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GR Mailbag: Oops! We Ate Our Carrier Pigeon

Posted on Monday, December 4 @ 12:13:14 Eastern by Duke_Ferris
Don't Ask!
From: ??? (***
Subject: Death to them all!!!
Hey GR i have a problem that needs to be resolved. First of 
all there has been a lot of competition between competition 
between the Dreamcast and PS2 and thats cool. I mean 
playstation was the first with the cd game idea. I'm happy 
their actualy getting what they diserve and well i just love 
my sony playstation so i thats cool that their in the running 
for game system name. What really pisses me off is that xbox 
this gamecube that inderma bullsh*t. First of all nintendo 
just gay which they proved with the games hey Pikachu and 
Banjo Kazzoie or whatever. Microsoft and the inderma whatever 
the hell that is. Well i just think that Microsoft should 
stick to their computer crap and inderma should just @##$ 
off. I dont think that Ps2 and DC should lose all of their 
money to this new competition. Those new systems are really 
going to have to prove themselves because they really just 
piss me off.
P.S there is WAY to much competition in this generation of 
systems dont you agree? DC and PS2 supporters come together 
and REVOLT!!
Dear Writer Incognito,

As the response to the first letter from last week's Mailbag clearly states, console competition is fierce. We too agree that not all of these new toys are gonna survive.

However, young prophet, your reasoning is a bit off the mark.

Sega, not Sony, was the first to sport the new CD format for games. Long live the Sega CD!

And what's with all the hostility towards Nintendo, Indrema and Microsoft? Wait, scratch that last one.

Your anger, while amusing, just isn't well founded. Variety is the spice of life, and these other systems could result in some terrific games...and that's what this is all about, remember?


"L" Is for Literacy...
From: "Hanan Davidson" (***
Subject: I would like to bet an editor
I would like to be an editor for your website Game Revolution. 
I am experianced and will work hard. I can get most games right 
when they come out, and am I very experianced typist. In the futur 
I plan to work for Electronic Arts. I would appriciate it if you 
could e-mail me back. 
Thank you, 
Hanan Davidson
Hello Hanan,

U most furt lern to spel. Teh last thin u want two do when appyling for a editorill job is sned n a job rekwest full of speling errors.

However, once you've been given the position, feel free to defenestrate that dictionary!


P. S. See, soon you too will be using words like "defenestrate."

One of Those Days
From: Hibidah Jibidah (***
Subject: My watch is broken so i hooked it up to my toaster 
and dracula is gonna eat me!
HEllo Sal magic PAnts I need your help! My watch broke so i 
hiooked it up to mey toaster and it made everything sparkly 
like a MR. Sparkle comercial! Now dracula is here and he 
wants to kill me and I am like no! S o sal magic pants has 
to help me by fixing my watch I hear he is good mechanic and 
Drcaule says he doesnt like watches and that he is gonna die! 
ANd this morning i think my sand-filled gecko from hawaii told 
me to use lip balm on my keyboard to make me superman. I hthink 
i mighht try it it sounds foun. Did you see little nicky? I 
like that movie! I like to watch dragon ball z i think it warps 
my mind and i can take giant eagle receipts to school for 
extra credit! Uh oh my alarm clock is ringing i think i should 
go to sleep it is 6 o clock already!
Thanks for your help sal!
your biggest fan, Cration
Dear Mr. Jibidah,

I hate it when that happens.


Editor or Rocket Scientist!
From: (***
Subject: Job Letter
Hi. Im Casey from Oklahoma. I would like to ask if you had 
any job that you might concider someone like me to do. 
I'm 15 and experienced in Windows, Macromedia Flash, Fireworks 
and Dreamweaver. And also in Adobe Pagemaker 6.5, Microsoft 
Frontpage and Powerpoint, and very experienced in HTML and 
Javascript. Love to hear from you.
Thank for the time,
Hey Casey,

Unfortunately, we are not currently hiring. And even if we were, those are some impressive qualifications for a 15 year-old.

In fact, you're overqualified. If we hired you, the monkey colony that currently writes our reviews would feel inadequate. you know much about monkeys? We could always use someone to look after them.


Living In Paradise
From: Aj & Mary-lyn (***
Subject: Screenshots
Hello there,
I would just like to comment about your site. I find it more 
informative than every other game site. It is better than the 
Playstation magazine I buy each month and the reviews are more 
accurate than most in any form of publication! It is a true gamers 
website. Keep up the outstanding work and in return I will 
continue to recommend this site to people like myself.
If I could offer some interesting advice it would be this:
To really set your website apart from any and all competition, 
develop a parents section which would inform parents about game 
ratings and go more in-depth about the amount of violence in each 
game you review. Heck, you could even add that as a part of your 
reviews. Say, give each game a value from 1 to 10 with one having 
virtually no violence and ten having an excessive amount of 
violence. Even describe what type of violence players will be 
exposed to during game play. Sure it may be a bit of extra work 
but think of the praise and increase in fans and support you could 
get. Also, the benefits of doing this would most certainly be that 
you would be showing the world that you care about what information 
goes into the minds of the world's youth and that you want to help 
do something about it. Retailers aren't even doing that much so it 
would be nice to see a website go out of it's way a little bit. I 
am not part of any organization nor am I any kind of political 
activist. I am just a parent.
Anyway thats my thoughts. Again, I love the site. Good Work!!

Thanks for the kind words. We're glad you like the site. However, we wouldn't touch your violence rating plan with a ten-foot pole.

While we understand that violence in video games has become a big issue, we're not in the business of rating violence. The staff of Game Revolution is comprised of experts regarding video games, not violence. What we consider violent here at GR could differ greatly from what parents consider offensive or acceptable. In fact, I can almost guarantee that it does.

Currently, ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) ratings are stamped on every single video and computer game that makes it to retail shelves. The ESRB determines whether a game recives a KA, E, T, MA, or AO rating, and does so for the whole video game industry.

We feel that this, combined with the fairly obvious text indicators on a game box, is enough to give parents a good idea about the amount of violence each game contains. A game called Resident Evil should set off more alarms in a concerned parent's mind than, say, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

We prefer to mention video game violence only if it's deserving. Some games (like Soldier of Fortune) contain violence as a main feature, and we'll treat it as such in our review. But in most games, the violence level is only an issue if you make it one.

We're as concerned with the violence prevalent in today's youth as anyone, but it isn't our job to determine how violent the games are. Ultimately, that job comes down to the parents.


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