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-Disgaea: Hour of Darkness – Completionists Walk-through -
-By: Joyel Puryear -
-Also covers PSP Version -
-Current Version: 3.7 -

Note** - There have been a lot of additions/changes this release. A lot
of contributions were also added. This is all that was needed for the
Rewrite besides fixing spelling/grammar as needed throughout the walkthrough.
Tomorrow it's time again to start playing my next play through (where i left
off in the guide) and go ahead and finish up more of the prime walkthrough
as I slowly fill out some of the unfinished section as I run across it in
the game (I have already been there before but I want these filled out with
my thoughts INTo what I am doing so everything is more accurate and done
when I am back to those spots and encountering THOSE things into this
playthrough of the game. Expect another release of the walkthrough in about
another week..the next release will have MULTIPLE new sections added to the
episodes (the core walkthrough) and MOST of not ALL of the various sections
will get tons of new content added. As always contribute what you want..
see you next week.

URGENT NOTE - Requests..I have had tons of requests recently. Some of the
emails I responded to and some of them I did not. The list of basic
requests and there status (filled or not) is listed below. This list will
remain for a couple of weeks before being taken out..it's just to let you
know your requests have been heard.
- Better paragraph spacing - Done (let me know if it's not enough)
- Header numbering system - Done (leave feedback to my email about the
new system)
- New Leveling Section - Will come with time. See section below for my
- Bonus Guage - I had 1 request that a VERY Detailed section pertaining
to the bonus gauge, how to max it, how to increase it, tactics on how
to get it really high. I will be writing a section to cover everything
there is to cover on that in the near future.

Note - Leveling Section(s)
There has been MULTIPLE requests for a section dedicated to leveling.
After the walkthrough is finished with the "Rewrite" then the addition of
the rest of the walkthrough and other sections that are half finished will
be complete. After that...there will be a complete new section added
related to leveling. It'll be a MASSIVE section dealing with every aspect
of the leveling system (inward and outward)...including were to level, how
to level, leveling secrets, leveling advice, leveling tips, leveling
mechanics...and details for class specific leveling and level range guide.
This will be built into the walkthrough to fulfill this request after the
rest of the guide has been written for the most part.

** SECOND NOTE:: The "Rewrite" is now done (for the most part). Starting
back on the writing of new content starting tomorrow. This note will be
removed in a few releases.

=- -=
= - Table of Contents - =
=- -=

|1.0 - Version/Release History--------------------------> (1.0) |
|2.0 - To Do List---------------------------------------> (2.0) |
|3.0 - General Information------------------------------> (3.0) |
|4.0 - Legend-------------------------------------------> (4.0) |
|5.0 - Basic Game Data----------------------------------> (5.0) |
| 5.1 - Main Menu Information---------------------------> (5.1) |
| 5.2 - Battle Menu Information-------------------------> (5.2) |
| 5.3 - Battle Basics-----------------------------------> (5.3) |
| 5.4 - Weapon Listing (Longinus)-----------------------> (5.4) |
|6.0 - Walkthrough--------------------------------------> (6.0) |
| 6.1 - Episode 1 - Prince of the Netherworld-----------> (6.1) |
|7.0 - In Depth Sections--------------------------------> (7.0) |
| 7.1 - Endings Strategy--------------------------------> (7.1) |
| 7.2 - Transmigration strategy - Some Spoilers---------> (7.2) |
| 7.3 - Dark Assembly-----------------------------------> (7.3) |
| 7.4 - Geo Panels--------------------------------------> (7.4) |
| 7.5 - Item World--------------------------------------> (7.5) |
| 7.6 - Pupil/Master------------------------------------> (7.6) |
| 7.7 - Character Creation/Character Quality------------> (7.7) |
|8.0 - Tips/Lists/Secrets-------------------------------> (8.0) |
| 8.1 - Etna's Memories - Spoilers----------------------> (8.1) |
| 8.2 - "Beauty of Evil" - "Beauty Castle" - Spoilers---> (8.2) |
| 8.3 - Getting MOney-----------------------------------> (8.3) |
| 8.4 - Staying Addicted--------------------------------> (8.4) |
| 8.5 - Minor Game Stats--------------------------------> (8.5) |
| 8.6 - Feature List (original)-------------------------> (8.6) |
| 8.7 - New Game +--------------------------------------> (8.7) |
| 8.8 - Rearranging-------------------------------------> (8.8) |
|9.0 - Main Characters----------------------------------> (9.0) |
| 9.1 - Laharl------------------------------------------> (9.1) |
| 9.2 - Etna--------------------------------------------> (9.2) |
|10.0 - Playable Characters/Full Bestiary---------------> (10.0) |
| 10.1 - Male/Female Warrior----------------------------> (10.1) |
| 10.2 - Male/Female Monk-------------------------------> (10.2) |
| 10.3 - Male/Female Cleric-----------------------------> (10.3) |
| 10.4 - Archer-----------------------------------------> (10.4) |
| 10.5 - Male/Female Red Mage/Skull---------------------> (10.5) |
| 10.6 - Male/Female Green Mage/Skull-------------------> (10.6) |
| 10.7 - Male/Female Blue Mage/Skull--------------------> (10.7) |
| 10.8 - Prinny-----------------------------------------> (10.8) |
| 10.9 - Ghost------------------------------------------> (10.9) |
| 10.10 - Hobbit-----------------------------------------> (10.10)|
|11.0 - Weapon Specific Skills--------------------------> (11.0) |
| 11.1 - Fist-------------------------------------------> (11.1) |
| 11.2 - Sword------------------------------------------> (11.2) |
| 11.3 - Spear------------------------------------------> (11.3) |
| 11.4 - Axe--------------------------------------------> (11.4) |
| 11.5 - Bow--------------------------------------------> (11.5) |
| 11.6 - Gun--------------------------------------------> (11.6) |
| 11.7 - Staff------------------------------------------> (11.7) |
|12.0 - Frequently Asked Questions----------------------> (12.0) |
|13.0 - Contributions-----------------------------------> (13.0) |
|14.0 - Final Words-------------------------------------> (14.0) |
|15.0 - Copyright---------------------------------------> (15.0) |

=- -=
= - Version Release History - =-(1.0)
=- -=

!3.7 - 06-30-08!

- Fixed some header numbering issues
- Expanded walkthrough (GREATLY)
- Expanded many other sections with new information (GREATLY)
- Restructured more numbering problems
- Added archer into the class list...If you noticed there are
no notes related to how to unlock "Classes" that is going to
be present in an upcoming version (as a seperate section to the

!3.5 - 06-29-08!

- Entirely finished rewriting the headers throughout the entire
- Did "Some" with the paragraph and spacing issues..that part is not
entirely finished but we're getting there
- Updated To-Do list and removed quite a few items that have been
completed during the last few releases of the walkthrough
- Fixed up paragraph spacing..and setting up more paragraphs greatly.
There might be more work for this in a later version but it makes
previously unreadable sections..now readable and a little easier
on the eyes.
- Cleaned up Version History (again)

!3.1 - 06-23-08!

- Redid the table of contents entirely with a new numbering system
- Redid entire version history section - Slowly working through remainder
of the walkthrough

!3.0 – 06-13-08!

- Added new Ascii header
- Reformatted the way parts of the walkthrough looked

!2.9 - 03-15-08!

- Changed the title of the versions section.
- Changed the title so it would be WELL known that it covered BOTH versions
of the game.
- Loaded the walkthrough up to the PSP section as well (waiting for
clearance. Now I will update both walkthroughs in both areas of gamefaqs
since this walkthrough is intended to fully cover BOTH versions.
- Fleshed out the playable characters/full bestiary section up to where I
am currently at in the game. It'll be updated as I work my way through
the game and then most likely once I have all the initial data down it
might undergo a full re-wording, re-write, re-formatting to make it
perfect. I just want to get the whole thing out there and get all of the
data down before I worry about doing that.
- Added multiple new sections that are going to need to be filled in.
- Rewrote the dark assembly section, now adding additional data into it
that was not previously present.

!2.6 - 03-14-08!

- Increased the core walkthrough to a large extent.
- Added in a large number of new sections, some of them full of new data
and some of them are going to be edited revised over the next few weeks.
- Working out all of the ideas for the remaining systems.
- The walkthrough itself will get done within a decent timeframe but it's
going to take some time to flesh out all of the details since this is
a perfectionists walkthroughts. I also had specific requests related
to the quality of the walkthrough and the level of detail so I am working
up something that is going to be very detailed. The first episode should
ready to go by sometime next week, and future episodes depending on the
difficulty of the battles should follow at a steady pace of 1-2 episodes
per week. This is because I am playing something else and also adding
lot's of subsections into the walkthrough as well while I write this core
section of the walkthrough.

!2.1 - 03-11-08!

- Added multiple sections to the walkthrough
- Added a section pertaining to game data and added lots of data into
- Started on what is going to be an entire list of all classes, class
variations, all skills pertaining to all classes, all monsters, all skills
pertaining to all monsters and how those pertain to you acquiring and/or
using the monsters on your team. This listing will also include boss
mini-boss and other related data as well (both enemies that can be brought
into your team via capture/creation and those that can't as well.

!2.0 - 03-06-08!

- Major additions/enhancements
- Added multiple sections

!1.5 - 03-05-08!

- Reformatted the version history
- Reformatted some of the walkthrough
- Spelling/Formatted fixes in random places
- Rewrote the copyright information
- Reformatted headers throughout the walkthrough
- Updated Lists section with some verifications
- Updated Lists section with more data
- Changed some values on lists from untested to tested
- Restructured Titles
- Rewrote some of the sections (partially)
- Renamed one of the sections
- Added a new section/subsections (related to cheats)
- Updated/Fixed/Added to ending section
- Reformatted ToC (to match rest of walkthrough)
- Reformatted entire walkthrough again
- Added in Walkthrough section (Where the walkthrough is going to be)
- Added in a basic game data section
- Added in a in-depth sections section
- Moved some sections around
- Added multiple new sections

!1.3 - 8-31-07!
- Added more info under "General Information"
- Added copyright at the bottom

!1.1 - 8-25-07!
- Minor changes/alterations throughout entire guide
- Fixed incorrect contact email address

!1.0 - 3-10-07!

- Added 4 sections
- Enhanced more sections

!0.4 - 3-9-07!
- Fixed spelling issues
- Cleaned up formatting
- Enhanced multiple sections

!Version 0.1 - 3-8-07!

- Initial Release

=- -=
= - To Do List - =-(2.0)
=- -=

This is my to-do list for this specific walkthrough (So I can have it in
front of me). They are removeed from the list as they are completed.

- Weakly complete all of that additional content.
- Finally get around to writing A FULL walkthrough for the original ps2
- Play through the PSP version entirely and fill in the walkthrough with
"PSP Specific Content" sections which will allow someone to use this
walkthrough to get everything out of both games
- Write an individual walkthrough for the extra "what if" mode in the PSP
version. I am writing this seperate because it's an entirely seperate
story mode that can't be integrated into the walkthrough section (so
it'll have it's own section (probably below the walkthrough section)

=- -=
= - General Information - =-(3.0)
=- -=

I am a psychotic completionist. When I write a walkthrough I intend for
them to be the one stop shop for everything related to that game. Every
idea, tactic, strategy, unlockable, explanation and everything that can
ever be formulated and presented for the game I like to include. Every
strategy my mind can possibly concieve, and every single idea behind
the game I can find. I intend for each walkthrough I write to be a
100% perfectionists walkthrough which explains everything and delves
into the deepest soul behind the game...

That can't be done without contributions. I like getting any form of
contribution in any way shape or form. I want to get feedback on anything,
strategies, tips, hints. Anything anyone can offer, even there own custom
walkthroughs for specific sections, I don't mind. I want any and all
contributions I can possibly get because every view point is good.

It also sometimes takes awhile to make a walkthrough better than any source
in existence. I even aim to be more complete than the official walkthrough
(also note I don't buy the walkthroughs for the games I write). I want to
have the most complete source available anywhere. I want every guide I
write to be like a bible behind the game (meaning a massive collection
of data that is 100% complete in every way shape or form). I want to get
all the data that is humanly possible on the game.

I normally write everything I can when I am playing. Then later I will
take contributions over time and rewrite as they come in, then when I
eventually play the game again I expand EVERYTHING in the entire walkthrough
which basically means finishing sections, rewriting sections, and always
adding entirely new sections. Walkthroughs that I write are NEVER
complete and I always come back at some point to write more, add more
compile more data or make sure it's still the most complete reference
on the game in existence.

The following note is going to be removed. Once I get to that point in the
main walkthrough I am going to put a small note to point you to his
walkthrough..then I am going to detail out my own strategy + I have a
special contribution that was sent to me that is going to be included there
as well. So you'll be directed to his guide + given my own personal
strategies for the boss + get a special contribution that is probably the
best strategy I have heard to date.

NOTE - just wanted to throw this in there. If you are stuck on a battle
called "Warrior Maiden". I was stuck here, for almost 2 full weeks
leveling. I was finally looking for some help. Go to gamefaqs and
checkout a walkthrough by "Author: Salah al-Din". Go to the part
about that battle and read the strategy he used, you will have the
easiest time with that boss. It might even be considered the easiest
battle in the game. I am going to expand on his strategy later in
psychotic detail within the walkthrough itself. I am going to work
on this when I get to that point in the walkthrough.

