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A Letter to the Big “N"
By shandog137
Posted on 09/12/14
I have and will continue to have a place in my heart for Nintendo. In fact, my first console was a Super Nintendo. The video game market has changed drastically since the early '90s and it seems like what once was platinum is more so along the lines of silver now. Nintendo has always been...


Halo Love Story

Posted on Wednesday, April 16 @ 17:26:08 Eastern by Duke_Ferris
With all the accusations of inciting violence leveled at first person shooters, I thought today I'd share an email sent to us about a shooter that inspired not hate, but love. Take that, Jack Thompson. It's a bit too long for a mailbag, and although extremely geeky, it seems unsporting to poke fun at her.

From: Sarah Stark <************>
Subject: Halo Love

I wasn't sure where I could send this... but thought it was interesting, and that it may give hope to fellow gamers.

My halo love story that I wanted to share…

Ever since the first Halo came out I have loved playing it. I was so anxious about the 3rd one coming out. I was playing it that first night after midnight. I played every chance I had. After a week or two of playing, I was completely caught up in the online multiplayer. There came a night, which broke into day eventually, when I played for 13 hours straight. I was hooked and thinking I was wasting my days away on it. But then after a match, in the post game lobby, I spoke up. As soon as I said something, I heard the cutest voice ask if I was a girl, and then ask if I would marry him. Then our gamer tags were separated and taken on to our next match.

No more than 15 seconds had past before I got the friend request and chat invite from my cute sounding, H3SE SOILDER. We went on to play some matches together and chat. At the risk of sounding cheesy I asked if he had a myspace. Since everyone seems to have a myspace profile nowadays, I figured it would be the best way to scope out my cutie. He got my myspace addy and later went to a friends house to look at it. The first thing he said after seeing my picture was simply "Damn…".

He came back and talked to me over our 360 headsets for hours. He told me he thought I was beautiful and that he loved my voice. We talked about all sorts of things, things completely irrelevant to video games. Time was wasting away on my day off. I could've swore it was probably 7:00 AM but when I looked at the time it was already 11:00AM! I talked to him for so long and I just knew there was something special about him.

To shorten the story… We eventually traded phone numbers. We played Halo and talked on the phone with each other every day. We began feeling the emotions of what may be love pumping through our veins. In a surprisingly short time we realized it was love, we had fallen for each other, over headsets and cell phones.

We knew that we had to meet each other. We felt like that Halo match was fate. So the plans were set for me to fly half way across the country to meet my "Halo boyfriend". At the beginning of December we finally met. Neither of us had ever been in the Denver airport before. But amazingly, out of the whole place, full of terminals, not knowing what terminal or even airline I was on, we met within 3 minutes of me getting off my plane. As soon as we seen each other we knew it. (We both seen each other as very good looking.) He had a dozen roses waiting for me and we hugged and kissed for the first time. I spent a week with him. It was amazing. We fell even more in love with each other and he asked me to marry him. (Seriously this time.) He had told himself that the first girl Halo player he found, he was going to marry. So he found me and now we are engaged to be married.

By the end of that week we were making plans for me to move across the country to be together. We are planning on having a Halo themed wedding also. Him and his friends want to build a warthog for us to ride off in after the ceremony. And instead of everyone throwing rice, we want everyone to have balloons filled with confetti. When we come out everyone pops their balloons and yells "Yay!", just like the grunts do with the birthday skull turned on.

We already plan on having children together. If we have a girl her name will be Cortana. We really feel that we have each found our dream mate, that person you always want but think they aren't out there. We are truly perfect for each other.

All of our friends and random people online, who hear our story, think it is just crazy and amazing. I think it gives some true Halo players hope. If you feel like a hopeless Halo guy gamer, there is a Halo girl out there for you somewhere.

Call it dorky if you want, but we have found true love through a video game. Our probability of finding each other and actually speaking to one another, in that 5 second wait we had, were so slim. But it happened and we have found true happiness. We have Halo 3 to thank for our love, lives together, and soon… our family.

And so that is my Halo love story I felt compelled to share…
Thank you, Bungie and Xbox, for a game that in the end, brought two people together, who otherwise probably would have never found each other.

Thanks again,

***Attached is a screen shot of an 'I love U!!!' message he made for me on Forge***

Good for you Sarah... err... reanimatdtrash1, now all you need is one of those video game themed wedding cakes. And before anyone comments, yes, I will be doing a mailbag very soon.

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