahead
and spray the tag on the wall to your right. Follow the sewers and head right
to go up a slight ramp. The Black Cat is up ahead, but spray over the tag near
by on the right side of the wall. Go inside the Black Cat and look for a
dancer in the far right ahead of you. Do NOT attack anyone inside the club
otherwise all the guys will attack you. Give the dancer some money to reveal
herself as Debbie. Keep giving her money until she gives you her pass to get
to the club where Big Moe is.

Head back to the Sewers and go up the stairs in front of you instead of going
back left. After that, go left and follow the path down to the final tag and
some Boppers. Head back to the street and go to the red marker to get inside
the club. You'll view a cut scene of Cochise challenging Big Moe to a fight
for his hat. Now you have to wreck Big Moe. Even with you and Snow, the fight
can be tricky since Big Moe can knock you down a lot. Combo him and/or go in a
blocking stance and counterattack when you get the chance. When you do enough
damage to him, Big Moe will lose his hat and will be dazed. Quickly grab his
hat. When you wear it, a simple dancing mini-game will start. Press the
buttons that appear on screen. You get 200 points for every correct input. Get
them all right to get the crowd wild and score free flash. When you drop the
hat, Big Moe will take it back. Keep fighting him and when he drops his hat
the second time, grab it to get another chance to score flash. After that, Big
Moe sends his girls after you, but they never attack. However, they do mace
you to blind your vision. Ignore the girls and keep attacking Big Moe until he
falls to end the level. You'll see Cochise walk out with the hat and Snow
compliments Cochise's skills and says he is Warrior material.

=======4) Coney Island Bonus Missions=======

The free roam area of Coney has a lot of bonuses you can complete to add to
your percentage completed. They are unlocked as you progress in Story Mode.
However, you have to beat some of them to make room for the others to appear.
In objectives that involve wrecking enemy gangs, look for them on your radar
as purple dots. When you start a bonus mission, all money and other items are
taken away and all recruited Warriors leave you. This is done to not make the
missions ridiculously easy. The exercises mentioned below count as 1 bonus
objective combined.

---I) Exercise 1---
How to unlock:
No requirements needed

Complete the first five levels of each exercise in the hangout.

Increased stamina.

---II) Exercise 2---
How to unlock:
No requirements needed

Complete the last five levels of each exercise in the hangout.

More sprinting power.

---III) Turf Invasion---
How to unlock:
Beat level 3

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Swan (Player 2)

Wreck 7 Van Cortland Rangers in 2 minutes.


---IV) Robin Hood---
How to unlock:
Beat level 3

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Swan (Player 2)

Get $100 and give it to Rudy within 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Best way to beat
this is to rob the store across the street, take the radio in front of it, and
mug people.

Giving bums money will reveal all dealers on the radar.

---V) Turf Invasion 2---
How to unlock:
Beat level 4

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Swan (Player 2)

Wreck 9 Panzers in 2 minutes and 40 seconds.


---VI) Busted---
How to unlock:
Beat level 4

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Swan (Player 2)

Free all 5 of Twiggy's arrested dealers in 1 minute. You get 10 extra seconds
for freeing a dealer. Look for the dealers as the arrested (police badge)
icons on your radar.

Gain the ability to use cuff keys to free arrested Warriors.

---VII) Turf Invasion 3---
How to unlock:
Beat level 5

Warriors used:
Rembrandt (Player 1), Cowboy (Player 2)

Wreck 13 Electric Eliminators in 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

Brass Knuckles. These let you do more damage to enemies and are permanent.

---VIII) Flash Head---
How to unlock:
Beat level 6

Warriors used:
Ajax (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)

Dosed up on flash that blurs your vision, grab a foam finger from Twiggy's
store and give to the dealer in 2 minutes. If you can't see, stop moving and
look at the radar or your surroundings to get your bearings.

Flash capacity increased to 4.

---IX) Deal with it---
How to unlock:
Beat level 6

Warriors used:
Ajax (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)

You are provided $100 ($50 to each player if there are two players) and you
have to snuff out the fake dealers from the real ones. Do it in 4 minutes and
20 seconds. There are three in all. One is on the dead end street all the way
to the south of the jewelry store that is by the hang out. The second one is
in a corner in an alley behind Voodoo Motors. The last one is in a corner next
to Twiggy's store.

Knife dealers will appear on some levels to sell you knives for $50.

---X) Vigilante Justice---
How to unlock:
Beat level 8

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Swan (Player 2)

Handcuff the stalker. He is in a skeleton suit and harassing a woman in front
of Twiggy's store. To handcuff someone, tackle them to the ground, get on top
of them then press R1 to start handcuffing. It works the same way as mugging
after that.

You can use handcuffs to disable enemies. You can also use the stalker in
Rumble Mode.

---XI) Carny Compasion---
How to unlock:
Beat level 8

Warriors used:
Cleon (Player 1), Swan (Player 2)

Beat down the thugs and his friends for stealing Jasper's costume within 2
minutes and 30 seconds. The thug is in a green suit and is protected by 2 guys
and a girl. They usually wander along the street where the hangout is. The
girl can mace you, so be careful.

Unlock Apephibian character in Rumble Mode.

---XII) Turf Invasion 4---
How to unlock:
Beat level 10

Warriors used:
Cochise (Player 1), Vermin (Player 2)

Wreck 16 Hurricanes in 4 minutes and 20 seconds.


---XIII) Turf Invasion 5---
How to unlock:
Beat level 11

Warriors used:
Cowboy (Player 1), Fox (Player 2)

Wreck 22 Satan's Mothers in 6 minutes.