=- -=
= - Legend Index - =-(4.0)
=- -=


=- -=
= - Header One - =-(Example)
=- -=

!Header 2!

Header 3


=- -=
= - Basic Game Data - =-(5.0)
=- -=

!Main Menu Information!-(5.1)

This section will simply detail out what all the menu options are and what
they do.

|Start - Start new game |
|Continue - Continue saved game |
|Settings->Cursor Mode - Not sure |
|Settings->Sound Mode - Stereo (2 speakers)/Mono (1 Speaker) |
|Settings->Voice Mode - Voiceovers...American or Japanese |
|Settings->Master Volume - The master level of the volume |
|Settings->BGM Volume - The master level of the background music. |
|Settings->Voice Volume - This is the volume of the voiceovers. |
|Settings->SE Vol - This is the volume of the sound affects. |

!Battle Menu Information!-(5.2)

This will detail out everything related to the ingame battle menu in detail.
Also keep in mind there are 2 different menu's, one when you have a
character selected and one when you have a "panel" selected (no character).

Panel (No Character)

This panel appears ANYTIME you hit the triangle button in battle (allowing
the menu to open).

Execute -> This automatically performs all actions you have told your
characters to perform. This is going to just perform your actions and NOT
end your turn.

End Turn -> This is going to do 2 things. First it does the same thing the
execute does, and after that it's going to end your entire "Battle Turn"
and allow the enemy to start performing there actions at that point.

Bonus -> This is related to the "Bonus System". It lists out what items you
will get in relation to how much "Bonus" you gain during battle.

Character -> This creates a list menu of all the characters on the map, it
includes both enemies and allies and is a good way to get a general
tabulation on what enemies you are fighting, what allies are on the field,
and what geo panels are current laid out (and colors). It also allows
you to find the geopanels quickly by clicking on there names in the
character list (and it'll take you there automatically).

Help -> This simply opens up the help menu to explain everything "Battle"

Quit -> Quit's the battle/game and heads back to the MAIN menu.

Settings -> Accessing the options panel (the same one you get at the
main menu of the game).


This action is available anytime you "select" a character with the x

Move -> Once you select this it allows you to select a location for your
character to move to (within there movement range). After that it initiates
a command. The "Move" command takes place automatically and does not wait
until "Execute" is chosen.

Attack -> This is the universal command you will use to perform a standard
attack with any character. First you select attack and then you select an
enemy and it sets up an action which is performed once you hit "Execute" or
"End Turn".

Special -> This is where you would access any spells, magick, special
abilities, or character specific special abilities.

????/Lift -> At first it shows question marks and later it shows Lift. This
is what allows you to pick up an ally or enemy, and after they are picked up
then this option changes over to "Throw". Which allows you to throw
whatever character/enemy you are currently holding. For all the details/
rules/regulations on the lift/throw system then check the relevant section
in the walkthrough.

Defend -> This keeps you from performing any other action (attack, skill, or
anything else) for the remainder of that turn but it puts your character on
alert/defended status which reduces ANY damage they take the next turn.

Item -> This is to use an item in battle (to heal or anything else);.

Equip -> This is to allow you to equip different things to your characters
in the middle of a battle (as needed)

Status -> This brings up the status menu showing all the information related
to your character (stats, weapons, equipment, everything else).

!Battle Basics!-(5.3)

This section is going to detail all of the secrets of battle, as well as
battle specific advice.

!Weapon Listing (Longinus)!-(5.4)

This details out the information that is provided by longinus on each type
of weapon. I provide it here for access since you can't view this data in
battle and you might want it in front of you in printed form instead of
having to go back and talk to him each time you want to read some of it.

Brawlers rely primarily on their fists as weapons. Normal attacks have a
high hit percentage and slightly higher chance of team attack than other
weapons. The special techniques learned with fists are short-range adn have
a small area of effect but, many will allow you to knock enemies into
different positions.

A sword is a typical weapon for battle. Normal attacks with a sword do not
have any distinctive characteristics. However, the special techniques
learned with a sword vary greatly, so they will be useful in many
situations. In general, they are easy to use, but not very powerful and
require a lot of SP.

The spear is another popular weapon. While normal attacks with a spear are
a bit weak, you have the advantage of being able to attack from 2 panels
away. The special techniques learned with a spear generally have a short
range but the area of effect varies. Furthermore, some techniques allow you
to change your position.

The axe is a difficult weappon to use. Normal attacks have a low hit
percentage, but deal major damage when they do hit. The special techniques
learned with an axe have a short range and can only be used against a single
enemy. It may seem a bit restrictive, but since it's limitations are clear,
you could say an axe is easy to use. Also, when stronger special techniques
are available, the chances of lowering an opponent's DEF are high.

Bows are long-range weapons that archers specialize in. Normal attacks deal
damage according to the following formula
(ATK/2) + (HIT/2) = Total Damage. The special techniques learned with a bow
have long range and can affect single or multiple targets. However, their
restrictions on the area of effect and required action space will take some
time to get use to. Damage due to special techniques is calculated in the
same way those are done for normal attacks.

Guns have the longest range out of all the weapons. Normal attack damage is
calculated based on the character's hit stat. The special techniques
learned with a gun have a very long range. Special technique damage is also
dependent on a character's hit stat.

Staffs are weapons that can boost the power of your magick. There is nothing
special about doing normal attacks with a staff, and there are no Special
Techniques to learn, either. But, you can increase the range and area of
effect of your magick by improving your weapon mastery of staffs. The
Experience you have earned csating spells will also affect the range and
area of effect of your magick. Staffs are most effective when used by
characters specializing in magic.

=- -=
= - Walkthrough - =-(6.0)
=- -=

This is a very literal and careful walkthrough. I go into extreme detail
about how I played through the game and what I recommend. This gets
annoying to some people so for the extremely anal people that hate being
told what to do I have instead included that commentary sections about
(advice on what weapons to use, what skills to build, what to do
specifically). I have added these into sections that are individually
seperated but still part of the main walkthrough. I call these sections
"Specific Advice" which goes into extreme detail about the way I did things
and the way I recommend things being done.

!Episode 1 - Prince of the Netherworld!-(6.1)

Starting Point

You start the game off right after a cutscene playing as Laharl. He is
your main character and the one you control throughout the entire game.
Search through the first room you start in and look at all the weapons
(there are individual messages for whatever you want to look at). After
you are done looking around this room you'll notice there is only one exit
out of this room, take it. Make a visual map of everywhere you go in this
intermediary area because this is the area you revisit in-between battles
and you need to get very familiar with it very fast. The room you start off
in by the way is called "Laharl's Room" that is his bedroom.

In the next room there is something very important you need to do. You will
see a throne room at the top of the room. Go to it and circle around behind
it. Press the action button (x by default) as you circle around the back
until your character finds a switch. Switch it, this is one of the switches
you need in order to get the special section in a couple of minutes. You
will hear it click when you hit it (plus you'll get a question asking if you
want to flip the switch or not. After you are done with that then go
throughout this room talking to everyone as you head down.

In the next room head to the right. Circle to the bottom and talk to the 2
characters there and then go to the bottom left and talk to the spear about
all of the weapon styles and all of there details. When your done in here
head to the left and out of this room.

In this room this is what I normally do (in this order).
- Talk to the 2 people beside the cages (one has a beginner tutorial)
- Talk to the lady near the infirmary and go through all her tutorials
- Talk to the lady for the item world (above infirmary)
- Talk to both shopkeepers and hear there tutorials
- Talk to the guy in between the infirmary and item world lady
He normally says something different at the end of every chapter
(Moreso than the other people here)
- Avoid the lady at the very top of the map for now, because she will start
to continue on.

Now for the VERY IMPORTANT PART. This is the second switch you need to find
to unlock this story. What we need to do now is go to the counter where the
item/weapon/armor shop(s) are and you'll see a skeleton on the corner of the
counter. Go around the area of the skeleton and hit hte action button until
you get a confirmation about pressing a switch. Flip that switch and you
will hear a sound as confirmation.

After pressing the switch go back into the room you came from earlier (back
to the right) and head into the middle (lower) area. Then at the top left
hand corner (still in the lower portion) and press the action button on the
corner area. You will get a message from Etna (the other character on your
team) about going to the bathroom.

This is a secret area. Here you need to visit after EVERY episode. The
reason is so you can learn more and more about etna's memories after each
one. After your done head back to the room on the left.

Head north in this room to get a little talking section where it mentions
about saving. Then head north a little further and talk to the girl for
a second or 2 of talking. When it takes you to the map screen then back
out of it.

Specific Advice

I advise you here to save. This is very important because you went through
quite a bit already. Your done with the initial talking and tutorials
as well as unlocking her secret and first memory. It's time to save before
we start continuing on. I wouldn't bother with really "buying" anything or
"selling" anything yet. We need to get through the tutorial and do a few
things else before we start focusing on this. This is also a really good
time to stop whatever you are doing and open your menu (triangle). Now go
down to the "help" option and read everything etna has to say about the
game. This can help teach you A LOT about the game here at the beginning
as well as explain it in a way you can easily understand and then you can
reference it later whenever you need (even during battle).

Tutorial Battles
After your done with everything about and you have looked around again to
get a feel for everything then it's time to continue on. Head north and
talk to the lady in the teleporter.
We are headed for the only one listed there.

Tutorial -> Battle Basics 1
+Ghost X3+
At first you will encounter quite a bit of talking between the characters.
After the talking there are some "guided" commands to show you some of the
basics of the game (it tells you what to do then does it for you for
tutorial purposes). After the guided commands are over it restarts the
battle and gives you initial control. Here you can do whatever you want
and chances are you'll figure it out after a bit. If you want to recieve
specific step by step (almost tactics) see the specific advice section below.

Specific Advice
Move laharl out and attack the enemy on the right, move etna up above the
enemy (on the right side of the enemy) and this way you have laharl in front
of him and etna beside him. Then move out the 2 prinnies put one above
that enemy and one on the other side. I did this to get you familiar with
the way the attack works. After that open the battle menu and choose
"End Turn". They will destroy that enemy, the enemies will attack and
then it'll be your turn again. This is a pretty straightforward battle.
Perhaps if you have never (ever) played a game before you might have some
problems (if so reload and try until you get familiar with it) if you have
played games before or are good at it, then this is naturally the easiest
battle in the entire game.

After you are done it's time to step into the second tutorial. We want to
go into one tutorial after another so we can get ALL of the actual tutorial
battles out of the way so we can start focusing on what we want to do next.

Tutorial -> Battle Basics 2
+Ghost X4+
+Hobbit X1+

This is where you learn how to do the lift/throw as well as it unlocks the
option within your character battle menu. After this is done then you need
to finish up the battle (very simple). Just take out the ghosts one at a
time focusing on team attacks and this battle should go by in a breeze.

Specific Advice
I generally use laharl and etna to gang up on the enemy at the bottom right.
However try just laharl first as he can generally kill it in one hit, then
move out your prinnies and try to position then where they can gang up on
the enemies as a group. LET THEM COME TO YOU and you'll do a lot better
than trying to spread your characters thin or in groups across the board.
Make sure you position them the first time so you can utilize some team
attacks as needed to help eliminate the oncoming enemies faster. You
should be able to easily finish up this fight in 3-7 rounds max.

After Battle

After battle let's focus on heading BACK into the next battle. As I
mentioned before we want to finish practically ALL of our tutorials
before starting to buy stuff and/or organizing characters so we can make
sure you understand all the "basics" of battle before we start getting into
the harder stuff. Once the tutorials are ALL out of the way then we can open
up a practice tutorial that will allow us quite a bit of time to get some
money together and do a few "Preperational" things before we start getting
into the harder battles.

At this point your probably wondering to yourself (Why isn't this guy
telling me about buying equipment). This walkthrough isn't a requirement
it's a choice. I tell you how I recommend doing things through this ENTIRE
walkthrough, if you want to skip over all the bull (opinions) then move on
with the actual gameplay then you can do everything else in your own way.
You can even use this as reference if you choose. The reason I say this
is that I had a request for a VERY specific and very pre-detailed
walkthrough that goes into even the small details that's what I am trying
to accomplish now so I can successfully fulfill that request.
In this walkthrough I had advised specific areas to do specific things.
That way if you end up following the ENTIRE walkthrough then you take the
route with everything that I recommend (not the best for everyone but the
way things turned out the best it possibly could for me.

Tutorial -> Geo Effect
+Ghost X5+
+Hobbit X1+

This is your "First" introduction to Geo Effects and Geo Symbols. In order
to recieve a FULL AND IN DEPTH explanation of this sub-system they built
into the game then please refer to the relevant sub-section in the
proper section of the walkthrough. Work your way through the talking
slowly to help you get the maximum affect from reading through the
material. This one battle will teach you "Most" of just the basics and
you can get more advanced in later tutorials and later on in the game
after you start mastering the mechanics to this sub-system. So first walk
through the step by step tutorial section until you get to the actual

Specific Advice
This battle isn't too hard to complete without very many problems. Move
Etna 2 slots in front of the blue square. Lift the blue square and throw it
up at the top of the screen. MAKE sure you throw it up ABOVE the hobbit and
the ghost (there is only 1 hobbit on the map). When you get it directly in
between the hobbit and ghost go up one more to the open red square (the
reason we are doing this is so it's closer to the yellow while further away
from the nullifying square. Also this is still within range of laharl so
you should be able to fairly easily get him to the side of it and hit it
which will give you the best affect for this formation of geo affects that
you can get.

