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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Choose-Your-Own-Hands-On

Posted on Friday, February 25 @ 07:00:00 PST by

On Monday, we gave you the low down on the first 30 minutes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you haven't read that yet, you should check it out. Truthfully, it was only the tip of the iceberg. Last week, Game Revolution was given full access to the first 3 hours of the Human Revolution. The preview didn't stop there. After we completed our first playthrough of the game's opening and first level, Game Revolution hopped back into Adam Jensen's shoes to play the first level in a completely different way.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is all about choice. From minute to minute, you're going to be presented with choice in the narrative, dialog, augmentations, and objectives. Truly a successor to the original Deus Ex, Human Revolution makes good on its promise to present a canvas to the player. It's a challenge to portray every variation within the first 3 hours in one preview, so be prepared to make choices like I did. As you read, I'll present you, the reader, with options. Reading straight through will get you every piece of information, but where's the fun in that? Pay attention to all directions in BOLD. Certain parts of this choose-your-own-adventure preview will have consequences in the rest of the adventure. GO!

As soon as the opening credits stop rolling, you're given free roam over the first three floors of Sarif Industries. It's been six months since the terrorist attack and you've received several augmentations. Every NPC in the lobby and upper floors has something to say. Most of them are happy to see you back at work, but several express worry over your earlier than expected return. Augmentations require a lengthy recovery process, but you've been called back into action.

Before you can take on the mission you've been called upon to complete, your optical implants need to be calibrated. That means visiting Pritchard.

CHOICE: Speak with the receptionist in the lobby or find Pritchard's office on the second floor?


Like the others in the lobby, the receptionist is surprised to see you back so soon. She'll direct you to Pritchard's office, Sarif's office, or your own on the third floor. She'll also give you brief details on your upcoming mission, but defers to David Sarif on what the situation is. Before leaving, you ask her about what's happened around Sarif Industries in the last three months.

CHOICE: Go to Pritchard's office on the second floor or head to Adam Jensen's office on the third?


It's almost as if Eidos Montreal's lead writer Mary DeMarle tried to out do Nick Burns. This guy Pritchard acts like such a dick. You were nearly killed trying to rescue Megan six months ago, but he still manages to bring up your failure and your supposed relationship with the augmentation researcher. Before you can get your optical implants fixed and be on your way, Pritchard also manages to mention his blatant distrust and distaste for you. Just fix the damn optics, Pritchard.

CHOICE: Go to Adam's office on the third floor or meet David Sarif at the helipad?


Your office remains in the same location, despite Pritchard's attempts at stealing the prime third-floor view of the lobby. The receptionist was kind enough to forward an e-mail to your datapad with new login information from Pritchard. Entering your password on the computer brings up the desktop where you can read e-mails from several people in the company. One e-mail from David Sarif's executive assistant Ms. Margoulis asks you to investigate drugs that have gone missing from the lab. You log off your computer and rifle through your desk. An energy bar sits inside one drawer. Pain killers sit on top of another desk in your office.



David Sarif's voice clicks on over your audio implants. The situation has changed. You took too long in the lobby and there have been consequences.


There's still time to complete all objectives in this first mission. You have your head on straight and know where your priorities as a security officer lie.


David will brief you on the mission while en route to the Sarif Industries off-site augmentation research lab. A human-purist terrorist group has taken control of the lab and demanded the end to augmentation research on the grounds that it destroys humanity. Sarif has held the SWAT team out of the lab so that you can go in and secure the latest in human augmentation technology: the Typhoon system.


You took too long in the lobby and eight hostages have been killed as a result of your delay. Nice going.


Eight hostages are being held somewhere in the research lab. While they do not represent your main objective, the loss of their lives would be a blight on Sarif Industries and the research they've been doing.

CHOICES: David is ready to issue some equipment. You have two choices to make. Do you like to get up close and personal? Are you lethal or merciful? At this point, find your particular choices and read how the mission plays out. Scroll to the end to find out how it all ends up.

CLOSE AND LETHAL: David arms you with a pistol and a clip of ammunition.

Despite your license to kill, you'll have to use cover and be stealthy to make it through the warehouse. You decide to augment yourself with the ability to turn invisible and the ability to perform a double take-down.

Descending from the rooftop where the transport ship lets you off, you opt to avoid the guards standing around the front door. Climbing up a few boxes and proceeding to the roof allows you entrance to the warehouse without being seen. Once inside, you drop down by two guards and take them both out with a flash of the blades implanted in your arms.

 In the next room, five terrorists are on patrol. Most of them are to the right of the room, where the space is more open. You pick up a box and throw it to that side, catching the attention of four of the guards. Activating your invisibility augmentation and moving quickly to the right, you shoot one and pull him behind you to a loading area where he won't be found. You hug the corner and take the door through to the first room of offices.

You take the stairs up and into the next room where a guard patrols a locker room and another patrols a server room. Either way you choose, you'll have to take one of the thugs out and stash the body to proceed. Once you've made it into the next room filled with augmentation equipment, you'll trigger a cutscene. Scroll past the other weapon options to move forward.

LETHAL AND DISTANT: David arms you with an assault rifle and a clip of ammunition.

With a high tech piece of weaponry on your side, you feel comfortable taking on the opposition. You augment yourself with the a recoil dampening ability in your arms and Typhoon system ability. The three guards standing around the outside of the warehouse are fodder for your hot lead. While you're still in cover, one guard wanders by an explosive barrel. Shooting it kills him and alerts the other two guards. You move around cover to maintain your distance and pick them off with headshots.