---XIV) Feed the Homeless---
How to unlock:
Beat level 11

Warriors used:
Cowboy (Player 1), Fox (Player 2)

Feed 5 bums in 3 minutes and 40 seconds. Each bum will only eat one kind of
food. You have to use chicken and salami (both are found in the meat store),
hot dogs (obtain from the vendor on the street past Voodoo Motors), ice cream
and doughnuts (both are found in a booth on the street near the hangout. The
bum inside the building near the meat store wants a hot dog. The bum near the
meat store wants chicken. The bum in the alley behind Voodoo Motors wants
salami. The bum who wants ice cream is in the alley behind where you get ice
cream and doughnuts. The bum that is next to the flash dealer near the Little
Buddha wants a doughnut. If you are playing with two people, split up so both
of you can complete this mission faster.

Bums will now be your allies when given enough money.

---XV) Turf Invasion 6---
How to unlock:
Beat level 13

Warriors used:
Swan (Player 1), Fox (Player 2)

Wreck 24 Jones Street Boys in 5 minutes.

Steel-toed boots. A permanent add-on that can cause more damage to enemies.

---XVI) Freedom---
How to unlock:
Beat level 18

Warriors used:
Swan (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)

Free all the arrested Warriors in 2 minutes and 20 seconds. You gain 15 extra
seconds for each Warrior you free. You cannot have the cops looking for you
once you free everyone, otherwise the mission won't be completely finished.

You can unarrest yourself if you have cuff keys.

---XVII) Flash Point---
How to unlock:
Beat level 18

Warriors used:
Swan (Player 1), Snow (Player 2)

Use 10 hits of flash in 5 minutes. You gain 30 seconds per use. To make it
easier, get $200 when the mission starts so you can buy the flash all at once.
If there are 2 players, the flash used by both will be counted to the 10 flash

Popping flash at full health will start Rage Mode.

=======5) Armies of the Night=======

This mini-game is unlocked after beating Story Mode and finishing all the
flashback missions. The game is divided into 5 stages and all of them are side
scrolling. The game uses NES-like music and sound effects. The game is played
the same way as the regular game, but you cannot sprint and there is no Rage
Mode. Your stamina is the gray bar under your stats. You play as Swan (Player
2 is Ajax) and you have to bop your way past every gang to save Mercy. You
have 99 seconds to kill all enemies that come to you. The timer goes back up
when you move on to the next screen or area. If you die or run out of time,
you'll have 10 seconds to decide on continuing and using 1 credit. The game
ends if you have no credits left. Beating the mini-game unlocks more stuff for
Rumble Mode and contributes for 100% completion. It also counts as a bonus
mission for Coney Island free roam. Here are some tips to make the game more
fun and easier.

-Try playing with a friend. 2 heads are better than one and the two of you can
handle enemies better than going alone.

-Always smash boxes since they contain either flash or weapons.

-Pick up flash only if you really need it. You cannot carry flash for later
and you use it right away when you pick it up. Bosses always drop flash.

-You'll gain extra credits when your score passes certain marks. Keep fighting
and try not to die too often.

-There are two levels where subways cross the level. You can throw enemies
into them for instant kills, but don't get caught yourself!

-If you cannot move on and can't see any enemies, hold L1 to target the
nearest foe and see if there are any enemies off screen.

-There are two levels with windows that you can toss enemies out of.

=======6) Frequently Asked Questions=======

Q) Why are my Warriors attacking me?
A) You abused them too much and they are kicking your ass now. They will stop

Q) Why isn't my character hiding in a dark area?
A) Sometimes the game is a bit slow to make your character hide. If you are
holding a Molotov Cocktail, the light it makes will not make the spot hidden
from foes.

Q) Why are some men attacking me for no reason?
A) There are a few levels where a guy will beat you down for attacking a
woman. Keep your guard up.

Q) Why do my melee weapons break?
A) They wear down after a few uses to prevent them from becoming too cheap.

Q) Why does my character keep letting go of an enemy?
A) You don't have any stamina left! Look at the gray bar within your health
bar to see how much stamina you have left. It recharges over time.

Q) Help! I'm on fire!
A) I can't help you there. The fire will go out soon, but your health will
drain from the fire.

Q) I can't mug/interrogate/handcuff this person! They keep breaking free!
A) Don't move the analog stick a lot when feeling for a vibration. Move it in
a smooth and slow circular motion until you feel something. The person may
have a lower resistance if they have low health.

Q) Why won't my character sprint anymore?
A) They are tired. Stop sprinting for a while so they can have energy to
sprint again.

Q) Why is a dealer attacking me?
A) Mainly because you attacked him first! But sometimes you might attack him
by mistake (such as throwing a person into him).

Q) What is the best way to gain more rage?
A) Stylish attacks will get you more rage. So will throwing enemies into
lots of objects or other people.

Q) I can't break the high score! Help me!
A) There are so many ways to get a good score. Here's how:

-Try to do stylish attacks, such as smashing enemies' faces into walls,
throwing them into objects, throwing them off a roof, or doing a co-op attack.
Handcuffing them also gets you more points.

-Smash windows, garbage, and just about anything that can be broken.

-Pick locks perfectly to get a 1000 point bonus.

-Spray a tag without messing up to get a 1000 point bonus.

-Attacking and killing people is the most basic way to rack up points.

=======7) Contact Info and Copyright Info=======

If you have questions for me, found an error in this guide, or want to add
something here, contact me at HolyAuraDragon@aol.com You can use this guide
for your own private use. No selling or claiming as your own!

=======8) Credits=======

-Rockstar and Rockstar Toronto for making such a great game.
-GameFAQs for hosting this walkthrough.
-My friend who got me into this game.
-My sister who came up with some of the common FAQs as we
played this game together and asked them along the way.