Once you get it in the correct position move Laharl over below
it and hit it (to destroy it) if you have any skills (you may depending)
then use what you have with laharl to try and make sure it destroys in one
hit if possible (for best results). If you are unable to hit it and destroy
it in one hit then there is a chance you might get surrounded (delaying you
an extra turn). Either way destroy it as soon as possible. After that you
will see it destroy ALL geo-symbols until they are completely wiped out.
This will (in turn) destroy all enemies on the map and give you quite a nice
bonus (for this early in the game).

After Battle

After this battle there will be another after-battle talk scene (these
happen sometimes) so watch this. They will finally mention the dark
assembly for the first time. After this is all over it'll finally take
you straight over into the "Dark Assembly Tutorial" and explain about
how to work everything. After reading the tutorial wait before making
any characters and give me a minute to go through this one step at a time
so everyone is on the same page. Head back over towards the portal and
you will be stopped by that strange thing and he'll tell you about the
hospilal). He will also give you 300 HL (very helpful this early in the
game). Save at this point if you wish before doing anything else. Go
talk to the portal lady and she'll tell you about the new area that got
unlocked. There will be some talking among your characters as well. Ok
once all of that's unlocked it's time to get down to business specifics
and start getting your characters situated and explaining how to do
different parts of the system.

Specific Advice
Ok, let's do this in the right order. First let's backtrack. The first
rooms you started in. You had your room, the throne room and the room below
it. If you wish you can go back to these rooms as desired but at this point
there is nothing else there for you right now. SO you can go back but
no-one will say anything different than they did before and there is nothing
new to do in any of those 3 rooms right now. Now let's move on. Right now
go back into the first room (with the portals and everything else).

First let's go get your first visit to the hospital out of the way (she's
between the dark assembly lady and the guy who gave you the money. Go talk
to her. Talk to her and go to get treated, then square to treat all.
Please see the relevant section on the hospital in order to see a full list
of all the things you unlock and how this system works. For now just know
the more you get hurt the more rewards you get. For EVERY hitpoint that is
healer or SP point that is healer, or every character that is revived you
gain these special points that go towards getting rewards so heal up here
whenever possible.

Also keep in mind that if you back out and see
"Claim Prize" if you go ahead and wait and end up seeing 2-3 rewards if you
claim them then you get them ALL not just the one you pick (keep this in
mind) your x button doens't just pick the selected prize but it confirms
that you are getting ALL of the one's that are listed and they ALL go into
your inventory. Save after this because we are about to start another
(rather involved task) in a minute. Talk to the demon above again (the
one who gave you money) and he'll have something different to say now.
Now go above that guy to that girl above him and read everything about the
item world (check the relevant sections to learn more about it). I have
an in-depth walkthrough related to the item world, making it through the
item world, getting to item world gods and everything else possibly
imagined related to the item world is either included there or will be
included there sometime soon in the future. After hearing the tutorial
you will see an option in her menu called "Explanation" I recommend going
there and reading everything that menu has to offer. Now that you are
done with that I suggest saving again because everything we are about to
do individually here shortly is going to be new things and things that
can mess up your game if done wrong, and you want the save in-case if you
accidentally make a change or do something you didn't mean then you can just
reload and it'll take you back to before you messed up your game (this can
easily prevent you from restarting the game over stupid mistakes. Now is
also a good time (if you do this at all) to make a double save. Your done
with all the tutorials and ready to start the actual game play and start
getting things done with it. So this double save will save you 1 hour
worth of steady gameplay playing through all the tutorials incase you
ever start over or if you have to reload again.

Now it's time for one of the most INVOLVED parts of the game. We are
about to start creating characters. Now there is a lot to this and the
walkthrough isn't meant to go into great detail about it since it is a
sub-system of the game. So these sub-systems have there own sections in
other parts of the walkthrough that are entirely dedicated to this. So..
I am going to walk you through SOME of the basics, and then start
providing specific advice as to what I do, and when WHILE I play the game
so you have something (example) to go by should you decide to follow.
Talk to her and she'll ask what you would like to do. Go through the
tutorial first as often as needed and get yourself familiar with
everything before you start going into the assembly. The dark
assembly and character creation get pretty deep and you need to check the
tutorial she has before you start, you can also visit the relevant sections
in other parts of the walk through for really deep details. Each character
as you will see can go into the dark assembly seperately. They all go in
themselves and you use AP to do things (no matter what they are pretty much)
in the dark assembly (including creating characters and performing
transmigrations. For now just know there is a lot to do here. If you want
to freeform then just look at the relevant sections and do thinsg as you

WITHIN this walkthrough if you are following along I have detailed
out when I unlock things in here, what they are, and how I get them. So by
the time I am at the end of the game I have EVERYTHING the dark assembly
has to offer. I also explain what they are within the walkthrough AS I get
them just not in as much detail in the walkthrough as there individual
section, but enough to let you know via the walkthrough what impact it will
have on you in the game. There is another system now (2 more actually) 1
related to creating characters and another related to student/pupil. You
can check out the relevant sections of my walkthrough to learn about those
as well if you decide too.

Keep in mind before we start this that every
person plays differently. I play the way i want and in a way that gives me
the best results after playing through the game multiple times. What I can
say is that using this method saves you the most time if your a
completionist. There are many classes and each class has many variations.
Trying to have all of them (even 1 of each variation) can be painfully
time consuming. I found out a way to get the most of of ALL the classes
with the minimum amount of characters (one character per "type" but
constantly upgrading older variations with newer one's as needed) instead
of getting too many characters. On top of that you might want to play with
some of the monsters at times I don't mention as well this is all up to you
so either follow the walkthrough, ignore the walkthrough, or follow it and
do your own thing during the process.

Making Characters
Here is the stuff I do and in the order I do it in. First thing I DO, is
take all of the equipment off of 2 of the prinnies. After that I normally
remove ONLY 2 off of my team. Then I have one remaining (prinneies become
something really strong later so I keep atleast one). You CAN keep 3 but I
notice I barely ever use them (much less all three of them with all the
classes and main character in the game) but I sometimes use one for fun so
I let him hang around on the team at the beginning unless I decide to remove
him later. Now after that It's time to start making characters. First we
make them then I will guide you through equipming them, starting to get your
first few rounds of money/upgrades and getting all your initial stuff for
your characters set up. By the way to delete them go into the dark
assembly and choose a character (laharl will do) choose delete character
and then from there you can select what character you want to delete. You
have to repeat this process ONE time for every ONE character that you decide
you want to delete. There is a lot of stuff we need to do real quick. I am
going to walk you through what characters I normally create right now and in
the order I normally create them in. I normally create ALL of my INITIAL
characters under Laharl. Then later I might change that around when I
create some of the beasts.

When I work with the student/teacher system I
normally create characters for that AS NEEDED, use them for what I need them
for and then delete them right after that (this saves a LOT of heartache in
the future for reasons that I can only explain when the time comes. I make
the following characters, and normally with the stats I listed below. My
stats vary sometimes but these are close enough to give you a rough idea
of how to set your characters up at first (if you want). I normally go
ahead and make ALL my initial characters good for nothing. Then later on
in the game I upgrade that slowly over time during the transmigration
process and generally by the time I get to the END of the game I am able to
get them ALL the way up to genius pretty easily (for each character).
Imagine at the end of the game having each character with 6 generations
(variations) worth of strength (It's got a system to carry stats over when
you do this) and + having the genius status (they are SO powerful and
helpful when it's time to face some of the more challenging parts of the
game later on. If you run out of room with laharl (meaning you have
no more AP and cannot create anymore characters then you can either
go into the training battle and use just laharl for a few battles to build
him up enough to finish your characters that I am making or you can use etna
to finish up the remainder. I normally just finish off with Etna wherever I
left off with laharl but that is completely optional. In a very serious
game I take laharl out to get the extra points so I have full access to all
characters automatically for the student/pupil system if I want to get up
Laharls skills easier later in the game (he is the main character).
First I make a Female Warrior. There stats can vary. For now you have
no option but to just delete 5 points. Since this is a warrior (and believe
me later on you will more than be able to load in points when you start up.
For now I suggest taking off 1 or 2 off int, 1 or 2 off of hit and whatever
else off of RES.

This is the best setup to avoid taking too big of a
problem. After that create a male version of the warrior the same thing
with roughly the same stat distribution. NOW here is where you have
a choice. You CAN if you want just pick either male or female on races
with that choice but it is NOT recommended. Some classes that you unlock
later are specific in there requirements and some require females of certain
classes of a certain level and some require males. So in all interest
of perfection I advise getting what I am recommending, one female and one
male when you are given a choice between the 2. The only exception is
-with the mages and we will get to that after we work up the others.
So at this point you have 1 male and 1 female warrior, you have named them
and gotten through with there stat distribution. After securing these 2
then save your game before we continue. Next let's go and do the same thing
for a male monk and a female monk (either order). There based around
speed and some of there other stats are helpful so to get the best results
for the time being I would take most of the points off of int, res (maybe
but it already starts off low for them so be careful) and possibly hp (but
VERY little because it's a good stat for them). Just some advice figures
but either way pick the one's you choose to take points off of. After you
get them both made then go back into the menu and let's get ready to make
some more. Now go back into the menu and do the same thing for a male
cleric and a female cleric both. Take off stats like atk, spd, hit, or
others related. There are very few stats that are really good to a cleric
but make sure you definitely leave the int alone and sp because those will
be very important and if you mess much with hp then there is a chance that
you will find they die A LOT faster becaus they are already hard to keep
aliv as it is. Also try to avoid removing points off of def is possible
just to be completely safe. ALSO avoid RES. Basically DON'T take anything
off of HP, SP, INT, DEF, or RES for the cleric so that leaves you with
atk, hit, and spd that you can relatively take points off of at this point.
Now that those are created back out and save the game. Now you have 1 male
and 1 female warrior, 1 male and 1 female monk, and 1 male and 1 female

It's time to start on the more annoying part of it. This part
is the ONLY exception I make so far to the male/female rule. If you go back
into the character creation screen and look around you will see a list of
mages together. 3 females and 3 males. Pick one or the other. I always
pick female mage side of things because I like female magick users better
since some of the rooted books in ad&d (old editions) states that at times
women have a higher affinity for magick. The MAGES are the ONLY exception
I normally have for the transmigration rule (getting a class and
transmigrating them up one variation at a time.). Instead with the mages I
do it differently. Check the transmigration section for detailed
information but a quick runthrough on how I do it here is I will get the
first 3 mages until they collectively unlock the mage above that. Then I
I will create that mage and do some fancy stuff, whatever we'll get into
all of that later. For now just rest assured we need 3 mages.
Create one of each type of female mage (that's what I do adn will refer
to throughout the walkthrough but feel free to use a male version if you
choose). Now create fire, ice, and wind. Adjust there stats but try to
avoid the sp, hp, def, int, and res. We are done making characters for the
time being.

Now I do my part of being a perfections I go into the menu and
choose re-arrange and arrange my characters based on a specific system I
arranged some time ago to help me stay organized. Currently I would
have them in the following order (doing it manually).
Laharl -> Etna -> Female Warrior -> Male Warrior -> Female Monk -> Male Monk
-> Female Cleric -> Male Clerif -> Mages (3 in any order) -> Prinny. To
learn more details about my re-arranging system please check the relevant
section in the walkthrough for all of the specific details and how I
generally lay them out on a regular basis. I will also mention throughout
the walkthrough when and were I re-arrange them and give specifics
as I play through the walkthroug but the individual section will give you
an idea of how I normally arrange it if you were wanting to know. There
are spoilers there so be careful if you go looking for it.

Now head over and use the item/weapon/armor shops and get familiar with some
of the stuff they are selling. We need to go over quite a bit of things
here because this is where I am going to start explaining how we need
to outfit our characters.

Buying Stuff

There is a LOT to buying stuff. I could go ahead and tell you WHAT to buy
and WHEN to buy but that just won't work. Impossible because of the wide
range of things to buy. However I can help by saying that I am going to
tell you how that you can arrange your equipment for all characters.
Now I am going to do things a little more differently, because there are
A LOT of things about the way the system handles buying/selling. There are
also VERY specific things you can do per character when buying. One thing
you can do now is try to go ahead and check the character sections to see
the deeper strategies with each class about the best way I have found to
equip each. I am also going to run you through basic equipment ideas
during the walkthrough at points throughout the walkthrough to give you
a little more advice as we move through. Now before we continue head over
to the equipment, item, and weapon sections or however I have them laid our
and get familiar with everything. THen head over and seek the equipment
overview for all the characters (main, humanoid, and otherwise) and then
let's start here and see what we can do to get you setup to get ready
to start off battling here shortly.

