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PS4 Launch Live Coverage, Game Lineup, PSN Status, Impressions

Posted on Sunday, November 17 @ 15:15:00 PST by

[Update 4]: I played a little Need For Speed: Rivals, but I've stopped broadcasting for a little bit to download some PSN games, install another disc-based game, and get a little food ready for the rest of tonight. It'll be a long weekend, so stick with GameRevolution and check for our stream to come back online shortly.

I'll be streaming on and off all weekend long, taking my new, retail PS4 straight out of the box and playing through the handful of launch games I have. This weekend we're also having a send-off for my Xbox 360 in GTA V and Halo 4. Click for details if you're interested. Below I'll have impressions and thoughts as they come.

Don't forget to check out GameRevolution's comprehensive PS4 Hardware Review from Anthony.
  • 5:00pm After 1hr: Right out of the box, I was able to update, log on, put a disc in, and play games. While I was frustrated just for a second by PSN errors and server disconnects while linking my PSN ID and hardware (more on this later), I couldn't be more pleased by PlayStation 4's out-of-the-box experience. I didn't mind the Wii U's wait, but I expected to sit downloading an update for hours. I even installed the firmware update to a USB stick, but the download happened so fast I didn't even need to plug the stick in. For Sony to go from PS3's update and install times to this really impressed me with the sense that I'm going to love this device.
  • 7:00pm After 3hr: Yup, I'm hooked. Everything moving quickly, intuitively. The machine keeps doing things I think, like it's hooked into my brain through this little headphone.... Stream got interrupted by some server issues. Sever overloads left and right. I'll be back with some Killzone: Shadow Fall in a few hours.
  • I took a break from PS4 on Saturday to say goodbye to my Xbox 360.
  • Sunday 3:00pm After 12hr: While I haven't had a problem connecting to PSN since that initial set up, I haven't been able to broadcast gameplay for more than a few minutes. I can't play multiplayer games like Need For Speed or Killzone and broadcast at the same time, so that big black box up top has largely read "Off-Air"
  • 4:30pm After 14hr: I really like the Dualshock 4 and it feels pretty good for shooters. Killzone: Shadow Fall looks great but it feels like you're weightless. I played a hunk of story mode and while the premise is really cool, it doesn't pull it off very well at some points. It's all an excuse to get some jaw-dropping visuals out on the PlayStation 4 at launch. We're way beyond the PS3 Killzone 2 demo and how different it looked at home on your console.
  • 6:00pm After 15hr: Best console ever. 
[Update 3]: I'm connected and streaming above. If I'm on my PS4, I'll be streaming here so hit play and drop a comment to let me know you're out there!
[Update 2]: IT'S HERE!!! Screw the plan! I'm gonna get to gaming as fast as possible. Here's a rundown of how set up has gone, at least for me personally:
  1. Every PS4 comes in a box. To open this box, you might need box opening experience. Luckily I have a ton of that.
  2. Ths PS4 officially smells good. I got the cables plugged into my TV and power outlets first, but as soon as I took the plastic wrap off of the PS4 hardware itself, I wasted no time taking a big whiff of manufactured electronics. This might sound weird but you know you've done it. Of my most recent new hardware, I'd say PlayStation 4 ranks somewhere above PlayStation Vita and somewhere below Wii U based on smell alone.
  3. Careful with that HDMI port! Apparently some eager folks have broken the HDMI output port on their PlayStation 4 by jamming the cable in and bending the port on the hardware.
  4. I'm connected to the internet by wire, so I had no trouble getting on the PlayStation Network or downloading the update. In fact, the download and update process has gone by so quickly that Nintendo and Wii U should feel bad for making me wait over two hours on launch day last year.
  5. A little trouble signing in to my PSN account. Let's try to get through this and get a game going....
  6. I'm continually met with server connection errors, and other random errord codes. The worst issue I've had so far (and I haven't actually connected to PSN) is an outright dropped connection as this clears the form for my log-in credentials. I've had to reenter my e-mail address and password countless times now.
  7. I could play a single-player game, but that's not really the point. I wanna get on PSN and play with other PlayStation 4 owners out there in the wild.
  8. 4:35pm - I'm finally able to log on to PSN and get the rest of my account set up.
[Update 1]: I successfully started my PS4 launch game plan, but things went awry last night. Instead of seeing Bad Grandpa or stopping by my local GameStop's midnight launch event, I saw Ender's Game and decided not to tempt myself by watching others joyfully procure their PlayStation 4 hardware at midnight while I have to wait for UPS to arrive.

Here's my plan and the status of Sony's PS4 launch so far:
  1. CHECK - Thursday - Noon: Download the update firmware for PS4 and ready it via USB stick. I'm not about to be one chump stuck on PSN waiting for firmware to download with thousands of other chumps. Do you know how long millions of people will be waiting, watching a progress bar while I'm already online and dominating in Killzone: Shadow Fall? Minutes, hours... who knows?! It's launch day, it's gonna get crazy. I'll be prepared, thanks.
  2. CHECK - 2:30pm: Write this article, check!
  3. CHECK - 5:00pm: Check GameRevolution's launch day PS4 Buyer's Guide one more time. I'm second guessing not getting a second controller.
  4. CHECK - 9:00pm: Go see Ender's Game, just to get out of the house and off the computer, away from the constant stream of PS4 bantering.
  5. CHECK - 9:30pm - 11:30pm: Enjoyed Ender's Game, but possibly not more than Bender's Game.
  6. CHECK - 11:30pm: Check my order status and see if I can't figure out where to hijack a FedEx truck while anxiously awaiting anything other than "left shipper's facility" to show up on screen.
  7. CHECK - Friday - 1:00am: Fall asleep in front of my computer.
  8. DIDN'T HAPPEN - 7:00am: Wake up shouting "It's here, it's here!" while running to the door in my underwear, only to throw the door open and realize it's not here, it'll never be here, why am I so stupid?
  9. CHECK - 8:00am: Exercise by benching exactly 6.1 pounds, the total weight of PS4 hardware.
  10. CHECK - 9:00am: God, when is it going to get here?
  11. CHECK - 10:30am: Not here yet.... My PS4 hardware is currently out for delivery. I wonder if there's one guy who gets to drive a truck full of PS4s around all day and I wonder if at the end of his route he has to deliver one last PS4... to himself.
  12. PSN Network Status @ 3:47pm: Sony's PlayStation network is still struggling to support all the gamers streaming, competing, and updating with their new PS4 games and hardware. Currently, users are complaining of NW-31453-6 and NP-3500-8 error codes.
  13. CHECK - 11:00am: Stare at the game cases I already have here while I wait for PS4 hardware to play with.
  14. CHECK - 3:30pm: It's here!!
[Original]: Wow, unbelievable. Hype levels just shot through the roof. Through the roof, people! Can you believe the next generation has finally arrived? Sure, sure, PC gamers manage to balance their hefty cases on the brink, upgrading their technology every year, but console launches still feel special and exciting, even if you've evolved and become part of the master race.

Console launches feel enticing, like you just wanna throw that wallet or purse or jar of change at your computer screen in the hopes that it'll spit out an PS4 seconds later. Console launches feel like they energize the video game industry. If only it were already here! I'm waiting at home for my PS4 to arrive from Amazon tomorrow, but I've got a detailed plan of action for tonight and tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

Did I forget something? Have you got your own PS4-plan? Share with us in the comments. Suggest changes or lay out your weekend of gaming bliss (next-gen or not) below.
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