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GR Mailbag: Mail Call!

Posted on Monday, January 22 @ 12:13:14 Eastern by Duke_Ferris
Stuff Devours Online Magazine!
From: "Mohd Faiz Mohd Azmi (***
Subject: help me..
Dear game-revolution,
I've born a Gameshark last week...but I don't no how to use it.
Where should I prefer it?I hope the GR stuff will tell me how to use 
it.Thank you..?
Poor Mohd Faiz,

Did you just say you gave birth to a GameShark? Boy, I hope you're a girl. That just sounds painful. I would have gone for the C-section. Who's the father?

We would love to tell you how to use it, but you kind of caught us at a bad time.
The "GR stuff" has eaten Brian (who fought valiantly with his twin butterfly knives), devoured both of Shawn's arms and turned it's eyes (or whatever those things are) to Ben, who courageously tries to reason with the thing.

Where's Garret Morris when you need him?


From: "Steve" (***
Subject: review
Hey, who is the maker of Kengo: Maaster of Bushido anyway? In your 
review, you said Crave Entertainment, but said it was a sequel to 
Bushido Blade. Because it was a lousy "sequel," you gave it a bad 
review. Please check again because Bushido Blade is made by Square, 
not Crave Entertainment.
Thanks for your time,
Hi Steve,

Let us first state that Kengo: Master of Bushido is a below average game, hence the below average grade (C-), based on its own shortcomings as much as its neglect of its predecessors.

We noted in the review that the game was a 'spirited' sequel because it was made by the same developer...which it was. The publisher/developer thing is often confusing to gamers, so we're going to take this time to clear a few things up.

Square published the first two Bushido Blades. This means that Square spent the money to get thousands of copies of the game distributed and helped fund the developers, a company called Light Weight. These are the people who actually spent long hours developing and programming, organizing numbers and symbols that look like Egyptian Hieroglyphics to the rest of us and turning them into the game itself.

Square owns the rights to the Bushido Blade license and name, and for some reason or another couldn't see eye to eye with Light Weight for the next official Bushido Blade game. Light Weight has since left Square and took their "unofficial" Samurai sequel (called Kengo: Master of Bushido - NOT Bushido Blade 3) and placed it in the publishing hands of Crave Entertainment.

Hence, Kengo was made by the same folks who made the other two.

So boys and girls, this concludes our lesson of Developers and Publishers. Now, on to How A Bill Becomes a Law... (440 K, but worth it!)


Cheap Shot!
From: "???" (***
Subject: I have a complaint
Dear Game Revolution,
I am writing to tell you i am p*ssed off 
over the fact that you don't review Game Boy Colour games. 
Just tell me why not. Maybe you should think about actually 
reviewing them as it would make your cool site even cooler. 
From Bill Gaton...
Dear Bill Gaton,

You know those height requirements you see at the amusement park? Well, GR has a "bit" requirement. 32 bits and up, baby! Game Revolution does not review anything below 32.

Nor do we review pregnant woman or children under 3, who should check with a physician before riding Game Revolution.


P.S. If you're missing a few bits and/or you're in your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester, maybe the guys at can help a minute...maybe they can't.

What's The Point?
From: "Jokall" (***
Subject: reviews
The GR website is one of the most impressive ones I have 
come across throughout my various ventures into cyber-space. 
It has a simple interface, is easy to navigate, and loads 
relatively quickly. There are some minor changes, however, 
that would further improve the service you guys offer: a 
search engine (search cheats, reviews, etc.) within the site 
would be great (if, for example, someone had heard of a game 
but only knew the last word in its title [?] ). Also, on the 
reviews, I feel it would be helpful if you could put up the 
top the number of cd's a game comes with.
That's all.
Hey Jokall,

Thanks for the kind words and your 2 cents. But I think there's something wrong with your own personal searching skills. We say this because GR does have a search. It's built into the navigation bar at the top of every single page. You'll find our search between the Chatterzone and Shop buttons.

Now why in the world do you need to know how many discs there are? If the cost is particularly higher because of several discs, then we would document it. But if a game is $40 and ships with 18 discs, who the heck cares?

Besides, more game CDs mean more potential frisbees and coasters.


Don't Let Him Have 'Em.
From: Joe Weber (***
Subject: Sily kids, Trix are for everyone...
Ok, I just want to know, why can't those little kids give 
the wabbit some Trix? All he wants is some breakfast.....why 
do they have to be so mean? It's the most important meal of 
the day and they aren't giving that poor poor little wabbit 
what he this the message that we are trying to send 
to our kids? That they shouldn't give food to those with pale 
skin, long ears, and a fluffy ass?
Hi Joe,

Apparently you have never seen what happens when a male rabbit, hopped up on sugar and preservatives, meets a unsuspecting female rabbit.

All those baby rabbits! It's like the Tribble episode from the original Star Trek. Fluffy asses everywhere!


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