Specific Advice

AS I mentioned earlier this is the "specific advice" section which is super
advice (deeper) for people who just need that extra little bit of assistance
this was based off the request. Now, here is what I advise. You may not
(In fact I know you won't) have enough money to get everything you need
right now. But don't worry about it there are 2 things I suggest you doing
before moving on if you are going to try for perfection on my terms (unless
you are just skimming the walkthrough for general data. This is for people
who are looking for exact step by step details on making it through this
game. I have plans for a fast walkthrough later for those who just want the
cut-dry version of the walkthrough. You can review the weapon/armor section
for full advice on equiping stuff. My basic ideas for this moment is to
go through your characters (paper and pen works best) and find out who all
is going to have what weapons for the time being (it's best to pick a weapon
for a character and keep them with that throughout the game and rarely if at
all change what they are using because doing that will make that very hard
to keep up with. The higher you get your weapon master with a specific
"Character" the better off you will be later on down the road (because
they will individually max out there weapon abilities later in the game and
they won't if you change there weapon specification around a lot).
KEEP IN MIND..if you want to stay addicted to the game don't make characters
more than one time (there are exceptions but there covered under the
transmigration section of the guide). The thing is get one of each and then
when you get a new variation of one just Transmigrate the one you already
have into a new one instead of buying a new one entirely. It will be so much
better later on and your characters overall will be a lot more powerful than
they would have. This also gives you a chance to alter there Quality as well
which can always be pretty helpful.

Moving On

When your done creating your characters..outfitting them...looking around
then it's time to get ready to move on into the next battle. Go talk to the
girl near the portal and get ready to move on...Before that read specific
advice right above the castle section.

Specific Advice

Small bit of leveling advice. Generally at this point you can easily and
safely go back to the training maps and get ALL of the characters that you
have on your team up to level 5. However this can cascade as you'll get an
influx of new characters available but it's best not to create them but
instead Transmigrate current ones into the newer ones.

NOTE::: One of the classes require you to get a bow skill leveled up. What
I generally do is right at the beginning of the game (this is a good point)
I will get Laharl and equip him with a bow and go into about 3-4 battles
into the training area (VERY FAST) and by then I have access to the archer.
A good time to get him before continueing on would be now. Either that or
equipe him with the bow and do the first few battles here inside of the
castle but..that can make things a little more challenging.

Vyers castle -> Magnificent Gate
+Ghost X6+
+Hobbit X2+
+Red Skull X1+

This battle should not give you little if any problems. The first thing is
to break through there initial defenses. The basic way to get past this
battle is to perform a trick...hint pay attention to the geo symbols.
Also another hint watch out for the red skull.. Aside from that if you want
specifics check the "Specific Advice" section below...

Specific Advice

This battle is relatively easy. There is also a secret to finishing it
fast. First off let me explain the long way to do it...

Move your way slowly to the gate. Position yourself so you can draw the
ghosts out a few at a time and take them out with group attacks. They
should go down quickly and easily. From this point move some up to draw
the attention of the ghosts on the left and right and dispose of them. When
you move towards the top of the map it's best to get within range but stay
just outside of there immediate range and strategically group your
characters up so you can rush them and try to take out the skull as fast
as possible. Now keep in mind that with the Enemy Boost on there you want
to gain the advantage by "TRYING" to draw the enemies outside of the area
for the board. If you pull them outside of the GeoAffect area then it's
pretty simply to take them down like that.

The fast way through this level has to do with the Geopanels. This is also
the recommended safe method because you avoid fighting the enemy on the Enemy
Boost geo panels. Now here is exactly what you need to do in order to get
this to work. I detailed it out as carefully as I could...Move Etna beside
the blue GeoPanel. Have her throw the Blue GeoPanel away from her so it
lands on the open slot of red...right beside the Yellow GeoPanel. Now move
out all the characters of yours that are lower level and weaker. After they
are all out except one..simply move Laharl right beside the blue panel and
hit it with a skill or your strongest attack. This will get your bonus gauge
up to around 3..as well as kill ALL but about 4 enemies (which 2 of will have
lower hitpoints). After that just mop up.

An alternative strategy is also available. You can move up laharl and JUST
destroy the yellow which will do SOME damage and remove the enemy boost
affect..then you can throw the other one on top of it and use that to get
access to the "Exp Boost" which will help you level faster if you wanted
to do it that way..

Either way you should have good strategies to get through it and the battle
should give you no problems at this point.

After Battle

This is a good time to take a breather. Level some more if you want. Buy
stuff if you want. Wonder around the castle talking to people if you want
Pretty straightforward. When your ready it's time to jump into the next
battle (that fast).

Vyers castle -> Blessed Court
+Ghost X4+
+Hobbit X4+
+Male Monk X1+
+Male Warrior X1+

First thing you'll get here is a talking scene. Work your way through it and
after awhile the "Battle" will start. This battle is tougher than most of
the battles you have fought thus far (depending on the extent to which you
have leveled your characters up to this point. First for the general players
who just want a quick strategy run through let me say to make sure you are
the team that get's access the Geopanels (either get access to them or
destroy them). They are def+50% and attack +1 and those can be very helpful
in this battle. So either occupy them and bait the enemy slowly..or just
destroy them and forge ahead...

Specific Advice
Ok there are always multiple ways to go about a situation. Here there are 2
prime ways to get through this board. Either one will work. First off you
can move your characters up slowly and gang up on (and kill) the ghosts.
After they are removed then you can move your way onto those 2 squares. Make
sure it's your 2 strongest characters. Have your ranged/magick characters
somewhere behind them for backup..and a healer not far off for healing. You
can technically bait/win the battle entirely from this secure position. Not
to mention the boost in defence will make you harder to kill and the attack
bonus will make the battle end faster. The OTHER method for clearing this
board is to destroy one of the 2 geopanels. The good thing about this
approach is the fact that you get more bonus for it. Now...the thing is..if
you do that expect more problems from the enemy than previously. The ONLY
real reason to destroy them is if you see something on the bonus guage that
you want..and you need the poinst for it. But you don't get a lot so it's
not really that much worth destroying it UNLESS something happens and they
occupy it before you. In that case then knock them out with a skill that
knocks them back or just destroy the geopanels which will in turn take
damage from the enemies on the GeoPanels as well.

The ONLY real problem you should have is getting through the first 4 ghosts.
Just gang up on them and take them out fast with stronger characters and they
shouldn't be too much of an issue. Another thing about the double attack is
that if you line your characters up to do one of there "Group Attacks" then
chances are THAT will also be initiated 2 times (once for every attack)..
which isn't a bad affect and helps to kill off the warrior and monk who tend
to sometimes have a problem..."Dying". either way..

Moving On
After the batle it goes back to the menu. Again a time to level..play around
or shop or whatever else you want to do (heal). When your ready and after
you save it's time to head into the next battle.

Vyers castle -> Corridor of Love
+Ghost X4+
+Hobbit X4+
+Male Monk X1+
+Male Warrior X1+

There won't be talking at the beginning of this one and it's straight into
the battle.

To Be Continued...

=- -=
= - In-Depth Sections - =-(7.0)
=- -=

!Endings Strategy (All endings, one playthruogh)!-(7.1)

This is for the PS2 version only potentially. I have to verify what all
endings are in the new version and if the following method will still work
properly with that version.

I found a unique way to retrieve all the endings in virtually one
playthrough. Technically this is very simple, as you just reload when you
get an ending and continue where you left off. Again this walkthrough isn't
here to tell you how to beat the game, that's available in other
walkthroughs. It's also not meant to be an area of ALL out information on
the endings. Another walkthrough out there even have the ending scripts,

the ending faq itself has detailed information that it's author created,
that was very helpful. Follow the instructions below to get all the endings
in one playthrough. It's pretty straight forward, and I list them here in
numbered order, so you can easily just follow the instructions on how to get

NOTES - I am not 100% whether or not the dark assembly ending allows you
to view the ending right after that part or if it shows at the end of the
game if anyone has verified this please email me in about it so I can update
the walkthrough accordingly.

1. Start your game up and play as normal UNTIL you get through the tutorial.
This is where you are going to need to slow down.

2. Make your way through vyers castle until you get to "Corridor of Love".
Play up until right AFTER you beat that specific level.

3. Save your game BEFORE starting "Hall of Caresses".

4. Go into that battle and lose. Get all 10 of the characters defeated.
Watch the ending, after the credits roll it will ask you to save, DON'T.

5. Go back to the title screen by saying "no" and load the game you saved
before starting that boss fight.

6. Go through that level again and beat it, and continue playing right where
you left off.

7. Continue playing up until the area "Lavish Hall" appears, DON'T GO THERE

8. Go ahead and save your game on 2 slots (example your save starts on slot
1, save a backup copy on slot 2)

9. Go into the tutorial, and start killing of fyour allys with your main
character (or whoever as long as one character kills another).

10. Kill 50 of your own characters, whatever happens make sure you kill of 50
allys. You need to accumulate a total of "50" ally kills.

11. When you are ready proceed into the battle "Lavish Hall". After the
battle you WILL get a prompt, if you don't you didn't have 50 ally kills.
No comment as to what the prompt is but if you make it to the end of the
scene after the battle without the prompt, reset and make 100% you had
50 ally kills.

NOTE - I am not going to mention the prompt, so you have to experiment. If
you try one adn you don't get a credits rolling ending, then it was
the wrong choice and you need to reload, do the battle, get the
prompt, and pick the other choice.

12. When you get the ending, reload your fresh game (the one with no ally
kills), and continue playing right where you left off.


13. keep playing all the way until you get up to the "Ice Queen" stage in
the "Jutenheim" area.

14. Same thing, double save. This time you need 100 ally kills.

15. Get them, go through the battle, at the end if you get a prompt you did
it, if you didn't then you did it wrong.

NOTE - I am not going to mention the prompt, so you have to experiment. If
you try one adn you don't get a credits rolling ending, then it was
the wrong choice and you need to reload, do the battle, get the
prompt, and pick the other cho

16. After you get the ending, reload your original saved game (The one with
no ally kills).


17. Continue playing the game normally until you get to the LAST episode (it
will say so you will know)

18. Continue playing into this episode until you get to a board called
"Hall Of Justice".

19. Finish that board, then save the game (We have a considerable amount of
work to do here.

20. You have 3 endings you can get, the first thing you need to do is get a
characters promotion level inside the assembly up pretty high.

21. You will notice some new areas unlocking. Get them all. You will see
one unlock called "The Human World".

22. Save your game, play through the human world until you get to the stage
called "EDF Headquarters".

23. Save your game again, beat the level, see the ending, at the end say
no, reload your game.

24. Now that ending is taken care of, 3 left. (3 standard ones left atleast,
not sure if there are one's I don't know about).

25. Now it's up to you to unlock all the extra areas, play through whatever
you want, level all you want and do whatever else you want.

26. When you are done, it's time to get some more endings. First let's get
this ending. Double save the game (same as when we did the ally kills).

27. Go into the dark assembly, start fights with them and beat the hell out
of them 100 times (Keep track of it).

28. Beat the game, see that ending, and reload (If the ending has nothing to
do with the dark assembly, then you didn't count enough)MAKE SURE YOU
HAVE 100 or the other ending will be spoiled.

29. After you reload you need to go ahead and DOUBLE SAVE IT, go into the
tutorial kill ONE ally. Beat the game see that ending, and reload.

30. After you reload DOUBLE SAVE go into the tutorial, kill 100 allies,
beat the game again, see the ending and reload.

31. After you have reloaded DOUBLE SAVE go into any legendary rated item.
Work your way through the item until you get to floor level 100 and beat
the boss that you find there. After you beat the boss then that ending
will trigger. (giving you the legendary boss item ending).

32. After the ending is over reload your game.

33. After you have reloaded you should have NO ally kills. Beat the game,
you have the special (good) ending and have gotten them in an order to
see all endings, and now are able to see the best one LAST, so you end
the game on a good note. That's it you beat the game, you got ALL the
endings in one playthrough.

This is suppose to be a very comprehensive list. It's suppose to work out
so that if you follow each numbered point correctly in the correct order
that you will get to see every ending in the least amount of hastle
(virtually one playthrough). If I have missed an ending, put something wrong
or if you have any "side advice" to offer feel free to email whatever it is
in as a contribution.

!Transmigration Strategy!-(7.2)

This section is going to be rewritten in the near future so most or all
of this information may potential be obsolete or not reflecting my
current opinions.

This is something I am very happy I came up with. I am not sure how many
people out there have gotten this figured out. I am sure some people have
done this. I haven't seen anything individually about it in the walkthrough.
I have created multiple strategies using transmigration, that can get the
most strength out of your characters.

Main Characters
You can transmigrate them over and over again. This is alright because
everytime you do, they end up stronger. However I don't recommend doing
this except for one reason. I have listed here, how i transmigrate each of
the main characters. Then below that I have a specific strategy that I
created for all other character classes, that has helped me become all
powerful throughout the game.

Laharl - Level 20, 50, 100, 150 (that's it)

Note 1 - On 20 and 50 I transmigrate him into skilled both times.

Note 2 - On 100 and 150 I transmigrate him into Genius both times.

Note 3 - At that point I stop and do nothing but level him, by level 2000 he
is a god.

All Other Main Characters

Generally I keep the all untransmigrated until i can get each one up to
genuis. I basically transmigrate each other main character 1 time only, and
I always do it up to Genius.

Note - Don't do anything below genius, you'll be weaker in the longrun as
opposed to genius.

All Non-main characters.

This is a special trick I created, that works perfectly, (part of these
ideas came from my wife when she played through - what can I say we both
play games 40+ hours a week, easy).

Note - This WILL NOT work for thee mages, I have another strategy for them.

