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Gadget Inspector, Hero In A Headphone

Posted on Friday, April 26 @ 13:41:00 PST by Gadget_Inspector

Gadget Inspector, at your service. Before our favorite month of the year is over, we quickly wanted to pay tribute to a certain Channel 6 news reporter in a body-hugging yellow jumpsuit. She’s hotter than a pepperoni pizza fresh out of the oven and makes a little something extra pop out of our hard shells. This week’s episode is dedicated to her.

I am here to perform the difficult task of inspecting gadgets (and other goodies) loosely related to gaming… hence my name, duh! If you’d like to have your gadget featured here, email

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SMS Audio “Street by 50” Wired On-Ear Headphones Review

These days, celebrity-endorsed headphones are everywhere. They’re as much a fashion statement for some as they are a luxury for an audiophile wanting studio-quality sound from their headphones. Sound like that doesn’t come cheap, and at $179.95, believe it or not, Street by 50 is on the lower end of the price spectrum of headsets of such high quality. Good thing, though, since they’re not at all on the low end when it comes to sound.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of headphones and speakers lately, but these easily produce the best sound and the most bass. And I mean booming, ear-thumping bass. Highs and mids are clear and sound just as nice, but the bass is most instantly noticeable. Due to this, these headphones are exceptional for hip-hop music, which makes sense given the man whose name is attached. Still, I sampled everything from The Rolling Stones, to Culture Club, to Wu-Tang Clan, to Tiesto and couldn’t find one song that didn’t sound better on these than any other speaker or headphones I have for comparison.

At that price tag, these aren’t for the casual listener, but are a luxury for anyone who takes their music seriously. I also tested these with the PlayStation Vita (a side benefit) and was impressed with the sound improvement there too; so much better than the built-in speakers, which by comparison sound shallow and tinny. The detachable cord has a mic for taking calls on a smartphone, but I tried it out for in-game voice chat on the Vita. It’s not the stunning quality you’ll find when listening to music, but it’s good to know you can get your money’s worth out of it if you consider it.

Last but not least, just look at these things. They’re beautiful, and they’re well-builtboth solid in design and flexible enough to withstand some abuse. And those earcups are damn soft and comfy, providing exemplary passive noise-cancelling, though they don’t block enough of the sound coming out of the headphones itself, so people nearby will hear your music if it’s turned up enough.

Gadget Inspector Says: Go-go. A luxury item for the serious audiophile. Perfect for the streets, or even under them.

CableKeeps Goldie & Gulp by Nice Review

This review makes me giggle. I can’t help imagining these being sold in an infomercial with a paid actor fumbling with cables, eventually getting themselves tied, and then tripping over the wire for an iPhone charger. We’ve all seen exaggerations like this before. These products aims to keep your charger and cable wrapped up and organized with a cute, fish-looking piece of plastic. It’s a cool idea, but really not a necessary product.

I mean, are your cables really that out of control? They’re no more than four-feet long. An elastic band or twist-tie can produce the same effect for literally no cost at all—I know you have them laying around. The box shows an iPhone resting on the “tail” of the “fish” while plugged into an outlet, though I can’t imagine risking a fall with a $600+ device with a glass face. I’ve seen too many people carrying around shattered screens.

Just like the name says, it keeps your cables neat and tidy, though there’s little more to it than that. It’s a very intelligent, yet straightforward, product whose value will ultimately be determined by your frustration with cables. For me, I’ll just stick to using the iPhone or iPad cable as is, and save myself the $16.

Gadget Inspector Says: No-no. Clearly a genius with a massive Krang brain invented this, but is there really a demand for it?

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Headphones Review

It might seem backwards to praise an audio product's form up-front, but these headphones can be judged by the shell. V-Moda's top-notch product design even impacts the way you'll store these over-the-ear, noise-isolating headphones, which also come with a carabiner-equipped carrying case. The cans themselves fold up into the band, maximizing the reduction in size so throwing your M-100s in your bag and hitting the road is easy. Metal "cliqfold" hinges also mean frequent opening and closing of your headphones won't make them snap.

The M-100s also come with kevlar sheaths for all the cabling so tugging won't cause any damage. I felt like I could wear these in a massive ninja brawl and they would still come out unscathed. The package also comes with an audio-sharing cable so your Teenage Mutant Brother can hear the movie on the plane without forcing you to share the earbuds instead.
While the sound is spectacular, deep, and rich, there are significant noise leaks at higher volumes. They also cost 300 big ones (that's a lot of pizza!), but the sound, durability, and compact fold-up make the M-100s very worthy of Master Splinter's praise. If you're in the market for new general-use cans, you could do a lot worse.

Gadget Inspector says: Go-Go. Where exactly are a ninja turtle's ears, though?

That's it for this week's episode, folks. Stay tuned for more Gadget Inspector!

Have any gadgets you want to see reviewed here? Let us know, and we'll get them...


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