Once you've entered the warehouse, you find yourself in a fairly open room with five guards. Taking one out with a headshot and quickly moving around in cover gets the remaining guards to focus on their fallen comrade. You take the opportunity to run near them and use your Typhoon system, killing the remaining terrorists.

In the next room you easily take two guards out with headshots and enter the adjacent room to trigger a cutscene near your objective. Scroll past the other weapon options to move forward.

CLOSE AND NON-LETHAL: David arms you with a taser and a several darts. To aid you in your quest for lawful justice, you augment yourself with the leg augmentations that maintain your silence and the ability to stay invisible for several seconds.

Your desire to avoid conflict pushes you to explore the surrounding area for alternate routes into the warehouse. This takes you up a ramp to the roof where you find a ladder and an an entrance to the first large room. You find plenty of ammo for your taser, but going up against five terrorists is an intimidating task for a man armed with a battery. You throw a box to the left side of the room and run silently to the right. While invisible, you taser a guard who wasn't distracted from his post by the noise and quickly proceed to the next room before his body is discovered.

Waiting a bit in cover so your invisibility can recharge, you track the routes of two guards in two separate rooms. They meet in the hallway briefly and you take the opportunity to run past them. You enter a room full of servers and trigger a cutscene. Scroll past the remaining weapon options to move forward.

NON-LETHAL AND DISTANT: David arms you with a dart rifle and several tranquilizers. With a rifle capable of firing over long distances, you augment your accuracy and your legs so that you remain silent while moving about in cover.

Before entering the warehouse, you find yourself outside with three guards. Two of the guards follow their patrols and move further from the front door. The third sticks close to the entrance. You move up to a rooftop perch and shoot him with a tranquilizer. His unconscious body is slumped by the door, but he'll be noticed by the other two guards soon. You run across the roof and drop down by the entrance to drag him through the door with you. After closing the door behind you, you count five guards in the warehouse. Across from you is an office.

Staying in cover and crossing the warehouse, you enter the office to find a ladder to an upper level. Before a guard can spot you, you shoot him with the tranquilizer, drop down silently, and drag his body to a loading area that the other guards aren't patrolling. You open the adjacent door, cross a small office space and proceed to the next room.

The small rooms paired with individual guards don't play to your strengths so you decide to holster your rifle and sneak up on each to perform a silent takedown. You proceed to the server room where your objective lies to trigger a cutscene.

CUTSCENE: Despite the terrorists and their purist claims, you find an individual with a neural augmentation hacking into one of the computers in the server room. Before you can interrogate him, he puts a gun to his head and says "Help... Me...." The trigger is pulled, as if it was done for him.

You report to David through your audio implants. He tells you to leave the body where it lies so they can investigate. David informs you that the terrorist leader, Zeke Sanders, is holding the head of research hostage in the top floor offices. He asks you to rescue her so the mission can end on a positive note.

The next two rooms don't play well to players who've focused on stealth so far. They're open spaces with plenty of enemies so you can test out combat at this early stage of the game. Whether you've chosen to deal with the problem in a non-lethal fashion, it may be time to pick up a gun to defend yourself.

If you took too long in the lobby of Sarif Industries, you'll find that the hostages in the second lab have already been killed. If you proceeded to your mission in a timely fashion, you'll find that eliminating the guards in the room will liberate them. They'll complain that you took too long, but they'll be safe.

You arrive at the top floor and open the doors to the lead-researcher's office where Purist Zeke Sanders is waiting for you with a gun to the hostage's head. You'll have to choose your words carefully to ensure the hostage's safety.


Adam Jensen is not a man who humbles himself to terrorists. Instead, you humble Zeke like a small pawn in a master's game of chess. He's been used, as has his Purists sensibilities. He doesn't know about the augmented hacker on his team and convincing him to walk away from the situation to jeopardize the puppetmaster's plan is successful. You've saved the final remaining hostage.


You can't reason with a man like Zeke Sanders. The purist-extremist will listen to you talk about the police and how their only concern is the safety of the hostages. It doesn't matter. This man has the conviction of a terrorist. He takes the hostage with him and guns her down before the waiting SWAT team can catch him. You successfully recovered the Typhoon system, but the hostage lost her life.


There's just no talking to this guy. He doesn't want or need your feigned interest in his cause or his life. Your objective has already been completed. Zeke doesn't want to take a hostage, but there's no way he's getting out of this situation without the hostage. You've already failed, despite not knowing it.

CONGRATULATIONS: You've made it to the end of your first mission in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

No matter how hard I try, I keep coming back to that final confrontation with Zeke Sanders. A conversational boss fight? This ain't your Nintendo Entertainment System. Zeke's randomized speech keeps you guessing and I've never felt more tense playing a video game. The excellent writing in Human Revolution makes that scene more tense than any gunpowder doused face off I've ever played.

That kind of conflict is the most appropriate climax for a mission Deus Ex: Human Revolution. At first glance, you may want to play like a shooter, but it's more like Fallout 3 than Halo: Reach. RPG elements are deep and inherent to every type of encounter. We've only scratched the surface of Human Revolution's estimated 25 hour story. Only you will know the outcome of your personal choices.
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