For any character other than the mages, there is a really effective
strategy. Start off getting the first variation of the class when they come
out. Eventually when you get them to a high enough level to get the second
variation then transmigrate them to that variation, at atleast skilled.
DO NOT delete the old character and get a new one. Also don't get 1 of each
class (believe me later inthe game when you have 100 characters, you will
quit playing way before you finish, it's best to keep 1 of each (the
highest variation available), and ALWAYS get those through transmigration.
This net's you many benefits. There stats always start much higher at
level one than the original base states if created new. Also you carry
of a good portion of the weapon skills, techs, skills instead of having to
start everything at level one everytime you get a new variation.

For mages

My wife helped me create this idea. You initially start the game off with
4 (four) mages. They are Ice, Wind, Fire. Shortly you get star, which is
so soon, it's basically at the beginning of the game. Might as well
start with it.

The first thing level one up to get the star mage (very low level). When
you have all 4, use them as normal, but when you get the mage up to level 40
you get a "blank - spoiler removed" mage. Then when a mage get's to level
50 you get a "blank - spoiler removed" mage.

Start Spoilers
SPOILER WARNING - below is a strategy of what we came up with, but it reveals
some spoilers.




Let me run you through a basic explanation of everything then we can
drill down into the specifics. Only the first 4 mages get terra magic.

fire mage => Terra Fire
Ice Mage => Terra Ice
Wind Mage => Terra Wind
Star Mage => Terra Star

The prism mage and galaxy mage never make it to Terra, but in exchange they
are hands down the best mages in the game. However the Galaxy mage is even
better than the Prism mage. I developed an idea to get the Galaxy mage with
All the Terra magic. The strategy we used is to get a galaxy mage as soon
as possible. At this point we throw the first 5 mages away.
Get the galaxy all the way to here omega spells (one before Terra). Go
ahead and use her to create students. Create a student fire, ice, wind,
star mage. Quickly get the students where each one get's there terra
abilities. Then have the galaxy mage learn the terra magics from the

Note 1 - You can do this by having the student mage come out and get beside the
teacher (on one of the 4 squares that would be next to the teacher),
then if you look at the teachers skills you see she has access to
the magics of her student next to her (At level 0). If you use that
and get it to level 1, then they master that skill forever.

Note 2 - In theory you could also teach any skill to any character (except
character (main) specific skills).


End Spoilers

The last 3 hidden classes can work in the same manner as above. Only
transmigrate them as you did with the other classes it works the same for
those 3 hidden classes as well.

!Dark Assembly!-(7.3)


This section is going to be rewritten in the near future so most or all
of this information may potential be obsolete or not reflecting my
current opinions.


Here are a list of strategies (developed by me and my wife) to allow you
to have an easier time of getting the dark assembly members to "agree" with
your side of things.

Dealing With Council Members - Part 1

Beat the hell out of them...
Wait until your characters are high levels (I pump my main character up
nearly 1-2000 levels higher than any other characters because I love
power). When you have a high level character, it's quite easy to beat all
the dark assembly that go against you.

Note 1 - This can cause a problem, because if you beat one, then they come
back later, they hate you more than they originally did.

Note 2 - This is one of the endings (Beating the dark assembly over 1000
times by force), so this is a solution best left for when you
aren't strictly worried about endings, or are atleast aware of
the implications of completion 100 full battles with them (that
activates the "Dark Assembly Ending" after you beat the game.

Dealing With Council Members - Part 2

Character Piling...
I saw a little thing about this somewhere. Have no idea who original put it.
I tried it, didn't work for me, my wife tried it and formulate a big
strategy with it, that has helped us through the dark assembly many times.
Basically what I tried to do was get the character towards the front that
was the highest level on my side, and see if the nays could all fit into
him. Normally couldn't so I gave up. When she tried Inoticed that she
piled a lower level into one that was high level. This pumped his max up.
Giving you more levels to work with, giving him a few lower levels ones can
get him high enough to effectively "eat" the higher level ones without being
taken over. Problem solved

Note - The character who is going to be thrown has to be lower level than
the one who is going to "eat" him or the effect is reversed and the
Opposing enemy takes over the "for enemy" and your screwed.

Dealing With Council Members Part 3

Item Giving...
Giving them items affectively grants benefits above the both. It saves you
from that ending, as well as if you get them up, they are up forever. That
never changes. So sometimes even going in, giving them a bunch of stuff,
even if you lose, then those specific people will always be up there from
now on (unless you kick there ass at some point.)

Those strategies will just allow you to have an easier time getting through
the situations more easily.


This is going to be a little more detailed so I am going to save it for it's
own section so it's easier to find. Please check there for this data.

Character Creation/Character Quality

This is going to be a little more detailed so I am going to save it for it's
own section so it's easier to find. Please check there for this data.

Promotion Exam

It's going to have it's own section. I want to detail out each section
carefully as well as offer strategies for all classes/main characters on
the best way to get them all through the dark assembly promotion exams.
In order to get perfection I try to get ALL of my characters at there max
promotion level on there final variation (so I don't have to do it ALL at
once) and during general gameplay I just get them up AS NEEDED until I
unlock them and transmigrate them all the way up to there final variation.

Monsters can also go to promotion exams and I doubt if I ever try to get
all monsters through all promotion exams because I only use certain ones but
in the relevant section I will try to provide some data to help you incase
you need to get a specific one through the dark assembly promotional
battles for some reason.


Mana isn't too hard to get, I will reveal some strategies and secrets to
getting mana what it does, and the best ways to get it with what characters
throughout this section right here.

Dark Assembly List

This is going to give you a pretty detailed list of ALL of the various
things you can go to the dark assembly about and extreme details about
each one of them.
Mana is used with almost all of them and mana is gained from going into
battle (see the mana sub-section (under dark assembly section).
Name: Senator List
AP: 0
How To Unlock: Automatically There
Description: This is going to show a full list of all the senator's who have
ever participated in one of the assemblies. This can be useful in learning
something about it and allow you to form strategies when you want to target
a specific assembly member to get him/her up there over time.
This one does not get taken to assembly to use and simply returns a list of
all of the senators you have ever encountered within the dark assembly thus
Name:Create New Characters
AP: Varies based on quality
How To Unlock: Automatically There
Description: Look in the character creation section to get ALL the details
involving this. It's such a LARGE sub-system that it's hard to explain
Name: Delete A Character
AP: 0
How To Unlock: Automatically There
Description: This does just what it says. It deletes whatever character you
choose now and forever. You are not allowed to delete main characters but
you can delete any monster (except main) or humaniod (except main)
characters. Also note you have to go to a character in the dark assembly
and select delete, THEN select the character you want to delete. Then it
will pop up a message warning you that you are about to delete a character
and after you hit yes to confirm the character is gone forever, if you do
this accidentally (unlikely) then just load your last saved game (be smart
and always save before entering the dark assembly.
Name: Change Name
AP: 0
How To Unlock: Automatically There
Description: All characters can change there names but MAIN characters.
It's very simple. Select change name, enter a new name, and confirm it.
Name: Promotion Exam
AP: 0
How To Unlock: Automatically There
Description: This allows you to enter a promotion battle and hte battle
varies based on what rank you are trying to achieve. See the relevant
section for all the details about this. Also note getting your rank up
is a requirement for some of the things in the dark assembly to appear.
Name: Raise Military Funds
AP: 10
How To Unlock: Automatically There
Description: This one is strange. It is meant to try and get money from
the dark assembly court. The amount of money they give you is based on the
amount of votes you get. Keep in mind this drops how much they like you by
a very large amount so I do not recommend doing this as it's easier to get
money with fighting and you also don't have to worry about losing
relationship with the dark assembly to get it (which is VERY important,
especially later in the game).

!Geo Panels!-(7.4)

This section is going to be rewritten in the near future so most or all
of this information may potential be obsolete or not reflecting my
current opinions.

I really don't feel like writing a full geopanel FAQ, there really is no
need. However there is one thing I thought you might want to know. If you
have a geosymbol that is invincible, you have probably wondered how to get
rid of it. Or if you have ever had a Geo Panel that was causing you
craploads of problems. There is a very quick, and very easy way to
instantly remove any geopanel from the screen entirely. All you have to do
is throw an enemy on top of it, and theyactivate it.

Note - Doing this activates the geosymbol, if it's on a panel of a different
color (that doesn't already have "No Color Change" on it, then it's
going to activate the panel affect. (Make them explode)

!Item World!-(7.5)

This section is going to be rewritten in the near future so most or all
of this information may potential be obsolete or not reflecting my
current opinions.

I came up with a strategy not to long ago so I decided to put this
into the walkthrough while I was thinking about it. There are multiple
possible reasons for sometimes needing to go through the item world.
It's rich in experience, items, bonus gauge, item levels,
and specialists. Everyone is going to end up going for different reasons.
I don't find it much of a good leveling spot personally. Not to say I
believe that through the whole game. I levelde there a lot, but when you
get much later in the game you find some of the areas in the main story
are just not something that you can replace in the item world. Late in
the game I find myself only going through the item world for just the item
levels and/or items.

Sometimes I am not even in the mood for items
and just want specialists, and item levels. I found a very, very quick
way to get into an item, extract it of all specialists, and get out within
a full time period of less than 10 minutes per run. This strategy can in
theory be done at any point in the game with any characters, but not as
affectively as following the instructions here. Play through the game until
you get to the "Warrior Maiden" battle in the "Alternate Netherworld"
When you get there, and get that character, that is when I started
putting my tactic into practice the most. Actually it happened when I was
trying to beat the secret character at the "Beauty Of Evil" level inside
"Beauty Castle". That was a hard boss. I have another area coming on a
strategy I created for defeating her, and why. However for here let's
concentrate on this. I ended up doing this out of necessity. I was high
enough level with my main character and the other secret character, I just
wasn't ready to take this other character. So I developed something to help
me quickly get item levels and/or specialists. I go into the item world.
I either go into an item that has a specialist(s) I want to get, or one I
want to level up. It is very simple. if the floor doesn't have a specialist
then you can make it through any floor in just ONE ROUND. No matter what
setup, no matter what enemies you can make it through in one round. For one
you don't have to worry about enemies unless you are really high in an item
level, or in a really hard item to begin with. With the 2 characters (main
character, and that secret character you already have), you won't have a
problem with the enemies themselves. The idea is (if there are no
specialists) Is to get tunnel vision on the exit point. The idea is to
utilize a few very common, and very familiar strategies to reach that
point at all costs.

To aide this, I ended up getting my main characters
and my hidden charactes move up a level using the Dark Assembly. This made
it 2X's easier than it would have been otherwise. A lot of times you can
utilize common strategies to get to the next floor. For example if it's just
sitting there which it is sometimes walk into. If it's near but someone
is on it, have a character kill the one on it (or use a character with an
ability that knocks enemies off slots), then move another character on that
slot to move to the next floor. The strategy part I ended up using, that
allows me to exit no matter where. I take out about 2-3-4-5 characters
depending on the distance the exit it, then I pull out the hidden character.
I form a stackable line (with the hidden character on top), and throw
towards the exit. I always end up near the exit. if you land the hidden
character right beside the panel, and if there is an enemy on it, then the
hidden character can kill the enemy, and still move onto the slot both in
the same turn. After I practiced with this awhile, I never had a board take
me more than 1 turn to exit the board. If there was a specialist, I did the
same throwing tactic over to the specialist with one character, then repeated
it (most of the time in the same turn) to get to the exit and leave as well.
Generally this allowed me to still do both in the same turn. If you are only
after specialists and you have a lot of gency's Exits, then you can just
leave the board manually. Occassionaly you want to make it up to the 10th
increment to get some restock of gencies occassionally, so you don't run out.
This is the tactic I use to get my character 800-900 "Gladiator"
specialists and really got there power through the roof.


Coming Soon!!

!Character Creation/Character Quality!-(7.7)

Coming Soon!!

=- -=
= - Tips/Lists/Secrets - =-(8.0)
=- -=

Below are my own personal strategies, secrets, or ideas. Everytime someone
beats a game, generall they have things do other people haven't or think of
things other people haven't. Same thing here, I had some ideas after beating
it a few time's so I went ahead wrote this up.

!Etna's Memories - SPOILERS!-(8.1)

This is going to list off all the text from each of her memories (incase you
played the game and forgot to unlock it or something else). You can just
come here and look without having to start over.

My Memory
This is my secret chamber... Only I know how to get in here... This is
where my most precious memories were locked away... That I remember, but I
can't remember what they were... When I try to remember, my heart aches...
The pain is proof of how dear those memories are to me... I have to get
them back...

!"Beauty of Evil" - "Beauty Castle"!-(8.2)

This whole section of the walkthrough will be obsolete when I get to that
point in the core walkthrough. I am going to keep the default strategy
that was provided by al din and then build onto it in a very DETAILED
fashion while still giving credit to the core idea to him and his
walkthrough (I am also going to try and develop an alternate strategy to see
about beating this fight without using this easier way to do it for those
who like playing the more direct route).

