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Welcome Back to the West
By oneshotstop
Posted on 08/01/16
The only thing that stops the dust is the rain. It’s a sweet reprieve, but there is no middle ground. The land is either as dry as the Betty Ford clinic, or as wet as the ocean floor. Everything can be seen from the ridge overlooking Armadillo as John Marston gently bounces along atop...


GR Mailbag: Stamps Now Cost 34 Zenny

Posted on Tuesday, September 4 @ 12:13:14 PST by Duke_Ferris
Hugh Hefner Presents:
From: "Greg "
Subject: ???
im emailing to ask you a member of game revolution if 
there has ever been a game about or of playboy for the 
playstation and if so plz email me back and if there 
is anything else to know about the subject plz email 
me as well my friend said there was a play boy game 
for playboy for 29.99 but i don't belive him because
he has lied before there for plz email me back as fast 
as you can thank you my email to send this to is 
**** and plz only send to this address again
thank you

Hey Greg,

He must be talking about the 'Hugh Hefner Presents' line of PSX games.

Lets see, there's Playboy Vs. Capcom, Playboy Bunny Bass Fishing, Centerfold Cart Racer, Hugh Hefner's Pro Skater 4: Playmate of the Year Edition and Playboy Vs. WCW: Nudity Rules.

Just wait until they release the first Playboy game for the XXXBox...or will that be Hustler?

- GR

Cleo In Disguise
Subject: ??? "What do evil mind control devices, samurai warriors and skateboards have in common? Give up? Yeah, so do we. If you come up with anything good, let us know. In the meantime, that’s what we did this week at GR. Enjoy." I know what they have in common. Phsyco mantis from metal gear solid, soul of the samurai,and ESPN X Games Skateboarding were all made by Konami.

Hey Rumman,

Wow, you're a regular Cleo! That was a rhetorical question; we didn't really expect to get an answer. But since you gave us one let's see if you can nail another.

What do the games Bonker Jerks 2, Turbo Can-Kick XL: I Think I Can, Hugh Hefner's Pro Skater 4: Playmate of the Year Edition and Stephen Hawking's Kart Racer all have in common?

Take your time.

- GR

Are You Down With Munch?
From: "Adrien Baumann" 
Subject: A 3-d oddworld?
Now that's just wrong! The Xbox is going to turn oddworld 
games to wierd lookin' Mario games! That Sunuvuh! I feel 
like killing Bill Gates for making microsoft a monopoly!

Hey Greg

Take your foot off the gas, dear reader! For starters, don't go waving that big scary finger at Bill. Oddworld was originally planned for the PS2, but the developers wanted more power and moved it to the Xbox. It was always supposed to be a 3D game. There are plenty of reasons to kill Bill Gates, but Oddworld ain't one of 'em.

Besides, there are so many other things wrong in the world, like our President, this, world hunger, this, the demise of the original Transformers and the bastardization of their good name with that Beastmasters crap, Circus Peanuts, and most importantly, this.


Business Or Pleasure?
From: scott lewis
Subject: feeling isolated?

Hey, you guys. Did you guys know that they say that if you spend to much time playing computer and video games, you will have trouble keeping a relationship with other people? Does that worry you in any way, shape or form? p.s. I like your game reviews because that witty and informative.

Dear Scott,

Yes, that is a great concern of ours as it actually affects the production level here at GR. This is why we only date other gamers, but sometimes even this can go awry.

Why, just last week Ben broke up with Duke because Duke got a higher rank on their favorite Counter-Strike server. Ben moved out of their 1-bedroom apartment but not before he beheaded all of Duke's Everquest toys in one final act of jealous rage.

Now at all of our staff meetings Brian and Shawn have to relay messages back and forth between Duke and Ben since they won't talk to each other.

And they were such a cute couple, too.

- GR

I Just Want To See That One Part When...
From: "Cletus Thouroughgood"
Subject: Mailbag
hi muh name iz cletus thouroughgood and i have a vewy 
importunt questiun for yo mailbag.
I recuntly got a phat Ps2 cuz Sony rox0rs yo box0rs, and 
muh mom bought me dis here Spice World DVD movie. At firs 
i wuz like wtf but den i wutched it and realy likeded it!! 
Now i never have rund a dvd playa befor and dis here Ps2 
is vewy twicky to opurate! Sew i thought id ask you smurt 
guyz at GR for help since yo site is off da hizey fo shizey! 
It totully rox. Sew, my questiun iz how do i go about 
rewinding my dvd movies on my Ps2? Is there sum cheat code 
to workin it? Plz help!!
K thx yo site rox! Peace Easy!

Howdy Cletus,

Let us learn you a thing er two. Yeeehaw!

True, rewinding a DVD on the Playstation 2 is not the most pleasant of tasks. You need to press and hold the L2 button (bottom left), which results in a painstakingly slow rewind. Your other choice is to skip back to the previous chapter or scene with the L1 button, but often scenes are long and in doing so you've gone back much too far.

Pinpointing that exact frame from your favorite movie where the guy does the thing with the sword and the blood and the killing is harder than any of us had ever expected.

Some companies like this one and this one make DVD remotes for your PS2 which have better features, one of which is a decent rewind. Too bad you have to make an additional purchase just to retain your sanity when navigating through a DVD.


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