There is a great walkthrough by "Salah Al Din" on gamefaqs. He is a really
good walkthrough. He has overall information about the entire game, as well
as hardcore strategies for each and every level. In fact I was stuck trying
to get the hidden character in the "Alternate Netherworld" for like 2 weeks
until I finally read his walkthrough and beat it within 1 day. I read
through his whole walkthrough before. I came to the time period
in Beauty castle where you are suppose to get a second hidden character.
I read his strategy, and didn't like the way it sounded. I wanted a way
to fight that boss straight forward, without a whole hell of a lot of
leveling. The first hidden character you get started at level 2000.
When I fought this hidden character in beauty castle, my other character
was level 2005, and my main character was 1890 which is just a high enough
level to give me some support for what I was going to try to do.
I am going to outline a strategy down below on how to beat that character in
a legitate way without a whole lot of preperation. I used this other guys
walkthrough to beat some of the other bosses, but when I read his description
on that boss I didn't like it as much. I wanted a natural way to beat this
both with nothing but my own characters from natural leveling (barely
any actual), and just a good strategy to let me take her down.
I tried this 4-5 times before it worked. Each itme I tried I would take
an item off either my hidden character or main character and pump them up
10-20 levels in the item world, and throw some specialists on them from other
items. Don't give up this was possible at a certain point.

Spoilers - Warning, please do not go into this area unless you have atleast
tried the boss-fight I am talking about atleast a few times and seen her
magic, or atleast it's name. Her name, as well as my first hidden character
as well as the names of moves will be listed below. The idea is if you
are really at that point in the game then you would have seen everything I am
about to mention so only use this part after you have tried to beat the
hidden character atleast once.


1. You need to have a good attack with your hidden character
I had her up to 68000. You can have here there or higher it doesn't
matter. The higher she is the faster it will go by. The main character
doesn't really matter, he just needs to be well over level 1500 so he
can last atleast a few turns. He is needed to do the first few parts of
the battle.

2. If they are not prepared then follow my other advice about the item world.
That is how I originally did this, I built her up, tried this, it didn't
work but I saw the potential so I built her items up slightly more until
it worked.

3. Because of the nature of the character you need one psycho character and
one support character. I used Prier as the psycho character and my main
character as the support character.

4. Make sure they are ready for this

Main Character - doesn't matter just somewhere over level 1800.

Prier, I had the following stats when I was successful.
Level 2011 (11 levels above what she came at)
Lucifer Force - level 10 - 1200+ gladiator
Infernat Armor
Arcadia - level 20
Dark Rosary
Her Stats
atk - 69240
Def - 40,151
Hit - 35,903
Spd - 34,689
Res - 34,729
Out of all of those RES, DEF, and ATK are the most important for this
upcoming purpose.

5. Items to heal lots of SP. You may or may not need this because I didn't.
However it's better to have it than get near victory and have NO
sp to heal.

Ok, let's now focus on beating the boss. Priere has omega heal which is why I
was able to do this. Ok first off you notice there are 3 characters.
her, and 2 clerics. The first step is to remove the clerics. With them
there they heal her as well as use shield and other stuff to make this a hard
battle. The reason for needing to have prier so strong, and the main
character as support is you virtually almost have to remove 1 cleric
the first round and the other the second round. It took me (On my
victorious attempt) about 3-5 turns before both clerics where dead. If you
have to use characters as sacrifices to distract them from healing when they
are almost dead, go for it. If it takes more than 3-4-5 rounds to kill them
reload, build up JUST priere's attack (preferred) or the main characters.
Then you will do more damage and have a better chance of kill them faster.
I tried manny things to get the priests down towards the panel. Because
pulling out one character just lured her down there instead. In the end, I
focused on one cleric at a time. I had 2 character sacrifices come out
and positined my main character and prier beside each one. I thre them
both (one on each side) of a cleric, and attacked the cleric. 2 rounds both
were weak. I used laharls ultimate attack, and finished off the last one
with Priere. This is the first step to victory. By now or shortly your main
character will be dead. Either way start hitting marjoly with EVERYTHING you
have, your strongest attacks with Priere and Laharl (If he's alive).
The bottom line is the more damage you do, the better chance you have.)
On her turn she will either cast magic or attack. In the end it'll
probably bejust Priere and her. If she attacks (If you got Priere's extra
counter will help) then they will hit each other back and forth and this
will help you a lot. If you get to or below 130,000 hitpoints then heal
immediately. If she magic battles you (using it every turn) then keep
healing and moving around. When she finally tries to hit you the counters
will take off massive damage. If you have over 35,336 SP roughly then if
she goes haywire using magic then she will run out way before you. This is
the duel with the 2 priests gone just keep at it, and you will win. It
takes some time and patience to get her down. A good way to tell if you are
ready to beat her or not is see how much her ranges are. For example if she
does a regular attack in my game she get's around 12,000 (min) - 30,000 (max)
damage on me. With counters, I end up taking less damage than her magic
and can generally attack back on the next turn. Her magic should do around
50,000 (min) - 88,000 (Max and bad). It's bad when it goes critical.
Always heal after she uses magic unless you are heavily healed already.

Try to not "attack" her on your turn. If you have an extra turn to attack
then use her "Dragon's Rage" move to do the maximum amount of damage without
taking damage yourself. When you attack try to do so from behind her, or
above her (the throne platform area) as this can greatly increase damage.
If you didn't sacrifice all your other characters on getting the clerics dead
by diverting attention then you can use them. If you are almost dead, and
move a sacrifice barely within range of her, but a considerable distance from
Priere then her attention will be diverted giving you an extra round to
attack, or heal without taking damage for that turn.
Either way if you are properly prepared she will die, if not, then go back
get your attack up, level up a few items, get resistance or defense up if you
want then go for it again. After a few tries you will be successful.

End Spoilers

!Getting Money!-(8.3)

Money is never a problem but there are 4 quick ways to get money if you
ever need it.

1. Go into an item, level it up high, sell it. Works best on legendary items
you don't want.

2. Item world standard leveling will net you a lot on higher levels.

3. On board "Cave of Ordeal 3" in secret area "Cave of Ordeal" use laharl
at a higher level to clear out enemies using "Winged Slayer". If he is
a high enough level to kill them in one round do it really quickly.
Go there, kill them, go back in immediately, kill them (Save after
every 8-9 times of entering in case. You will rack up money quickly like

4. Special rewards. Not sure, sometimes when you defeat a hidden boss or
other major boss you get LOADS of money all at once, this happens with
both the hidden character bosses.

!Staying Addicted!-(8.4)

I got bored and almost quit a few time's. However watching my wife play
as well as gauging my own playing I continued playing through the end. Up
to 110 hours into the game total and 2 consecutive playthroughs. One
way to stay addicted is transmigrate up variations instead of just creating
new ones while getting rid of old characters, or worse trying to keep one of
each character. Believe me I tried, as well as keeping them manually
organized in the menu it was too much. Trying to level almost 70 characters.
I threw them all away and now transmigrate up variations instead (all of
that is explained under transmigraton). Another thing is if you do that, you
only have like 8-9 characters, and will even not mind leveling monsters,
because you will notice everything is easier to keep up with. Not to
mention all of your characters overall (each) will be MUCH more powerful
individually than having 7 different ones of each class.

!Minor Game Stats!-(8.5)

Here are just some lists of various basic information in the game incase you
were wondering.
Tested = I have tested and confirmed it
Untested = I never tested it. Eventual will test, or seeking verification
Verified = I have had someone email me with confirmation on it as well
DA = Dark Assembly
| Name | # | Status(s) |
|Product/Customer Rank Max | 12 |(Tested) |
|DA Max Promotion | 11 |(Tested) |
|Character Variation Max | 6 |(Tested) |
|Item world Level Max | 100 |(Tested)(Verified) |
|Character Level Max | 9999 |(Tested)(Verified) |
|Money Max | 99999999+ |(Untested) |
|Max Skill/Magic Level | 255 |(Untested)(Weak Verification) |

!Feature List (Original)!-(8.6)

This is the original list of features presented on the back of the game.
I have also included "personal" ones which I think are one's that "should"
have been on the box but was not (also I will list any I may have found on
other site's just for the sake of completion).

Original (back of game)
* Over 40 hours of gameplay with multiple endings
* Customize your army with over 150 character classes and monsters
* Unleash over 100 mind-blowing spells and special skills to lay waste to
your enemies!
* New formation attack system allows up to 4 of your characters to do
quadruple the damage on one enemy!
* Dynamic battle system: switch your characters in and out of battle to
match the strengths of your toughest opponents!
* Never before seen gameplay elements add a new dimension of strategy!
* Featuring the song "The Invasion From Within" by Tsunami Bomb

PSP Edition (back of game)
* Multi-Player Mode - Gratify your ego and humiliate your friends on the
multi-player mode!
* New Story Mode - Discover what would happen if Etna Killed Laharl
* Geo Cube - Outwit your friends with geocube
* Fog Of War Option - Less Visibility More Strategy!

Official Walkthrough Features
I don't personally have the "official" walkthrough I rarely get the official
walkthrough on games I am writing walkthroughs for. However I noticed on
the back of the manual for the game they advertise the official walkthrough
with it's features so I have listed them out here. I am not beign "Greedy"
but because of my completionist nature I hope to at some point be more
thourough with this game than even the official walkthrough.

* Expert strategies on every battle in the game
* Everything hidden revealed - Secret levels, alternate endings, rate items,
and much much more.
* Techniques for making the most of the geo panel system.
* How to use the lifting of allies and enemies to your advantage.
* Complete stats for all cahracter classes and jobs, enemies, weapons, armor
and every item.
* Exclusive artwork by the game's creators.
* All information verified and approved by atlus.
* Interview with the people at Atlus responsible for the game.
* Written by hardcore Strategy/RPG gamers.

!New Game +!-(8.8)

After you beat the game the first time it'll ask you if you want to save.
Save the game then reload it after it get's back to the main menu and you
can then start what is commonly known as "New Game+". Meaning it's the
original game (again) but a lot of your things from your previous game
carry over. This can vary based on the game. For this specific game it
carries over
* Character stats
* Items
* Characters (Except ones that are based on storyline)


I use this section to detail out how I re-arrange my characters within the
game. This is moreof the general formulae I use in all situations to be
to quickly and efficiently organize all of my characters and get the best
access from them in battle because I know where they are and can basically
find them blindfolded with the system I created to organize them. I will
also use this portion of the walkthrough to explain other details about
the games automatic re-arranging system itself.

When you go to re-arrange I generally use Manual (which is what I am going
to explain it by) but below you will find details on what the various types
of automatic re-arranging do.

Manual -> Do it manually (which is what I do and how I do it when I explain
it in the system below.

By Level -> This will organize the characters based on there level. The
highest level characters will be placed first.

By HP -> This will grab the character with the highest hitpoints and arrange
them first and then follow other's up based on there hitpoints.

By ATK -> This get's the character with the highest atk and uses them at the
beginning and moves downwards from there.

By INT -> Same thing as attack and hitpoints but this uses the character
with the highest int first and works it's way down from there.

Humaniod 1st -> Any humanoid characters (main characters, playable (non
monster characters) go first, followed by monsters.

Monsters 1st -> All monsters (non-classes, and non main characters) go first
and afterwards the humanoids follow up after that.

My System
My system requires you to use manually to make it work properly.
My basic order is as follows
Main Characters (in a specific order) -> Playable Classes (in a specific
order) -> Monsters (In a specific order)

The main characters are generally in the order they were recieved in the
game generally. Starting with laharl and hten following it up with
the order in which I recieved them. Sometimes when I get later in the
game if there is a character I use more than the other's I move them
upwards within the "Main Characters" bracket to make sure I keep them in
roughly the right order. The first is ALWAYS laharl, from there it goes
in order of recieval, or order of liking, or a mixture of both.
After that we follow up with playable characters. I always follow the
same path. Female first, male second. Warrior -> monk -> cleric.
Afterwards I line up my mages in no particular order (the first 3) then any
additional mage types go AFTER those original 3 mages. Any new characters
are filtered into my scheme based on usage but grouped female/male together
always. Odd characters are put towards the end of the grouping in a
similiar fashion. I reorganize my characters about every 1-2 hours of
gameplay or after getting a giant influx of characters (or a few characters
that ends up messing up the order. In the end you will notice this makes
finding the characters and using them a lot easier and your overall
character list (as well as when equiping) will be A LOT easier to maintain.

=- -=
= - Main Characters - =-(9.0)
=- -=

Spoilers will be found within this section, read carefully. If you want to
avoid spoilors then skip over the first section of each main character that
is entitled "Background Story" and skip down to whatever sections are below
that. It reveals deep plot stories on each characters and even reveals some
things that you don't normally learn until late in the game. I have done
this so this walkthrough is entirely comprehensive and full of all the data
I could possibly stuff into it.

An example format would be the character name is the section header. Then I
provide there background story (heavy spoilers) then go through there
weapon proficiencies, then there specific skills and magick in as much
detail as possible. Finally I detail some of my strategies in regards to
using these characters and how there roles play out in battle when it comes
to me using them.


Background Story
He is the son of the demon lord, and a human mother. (This kind of reminds
me of the story of Inuyasha). Anyway, in the end his mother sacrificed her
life for him because he had an illness that nothing else seemed to be able
to cure. He has a long history with his father and has a lot of bitterness
and hate because he never had a mother figure that he was able to related
love/compassion with.

Weapon Affinities

Fist = A
Sword = A
Spear = A
Bow = A
Gun = C
Axe = A
staff = B

Character Specific Skills/Magic

Name: Blazing Knuckle
Description: This is a pretty good move. It does a great deal of damage.
The idea is to get your character in a location that allows him to be
surrounded by as many enemies as possible before using it. The skill
attacks in each one of the 4 panels around the character (Left, Right,
Forward, Back). affecting all of those enemies on that square with moderate
to high damage. A nice move for group situations as well. The move affects
your allies so make sure none of your characters are surrounding him when you
use it. He basically puts his sword away, jumps high into the air, catches
his fist on fire and lands on the ground and shoots blazes all over the
places where his enemies were. Then he lands back in the spot he was
originally on.

Character Specific Tactics

Laharl is the most powerful character you will EVER get, period. However
I recommend not firing him up way above the other characters in level. In
my very first game I had him to level 3400+ and then after that my other
characters were only around 1000 (that wasn't such a good idea) because I
got dependent on using him and I was reluctant to bring out my other
characters, once you make him like a god you become dependent on it. Also
keep in mind to try to keep him loaded down with some of the best equipment
in the game, he was the first one who got the best equipment before anyone
else. Aside from that I personally had him with a sword the entire game.
I really never messed with him with another weapon much, I guess I see him
as a sword kind of person. That is his best affinity anyway, I have used
him with a bow for a time (usually just to unlock my archer). His skills
a little later in the game end up being the best skills in the entire game.
He turns out to be one of the best characters later on.


Background Story
She served as a vassal for Laharl's father before he died (choked on a
pretzel) at that time another demon used his power's to seal her memoeries
and then tricked her into betraying Laharl in exchange for her memories
being unsealed. This is why she has that secret area that you can access
all of her memories at. This was very important because each story plot
reveals more about her background and life info.

Weapon Affinities
Fist = B
Sword = B
Spear = A
Bow = B
Gun = C
Axe = A
Staff = B

Character Specific Skills/Magic

Character Specific Tactics

She is good with boxes axes and spears. I generally find myself giving her
a spear ANYtime I play this game. I don't know why but I have never played
with her using an axe, it might be because the need for distance attacks
help a lot later in the game. However it's obviously optional. I also
recommend keeping her on your team quite a lot (or atleast leveling her up
at the same status as Laharl at all times. She is good with ranged if you
have her with a spear (since it can be 2 sections over).

=- -=
= - Playable Characters/Full Bestiary - =-(10.0)
=- -=

There will be many spoilers within this section and sub-sections so please
read with caution. For one's that have both male/female versions (besides
mage) I advise using 1 of the male and 1 of the female and transmigrating
your initial ones up to the new variations as needed (this keeps them
getting stronger and stronger over time without forcing you to create
a new character for each and every new variation that comes out since the
variations are just the SAME character with overall better states. For
male/female of the same kind I grouped them together. For the mages I
grouped together both male and female of each type of mage because the
mages have there own relevance level. So each one before that has
all of there variations under there subsection but the mages have there
own variations but I recommend doing them differently so they are listed
seperately. Please access the walkthrough and transmigration section for
further advice on setting up and working with your mages. Also keep in
mind that the monsters and there variations are in this section to so they
will continue off RIGHT where the characters leave off in roughly the same
format. Not all classes have skills specific to that class but
any who do will have there skills listed under there respective sections as
needed. The "Headers" are the overall names, the subheaders are the
variation names and there are mini-sections within there about the specific
types of details on the character.

!Male/Female Warrior!-(10.1)

Stat Information

There stats are generaly focused on ATK, DEF, and hit. Those are the main
stats for this race and it's best to try to keep these stats as high as
possible. As you work them up in variations you will notice these stats
slowly get higher naturally and those are what I recommend you building
in when you start increasing there quality and get extra points to spend
on there stats.

Weapon Proficiencies

This table will list out the weapon proficiencies for each of the variations
as well as both Male and Female versions since they vary slightly.

M = Male
F = Female
|Class Variance | | |
|Warrior - Fist |E|E|
|Warrior - Sword |A|A|
|Warrior - Spear |C|A|
|Warrior - Bow |D|D|
|Warrior - Gun |E|E|
|Warrior - Axe |A|C|
|Warrior - Staff |E|E|
|Battler - Fist |E|E|
|Battler - Sword |A|A|
|Battler - Spear |C|A|
|Battler - Bow |D|D|
|Battler - Gun |E|E|
|Battler - Axe |A|C|
|Battler - Staff |E|E|
|Centurion - Fist |E|E|
|Centurion - Sword |A|A|
|Centurion - Spear |C|A|
|Centurion - Bow |D|D|
|Centurion - Gun |E|E|
|Centurion - Axe |A|C|
|Centurion - Staff |E|E|
|Champion - Fist |D|D|
|Champion - Sword |A|A|
|Champion - Spear |c|A|
|Champion - Bow |D|D|
|Champion - Gun |E|E|
|Champion - Axe |A|C|
|Champion - Staff |E|E|
|Hero - Fist |D|D|
|Hero - Sword |A|A|
|Hero - Spear |C|A|
|Hero - Bow |D|D|
|Hero - Gun |E|E|
|Hero - Axe |A|C|
|Hero - Staff |E|E|
|Cosmic Hero - Fist |D|D|
|Cosmic Hero - Sword |S|S|
|Cosmic Hero - Spear |C|S|
|Cosmic Hero - Bow |D|D|
|Cosmic Hero - Gun |E|E|
|Cosmic Hero - Axe |S|C|
|Cosmic Hero - Staff |E|E|

!Male/Female Monk!-(10.2)

Stat Information

The stats for a monk can vary. I recommend working mostly on ATK, DEF, and
SPD. These are very important since it's primary a fighter class. The
speed will help you to dodge more damage and you have virtually no need for
INT and some of the other stats.

Weapon Proficiencies

This table will list out the weapon proficiencies for each of the variations
as well as both Male and Female versions since they vary slightly.

M = Male
F = Female
|Class Variance | | |
|Brawler - Fist |A|A|
|Brawler - Sword |E|E|
|Brawler - Spear |E|D|
|Brawler - Bow |E|E|
|Brawler - Gun |E|E|
|Brawler - Axe |E|E|
|Brawler - Staff |E|E|
|Pugilist - Fist |A|A|
|Pugilist - Sword |E|D|
|Pugilist - Spear |D|D|
|Pugilist - Bow |E|E|
|Pugilist - Gun |E|E|
|Pugilist - Axe |D|E|
|Pugilist - Staff |E|E|
|Fighter - Fist |A|A|
|Fighter - Sword |D|D|
|Fighter - Spear |D|D|
|Fighter - Bow |E|E|
|Fighter - Gun |E|E|
|Fighter - Axe |D|E|
|Fighter - Staff |E|E|
|Black Belt - Fist |A|A|
|Black Belt - Sword |D|D|
|Black Belt - Spear |D|D|
|Black Belt - Bow |E|E|
|Black Belt - Gun |E|E|
|Black Belt - Axe |D|D|
|Black Belt - Staff |E|E|
|Wushu Master - Fist |A|A|
|Wushu Master - Sword |D|D|
|Wushu Master - Spear |D|D|
|Wushu Master - Bow |E|E|
|Wushu Master - Gun |E|E|
|Wushu Master - Axe |D|D|
|Wushu Master - Staff |E|E|
|Eternal Fist - Fist |S|S|
|Eternal Fist - Sword |D|D|
|Eternal Fist - Spear |D|D|
|Eternal Fist - Bow |E|E|
|Eternal Fist - Gun |E|E|
|Eternal Fist - Axe |D|D|
|Eternal Fist - Staff |E|E|

!Male/Female Cleric!-(10.3)

Stat Information

The main stats for a cleric are int, res, sp and some light
hp (if you want them to survive at all. They are good for virtually
NOTHING but healing but you NEED to get there attack up with staffs
because that will affect the range of there spells greatly. You can
also teach them attack magic and they can turn out pretty affective at
that when they don't have any healing related purposes.

Weapon Proficiencies

This table will list out the weapon proficiencies for each of the variations
as well as both Male and Female versions since they vary slightly.

M = Male
F = Female
|Class Variance | | |
|Cleric - Fist |A|A|
|Cleric - Sword |E|E|
|Cleric - Spear |E|D|
|Cleric - Bow |E|E|
|Cleric - Gun |E|E|
|Cleric - Axe |E|E|
|Cleric - Staff |E|E|
|Priest - Fist |E|E|
|Priest - Sword |E|E|
|Priest - Spear |E|E|
|Priest - Bow |B|B|
|Priest - Gun |D|D|
|Priest - Axe |E|E|
|Priest - Staff |S|S|
|Bishop - Fist |E|E|
|Bishop - Sword |D|D|
|Bishop - Spear |D|D|
|Bishop - Bow |B|B|
|Bishop - Gun |D|D|
|Bishop - Axe |E|E|
|Bishop - Staff |S|S|
|Sage - Fist |D|D|
|Sage - Sword |D|D|
|Sage - Spear |D|D|
|Sage - Bow |B|B|
|Sage - Gun |D|D|
|Sage - Axe |E|E|
|Sage - Staff |S|S|
|Prophet - Fist |D|D|
|Prophet - Sword |D|D|
|Prophet - Spear |D|D|
|Prophet - Bow |B|B|
|Prophet - Gun |D|D|
|Prophet - Axe |E|E|
|Prophet - Staff |S|S|
|Savior - Fist |D|D|
|Savior - Sword |D|D|
|Savior - Spear |D|D|
|Savior - Bow |B|B|
|Savior - Gun |D|D|
|Savior - Axe |E|E|
|Savior - Staff |S|S|


Stat Information

The stats for the archer decide whether or not the archer is "Any" good.
With the wrong set of stats they can be virtually useless. With the right
set of stats built correctly they can be almost unstoppable. Work on the DeX
build up very heavily. This increases there chance to hit the enemy and this
stat is actually the main defining factor in how much damage they do (unlike
some of the other classes).

Weapon Proficiencies

|Class Variance | |
|Archer - Fist |E|
|Archer - Sword |E|
|Archer - Spear |D|
|Archer - Bow |S|
|Archer - Gun |D|
|Archer - Axe |E|
|Archer - Staff |D|
|Sniper - Fist |E|
|Sniper - Sword |E|
|Sniper - Spear |D|
|Sniper - Bow |S|
|Sniper - Gun |D|
|Sniper - Axe |E|
|Sniper - Staff |D|
|Striker - Fist |E|
|Striker - Sword |D|
|Striker - Spear |D|
|Striker - Bow |S|
|Striker - Gun |D|
|Striker - Axe |E|
|Striker - Staff |D|
|Valkyrie - Fist |E|
|Valkyrie - Sword |D|
|Valkyrie - Spear |D|
|Valkyrie - Bow |S|
|Valkyrie - Gun |D|
|Valkyrie - Axe |D|
|Valkyrie - Staff |D|
|Ace Archer - Fist |E|
|Ace Archer - Sword |D|
|Ace Archer - Spear |D|
|Ace Archer - Bow |S|
|Ace Archer - Gun |C|
|Ace Archer - Axe |D|
|Ace Archer - Staff |D|
|Freischutz - Fist |E|
|Freischutz - Sword |D|
|Freischutz - Spear |D|
|Freischutz - Bow |S|
|Freischutz - Gun |C|
|Freischutz - Axe |D|
|Freischutz - Staff |D|

!Male/Female Red Mage/Skull!-(10.5)

Stat Information

The general stats to focus on for ANY type of mage would be SP, INT, RES
with a little bit of HP for balance. (Or def to take less damage) that part
would be your choice.

Weapon Proficiencies

This table will list out the weapon proficiencies for each of the variations
as well as both Male and Female versions since they vary slightly.

This table is under construction and will be updated as I play through.
M = Male
F = Female
|Class Variance | | |
|Red Mage/Skull - Fist |E|E|
|Red Mage/Skull - Sword |E|E|
|Red Mage/Skull - Spear |E|E|
|Red Mage/Skull - Bow |D|D|
|Red Mage/Skull - Gun |D|D|
|Red Mage/Skull - Axe |E|E|
|Red Mage/Skull - Staff |S|S|

Magic Abilities

These are the magic abilities that a RED MAGE/SKULL learns and they are only
relevant to the red Male/Female - Mage/Skull.

!Male/Female Green Mage/Skull!-(10.6)

Stat Information

The general stats to focus on for ANY type of mage would be SP, INT, RES
with a little bit of HP for balance. (Or def to take less damage) that part
would be your choice.

Weapon Proficiencies

This table will list out the weapon proficiencies for each of the variations
as well as both Male and Female versions since they vary slightly.

M = Male
F = Female
|Class Variance | | |
|Green Mage/Skull - Fist |E|E|
|Green Mage/Skull - Sword |E|E|
|Green Mage/Skull - Spear |E|E|
|Green Mage/Skull - Bow |D|D|
|Green Mage/Skull - Gun |D|D|
|Green Mage/Skull - Axe |E|E|
|Green Mage/Skull - Staff |S|S|

Magic Abilities

These are the magic abilities that a GREEN MAGE/SKULL learns and they are only
relevant to the Green Male/Female - Mage/Skull.

!Male/Female Blue Mage/Skull!-(10.7)

Stat Information

The general stats to focus on for ANY type of mage would be SP, INT, RES
with a little bit of HP for balance. (Or def to take less damage) that part
would be your choice.

Weapon Proficiencies

This table will list out the weapon proficiencies for each of the variations
as well as both Male and Female versions since they vary slightly.

M = Male
F = Female
|Class Variance | | |
|Blue Mage/Skull - Fist |E|E|
|Blue Mage/Skull - Sword |E|E|
|Blue Mage/Skull - Spear |E|E|
|Blue Mage/Skull - Bow |D|D|
|Blue Mage/Skull - Gun |D|D|
|Blue Mage/Skull - Axe |E|E|
|Blue Mage/Skull - Staff |S|S|

Magic Abilities

These are the magic abilities that a BLUE MAGE/SKULL learns and they are only
relevant to the Blue Male/Female - Mage/Skull.



The prinny is one of my favorite creatures in the game for many reasons.
They are not very hard enemies when you fight "against" them but they can
be very helpful when you fight "With" them. If you pick one up and throw
them they explode, but then die for the remainder of that battle. This is
a very nice system setup because when you fight them you can use this to
your advantage. If you have them in a specific arrangement then you can
pick them up and throw them near another/multiple and it can explode
and then if those explosions are near other prinnies it can result in a
chain re-action destroying ALL prinnies that are within the area and causing
damage to ally/enemy characters that are not prinnies (So be careful when
you throw them around.


Prinnies have a "military" structure for the naming of there variations.
It starts at Private and goes up, they are listed here.
* Pvt. Prinny = Private Prinny
* Cpt. Prinny = Captain Prinny
* Gen. Prinny = General Prinny
* Prinny King
* Prinny God

There appearances alter based on there variation (just like the humanoid
classes do.

Monster Specific Skills

Each monster has there own specific skills and I have them all listed here
in there own sections with detailed descriptions of each skill.



The ghost is one of the earlier enemies you face but they are not very hard
when there in there basic variation generally. There skill list is limited
but they can indeed get rather strong (and painful) when you start
encountering ghosts of higher variations. They are somewhat useful to have
on your team but I never liked them or never used them (rarely if
at all) just enough to get the skill list for them.


The naming structure of the variations for ghost is as follows:
* Ghost
* Boggart
* Specter
* Wraith
* Fiend
* Phantom
in that order.

There appearances alter based on there variation (just like the humanoid
classes do.

Monster Specific Skills

Each monster has there own specific skills and I have them all listed here
in there own sections with detailed descriptions of each skill.



The Hobbit is more powerful than the ghost and it can cause problems even
near the beginning of the game. In ALL of the beginning battles always
go after hobbits before ghosts. Because they pack considerable damage but
with all the various powers you have from your allies they are generally not
hardly a problem at all. They DO however have a nice range of helpful
skills (much better than the skills for the ghost (In my opinion).


The naming structure of the variations for Hobbit is as follows:
* Hobbit
* Puck
* Brownie
* Koropokkuru
* Lilliput
* Phooka
in that order.

There appearances alter based on there variation (just like the humanoid
classes do.

Monster Specific Skills

Each monster has there own specific skills and I have them all listed here
in there own sections with detailed descriptions of each skill.

=- -=
= - Weapon Specific Skills - =-(11.0)
=- -=

These are being updated manually until they are all listed. That will
take some time as I want to put them in there slowly, in order with detailed
descriptions on each one AS I enter them in.



Blade Rush
This is the "First" sword weapon skill that you unlock when using a sword.
When your sword skill goes from level 0=>1 then you will get it unlocked.
This skill is going to be pretty useful in certain situations but completely
useless in others. When you use it, it attacks in a line. You have "YOUR"
character standing there then you select a direction to perform the attack.
It will go THREE squares in front of wherever you are standing (in the
direction you are facing) and then one final square (where the character
will end up when you are done executing the skill. The swordsman will
say something and then use the sword to slide along the ground to the
stopping point (at the end) and then jump BACK OVER the path he made
with the sword and return to his original starting position. This will
attack every enemy in between him and his outward zone. Generally dealing
a fair to moderate amount of damage on whatever enemies are in between your
character and his attack zone. THe GOOD part is that if you want to and
set it up right you can damage up to a total of 3 characters in just one of
these attacks (equal damage to each enemy) which can help a lot in certain
situations. You have to also keep in mind that your drop zone (the end of
your line) is where you will land. IF there are any enemies on that zone
then you will not be able to complete the move. The character just uses
the drop zone to get back to his original position as well so you will
always end up RIGHT BACk on the original square you started on (facing
the same direction you were from the beginning). You can see where this
might come in useful at certain times.


Impaler is the very first spear related skill you will unlock. It is very
useful in some situations but has a very strange attack pattern. Wherever
you put your character at you will end up facing a specific direction. When
you first use your skill you have to pick a direction. The direction your
character is facing in will be the unit they attack adn then the square
behind your character will be the one they end up ending there turn on. So
it's a strange setup. Basically keep this in mind with this skill. Attack
forward, move backwards. They attack forward in the direction there facing
doing there damage and then end up landing 1 square back from there original
starting position (allowing you to deal damage but back away as well to
avoid any form of counter attack). So it's got it's uses but if someone is
behind you then it won't let you activate the move facing in the opposite
direction. The "good" thing about this move is (based on there stats, the
level of the skill and there weapon level) it can do A LOT of damage,
especially since it's geared to hit just one enemy.



Poison Arrow
You need to be 3 squares away from the enemy in order to use it. Meaning
you have your character..2 spaces between you and the enemy..then the enemy.
He shoots a more powerful arrow that does a decent amount of damage. If
the enemy lives through the skill then he generally becomes poisoned after
that (which gradually lowers there hitpoints each turn for a specified
amount of time. It's also a good skill to use on a boss since the
intermittent HP reduction will help lower the boss's hit points each
turn. Unless the boss/enemy is immune poison and if they are then it will
have no affect (except the initial damage) but just not the poison affect.

Dark Flash
This one is best to use on a line of enemies (it can affect 1, 2, or 3
enemies that are in a straight line). Also note the formation requires a
space in between Laharl and the first enemy in the line. So you have
Laharl, one empty space in front of him and then a line of three.
So whatever enemies on in that line are damaged by this move. Generally
the further away they are from the character they are the less damage
they take. What the character does is raise there weapon in the air and
streams of energy lift all of the enemies in that line off of the ground
and slams them back into the ground causing damage to each one of them.



Now let's talk about...staffs. These give you absolutely NO skills. They
have a completely different usage during the game. The purpose behind the
staff is not to level it so you can acquire cool new skills, moves, or even
magic (it doesn't give you any of that stuff)..Why use it then you ask. Well
the purpose behind the Staff is the higher you get the staff skill the better
"Formations" and "range" the magic users get with there spells. So you get
2 benefits from leveling this. One is that the higher the level the farther
your magic can reach..and another what kind of casting formations you have
access to (but that's mostly related to the skill level of your individual
spells) but the staff still does have an affect on that as well. That is all
there is to the staff.

=- -=
= - Frequently Asked Questions - =-(12.0)
=- -=

Question: Is it worth leveling up the main characters?
Answer: There are a lot of characters in the game. Some of them are pretty
helpful while others are not so helpful. The best bet would be to use what
you feel comfortable using. They are the "Main" characters, but there are
tons of main characters, tons of humanoids (playable classes), and lot's of
monster classes. In the end it's going to be a mix/match of who you want
to play with and why. You might find you like some of the class characters
more than you like the main at times, and you might even find a monster
throughout the game that you like a lot more than any of the other classes.
So pick and choose what you want when you want it. There are a lot of
things you can choose from. One of them is a combination of main characters
and humanoids with the occassional monster thrown in (that's me). I
normally always try to keep my characters and all my main humanoid
classes out as much as possible so they stay to nice levels, then I
sometimes find 1-2 monsters I like that I level up and sometimes carry
around with me when I am in-game.

Question: Is this game better than the newer disgaeas?
Answer: They all have there own qualitis but these characters may appear
in later versions so whether it's better or not it's better to always try
and play the newer versions first.

Question: What is better ps2 or psp version and should i play one before the
Answer: You can safetly jump over to the PSP version without the ps2 version
but if you have the patience then play the first one (ps2) then after it's
all finished and after that then you can go ahead and play the psp version
a few months after that and it'll let you be able to play the psp version
and achieve a playthrough of the game + get a whole bunch of bonuses that'll
make playing through again an even better experience. This being said it
will just add more replay value overall beating the original then the
psp version because of the additional content in the psp version. Also a
good bit of the textual wording is different in the psp version and this
allows another reason for having 1 playthrough for version for that very

=- -=
= - Final Words - =-(13.0)
=- -=

My obessesion over completion drives me to make walkthroughs that are
thouroughly complete. I don't just seek to make normal walkthroughs with
normal data but I seek to make walkthroughs that are the deepest and most
comprehensive walkthroughs in existence. My walkthrough will never be
"Finished" but it will eventually get to the point where I don't come back
and change/add stuff on a regular basis. I will always TAKE contributions
and put them into the walkthrough, and I will also always add in content
when something about the game changes (new releases, new information, new
things that I discovered.

I accept section requests, as well as contributions.

If you have a contribution or section request email it at
businessman332211(@)gmail(.)com - remove the ( and ) symbols

If it's about this game please put "Disgaea Walkthrough" and then some
details about what the email is about.

=- -=
= - Contributions - =-(14.0)
=- -=

Contributed lot's of information to the Lists subsection
(Including verifying multiple points among other things).

Vu Tran
He actually submitted some personal playstyle content which I
am not physically inserting into the walkthrough but I am going to present
his contribution here (as sent)

-- Vu Tran's Contribution --
I happened to just went through and read your walkthrough (bits of tips
here and there on the game). First of all, I like your writing antics,
humor grammatical errors, and the fact that you and your wife both plays
40+ hrs/week.

I just want to point out that there are still tons of tips and tidbits
about this game that makes it even more interesting and enjoyable in
fresh new playthroughs. Instead of spending countless hrs of leveling
up, try catching monsters to take you through the game from beginning
to the end. Find good places with easy formation and set it up to catch
higher 'n higher level monsters by combining them.

First suitable place would be stage 1 of Sea of Gehenna to catch Neko's.
Laharl would be at around lvl 25, and from there, you can combine 'n catch
bunch of neko's up to lvl 270 (w/o DA lvls+). Then Cave of Ordeal 2 to
catch more neko's up to levl 1k+ (DA lvls+ optional). Another tip is to use
thiefs (equipped with 3 slippers) to aid you thru-out the game since
they've the highest throw.

It's REALLY fun once you get the hang of catching monsters to aid you
instead of lvling up and they can be use for netting $, IW-surfing,
stealing from monsters, and just the fact that they'd be all
blown-powerful compare to Laharl w/o the need to lvl up. Laharl would
be like at lvl 60 and your monster can be at lvl 9999. From start to finish
to, you can get a max lvl monster in about 25 hrs at the stage of sea of
gehenna if done correctly.

This different approach/process of gameplay is uniquely fun to the game.
You and/or your wife gotta try it out! Works for Disgaea 2 too.
-- End Vu Tran's Contribution --

Paul Morin
He added some personal strategies into the walkthrough and they are listed
-- Paul Morin's Contributions --
I looked over your FAQ for the game and noticed you thought the Hidden
character (Marjoly) in the Beauty Castle was tough. She's actually very
easy. The trick for her and most other hidden bosses in th game is
distraction. The game AI targets the weakest character in their range of
attack. What you do is toss out Dumbie Characters (weak ones) for her to
chase after and kill while someone with range destroys her and not falling
to her attacks. Just be mindful of her Special Attack that hits anyone in
a 5x5 square around her. Sure you have a pimped out character and with a
sword using Dimension Slash (By far the best special attack in the game
for range purposes).

This tactic will also work with Baal and Prinny Baal. However Prinny Baal
requires an added tactic to make him even easier. Though it pretty much
involves you getting a Rogue/Thief to level 2500-3000 so you have a 99%
chance of getting his weapon off him. Otherwise he'll just one shot everyone
(Though he still will even when naked against weaker characters). All you do
is have him chase a weaker character while your stronger one cuts him down,
just make sure you can kill him in 10 rounds otherwise he goes after your
stronger guy when you have nothing to deploy. Most people would advise
combination attacks to greatly shave his HP, but you'll end up having
him kill them all with his multi-panel attacks. Though the guy I used to
take him down is lvl 3400, with a level 100 Cosmic Sword, if you can't
hit him for 300k+ you're going to lose.

PS, my best guys stats are,

Class: Divine Majin
Level: 3454
HP: 1,427,548
SP: 348,920
ATK: 1,583,080
DEF: 763,749
HIT: 367,088
INT: 353,045
SPD: 348,861
RES: 750,576

Weapon: Yoshitsuna[100]
Armor: Prinny Costume[100]
Armor: Prinny Costume[100]
Armor: Champion Belt[100]

And he can't take on Prinny Baal solo.
-- End Paul Morin's Contribution

genjyosanzo88 and others
This contributer + multiple other contributers (who just sent a sentence or
2 saying the same thing) mentioned there needed to be more paragraph spacing
and numbering. That's either being worked on or has already been done.

=- -=
= - Copyright - =-(15.0)
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Anyone can use or post this guide anywhere, as long as the following rules
are applied to all situations.
It has to:
1. Remain free.
2. Remain unaltered in any way shape or form.

It can be posted on any site that a person wants to take the time
to post it on. However the only one I update on a regular basis is
www.gamefaqs.com so if you are wanting to get the updated version of
the faq ALWAYS check on gamefaqs for the newest version.